i may have fainted

Okay, someone tell me how I made it through the entire day without noticing these.

I have a faint recollection of having read something about Dean Winchester as the Holy Grail a long time ago. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Google gave me nothing on the topic.

Dean has been presented as ‘the perfect vessel’ for years now, and I mentioned a while ago that I had the expectation of Dean hosting some divine power until the introduction of Claire who, as a Dean mirror, seemed destined for a similar fate. I’m sort of idly speculating for Claire to play a role in the Big Final Showdown, but I’m waiting to see what they’re going to do with her this year.

But as for Dean as the Holy Grail, I found it interesting that we have not one but two episodes of Dean shielding his crotch written by Andrew Dabb, whom we may assume has a hand in plotting story. Dean shields his crotch in What’s Up, Tiger Mommy and Devil May Care, which incidentally is also the episode that established Dean Winchester as “the perfect vessel.“ It’s interesting in the way of foreshadowing because the Fisher King, the last keeper of the Grail, is wounded in the genitals.

Jeremy Carver introduced Daniel, a Dean mirror, as a fisherman in the season opener last year:

Not to mention that Carver is the one that initially connected Dean and fishing:

So, would it be possible to read Dean Winchester as an embodiment of the Grail? Or is the Grail something that he quests for?

Pendulums within Pendulums

DISCLAIMER: So, just reviewed this posting… and just a heads up, some of the gifs may not be for the faint of heart. I have absolutely no threshold when it comes to disgusting things, so it’s hard for me to judge. But if you’ve got a thing about vomit and abominations of nature (apparently some people inexplicably do)… you may want to avert your eyes from a lot of these gifs… you’ve been warned. 

Okay, after having just read Jen’s ( jbuffyangel ) latest review of 3x22, @http://jbuffyangel.tumblr.com/post/118451909338/into-the-dark-this-is-your-sword-arrow-3x22  which vomits brilliance, as always…

(Too early in the morning for a vomit gif… hmm… the Little Book of Manners is strangely silent on this subject)

Anyways, after taking a moment to realise that Jen and I are absolutely on the same page with the interpretation of the last weeks episode and have written almost identical expositions (hers far more lengthy and detailed, obviously, because hey, it’s Jen) without any discussion between us… well, it’s like our literary soul’s eyes met from across a crowded cyberspace…

And, you know…

I’ve banged my pendulum gong quite a lot (that’s what she said) on here, and I stand by that banging… with one qualifier. Good stories, indeed great stories, have pendulums within pendulums. 

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