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Hey guys!

So there’s been a few requests over the summer for a Regal Believer appreciation week. I was a bit slow making it so how about a fall(ish) one?

Regal Believer Appreciation Week
Starting September 03 - September 09

Day 1 - Mom/Son Moment(s): Showing or highlighting their mother and son relationship and bond.
Day 2 - Location(s): This could be a specific place (ie: Granny’s, the vault), area (ie: the city, the woods), or realm (ie: Our world, Camelot).
Day 3 - Affection: Being affectionate and loving with one another. Physical, vocal, etc.
Day 4 - eRegal Believer: The Evil Queen and Henry’s relationship.
Day 5 - Team Mills: Regina and Henry being together, working together, helping each other (or others).
Day 6 - Emotion: A certain state of emotion/feeling shared between them (or over each other).
Day 7 - Free Day: Whatever you’d like to do.

I tried to make the categories a bit vague and more open to interpretation so that more than just gif makers can participate. If you’d like to take part in other ways using the daily prompts (fanfiction, vidding, graphics), please feel free! Also please don’t feel confined to doing just one thing per category (one emotion, one location, etc). If you want to do more than one thing in an entry or even more than one entry, you definitely can!

Just remember to tag all your entries with regalbelieveraw so that I can find your posts easily. And don’t worry about falling behind or not being able to take part on the week of. You may post whenever you can. Later entries are always welcome.

Message if you have any questions and have fun!

So this started as a silly little gift for @staticthepegasus but ended up with me making myself one and one for my husbando @themarescorner lol

If anyone would be interested in having one of these made of their OCs, I would be open to do these for Art Trades. After that I’ll most likely end up putting them as a comission thing. Stay tuned for that! (Ahah get it? Tuned? Cuz Sunrise TUNE? Okay I’ll get out now.)

Anyway, I may make some more later on with more frames perhaps, who knows. In any case I hope you guys find these as adorable as I do ;w;

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I’m not usually to big on these things and don’t do them often enough, but I figured I’d get you guys back the love you give me. So thank you all for following me and keeping my dash alive with your antics. Now for the love fest~ 

@honorablelandlord - My lovely Ryou, we’ve plotted out some amazing things and gotten pretty deep into our verse together. I’m glad you pulled me here among other things. Lol, Love you lots xoxox forever bother me, as we’re bound by more than one ring. 

@duelstar - Your Yuugi is so precious I want to cuddle him and pet him forever. However Bakuras an ass so we’ve got to wait lol. I’m glad to know you and have the fun chance to RP as often as we do. It helps keep the spirits up.

@askakefia - Yoo~ while most of our RPs are on discord, I enjoy them to the moon and back. All the bloody fighting then the cuddles to make up for it later. Akefias growing on Bakura as well, though they may get into a few more scraps before the end of it all, lol. 

And to everyone who makes my dash amazing. I love you all I do, and I want to rp more with all of you. I am tiny potato so don’t he intimidated. 

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I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for making this fandom fun for me. 


Peacefulness wasn’t enough. She’d keep fighting. And fighting wasn’t enough, she’d win. But once I remembered that she was fighting a fight she’d already lost, all I had to do was change the fight. Take her back to Bahrain.