i may have missed some!

7x11 Play Time Thoughts (REWATCH)

I’m rewatching Playtime to uncover some clues that I may have missed and something Hanna said stuck out to me. When the girls are talking about Jenna and Noel having a connection to Charlotte and Archer, Hanna says that connected doesn’t equals a motive. So, what If we are finally getting a non-family related twist. What if this quote means that the person isn’t actually avenging Charlotte or is connected to her in anyway? Hanna has a point, if AD was someone who has connections to Charlotte it could be any of the liars. Could even be Ali

- I know Hanna got kidnapped by AD but she’s way more salty than usual. And i don’t know wether to rule this out or not. But in the intro for the episode, Hanna does the ‘Shh’ Does this mean anything at all? Aria looks really guilty but then side eyes Spencer??? And Alison sides eyes Hanna?? So, I don’t know what to make of this.

- Is that Mary Drakes house Spencer is at when she’s looking through the letter box? There’s a lot of mail there that looks as if it has been there for weeks. So, how long has it been since Spencer got released and Mary vanished? Where is Mary? Why is there a bell? I’m so confused.

- Ezra returns just as Aria tries to leave. That’s really suspicious to me. I want Aria to tell Ezra that she saw him on TV with Nicole.

- Caleb and Hanna talking about Jenna, and Hanna thinking that Jenna is AD and then Caleb is all ‘let me worry about Jenna’ and it cuts to Paige. Is this scene being shown after to foreshadow that maybe Jenna isn’t the one they need to worry about.. Paige is. Why would they bring back Paige just to spark a fire in Alison? To show us that Ali is the same person

- How do we know for sure that Alison is actually pregnant? We haven’t seen a test result, we weren’t shown her doctors appointment. Are we seriously expected to take her word for it? I’ve never trusted Alison.

- “Of all the things that happen in this time, those two get taken out by a deer.” *Sips tea* I’m still speculating Ezra, I mean he was out of town because of Nicole, Yes, but whose to say he didn’t cause this accident? Or for someone else to cause it. The Bethany twin theory works here too as Bethany would probably want Toby out of the way. We were never shown the accident. We never saw a deer CAUSE the accident

- Why are they making a point of sending Aria the text and having her make an entrance into Spencer’s barn? Is this relevant? They could have just cut to a scene of the girls in Spencer’s barn or had one of the others walk in? Why Aria specifically.

- Secret Passageway??? To where? Is this meant to represent how Mona snuck out of Radley??? Also, Who do we know that would have the ability and technology to create the game board? Caleb and Lucas. They made a point of telling us that Lucas designs apps and we have seen Caleb’s technical skills. Combining those two characters would make this game board. How does it motion sense whose playing?

- So the game is called 'Liars Lament’ and Lament stands for grief or sorrow. This could refer to avenging of Charlotte’s death OR making the liars take on tasks that reference something that connects to them emotionally and then they are rewarded for it. So Spencer’s task was to visit Toby. Why would it be to visit Toby? Perhaps Spencer feels guilty for the accident with Yvonne in a comma when she kissed Toby (Even though, it seems like her possibly twin kissed Toby) and she was rewarded with a letter from Mary dated back in the Radley days.

- @badassmona pointed out where each outfit the figurines are wearing are from. So, I took a little look at the episodes and I found some interesting things;

Spencer - 5x24 - This is the episode where Hanna and Alison are both in jail and it’s the day of Alison’s trial. Alison gets sentenced to being guilty for murder in the first degree. At the end of this episode, Charlotte is playing with a toy bus that resembles one of those prisoner truck things.. and she takes out a brunette figurine. Did this represent Mona? Or Spencer? Is this supposed to make us suspect Spencer?

Hanna - Hanna is dressed the most elaborate and her outfit wasn’t exactly matching to an outfit she’s worn on the show so I don’t really know how to evaluate it. Whoever, this person is sees Hanna as a fashion forward individual

Aria - 1x11; So Hanna is in hospital and Ezra shows Aria the 'I see you’ message on the back of his car. The episode before, Aria has an A Like moment where she slowly pulls down her hood. It seemed like a mini reveal.

Ali - Alison is obviously wearing her yellow top. The iconic yellow top that she was buried alive in, the final outfit she was known to be in. We all somewhat know what happened that night through Charlotte. However that is one person’s experience.

Emily - Emily is wearing her sharks swim team attire and this is the episode where she discuses swimming abilities and skills with Sydney. This is also the episode, Alison texts Emily and sings it A by accident then changes it. Why would Alison subconsciously type A at the end? This episode had a lot to do with Paige..

Now that I’ve analysed the episodes, I think I know the possible route for the game. Each liar will have to perform a task that correlates with someone close to them / failure to do so could result in that person being harmed. For example, 1x11 had details of Aria being with Ezra and Noel finding out about it, Her task could be Ezra related, Her reward possibly Nicole related, and if she fails, Ezra could find out about something idk. Emily’s episode had a lot of Paige, What if she’s forced to do something that involves choosing Alison or Paige? What if it results in Alison’s death? Hanna is dressing Katherine Daly for a career boost and her game piece features fashion-elements.. AD could ruin that so badly. Spencer’s was related to Toby because of her love for him. I don’t have much more to say I’m tired lmao

- “So continue with Plan A.” When Hanna and Aria are talking about Nicole and Hanna tells Aria to CONTINUE WITH PLAN A. Is this foreshadowing Aria?

- Alison is so salty over Paige. Why is she so intimidated? Alison was the one that bullied Paige

- Why is nobody asking Who shot Spencer? The only people present were Mary and Jenna. So does that mean? Mary shot Spencer? But why?

- I really don’t want Katherine Daly to be Bethany. I just don’t like it.




- Why does Alison have to attack Paige? Paige is literally doing her job and Alison just makes things shitty? Why. Why is she forever victimising herself and Why is she being the old Alison. Is this been shown to let us know that Ali hasn’t changed?

- Maybe not the rest of the world. But this is ROSEWOOD. LITERALLY LMAO

- Why is Spencer so easily whipping off her cast???

- Okay so the letter from Mary says that Spencer was made through hate and so that Jesica and Peter are aware of a mistake they made on s daily basis? I know that Mary pretended to be Jesica so with Spencer living next door to her, She’d be able regret the affair that she also had with Peter. Also, How did AD get this letter? Must be working with Mary

- Paige is right about Alison. Emily will make excuses and it is demeaning. Alison always victimises herself.

- and again Hanna is very defensive and salty. Questioning wether the letter is real.

- PLEASE LET THAT CUP, THE TEA AND THE SCRUBS BE A REFERENCE TO WREN. ALSO, Jenna at the end, Does her Braille spell out End game or The actual identity of the person and their reason? Why would she just smile and say End game? I’m confused

If you mention us in a post, I will try to answer it (or Obtusity and Squishy) if we see it. We tend to get a lot of notes on a daily basis, so we may miss some here or there (I have them sent to my phone, so I try to catch them when I can!) Apologies if we miss any!

In other news, I should be back to answering questions more frequently here soon. I’ve been working on joining you Windows people, and my build should be completed this week (fingers crossed and yes, I am building it myself). And don’t worry, I still have my Mac and will still be using it!


anonymous asked:

are there any artists YOU look up to?? :O

oh man there’s tons of rad artists I’ve followed here throughout the years, I’ll show ya the big ol collection of the ones I can point out~

here are some artists I enjoy following (SFW list) (alphabetical order)

A: akorhaphi, arielries

B: baderror, beatonna, bechnokid, bedsafely, bioatomic, bktcm, bonkalore

C: candelantern, catboy, coconutmilkyway, conanners, crowtez, cubert, cubesona

D: derekhetrickart, devinchee

E: enenkay

F: farisaki, fimbry, flatw00ds

G: gorillaprutt, gronos

I: idoodleonmargins, introducingemy

J: jeluto, jensuisdraws, jnwiedle, jpdraws

K: kada-bura, kinkneki, krooked-glasses

L: leppu, lintufriikki

M: madygcomics, manglerfish, maria-ruta, millionfish, mistawolfie, misterdomon, mizby, moofrog, muepin, mynameismad

N: nosdoog, not-a-comedian, notmusa, nutastic

O: orangecatbuttz, oschocodee, owlygem

P: paolaamado, pepperpixel, perpetualvelocity, phillip-bankss, piranhebula, polararts

R: ranranruru, raven-blood-13, real-faker, robotoco, rogmont, rottenbrainmatter

S: sandrarivasart, sapphzeal, shaebertoothtiger, shubbabang, siins, snaggle-teeth, space-coyote, squigglegigs, steviebo

T: tea-bone-steak, tealbruise, thatonegojimun, the-liger-art, themcnobody, thethreehares, theyoungdoyley, tigerphantom, tortoisefeet, tysonhesse

V: v-diggety, vaporotem, vermisvest, vhsdestroyer

W: walkbrass, wasongo, weinerman-tested, whethervane, wiishu, windvous

Y: yiq

Z: ziggyzagz

Nathan Stocker Appreciation Post

I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate this angel

This boy loves to dance



 And I am living for every second of it tbh

Also let’s talk about his guitar riffs

The Fender brings a tear to my eye



And that little crease thing that happens to his mouth when he smiles

What a beaut

In conclusion, I’m really happy that he exists, thank you Jesus

Tony: [dancing with Bucky] I’m a little surprised to see you here. From what I’ve heard, this isn’t really your kind of affair.
Bucky: I’ve decided to get out more, have a little fun.
Tony: Enjoying yourself so far?
Bucky: More than I expected. What about you? What brings you here?
Tony: I never miss a good party. I may also have to attend to some business while I’m here.

What if Hannah's alive? (Theory for Season 2)

So everyone has been talking about Netflix’s new original series Thirteen Reasons Why based off of Jay Asher’s bestselling book of the same name. Now a lot of people are coming out with their own theories on how the series could continue since we are left with an open ending with Clay and Tony driving off after skipping class with Skye and Tony’s boyfriend, Brad. 

There have been several theories circulating around like how the lawsuit will play out, Jessica’s rape going to trial, etc. But questions still remain like: who got shot, why does Justin need all that money AND a gun? Is Tyler going to become outcast turned school shooter? This show basically covers a lot of social conversations that need to be addressed, from bullying to mental illness, domestic violence, rape, gun control, gun violence, the list goes on people. 

Something I feel some people may have missed: since we’re preoccupied with the ending cause holy shit there’s a lot of guns suddenly in this show and someone got shot! I feel this distracts us from something that may lead to a great storyline for a (possible) season 2. 

Now for those of you familiar with the original novel, you know that at the end of 2016 going into 2017 Jay Asher released the Special Edition: 10th Anniversary version of Thirteen Reasons Why. Not just some marketing ploy but at the end of the book it includes the original ending Asher thought. 2017 version begins where we left off: Clay at school the day after sending the tapes. As seen throughout the series, Clay stares at Hannah’s locker. In this case,Clay is  standing in front of Hannah’s memoriam of a locker when he’s told Hannah actually survived and is recovering in the hospital in a psychiatric unit where she’s getting the help she needs.

Now the major difference in the book vs. the series (besides a more intense and in depth storyline between Hannah and Clay) they changed how Hannah would die. Hannah instead of OD-ing on pills (which since her parents own a pharmacy I feel that would’ve worked the same but whatever), she slits her wrist. 

Okay so I’m a nursing/pre-med student so I’m like a stickler for medical accuracy. Generally it takes a person to bleed out from a major artery (e.g. carotid artery in your neck). Hannah having slit her wrists (i.e. the radial artery) it actually takes longer when you factor in certain details, like blood pressure, depth of cut, temperature of her environment. Now you see Hannah later slumped over in the tub presumably dead and the water has overflowed the tub that the water spills into the hall. Standard bath tubs hold 30-50 gallons of water and takes about 10-15 to reach maximum capacity to which it begins overflowing. Because of the chemical structure of water, water tends to retain it’s surface area so let’s estimate Hannah was in the bathtub approx. 30-60 minutes. Now here’s the catch: unless you bleed out from a major artery, your body is amazing since it’s goal is to maintain homeostasis (balance of internal mechanisms like body temperature and heart rate), it literally does anything to keep you alive. Before the body gives up (i.e. brain death), your body will keep you alive for as long as possible as it goes into what I’d call “panic mode”: your body goes into shock and you become unconscious to ensure the body doesn’t exert all it’s energy. Think of it as your natural survival mechanism is acting on energy saver mode. And even in the event of brain death or complete exsanguination, there have been cases of medical miracles where people are revived and survive. These cases range from major car accidents to suicide.

How this ties in: Hannah’s mom, Olivia finds Hannah slumped over in the tub, this could mean either: (a) Hannah is dead or (b) Hannah is just unconscious barely holding onto life. The lawsuit the Bakers are filing (since you can make a lawsuit for literally anything these days–note: reasons why we can’t have nice things) could be neglect and extreme emotional distressed caused by Hannah’s (attempted(?)) suicide; if Hannah is alive, this means they could sue the school to cover medical expenses for Hannah’s hospital stay. Since the series doesn’t give us a definitive answer of whether or not Hannah is dead, it’s just hinted (i.e. there’s no funeral service for Hannah); which means Hannah may or may not be dead. Hannah is basically Schrödinger’s cat: she could be alive, she could be dead, this is all dependent on how the producers plan on making season 2, so stay tuned!

Why it’s important: I love this book, this series, and I’m just a sucker for happy endings. Now in the new revised 2017 edition with the original ending, no one knows until last minute that Hannah is still alive– not even Tony. The Bakers kept it a big secret, and if you incorporate this into the series plot line, it would make sense why: to build a better case. The only reason Clay finds out is through news from Courtney Crimsen tells him (*this could be edited to Jessica tells him in the beginning of season 2). Many people like the original ending, it creates conversation about teenage suicide and noticing the warning signs and how bullying often contributes to a person’s suicide. But I think having Hannah survive sends an even bigger message. It shows recovery, redemption, renewal, rebirth. Hannah would get a second chance, Clay can love Hannah. Season 2 (and/or 3) could follow how Hannah is adjusting to surviving her suicide and how she can help others with her story.


A collection of the greatest Chris Kreider tweets circa 2011-2012. 

My favorite is the last exchange between him and Kevin Hayes, because Hayesy clearly tweeted in the middle of the class, while Kreids waited to tweet after the class was over.

Links to source tweets:

My body is ready // I need a hobby // #kidinacandystore // Don’t hold up the bus // #conspiracytheory // big wheeling my texts // I’d be lost without you ;) // let’s go b’s & apologies for the go b’s // #legendsneverdie // sitting in #bonnies class & #nolove

Who fancies starting with me a robron gif request page? Where non gif makers can request song lyrics, quotes, old scenes or even AU’s. I know people miss giffing/are lacking inspiration and some people may have really good ideas but don’t feel they could request to people without feeling cheeky? It’s just little idea right now but who knows…

Based on my reading of it all (I may have gotten some of this wrong or have missed some important stuff), the GOP healthcare bill:

  • Repeals the ACA’s individual and employer mandates and replaces them with a continuous coverage incentive, allowing insurance companies to charge you 30% extra if you go more than 63 days without health insurance.
  • Winds down the Medicaid expansion and eliminates subsidies to state healthcare exchanges by 2020.
  • Cuts back on some rules requirements for insurance plans in state insurance marketplaces.
  • Turns Medicaid into a “per capita” system. This means the federal government will cap its Medicaid payment to states to a certain amount per person enrolled. There’s a bunch of exceptions for what this applies to. If I’m reading this right, they’re going to base expenditure growth  on the healthcare component of CPI-U instead of something like CPI-U +1%, so this doesn’t seem to be a stealth cut, but I don’t know enough about this proposal to speak with any confidence about it, or really even what the point is.
  • Tightens requirements and restrictions on Medicaid.
  • It keeps protections for those with pre-existing conditions and the lower age for young adults to stay on their parents’ plans.
  • Repeals most of the ACA’s various taxes and tax credits; though, interestingly, keeps the tax on “Cadillac” plans.
  • It introduces a tax credit for health insurance, ranging from a maximum of $2,000-$4,000 a month depending on age, capped at $14,000 a year. The credit is refundable, so even those paying no income tax can receive it. The credit would start phasing out for individuals earning $75,000 a year and wouldn’t be available at all for those earning over $215,000 ($150k and $290k for joint filers, respectively).
  • Any money left over from that tax credit described above can be put into a Health Savings Account.
  • Eliminates funding for Planned Parenthood for one year.
    • [I think they’re trying to please conservatives without losing the votes of Republican Senators Murkowski and Collins, who said they wouldn’t vote for a bill that defunded PP].
  • Creates a Patient and State Stability Fund, which seems like a slush fund for states to use for healthcare programs.
  • Reforms some stuff to let people contribute more to Health Savings Accounts,  with state eligibility decided by need.
  • Provide extra “safety net funding” for states that don’t expand Medicaid.
  • Eliminates the Preventing and Public Health fund in 2019.
  • Increases spending on the Community Health Center Fund.
  • Eliminates Medicaid cuts to DSHs, or hospitals that serve a large number of poor patients.
  • Weirdly enough, there’s nothing in here to allow insurance companies to sell insurance plans across state lines, which was, like, Trump’s only serious healthcare proposal.

Various provisions here are going facing significant opposition from both the more moderate and more radical wings of the party, so I doubt it’ll be passed in exactly this form (assuming, of course, they pass something).

@mishananigans tells me that @cassammydean doesn’t see enough of Cas + puppies and I have to agree [x]

Spanish 1B - Linking time with actions

For what ever reason, I have always found it difficult to describe accurately and clearly when an action occurred in Spanish. As such, I thought it would be useful for any other learners out there who struggle with the same concept to provide a brief explanation of how time can be linked with actions in Spanish.

Use of hace

Although stemming from the infinitive hacer, meaning to make or to do, hace, when referencing time, represents a variety of english expressions. 

One of its main uses is to describe how long an action has occurred for. In order to illustrate this concept, use the following construction: 

Hace + cantidad de tiempo + que + presente

- Hace tres meses que hago pilates                                                                        -I’ve been doing pilates for 3 months

The same concept can also be expressed using the verb llevar, literally meaning to carry. In order to convey this concept, you can use the following expression.

Llevar + cantidad de tiempo + gerundio                                                            -Llevo tres meses haciendo pilates                                                                         -I have been doing pilates for 3 months     

Another expression using Llevar can be used to describe how long an action has not been occurring for.                                                                                     

Llevar + cantidad de tiempo + sin + infinitivo                                                        -Llevo tres meses sin fumar                                                                                    -I have not smoked for 3 months

Inicio de la acción - Desde

Desde translates roughly to the english since, and thus describes when an action began in terms of time. However, different constructions are used in order to specify whether an action occurred on a specific date or over a period of time.

Desde + fecha                                                                                                          -No veo a mi hermana desde enero                                                                       -I have not seen my sister since January

Desde hace + cantidad de tiempo                                                                           -No veo a mi hermana desde hace 9 meses                                                        -I have not seen my sister for 9 months

If an action immediately follows desde, then we need to use the conjunction que. This expression will therefore convey that an action has occurred since the action you are describing after the desde:

Desde que + acción                                                                                                -Desde que fui a Francia, no he visto a mi hermana                                            -Since I went to France, I have not seen my sister 

Preposiciones del tiempo

Prepositions are amongst the hardest linguistic complexities in any language, and there is no easy way to know which to use. Below, I have listed some common prepositions used when talking about actions, with reference to time.

Durante - Describe an action that takes place during a period of time                   -Nos vemos durante las vacaciones                                                                       -We see each other during the holidays

A + artículo + medida de tiempo - Describe an action that took place at a specific time                                                                                                             -A las dos horas salió de la casa                                                                             -At two o’clock, he left the house

Para - Used to describe when an action is due, or when it should (or must) be completed by. Conveys the english concept of a deadline.                                    -Tienes que entregar este trabajo para el lunes                                                     - You have to hand in this work by (or for) Monday

Hasta - Used to describe a temporal limit on an action, conveying the english expression until.                                                                                                      -No te van a llamar hasta el mes próximo                                                             -They are not going to call you until next month 

I hope you all find this useful! The source for this information has been derived from my notes taking Spanish 1B at the University of Edinburgh - I hope to upload some more soon!

Finally, as I am not a native, I may have missed out on some rules or colloquial uses of the words and expressions described above, so if you are, please let me know!

The Andrew Minyard School of Getting Your Crush to Like You Back
  • Hate him
  • But give him a key to your house
  • After forcing him to do something he didn’t want but whatever
  • Give him a key to your Super Fancy car
  • The same one you don’t even let your brother drive
  • Act like you super ultra mega don’t care about him
  • But secretly watch his every move to make sure he doesn’t fuck everything up
  • Light two cigs and give him one every time
  • Program yourself as a speed dial on his new phone
  • Act like you really really really really really don’t care
  • But close the goal for him when he asks
  • Actually just do everything with only slight reluctance when he asks
  • Did I mention you don’t care about him at all
  • Trust him with your secrets
  • Bandage his wounds
  • ThEn BaThE hIm
  • Respect his boundaries
  • But him clothes
  • Suppress the urge to kill him 10% of the time (maybe less if he becomes a real Pain in the Ass)
  • Buy him matching armbands so you can hide your scars together

This is 100% foolproof. Zero error analysis. 10/10 would recommend

shoutout to heroes who are:
- mentally ill
- abuse victims
- lgbt+
- poc
- disabled
- muslim
- jewish
- all of the above or any combination of the above

you all deserve so many good things and i hope you’re all having an absolutely wonderful day!!!

Youtube channels for Physics students

I have been using Youtube extensively for my studies lately. It helps me understand many complicated concepts in Physics and keeps me up to date with the field. I think a lot of you guys are already familiar with the names below, but some of you may not. I am sure I have missed some, feel free to add to the list and tell me as well so that I can follow them!

Note: I have compiled the list keeping Physics in mind, but some of them are more general. 

Lecture style:

1. **Khan Academy
 I don’t think they deserve any explanation, they are simply the best. Especially for Maths, Khan Academy is one of the best platforms out there. They have everything, lectures, examples, demos, practice problems, tests etc.

2. Crash Course Physics
Based on AP Physics. This channel is a work in progress, they have covered Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves at the time of writing this post. But what sets them aside is their beautiful yet simple animations which make every concept crystal clear in your mind. They update once a week and every video is about 10 minutes or so. I think they are also working on a curriculum based on the videos.
If you are a fan of CCP, make sure to check out Doc Schuster. They have practice problems and examples based on CC lecture. Usually they update within 2-3 hrs of CCP video and cover 2-3 examples.

3. DrPhysicsA
Covers AP level Physics as well as some advanced topics. Great for understanding concepts. 

4. EEVBlog:Electronics Engineering
I remember struggling to understand Amplifiers and wasting 3 days trying to find something useful. He explained in 10 minutes what my teacher couldn’t explain in a 2 hr lecture. A must for electronics students but Physics people can also find a bunch of useful stuff.


1. **Physics videos by Eugene Khutoryansky
I love his videos! They explain everything by animations. If you are struggling with Relativity, Quantum Physics or Electromagnetism, go watch.

Cool stuff/Advanced:

1. **Veritasium
The key aspect of his style is that, he stresses on the misconceptions. He focuses on your pre-conceived notions and challenges them. I think anybody who is serious about science should examine their assumptions becuase we are wrong, more often than not.

2. **PBS Space Time
More advanced than a typical physics series. They cover topics like Relativity, Wave-Particle Duality and Cosmology in much more depth than any other channel I know of, but in a very entertaining way. There are challenges and rewards too to motivate you. They answer questions based on previous videos regularly which is an excellent way to learn.

3. Minutephysics
Cool hand-drawn animations+Physics!

Some more:


CGP Grey

It is okay to be smart

The physics girl

Sixty symbols

**Scishow space 

Kurzgesagt-In a Nutshell

**highly recommended.

its kinda messed up how the most symbolic scene in death note is the foot massage scene

its there to symbolize how L submits to Kira and how he finally accepts hes lost and is showing a gesture of a lesser man by doing something beneficial/laborious to Light like taking care of his feet

yet its also the most gay part of the whole series