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zayn possibly attending the bbmas and serving looks and possibly accepting an award that he deserves because he deadass is one of the best new artists and he d e a d a s s deserves every form of recognition there is???? hell yes

Under the TAEble

This was originally part of a longer fic but I decided to break it down so there may be a part two for this (If anyone likes it) :)

Word Count: 1.5k

You can find part two here :)

Your breath was knocked out of you as your boyfriend slammed you against the wall.

“Tae-” you gasped, trying to push him off of you, but failing miserably. “Tae, we’re going to be late.”

“Then we’ll be late.” He growled, attacking your neck with his lips. He pushed your legs apart with his thigh and began to pull down the straps of your dress.

“Seriously Tae, the others will be waiting and I’m not getting ready again.” You said, pulling him off of your neck. He placed his hands on the wall, either side of your head and leaned in so his lips were touching your ear.

“I’m warning you Y/N, don’t make me wait.” He grabbed one of your hands and placed it on his bulge. “You’ve done this to me, and you need to fix it.” He growled, pushing your legs further apart. “You can’t wear a dress that tight and not expect me to do something about it.”

His words went straight to your core, but you weren’t going to give in. You looked directly into his dark eyes.

“No, Tae.”

His expression darkened for a moment, but then he smirked.

“Your choice.”

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On making retrogrades work for you

When a planet goes into a retrograde period its energy becomes somewhat distorted from its natural expression. Retrograde periods are times in which we have access to a different flavor of the planetary energy, and are able to grasp at it in different ways than normal. This of course means that all of the “normal” ways of utilizing this energy become more difficult, but we are offered a rare chance to delve into pieces of ourselves that are normally off limits.

To see the areas of life affected by this shift of energy you should look to your natal chart. Where in your chart does said planet rule? These houses, as well as the house in which the retrograde occurs are going to be focal points for the shift in planetary energy. 

Let’s take a look at an example:

Mercury Retrograde:

In my natal chart, Mercury rules both the 12th(via Gemini) and 3rd(via Virgo) houses. When Mercury goes retrograde, I have much more desire to seclude myself from others, and focus on the internal, subconscious workings of my mind (12th house). In addition to this, I typically have a hard time reaching out to others and communicating with them. Like pretty much everyone I have the usual disruptions of communication and technology, but for me there is another layer of this. It becomes difficult to properly convey what’s going on in my mind, and I sometimes have to work very hard to word things correctly before I’m comfortable sending messages/responding to people. While this can be common for someone with say a natal retrograde of Mercury, my Mercury is well placed in both Libra and the 3rd House, meaning that typically I have little to no problems with this.

This time around Mercury is retrograding in my 6th House. This means that in addition to my usual issues with MercRx (H12/H3) I will be additionally affected in areas having to deal with this house. This means that communications with coworkers might break down or have issues. I may be forced to re-examine my daily routines and my attitudes toward my physical health and diet. These things will become a focal point for me and I’ll need to think about whether or not there are things in this area of my life that no longer serve me, and therefore should be let go.

So many people see retrograde periods as monstrous periods of time when everything seems to go wrong, but if you can identify where you’ll be affected you can better use the shifted energy to your advantage. 

I know that when Mercury goes retrograde it will be a period of intense self-reflection, and a time in which I am forced to reconnect with myself because I am unable to connect with others. For this reason I take more time for myself than usual, and I don’t force myself to be social if I don’t feel like it. Mercury Retrograde in particular has become a fruitful time for me, as I’m able to reconnect with myself, reevaluate who I am as a person, and the goals that I’ve set for myself. I’m able to take time to intellectualize and examine old habits and skills (H3) and let go of things that are no longer serving me (H12).

Other retrogrades affect us similarly, but outer planets tend to have a much more subtle effect since their transits are longer and slower moving.
I encourage you to look to the houses ruled by retrograding planets and make retrogrades work for you, rather than constantly working against a retrograde.

Personal Planets:
Mercury rules the signs ♊ Gemini and ♍ Virgo and is associated with communication and intellect
Venus rules the signs ♉ Taurus and ♎ Libra and is associated with love and relationships
Mars rules the signs ♈ Aries and ♏ Scorpio(Sub) and is associated with passion, aggression, and vitality

Social Planets:
Jupiter rules the signs ♐ Sagittarius and ♓ Pisces(Co) and is associated with expansion and grace
Saturn rules the signs ♑ Capricorn and ♒ Aquarius(Co) and is associated with restriction and discipline

Transpersonal Planets:
Uranus rules the sign ♒ Aquarius and is associated with change and upheaval
Neptune rules the sign ♓ Pisces and is associated with illusion and spirituality
Pluto rules the sign ♏ Scorpio and is associated with transformation and control

The 1st House represents the self, self-image, and body
The 2nd House represents the value system, finances, and security
The 3rd House represents the communicative ability, skills, and learning
The 4th House represents the home, family, and connection to the past
The 5th House represents the creative ability, amusement, romance, and children
The 6th House represents health, routines, and analytical ability
The 7th House represents one-to-one relationships, the law, and marriage
The 8th House represents collective finances, depth relationships, and the transformative ability
The 9th House represents travel, higher education, philosophy, and religion
The 10th House represents career, public persona, and aspirations
The 11th House represents social networks, dreams, and rewards
The 12th House represents isolation, the subconscious, spirituality, and undoing


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So I got this idea due to an conversation with @starshiphufflebadger and my own experience in the zoo. I’d totally would have climbed into the enclosure of the red pandas if it wasn’t illegal.

„You’re so fluffy! I want to cuddle you!“

„You said that to almost every animal we saw Y/N. Stop talking and get going, I’d like to actually get through the Zoo today and not spend the night here“, the CMO grumbles and pushes you softly through the mass of people to the next cage.

„The rise of pitch and the extra grumpiness in your voice leads me to the assumption that you seem to be rather jealous of those animals Ensign Y/L/N seems to find so fascinating and fluffy“, Spock states while staring blankly and seemingly uninterested into the next cage, trying to find the animal that hides in there.

“Yeah Bones, jealous that you’re not the one getting cuddled?”, the captain adds from somewhere behind you guys.

“Absolutely not! First of all: None of them are getting cuddled, because if they were, we’d have a bigger problem, namely trying to tear Y/N of those poor bastards. And, for your information, I can get cuddled as much as I want!”

“So not getting cuddled is a problem for you doctor?” Sulu suddenly appears with an arm around Chekov and popcorn in his hand.

“May I also add that breaking down in tears in Christine’s lap and demanding to be petted is not really a synonym for getting cuddled, it’s more a synonym for being annoying?”, Nyota points out as she appears behind Spock and puts an arm around his waist.

“When exactly did this turn into a round of: Annoy the doctor as much as you can?!”

“When you made fun of me wanting to pet these lovely animals. Oh my god! They’re so fluf-”, you start to cry out, as Chekov points to the little red panda babies that were hiding in the trees.

“Don’t you dare Y/N.” The doctor shoots you a deadly glare.

“-fy! I want to cuddle them!”

While the doctor raises his hands in desperation and groans the rest of the crew laughs.

“You know what?”, Leonard says as he holds you back and waits for the others to pass you. “Let’s make a deal. If you make it through the rest of the zoo without stopping too long by each cage I’ll buy you a stuffed animal of your choice at the end of the day in one of the shops, that you’ll be allowed to cuddle as much as you want on the ship.”

“Deal!”, you grin and shake his hand. “But really Len, if you want to be cuddled, you don’t need to get angry or jealous first! Just say something!”

And with a cheeky grin and wink you follow the others through the zoo, letting a blushing doctor behind, thinking about what kind of animal you’ll let him buy for you.

anonymous asked:

You think Trini would be a cuddle? If so do you think she would latch herself to all the Rangers at one point in time? (of course she wouldn't push Billy's boundaries.) Although all the others are fair game?

i feel like it’d take a while but after trini gets comfortable with the team (i’d give her like a few months) then fuck yeah definitely she’d be a cuddler. she seemingly doesn’t get much affection from her parents so i think she may be touch-starved and once you break down her walls and she lets you in she doesn’t let you go. physically or otherwise. so yeah, trini would most definitely latch onto the other rangers (won’t push billy’s boundaries though, like you said) and trini has at one point obviously fallen asleep holding tightly onto kim. that is law.

Distress Tolerance Skills: the TIP skill

The second Distress Tolerance Skill I’m going to cover is called TIP.  TIP is an incredibly useful skill for changing your emotional state very quickly.  It’s one of my favourite skills because of how effective it is for the job it’s intended to do.

When you’re in a crisis or an extremely emotionally distressing situation, people who have BPD end up entering a state of mind called “Emotion Mind”. Emotion Mind is a mental state where you are controlled by your emotions and your decision-making is dependent on your emotions and your need to satisfy you urges. Sometimes in extreme cases, the level of emotional distress you experience can cause you ability to use skills to break down.  Since TIP is so easy, it can be used to help you recover your ability to use other skills and tolerate distress that would otherwise be intolerable. 

TIP is a skill that can calm you down quickly enough that you can then pair this skill with another Distress Tolerance Skill to be able to exit the state of Emotion Mind and enter the state of Wise Mind instead.  It’s an incredibly useful skill all on its own, and when paired with other skills it becomes even better.

TIP means:

  • T stands for Tip your body temperature:  The goal here is to use cold temperatures to flip your “dive reflex” or “dive response” which will slow your heart-rate down and generally make you feel “zen.”  This effectively lowers the intensity of high-energy emotions like anger and rage and fear.  The core of the skill is cooling your face, primarily your temples, for 30 seconds while holding your breath.  There are 3 main ways to do this:
  1. Fill up a basin with cold water, hold your breath, and then dunk your face in the cold water for 30 seconds. It’s important that your temples are submerged.  The water can be just regular cold tap water, and shouldn’t be any colder than 10 degrees Celsius (but seriously who is going to stick a thermometer into their water to check how cold it is when they’re in a serious amount of distress? No one)
  2. Cover your forehead and temples with an ice-pack, though you might not be able to endure 30 seconds of something that cold.  Be careful not to give yourself a brain freeze! Again, make sure you hold your breath while you do this.
  3. Rub an ice cube on your face, going under your eyes, over your temple, across your forehead, down your other temple, and under your other eye, and then follow the same path in reverse.  Again, do this for 30 seconds while holding your breath.  Holding your breath while doing this is very important or it won’t work properly.
  • I stands for Intense Exercise: this is good for both high-energy emotions like anger and fear, but also for low-energy emotions like sadness.  When you’re feeling a high-energy emotion, doing intense exercise raises your heart-rate but quickly tires you out so that you don’t have the energy to feel so intensely mad or scared.  Conversely, if you were experiencing a low-energy emotion and then used Intense Exercise to change your emotional state, your increased heart-rate will cause you to feel invigorated and momentarily snap out of the depressed feeling that results from intense sadness or lethargy.
  • P stands for three things Paced Breathing, Paired Muscle Relaxation, and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  
  1. Paced Breathing: What you do is you place a hand on your belly and inhale so that your belly fills up like a balloon (diaphragm breathing).  You breathe in to a count of four (doesn’t have to be four seconds, it can be longer depending on the rhythm at which you breathe), you hold your breath at the very top of your inhale for a couple seconds, and then you exhale for as long as you can (more than 4 counts).  This will regulate your breathing and calm you down.  Even though this works rather quickly, don’t get to focused on wanting it to work fast because you might end up speeding up the rhythm of your breath, which would render the skill ineffective.  Paced Breathing works so well because when you’re focusing on your breathing, you’re not focusing on the problem.  It’s also very discreet.
  2. Paired Muscle Relaxation: Paired Muscle Relaxation is doing Paced Breathing while doing elements of Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  You do the breathing regulation of Paced Breathing while clenching all your muscles on the inhale as tightly as you can, and then during the pause at the top say “Relax” and then, on the exhale, release all your tensed muscles.   This is really relaxing if you do it right, because again, when you’re focusing on your breathing, you’re not focusing on the problem.
  3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Progressive Muscle Relaxation means tensing your muscles in groups, starting from your feet and working your way up your body to your head and your face.  For each group of muscles, you tense them as tightly as you can, and then you release them.  Then you move on to the next set of muscles and do the process again.  You continue doing this all the way up your body. Then at the end, I like to finish it off by tensing my whole body very tightly, say “Relax” in my mind or out loud, and then release the tension.  This really helps on emotions like anger or anxiety which cause tenseness naturally.

It’s important to note that TIP is not a set of steps (i.e. you don’t do the T and then the I and then the P).  You choose one of these options as the method you’re going to use to calm yourself down. If that method doesn’t work, you can try another option from the list, but be careful not to do some of them too close together (particularly if one of the one’s you’ve tried is the I)–basically you want to be safe when you’re doing this, you don’t want to elevate or lower your heart-rate to a dangerous level.

If you want to calm down as fast as possible, the T or the P would be the most effective, with the T being the fastest to work.  The T is my go-to skill when I have a crisis at home, or if I’m in an environment where I have the access to ice or the ability to fill a sink. The I is good for getting a little more distance from a crisis situation, though it can be hard to find an opportunity to use it when you’re in a crisis.  For example, there have been times where I’ve been having an argument with my parents, I’ve told them that I need a break, and then I put on my gear and go for a run.  But when I have a breakdown when I’m out of the house and don’t have the ability to start exercising intensely, using the I is not an option but using one of the P’s would be. Both of the P’s are really good if you need to calm down quickly but discreetly.

TIP is a good skill to use after you’ve had to use STOP because TIP doesn’t require you to do much thinking, so if you’re skills have reached the point where they’re breaking down because of the amount of stress you’re under and how upset you are as a result and therefore no longer have the capacity to do anything complicated or complex, TIP is still something that is usually going to be within your capacity to do, precisely because the T and the P especially are simple processes that don’t require you to do much thinking or processing.  The I can also be easy to do when your skills are breaking down (like my example of going for a run), but if your skills are breaking down that badly, the I may not be a safe thing to do.  It’ll be hard to use your good judgement (which comes from your Wise Mind) when you’re in a skills breakdown scenario, so my general rule is to not use the I if my ability to process information is severely compromised during a skills breakdown.

TIP enables you to become calm enough that sometimes you can leave your Emotion Mind and can then access your Wise Mind, which is a state of mind where both emotions/values and reason/logic have equal importance. (Sometimes you can’t leave Emotion Mind and enter Wise Mind until you’ve used additional skills.) From there, you can use other Distress Tolerance Skills (like Distract using Wise Mind ACCEPTS, Self-Soothe, and IMPROVE the Moment) to regain your ability to tolerate distress and lower your vulnerability to distress, which will then give you the capacity to use problem solving skills (including Emotion Regulation Skills and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills) to address and resolve the crisis, or you can use Radical Acceptance to accept a crisis that you do not have the power to change.

As my DBT Group leader calls it, TIP is the “big red hammer” of Distress Tolerance Skills because it so effectively and quickly breaks down the distress that we feel during a crisis.  Of course, you can also use TIP when you’re not in a “crisis” but are still experiencing extreme emotional distress.  I would suggest practicing the T when you’re not in crisis mode so that you become familiar with what engaging your “dive reflex” feels like.  It’s an odd sensation and I don’t want you to be alarmed by it if you’ve never experienced it before.

Further Reading: Intro to Distress Tolerance (What is a Crisis, When to Use Distress Tolerance Skills, and the Goals of Distress Tolerance), The STOP Skill, What Is Radical Acceptance, How to Practice Radical Acceptance, Emotion Mind and Wise Mind

TL;DR: TIP is a very useful Distress Tolerance Skill for calming yourself down very quickly, and often discreetly.  TIP stands for: 1) Tip your body Temperature, 2) Intense Exercise, and 3) Paced Breathing, Paired Muscle Relaxation, or Progressive Muscle Relaxation. 

TIP is a skill that is easy to use even when you are in a state of extreme distress and you’re experiencing a cognitive and skills breakdown, because TIP doesn’t require much thinking.  It can be paired with a number of other Distress Tolerance Skills to make it more effective and help you to leave Emotion Mind and enter your Wise Mind so that you can resolve the problem that caused you the distress that you needed to use TIP to cope with.


breakdown of walt disney world’s magic kingdom’s new nighttime firework show “happily ever after”: 

very long post under the cut. pic above is a screenshot from the DIS on youtube’s recording of its opening night performance on may 12, 2017

i tried to break it down by segments with character appearances and different music changes. i didn’t go too into detail about all the fireworks as most of the focus was on the castle projections. also mentioned where new animations were. i apologize if i missed anything, please feel free to send me corrections.

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PSA if you have a personality disorder

DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE SPLIT. I just sat through an hour and forty five minutes of this movie demonizing people with personality disorders, particularly emphasizing on DID (dissociative identity disorder). The main character has DID and is a killer who swaps erratically between personalities. Also there’s a scene inferring sexual assault between a young girl and her uncle as well. This movie as whole is disturbing and demonizes anyone with a mental disorder


Requested by anon

Request: Could you do a Sebastian imagine where he calms the reader down from a panic attack? Nothing romantic, just sweetness which surprises the reader hehe

Word Count: 421

Sebastian x reader


When I joined New Directions, I didn’t tell anyone of my history of anxiety and panic attacks. I figured if I had told anyone, they would never let me out of their sight and they would be very overprotective; I always thought that it would worry everyone, when they all had bigger things to worry about.

When I told my parents that I joined New Directions, they looked at me like I was insane considering most of my panic attacks occur during public speeches or performances.

I went almost all of the competitions without having an attack. I felt anxious at times but I had gone so long without having a panic attack, I felt really good.

But here I was, standing backstage at regionals. I had been feeling anxious since we entered the building.

Sweat started to form along my hairline, my chest grew tight and my breathing grew short. I looked up and saw that all of New Directions was paying attention to the glee club that was performing. I snuck away from the group so that I could find an exit.

Once I was outside I sat down against a wall. I placed my face in my hands and tried to regain my breath.

“Whoa, what’s wrong?” I heard someone ask.

I looked up and saw Sebastian staring at me with a look of concern.

“Panic… Attack…” I squeaked between short breaths. Sebastian sat down next to me and put his arm around my shoulder. He pulled my head up.

“It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll stay with you.” Sebastian promised, closing his eyes as he whispered to me.

I looked up at Sebastian who still had his eyes closed. My breathing started to even out as Sebastian still held me close. The silence lasted for a few more minutes.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” I asked, breaking the silence.

Sebastian looked down at me. “I may not act like it, but I do have a heart. I would never not stop to help a girl who’s having a panic attack. Plus, you’re a lot more tolerable than the rest of New Directions.”

I looked up at Sebastian and smiled. “Well thank you for being a little concerned about me and my well being.” We both laughed.

Sebastian stood up and pulled me up with him. He extended his hand. “May the best glee club win, which will be the Warblers.” I shook his hand and gave him a sly smile.

“There’s the Sebastian I know.”


To the anon that requested this, I’m sorry that it took so long :)

Island Escape: Part 14

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JJ Project Series

Warning: Contains smut

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7 Part 8  Part  9       Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

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My Little Pony Season 7 Review: A Royal Problem

Ok, I just got back from the convention this weekend, now to play catch up and see these episodes. What’s the first one I have to watch?

(watches full episode)

*Inaudible squeal* THIS. WAS. AWESOME! All joking aside, I’m not kidding that this was a fantastic episode! It was so good, this has jumped straight to my top 3 episodes of the show! This may take awhile, but I have to break down each part of the episode.

The episode starts off with the Friendship Map calling Starlight to Canterlot. If this doesn’t convince us Starlight is now the 7th main character, I don’t know what. Twilight, in typical fashion, overreacts to both not going, and that Starlight has been summoned by the map. When Starlight arrives, Celestia and Luna act a bit passive aggressive towards each other.

Right here, this is what many fans have been wanting to see for years. An episode on the sisters, and we see more personality out of them then what we expected them to act like for the last few years of the show.

So Twilight stows away, but communicates as a musical ballerina by trying to give Starlight some advice, but also use as an excuse to be there and act all over the top when things feel bad. Celestia makes breakfast, add another fun fact to her character, but Luna only eats some fruit and doesn’t bother with Celestia as she worked all night. Luna replaces flowers in the night while Celestia is talking to some delegates and doesn’t notice Luna. This gives Starlight some insight that they may be insulting each other without noticing and not communicating properly. Now here is another good way to show characters having trouble with miscommunication, and that it also goes to show that Celestia and Luna don’t have that perfect sibling relationship. So Starlight hopes to have them talk it out, but Twilight warns her to be careful as the last time they fought, well, we know what happened with Luna. TO THE MOON!

So when Starlight brings up what the other sister has done for them, they try to communicate, but they start to fight with each other and say how each of their jobs are difficult for them. Starlight, being pressured by the situation, instinctively switches Celestia and Luna’s cutiemarks. Now I’ve had problems with Starlight using her magic to solve problems, but the show staff somehow made this plot point work out. While Starlight didn’t intend to do it, she has the idea that it could be the perfect opportunity for each princess to experience the other’s daily routine for one day. They agree for today, until the spell lasts for 24-hours. When Starlight tells Twilight, she freaks out. I always love it when Twilight freaks out for something that could be considered minor, but something like switching the cutiemarks of the royal sisters, that made the scene even funnier.

Luna tries to do Celestia’s morning routine and make a nice public appearence, but it doesn’t go well that she even indirectly causes kids to not have enough money for a fundraiser to go on a field trip. So not only did she have to juggle all these tasks, she has a burden resting in her head. Celestia on the other hand, while having fewer tasks, has to keep watch over the dream realm. After some fun visual gags with the dream spheres, Celestia comes upon Starlight’s nightmare where she fears a scenario of Luna and Celestia fighting, but as Nightmare Moon, and the introduction of Celestia’s evil counterpart, Daybreaker. Fans have been doing what if designs and scenarios for an evil Celestia for years, and I ahve to say I love the design they gave her, and even some nice visuals with her magic during the fight.

Celestia can’t handle the situation and pulls Luna out of her own nightmare as the two reconcile to wake Starlight up from her dream. Celestia uses the magic of Luna’s cutiemark to dispel the nightmares, and the sisters make up with each other as they leave the dream realm. Starlight finishes her quest with Twilight poofing in and taking her away, all excited that she wants to know what Starlight did, and the two sisters make some nice conversations as the episode ends.

In all honesty, this has been one of my favorite episodes to watch in a long time. I have very little to complain about in this episode. The story was great, the characters were excellent, the visuals were pretty, and we finally have an episode on the royal sisters, and it succeeded on being an overall remarkable episode that I’ll come back to time and time again. This has been your Minion of the East! Until next time, take care!

Grade: 10/10 A+

What did you all think on the episode of the royal sisters? Please be sure to comment, like, reblog, and follow for more!

ADHD Tip #7

When scheduling long term projects, break work down into time sections instead of goals. (ie “I will work for one hour” instead of “I will finish 3 pages of my paper ”). Breaking things down into time sections makes them less overwhelming and easier to start because you know exactly what is expected of you. It a lot easier to say,” I will concentrate for 45 minutes today” instead of “I will finish my poster today which could take me anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours.”  Even people with ADHD can have a perfectionist streak and sometimes this lead us to think “Well I’m not going to be able to finish it so I may as well not start it at all.” Breaking things down into time sections prevents this and you may even be surprised with how much work you can accomplish in a few hours.


Neruppu da! 


Hey everybody!

At the request of some folks, I’ve added a new reward tier over on my Patreon page which gets you some drum videos. Once a week I will post some sort of drum video. It may be me breaking down some of my old MCS drum parts, explaining some warmups I like to do, or maybe even just show you something fun I like to play. Go ahead over to the rewards to sign up and start getting videos this week!

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Becoming A Rock N Roll Monk

In my efforts to better my stamina and career, I find myself becoming more monk-like. And I’m not talking about the holy, praying, create awesome Trappist beer type monk. I’m talking about the go to bed early, no drinking, no talking, and no having any fun type monk. Luckily, sex is actually good for you on all levels (safe sex of course), so at least I have something to hold onto! Ha!

I remember being the first of four bands on our very first national tour in 2006. We only had a 25 minute set, any press we got was because we as a band would seek it out and no one knew who were. So, I’d go out to the bars and do shots of tequila with my boys, wake up the next morning and do it all again!

These are good times that I look back on and I wouldn’t trade for the world. I also would never want to go back to them. I’m very proud of the empire I’ve built with my band, and have always been bent on moving forward.

Ah, so much has changed in a decade! I’ve toured the world, won a Grammy, I’ve had a few number one songs, moved out of my parents place, and life is good. The schedule has also gotten heavier over the years and with great success comes great responsibility. For all you singers out there, it’s good to get into good health habits. Your body is your instrument after all! Let me let you all in on some of my GOOD habit out on the road.

One of the things that helps my vocal health immensely out on the road, is stopping all my eating/drinking at least 4 hours before I go to bed. I actually set a timer after my last meal so I can’t cheat. This is to prevent acid reflux when I lay down in my bunk at night. If you are waking up hoarse every morning, and don’t know why…this could be a reason. Acid reflux is when the acid in your stomach creeps up to your throat, burning your delicate vocal folds. It doesn’t always feel like heartburn, and can go un-noticed most of the time. So Considering I sleep in a bunk on a moving bus, I’d rather not have the contents of my stomach sloshing around while I try to sleep.

Another rule that I’ve reinstated into my daily regimen is No drinking until the end of tour. I save the debauchery for end of tour or off tour, but even then I try to keep that “4 hours before bed” open. Yay for day drinking!

Funny, I’m typing this now actually because I broke my own rule last night, and I’m a bit hung over. I’m off tour at the moment, so I can afford a bit of crazy times… But when I got together with my vocal coach this morning to do a session, he could tell right away that my voice was dehydrated and a bit acid burnt (He always knows). He suggested that I wait till tomorrow to resume my sessions, to prevent any damage singing may do. I know, I know… Bad Lzzy.

Here’s the break down, alcohol dehydrates you, and stimulates acid reflux. Then when you sing on dry, irritated vocal folds your folds swell. When your folds swell they cause hoarseness, which makes you feel like you have to push harder to get a sound out. When You push harder, you cause fatigue and more irritation…so imagine if you have 6 weeks of touring ahead of you. You are fucked! Let me be clear that this is just what works for me personally, I know a lot of singers that party hard, and sound just fine every night. I’m not one of those people. Yes, this rule is kind of a bummer because I love beer, tequila, whiskey, wine etc., and hangin’ out with all the boys. But when I have to sing 4-6 nights a week on tour, it does NOT love me. I had to decide which is more important. Priorities People!!

Ok, Lets talk hydration. I drink 3 liters of water a day. I bought a 1liter Camelbak bottle so I could keep track, this one even has a built in straw to make choking down water a little easier. I refill this three times a day. I usually add a bit of Himalayan salt or lemon to it, to make it more interesting, and to give the water a vehicle for hydration. Himalayan salt is a good source of electrolytes and other minerals, and lemon when combined with water is very alkaline. What I mean by “vehicle for hydration” is that when you add things like lemon or salt, it actually makes the water more useful, giving the water something to piggy back off of actually keeps you better hydrated. Its science!

Another rule that breaks my heart is caffeine. No, I did NOT give up coffee; you’ll have to pry my coffee cup from my cold dead fingers. But I do limit myself to two really good cups in the morning. The caffeine rule is again, due to the acidity and dehydrating effects of caffeine. Plus if I have too much caffeine, it makes sleeping harder, which is so important for my voice!

Sleep. Yes I go to bed early, I try to get in at least 8 hours, and if I can sleep 10 I will. Sleep is the only opportunity the voice has to recover, and even if you’re used to sleeping in a moving vehicle like I am, it still is less quality then sleeping in a bed at home. So I have to go overboard, and make the extra effort to protect myself.

Here’s a very important rule in my life, diet. I’m not talking about fad stuff or counting calories, I do none of that shit. I just eat very clean. My diet revolves around quality protein usually in the form of meats and of course lots of hydrating veggies, with some whole fruits thrown in. I stay away from refined sugar, dairy (I recently discovered I have a buttermilk allergy), breads (pasta/gluten/grains), and fried foods while on the road. All of these things rob me of energy and nutrients that my body and therefore voice need to function and stay healthy. Now, of course I’m on the road and sometimes pickin’s are slim…so when I have no other choice than pasta or bread, I will pair this with a ton of veggies, but no meat, I’ve found that it’s better for my digestion. Almost like I get more out of the bun without the burger and the burger without the bun. Ha!

Here’s a basic list to summarize what I do and do not consume:



•Meats and fish

•3 liters of water daily

•Whole fruits (avoid fruit juices and oranges)



•Stop eating/drinking 4 hours before bed



•Caffeine (limit to 2 cups of coffee in the morning)




•Carbonated sodas

•Fried food

The goal of this plan is to reduce phlegm/mucus production, prevent acid reflux and create a healthy home for my voice so I can maintain the stamina and freedom I need to tour.

I know you’re all rolling your eyes right now and wondering what happened to the “Sex, Drugs, Booze, Party, Rock N Roll” that we all love so much…

Well, to be honest, it’s the state of the music industry. As musicians we are quite literally singing for our supper. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE touring, but the reality is that our idols from the 70’s and 80’s never toured this hard. They’d do a record, have one big world tour, maybe two then break to do another record. Today, We are touring the world for three years straight in between album cycles. We do twice the amount of work, for a quarter amount of the kickback.

So what happened to the hangovers and cocaine binges? Replaced with juicers, and masseuses. Like I said before, some singers/bands can still live out their drug and alcohol soaked 80’s fantasies while maintaining a decent living. I’m not one of them. But most of those bands aren’t the ones working at the top of their game. From my view, the small circle I see Truly making a career at this whole music thing, are the sober, songwriting, guitar scale practicing, getting a full nights sleep type Rock Stars. I’ve learned a lot from these older brothers and sisters of Rock. One of them said to me once when I inquired about his sobriety, “You know what’s more fun than getting wasted every night? Getting high off hittin’ those high notes every fucking night!” So with that I wear my “monk” badge with pride and honor, because the less “fun” I have, really does equal more fun on stage, and the continuation of the legacy I’m building. And besides, with the “drugs and booze” pushed to the side, it leaves so much more room to put the Sex back in Rock n Roll!


“Friar” Lzzy

okay but i’m re-watching scenes from old gilmore girls episodes and like people are kidding themselves if they really believe that rory loved her previous boyfriends even a third of the amount that she loved logan. like everyone likes to talk “deep connection and knowing who she is.. “ but none of that substitutes love? and i don’t care how you slice it the boyfriend she was most in love with was logan huntzberger. we saw that in the series and in the revival period.