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I just want to tell you that I admire your resilience to still be kind, soft hearted, and caring after a lot of the negative stuff that I've observed. You may lash out or break down, but that goes to show how big your heart is, and I find it beautiful. Some said that those who became heartless once cared too much. I think I've become more heartless, unfortunately. So I just want to tell you that you're a good person. I'm glad you have good friends around you to keep you happy and warm.

Thank you for taking the time to write this! It really means a lot to me ;u;

However, nowadays I feel like it’s harder and harder for me to empathise with others. I’m not too sure why, but things have been difficult and maybe it’s a way for me to subconsciously protect myself. I know it’s for my own good, and yet I hate it because it prevents me from helping others as whole-heartedly as I used to. I feel guilty about it tbh…

But really, don’t feel bad about being more “heartless”. Maybe you’re under stress and you just don’t have enough energy to care about other people as much as you used to. Focus on your well-being. You need to be alright yourself before you can do things for others.

Yeah, I’m trying to make new friends in my new environment ;w; They’re alright to be with but I don’t think they’re people whom I can completely trust with all of my secrets haha :p

*sends you a big hug* I’m not /too/ sure of who you are (though I have an idea :p), but thank you so much! ♥

PSA if you have a personality disorder

DO NOT SEE THE MOVIE SPLIT. I just sat through an hour and forty five minutes of this movie demonizing people with personality disorders, particularly emphasizing on DID (dissociative identity disorder). The main character has DID and is a killer who swaps erratically between personalities. Also there’s a scene inferring sexual assault between a young girl and her uncle as well. This movie as whole is disturbing and demonizes anyone with a mental disorder

okay but i’m re-watching scenes from old gilmore girls episodes and like people are kidding themselves if they really believe that rory loved her previous boyfriends even a third of the amount that she loved logan. like everyone likes to talk “deep connection and knowing who she is.. “ but none of that substitutes love? and i don’t care how you slice it the boyfriend she was most in love with was logan huntzberger. we saw that in the series and in the revival period.

Under the TAEble

This was originally part of a longer fic but I decided to break it down so there may be a part two for this (If anyone likes it) :)

Your breath was knocked out of you as your boyfriend slammed you against the wall.

“Tae-” you gasped, trying to push him off of you, but failing miserably. “Tae, we’re going to be late.”

“Then we’ll be late.” He growled, attacking your neck with his lips. He pushed your legs apart with his thigh and began to pull down the straps of your dress.

“Seriously Tae, the others will be waiting and I’m not getting ready again.” You said, pulling him off of your neck. He placed his hands on the wall, either side of your head and leaned in so his lips were touching your ear.

“I’m warning you Y/N, don’t make me wait.” He grabbed one of your hands and placed it on his bulge. “You’ve done this to me, and you need to fix it.” He growled, pushing your legs further apart. “You can’t wear a dress that tight and not expect me to do something about it.”

His words went straight to your core, but you weren’t going to give in. You looked directly into his dark eyes.

“No, Tae.”

His expression darkened for a moment, but then he smirked.

“Your choice.”

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Kurt Cobain having a cappuccino with Jonathan Poneman and Bruce Pavitt in Rome, Italy. November 28th, 1989 

Photograph by Bruce Pavitt

I adore the photos of Kurt in Rome (1989), although he looks very sad and kinda lost in most of them. Like a little squirrel wearing lots of clothes, if I may say so ❤ Kurt had a nervous break down during a show, his passport & wallet was stolen on a train and he missed home and his girlfriend Tracy, so Bruce and Jon decided to give Kurt a day off from touring. They spent one day sightseeing the wonders of Rome and Jon helped Kurt to phone home to Tracy. They also bought a new guitar for Kurt.

More photos and stories in Bruce Pavitt’s book Experiencing NIRVANA, Grunge in Europe, (1989)

ADHD Tip #7

When scheduling long term projects, break work down into time sections instead of goals. (ie “I will work for one hour” instead of “I will finish 3 pages of my paper ”). Breaking things down into time sections makes them less overwhelming and easier to start because you know exactly what is expected of you. It a lot easier to say,” I will concentrate for 45 minutes today” instead of “I will finish my poster today which could take me anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours.”  Even people with ADHD can have a perfectionist streak and sometimes this lead us to think “Well I’m not going to be able to finish it so I may as well not start it at all.” Breaking things down into time sections prevents this and you may even be surprised with how much work you can accomplish in a few hours.


Neruppu da! 

When I was on OKCupid, I had a bit in my profile saying something along the lines of:

“I want to date people who are already totally happy without me in their lives, paradoxical as that may sound.”

I’ll break this down.

It isn’t about:

• Wanting to date people who won’t ever have room for me in their lives 

• Wanting people who don’t currently have room for me to overhaul their lives for my sake, at the expense of priorities they value

• Wanting to date people whose happiness I can’t contribute to

It is about:

• Wanting to date people who make their own happiness, whether they’re single or in relationships

• Wanting to date people who aren’t looking for someone to “complete” them, someone who fits into a pre-determined mold of something that they think is missing from their life

• Wanting to date people who see relationships as a way to enrich the lives of everyone involved

OKCupid also asks a question, “Which would you rather hear? ‘I want you’ or ‘I need you’?” That answer is easy for me – the first. While hearing “I need you” can feel powerful on the surface, I think that feeling of power is less empowering and more of a power trip. And, it’s hollow. Ultimately, it’s much more validating to me to know that someone is with me because they want to be with me, rather than because I fill some sort of hole in their life. 

This is different than saying I don’t want to fulfill someone’s needs. There are times people need each other, and I want to be there for my partners when those times arise, and for my partners to be there for me. Similarly, within any relationship, every person has specific needs: for safety, for reassurance, for comfort, for affection, for whatever else; and I don’t deny the validity or importance of those, either. But all of this is different than needing a person. You can have needs met by a person, and I want to be someone who chooses to do that for people who are important to me. But I don’t want people to need me, or for me to need them, because that’s objectifying and stifling. 

I prefer to think of my relationships this way: Let’s add to each other’s already excellent lives.

May I propose: a Voltron volleyball team au

So to break it down:
- middle hitter (for his height and speed obviously)
- team Dad™
- he brings juice and healthy snacks to all of their tournaments but Pidge always manages to bring junk food on the side
- he’s a lover, not a fighter, except for that one time that an opposing player purposely tripped Keith as they shook hands under the net after the game
- essentially he met them outside as the teams were getting on their buses and came back from the encounter with split knuckles and not a scratch on him other than that
- he went missing just around the tryouts that would incorporate Pidge, Lance, Hunk, and Keith onto the team
- Matt went missing at the same time as him
- They found Shiro eventually, but not Matt
- His hits are on FIRE
- But he’s calm enough that the others on the team had assumed he was a mediocre player when they found him again, but somehow he had gotten better??? And had a funky looking metal arm??
- Is well known throughout the league as the guy that sets himself up for a perfect hit and then just taps the ball so it falls on the other side of the net (some call him the Tiny Tipper™)

- The team’s right side hitter
- Was Hunk’s motivation to learn how to backset perfectly
- Flirts with anyone he can, on or off the court
- Is an excellent player, though sometimes his actions lack tact, and he just swipes at the ball
- He’s infamous for hitting the ball super hard without snapping his wrist so it just hurtles away from the court, across the gym
- He has a lot of raw power, and a ton of potential
- Somehow manages to run into Keith all the time?
- Despite the fact that usually that problem comes with middles and setters because they’re so close together on the court
- But no, without fail, he always knocks Keith over and they get in a fight in the middle of the court
- Shiro’s a pacifist in this situation, and just wants them to get along
- Going along with “sharpshooter”, Lance is excellent at spot-serving, and can hit a ball into the empty space between two players without fail

- Team Voltron’s libero
- She has quick legs and quicker wits, not to mention a fiery mouth
- She wears contacts but hates them passionately, to the point where she tried not wearing them during a practice once and couldn’t quite see when Shiro spiked a ball, so it hit her directly in the head and gave her a concussion that kept her off the court for two months (Coran was not a very good libero)
- Shiro was mortified and skulked around the base for two days before anyone could find him and give him a hug
- She pancakes like a pro
- She’s that one player on the court that gets lazy sometimes (despite being the fastest on the court) and uses one arm to dive and get a ball, which pisses Allura off like nothing else can
- She’s the team’s salvation from Shiro’s healthy ways

- Outside hitter
- Has been yellow carded before, and will be again
- Has been taken off the court multiple times for mouthing off to the ref
- Can hit both line and cross-court with deadly efficiency
- Wears tight fingerless gloves that he paid to have custom made so they don’t interfere with his playing
- Probably bites
- Shed a tear when Shiro came back that one time with bloody knuckles (“I’m so proud.”)
- Wears his hair in a little ponytail at the base of his neck while he plays
- Is that one player on the team who wears Too Tight Pants™
- Doesn’t drink enough water while he plays, so one time during a game he got so dehydrated without telling anyone that he passed out on the court and to date, no one had ever seen Shiro get that pale so fast (other than the time someone suggested studying some of the tactics the Galra (opposing team) used and he looked like he might have a panic attack)
- Is bilingual while Shiro is trilingual, and sometimes the others will catch them bantering away in Japanese

- The Setter
- a big softie
- he’ll eat Pidge’s junk food or Shiro’s fruit, as long as it’s food
- he has the most reliable serves on the team next to Shiro’s
- he actually is a great hitter, but prefers to set
- he has super strong hands
- gets sick on bus rides to tournaments
- owns two secret cats that no one knows live in the base
- he cooks for everyone after tournaments and is a big stickler for clean hands at the table
- he loves everyone on his team
- everyone in turn loves him
- he’s just a good and pure person
- his backsets are perfect
- he tips sometimes, and the others love it
- he’s a very good defensive player as well
- has two moms that come to games sometimes and bring him snacks
- he shamelessly misses them and adores when they send him mail

Coran/ Allura:
- the team managers / coaches
- Allura plays for Matt, who hasn’t returned
- she’s a wild card, and can play any position on the court pretty well
- likes kickboxing to keep in shape
- will smack the soul outta anyone that messes with her team
- is also a total babe, and owns four hamsters
- she likes stealing the team’s sweaters
- this includes Pidge, their sweaters fit her like a crop top
- she can’t cook for SHIT
- her dad was the founder of the team, and she brought it back to life after his death
- Coran tries to cook, but most of what he cooks is attempts at odd, eccentric dishes from other countries that turn out terribly
- Was a middle hitter previously, and a good one
- takes great pride in the team and their matching bomber jackets

The Galra:
- an opposing team
- buy off game officials to throw the match, though they’re the strongest team in the league next to Voltron
- there is suspicion that they had something to do with Shiro’s and Matt’s disappearance, though they have too much influence to outwardly investigate them
- play dirty every way they can, and look for a fight

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I am...

… tired, sleepy, frustrated, annoyed, and most of all… desperate for some alone time.

My introvert bubble has cracked entirely today and I’m at that stage where I may just break down if I continue needing to make eye contact and formal interaction with people.

Admin/Mun News

So uhh.. I hate to say I may take a small break.. I’m just mentally shutting down for some reason, My anxiety is just such garbage and I feel like shit. I may respond to asks but no drawings. I don’t know I feel like shit.,

bcy-division  asked:

do 1-8, 29 and 38 for the lesbian ask thing!! >:^) (also, i hope yr feeling better xx)

1. Sun lesbian or moon lesbian: moON
2. Flannel lesbian or sweater lesbian: both tbh 
3. Curly fry lesbian or waffle fry lesbian: curly ofc 
4. Thrift store lesbian or high brow lesbian: pfft thrift store bc im broke as hell 
5. 70’s disco lesbian or 90’s grunge lesbian: 90′s grunge hAH
6. Fat cat lesbian or hairless cat lesbian: fA T KIT T Y go od kiTTy
7. Chinese takeout lesbian or pizza delivery lesbian: ehh both ??
8. Big dog lesbian or tiny dog lesbian: meDIuM

29. Nose piercing lesbian or belly button piercing lesbian: nose omg i want a nose and septum piercing 

38. Tiny tattoo lesbian or whole sleeve of tattoos lesbian: i’d say whole sleeve but Anxiety™ so like y i k e s 

also yes srach im feeling better (i think) although i may break down in school tmr but then again what’s new hAH 

the signs as Wynn Duffy quotes

Aries: Show me the Benjamin's the homies are always rapping about!

Taurus: Show me the cash, Emmitt, or I swear to God I'm gonna get a machete and a blowtorch, and I'm gonna make your body as small as I possibly can!

Gemini: Could you send up another pot of coffee, please? Because this one tastes like my ass on Sunday.

Cancer: I'm sorry but he escaped from a disease ridden whore factory up in Inbred Holler!

Leo: But I don't even trust the way just now said I could trust you.

Virgo: Marshal, are you accusing me of being a fake blonde? Because if you need me to prove it to you, I may be inclined to break you over that step ladder, ride you down like a teaser pony, and paint this room a whole different color.

Libra: Jesus Christ!

Scorpio: Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, and Avery Markham are soon to converge, Mr. Vasquez, like the aligning of the planets if those planets carried guns and hated my guts.

Sagittarius: I'm pretty sure 'aplex' isn't a word, Mikey.

Capricorn: The police are just a janitorial service used to clean up your blood after you've been murdered

Aquarius: Let's just set aside all this poetic, down home, hillbilly bullshit.

Pisces: I didn't take you for a tennis fan Mr. Crowder,but the only reason I could see you calling at this hour is to discuss Azeranka's last match.