i may have misquoted a little bit

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Did you forget about Jacobs practically saying "if you don't like that we ended the triangle in rucas rather than lucaya then I don't know what show your watching"?? :/

Nope. (Although you’re misquoting him a little bit, that’s the general gist, so whatevs ☺️👍).


Fun fact: I like how they did it and I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with how SL2 went down. I was clapping and “awwwing” and sitting there astounded by the writing and how smart it is at the taping, not sitting there pouting like a narrow-minded quasireligious “shipper.” I may have had the timeline all screwy (partly due to the brief few weeks of confusion over where Ski Lodge fell in story order), but I’ve been saying for literally MONTHS that Riley and Lucas would most likely date. I only strayed from that briefly when we thought SDLM-I Do came before Ski Lodge.


“I think these writers darn well know they have to resolve it in a way that handles the ‘what if’ aspect of it all, tbh. That’s a point I trust them on quite a bit. There are a LOT of ways they could handle the ‘what if’ issue, and I think it’s a solid bet that they will.” – January 15th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/137375971736/lbr-its-fucking-stupid-and-its-gonna-damage

“Exactly. Riley and Lucas kinda HAVE to try dating for real, or at least attempt to share a *proper* kiss or SOMETHING. That 'what if?’ has to be off the table for anything else to happen. And it’s gotta be as final and conclusive as it can possibly be at that age.” –Feb 2nd http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/138584673406/i-wouldnt-even-be-upset-if-lucas-choose-riley-i

“They need to truly try to date though, to kill the question forever and drive home the nope for the people in the back. @bmgmw and I have been saying this was a distinct possibility for months now. We doubted it for a long time at first, but we were right not to 100% reject the notion just because we don’t like it best.” – Feb 2 http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/138578243736/im-so-over-rilucas-can-they-die-already-if-he

“Like I keep saying: they’ll probably try to date at least one more time. They almost have to, tbh.” –Feb 2 http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/138577021446/someone-on-twitter-who-is-at-the-tapping-said

“How long do you think it’ll take for Riley and Lucas to finally come to terms in what kind of relationship they do have?

Not sure. I think they’ll probably try to date one or two more times and that’s when they’ll finally figure it out. No Sparks kiss or something, maybe.” –Feb 12th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/139189740996/how-long-do-you-think-itll-take-for-riley-and

“They have to give it a REAL earnest try. And Riley’s Farkle feels and her Lucas feels MUST overlap. She’s the protagonist. She’s gotta live the “how can you possibly love two people the same?” dilemma. Oh man. Rowan’s gonna kill it.” –March 9th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/140732916136/im-actually-excited-that-hell-chose-riley-not

“Yes I want them to have a real go at it, because they’re really important to each other, and they’ve both got this possibility of 'them’ hanging over their heads.
They need to legitimately TRY it; that’s how they’ll know what it is they feel for each other and what kind of relationship works for them.
Also, first and foremost, above all, I’m a fan of THE SHOW and of all the characters.” –March 12th http://theowldetective.tumblr.com/post/140938720036/you-sound-like-you-want-rucas-to-get-together-in