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slinks in. i’m sorry i disappeared so suddenly. work, life, and prepping for conventions ate me. i’m going to officially come back within the next few days. i’m probably going to be purging my askbox and drafts (i may save a few special ones) but expect to be pestered for a new thread if we had one before i dropped off the face of the earth. love you guys!

Weaker Divided (The8/Minghao AU Imagine) (Part 2/3)

Summary: Minghao would do anything for you. That included dropping everything and catching a late night train somewhere far away because he thought it meant protecting you. You were always frightened by just how far he was willing to go. Supernatural Movie AU. Angst. 

(AN: okay so this is a bit og a dozy for length, and part three may be a bit of a while off, but i hope you like it cause i really enjoyed writing it. please let me know what you think. -Tanisha<3)

Part 1 | Part 3 

Part 2: Say Hello To Escape

I need you. I need to say goodbye.’

He had just started typing his plan in reply, about to tell you that he was coming to see you, when he received that last text from you. He almost dropped his phone when he read those last words.

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