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Can we, like, talk about this?

Victor is quite obviously concerned about Yuuri’s well-being. He wants what’s best for him and wants Yuuri to succeed. 

However, it is likely that Victor has never been in this sort of situation before. 

Yuuri is “the figure skater with the world’s biggest glass heart.” He’s sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve.


Victor does something pretty shitty.

I don’t think Victor quite handled this situation as well as he could have, but he did move it forward. He wants to forcefully motivate Yuuri, even if that meant breaking his heart.

This is when Victor realizes he fucked up.

He’s used to being selfish, so Victor probably hasn’t comforted anyone like this before.

And then we find out that Yuuri is more worried about Victor than he is about himself since his actions do have an impact on Victor’s reputation. (Oh, Yuuri… you selfless cinnamon roll…)

Yuuri obviously does have doubts.

And Victor does reaffirm that he doesn’t want to stop being Yuuri’s coach.

And Yuuri knows this. He logically knows this even if his nerves make him doubt this fact.

Continuing with the fact that Victor probably hasn’t ever had to comfort people in his life…

Victor feels like he has to rely on past experiences. I personally feel like this conclusion of Victor’s makes it seem as if he kind of wants to get through this uncomfortable situation. Kissing seems like the easiest thing to do, right?

But Yuuri refuses! Yuuri wants something more than a useless kiss. He wants Victor’s faith in him, even if Yuuri doesn’t have enough faith in himself. Yuuri wants Victor to have confidence in him.

This is very important. And Yuuri is demanding for Victor to stay by his side, come what may. 


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Overwatch - Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison Before the bomb

“It was real and we were the best”

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is today the day for a new video?!??!

Tis indeed!!! Currently editing, and may be posted later today than I thought, but it’s a lot so you’ll see why haha

A conflicted rant on Matsuri’s death.

While I respect everyone’s views on this issue and this is not a negative response to anyone’s, especially since I’ve seen a lot of well thought-out counterpoints to mine, I wanted to add some of my thoughts to the discussion.

I don’t necessarily agree in full with all the harsher critiques about Matsuri’s death scene. I think it was important that he died this arc rather than last to emphasize the transition of power between the main Washuu family line and Furuta/V. Other than the Marude revenge narrative and the toxic love narrative that could have formed between him and Urie, Matsuri had wrapped up his major roles in the story. Would I have liked to see him have more screentime in terms of him coming to grips with losing power? Absolutely. Was Matsuri a well-written character that had great potential that wasn’t fulfilled? You fucking bet.  

I think that Ishida generally has the issue of caring too much about his characters and maybe overdeveloping them for what he intends for their role in the major plot, though. To me, the problem is less that Ishida is being lazy with the plot and is mindlessly killing off characters, and more that Ishida got really into developing these characters’ backstories despite the fact that the development wasn’t necessary for their planned arcs. Which leads me to keep asking the question: how much is it poor writing on Ishida’s part, and how much is it that we as an audience get too attached to these minor characters who are going to die? 

I think it’s a mix of both. Ishida has so many characters within this story that it’s difficult to manage their plots effectively. :re has a cast twice the size of the original series’, and Ishida’s trying to complete all of their narratives within the same timeframe. Because of that, sometimes his well-developed characters have seemed flatter than usual in recent arcs. At the same time, though, I think that we’ve spent so much time as a fandom hyping all of these characters up that we all are disappointed when they don’t meet the level of potential that we want them to. For instance, the Houji vs. Tatara scene didn’t seem like a trainwreck to me; I thought it was a fitting ending for two characters who were more than one-dimensional, had backstories, but didn’t play overwhelming roles/have character arcs within the series. I saw the anticlimactic aspects of the fight as actually better for the story’s themes than if we had a more satisfying/drawn-out fight for either of them. However, we had been thinking about this tension between these two characters since the end of TG. While we anticipated the fight, we would go over in our heads all the amazing and mind-blowing ways their encounter could have gone.

And I see myself get like this all the time with the series. I weirdly feel salty on occasion with Akira’s recent story arc, since it was her taking the stereotypical hit and serving as the damsel-in-distress plot point the past arc and a half. However, when I think more about it, it’s not an inherently bad (although generic) situation that weakens her as a character. In any case, I think Akira needs to be shown in more vulnerable situations to further her character development at this stage, and after she recovers this may be the right gateway to that. Characters need to be able to move the plot forward, and Ishida honestly doesn’t put plot over characters often enough in :re.

I think Matsuri’s a much more difficult situation, because he did have some unresolved feelings before his death, and we didn’t get to see them contemplated. He was built as a bigger minor character that should have gotten that one page or panel of reflection. That is undoubtedly a poor writing decision (although I can’t say that I don’t partially enjoy the dark humor route he took with Matsuri’s death scene).

I think there should also be another frame of mind when examining Matsuri’s death and missed potential outside of this lack of reflection, though. Not all more serious and unresolved aspects of characters essentially need to have entire arcs of development. It’s not essentially bad writing to have character traits introduced that don’t ultimately affect the story. Based on how the story has progressed so far, I can imagine that Matsuri first began as a plot device rather than as a developed character inserted into the plot. The Washuu/CCG plot line is so essential to the series that he was most likely always planned to serve his role as the proper CCG heir and die here. If that is the case, Matsuri could have been a more one-dimensional fodder character, and I’m happy that he is not. Even if it was executed in a flawed manner, I would prefer Ishida’s characterization of Matsuri before this anticlimactic death scene over a flatter Matsuri.


“No working tonight!” Carmen scowls, eyeing Westley’s reflection over her shoulder in the mirror.

“Uh-huh, sure thing,” he replies absently. “We can leave in a- HEY!” West exclaims as Carmen snatches the phone from his hands. “What are you doing?!”

“I said no working!” she whines. “You’re always so serious, Westley. I want you to relax and enjoy yourself for once.”

“I wasn’t working,” he fibs. “C’mon Carmen. Give it back.”

“Nope. You have to promise first,” she retorts, a coy twinkle in her bright blue eyes.

Westley smirks. “Oh yeah?” he challenges. “What if I just-”

Carmen shrieks with laughter as he engulfs her in a barrage of tickles. They fall to the ground, the phone tumbling away unnoticed as the two of them playfully wrestle back and forth.

“You’re stronger than you look,” West grins down at Carmen once he manages to pin her to the floor.

She feels her cheeks flush at the piercing intensity of Westley’s gaze. “Are you… Are you going to kiss me?” Carmen whispers in a deep, rough voice.

Westley’s breath catches in his chest, and he pauses for what seems like an eternity before-

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May You Finally Learn of the Pain You Have Caused

Several of my friends and I have been plagued by some rather unsavory people. Many times I suggested cursing, but always while I was extremely angry and not thinking very well. After calming down tonight we discussed a much milder spell that simply makes people acutely aware of the pain and anger they have caused, and to not forget it for quite some time.


  • One red (or any color you associate with anger) candle.
  • A candle holder.
  • A small bowl, preferably in a color that you feel connected to (I used an orange one).
  • Some water (I used some from a bottle I happened to have. Since I live in the desert and have to hide what I do, moon, rain, sea, and storm water isn’t exactly something I can use, but if you have something that works for you, use that).
  • A lighter.
  • A smallish piece of paper.
  • A black pen.
  • A red pen.
  • A smallish length of string.
  • Any stones, candles, music, etc. that may enhance your powers.


  • Clean the area of anything you don’t want to be contaminated with angry energy. Remove any clothes or jewelry you don’t want contaminated, either.
  • Collect whatever you use to cleanse yourself, your tools, and the area around you after working with bad energy.
  • Write out what the person has done to you with the black pen I recommend writing it in a way that flows most naturally to you. If you’e an eloquent motherfucker, write some bomb-ass poetry. If you feel more comfortable writing “u fucked up my shit,” by all means write that out. Just make sure it feels Right (revision may be needed). End it with “May you finally learn of the pain you have caused.” Then, write their name or whatever you most know them as (like “Asshole” or “Vomit-Filled Condom”) above it in red.
  • Do whatever you do before casting a spell-cast a circle, light a candle, etc.
  • Turn off/put away anything that might distract you, then turn off the light(s).

Getting This Show on the Road:

  • Sit with the empty bowl in front of you, with the candle behind it.
  • Light the candle, then pour the water into the bowl. You might want to visualize this person’s ill will seeping into the water as it pours into the bowl.
  • Gently dip your fingers into the bowl, and begin envisioning the subject as best as you can.
  • Speak their name, then say “You are guilty of…” and then read off what you have written.
  • Close your eyes and imagine all the bad things they’ve made you feel circling them, faster and faster.
  • Say “This is what you have done,” then roll up the paper,wrinkling it a little. Tie it as tight as possible wit the string. Say “May you never forget it/May you remember this for X amount of time/whatever you see fit.”
  • Close your eyes again, imagining all your pain, anger, anxiety, etc. crashing into them, then blow out your candle.
  • Store the roll of paper. I recommend not throwing it away, in case you want to end the spell sooner, or intensify it. If you’re confident in what you’ve done though, dispose of it in any way you choose.
  • Do whatever you need to do to cleanse yourself, your tools, and the area around you.Then, treat yo’self. You deserve it.

I wrote this spell with the intention of casting it on someone that’s REALLY pissed me off. Not because they cut me off while driving or some shit, but because they have seriously hurt me or someone I care about. Please keep this in mind as you consider doing this.

Bucky Barnes Imagine; Drunk Confessions Part 2

Still don’t know if I truly like this or not, I may or may not edit this later! Anyways, hope you’ll like it!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Counts: Not so many words.

Requests: I thought I could give you a Buck imagine idea, where Nat drags you to Tony’s Party cause she knows you have a crush him. Then you see him talking to some woman and you decide to get drunk. Later at night you’re pretty drunk but Bucky finds you, helping you and trying to take care of you (he also has a crush on you). Then he carries you to his Apartment in his bed & you blurt out your Feelings for him. In the morning he tells you he feels the same and surprises you with breakfast in bed? :)


Originally posted by monstacookies

You slowly opened your eyes, the light from your window hitting your face as you tried to stand up with a groan, your head spinning and it was pounding, so you went back to bed, laid down and sighed. 

“Fuck, what happened?” you asked as some flashbacks started to come back to your mind, only the parts were you started to drink like crazy.

There were some knocks on the door, you then slowly sat down on the bed, covering yourself with the blanket besides you before answering. “Come in.” you said slowly, looking at the time and noticing that it was still morning. 

“How are you?” Bucky’s voice asked as he came inside the room, a tray in his hands as he brought it to your legs, placing it on your lap. 

There, on the tray was your breakfast, two pancakes with some fruits and a juice on the side. You looked up at him, he had this smile on his face that made your insides melt, like every time you saw him.

“I’m okay, just with a killer headache. Why did you bring me breakfast?” you asked, a bit confused as you looked at him. 

Did you do something last night that you can’t remember? you asked yourself.

“Oh, fuck.” you said as the memories of all the shit you said yesterday came back to your mind, everything. “I just remembered.” 

You covered your eyes embarrassed, not really wanting to face him now that you remembered what you said yesterday.

“Yeah, this is kind of the ‘i’m sorry’ breakfast.” he said, scratching the back of his neck before looking at you with those big blue eyes. “I don’t want you to feel bad about yesterday..” 

“How could I not?” you scoffed. “I literally just said to your face that I love you.” you face palmed yourself, before taking a bite out of your pancake which tasted really nice.  

“Well, I didn’t mind hearing that, because I actually have something to tell you.” he spoke, sitting down in front of you. 

You nodded as you took the juice and started to sip on it.

“I like you too, and possibly even love you.” 

And that’s when you choked on your juice, some of it falling into your shirt. You looked up at him, you weren’t expecting him to say that. 

“Wait, what?” you asked. “You don’t have to just say that to make me feel better, you know.” you told him, just in case that was what was happening.

He let out a low chuckle, taking the tray away from your lap as he grabbed a napkin and cleaned your mouth. “I’m not saying that just to make you feel better, I truly like you and I believe I love you as well.”

He then closed the space between you two, pressing his lips against yours and kissing you slowly but sweetly. 

Then you pulled away quickly, standing up. “Not that I didn’t like that kiss, because I truly did but, morning breath.” you gave him a shy smile before running towards the bathroom, picking out your toothbrush. 

You could hear his chuckles from the bathroom.

“You’re so cute.” 

It Was Worth It

Prompt: An art-writing exchange for @artlovewonderland

Ship: Jeffmads

Word Count: 251

Summary: Thomas longs to see James. (AKA an AU where Thomas Jefferson goes to war.)

A/N: Sorry it’s short. I didn’t really have an inspiration but I needed to write this. I may edit at a later date.

Battle. Why did so many people fight? Everyone was so cold, so hungry, so touch starved. It rained every other night, creating masses of men struggling to hide under cover. Their supplies of food were often stolen or destroyed by the British, making soldiers starve, some falling ill to lack of nutrition.

And the issue with being touch starved? There was no way to fix it. You were surrounded by men, and even if that was your heaven, you would be hung.

Thomas, another soldier in the seemingly endless supply, longed to go home, to see his beloved James who waited as a servant, though he was so much more than that. Him being a servant was a perfect excuse for him always being around Thomas, and he often slept at the mansion.

He begged any God who would listen to be able to see him, to hold him, to touch him. To gently cup his cheek and bring him into a kiss, to wrap his arms around James and pulling him into the tightest hug, to quickly rush to get each other’s clothing off and discard it on the floor.

Thomas wanted to feel his warmth. He just wanted his lover back, as most men did. But Thomas wasn’t most men, and neither was James. Their love was true and never ending and illegal, which added the constant fear of being hung.

But it was worth it, and it always would be as long as Thomas and James were together.

Fic: Triad

A short Kukui/Guzma/Burnet thing I’ve been wanting to write for the past few days. Its the first fic I’ve finished in months so good on that! Editing will come later when I actually have time. May end up rewording sentences and such before the AO3 post.  AO3 Link is here. This fic here has been updated too. Enjoy!

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Details about the Ava’s Demon Panel! Spoilers are under a read-more.

This is all I could remember for now, so I may edit it later on. (also, they’re not in order)

This was an answer to a question that I didn’t hear- “People seem to care about the stuff I don’t care about, and nobody seems to care about the stuff I care about”

Q: Do you know about the official-ad blogs?
A: Yes.

she knows guys. she’s aware

Q: Could you tell us what sexualities the demons are?
A: No, I’m sorry, I can’t say.

She said this kind of timidly guys, people have pushed her to the point where she doesn’t want to say a simple characteristic about her characters because she doesn’t want any more crap from us ;-; (either that or she really hasn’t thought on it)

Q: Earlier in the comic, we see Nevy blushing and remembering something when she looks at Odin, could this have something to do with Pedri?
A: Maybe (crowd snikers)

Q: Are we going to see more of the scavengers?
A: Yes

Q: Who is your favorite character to draw?
A: Well, I don’t don’t like to draw characters that I hate, but I’d have to say Maggie


Q: Which character would be the most politically active?
A:  Strategos Six

She gave me a look like it was a question that she’d never considered and seemed a bit startled by it

Here are a few answers to questions that I didn’t ask (I didn’t hear some of the questions, I’m sorry ;-;)

Q: (Something that wasn’t mean about the Maggie picture)
A:  It’s kind of an Adam and Eve thing, she’s biting into the apple, which shows that she’s not afraid to want more. I tried really hard not to sexualize it, but I wanted to show that Maggie is not afraid of her character.


Q: So, what was up with the machine of death I mean? What made you think of that?
A: (laughs) Well, there’s all this trash buildup and people are eating this trash, none of it’s very real, and eventually, due to the trash buildup, people are going to need a new body. I mean, the crowd doesn’t really see what goes on inside of there anyway,

This one isn’t exact, but that was the gist of it.

Q: If Ava had gone into the machine like she was supposed to, would she still be the same Ava that she was before?
A: Well…*inaudible*… she wouldn’t be possessed anymore though?

It sounded like she hadn’t thought about this either

Q: Is flaming arrow going to become canon?
A: I can’t answer that!


Q: Who is your favorite character from Monster Pop?
A: Oh! That’s Marina!

Q: Who is Maya’s favorite character from Ava’s Demon?
A: (Reading a text) Me. I am my favorite character :) But I’d have to say my favorite character is Maggie, who is supposed to be me.

(I’m not sure if that last line is completely correct I’m sorry ;-;) someone asked this question and she actually texted Maya Kern to ask her. Another question was asked while we waited.

Q: Can the hosts manipulate their own mind setting?
A: Yeah, they can change their surroundings however they want to.

look look look

Q: Why did you choose water for the element of envy?
A: Cause Gil’s story is The Little Mermaid… We haven’t seen Odin’s story yet

Q: Are you working on any other drawings like Gil’s and Maggie’s?
A: Yeah, right now I’m working on a “scandalous Ava” (crowd Laughs)

lamo look

Q: Who is the most depressed of the characters?
A: Tuls

I heard someone mutter “Protect the giant tree”

Q: Are we going to see that naked picture of Wrathia with the bra from one of your streams as a print? (Unclear)
A: I… I don’t know, there’s kids in this crowd I mean… I might cover up the parts and then (crowd laughs)

Q: *laughing* did you hear about TITAN’s nipple after one of your streams?
A: I… *Laughs* What?…TITAN’s nipples? *Laughs* no, no I didn’t hear about TITAN’s nipples


Q: This isn’t really a question, but I really liked how you expressed Ava’s anxiety.
A: Yeah, I just tried to… show how it feels when I’m anxious? You just have to take a step back and look at yourself for  moment.

Q: Is the drawing of Gil connected to Maggie’s in any way?
A: No? Well, in Gil’s drawing, you see him cutting the pearl necklace, which is almost like Maggie biting into the apple, it shows that he’s not afraid to take what he wants.


Q: Is Nevy’s new dress a symbol of something?
A: Yes, because Nevy has amnesia, and she’s slowly remembering who she is

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