i may have fainted


My steps have never

Been so careful.

I land like shards

Of glass on silk 

Without leaving 

A single tear.

In loving you,

I have become

Dainty, fainting,

Lost and unsure.

I may meet

The ideal in a way

My free, clumsy

Jumps never could,

But I live to dance,

Not to tiptoe,

And I need solid


- Grace Babcock © 2017


Dybalamask is really simple: it’s the mask of a gladiator! When we struggle, sometimes we must wear our warrior mask to be stronger, without losing our smile and kindness!  #DyablaMask

dates & dances | kim namjoon

pairing: gryffindor!namjoon + gryffindor!reader

words: 1k+

genre: fluff + harrypotter!au

a/n: happy bday to our cutest and smartest leader, joonie!


“oh, and one last thing before you all leave, the Yule ball will be held in two weeks time, so, tomorrow’s lesson will be ballroom dancing. I suggest, you find a partner before tomorrow,” professor McGonagall spoke as she walked towards her desk, her back facing the class. she turned around and spoke again, “that’s it for today, be prepared to dance tomorrow, now get out,” she chuckled.


“so,” your friend nudged you with her elbow during dinner and spoke with mockery lacing her voice, “who’re you takin’ to the ball?” she winked as she brought her spoon of mashed potatoes to her mouth.

“shut up, I’m not taking anyone,” you chided her, clearly not wanting to talk about the ball and continued eating.


you almost spat out your food. “what about him?” you tried to keep your cool.

she laughed. “I heard from a little birdie that he’s planning on asking you,” she shrugged innocently.

you shot her a glare, and if looks could kill, she would be drop dead on the floor. “if that little birdie’s name is kim taehyung then you best believe that, that is completely false.” taehyung was not only your brother but also namjoon’s best friend.

she just giggled and shrugged, only to go back to gobbling down her food, sipping her pumpkin juice every now and then.

later that day, back at the gryffindor common room, you sat with your spell books and text books scattered all around you, with you settling in between them on your bed. the OWLs were nearing day by day and you had to ace them in order to a) rub it in your brother, taehyung’s face that he wasn’t the only smarty pants in gryffindor, and b) to make your parents proud. with a) being more motivating, you focused only on getting those distinctions.

a few hours passed by, and you still sat on your bed, one hundred percent concentrating on your books and spells.

until a knock sounded on your bedroom door that managed to pull your nose out of your books.

with a grunt and a sigh you walked towards your door, turned the knob and opened the door.

and there he stood.

“hey, y/n,” said kim namjoon, with a small smile adorning his face. before you could ask him what in Merlin’s beard he was doing in the girls’ dorm room, he snapped his fingers in front of your face, bringing you back to reality. you prayed to every god out there that he wouldn’t find out that you were not-so-subtly staring at his face or rather admiring it.

“y/n? you here?” was his voice always this attractive or was it just you?

you let out a small laugh and nodded. “what on earth are you doing in the girls’ dormitory, joon?” you shook your head. “what if a professor finds you here? or worse, a student? you know how fast rumors spread–!”

“y/n! calm down! I’m here on behalf of professor McGonagall herself. she wants all the prefects to gather at the hall in 10. something about ‘preparations for the Yule Ball’, ” he spoke while doing air quotes, indirectly saying that professor had spoken those words herself.

“oh, well, okay then. thank you for letting me know,” you nodded, subconsciously twirling your hair in your hand.

“y/n… has anyone asked you to, you know,” he laughed hysterically, “the ball..” he trailed off.

you silently prayed that this would go in the direction you hoped it would go.

“no.. not yet, anyways. why?” you immediately regretted your last word.

“well, I just- I was wondering if you would like to–!” his words got cut off by your roommate’s words, who apparently just came in.

“namjoon! what’re you doing here!” her voice clearly laced with fake surprise.

“oh! hey, y/r/n, I was just–!” his voice, once more, cut off by your roommate’s.

“but that’s besides the point. I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to the ball?” she asked with an eye-blinding smile plastering her face.

she literally just got here and she already stole your only chance on going out with your crush. this was one of the many reasons you disliked her.

“huh? wait- I was just gonna-!”

“perfect!” she exclaimed, the smile still on her face. she really needed to stop cutting namjoon off, you could see how annoyed he was just by looking at the expression on his face.

“wow! looks like you found a date, joon. hope you guys have fun, I guess. I know I won’t be going for that thing, I have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on,” you tried to hide your pain with a smile.

you walked to your closet and grabbed your jacket and headed to the door. “you comin’ for the meeting or..?”

“yeah, I’m coming,” namjoon sighed.

the two of you walked out of your room, and eventually out of the common room, leaving your roommate behind.

“hey, you okay?” namjoon noticed your silence and decided to speak up.

“yeah, I’m fine.”


on the day of the ball, you sat right where you had been sitting for the entire day: on the bed, amongst books and pens and papers.

you thought you had been hit by deja vu when someone knocked your door. again, just like before, you grunted and heaved a sigh and opened the door, only to reveal the one and only kim namjoon.

“what- what are you doing here?” you stuttered, and cursed yourself in your mind for having a shaky voice.

“I’m here to pick up my date, what else?” he raised his eyebrow, which was by far the most attractive thing you’ve seen him do. and that itself, says quite a lot.

“y/r/n left for the ball an hour ago, joon, what’re you talking about?” you shifted from side to side.

“y/r/n? who said anything about her? I’m talking about you, y/n. you’re my date. unless you don’t want to–!”

“no! I mean- I mean yes. wait, no, what?” your voice was still shaky but it was also laced with confusion.

“be my date? please?”

“namjoon, i- ,” you couldn’t believe it. “yes. I would love to,” you bit back your smile that would probably, and quite literally, stretch from ear to ear.

“good, now get changed and let’s go rule that yule ball,” he laughed. “it rhymes, wow,” he laughed again and you laughed with him.


after getting into the nicest dress you owned, which happened to be the same one you wore to your uncle’s wedding last year, you stepped out of your room to see namjoon waiting on the couch. you cleared you throat and slightly patted down your dress. you looked up and you immediately locked eyes with namjoon.

“y/n…you look, wow, you look amazing,” he breathed, a noticeable pink blush forming on his cheeks.

“thank you, and i have to say, you look quite dashing yourself,” you slightly laughed.

“shall we?” he got up and walked towards the door, opening it and turning back to you. you nodded and made your way out of your dorm.

you two walked hand in hand to the main hall of the school. your thoughts were drifting back to your roommate. how did she leave an hour ago if she thought she was going with namjoon? did he tell her? you couldn’t bring yourself to say that you felt bad for her but deep down, you knew you did. she wasn’t exactly the kind of girl who would stick to one guy for the rest of her life, so you expected her to move on pretty quickly. with a shrug, not knowing what exactly was running through your mind, you continued to walk towards the hall until you heard faint piano music.

“may I have this dance, m'lady?” namjoon held out his hand, the furious pink shades threatening to paint your cheeks.

“why, yes, of course,” you placed your hand in his and he led you to the dance. as cliché as it may seem, you felt like, from the moment you started dancing, it was only you two in the room, as if time had stopped and the whole world just disappeared.

“I’m not the best dancer, joon, but–”

“are you kidding? you’re doing great. it’s me who has two left feet.” he laughed and pulled you closer, his hands still on your waist. you wrapped your arms around his neck and placed your head on his chest.

and you two, yes, danced the night away.


the ball was the most amazing experience of your life but, as cheesy as it sounds, with namjoon right there by your side, it was easily made a thousand times more amazing and obviously unforgettable.

and that was also your first time officially confessing to him, and him to you.

( “ow!” “I’m sorry–!” “no, it’s okay, it’s my fault.” “no it isn’t! it’s mine, I’m sorry. i told you I can’t dance…” “namjoon, if you say one more word about your dancing skills, I’m walking out.” “take me with you.” )

my room was always full of old books and flowers and records and my old bureaux du journal girls thoughtfully pinned to the wall and little Mr. Bingley would wrestle the lace bed skirt and even though I am only thirty minutes from my cat and lowly cabin secluded in its own forest, the past summer seems too distant and I may only have a faint dream of it rather than the collective thought I shall always long for.

Frank Doyle: Sadie met me on my last day as the boogie-man to boogie-men. I saw her and put in my papers. So if you think taking Sadie away from me and then throwing a bunch of monsters my way will scare me, I’ll let you in on this. It is a thing I cherish and appreciate, that I will get to show these monsters and animals how little I care for them when Sadie’s not around. Relive the good old days until Sadie and I reunite. Am I scared? No! I am excited to see if I still got it. And guess what? I still got it. I’ll take the skeleton first and use his bones to take the rest of you. That’s my plan, but I’ll play it by ear. They all have bones, as the skeleton pointed out. So we’ll see whose I use

Sadie Doyle: Oh, Frank, be gentle.

Frank Doyle: Only when by your side once more, my darling. And Nightmares, monsters, if you care to meet the only person I’ve ever met who leaves me in the dust in terms of merciless cruelty and toughness, you’ve already met her. You’ve put in danger the thing she loves above all else.

Sadie Doyle: You.

Frank Doyle: Me! On the one hand, I would like to see what she does to you. But on the other, I may have too faint a stomach for it.

—"It’s a Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad World" (Beyond Belief, Thrilling Adventure Hour #219)

I’ll Take Care of You.

Based on this song, definitely not the Drake version.

Thanks to the ever lovely @markandjackaremysuperheros for requesting this and again I’m so sorry for taking so long to get this up. I hope you like it and I hope it’s fluffy enough ♡

A/N: Reader is not the only one who has been poorly this week, I’ve been back and forward to doctors all week so apologies, but all requests will be up as soon as physically possible, so please forgive and bare with me ♡♡ 

Requests are open and feedback is very much food for my soul!

Request:  Steve’s been away the past month+ and hadn’t had contact with anyone from the team. When he comes back he asks where reader is and finds out she’s in the infirmary and he freaks out but I’m reality she just has a flu and is getting a check up? Fluff?

Warnings: None but pure fluff. Steve is adorable- maybe he could pop around to mine after he is finished with y/n.

Words: 1,565.

Originally posted by sheisraging

Steve climbed wearily into the quinjet and sighed, Nat climbed in after him and she collapsed wearily onto the ground.

“That was a tough one Cap,” she sighed “Looked hairy for a while there.”

Steve was too exhausted to even muster up a response more than a hum of agreement and instead focused his energy on actually getting the plane into flight.

Nat had soon passed out on the seats and Steve set the jet onto autopilot and ruffled in his bag to find his phone, it had been weeks since he’d been able to check it, considering the mission was supposed to be a quick in and out job and Steve and Nat had left their phones hidden in the safehouse, neither believing they would have been away so long.

As soon as his phone came to life the pings of missed calls and messages started to override everything and he mildly began to panic when he noticed the majority of calls were from Bucky and none from you.

He immediately went to his voicemails which began with Bucky, trying to keep it cool and asking Steve where they were? They should have been home by now, no nothing was wrong he was just…. “checking in.”

The second was a slightly more worried Bucky, insisting still that nothing was wrong, he just wanted to “check by,” to see when Steve would be back.

By now Steve was mildly panicking because he knew Bucky, and he also knew that something was most definitely wrong.

The final voicemail was a slightly dejected sounding Bucky, who sighed before admitting that yes, something was wrong, that you were sick and in the infirmary and he was taking care of you, but Steve really needed to get back, but not to worry because you were in safe hands and you were being looked after, but you needed him.

When the message ended Steve was panicking, full time panicking, so much so that he had to wake Nat and as he stumbled through what Bucky had told him, she sat up and quickly took over flying telling Steve to hold on tight.

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12 Days of Check, Please! Christmas

Day 4: Shopping for gifts (prompts by @nsfwzimbits)
a/n – if y’all notice any errors, I’m sorry. somehow all of the dictionaries got deleted from my word processor and I don’t edit nearly enough to catch everything. 

For the life of him, Dex had no idea what to get Jack for Christmas.

And it was all Nursey’s fault. As usual.

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My Hero

The last thing I remembered was the world tilting sideways, then nothing.

Which is why I was surprised when my eyes reopened and I was looking into a pair of gorgeous blue ones.

“There you are. You alright, love?” The blue eyes asked, the voice was calm and friendly, sounded lovely to my ears. I blinked once, before registering the fact that above his head was the sky, and once glancing around, I realized I could see the top of the buildings.

“Am I on the ground?” I said the words as I thought them, trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

“Well you’re talking, that’s a good sign I guess. Can you sit up?” Wiggling my fingers and toes, I test all my limbs. Sensing that they’re still working, I nod slowly, and the blue eyes eased me up into a sitting position. I was very aware of the warm arm around my shoulders, and then the solid ground under me. Looking around, I see the the park I had been walking through, still as empty as it was before.


I meet the blue eyes again, seeing the worry and concern in them. I also see the attractive face they belong too, his lips turned down slightly in a frown, creases forming between his eyebrows as they come down in a furrow, his hair blowing in the soft wind.

Realizing he was waiting for me to answer a question I clearly hadn’t heard, I wet my lips quickly before speaking.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” My voice is soft, shaking slightly.

“I asked what your name was.”

“Oh, it’s Y/N.”

“Hello, Y/N. I’m Joe.” Joe. How the hell did I end up on the ground next to him?

Apparently, my mind and my mouth were communicating without me knowing, because the words were spoken aloud.

“I was hoping you would be able to answer that, actually.”

“Sorry, didn’t realize I had said that out loud.” My eyes fell on a bench not far from where we were sitting, and Joe follows me gaze before looking back at me.

“Want to see if we can make it there? Might be a little more comfortable than the path.” Once I nod, he stands and holds out his hands, tugging me off the ground and into a standing position. I stumble for a moment, but his arms remain steady around me.

“You good?” Joe asks, his voice close to my ear.

“Uhm, I think so.” I reply after a moment, taking a half step back, but his arms remain around me.

“Come on, one step at a time.” Thankfully, after the first step I feel fairly stable, and we make it to the bench in no time. Our knees are touching, that’s how close we’re sitting, I’m very aware of it.

Taking a deep breath, I run my hands down the front of my pants, trying to wrap my head around what’s happened.

“So,” I start, turning my head to meet his stare. “What happened?”

He chuckles, and runs his hand through his hair, my eyes following the movement. “I’m, well, I’m not entirely sure. I was walking through the park, heading home, when I saw you. One moment, you were walking, the next, you were heading for the ground.” That concerned look is back in his eyes. “I ran to catch you, didn’t want you hitting your head. I tried waking you, but you were out for a minute or so.” He finishes.

“Oh.” Is all I can manage. I turn to look at the grassy hills in front of us, trying to remember what exactly happened. We’re both silent, listening to the faint sounds of traffic and the wind in the trees.

“I was walking…that I remember. Then just suddenly…suddenly the world was turning sideways. I don’t know why, or how, but it just happened. All I remember after that is opening my eyes and seeing…” I look at his eyes once again. “You.”

“Well, I am sure glad I took a short cut today.”

“Me too.” I smile at him. “Sorry for fainting.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“It’s no problem, always wanted to be a hero.” His lips lift in half a smile. “How do you feel now?”

“Fine, honestly.” Joe gives me a pointed look. “No, really! I have no idea what happened, but I feel perfectly fine now.” He still looks doubtful, but nods slowly.

“Alright.” He stands up and turns to face me, holding a hand out to me. “I’m at least walking you home, need to make sure you don’t faint again.” His smile is kind and honest, and I find myself reaching up to take his hand in mine, allowing him to pull me into a standing position again.

“Seems like a fair deal.” I point him in the direction of my place, and we start walking, our fingers lacing together.

“And of course, I’ll need your number so I can call you later to check on you.”

“Oh, of course.” I reply, mocking seriousness, which soon turns into giggles as Joe attempts to pull a serious face as well.

Our laughter turns into chatter as we continue to walk along, learning things about each other.

And the next day I came down with a horrible head cold, which may have explained the fainting in the park. Joe laughed for a good while when I told him, but then he brought me chicken noodle soup, claiming he needed to be my hero one more time, this time against the mighty villain known as a common cold.


Cake Tasting (Silas x Camilla)

With Love,” Camilla spoke. It was in her usual sultry tone, but something about the way she said it gave Silas chills – the good kind.

Lately, just being around the first princess made him all kinds of nervous. She always walked with an air of confidence about her. She was beautiful as she was calm, and as nurturing as she was ruthless.

Silas had been so entranced by her long, lavender tresses and heavy lidded eyes that the snapping of her fingers startled him.

“I-I’m sorry Lady Camilla, what was that?” He asked with a sheepish grin.

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Cursed Child Observations: 30/12/16

I went to see the show for the fourth time last Friday and I was close enough to see a lot more details thanks to my seat - I was front row, in AA. This seat is great for the details that you see and hear but if you are short you might not see the back of the stage. I’m tall, so this wasn’t a problem for me.

I’m finally getting around to writing my thoughts down on the variations within each show and between actors. Cast board for this show:

Act One:

Sam’s transition between muggle clothing and Hogwarts robes wasn’t as smooth as normal. It looked as though the transition snagged slightly on his hood but it was only for a split-second and the transition got the same reaction from the audience that it usually does, so this probably wasn’t noticeable to someone seeing the show for the first time.

I love watching the characters on stage who aren’t speaking. For example, if you watch Harry and Ginny while Ron is doing his trick, they are being really cute with each other. Harry has his arm around Ginny and he caresses her back with his hand, and steals frequent adoring, soppy looks and grins at her. He usually sneaks a kiss on the cheek or the ear in somewhere. It’s gorgeous, especially as things become tense between them later on. James Sirius (Tom Milligan) is another one to watch - his reactions to Ron and Albus are entertaining.  He laughs again when Albus mentions Slytherin and often shares a joke and a look with Ron. I love that you can see how strong Ron’s relationship is with his nephews and nieces in this scene.

Lily’s Sorting is bittersweet. On the one hand you’re pleased for her as she’s so happy to go into Gryffindor (she runs to James Sirius and Rose and they have this uber-excited group hug and it’s adorable) but on the other hand you really feel for Albus as he becomes increasingly isolated within his family.

Harry in his office with Hermione was cute. This day was a less angry day for Jamie and I prefer when he doesn’t raise his voice too loud to Hermione about her scolding his lack of paperwork management (contrary to other scenes where the angrier he gets the more I love it, but Jamie’s nuances are a whole other post entirely). When he got home and found Amos, he really tried so hard with him. He took off his jacket, unbuttoned his waistcoat and placed his chair close to Amos, leaning forward and really trying to emotionally connect with him. 

Scorpius really went for the”Yes, a quiz!” line. I love it when he really goes for that. What a dork.

The first General Meeting: the best thing about being front row was being able to pick up things that the ensemble are saying (who don’t have microphones). When Hermione waves her wand and pulls them all toward her before releasing them, one character (played by Martin Johnston) at the back of the meeting, closest to the audience, said in an offended voice “That was unnecessary.” It made the few audience members who heard it laugh, the rest must have wondered what we laughing at. The great thing about seeing this show, or any show, multiple times is that you have the opportunity to pick up on things every time that you missed before. You realise that even the most hidden of background actors have a character and a role and a story within the scene and it brings the story into life just that little bit extra and leaves you with so much awe for just how no detail has been spared.

Act Two:

Helena Lymberry was in her normal role as Petunia. I actually prefer her cover, Lowri James, for this role but they may just be down to Lowri looking the part more. Helena’s Hooch and Umbridge are very good; I prefer her Umbridge to Lowri’s. Swings and roundabouts.

Adam McNamara was covering Bane for Nuno. He did a really good job, I thought and I’m undecided on who I prefer in the role. I will say Nuno looks that part more so I’m possibly leaning more in Nuno’s way. 

Harry, Draco and Ginny in the kitchen: I LOVED Alex in this show. He played Draco softer tonight, which is brilliant. I’ve seen James Howard cover Draco and one of the reasons I prefer him in the role is not because he is better or worse than Alex - they are both great actors - but because James plays Draco softer, and more vulnerable, which is how I imagine Draco evolving into after the journey he goes through in books 6 and 7. He still has the Malfoy swag, but he has less of the arrogance and malice that he had as a child. Alex played Draco closer to this tonight. When he told Harry ”Don’t lose the boy,” he was soft with it; he sounded so much more genuine and empathetic rather than brash. I loved it.

Having seen James Le Lacheur as Scorpius on my previous viewing of the show, the library scene always sticks out in my mind as one of the biggest differences between her performance and Anthony Boyle’s. James absolutely NAILS this scene. In particular, I love the way she delivers “Try my life!”. Up until this point she speaks at a normal volume but when she delivers that line it explodes out of her and it just stops the show. It is so, so good. James really emphasised the desperation Scorpius is in, not only over the circumstances he lives under, day in, day out, but over his best friend, not only not understanding, but up until that point, not even considering him. Anthony was back in as Scorpius which was great because I missed his adorable face, but he builds to this line rather than exploding out with and on  the whole I prefer James’s delivery of the emotion in that scene. However, Anthony plays a mentally and emotionally younger Scorpius and I love how that works within the character and his history of isolation and endears him more to the audience. A spontaneous little quirk in this scene - when Scorpius was avoiding Albus’s eyes he picked a bit of fluff off his own robes and blew it across the stage, watching it float through the air. It was adorable and spontaneous and so utterly Scorpius and it simply delighted me. Oh, and Anthony’s tears give me tears. =*(

I love Moaning Myrtle. Annabel Baldwin is brilliant and I can’t get enough of her scenes. There is another cute Harry/Ginny moment to be had here, when Myrtle is flirting with Harry and Ginny has none of it. She storms around the sink and stands right behind Harry. It’s cute because even though Harry and Ginny are already more strained at this point, Ginny still gets so possessive. I love it.

Act Three: Sometimes in the Voldemort AU, Ron does a little thumbs up when he finds out that he is married to Hermione in “the other world”. He didn’t do it last night which was a shame because it’s a cute moment.

Sitting right at the front row, you do see strings on the two dememntors that hover over the stage (but not on the one that flies over the audience). However, the people in the row behind me (BB) couldn’t see them. Other than that, not a single illusion is ruined by being that close. It’s so impressive.

Harry and Ginny had much more heated conflicts in this show. Ginny never shouts, but she almost did this time around.

The audience was very enthusiastic - it’s interesting how audiences vary from show to show. The best audience I was ever part of was undoubtedly a Thursday and Friday night audience back in September, closely followed by a Saturday audience in November. Particular moments of reaction that I love are the hug in the lake, and when Scorpius screams with joy “HARRY POTTAAAAHHHH!” when he sees Harry upon returning from the Voldemort AU.

Act Four:

The Harry/Dumbledore conversation breaks me every time. In fact, I start welling up as soon as I see Dumbledore in Part 1 when he first sets foot on stage. Every time, that is the first moment that beings tears to my eyes. The conversation Harry and Dumbledore have in Harry’s office in Part Two remains my favourite scene of the play and it slightly different every time. Jamie played Harry less angry this time (more resigned, perhaps?) and it took longer to work to the point of tears. The scene is slightly different every time I’ve seen it and Jamie is just phenomenal each time and deserves so much credit for keeping things nuanced, not just in this scene but throughout the play. Returning to the earlier mention of Alex playing Draco softer in this show - it works especially well in his scenes with Harry.

The Harry/Ginny kiss: this is an absolute show highlight for me; I always look forward to it because Jamie and Poppy have such wonderful chemistry and the love story between Harry and Ginny is so incredibly strong. The kiss is another thing that is always slightly different each time, but it never fails to make the audience swoon. You can feel the passion between these two characters, it is as tangible as the clothes they wear. @torestoreamends tells me that on the showing the previous day, the audience actually applauded the kiss. This time, Ginny ran her hands through Harry’s hair as he kissed her (I love how he cradles her face in his hands every time) and honestly, I almost fainted. I may have drooled a little. I most definitely swooned.

I’m noticing Scorpius’s adorable stutter more. It comes out when he is nervous or frustrated. I’d love to know if this was a trait Anthony found in the character on his own. In the penultimate scene of the play when Scorpius and Albus are on the stairs after Scorpius asks out Rose, as Rose approaches him and Scorpius falls over, he stuttered on the “Received and entirely understood” line and it became”R-r-r-re-received a-and entirely understood”. Rose mimicked him in response and replied with “O-oh-oh-okay!” and it was awesome. I love those spontaneous moments from the actors.

Those are the major recollections for this show. I think I might consider actually taking notes the next time I go as it’s really fun to recap it, even if no one reads it!

The signs when they win a video game they’ve been trying to beat forever


Taurus: MOM I FINALLY DID IT!! (that’s great, sweetie.)

Gemini: onto the next game with a minor celebration (i.e. grabbing a beer from the fridge and plopping back down with a new game)



Virgo: finally. I have acquired victory. may all the kingdoms bow before me, for I am now their ruler.

Libra: throws the game controller and accidentally breaks a lamp

Scorpio: jumps on the couch, chair, bed, table, etc. and just cheers for 20 minutes straight

Sagittarius: shouts it from the rooftops

Capricorn: …shit now what do I do

Aquarius: Mom can I please get another game?? I just beat this one, now I have no games to play! (just go outside and get some fresh air) but MOOOOOOOOOM

Pisces: starts the game over knowing they can do it again

LL report (WARNING, it is long!)

My oh my where do I start. I went with low expectations but I have to say, I was greatly amused. I particularly enjoyed a musician, named Nitin Sawhney. His work made me enjoy the hall in it’s majesty and beauty while listening to soothing tones. But nevermind, that’s not what you all want to hear right? I had seen Steven Moffat & Sue Vertue in the hall but I decided to keep moving to my seat. At every, every pillar and every corner, there were bodyguards. It was rather quickly that BC came to read. It was a barrage of words that went so quick that I didn’t catch it all. But what I mostly remember is the mentioning of ‘a golden beacon’. For reasons of my own, that was an interesting detail. However, something caught my eye while he was reading. And that was that every bodyguard was on sharp. One crept close to us and for a moment I thought it was for me but as he looked straight through me, I followed his gaze and saw some girl recording the reading. He then crept over to her and asked her to stop. They did this every time BC read. Because they know very well that they will record him. Before the event starts, they even tell you to turn off your phones and that photography is strictly forbidden, yet for some reason, it’s really hard for people to keep themselves to that rule. 

Then I realised why I didn’t see SH in the audience. She was going to read with Louise. Louise seemed slightly agitated in her walk and didn’t really look at SH upon appearing onstage. However, when she reached her microphone, she smiled fondly. SH seemed to shuffle her way to the microphone and I wondered if there was something wrong with her legs. (I know I hit my knee to one of the chairs and that hurt like hell, but I guess that’s not the same.) She seemed a bit wooden to me and I wondered why that would be. She seemed healthy enough to me. Then she started reading. I will be the first to admit that the letter was absolutely perfect for her. And she may have acted a little extra with the way she spoke during the letter. Truth be told, I wasn’t disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised. Even more so when it became clear WHAT she was reading. It made me laugh. But not just me. Everyone laughed, but probably not for the same reason. It was a rather funny letter. Then Louise read the reply letter. The fierceness in which she replied the 'smackdown’ letter was amazing. And she slammed closed the folder in which all the letters were kept. They left the stage and Louise patted SH on the back when they went to backstage. 

Some other great performances came around. Then a strange surprise. BC read another letter. Instantly, all the bodyguards in the room took their positions. “Masturbation Habit” was his letter. I couldn’t help but laugh. It got only worse as the letter went on. It sounded a bit like Martin Crieff. Then, after a while, a singer called Emeliana has a great voice, just her nervous tick made me feel a bit uncomfortable. But that’s something I always have with performes who keep doing a certain thing. But her voice was lovely. I noticed that Adam Ackland was constantly on guard. Jamie Byng was constantly looking as well. Byng is an interesting person to me. I changed my view on him tonight. All I knew was that we regarded him as slimy but he seemed genuinely concerned with the event and if something went wrong, he was on top of it. SH was also hanging around the backstage entrance.

During Oscar Isaac’s letter, someone got escorted out due to health problems. I don’t know what happened, just that an older lady was in trouble. I guess she may have fainted or something. It distracted me quite a bit. At the interval I wanted something to drink but the queue was so long, I felt like 'hell no.’ I spoke a few words to Sue Vertue about Sherlocked and she seemed excited. I said I wasn’t sure if I would go. Back at my seat I kept my head down and tried to attract as little attention as possible. 

During the second half, the Chris & Bessie letters happened. BC got distracted and messed up, giving Louise a giggle fit. He started reading her letter and said 'oh that’s you, sorry!’. He tried hard to control the laughter. They left the stage proud and amused. Oscar Isaac did a letter by Alec Guinness which mentioned Star Wars and it was wonderfully ironic. SH had her second letter and I had a hard time not laughing when she was talking about the 'throbbing feeling under her fingers’. I have to hand it to her, she sounded more genuine and passionate in this letter than the first, where she just 'played’ a snob. But whether I like her or not, I am still a human. And I was almost ready to hand her my muesli bar, because she seemed to shake a little, or at least tried to keep standing straight and secure, while she seemed far from it. I can’t explain it properly. The walking felt forced, the standing was off. I kind of wanted to give her chocolate and get her sugar levels up. (yeah, roast me.) During her reading, Louise and Byng were looking at her. Byng seemed concerned and slightly bored. Louise looked entirely bored, and half-way through makes a bit of a weird face. As if she’s going 'whatever’. The moment SH finished and left the stage, Louise suddenly smiles and throws her hands in the air as if she’s cheering. 

BC read a fourth letter (boy I was lucky tonight!). “To my widow”. A letter about a man that’s writing a farewell to his wife and son, which he never got to finish before they froze to death, got killed by each other or starved to death. Either way, the letter was never finished and half the crowd was crying when he read it. Except the man next to me, he fell asleep. 

Most of the evening, Adam is leaning at the backstage door still. Then I see BC come out and kneel down on the floor. He gets lost from my sights and Adam laughs. We’re at the last few letters after that Emeliana and Nitin Sawhney are performing. SH comes out of the backstage door and looks at the floor, where BC is. She kneels down as well and I see Adam and the security guard both glance/look down. Both frown lightly but return their gaze back on stage. The curtain call happens and BC guides the singer and musician back on the stage, because they wanted to leave backstage, but it was curtain call time. They seemed a bit lost. BC led the crowd, bowed but made sure there were people between him and SH. When they all left for backstage, SH tried to squeeze herself next to BC to exit together, but BC shut her down by holding some man’s shoulders, talk to him, walk next to him and then behind him, leaving two people between him and SH. SH looks a little bummed but reluctantly walks after them. And that was the end of LL on Sunday the 13th of March.

SH tried really hard to 'sell’ this stuff. BC didn’t do anything for her in return. She watched two of his letters to be performed, he watched none of hers. She tried to be with him, he made sure there were people in-between. And I think he is enjoying this stupid game. I have a feeling why, but that’s not something for this submit.

Kind regards

A. Friend.


8 years ago, Lee Jong Suk came to our school as a model for our fashion design department. We didn’t know if he was famous back then, but he shone among all the models present. I still remember how pure and kind he was.

I watched his film (HBY) yesterday and remembered, so went to find these photos. I finally realized that Namsoon in ‘School 2013’ was this kid, nearly fainted. I think I may have become his fan. Please let him know that his film is very entertaining; continue to shine on.

(Cr: a new fan on DC)