i may have missed someone

Okay, so I wonder if other people thought this too or if my brain just went off the rails a bit here.

It starts here, really, when Jason says to Bernie: “I also thought she loved you but obviously she doesn’t. I don’t understand relationships. Do you?”

And then this moment, when Jason says: “One thing I don’t understand, why did you get dressed up and put on lots and lots of make-up?”

And finally, when Jason locks them in the office and says: “Look what we found. I understand now, Auntie Serena. I TOTALLY understand.”

I just can’t help but wonder whether he saw the wrapped bottle and thought: “Aha! That’s what Auntie Serena did too! She didn’t buy a present, she wrapped herself as a present for Bernie. She didn’t forget about Bernie, she does love her.”

That’s probably not what was intended, right? I’m sorry if it’s just my weird brain but the thought tickled me.

Because insomnia has beset me yet again, I present a recap (strictly from memory) of (mostly) busted theories and speculation I remember from before the first two episodes aired (and a couple of things people got right), in no particular order. (Oh, and feel free to toss things on that I may have missed!)

Someone dies!

Unfortunately anyone who guessed “Mary” and “because of canon” was right.

DI Stella Hopkins is “obviously” a love interest for Sherlock (or Molly). Or possibly a mirror for Sherlock because of the way she dresses.

Welp, we only got a coupe of scenes with her in TST and she interacted more with Gavin Greg than anyone else so any “love interest” possibilities will have to be strictly fanon. As for the way she was dressed…gosh, a woman DI dressing in a professional manner shouldn’t really be such a surprise to people. (Yes, I’m rolling my eyes on the “yet another woman claimed to be a mirror for one of the male leads” theory.)

Oh, and “Mary is ‘obviously’ a mirror for Sherlock because she has curly hair and is wearing a suit in the promo pics.”

I just put this in here to roll my eyes at it, to be honest. Sorry not sorry if that offends anyone.(That holds true for ANY ‘insert female character name here’ is a mirror for John or Sherlock BS.)

““What’s the very worst thing you can do to your very best friends? Tell them your darkest secret.” Culverton Smith is talking to Sherlock (or possibly John).

Seriously, how could ANYONE have guessed he wasn’t talking to any of the regular cast, but was instead about to reveal his own dark secret to a bunch of his friends (and his daughter) while they were being drugged with an amnesiac?

The scenes with the Black Ops team is a memory/flashback from Mary’s past!

Also one folks got right. Go Mary, you badass!

Sherlock in the morgue looking stricken/distraught is because he’s seeing the dead body of John/Molly/Mycroct/someone who died because it was his (Sherlock’s fault)

It’s because he never met Smith’s actual daughter and he was freaking out about it

The line of nurses is a memory/mind palace scene/flashback to Sherlock being in some sort of institution. Bonus: One of the nurses is Mary (after TST: Mary isn’t really dead!)

The nurses were real, no, Mary wasn’t one of them, it had nothing (directly) to do with Sherlock at all.

The scene with the people with the IVs in the middle of the street was a mind palace scene/memory/flashback, and they were patients of some kind and it was connected to the nurses.

It was a mental reconstruction of something Sherlock had been told and related to a case, and it was connected to the nurses, but who could have possibly guessed it was Culverton Smith’s friends and daughter being given a drug to wipe their memories?

Sherlock is eating chips with a woman! She must be his love interest! No, she’s a client! She’s Victor Trevor! She’s Harry Watson AND possibly Sherlock’s love interest (he’s been romantically linked to another self-declared lesbian, after all)! It’s not a real scene, it’s a mind palace scene!

Kudos to all who insisted it must be a client, but of course no one guessed it was Culverton Smith’s daughter. 

They’re filming in a church, it must be John and Sherlock’s wedding! No, it’s a christening!

Well, we all know which of those two theories was true.

The sillhouetted figure in a hospital room is John and the person in the bed is Sherlock.

Yup, that one was true. Of course some folks thought it was Smith and some folks thought the person in the bed was Mary, even after she’d been killed (in that case it was “because she didn’t really die” and MAN do I wish that guess had been true!)

John is slamming Sherlock up against the wall in the morgue scene because it’s his fault Mary died.

Sadly this one was true as well.

“Thatcher. Sherrinford. Smith.” Thatcher will have to do with Margaret Thatcher, Sherrinford has something to do with “The Oher One” and “Smith” means “Culverton Smith” from “The Dying Detective”

Yes on all three counts. This was actually the easiest of the one-word clues they’ve given us, at least in my opinion.

This doesn’t technically belong on this list because it’s not based on trailers or setlock, but what the heck: The baby will be named fill-in-the-blank (my personal favorite was Isabelle).

Seriously, I don’t think I saw Rosamund or Rose as a name for the Watson baby in any of the fics I read, but I do recall at teast on Sherlolly baby with that name. My crack theory on that is that Moftiss had an intern scour a bunch of fics and make a list of names people guessed so they could eliminate them from contention.

Also, I don’t think anyone guessed that “Mary” was actually part of Mary’s real name. Or that she named the baby after herself! I love that she did because hey, men name their sons after themselves all the time, why shouldn’t women do the same?

The burning house in one of the trailers is Sherlock’s parents’ house.

That one was quickly debunked and has been replaced by speculation that it’s Sherrinford, the place where Eurus was being held, which remains to be seen.

The third Holmes ‘brother’ is actually a sister.

Awesome job on that one, everyone who guessed it!

And last but not least on this rambling list… “The Kiss will happen in this season.”

Well, so far it’s two strikes on THAT theory.

The women will have larger roles this season because of Sherlock’s speech at the end of TAB (and Mycroft’s assertion that “this is a war we have to lose because we are wrong”).

Mary had a lot to do both before and after she died. Molly so far has been shown to be important in John and Sherlock’s lives by being named one of baby Rose’s godmothers, and by being the one Sherlock asks to bring an ambulance to John’s therapist’s house. And come ON, who could have possibly guessed it was Hudders behind the wheel of the Aston Martin? Or that she’d have Sherlock handcuffed in the trunk? That bit was bloody BRILLIANT! And the Big Bad is not only a woman but also a Holmes, what’s not to love about that?

On the other hand…Molly’s only had one scene per episode so far (well, two very small ones in TST and one longer one in TLD). Not nearly enough, in my opinion!

Sherlock is faking his illness/drug use in TLD because he did so in “The Dying Detective”.

Alas, he was actually using, albeit under Wiggins’ supervision. 

Sherlock gets some kind of conditional/temporary pardon because of the Moriarty broadcast (yes, this wasn’t a setlock/triailer speculation, but it’s something we all feverishly theorized about), and we’ll see a lot of detail on it because it’s so important considering how HLV and TAB ended.

LOL LOL LOL Nope, Mycroft fakes some footage so it looks like Sherlock didn’t actually shoot Magnussen and instead a trigger-happy anonymous Spec Ops soldier did. Sherlock gets a free pass and goes his merry way.

And related to that…the Moriarty case will be front and center from the very start!

Yeah, about that…and seriously, did Sherlock actually mean it when he said “And I know what he’s going to do next” at the end of TAB? Because unless the answer is “absolutely nothing for a long-ass time” he was full of crap.

OK, that’s it for now. If I think of others I’ll revise this post. And again, if you have your own “no one called it/we totally called it” moments, please feel free to add them to this!

Sherlock looking all wild-eyed and pointing a gun at someone/something in his flat is actually him in his mind palace. (Hell, ANY guess of “mind palace” since virtually every scene was labeled “possible mind palace” at one point or another).

Nope, it was real. And it was him shooting at his case wall out of drug-fueled frustration. And who the HELL could have guessed he’d be quoting Shakespeare whilst doing so? Dayum!!

It took a while but I know who I am and on most days I’m pleased to be me, but there are days where I think about the relationships I may never have with women. The relationship I missed out on with someone I’m not quite sure I was in love with at some point in time. Someone I longed for but yet timing just never fell in place. Sometimes I think that she wanted me too, but I’m still not sure because after a few drinks in her, I can’t decipher of what she said was true or not. When she would lay in my bed wanting to kiss me. I will always wonder if she craved me or just that my sexuality mimicked hers.
—  she will never read this//i’m not sure if I even want her to

I was rewatching the most recent Nano’s Village with Hat Films and then i thought abut their GTA V stuff and then this post………

Stuff happened. UmU

reysykewalker  asked:

heyy would you happen to have a few z nation (or at least mostly z nation) blogs you'd recommend me? (:

Hmmm… I actually haven’t found many just (or even primarily) Z Nation blogs, but here’s the biggest ones I follow! z-nationdaily is obviously a good one, and the only 100% Z Nation blog. johnandrasjaqobis, zwhack, tenthousandzombies, and falling-moose are multi fandom, but post a decent amount of Z Nation! captainamerica77 posts some and is delightful to talk to about it. I think that’s all the ones I know that post it semi-regularly?? If anyone else has suggestions, feel free to add to this post!

If you've cried about Cory Monteith today, that is completely acceptable and anybody who tells you otherwise or laughs at you for being "lame" doesn't deserve your time or attention. You're allowed to miss someone who inspired you, or made you laugh, or whose voice you loved. You're allowed to miss someone you may have never met. I do, and I'm not going to feel stupid about that. You're allowed to grieve for someone who mattered.

So I was just rewatching the finale by way of getting back into ~the swing of things~ now that I have a computer again and could plausibly write

and you know what I haven’t seen anyone say? (and someone may have, I could easily have missed it what with phoneblogging for three straight weeks)

by the end of their relationship, Reba really did become the woman clothed in sun. Blanket draped over her head like a nun’s wimple. Surrounded by fire. Just saying, it’s a nice fulfillment of various prophecies.