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Alrighty, so I’m not usually one to talk about politics or personal stuff on my blog, but a few days ago I voted for the first time (I turned 18 in May) while my whole family are Trump supporters I did what I thought was right and what I personally wanted to do and voted for Hillary knowing this I decided to wait until today to tell my family who I voted for needless to say they were disappointed that I didn’t vote like the rest of them and my grandpa even started yelling at me about how I “wasted” my first vote.

Yeah okay, so I’m not making this post to tell you guys who you should vote for, but instead to tell you that you can vote whoever YOU want to vote for!! Please don’t be afraid to vote for a candidate due to intimidation or fear of alienation for picking a different candidate from your family or friends.

No vote is a waste of a vote and if you are old enough to vote please go out there and vote polls are closing soon in some states and in others they will be open for at least 4 more hours.

Don’t let anyone sway your vote or make you fear to vote for who you want to vote for this is a free country do what YOU want to do and what you see as right, but also guys don't get mad or treat someone without respect for using their own brain and voting for someone different than you. That’s just wrong and everyone is entitled to an opinion of their own even if it’s not the same as yours. ✌🏻

hello hello lil kiwis!! it’s your fav mixed kid and i’m back with my third follow forever! this one’s a lot smaller than my previous ones and i have a smol announcement to make! after today, i will be leaving. i’m not gonna delete, but i think i’m gonna go on an indefinite hiatus. i made a post talking about that earlier so you should check it out!

i really appreciate all of you and i hope you’re all doing better than i am.

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i'm a small invader zim ocs blog who adores ocxcc, despises zadr, and has a short temper and an overwhelmingly straightforward attitude. i want to become a big blog in the fandom, but im afraid the things i stated previously might hold me back from that. is there any advice you can give ??

Well, let me be the one to tell you that redemption is never a limited thing. There is always time to clean up any messes you have made.

I can understand the disliking towards ZaDr, as the ship doesn’t make as much sense as many would want it too. I take it from your comment that you have spoken of your feelings and people may have disagreed heavily, so, i would suggest deleting any unwanted earlier posts that may have upset others and give a nod to anyone who may have been upset, it’s never too late to say Sorry. (Pro Tip: It takes strength to apologize. It takes even more to accept it. If someone decides not to forgive you, they’re only being stubborn and looking for something to fuss about, and that individual is most likely not worth your time.) For the big blog part.. All i can tell you is to just.. Don’t worry about fame. Take it slow. This blog has been up for a very, very long time. And, in that time, only very recently has it gained a big amount of followers. It wasn’t intended, it just played out.

I do, however, have methods to getting noticed. Tagging is a HUGE part of it, just tag your stuff right and it’ll have a much better chance of showing up in the search tags. Such as…

For this, i would take it into large consideration what the image contains, i would then proceed to tag it along the scene.

#IZ #IZ Dib #IZ Gaz #Invader Zim #Invader Zim Dib #Invader Zim Gaz #Dib #Gaz #Dib Membrane #Gaz Membrane

With tags like these, it’s much more likely to show up in any of those searches, if it has a good amount of notes, that is. With art, however, it’s always best to give yourself a personal Tag. (Mods is ‘Ruthies Trash.’)

Now, to get big in the IZ Fandom, try doing something exclusive for the viewers to enjoy. See, my blog began to pick up once i started creating ‘Daily Picture of Dib’ and ‘Invader Zim Headcanon’s. Lots of followers seem to love these a lot, and thus, they get spread around among all the bigger blogs. As long as you give your personal charm and unique touch to your content and what you do, and as long as you tag it properly and stay in your own lane, you’re bound to get somewhere. Maybe not quickly, maybe not fast, but if it’s something people like to see, you’ll have no issue. Just make sure what you do is something you LIKE to do.

That’s really all i can say on this subject, i hope it helped even a little. I hope you get the attention you crave, friend! And i apologize for the novel i wrote in response!.. Mod-Panda

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I just wanted to say zacyprincess I think there name is does reblog from little / little space blogs. I've noticed it a bit now. is this even okay? for kidhearts?

Hey, so I am Zachysprincess, and I haven’t knowingly reblogged anything about little space, and as my blog is this blogs side blog, I don’t think I’m following any littles? If you could link this blog the post in messages, I’d certainly delete it! And as my blog runs on a queue, I may have queued from someone who was cglre before it was decided that cglre isn’t welcome anymore. I will go check, tho!!
~Mod Raven

Dating Eggsy Would Involve...

Author’s Note: I always thought shit like this was super cute and so I decided to try it myself and… I think I should stick to full-fledged imagines LOL. Figured I’d post it anyway because why not–I can always delete it if I’m not feeling it. Though I may write one more for Jacob Frye and stick it in the queue…

Word Count: Does it even matter?

Keep reading

Some WIP’s I drew while I was away on my hols last week.

Don’t know if to actually finish them. Also have one involving Hux and his hat that another artists has drawn way better than me, so don’t know if to finish that as I hate feeling like I’m copying from others even if it’s accidental. Had a fun yet bad week (one reason I had to go away for a bit on a holiday with sis) so may be my mood effecting how I’m seeing my drawings right now. What I wouldn’t do to have a different style and be a better painter, pencils are easy, painting is HARD *sigh*

On the fun side I spent last week with sister going round the wildlife parks in my region. I have to share my otters eating meal worms video sometime as it cracks me up. I also got to see a pack of white wolves, they were so amazing.

That’s right! It’s been decided. This blog will be deleted on November 25th due to mainly lack of motivation to update this blog anymore.

It was a lovely to join the MLP fandom, but right now I no longer feel that spark like I did 3 years ago. Even if I do, I won’t have any time as I’ll be focusing more on my portfolio when I apply for colleges.

HOWEVER IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE SEEING MY ART FOLLOW @laceymod, IT WILL BECOME MY ART BLOG. I may most likely draw Lovelace and Sunflower, just not as frequent.

If you want to follow my personal blog it’s currently @angry-nettle

So apparently a Captain Swan shipper hacked a Swan Queen shipper’s tumblr and twitter accounts yesterday/today to start shit and then deleted both accounts, like?


You may not agree with someone’s shipping preferences, you may be petty enough to send anon hate and start shit every chance you get, but seriously? How do you even come up with such a fucking idea and decide to go through with it? It’s going to affect us all and of course SQers are going to ressent us for that, and I can’t even blame them at this point because this is taking it one step too far just for the sake of being nasty to people you don’t agree with.

Stay in your fucking lane.

Those ship wars have gone too far already and I’m sick and tired of it. You don’t like a ship or its shippers? Here’s an idea: ignore them, don’t interact with them, don’t start shit with them because they don’t agree with you. Grow up already and stop acting like fucking babies on the playground, be mature about it and learn to shut your damn mouth and look the other way when you’re seeing something you don’t agree with.

I, and I hope many other CSers, don’t condone that kind of behaviour, and I never will.


So 2015 is almost over, wich means it’s time for me to post my follow forever for this year. Just like the people and the moments in the gifset above, you guys made this year so good, i met new people, and even if we don’t talk that much, the fact that you followed me back meant a lot to me, and in some way i translated it into a ‘we should become friends’. Also thank you to those who followed me in this new account, as you may remember I deleted my old one and decided to start a new one.

I love you all so much, hope this year was as good as mine, and if it wasn’t, do not worry, everything gets better in time, i can tell from experience :) And i you ever need someone to talk to, my ask box is always open, and if you’re a mutual, you can always ask for my facebook or any other account you would like to add me on.

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Went to CVS to use a coupon on some makeup and hair related items today. I also went grocery shopping at Whole Foods again. I did this with my transgender symbol necklace proudly displayed. No issues whatsoever with other people, or cashiers, nothing but pleasant interactions today :) I was even able to speak more confidently while paying for items and to say thank you when the young gentlemen employee offered to take my cart for me. Above you may find a rare photo of me showing my crooked little teeth (if I don’t decide to delete that one later!)

Some Questions Before Maveth Airs

Before Maveth airs I’ve decided to put up a list of questions I have (minus speculation) that may or may not be answered in the episode. Just a sort of wish list for answers from the show :D 

1) Why did Jemma wake up stabbing the air with a shiv on her first night back? Why was she sleeping with a shiv in her hands? Where did she even get the shiv? Did she sleep like this when she was with Will? Did they have midnight battles with death monster that we don’t know about? Is this gonna show up in a deleted scene? (because I’d watch that!) 

2) Why were Fitzsimmons able to either survive on the planet long enough to return home OR why were they able cross through the portal (still not sure which Hydra is unable to do) when generations of people were unable to? 

3) Why didn’t Will go crazy when everyone else in his group did?

4) The necklace, we know Will brought it to Jemma, but how did he know it was hers? Or where to find it? (There is a deleted scene for this, so this actually may be answered in the DVD set) 

5) Why are all the dead people piled into one place? (the boneyard). And why did the “Death monster” in the sandstorm chase Jemma into the boneyard? Accident? On purpose?

6) Why did the portal open on Maveth months before the monolith opened on Earth? 

7) If Jemma wanted the wine so much, why didn’t she just stuff it in her bag when she first found it? She found it before she found the sextant and she took that with her. 

8) Why didn’t Will go back with Jemma? Did “Death” really hold him back? Why did it let Jemma pass? 

9) Why did Hydra set it up so that Fitz would go through instead of Jemma when, from what we know, Jemma is clearly the better choice? 

10) Why did Will lie about “not being sciencey”? Why did he not mention to Jemma that he had built a telescope with his dad when she was talking about her dad? Why did he say no one would miss him when he literally left behind and entire town that would miss him? (Hometown hero). Why did he have a cage that he trapped her in for a month? Why has he not aged in 14 years? 

11) How does Jemma have a picture of her and Will together when her phone broke before they were together? Were they really cuddling like that before they were together? Didn’t they establish in the scene where Jemma hugs him and he freezes up that Will isn’t used to or easy with snuggling with other people like that?

12) If there are no fauna, what does monster “plant” eat when Jemma isn’t there? 

13) What is the glow in the middle of the planet?

14) Why were the moons/stars disappearing? (as Jemma mentioned in her recordings) 

15) Not a question exactly, but you know how Will said the planet made the canyon bigger to stop them? Can we see the planet doing that in this episode :D? Or would that be too hard for special effects?

16) Why does Jemma keep touching the place on her head where her cut used to be? Is it starting to hurt now? Why? 

17) How did Jemma (as she stated in 3x05) know how to “Open the portal and keep it open” to include in her note to Fitz? What gave her the information she’d need to figure that out? 

18) Why is Will so afraid of the Astronaut? We haven’t seen it do anything violent or threatening. Did it do something to him that he hasn’t spoken about? Is he making it up? Is he being prejudice and judging it based on how creepy it is without even talking to it first? What did he mean when he said he “managed to escape it, and sometimes outsmart it”? Details? 

Feel free to add your own questions to the mix! I’m gonna be ready to type in the answers we get from the next episode :D (so maybe I’ll post those Wednesday if there are enough)

3 - drinking some tea

Holding a cup of tea on his lap, L14m wheeled closed to one of the huge eibdows which decorated pretty much every quarter of world marshal.

He had happened to find some sort of pullover and decided to replace his usual ilm with it, spendong a good hour struggling to get out of it and to slip into a pair of jeans.
It gave him s very different sensation: it was warmer, even by partially leaving his chest exposed where it closed.

Taking a sip by lifting the cup with both hands, his eyes wandered out, looking at the slightly warmer environment getting alive again in those first moments of spring.
Sure skyscrapers wouldn’t have bloomed and it wasn’t easy to find any green areas just before a war base.

Then what was that floating around in the air just behind the glass?
By the time he put the cup back down in his lap, he was close enough to the window to touch it and do he did, staring at the pink petal performing his dance less than a meter from him.
But there were no gardens. ..

Or were there?