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Can you recommend any good bellarke fics?:)


You can check out my AO3 tag with fic recs here. I keep adding to it, but the fics that are in there right now are all FANTASTIC so I’m positive you’ll find something you like in there. :)

And my fanfiction tag on Tumblr is here (it’s mostly fic recs from other people for my own reference but I also reblogged some drabbles/one-shots I like that people have posted on Tumblr).

There are so many fics I’ve read that I adored but unfortunately I can’t remember which specific ones they all are (but they should be bookmarked on AO3). I do remember certain fics so I’ll put some of my absolute all time favourite fics below.*

*Since I don’t know everyone’s tumblr usernames (and for navigation purposes), I’m listing all the author’s AO3 usernames!

“To My Favourite Scar (To All Of The Stars)” by prosciutto

Short disclaimer: I’ve recently been working my way through all of prosciutto’s Bellarke fics so a decent amount of my fic recs are by that specific author.  I can say that she is absolutely AMAZING and I have yet to be disappointed by a single thing she has ever written. I HIGHLY recommend reading her stuff.

Anyway. This fic is just fantastic. It’s a Modern AU with Bellarke as co-captains of their exy team (which is delightful!) and it’s got all the great enemies-to-friends-to-lovers angst and fluff a girl could ask for. I have to admit that I was hesitant to read it at first because I’m not much into sports so I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it but I am SO glad that I did because it is one of my favourite fics ever. A must-read.

“You’re Just Another Recovering Heart” by prosciutto

This is a Season 5 spec fic and it BROKE MY HEART A MILLION TIMES OVER (but in the best of ways, ya know?) It’s so emotional and beautiful and an example of canonverse at its very best.

“Kept Going, Kept Rolling with Nowhere to Go” by marauders_groupie

This is a modern travelling AU and I REALLY enjoyed it. There’s so much great character work in this one (especially for Clarke) and its just really emotional and beautiful. 

“Sleight of Hand” by prosciutto

This is a longer multi-chapter fic where Bellamy and Clarke are basically trying to pull of a heist. It is absolutely BRILLIANT, especially if you are into fic with longer chapters (like me). 

“Up The Ante” by prosciutto

Companion fic to “Sleight of Hand” - if you liked the first one, you can’t miss it.

“In the Skylines up Ahead” by prosciutto

If you enjoy soulmates AU’s, this fic is about to become your life blood. Be warned. It’s stupidly cute.

“This is a Song About Somebody Else” by grumpybell

I cannot express how much I loved this fic. It was SO good I read it twice. Back to back.

The universe is unique because it is post-apocalyptic but in a different universe than The 100 so it has a very similar feel to the canonverse but also manages to be its own entity. The character work in this one is just phenomenal and the relationship development makes my soul weep with the beauty of it. And, it’s a three part fic with long chapters (my absolute FAVOURITE). There’s a lot of angst in this one, but it never comes off as being heavy-handed. 

Basically, what I’m trying to get at is this fic is emotional and beautifully written and perfect so why are you still looking at this when you could be reading it right now????

“we’re too good at goodbyes” by LaughingSenselessly

This is another Season 5 spec fic and after reading it I basically just wanted to mail it to Jason Rothenberg and be like “scrap all your s5 scripts - I have a better one for you”. That’s how good it is. 

It is so emotional and angsty and AMAZING in every way - it displays such a clear understanding of the characters and was so well-written. I could barely function after I finished. 

“i think it’s called love” by LaughingSenselessly

This is a modern setting high school AU and I don’t know what to say about it without spoiling other than to say it is AWESOME and everyone reading this should definitely read it! But, then again, I think LaughingSenselessly is physically incapable of writing anything bad so is this really a surprise???

“I dreamed you a sin (and a lie)” by monroeslittle

I have to be honest: its been awhile since I’ve read this fic so I don’t have too many details to add about it (other than that it’s an FBI AU) but I do distinctly remember dying over how much I enjoyed it. So don’t miss it.

“in this house on the corner” by ofhobbitsandwomen (litvirg)

The birth of my love for modern au’s began with this fic. I don’t think I’ve ever recovered since. It has the best kind of angst and the way this fic unfolds is honestly masterful. I was so sad when it ended (and now you must be sad too! but first, you have to read it and LOVE it like I did). 

“Weave Me A Myrtle Crown” by AJRedfern

WARNING: this fic has not been updated in over a year and it doesn’t look like it will be any time soon!

THAT being said, there is still almost 80k words of pure beauty RIGHT. THERE. And you would be a fool to pass that up because this firefighter!Bellamy/paramedic!Clarke fic is literally to die for. 

PLUS, it doesn’t even end in a wholly unsatisfying place - a few things are left unresolved but as for the Bellarke stuff (which is the most important part) the only unsatisfying part about it is that I WANT MORE!!! But, if the writer so chose to, they could probably have just chosen to wrap up the fic in the same place that their relationship is at where it is in the latest chapter. 

SO. Even though this fic is incomplete, I still absolutely recommend it.

“How You Stay Alive” by LaughingSenselessly

I might have weeped for joy when I saw that there was 88k words of a Bellarke reincarnation AU and I was definitely not disappointed. Each chapter is better than the last and it has one of the most satisfying endings in any fic I’ve ever read. Really great in every way.

“How to Save a Kingdom” by LaughingSenselessly

A prequel to HYSA, but it doesn’t require you to actually read HYSA beforehand to follow it (although, as someone who did, I think you’d appreciate it more if you had ;)). I loved it just as much as “How You Stay Alive” and it deserves all the love!

“Meet Me in the Morning” by monroeslittle

In this fic, Bellamy and Clarke are trapped in a time loop in early Season 1, and everything that happens after that is just great. I have so much love for this fic and its premise. 

“Picking Up What You’re Laying Down” by verbaepulchellae

This modern AU has literally everything that a girl could ask for. It is a mixture of smut, angst (the ANGST!! *shakes fist*), and a healthy amount of fluff, too. AND, the best part is there’s almost a whole 120k of it! I’ve read this fic multiple times and lost multiple nights of sleep where I simply contemplated how bloody amazing it was. 

From checking the description, you may think this is just an average smut fic. But - believe me - it goes way deeper than that (if you like more than smut in your fics) and everything about this fic is to die for. 

“Survivor’s Guilt” by LaughingSenselessly

Odds are you’ve heard of this one because - let’s be real - it’s essentially the holy grail of Bellarke fanfic. But, nonetheless, I’ll still recommend it because this is probably the single best canonverse fic I’ve read. Like, ever. It was completed awhile ago now, but it still holds up amazingly well and I’ve read it start to finish two times now and it was STILL incredible the second time around. This fic should be required reading in the Bellarke fandom, I’m not even kidding.

That’s not even close to all of my favourite fics out there but they should all be in my recommendations on AO3 so if you read all those, and still want more, do check it out! Hope this was helpful, nonny.

Happy reading!

The Force Bond: what triggers it.

A small(ish) theory about the causes of the specific bond scenes and an even smaller theory about a scene we didn’t get.

Ok you got me, it’s not smallish. It’s huge. It got a life of its own and I do not control my creation anymore. I hope you enjoy it.

After watching the movie a shameful amount of times, there was still one thing that intrigued me about the Force bond (or fond, for short. I will refer to it that way from now on, I love it and you can’t stop me. I secretly expect it to catch on in the fandom. Don’t judge me).

So what triggers it? Does it appear randomly or for a specific reason? If so, what is it?

The first obvious answer I thought of was that the bond came to life when one of the protagonists is thinking about the other. For now, it’s the theory that I think fits best, but if someone has a better one, by all means, bash me in the head with it. I want to DISCUSS.

I guess the novelization will shed more light on the matter, but we’ll all be old and grey by the time it comes out, so let’s live in the present and scramble our brains with what we got.

WELL THIS TURNED OUT TO BE ANOTHER VERY LONG-ASS POST; I can’t seem to function any other way, so CUT. And obviously, spoilers.

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I'm Sorry I Failed You- Josh Dun

Request- Hello! I love your writing:) can u do a josh imagine? Maybe we’re your Tyler’s sister and while there on tour you get jumped walking to your and joshs’ appartmemt and they find out and there all worried? Thanks have a great day/night!

Y/N’s P.O.V. 

 Only a mile and a half from your apartment and your car decided to break down. You typically would have called your boyfriend Josh but he was on tour with your brother Tyler. You got out of work late that day and the walk to your apartment isn’t always the safest late at night. You and Josh lived together in L.A. by a bunch of bars and on Saturday nights the sidewalks were filled with drunk horny men.

You grabbed your purse from your car and threw your phone in. You set out on your walk home enjoying the warm night. You wanted to call Josh but you couldn’t because he and Tyler were in the middle of a show. So to say the least this walk was going to be boring.

You were about a mile from your house now when you felt like you were being followed. You looked over your shoulder to see a 3 tall men stumbling behind you. You felt them walking faster behind you so you decided to quicken your pace and turn down the next street even though it wasn’t in the right direction of your house. You could hear your heart pounding from being scared.

When you finally thought you lost them you slowed down and took out your phone quickly to call someone, anyone really so they can distract you while you find your way back home. You dialed Jenna’s number knowing she was basically your best friend and she would keep your mind off of the slightly terrifying walk. The phone rang twice before the familiar voice came through the other end.

“Hey Y/N what’s up.”

“Oh nothing. My car broke down so I have to walk home and I wanted to talk to someone to distract me for a bit. so, how’s tour going?”

“Oh okay. Tours going great, we all wish you were here. Especially Josh.” she said.

You were about to respond when you heard loud footsteps behind you. You turned around and saw the same 3 men running towards you.

“Y/N are you okay?” Jenna asked, she must have been suspicious of your long break in the conversation.

“Um, no there are like 3 people chas-” and before you could finish you were pushed to the ground and you phone flew from your hands out of reach. You could her Jenna yelling you name but you could respond due to someone kicking your ribs. The biggest man ripped your purse off of your shoulder and put it to the side while another man  sat on your back holding your face to the pavement. You were screaming but nobody heard you.

“Stop, please. Get off me.” you begged and the one kicking you stopped and the one on top of you stood. You turned over and looked at the 3 men looking down at you.

“Don’t tell me what the fuck to do.” the biggest man said and he punch you straight on the face. You could have sworn your nose broke.

The smallest man who was kicking you earlier knelt down next to you and started petting your hair. You could smell the alcohol on his breath as he spoke.

“What should we do to this one guys?” he asks as he moved close to your neck. Your fear paralyze you and could scream. He start pulling up your shirt and tears rolled down your cheeks as they pulled you up and put you against the wall.

“Stop fucking crying or we’ll beat the fuck out of you.” the medium sized man said. You knew you weren’t getting out of this. You couldn’t control your tears and you were quickly pushed back to the ground. You felt the skin on your palms and knees scrape against the hard ground and your arms couldn’t hold you from the pain. You fell and hit you head and the last thing you remember is seeing the 3 men running off.

You woke up to the sound of your phone busy on the pavement.  You phone was lighting up with Jenna’s face calling you. You reached as far as you could reach and pulled it to you.

It hurt so bad, even to simply swipe your finger across the screen to answer the call.

“Y/N. I’ve been calling you for the past 5 minutes are you okay? Where are you?” she asked frantically.

You could really talk due to your ribs being in so much pain. “Jenna I’m fine, just don’t panic. I’m walking home now.” you voice cracked a few times and she knew you weren’t okay.

“Y/N what happened? I know you’re not okay. I heard those guys, I stayed on the phone the whole time. Talk to me.” you wanted to talk but you didn’t want to Josh or Tyler to found out. They were both really overprotective of you.

“Y/N say something or I’m going to tell Tyler. I don’t care if they’re in the middle of a show or not. I’ll go and right on stage and interrupt the whole thing to tell them.” she threatened.

“Okay, fine. Please don’t say anything to them.” you started to stand  and you had to use the wall for support. “These 3 drunk guys just beat the shit out of me.”

“Oh my god. Y/N how hurt are you?”

“Well my feels like it’s broken and it’s bleeding. My ribs hurt and so does my head. Look I’m only 2 blocks from my apartment. I’ll walk there and tell you more. I just need to sit down, I feel really dizzy.” you said stumbling, trying to walk but you were really dizzy and nauseous.

“Y/N tell me where you are, I’m calling you and ambulance you don’t sound okay.”

“Only if you don’t tell Tyler and Josh, I’ll be fine. I just need to get some help and I’ll tell them when I’m ready, Please.” you begged.

“I won’t. Now tell me where you are.”

“On the corner of Daniel ave and 5th ave.” you said sitting down against the wall. Your legs were beginning to weaken and you could feel you eyes starting to close.

“Y/N stay with me. I have an ambulance on it’s way there now.”

“Okay” you mumbled and you blacked out again.

Jenna’s P.O.V.

I had heard the whole thing happen and I know she didn’t want me to tell anyone, but I was married to her brother and he needed to know. Not to mention her boyfriend Josh needs to know. I promised I wouldn’t tell them in order to get her location out of her. I called her the ambulance because I could hear her drifting off in the conversation.

I gave the hospital my number so they would call me when she got there.

When they called me to tell me they found her passed out on the sidewalk I knew I had to tell Josh and Tyler. They needed to know even if that meant they would end the concert early.

I tried getting Tyler’s attention from the side and he stopped sing, looking at me with concern because I never bugged him during a show. Josh stopped playing and came over to where Tyler was.

“Dude are you okay?” he asked Tyler as I approached them.

“Yeah Jenna looked like she really needed to tell me something and I felt like something was wrong. What’s going on? Is Y/N okay?” he turned his attention to me and everyone in the arena was completely silent.

“No. um Y/N she’s hurt. Like really badly. She’s in the hospital. I think you need to end this and we can talk.” with that Tyler pulled the microphone to his lips and Josh ran off with me asking me all sorts of questions about Y/N.

“Okay, I’m very sorry this has to be this way, but we have to end the show early.” Tyler said and the crowd was filled with disappointment. “My sister, Josh’s girlfriend is hurt and we really need to get to her. Goodnight and stay alive all. Thank you for those who are understanding.” he ran off stage and found Josh and I.

“What happened, is she okay? Where is she?” Tyler asked all the same questions Josh had asked.

“We’ll explain later, i just booked us an immediate flight to L.A. I think we should get to her.” Josh said with tears threatening to come from his eyes.

“She’ll be okay Josh, she just needs us there.” Tyler said not knowing anything.

At the airport Jenna told her side of the story to Tyler and Josh.

Before getting on the plane Tyler was really worried about you and he texted your family to tell them what happened. Josh couldn’t keep still. When ever he was nervous he would bounce his leg and that’s what he did the whole plane ride and car ride to the hospital.

Josh’s P.O.V.

As soon as we got to the hospital I basically ran to the front desk.

“Hi sir, how may I help you?”

“My girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N, she was brought here about 5 hours ago. I need to see her. Is she okay?”

“Her file says she’s not awake right now, I’m going to get her doctor and you can go back to see her with him.” the woman said and then she left. I stood there and Tyler and Jenna came up to me.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked and the doctor approached.

“Hi, which one of you is the boyfriend?” he asked.

“I am. Can I go see her?” I said quickly.

“Yes, but please know that it looks worse then it is.” he said leading us back to her room.

When I entered the room I saw Y/N just laying there asleep. Her hands had scraps all of them. Her arms had all sorts of bruises along with her face. She had blood stained on her upper lip and her head was wrapped in white bandages.

I went over and sat next to her holding her hand.

“So is she okay?” Tyler asked the doctor.

“She lost quite a bit of blood from hitting her head. She has 3 fractured ribs and she has a lot of bruising and scrapes. She will be okay, but we want to monitor her to make sure she doesn’t pass out again. She needs rest and pain medicine and she’ll be all good to go in a few weeks when those ribs heal.” he said.

The doctor left after a few more questions and I saw that Y/N was starting to wake up.

“J-Josh?” she questioned. Her voice was quiet and raspy.

“I”m right here baby.” I said kissing her on the hand.

“How you feeling kid?” Tyler asked walking over and rubbing a non-bruised part of your arm.

“Um, it hurts but I’m fine. Why are you here though? Did I mess up your show?”

“No Y/N you didn’t mess up anything. We’re here because we love you. You’re my sister and I would do anything for you.” Tyler said.

“Babe you didn’t mess anything up. You’re more important than a show. Everyone will understand.” Josh said.

“Hey guys, I just got off the phone from the police. They found one of the guys that hurt Y/N and arrested him. Then he turned in the other guys. They’re all in custody.” Jenna said entering the room.  

“Good, I was about to beat every drunk guy in L.A. for hurting my sister.” Tyler said and it made you laugh. When laughing it felt like your whole body was broken. you flinched slightly at the pain and it drew everyone’s attention to you.

“You okay Y/N?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah, I’m just in a lot of pain and tired.”

“I think it’s time we leave so you can sleep. I don’t think I’m gonna convince josh to leave your side though. We have a hotel across the street. Call me if you need anything.” Jenna said and Tyler and her said their goodbyes.

Y/N’s P.O.V.

Once they left Josh sat a little closer to you pressing a kiss to your cheek.

“I’m sorry I failed you Y/N. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.” Josh said and you could hear the tears in his eyes.

“Josh look at me.” you said “you didn’t fail me. You’re always there for me. Nobody could have stop this. I’m okay.” he looked into your eyes and smiled.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I love you so much. I want you to rest and get better, okay?” he said getting up from where he was kneeling beside you.

“Wait don’t leave. I haven’t seen you in 3 weeks and I want to keep you close.”

“Well I don’t want you to have to move. I’ll be right over here on the couch.” he said and as he went to pull his hand away from you you tugged on his hand making him look at you.

You moved (painfully, but didn’t let it show)  in the bed so there was enough room for Josh to lay with you.

He smiled at you and laid next to you and held your hand kissing your head.

“I love you Y/N, so much.” Josh said as you start drifting off to sleep.

“I love you too. Thanks for be so amazing.” you said drowsily and then sleep took over the both of you.

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Pbarmercy prompt where pharah secretly rescues a lil puppy during a mission and later shows it to mercy in her quaters

Starts with Angst, ends with fluff ;)

This is such a cute prompt … I’m sorry I rushed it a bit, there was honestly so much more I could have written ^^;

It is a hell hole. It is always a hell hole, the places they go.

Pharah ducks behind a crumbling building, the scraps of decommissioned omnics spill oil in the streets which coats the inside of her nostrils. Oil has become synonymous with blood in her mind, in the synapses which transfer information through it. She gags because they were alive and now they are not, and it always hurts; it always burns deep in her stomach like acid.

“Pharah, position?” Someone says over comms - she thinks it is Winston.

“Outer edges,” she replies. All threats have been neutralized. They are not far from base, it is truly horrific how close they sometimes get. Fareeha worries about her comrades, how she will protect them all if a time may come that they are all under fire. It is … terrifying.

“Acknowledged,” says someone else, “can you meet us back at base?”

“Copy.” Replies Pharah, “I will check in at the gate.”

“Good, over and out.” This time is is Angela, her voice is exhausted and beautiful. Fareeha deflates behind her barricade, looks down at the sparking omnic beside her.

There is a cemetery not too far off, she remembers it; she hoists the body over her shoulder and walks quietly in the Raptora (in the heavy silence of a battlefield) there; digs a hole, sets the body in it.

Fareeha Amari knows the value of the rite into the afterlife; everyone deserves a proper burial. There is a rock off to the side; medium sized and flat-ish. She goes to it, bends to pick it up.

There is a sound like whimpering, Pharah is surprised that there is a puppy crouched behind it, tail between its legs. It must have been caught up in the battle.

Cemeteries are, ironically, relatively safe places to be during war. Pharah knows. Pharah remembers a mission during her first deployment; how she and her captain had taken cover in a cemetery for two days after the squad had been dismantled.

In a way, she feels as though this puppy is an echo of her, then. Twenty-two and woefully unprepared. Emotionally scarred, even now.

She reaches her hand out tentatively, the fleshy and warm one, the one that connects with the world around it, and is pleasantly surprised when the puppy does not shrink away from her. It accepts her with a nuzzle and a lick and Fareeha knows already that she will not turn away.

She finishes up with the makeshift headstone, and heads for home.

The puppy is probably a retriever, Fareeha guesses, watching it scramble around her room - if the amount of fluff and the yellow coloring is any indicator. She has scraps for it in a bowl on the ground along with some water and a mat made of the formal attire she is relatively certain she will never have the occasion for; despite this, it seems to be more interested in a pair of socks and the relative firmness of her barrack bed.

Fareeha sighs heavily as she sits next to it; she knows this was unwise. There are a lot of things she is not equipped to handle - regular walks and a steady schedule for avoiding incidents.

Fareeha has been assigned to the bulk of all missions lately…

Tomorrow, she resolved, she will deal with it tomorrow.

The puppy curls up beside her as she lays down, obviously exhausted.

She does not blame it; she feels the same.

For two weeks, things go well enough. Fareeha is more reclusive than she is generally known to be, but people do not mention it.

For two weeks it is fine, and then she is assigned to a mission in America and things become entirely more complicated.

She’s named the puppy Ernill, which was the name etched on the omnic that night. She has learned that it is a male, that he definitely enjoys socks and that he can absolutely not be left alone for any extensive amount of time lest he destroy everything.

At midnight the night before her deployment, Fareeha knocks lightly on Hana’s door, knowing the girl is up and streaming. After a few minutes, probably the time it took to finish her current match, Hana opens the door, looks at her strangely, a silent question.

“Can I ask a favor of you?” Fareeha asks, quietly, seriously.

“Depends…” Hana says, deceptively intelligent and always a little more than wary. Fareeha pulls out a leash.

“… is this something kinky?” Hana asks. Fareeha goes red with indignation.

“What? No! Of course not,” Fareeha says. “I … adopted a dog … on our last mission.”

This catches Hana’s attention, she leans forward, interested.

“It would be unwise to tell Winston of it. But I cannot leave him alone for so long after I leave tomorrow.”

“If you’re asking me to watch a dog,” says Hana, “I’m already sold.” And she grins and Fareeha feels relief she has not felt in ages.

Fareeha introduces Hana to Ernill, the two get along well. Or, perhaps Hana just really likes dogs. Regardless, when Fareeha leaves the next day, she is please at the thought of the little dog’s safety.

Fareeha returns a week later, bruised and exhausted. Briefly, she forgets that a dog even exists. She nearly forgets she exists. She just wants to sleep.

Despite the success of the mission as a whole, she feels like she has failed in her own way - a success means no injury, and she is definitely feeling the hole in her leg.

When she opens the door to her room, she expects empty, dark, silence.

What she gets is Angela, dressed in a tank top and flannel pajama shorts, playing with Ernill, a rope toy in her hand and in his teeth; they are both sitting on her bed. Everything Fareeha thinks she feels seems to vanish, all but the warmth up her neck and in her ears.

She sets her bag down at about the same time they both turn to look at her.

Angela is smiling freely into the empty room and it is like sunlight; Fareeha is not sure she has seen anything more calming, more needed in a particular moment in her entire life.

“Welcome back,” she says, quietly, wonderfully. Ernill nudges the hand the rope toy is in, demanding attention.

Fareeha does not recall having purchased a rope toy.

“Oh - thank you,” says Fareeha, shuts the door behind her to avoid prying eyes.

“How are you?” Angela asks, and eyes the way Fareeha is favoring her left leg skeptically. Fareeha tries to hide the pain of it.

“Fine,“ and then seeing Angela’s disbelief, adds unconvincingly: "Nothing serious,” a pause, “I see you have met Ernill.”

At this, Angela’s face breaks out in another winning grin, she scratches behind his ears affectionately and then stands. Ernill jumps off the bed as she does so.

“Hana asked me to watch him, she left for a mission yesterday.”

Fareeha is beyond relieved that Hana had passed off the task - even if it only ended up being for a day.

Fareeha watches the way Angela walks toward her. Watches the way Angela places a hand on her right thigh, blushed deeply when she makes contact.

“What are you-” she begins, but then Angela pushes lightly and pain shoots up her leg and oddly, through her spine. Fareeha winces, stumbles. Angela frowns contemplatively.

Ernill barks and they both glance briefly to the door to make sure no one has heard.

“Nothing serious?” Angela repeats. Fareeha has the sense to chuckle lightly and try to play it off.

“Relatively,” she responds. Angela sighs and shakes her head, turns back to Ernill.

“How long have you had him?” She asks, her tone lighter now, more joking.

“A few weeks,” Fareeha responds, “since the mission in London.”

“Who knew; Fareeha Amari is not all stoicism behind the soldier facade,” Angela smiles. Fareeha wonders if this is how they all see her - as some statue of marble, unfazed. She wonders if she is not just repeating all of the same mistakes she has made in Helix.

“He was having a ruff day, I could not just leave him,” Fareeha says. Angela blinks once, twice, and then something seems to crack in her and she laughs and Fareeha blushes for no other reason than that Angela has a beautiful laugh.

Fareeha would tell a thousand awful jokes just to hear it again. When Angela recovers she is still smiling.

“I should … let you get some rest,” she finally says. “But do you mind if I visit? I’ve grown rather attached.”

“Come anytime you like,” Fareeha tells her sincerely. Angela smiles, and leaves for the door, but stops just before opening it. Turns to Fareeha, leaning just a little on it, Fareeha does not know why she feels the rise of a blush but it persists just the same.

“And Fareeha,” Angela says, “see me tomorrow about your thigh, I want to get a proper look at it.” There is something about the way she says this that sends a jolt of electricity through Fareeha’s stomach.

When the door closes with a light click Fareeha glances down at Ernill. His tail is wagging, tongue out, he barks once, happily and Fareeha feels as though something has changed which she cannot name; but which Ernill probably could - he looks … almost happy with what has just transpired.

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ok first off you're object canyon post was really interesting!!! secondly it got me thinking about sappho and her fragments!! all those gaps + mis/interpretations and there is this thing anne carson has said about the fragments and the spaces they make + cultivate almost that is so beautiful and interesting, like the way the poem breaks &leads to a questioning, enticing lack: "There is the space where a thought would be, but which you can’t get hold of." [also i feel this way thru my whole life]

Thanks for this ask, Anna! Sorry I’m responding a bit late, I wanted to do it justice. I also apologize in advance for how long this got.

I’m really glad, and also unsurprised that you thought of Sappho/Anne Carson’s treatment of her fragments. Sappho is the postergirl for fragments in a lot of ways, and Anne Carson’s flexible and creative treatment of them engenders this spotlight of attention to the idea of a Fragment. That’s the eternal appeal of Sappho in some ways, that her work can resonate so deeply, while being so achingly, visibly incomplete.

I think that this idea of fragments, especially as they map on to our own attempts to understand humans in the past, extends way further than people often recognize. Sticking with literature for a moment (before I move to material culture, bc I’m me…) we can consider manuscript traditions as an entity in and of themselves. Sappho is glaring and obvious, in the gaps. But every ancient text that we inherit has holes, or has been miscopied or translated at some point in time. They’re cobbled together from scraps of papyrus, manuscript pages, quotations inside other works of literature, etc. I’m certainly no lit. scholar, but every text that we get has been altered in some way, even if it appears more-or-less whole in its presentation. When you read ancient texts in in their original language, sometimes you’ll have the additional suggestions/words listed in the footnotes, so the text itself seems smooth but belies its patchwork reality. Other time you’ll have a pair of these daggers ( † ) which indicate that despite the editor’s best efforts, the words/phrase they surround are nonsensical or extremely fraught, with no obvious solution. (In my undergrad Latin courses we’d call them the Daggers of Despair/Doom).

But beyond manuscript traditions, everyone’s understanding of words and language is individually contextual. You build up your personal understanding of words and language through the ways that you see words and phrases used, and the ways they make you feel. The connotations of individual words can be so deeply personal, and dependent on where and how you’ve read/heard/seen them. This is all even further complicated when you are working with something in translation, or trying to translate something yourself! Sometimes I’m truly surprised that humans are even able to communicate with each other at all. This is all fragmentary in a way, in the sense that even if a piece of writing is completely unaltered from its conception, to publishing, to consumption, different people can and will conceive of it in different ways.

I’m sure at this point, that I’ve made my own inherent biases and opinions clear, regarding the deep subjectivity of language and literature. I think that, because of the place that language holds in society, people can often and easily forget how flexible and fragmentary it is. When trying to understand things about humans who lived in the Classical world, I often find my colleagues who work on literary and historical problems (that draw heavily from literature) stating, whether explicitly or implicitly, that their evidence is more whole, more clear to understand or interpret than mine, because somehow their understanding of language provides them with more, or deeper knowledge than what can be derived from material culture.

Obviously I think this is bullshit. In my Object Canyon post I say at the end that we can never recover the full depth and extent of the visual imagery that the die cutters (people who made the coin designs) drew upon and utilized in their compositional processes. That’s true! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand the full context and connotations that shapes, images, and objects meant to people in the ancient world. But I also think that I can try to approach an understanding.

To give an example, I am working on an assemblage right now from a cave that was probably used as a votive deposit for several centuries. Of the several hundred sherds of pottery from it, I will show you just one.

What the fuck is that, you may ask. Great question. What I’m about to tell you is knowledge I’ve accumulated over years of touching, looking at, and thinking about fragments. It’s a small piece of a specific type of drinking cup, called a kylix. It was made in Athens, probably during the 6th century BC. (Honestly I can probably narrow it down to a couple of decades but that’s kind of irrelevant).

The black pattern you see ‘painted’ on it is the splayed hand of a figure, most likely either a human or a satyr. The little bit of black glaze at the bottom left is probably the tip of a beard. I’ve included a parallel from the Met’s collection that isn’t perfect, but is the right shape (a mid 6th century band cup) with a processional scene. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rogers Fund, 1917, 17.230.5

Here is a zoomed in detail of one of the figure’s hands, which is similar, although not exactly the same as on mine. (note my dude’s ithyphallic genitals, pls. it’s irrelevant to this conversation, I just love dicks on pots.)

Usually you get this splayed, outstretched hand motion when dealing with either drunken satyrs in a Dionysian procession, or drunken humans in what’s called a “komos”. Even though the comparanda I’ve provided is an intact vessel, it can still be considered a fragment, in that I don’t know where it was found, how it was used, and other pieces of information that compose the reality of an object’s existence.

Beyond what my fragment shows, which is in all likelihood an extremely common scene for Attic vase painting of the time period, what does it represent beyond that?

Well, it’s extremely high quality, in terms of clay and production. You obviously can’t tell this from the photograph, but it’s very thin, which is an indication of skill on the potter’s part. It was found in a cave that lies on the outskirts of the traditional extent of Athenian territory. Therefore, it had to travel, probably 2-3 days walk from where it was made to where it was ultimately found, and up a mountain as well, which indicates further effort on the part of whomever deposited it. There’s even further information about the sorts of people who had access to this sort of pottery, etc. but I’m not gonna go it to that here bc this is getting really long…

Aside from being totally self-serving and gratuitous, what even is the point in talking about this tiny sherd of pottery? As an archaeologist, pretty much everything I deal with is unquestionably fragmentary. The degrees to which things are broken, and their original identity is obscured varies greatly, but regardless of the medium or material, the passage of time has fragmented the past in some way, and that is reflected in what comes onto my study table in the summer, or the readings I do for class. But we can still derive remarkable amounts of information from those fragments, and string that information together to form comprehensive, compelling, and consuming narratives. 

We will never be able to fully reconstruct the past, and honestly, we can never have a completely whole understanding of the present either, given the individual nature of the human experience. So, everything that we touch, see, or hear is in one way or another a fragment. Once you acknowledge, truly and deeply, that everything you’re ever going to work with, or look at, is a fragment in some way, the better you will be able to analyze it, on its own terms, as well as our own.

That can be difficult and uncomfortable, for sure. But it also opens the scope for creativity, interpretation, and ingenuity as well. And that’s definitely the space and mindset that I try to apply, always, even though it is a constant struggle. 

[Supercorp Soulmate AU]: You’re no stranger to my soul

They say that every face you see in a dream is one you’ve seen before, but Kara’s not sure that is strictly true. She’s a stickler for faces, never forgets one, in fact, swears she could pick out every movie extra she’s ever seen. It’s one of the reasons she’s so sure that someone has their wires crossed somewhere, that there has to be a mistake, a loophole of some description or a moderately tangible explanation at the very least.

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Sanders Sides Appreciation Month: Logan/Logic Week, Day 1 - The First Day of School

[Based off of this post by @cefmua56. Check it out and join in the fun!]

Challenge: 10 Headcanons you personally have for Logan. Go! (And again I say, good luck getting me to keep anything short. Hope you enjoy!)


  1. Logan loves fiction. This much isn’t really surprising; after all, he likes mysteries, we all know that. But when I say fiction, I mean all sorts of fiction. He loves science fiction with impeccable world building, regardless of whether or not the plot is good, for how incredible it is to think outside the reaches of the science we know, or to think outside the bounds of modern technology, to look into the future and speculate what great discoveries may lead us to fantastic knowledge. He loves science fiction with little to no thought put into world building but with excellent plot for the challenge of connecting the dots himself and trying to figure out a form of science that makes the universe work and keeps everything running as smoothly as the author claims it does. He loves fantasy for the same reason, and that gives him even more room to try and piece it all together and brings reason to magic, which in his opinion makes it even more magical. He loves coming-of-age novels for the brilliant insights into the characters, he loves mythology for the obvious historical and cultural significance and how it lends insight into how people lived and what they believed in those societies, he loves horror for the twist endings and the thrill that comes whether or not he manages to figure them out in time. He reads all forms of fiction voraciously because he genuinely loves nearly every kind of fiction.
  2. Playing Trivial Pursuit with him is a nightmare. At any given point, there are three options: 1) he didn’t want to play and so gets every question right rapid-fire until he wins and gets to go do whatever he was doing before, 2) he does want to play, inevitably gets reminded of something that interests him every three questions or (often) less, and spends 40 minutes regaling everyone with the exact history of Elvis Impersonations, the uniqueness of the Turacos’ pigmentation, the reasoning behind Morse code and what other patterns and codes it has inspired, etc., or 3) regardless of whether or not he wanted to play, he genuinely doesn’t know the answer and feels as though he should, and the entire game gets put on hold while he does a bunch of research and/or self reflection. Basically, don’t play Trivial Pursuit with Logan.
  3. He used to buy all the same type of sock so he didn’t even have to bother pairing them, he could just grab any two in the morning and go. He now owns a variety of socks in fun colors and patterns, but since they’re all the same size and shape he still doesn’t bother pairing them. His socks almost never match.
  4. He has a whole collection of ties that he hardly ever wears. They are all sorts of designs and colors, his personal favorites being a sleek and shiny one that changes colors depending on how the light hits it, an Agatha Christie themed one with a bunch of illustrations of her characters on it, a Ravenclaw tie, and tie with a cartoon unicorn on it that Patton got for him. He only wears these ties on special occasions, and would not admit to owning most of them. Also, we actually owns, like, five identical versions of the blue one just in case something happens to one of them.
  5. He was once so bored that he read My Immortal for the explicit purpose of trying to re-write it so that it made sense. The abandoned attempt is still in his room somewhere.
  6. He has a desk in his room. The desk is very neat and organised, with nothing but pencils, pens, and papers in the drawers and a few books arranged on top. This is because Logan never uses his desk to get actual work done. It’s just a flat surface where he can put his computer. There are papers and books and whatnot thrown literally everywhere else at seemingly random, but move anything and he will know. It all makes sense to him. Probably.
  7. He reacts to fears with research. If something scares him or unsettles him, he reacts by dissecting it like a science experiment. The vast and mysterious ocean? Time to do a crap-ton of searching Google for “creatures at bottom of ocean” until Thomas freaks out so much he makes Logan stop. Feelings? Time for excessive research on how the brain works. Failure? Haha, what, that’s not a thing, what are you talking about?
  8. Related to that last one, Logan has a fear of failure. Since he is the logical side, The Brain, the one who’s supposed to know how the real world works and have the proper answers, he hates to the point of being borderline terrified of getting things wrong. Because if The Brain is wrong on concrete matters, then who’s going to be right? Who’s going to provide stability and stop everything from being total chaos? No one, that’s who. (This is why it rattles him so much when Patton brings up the infinitesimal thing.)
  9. He is 100% confident in his physical appearance. Like no questions asked, he knows he’s handsome and accepts it as fact. Honestly this is probably canon. I mean, remember when Roman said “Well, you’re all handsome” and Logan’s immediate reaction was like “Yeah that makes sense, pretty obvious”? This man has not a scrap of body-image issues. None.
  10. He doesn’t actually like the structure of the school system. The way he views it, it’s often orchestrated in a way that makes kids unwilling to learn and prone to associating knowledge and learning with being bored and unfulfilled. That wild teacher you see in the vines? On the most part, that’s actually him. He is definitely the wacky teacher at school, but he still wants his students to learn, so he’s the type of teacher that will let you have on-topic rap battles for extra credit, or that throws a Shakespeare-themed party where he sticks labels that say “poison” on the soda and challenge his students to duels using direct quotes, or that comes up with unique and interesting writing exercises to help the student get into a book.
Gesundheit 1/1

This is my very silly, probably hugely OOC and fairly NSFW response to this weeks challenge set by @txf-prompt-box

Must be included - “What are you holding behind your back?”

Bonus - It’s not Mulder or Scully saying it.

Double bonus - The thing behind the back is…trouble! Tagging @today-in-fic

Gesundheit 1/1

I have never really considered myself the kind of person who readily shows any kind of extreme emotion on my face, and just for a moment I am transported back to a distant Dallas rooftop where the sun threatened to bake us both alive and where my partner and I enjoyed a few moments of playful banter before our world imploded and everything went to hell.

My panic face.

The one I told Scully didn’t exist.

The one I am pretty fucking sure I am making right now as I stand and stare at my boss who is frowning at me from his position not two feet away from where a wet spot is darkening the hue of the carpet slightly; evidence of some office-based fun that, while a nice way to break up the monotony of a boring day, could, if he notices, send Scully and I straight out the door and into a state of FBI infamy even more pronounced than where we already are.

Because fucking your partner on your office floor during the working day is frowned upon believe it or not; and why we swore we would never indulge in such a ridiculously dangerous pursuit when our relationship went from friend to lover in the blink of an eye and which has continued to gather pace like an out of control steamroller.  We agreed that lines should be drawn right from the start to retain at least some semblance of professional etiquette and for the most part we have managed to stay within those lines.  

But we are only human and while it would be easy to blame Scully for wearing one of those low-cut stretchy tops that when she bends down practically expose her nipples for the world to see or the fact that the heat of the DC summer had encouraged the wearing of those lace-topped stockings that seem to somehow hold themselves up with no apparent help or even that she whispered that she might just wear them for me later if I was a good fibbie and finished the stack of expense reports that had kept us imprisoned in the basement on this glorious day, but truthfully, we didn’t really need any other reason than we simply wanted each other; and that we couldn’t wait.

And I have to admit that the sight of Scully, head thrown back as her glorious ass sent expense reports flying in all directions when she hoisted herself onto the desk, severe pencil straight skirt rucked up to expose demure white cotton panties with just a hint of lace that were already damp with the evidence of her desire, made any semblance of rational thought just bleed right from my brain as my dick took complete control of the situation at hand.

I had dropped to my knees, hooking my arms beneath her smooth white thighs and I’m pretty sure I was growling like a dog in possession of his favourite toy as I drew her toward me and discarded her delicate undergarment with a well practised flick of my wrist before diving straight in with all the enthusiasm of a starving man suddenly plonked down in front of an ‘all you can eat’ buffet and handed a spoon.

I love eating Scully out because not only does she taste like fucking ambrosia, but also because it’s one of the only times I ever see her fully lose control of that rational, scientific mind of hers as she emits the kinds of noises from that sweet mouth that for years I fantasised about without any real hope of ever discovering firsthand how vocal she may or may not be; but be assured that the reality exceeds the fantasy in every way imaginable and slipping my fingers inside the soft, wet warmth of her while strafing her clit with my tongue is a bit like a homecoming each time and if I live to be a hundred years old I will never tire of how it makes me feel.

Now, I didn’t intend for this whole thing to be a reciprocal arrangement because frankly, when I felt her inner walls contract around my fingers as she tensed and shuddered her way through - if I do say so myself- a skillfully induced work day orgasm, I was well pleased with myself and pretty tickled that she had been the one to instigate the whole thing despite her long list of ‘do’s and don’ts in the office with your erstwhile platonic-but-not-platonic-anymore partner’  But it seemed like the post-orgasmic Scully that literally dragged me to the floor while furiously scrabbling to free my cock from the confines of the expensive dress pants that were tenting to such an extent that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a whole troupe of boy-scouts singing ‘ging gang goolie’ while toasting marshmallows around a campfire,  was in the grip of an endorphin rush of x-filean levels and she had no intention of taking no for an answer.

I obliged of course, I mean it would hardly be gentlemanly of me to refuse now would it?

And so I experienced, for the first time the combined agony and ecstasy as my partner grinned at me wickedly over her shoulder as she pushed that delectable little ass in the air in implicit invitation, and the feel of that cheap nylon carpet that stripped the skin off my knees with every thrust.  I wasn’t about to complain though - I mean, what’s a little pain between friends right?

I didn’t last long, certainly not my finest performance at any rate, but Scully didn’t seem to mind as she met me thrust for thrust as the sound of my balls slapping against her filled the space around us and she seemed to pull me deeper and deeper with every stroke until my mind literally went blank and white heat sent me spiralling in a vortex of pleasure that literally had me bellowing her name as I exploded into her.  

Thank fuck our office is in the basement is all I can say because I think the level of my vocal release could have roused J Edgar himself from his eternal slumbers.

And really, that should have been that.  The shit-eating grin on my face as I watched Scully rise gracefully to her feet, adjusting her skirt and running her fingers through her hair as she exited the office - I’m guessing to clean up some - should have been the only evidence of our daytime indiscretion.  

Until that is, I looked up from where I had stooped to retrieve her panties from where they still lay on the floor from earlier and, in a truly bowel-loosening moment of horrified clarity, I realised Skinner had entered the office without knocking.

My boss.

In front of me. 

While I am holding my partners dampened panties in my hand.

I mean this is my fucking boss - and he isn’t known for his sense of humour.

So I do the only thing that makes sense, I thrust my hands behind my back like a naughty kid caught next to an empty cookie jar, feeling that panic face I mentioned earlier overtake me as I force myself to keep breathing.

“What are you holding behind your back?”

Think Mulder….say something for fucksake…anything….


Skinner takes a step toward me, his shoe now covering that spot on the carpet that I probably should have blotted out straight away.


My mouth is completely dry, I mean I have faced assassins and managed to retain more saliva than I have right now and I actually feel kind of like I need to puke right there on his shiny Assistant Director shoes.

“Are you feeling alright Mulder?”

And there it is - inspiration finally fights it’s way up through the hysterical fog that has invaded my brain - as I bring the hand holding that scrap of white cotton upto my nose and with a fake sneeze that is frankly worthy of a fucking emmy award, I vigorously rub them against my nose before balling them up and shoving them in my pocket.

“Hayfever”  I supply helpfully, somewhat more in control than I was thirty seconds ago, “Pollen count is really high today.”

Skinner’s eyes drop to my pants pocket, brow furrowed as though he isn’t quite sure what he just saw.

“Lace edged Mulder?”

“It’s Scully’s she….um…she leant it to me.”

He still stands there and for the first time I notice the file he is holding in his hand.

“Did you need us for something sir?”

He inclines his head slightly and I swear to God he is sniffing the air and then he suddenly steps away from the desk, waving the file before tossing it toward me at chest level and somehow, I manage to not fumble it.

“I need you to take a look at this and let me know if it’s of interest.  I expect an answer within the hour.”

He turns to go, pausing just as he reaches the open door but not looking around, his final words ringing in my ears even as he walks away.

“And Mulder? Make sure Agent Scully is once more in full possession of that handkerchief BEFORE you leave this office.  Do I make myself clear?”


'Switched at Birth' Creator on Series Finale "Controversy," Scrapped Ending

Lizzy Weiss talks to THR about the all those surprise twists, that last scene and a potential revival.

Switched at Birth ended its five-season run on Tuesday with an eventful 90-minute farewell.

The final episode of the Peabody-winning family drama ended things by looking back at how the series started. The series contained several flashbacks to when the Kennish and Vasquez families – well, almost everyone – found out that Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Daphne (Katie Leclerc) had been switched at birth. At first, it was because Katherine (Lea Thompson) was feeling nostalgic about Regina (Constance Marie) deciding to move out of the guest house. Then, it was because Katherine learned John (D.W. Moffett) had known about the switch before she did – a fight that escalated and de-escalated quickly.

Meanwhile, Daphne stood up to a discriminatory sports surgeon who said she couldn’t be a surgeon and be deaf. (And she reunited with Mingo). And despite Travis (Ryan Lane) moving to Japan to pursue a career in baseball, he and Bay decided to continue their relationship long-distance – permanently squashing any chance of her getting back together with Emmett (Sean Berdy).

Regina also figured out her romantic future. In exchange for making Will turn himself in, she offered to raise his son and wait until he got out of prison so they could start their life together in Kansas City. And finally, Toby (Lucas Grabeel) decided to ditch his unfulfilling DJ gigs to some sort of job helping those with disabilities.

After an extended break between seasons four and five – during which time ABC Family became Freeform – and a shortened final season, the final episode was largely one of resolutions rather than cliffhangers.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Lizzy Weiss about those finale twists and turns, the scrapped ending viewers didn’t see and the possibility of a revival down the road.

The Hollywood Reporter | You mentioned there was a tag you shot at the end of season four that could have served as a series finale. Can you talk a little bit about what it was and why you decided not to use it?

Lizzy Weiss | It would have felt like a double ending. I feel like the emotion of the ending with the big wide aerial shot pulling back on the family and that song… the emotions sort of carried you and then once we tried putting the tag on it, it stopped the emotions. And plus, it was a flashback to the hospital with the girls as newborns and we cast 22-year-old actresses to play young Katherine and young Regina, and it felt like a disappointment to not end on the people that the fans have spent five years with. I hope the network does release it for the fans just in a tweet or a YouTube link because it was cool but it was something that we didn’t end up using.

THR | Another big revelation was that John found out about the switch before Katherine. Had that always been apart of the story for you? How did this twist come about?

LW | To be totally honest, no. When I pitched the show, I was very clear that I planned out that Regina knew and all of the reasons why, and when she found out when Daphne was three, and that she kept it secret so that was kind of baked into the first season. In preparing for the series finale, we watched the pilot again, and we zoned in on that scene in the geneticist’s office where Bay and Katherine looked crushed and stunned and as if their worlds have just fallen apart. It was honestly just a choice that D.W. made for John to be the stoic father, but we just zoomed in and thought, ‘Gosh, it almost looks like he’s not surprised.’ So just in the fun of the room, we spun off that: We can’t mess with the mythology of Regina. We can’t undo the whole show in one last episode, but what if hew knew a week before or two weeks before?  

The real intention of the John-Katherine story no matter what story we told, I knew that the end result would be we are re-validating them as the heart and the center of the show in terms of the family, the strength, that is the Kennish home. So we needed to shake them a little and then remind everyone they will keep getting through whatever is thrown at them. it just seemed fun to have.

THR | Another big moment in the finale was Daphne having to deal with the blatant discrimination of Dr. Bannon and her subsequent decision to stand up to him. Why in the final episode did you want to give her this obstacle for her?

LW | We definitely had had a couple run-ins with the face of authority who had questioned her. I felt like we really need to raise the stakes if we’re going to bring this up again. We’re going to have to do it with someone who’s a lot more blunt about it, and she hasn’t encountered that kind of resistance that much. These kind of doctors are out there, and this kind of arrogance. I always like to raise good questions and these are fair, realistic questions: How exactly would you be a surgeon? How would it work? Though he does it in a very gruff, ignorant way, he’s asking questions that she’s got to answer. Well, with technology, well, with an interpreter, well, with a little bit of help – and we researched, there are all of these tools. That’s part of the message of this show, is that sometimes you do have to make accommodations, you may have to slow down, you may have to use your phone to text, you may have to learn a few signs, you may have to do things a little differently and that’s OK in this world. We don’t have to make the mainstream world the only way to communicate or live or have jobs. I just liked raising that one last time in a really big, potent, loud way.

I have a friend of a friend who was a doctor and got into a bike accident and became paraplegic and he’s still a doctor. You figure it out, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. That’s always been the message of the show: The world needs to bend a little bit and get with the program but not everyone’s the same and that’s OK.

THR | That also kind of relates to Toby’s decision to change careers at the end. How did you decide on that ending for him?

LW | That was always the plan and we were going to take it a little slower if we had had more episodes. We were going to kind of move him along but I think it worked really nicely to have it be an epiphany in that moment. I just loved the idea of this kid changing his life so profoundly not just as a father, but as a person.

THR | One of the biggest surprises in the finale was that Bay and Emmett ended up not getting back together. How did you come to that decision?

LW | Bay and Emmett had true love, but it was first love and they went through a lot together as you do when you’re young. Maybe it’s just timing, maybe things would be different if she had met Emmett at 21 instead of Travis, but they couldn’t shake all of the things that they’d been through. And secondly, the intention of the second-to-last episode, where Bay pushes Travis to tell his mother the truth about what happened was purely intended to really show that this couple is the real thing. They can weather these kinds of storms as adults, that’s an adult relationship right there. Emmett was this lovely, romantic, who would do these big romantic things for her but Travis and she are going through hard stuff and getting through it.

The intention of the montage was really to honor Bay and Emmett for everyone, for me, not just for the fans. I love Bay and Emmett, they were a huge part of the series and it was a nod to anyone who’s ever had a very intense first love that they thought they would end up with forever but they don’t. When you see that person, it’s incredibly powerful, and this is someone who helped define who you are as a human being for the rest of your life but you go your separate ways. I teared up working on that montage; to me it really takes you back to all of those moments with Bay and Emmett. I’m quite sure that there are diehard 'Bemmett’ fans who will never forgive me and will always feel like it was a mistake but this is how Bay and Emmett and Travis evolved over the course of all the things that happened.

THR | Can you pinpoint a specific moment in the show where you shifted from having bay end up with Emmett to believing she should end up with Travis?

LW | Just following the truth of the characters and the baggage and just some realities of doing the show with Emmett being in LA and we had to throw Emmett into a bit of a tailspin and it would have been hard to get them back together. I do think there is a jerking around of the fans and the triangle that at some point has to stop. As a fan of my own shows, I don’t like that either. You have to know when to let go of the triangle and to make a choice. I think fans get tired of that.

Someone else asked me if you had gotten 10 more episodes, do you think you would have gotten Bay and Emmett back together, and I don’t think so. This felt right for where the characters ended up. The truth of the story is the past five seasons ended with Bay not being able to go back, she wanted to go forward. Which isn’t to say that Emmett isn’t a huge part of who she is. That will be a controversy I’m sure, but there’s also a lot of diehard Bay and Travis fans. You’re never going to win with everyone and we were quite aware of that.

THR | Regina also makes a big move when she moves out of the guest house and gets back together with Eric, even though he has to go to prison first. Why was this the right way to end her story?

LW | I was so pleased with that twist. Luca was lovely but they weren’t really soul mates and Eric always felt like her second soul mate after Angelo. He came with this backstory, we couldn’t un-bake that from who Eric was and why he appeared in her life the way he did so we had to send him off last season but everyone really wanted Eric to come back in some way and then we really felt like, 'Oh God, we backed them into a corner.’ He has this past, he’s committed this felony, he has to leave the country, I can’t believe Regina would leave her two daughters and go to another country. That didn’t feel right even though that was on the table. Then when we came up with this moment of this flashback where her mom says sometimes you have to do the hard thing to get to the right place. … It felt like a great parallel and a great metaphor to have her come up on her own with this solution. Tell Eric, “Do what you got to do, face the music and I will wait for you.” And then of course the beauty of her becoming a mom again, to a boy for the first time, just felt so sweet and it felt like we were spinning her off into a new family.

THR | In the end, Daphne calls Katherine and John mom and dad, respectively. Why did you want to include that?

LW | That was in my back pocket. That’s one of the few things that I always wanted to save for the series finale. I just felt like it would be a really big moment and I didn’t want to slide it in casually. It’s a big deal for Katherine. Katherine’s a very traditional mom, her identity was a full-time mom for many years before she went back to work and I feel like she’s always been secretly waiting for this moment and wanting it but never asking for it because she thought it would hurt Regina’s feelings. It was just so powerful for her to hear it. I don’t think Bay will ever call Regina mom. Their relationship always felt a little more aunt-niece, big sister-little sister; they just had a more complicated relationship. Regina’s a little less traditional. … I just like the distinction between the girls that way.

THR | You had been tweeting a little while ago about wanting to possibly write characters from Switched at Birth into your next show but you weren’t sure about the legality of it. What is the possibility that we’ll see Daphne or Bay or someone else from the SAB universe in the future?

LW | What I learned was it’s a little more complicated. You can’t really do that. Of course I can use the actors again and I fully intend to, but I thought it would be fun to have Daphne or Travis or Emmett pop up as a cousin to this other character I created and link the shows, but I don’t think that’s legal.

THR | Well, would you be open to revisiting these characters in some sort of revival down the line? Revivals had become such a big trend in recent years.

LW | If in ten years, it is a trend and the network or some network or all of us are interested, of course. We even joke about it now. It would be fun to revisit who everyone’s going to be in 10 years, Bay and Daphne as 35-year-olds or even 30-year-olds is just fun to think about.


Season 16 Episode 14- A Fitting Finale

This finale was one of my favorites in quite a few seasons.  I truly had no idea who was going to win, and I could see any of the four of the designers winning.  The last time that I could see any of the designers in the finale legitimately winning was way back in season 7 with Mila, Emilio and Seth Aaron.  I also believe that any of these collections is superior to every collection from the past twos seasons, with only Kelly and Erin’s coming close.

Do I agree with the winner?  Well you will have to see my rankings, but in short I think I would have been happy with any outcome. Onto the rankings:

4. Brandon

I loved the flamingo print and most of his silhouettes, but as a collection is was very one note.  There is a hint of teal/aqua in the flamingo print and I would have loved to see him use a really saturated form of the color like he did with the pink leather in a few looks.

This is my favorite look from his collection.  The leather shirt over the dress gives an interesting silhouette and layering effect.  The print works very well here because it was broken up and his styling is on point.

The play on the shirt construction on the skirt is fun, but it is starting to become an old and worn out trend.  The top is very Brandon in every way possible.

I love the shirt dress underneath.  For all of the menswear Brandon has done he never made a shirt dress until the finale which I found interesting.  The proportion of the vest to the dress is all wrong and the vest looks a bit tortured.  I also wish it was in a different fabric.

The top is a snooze fest and it needs to be a color far more different than the flamingo print.  I really like the skirt with the closures at the bottom and extreme asymmetrical hem.

I am still trying to figure out what is happening here and if I like it.  From the front it is a long coat dress but from the back it looks like a shirt over a dress.  I do like the ruffling along the hem and the you can see the gradient of the flamingo print because it such a long piece of fabric.

This look I love.  It is a simple shirt dress but the details make it special.  The oversize sleeves balance out the relative shortness of it from the front, but I also like that it is longer in the back.  I can take or leave the straps, but the don’t feel over superfluous here.

This piece lacks balance.  I like everything individually, it just so happens that everything draws your eye to her right thigh and not her upper body.  I’ve seen the shirt before in his collection so I would have likes something different on top to balance it out.  The bottom just looks messy.

That paper bag waster is still not working but I am glad he got rid of that tortured top from last week.  Too bad he just added a basic tank instead.  I like to imagine this look with an aqua/teal shirt like in his first look.  The waist down is great and I wish he did more pants in his collection.

This is my second favorite look of the collection.  I love the play on a paper doll dress, and I love the crispness of the leather juxtaposed with the flow and busyness of the dress underneath.  The proportions are right as well.

This is quite underwhelming as a finale piece.  From the back it gives his model a much better shape than the front.  Overall it’s just a bit bland and more of the same from his rest of his collection.

3. Ayana

It was tough to decide between 2nd and third place because I genuinely liked both collections.  Ayana ultimately came in 3rd for two reasons, repetitiveness and the fact that were a few looks I thought were wasted spots in her collection. In the end I truly thought the judges would award her the win because she really showed her modest aesthetic and probably would have done the most with the money.

I love this geometric lace and that she decided to make an entire look out of it.  The pants could be a bit more fitted and I don’t understand why she hs basically the same top on twice (I know one is a shirt and one is a jacket but still).  

I’m not well versed on hijab traditions but I think a hijab out of that lace on this look would have been killer.

I don’t need this hoodie at New York Fashion Week and I don’t understand it within the context of the collection.  the pants are essentially the same cut as the previous look but fabric blocking in a hexagonal pattern mimicking the lace was shows Ayana’s fabrication genius.

If she would have put this top with her pants from look 2, scrapped these velous pieces and created a new top and skirt combo I’d be happy.  The top is gorgeous and unabashedly Ayana.  The skirt is a throw away.  There isn’t much of a market for that length and that cut of skirt.

I sang the praises of this look last week and I will sing them again.  every single piece is gorgeous on its own and together they are even better. The lighting last week didn’t really show off the shine of the shirt which plays well the matte jacket and pants.  I love how loose the jacket is from the front yet it is still fitted in the back. J’dore.

I like this marginally better than when she showed it last week.  The greens are definitely popping more, but I still wish it was injected with even more color.  I think this model may be a few sizes smaller than her model last week and I think it definitely moves better on this one.  It’s just boring.

I love this look.  This is her fifth pant in six looks yet it is different than of them. This is a master class in proportions.  The ruffles on the sleeves hit in the right spot and the skirt hits at the right point on the thighs to lengthen the model while also making your eyes move around her body.

This is the only look in the collection where I can feel Ayana trying to make a modest look.  There is no reason to have pants on under this dress unless it is to create a modest look.  This is also just too much of this fabric, I think the shinier print would have worked better.

This is so luxurious.  I love the asymmetrical ruffles on her waist and thighs which make this special.  It is also her only jumpsuit which is impressive considering we live in a world of jumpsuits right now. (Though it may be a shirt and pants)

When Brandon said this looks like an amphibian I totally agreed.  Not only is it because of the fabric, but when it moved down the runway it reminded me of a newt swimming through the water.  What I’m saying is I loved it.

This may be the single best piece that ever walked down the runway.  There really is just nothing else to say because that says it all.

2. Margarita

Margarita’s collection came down to one thing, taste.  I love how she went full force into tropical island girl style and didn’t neuter her collection like others (Candice) have in the past.  From head to toe, beginning to end, this collection was a Margarita moment.

You know what you are getting from a collection when this looks turns the corner.  From print, to cut, to color, to the feathers this is a wow look without going over the top.  I love the sunglasses she designed as well.  I wish she used this blue throughout her collection more.

It felt a little odd to have the only gown in the collection be in the middle, but then again this also feels a bit like a cover up.  The print and color are vibrant and the up close beading detail is gorgeous.

The judges disliked the feathers but i am all about them.  She mixed all three of her prints in one look and it worked out fabulously.  The way she used the striped print from front to back is fabulous.

I agree with the judges, this is the one piece I could do without.  It does make her model look thin and tall, but it’s just a bit busy yet underwhelming at the same time.

Yes. Bitch. Work.  This look was a moment with a capital M.  the suit is gorgeous on its own and very flattering to Jazzmine, and the cover-up converts it into a cute part dress.  I could see a lot of girls wearing that as a dress on a summer day.

This is where I think the feathers go to far. Other than that I think this is pretty great.  the cut of the pants is sublime, it is not easy to line up that pattern like that across her thighs. I’m not sure how the top works and if it would fall off if the drapes came around front.

The dress I can live without but that bomber is the star.  I love it.

This may be my favorite piece in Margarita’s collection.  it is unabashedly latina in its silhouette and print, but the sheer skirt takes it from costume to fashion.  It’s a dramatic silhouette and different from the rest of her collection.

Honestly, this look was one of my favorites last week, but it is a bit of a low note in her collection as a whole.  The pants are still great, but the top is too heavy for the pants.  They have a sense of humor and he shirt is just to serious.

I love every piece here, but the problem is that this is not a finale piece.  I understand it in the context of the collection, but this is not a memorable final piece.  the trench is everything but the clothes underneath are just that, clothes.  I almost wish her bathing suit was the finale piece.

1. Kentaro

Was there any other option?  I guess the answer yes because every designer sent down a strong collection, but this was the most FASHION we have seen on this show since the Christian and Leanne back to back knock out collections of seasons 4 and 5.  There were a few low notes, but over all this collection hit all the right notes.  I’m glad that, like Margarita, Kentaro just went for it with reckless abandon.

If anyone ever asks you how to open a show, this is it.  The silhouette from behind the screen was breathtaking, if not a bit comme de garcons.  he would have gotten further away from that with a different sleeve length.

A wonderfully simple note. The painted/dyed leggings were perfect with the bagginess of the top, and the sleeves work better here than in look 1.

Made in one day, but that doesn’t mean that I can give it a pass.  The front is boring and the back is awful.

I love everything about this.  the cut out tee is a fresh note in the collection and I love the double sided pants.  They shouldn’t work but they do.

Kentaro showed a real color story through his collection and it looked almost like a Japanese ink painting, utilizing black, white and red.  The nudes are like the red bleeding into the rest of the collection.  This is such a simple dress but extremely well executed.  The proportions are perfect.

This dress sings.  It still have the proportion issue in the top from last week, but the concept is so strong and because the flaw isn’t egregious this ends up being on of the stars of his collection.

AB-SO-LUTELY! The note of red works perfectly in the context of the collection. Once again it is a bit Comme de Garcons however it is still very Kentaro and not a knock off.  The v is so low cut but the rest of her is so covered it works perfectly.  It is like this top was made for his model, it sits perfectly on her.  I want this.

I shouldn’t like this, but at the same time it is amazing.  I love the layering of the fabrics and it fits her like a glove.  It is a new silhouette for the collection but still remains part of the story.

We’re pretending this didn’t happen right?  He made a slip dress.  I’m surprised the judges didn’t mention this look (or his finale) at all during judging.

Because this finale look is everything I have ever wanted from project Runway.  It’s so odd and quirky yet hits a perfect note of sophistication.  For me this look won him the competition.

Not since season 3 has the show had 4 finalists who so clearly showed their point of view in stunning finale collections.  Faith restored in this show.

Winner: Kentaro

2nd, 3rd, 4th: Ayana, Brandon, Margarita

Sigils, Symbols, and Sketched Witchery: The Basics

Here is another post in my nascent series for beginners, and this one once again focuses on ways of practicing without fancy tools or ingredients. In this case, we’ll be talking about doing magick with simply just paper and a pen/pencil, and I’ll also be discussing symbols in general and why they are important in witchcraft.

Symbols are pretty important to many witches. While not all see it this way, some (including me) believe that all tools are truly just symbols, and their symbolic value allows them to act as power conduits within spells and workings. If that’s true, then there’s really no reason to consider an image of the alchemical symbol for Water (or any image related to water, for that matter) objectively less useful than an actual physical chalice. If you’re armed with strong enough intent, both should work equally well if you need to bring the force of Water into your magick.

There are existing symbols that have been associated with various magical principles for many, many years. In the planetary magick, there are a variety of symbols representing each planet in different contexts and traditions. The common ones called glyphs that you see in most books have always been particularly useful for me, and actually have complex symbolism built into them (they aren’t arbitrary). In the image below, I’ve discussed the three basic symbols from which these glyphs are formed, and why each one looks as it does.

There are symbols for Earth, Air, Fire and Water, of course, but also a whole host of others that have stood for different principles throughout history. I mention some of them here, but that’s barely scratching the surface, given how many exist in Western magical traditions, let alone the rest of the magical world.

Unless you’ve been studying for a while, you might not recognize or have any kind of reaction to these symbols. To someone not well-versed in magick, it can be hard to see a connection between, say, a downward-facing triangle and the element of Water. That’s the traditional symbol used for Water, but it might take a little bit of training yourself to make the connection between the two strong in your mind. I personally had the worst time learning about the planetary glyphs, but with practice, you can get yourself to the point where, when you see the symbol, your mind automatically conjures up images, thoughts, and feelings of what it stands for.

This is actually crucial, in my opinion, though some will no doubt disagree. Magick, to me, has never seemed to operate like a vending machine or other lifeless contraption. It’s not a matter of putting in the right symbols and out pops a result - rather, the symbols exist to focus the intent and will of the witch or magician. This is why I think it’s important to connect with any symbol your using so that it inspires an emotional and intellectual reaction from you, because I personally believe that said reaction is the power behind magick. You’ll hear witches talk about “charging sigils” fairly often, and, for me personally, charging a sigil (more about them later) or symbol is all about connecting them with the concept they represent in your own mind, on both an emotional and intellectual level. Others have a different idea of what charging means, though, so reading up on it and trying different methods can be helpful.

You can use these preexisting symbols in spellwork and other exercises quite effectively once you’ve made the connection, which is usually not too difficult. Just reading about the concepts they represent and why the symbol looks the way it does tends to be quite helpful. Check out this article I’ve written about the planetary glyph symbols, for example, and some theories about why they look the way they do. The important thing is not to correctly interpret the symbol based on the plan of whoever created it, though - it is much more effective to find a personal way of relating to it, if at all possible. Ask yourself if the symbol “makes sense” to you. Some will, and some won’t, and some will make sense with a little research. I know that just having a solid theory as to why the symbol looks the way it does will often be more than enough to begin using it in magick.

Now, using existing symbols is quite well and good, but it is also a good idea to experiment with making your own! These are often called sigils, and there are any number of ways of designing them. Arranging existing letters in a certain manner to form a symbol tends to be the most common method, and was developed by Mr. A. O. Spare, and it was him who popularized the term sigil - you can read more about him here. Other methods for sigil creation exist as well, and often the process is highly intuitive. In the image below, I talk about how I use certain underlying concepts in symbol form as a basis for my sigils, and that’s a method which works for some people, too.

You’ll see a lot of discussion of “charging” and “casting” sigils. These terms are used to mean different things by different people, but generally I view connecting the symbol with the concept it represents to be the “charging” part and using the symbol to invoke the concept for its purpose to be the “casting” aspect. A topic of debate between some of my offline friends has been whether any kind of formalize charging or even casting process is really required for everyone. It’s undeniably true that some people will get great results just from creating a sigil, and perhaps in those instances they both charge, cast, and create it simultaneously. My friends who do this have told me things to this effect, but I myself do tend to charge and cast separately.

Really, though, there is no wrong way to create or use a sigil, provided it connects properly in your mind (and emotions) with the concept it is meant to represent or invoke. Some witches will just sit down with paper and start drawing until they get something that reflects the concept in their imagination. The sigil may or may not really resonate or evoke that particular concept for anyone else but the witch who makes it - but it may nevertheless be effective for that one witch. In this way, sigils are extremely personal at times.

Any symbol can be cast via visualization, but another simple method would be sketching them on a piece of paper, which could then function as a talisman or just as a focal point for your concentration. This isn’t exactly completely tool-free, but paper is easy to find, as are pens and pencils. One word of advice, though - don’t feel compelled to buy special pens or nice notebooks unless that’s your thing - these techniques doesn’t require anything too special. You just need space to write on, and something to write with. Colored ink is a bonus, but not required, especially if you can just visualize the color as you’re drawing with a normal pen or pencil.

There are actually a lot of options for how to use sketching sigils and symbols in your witchcraft practice. A common way is to just develop the sigil or symbol, sketch it, and use it as something to focus on whenever you want to bring the concept it represents into your life. If I wanted to evoke the concept of Mercury in my life, I might draw the symbol of Mercury on a scrap of paper and spend a few minutes visualizing power flowing from it and entering me. That’s just one example, though. Sometimes, if you have a strong enough association for a sigil or symbol, just sketching it alone is enough to cast it in a low-key way.

Paper talismans are a thing, as well. Many people think of talismans as though they have to be made of something sturdy and expensive, but the idea isn’t diluted if they’re made out of paper, and it can work just as well. You might design and charge a complex sigil to represent a specific goal of yours, sketch it on a clean piece of paper and fold or ball it up to carry discreetly with you, touching it to activate it. This is great for those who must keep their practice secret, and is a good way of integrating witchcraft with your daily life.

If you’re into drawing more than just simple symbols, you can also use that as a way of creating magick. The truth is, the definitions of “sigil” is very loose, and expanding every day as people develop new forms of symbolism that act in a similar manner. You may have heard of emoji spells, but I’ll address them in a later post. Just sticking to paper and pen, there is no requirement that your sigil “look” a a certain way or like other sigils. It need not simply be lines connecting in various ways - an actual sketch of something, or an abstract drawing can act as a sigil as well.

Personally, though, I would define any drawing or artwork with more than one symbol/object in it as sigil - but it could still be a spell or working! One my favorite spells I did as a teenager involved drawing, and was a sort of emotional healing spell for a friend. The person had went through a nasty breakup. While she had no remaining feelings for her ex, she worried she wouldn’t feel complete again. 

She also liked to draw goofy doodles on things. She drew a small, rough pencil sketch of a broken heart to encapsulate her feelings at the time, and gave it to me. With her watching, I took a sharpie and drew over the broken heart, covering the image entirely with a larger one of a whole, unbroken heart, much as one might cover a tattoo with a larger one. 

At the end, the original drawing was no longer visible, and she took the paper home to keep in her scrapbook, and told me she was quite pleased with the results. You can easily imagine similar spells involving other symbols and images, and you’re really only limited by your own imagination, because the drawings needn’t be perfect.

These are just some simple ways of practicing witchcraft with nothing more that sigils, symbols, paper, and a writing utensil of some sort, but I’m sure you can think of more. Thanks for reading, and expect more soon. I’m working on further articles for this series, so expect ‘em. They’ll all be tagged with “#beginner witch,” to help people find them. 

anonymous asked:

I loved the DRV3 yandere boy's with a S/O too kind for their own good so can you do that but with the V3 girls instead? Please and thank you! :3

Kaede Akamatsu

  • Ever since she laid her eyes on you she could feel a connection
  • The Ultimate Violinist, who knew they would be mute
  • But that didn’t matter since the music you played seem to speak for you
  • She was always by your side no matter what and seemed to glare at the others if they dare approach you
  • Everyone else just thought she was being a bit clingy
  • But it was far far worse…
  • That’s why the would be culprit never saw it coming
  • They eyes were following your every moment trying to memorize your schedule then Kaeda ask them to chat
  • They agreed.. it was Kaeda after all what could they do
  • They did not expect the knife that lightly slice their neck
  • “If you dare try anything on S/O I will not hesitate to end you. And don’t try to tell anyone about this. Who would believe you after all? Everyone trusts me soo much.”
  • They never dare to approach S/O again

Angie Yonaga

  • Ah Atua has spoken!
  • You were a gift to her from Atua himself as thanks for her selfless devotion
  • After all your talent as the Ultimate Printmaker went well with her talent
  • She was always clinging on to you, like a burr that you couldn’t just reach
  • And you were too shy and nervous to tell her to leave you alone
  • (Or to tell her all of her talk of you being one of Atua’s chosen one seem to freak you out)
  • Even if you tried to hang out with anyone else you could always spot her out of the corner of your eye
  • Just.. watching you
  • Since she was always watching she notice immediately when someone tried to get you alone
  • Nope this couldn’t do!
  • Even if it wasn’t a murder plan, she couldn’t let someone else try to steal you
  • So she followed the would be culprit and knocked them out with a hammer
  • Atua needed some blood sacrifice after all, it was a shame she couldn’t sacrifice the whole body but she didn’t want to leave you alone
  • If anyone ask why the culprit never they never seem to be near you or Angie they just paled
  • And if they ask Angie she would just chuckle
  • “They simply volunteered to donate some of their blood to Atua~ Nyahahaha their donation made Atua so happy, I hope they decide to donate again soon!”

Himeko Yumeno

  • You were the only thing keeping her going
  • The reason why she woke up and got out of bed was to see your smiling face
  • Who knew the Ultimate Mathematician would be so cheery and nice?
  • Plus you didn’t mind carry her around on your back!
  • You were perfect!
  • So she had to make sure to keep you safe, even if that mean she would have to lie to do it
  • So when she notice someone try to break into your room she knew you had to do something
  • The next day before breakfast she sent them a note
  • “If you don’t stop trying to mess with S/O something will happen to you”
  • If they tried again to pick your lock.. they would be in for a terrible shock.. literally
  • She set a small remote collar shocker on your doorknob and since she was always with you she knew not to shock you
  • But if someone tried to enter your door with out you
  • Well at least she would know how to watch out for

Mui Iruma

  • Fucking hell you were so gullible
  • Who knew the Ultimate Track Star could be so stupid
  • But hey she didn’t mind, it let her keep you nice and close to her after all
  • You believed her and loved her and she had to keep you all to herself
  • And if that meant putting a tracking device on you then so be it
  • Even if you weren’t physically near her she would always know where you were
  • So when she notice your tracker indicate that you haven’t moved for twenty minutes well she was concerned
  • She quickly looked up your vituals and cursed slightly, they seem to increase slightly which could indicate pain
  • You could be in danger, she had to help you
  • She told herself it was all for you as she grabbed a remote she hidden in her lab and turned it on
  • “This is an order got it, kill whoever is messing with S/O as brutality as possible! Make sure that fucker gets it for dare hurting my precious S/O… and make sure S/O is unharmed”
  • Kiibo was found guilty of killing the would be culprit who was attempting to kill you
  • No one knew why Kiibo did it, not even himself…
  • While she may be crying on the outside inside Iruma was relieved, glad that her Robot Controller 5000 was a success
  • You were safe who cared about that scrap of metal

Kirumi Tougi

  • She couldn’t help but dote on you
  • You have shaken her calm heart and were simply so beautiful
  • Of course the Ultimate Ballerina/o would be so beautiful
  • She had to take care of your every need and protect you
  • Everyone notice that when you were present she seem to have dote on you more but shrug it off
  • So what if she had a favorite
  • She was cooking everyone breakfast one morning when someone volunteered to help
  • She gladly expected their help until she notice them try to slip something into your plate
  • A frown found itself across her face
  • Did they think they could try to poison you, right in front of her?
  • So as she set the plates down at the table she had a plan
  • Before you could take a bite she made sure to switch yours and the would be culprit’s plate
  • “My apologies, I have mixed up these two plates. There now things should be fine.”
  • She saw the culprit sweat nervously as they look at the food
  • “Of what’s the matter? I though you enjoyed my cooking.”
  • She hid a smirk as the culprit looked down at their poisoned meal

Maki Harukawa

  • You made her feel things again
  • You turned her cold heart of stone into a warm beating one
  • You made her feel truly human again
  • And because of this she had to protect you at all cost, no matter what
  • I mean you were the Ultimate Poet, who barely seemed to have enough muscle to walk around there was no way you could fend off an attacker
  • So when you came to her upset about how people seem to be avoiding you she listened to your cries, hiding her smirk
  • Of course her glares seem to scare mostly everyone off
  • Unfortunately it seemed someone still had the idea that you would be an easy picking…
  • How foolish of them..
  • “You dare try to mess with S/O… do you really wish to die that badly? I may not be able to kill you myself but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to make you wish you could die..”
  • No one saw the would be culprit for the next few weeks
  • No one knew that she was torturing the culprit in her lab
  • And when they return they were like an empty husk…
  • A husk that eventually killed itself out of fear and pain
  • But she didn’t care, she simply held you as you cried
  • They deserved it for trying to hurt you

Tenko Chabashira

  • For some reason she couldn’t get you off her mind
  • You were just so nice and shy….. she had the urge to protect you and never let you go
  • (If you are male then she would never call you a degenerate, no matter what)
  • Who knew the Ultimate Puppet Maker would be so cute!!
  • She was always inviting you to spar, not taking a no for an answer
  • Trying her best to intimidate everyone from getting close to you
  • (Especially those males)
  • So when she noticed someone attempt to sneak up behind you she immediately flipped them over
  • “How dare you try to hurt a precious thing like S/O. You don’t even deserve tp breathe the same air as them let alone be close to them!”
  • It was only thanks to your presence that she didn’t kill them
  • But she did beat up their fallen form a bit.. before you made her back off

Tsumigi Shirogane

  • As you introduced yourself to her she couldn’t help the blush that came across her face as her heart beat loudly in her chest
  • S/O…. the Ultimate Makeup Artist huh
  • She couldn’t help the need to get close to you grow inside of her
  • Aaaah now she knew how Yuno felt about Yuki
  • The need to keep you by her side… no matter what the cost
  • So when she say someone try to lay a trap for you, she knew she had to act
  • “You weren’t thinking of doing anything to my darling S/O were you?”
  • Her eyes seem to glow darkly as she looked at them sweat nervously
  • (She is totally doing the famous Yuno pose)
  • “My my.. it seems you were.. I may be just a plain girl.. but I can’t let you harm them you know?”
  • They found the would be culprit the next day battered and bruised but alive..
  • However they refuse to say whoever attacked them

this is something i started writing a few months ago but never really finished, based on this post by @miss-serket

(~1690 words)

Karkat wasn’t sure where or when he originated, but he definitely knew it was a place and time nothing like where he found himself sitting. The tavern around him was dark and warm, filled with boisterous drinking songs and laughter. Barmaids went from table to table, refilling ale and biting their tongues as their asses were pinched by drunken patrons as they passed. He was thankfully ignored, his gray skin and orange horns obscured by the hood he kept pulled up. Locals didn’t seem to care one way or another for trolls such as himself, but he felt better safe than sorry.

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everyone loves Granny

my dearest darlingest @kat2609, my favorite and my best: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you get showered with love and treats today and that this is just one contribution to an overall amazing day because you deserve all the best things! here’s a bit of Granny love to (hopefully) get your day going! I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!

Another day, another dollar, right? At least, that was what Granny told herself as she shuffled into the back of the diner, still yawning. Not that the money really mattered in Storybrooke, but at the very least, she had her reputation to uphold. That, and if she didn’t feed everyone, who would?

Blearily, she flipped on the lights and headed through the kitchen to the main dining area to flip on the coffee makers, giving her a few minutes to catch a bit more rest. On days like these, she really missed having Ruby around—today especially—but certainly didn’t begrudge her granddaughter a shot at True Love.

Nevertheless, she sighed heavily while the coffee percolated and the pleasing aroma began to fill the air. It did perk her up a little, and that’s when she noticed something on the counter that certainly hadn’t been there the night before.

At first, she thought someone came in and used one of her mugs. But this one was different; the handle of it was shaped like a crossbow and the cup had arrows all over it. And tucked inside was a note.

Written in chicken scratch that could only belong to a teenage boy,

Dear Granny—To the most badass crossbow wielder in the world. Have a fantastic day! —Henry

She paused for a moment—he didn’t know, did he? How could he, though, she reminded herself. Plus, it was Henry—he was a thoughtful boy, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him to drop off random gifts. Though she might have to say something to his mothers about B&E. Maybe he was spending too much time with Hook.

Regardless, she took another few minutes to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee in her new mug before getting a head start on cooking for the morning.

Barely a half hour later, she was in the middle of frying bacon when she smelled something else coming from the dining room. Now what was going on?

Whoever had snuck in must have had magic on their side, because she would have heard the door open and close. And given the fact that she could already tell there were bear claws in that box from the bakery, she had a pretty good idea which witch it was.

Treat yo self, Granny! love, Emma was scrawled across the top. Two very fresh pastries were inside. As she bit into one and took the other to the back for safekeeping, she decided that maybe it wasn’t the pirate who was influencing Henry…and began to wonder what was really afoot.

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Royai Week 17: Day 5

So this is a combination of angst and fluff. Because I have a pattern this week and can’t simply write fluff to save my life.

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four

Theme: Letters

Words: 3,994

Riza removed the rest of the hangers from the closet and set them in the box. It was already filled with other miscellaneous items she had found and gathered from around the bedroom. A small bedside lamp, a couple of empty picture frames that had been hidden behind the dresser, one of Hayate’s balls, and an old book about the alchemical properties of gases. Just small things that the movers had missed when they took the large furniture out of the apartment.

Not that they really needed to move the furniture out of the apartment. The presidential mansion would be fully furnished when they moved in.

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Random Scene #15

(Finally writing again! A little Rip + Sara friendship with bonus Gideon. I was supposed to be finishing off a Matter of Memory this morning but ended up writing this instead.)

“You are going to be joining us for movie night,” Sara declared as she strode into Rip’s office.

“I am?” said Rip from his desk, not bothering to look up from the papers he was studying. “That’s news to me.”

“Oh, you are,” said Sara, eyebrows raising pointedly, arms folding across her chest. “You are going to squish onto that couch between Ray and me and stay there without complaint throughout the entire movie marathon while eating snacks and drinking beer.”

Rip gave a weary sigh as he finally gazed up at Sara. “As much as I’d—” He cleared his throat. “—love to. I do have rather important work to do.” He gestured at the papers he’d been studying. “I’ve almost managed to pinpoint the source of this time aberration. I just need to—”

Sara reached over and pushed the papers off his desk. They flew across the room.

Rip gazed down at the scattered pages. “Was that really necessary?”

Pursing her lips, Sara pretended to muse on the subject. “I’d say so.”

“I did actually need those,” said Rip, glaring crossly at  her.

Sara placed her hands on his desk and leaned towards him. “What you need is a break.”

“I’ll take one when I’m done.” Getting to his feet, Rip moved away from her and began picking the paper up off the floor.

“Right,” said Sara, disbelievingly, as she watched him. “And how long have you been working on this?”

Rip suddenly realized he had no clue what time it was. “Uh, awhile.”

“Uh huh,” said Sara. “And the last time you ate was?”

Rip’s mind went blank. “This morning sometime, I think.” He dumped the papers he’d retrieved back on his desk. “I have been rather busy. There’s a lot that needs doing.”

The expression on Sara’s face showed she was clearly unimpressed. “So you’re just going to work yourself to death?”

Rip waved a hand in the air. “You’re exaggerating. I may have lost track of time somewhat but it hasn’t been that long.”

Gideon apparently thought this was a great time to interject. “You have been working non-stop for 15 hours 23 minutes and 17 seconds,” the A.I. provided helpfully.

Sara glared at Rip reproachfully.

Rip rolled his eyes. “Thank you, Gideon.”

“Would you also like information on when you last ate?” Gideon asked.

“No,” said Rip.

“Yes,” said Sara.

“Your last meal was toast and scrambled eggs at 0630 this morning,” said Gideon, “though you did also consume a nutrient drink approximately 8 hours ago.”

“Thank you, Gideon,” said Sara, smiling smugly, her offer of gratitude a lot more sincere than Rip’s.

“Gideon, you’re supposed to be on my side,” Rip grumbled.

“I am,” the A.I. replied, “which is why your well-being is my number one priority.”

Rip rubbed a hand across his face. “I think you’ve been a bad influence on her,” he said to Sara.

“Oh, I think Gideon was pretty awesome even before I got here,” Sara said with a smirk.

“Thank you, Miss Lance,” said Gideon. “Perhaps it would be best to follow her suggestion, Captain. Scans show that your bodily functions are below the ideal range.”

Feeling ganged up on, Rip let out a groan. “As much as I appreciate your concern, I would just like to remind the two of you that this is vital work I’m trying to accomplish. I don’t have time for this ‘movie night’ thing.”

Sara took a step towards him, managing to look quite intimidating despite her small stature. “I could always make you join us.”

Rip gave her a look. “Miss Lance, we both know it would be extremely unlikely that I could take you in a fair fight.” He too took a step forward until they were only inches apart. “But we also know you would never lift a finger to hurt a friend.”

Sara scowled.

“So if you would leave me in peace to finish my work, I would greatly appreciate it,” Rip said. “I promise I’ll take a break and eat something later.” Returning to his desk, he sat down and began reorganizing his papers.

“You are going to movie night,” Sara said, still undeterred.

“Clearly, not,” said Rip, retrieving his pen and making a quick note on a bit of scrap paper.

Sara shook her head. “I didn’t want to do this but you’ve left me no choice.” She leaned closer and her tone grew darker. “I know your weakness, Hunter,” she said. “Jax told me all about it, and unlike him, I’m not afraid to use it.”

“I’m sorry?” Confused, Rip gazed questioningly at her but all she did was smile at him, a large sinister smile filled with mischief, and turn to leave.

Rip watched as she strode out of the office and off the bridge. “Should I be worried, Gideon?”

“You did just anger one of the most powerful members of the League of Assassins,” Gideon pointed out.

“Right,” said Rip, grimacing. He wondered if it might not be a good idea to open the hidden compartment below his office and try to hide, but before he could, Sara returned holding something in her hands.

It was a glass bowl and it was full of jelly beans.

That was probably the last thing Rip had expected. “What…?”

“Did I forget to mention our snack for tonight?” Sara said, holding the bowl out to him.

“Um, that’s nice,” said Rip, eyes fixed on the jelly beans, suddenly acutely aware of how long it had been since he’d last eaten. Shaking his head, he managed to snap himself out of it and look away. “But I fail to see what that has to do with anything.”

“Oh, I just thought you’d like to know,” Sara said, innocently. “I’m mean we’ve got a whole bowlful, a really big bowl completely full of sweet, tasty jelly beans.” She took a step forward bringing the bowl even closer to him and waving it under his nose.

“Well, since you brought them, I suppose I could eat a couple,” said Rip, reaching his hand out towards the bowl.

Sara immediately snatched the bowl back cradling it against her chest. “Uh uh, these snacks are for movie watchers only.”

Rip scowled at her. “If you think some colourful confectionery is going to convince me to go to your little movie night, you’re sorely mistaken.”

Raising her eyebrows, Sara gave him a look. “Come on, Rip. Jax told me these are your favourites and everyone knows what a sweet tooth you have.”

“You do realize with the food fabricator I can have jelly beans anytime I want?” Rip countered.

“Yes,” Sara replied, “but these aren’t fabricated jelly beans. These are real Jelly Belly jelly beans picked up last time we visited 2017 and you know how much better they are than that fabricated junk.”

Rip hated to admit it but she was right. The fabricator had never been able to get jelly beans exactly the way he wanted. They never tasted quite right. Biting his lip, he stared at the bowl once more.

“I mean if you don’t want them I’m sure the rest of the guys will be happy to eat them,” Sara said, casually. “It seems a shame though for all of your favourite food to be snatched up without you getting any. Mick alone will probably finish them off within a few minutes but if you don’t want to come to movie night…”

“Alright!” Rip cried. “Alright. I’ll come.” He let out a huff. “You know you can be quite evil on occassion.”

“I know,” Sara said with a smirk and tossed a few of the jelly beans into her mouth.

Rip gave a sigh as he abandoned his work and gave in to the inevitable. “So what movies are we watching?”

“We’re having a Gene Wilder marathon starting with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

“Of course,” said Rip, wryly. “I’d better not regret this.”

“Trust me, you won’t,” said Sara, offering him the bowl once more.

Rip took a blue jelly bean and popped it into his mouth. “I’m not usually so easily bought, you know.”

Cradling the bowl in one arm, Sara wrapped her other arm around one of his. “Of course, not,” she placated him patronizingly as she escorted him out of the office and off to movie night.

What If? - Part Two

Summary: Sam Winchester is the King of Hell. You are a Hunter. Once upon a time he had been your world, right up until he left for Stanford. He broke a promise and so you left to live your own life, away from the Winchesters who had taken you in and never looking back… until you are captured by Demons and brought before the Boyking.
: SamxReader
: 1565
: Descriptions of wounds, references to torture, angst
AN: This is part 2 of my entry for @winchesterprincessbride‘s 800 Follower Celebration! My prompt was the line ‘Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide” from Demons by Imagine Dragons. I’ve not explicitly used the line. This part is from the Reader’s POV!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

What If? Masterlist


You should be dead.

Of all the things you’d heard about the King of Hell, sentimental and merciful had never factored in. Ruthless, yes; it was widely known that he was brutal in his judgement of condemned souls, and he ruled Hell with an iron fist. Insubordination meant death, which meant that the few Demons topside tended to carry out their orders with devastating precision.

Everyone had heard the rumours that he was a Hunter who’d gone dark, but people tended to treat that tale as simple folklore, a fun story to tell at gatherings.

Never in your wildest dream would you have guessed it was Sam. Your Sam. Sweet, gentle and intelligent Sam. The boy you’d grown up with. The boy you’d spent your days hand in hand with, and your nights pinned beneath. The boy who’d been your everything…until he left.

You’d thought your brain had been playing tricks on you when you’d been strung up. You’d thought the torture was messing with you, and that you’d heard Sam’s voice because he’d always been a source of comfort in dark times.

Now you were wishing it had just been your imagination, that way, you wouldn’t be faced with the reality of it…

It was too much.

He was meant to be a lawyer by now… that’s what he’d wanted. That was the whole reason he’d left.

Not here.

His features blurred as he crouched in front of you, the combination of rising panic and unrelenting pain desperately trying to drag you down into unconsciousness. You fought tooth and nail to stay present in the dark throne room, but you just couldn’t.

You saw his mouth moving, but there was a deafening roar in your ears, drowning out all other sounds.

The world lurched and spun, and you felt the small scrap of strength you had left leave your body as your vision darkened.

The last thing you were aware of was the distinct sense of falling…

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anonymous asked:

would you consider doing Obi's POV for Drink Deep of Lethe? If it's too long, then any part from it? Thank you.

Nanaki knows what they say about these woods.

It’s haunted, they say in Clarines, voices dropped low. Young maids go there to die of broken hearts, and they haunt the trees. Walk careful, lest they think to curl up in your arms and take yours instead.

It’s rife with fey, they say in Tanbarun, pressing thumb and forefinger to ward their words, pretty things to lure young men to its heart. They feast every night, flush with human flesh.

But it is in Sama where they stare, where they shake their heads at the superstition of their neighbors. There’s no beast in there, they say frankly, it is the woods itself. It hungers. It hungers.

What a coincidence, he thinks as he sets tinder alight, so does he.

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