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Not to be a pest, but Amazon says Steve and your chair brace have arrived and I wanted to make sure they did, or do I have to argue with ups again? Thanks, hope you're having a nice evening!

Alas while my brace has arrived (and already made considerable difference to my shoulder and wrist pain since I installed it on Saturday, thank you 💖) Steve’s glorious presence has yet to grace my office- or my PO box.

Did it give you two seperate package numbers or just one? I may take a toddle along to UPS this morning and ask if they lost a notification slip.

Addicted (Chris Evans x Reader)

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Drug Abuse, Addiction, Angst

Requested Dialogue:  “What have you done with my pills?  I need them” and “I want an answer goddamnit”

Requested by: Anonymous

You groaned as you woke up, the pain was bearable but all you could think about was being completely numb.  Two months ago you had gotten into a car accident; some asshole rear ended you, causing you to get some pretty bad whiplash and constant pain in your upper back.

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Here he is, he’s tiny, he’s tough, he’s the size of a dime and almost ran out of the cage and scared the pee outta me when I transferred him from his vial.

What looks like a mark on his abdomen is actually cocofiber on the wall of the tank.

Also this is a bettaview tank from Wal-Mart for $5, I may have made a mistake by not moving him into the plastic tub because he zoomed right up the side no problem and I thought I was going to have to tell my boyfriend I lost a murderbug in our house.

Can’t wait for this guy to get big. He was only $15 and he’s definitely out of the fragile sling stage (which both my 3 red knees and my pumpkin patch are still in).

I just love tarantulas so much, I want to get them all big so I can create neat enclosures and display them proudly for anyone coming into my house to see :3

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full moon, black cat, and spells

full moon: do you believe in reincarnation?

Yes…and no. I don’t believe in it in the traditional sense. I think when we die the energy from our soul goes back into the nature around us - whatever nature that may be. Maybe that’s just me being a nature geek, I dunno, but it’s rather comforting to think that one day my energy could make up a flower or a tree.

black cat: favorite urban legend?

Does mothman count? Because 100% mothman!

spells: do you believe in magic?

Hell yeah! Maybe not in the whole cauldron and eye of newt way, but I do think it exists in some sense. Not really sure how to explain it, but I do believe in it! Plus, have you ever seen pizza? That shit had to have been made from some magic wielding person!


I was revisiting a few Paranorman clips since I’ve not watched it ever since my first viewing which… made me cry so hard I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again ^^; (may attempt it again on Halloween)

Anyway, I ended up getting to Agatha and

…. huh

That’s… That may have subconsciously influenced about 90% of Pisca’s character…


Tumblr URL: foxesinpaperboxes

Sexual/romantic orientation: demisexual-demiromantic

Age group? 13-17

How long have you identified as Ace spec? 2-3 years I think (but more recently identified as specifically demi)

Favorite color: all shades of blue

Favorite food(You may not say cake. We all love it, okay?) My friends and I made up a food idea in concept and it’s called the triple-layer baked Mac-N-Cheese Lasagna, and it is a layer of 5-Cheese Mac-N-Cheese and then a layer of lasagna pasta, and then another layer of Mac-N-Cheese. We’ve never tried making it but it sounds amazing.

Biggest pet peeve? When I make a huge effort to do something or plan something for other people, and they don’t help with it at all and end up going to it without putting any work into it, or expressing thanks at the effort it took to organize it (sorry but I’m kinda annoyed by something that just happened so this is fresh in my mind)

Hobbies: Pencil sketches of my friends; listening to musical soundtracks; playing violin; composing musical scores

Favorite movies/tv shows: Doctor Who; I don’t know if this counts but I’m obsessed with Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet Of 1812

Favorite genera of music? Musical Soundtracks or Classical

Favorite artists? I don’t know Tchaikovsky? Mahler? (I’m a nerd)

Who do you consider your role model? Honestly I don’t even know anymore

What is your hidden talent? I’m strangely good at having very vivid and interesting dreams.

Best/favorite pick up line? The best pick up line is no pick up line just share your interests with a person and develop a friendship and be yourself, don’t try to manipulate someone into liking you with a one-liner.

Who would you want to be marooned on an island with? My best friend

Chocolate or fruity candies? Fruity!

Name (optional): Eric

Country/state/region (optional): —


That came out wrong………………… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Marichat May (The Baton)

it’s ok if you don’t get it, it means you are pure and do not have bad humor like me


jess mariano + smiling/laughing (requested by anonymous) 

#i would like to take a moment to acknowledge how difficult it was to find scenes without rory where he was genuinely smiling #she is his sunshine and light #carry on

  • Lucien: Of course me and Elain will get together. She is my mate aftera-
  • Azriel: Hello.
  • Azriel: It's me.
why some teens believe everything the light of their internet-capable device touches is their kingdom

(‘what about that shadowy place over there?’

‘that’s pornhub, simba. you must never go there.’)

we all see plenty of posts about how adults on the internet need to remember that ‘kids’ (read: teens) are around and we must bear that in mind. and these posts are not entirely without merit. It’s important to keep conversations being held with teens carefully teen-friendly and appropriately distant. but the entirety of tumblr and twitter aren’t designed to cater to the safety of minors, and all the adult self-policing in the world won’t make all the kid-unfriendly content go away.

not all teens believe the internet should have gutter bumpers for them, either. but those that do have mystified me for a while … until I started to understand just how pervasive ‘helicopter parenting’ is in parts of American (and UK) culture, and how that affects the adolescents and young adults of today.

anonymous asked:

a thing worth noting re anyone who pulls the ‘you can’t blacklist on mobile, minors can still see it’ thing to say even tagged content isn’t okay: even if washboard didn’t exist, the tumblr app is rated 17/18+ in app stores. if people under that age get on the app and see things they shouldn’t, that’s on them and their parents/guardians, because they shouldn’t actually have been using the app in the first place.


Honestly, though, the argument has moved past this in some ways. It’s not so much about whether or not teenagers are allowed to see this thing or that thing; it’s a well-known fact that most teenagers will break rules if it suits them and they can get away with it, and internet time is a prime space wherein they can do so.

What’s happened is that some adolescents - teens with parents that are overly protective and crowd their schedules with supervised activities, usually - have been taught by their life experience that:

  • all adults in their vicinity are there to protect them. and no wonder: the large majority of their contact with adults will have been as supervisors. Teachers, teacher assistants, instructors, daycare employees, and coaches are all adults who are paid to watch their activity and will be held responsible for the teen’s wellbeing by their guardians. when have they ever spent time with adults who aren’t in charge of making sure they’re safe?
  • any space they are in will be designed and maintained with their safety and comfort in mind (no matter how they obtained access). all spaces they enter are specifically meant to revolve around them: schools, sports, playgrounds, etc. The few occasions that they have to enter spaces not meant specifically for them (stores, etc) they are closely watched by adults and any harm they experience will be blamed on adults as a result.
  • if they can get access, it must be a space that’s safe for them. Having spent very little of their lives unsupervised, they have always been actively prevented from entering spaces that are not meant for them. They’ve never had to learn to set boundaries for themselves, so they naturally reason that if a boundary is not actively enforced, it must actually be a space they’re meant to enter.
  • they are not responsible for themselves. adults around them are responsible for them. if they come to harm, it’s because an adult wasn’t doing their job properly.

for teens of this mindset, ‘18+ ONLY’ warnings are merely a suggestion. Nobody is stopping them, after all, and it has never been their job to stop themselves. and if they can get access, the space is now theirs - because all spaces they are in are theirs. they couldn’t get there unless it was meant for them; that’s how it works, right?

This is why some teens are utterly flabbergasted by the idea that adults on the internet want to interact with fellow adults on an adult level in a space the teen can access. They’re here! That means the space is specifically meant to cater to them! The adults are automatically tasked with their safety! If teens do get into trouble, it’s because the adults weren’t responsible enough! that’s how this has always worked.

And when adults say ‘no, I do not take responsibility for your actions, the internet is full of things that may frighten or harm you and you must set your own boundaries,’ it’s distressing and scary all at once.

(no wonder so many people in their late teens/early 20′s want to still be considered as children.)

EDIT (10/9/2017, 4 days after originally posting): if you’re seeing this post in its original form, I hope you’ll read some of the excellent reblogs disagreeing with it. I think that this post kind of misses the point, which is: some of it may be emotionally invaded teens, but some is just that teens who grew up around this kind of behavior from their parents and adults have learned that they can use their minor status as a kind of power play and thus stand up to demand coddling in fandom spaces.

the culprit that I still maintain is the heart of the problem is the structure of sites like tumblr and twitter, which knocked down all barriers and moderation in fandom and made fandom feel chaotic and uncontrollable. we’re all looking for ways to control our experience in an environment of this kind; some find it by demanding others change what they produce, and others do it by curating what what they see of the production of others. this post doesn’t reflect that well, however, and I apologize for talking down to teenagers who have the agency to think for themselves no matter how their parents behaved. 

ヾ(X’3ノシヾ)ノシ some DiaRiko doodles from Chapter 9 of [LLSHP AU] (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)


Dadvid Appreciation Week 01: The Moment Where David Became Dadvid.

Decided to draw up what I can only label as the scene right before the events of SOSO unfold. Also I may have cheated and did the angsty stuff for today rather than on the assigned day, but oh well!

Hey, David, guess who’s your new foster child? Your favorite Camp Campbell camper, with a shit ton more depression and anxiety added~!

The scene in Mistborn that stuck with me the most was near the beginning of Hero of Ages when this one town was about to be attacked by Koloss but Elend shows up first and tells the mayor he’ll help if he recognizes Elend as his emperor, then the mayor asks if Elend has brought an army with him and Elend is like “I brought 2 armies actually but I arrived early so we have to fight alone for a while first.” And they start fighting the Koloss until suddenly Vin drops out of the sky like a fucking superhero and Elend tells the mayor “Yeah that’s the first army.” and when Elend and Vin finally take control of the Koloss he tells the mayor “Here is the second army” and the mayor looks at Elend like “Look here you little shit…”

Imagination Lane // “Imagine This” Scenario #2: Bill Skarsgard

Originally posted by thebeautyandthatbass

(Warning: This is slightly long for an imagine scenario, but I couldn’t help but write this out. I’m also in a sappy Bill mood, and I needed this as soon as the idea struck me last night as I laid in bed trying to get to sleep. Shame on me lol.)

If you want to know what The First Fight Box is and what it entails, click here.

Imagine This: You and Bill have entered into your first serious argument as a married couple. A few months back, on your wedding day, you both created what you called “The First Fight Box,” and slipped letters inside for you both to read – when the time came. 

Today, you both have agreed to a small cease-fire within your heated argument and decided to open the box…

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abcs of beth things i wanna talk about

  • Rick has a bubble gun and tbh lack of air aside and being put in it against ur will that looks fun
  • Beth thought she made up the world rick literally made cause she was so young at the time
  • Rick is really fucking rugged for 70, i guess greatest mind in the world makes you get used to shit like LOOSING A GODDAMN ARM and seeming growing it back within a few hours.
  • Rick may have pointed out Beth was just as bad as he was but also as he was like “look at all the crazy shit you asked me to build for you” he STILL BUILT IT FOR HER cause he cares.
  • this also answers one of my questions of if Rick did do shit like that just use his skillset to build amazing things for beth. he did.
  • Beth literally is just like her father and im kinda digging her realizing this
  • we don’t know if she actually choose to get replaced with a clone or not cause knowing Rick if her answer was yes he’d have it done by the time the kids got home
  • Rick also at one point said it wasn’t a real adventure cause it was missing morty and that just got me with good vibes tm
  • Also Rick stealing the pizza in the last scene, that was funny but also again shows hes able to do nice shit when he feels like
  • im talking out of order but he also offered beth to help him make the clone when she came back becasue she said she wanted to spend time with him and stuff, so now he finally did that for her.
  • Rick also fucked jerry’s ex alien girlfriend cause of course he did.
  • On the jerry story side, it interests me how the kids instantly just want Beth over Jerry
  • Summer got attacked first this time which i feel the whole being force choked thing parallels beth picking her over morty in that one scene
  • Morty seems to be retaining a lot of information and therefore is learning when out on his adventures with Rick cause he knew a lot about jerrys new alien girlfriend and their culture even to know a greeting to say to her in her native tounge and i also love that.
  • mr poopybutthole is still present and was on the fridge in a picture with Rick

We only got one episode left and im gonna cry

Aisha, the Visionshipping Fusion!

The fused form of Ishizu and Mai! Her character has a moon theme and even has like a tiny mirror decorated on her headwear. Her powers are kinda tricky:

She can tie you up with her whip and will cast you a fortune. She doesn’t SEE the future per say, she makes your future. Like for example, she’ll say that you’ll encounter three beings that will test your bravery, and then it happens the next day.

She might give you a good fortune or a bad fortune, whatever she thinks it’s fair.

(She does kinda have a bit of a prankster-side, and mostly puts a cold face just to play tricks on you)