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Title: I do Adore
Song: I do Adore by Mindy Gledhill
Pairing: Logic/Morality
Warning: None
A/N: So this is my first FF that I’m posting so yeah… English is not my first language so i may have spelling mistakes and wrong grammar but I tired :/

ALSO! It’s all thanks to @prinxietys that made me ship them. Thanks a lot, I didn’t needed a new ship xD

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Yet another Coffee Shop AU

Summary: Charles is not a morning person. Based off of Prompt 4 of this

Charles was not a morning person. Everyone else may believe otherwise, and he actively encouraged that rumor. However, the truth was that he needed at least half an hour to truly wake up. Coffee cut down on that time to just ten minutes, so it was a definitely a benefit that he worked in a cafe, but that still meant that when he rolled out of bed fifteen minutes before his shift started, he was like the dead until he’d had his second sip. When he worked the opening shift, he always always made sure to get in before anyone else. Except his boss.

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Ok so I have to post this because I’ve already spent way too much time on it, even though it’s not finished. This is a WORK IN PROGRESS there are so many mistakes I can’t even handle it.

Back in like May I started @hollyhark‘s Ceasefire fic and it’s basically the reason I even care about Emo Ren and General Boyfriend at all. It is my single favorite thing I have read all year (don’t tell my English teacher).

So anyway this is from my fav part in chapter 4 where everything is wonderful and it’s raining but I always read it as like a sunshower kind of rain because that’s how it made me feel and like I don’t know I liked the idea of the light being really yellow and good and ecstatic even though the rain was coming through.

As I said before it is Not finished! There’s a whole other panel that I totally screwed up about five times already, and also I colored Ren’s cape wrong. But! I am super happy with parts of this! So now you all can suffer with me. 

“So proud of my fave” moment.

Guys, You should read this. Here is some nice complements for Tom. It really made my day!!!

This man is well-known Korean translator, and he’s working the Coriolanus now. He mentioned Tom below.

“When I was translating Coriolanus, I found that the most surprising part is, Tom actually says the exact lines from the script. Compared to almost of the others may have made a little bit of mistakes… Sometimes some of them used ‘will’ instead of 'shall’ when it should be the latter, since the script was written in middle English.”

“Sometimes they used to skip one or two words from the script because it’s too hard. But Hiddleston was as sharp as a razor when it comes to the script. Not even an article. I can’t imagine how much time he might have spent on this. BTW I’m not even started to talk about his acting yet. He already proves himself. He’s a genius.”

well he actually used Korean word “Monster” for genius, in a good way. 

He translated the High-rise a few months ago. Back then, he said he could be gay after watching Tom’s acting… LMAO