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San Fransokyo Flat.[Tadashi Hamada.]

Part one :)

The silence that draped around the two of you was natural, and the only sound that was to be heard was the occasional shuffle of your feet, and the clinking of the your glassware as you sat it down in the still near empty counters. You were humming a song you weren’t sure you actually knew, and Tadashi himself was working on getting the table put together. He was mumbling to himself, something that he did when he was really focused on a task. “Hey, (Name), can you find me a screwdriver?” Pursing your mouth to the side, you squatted down and dug around in his small toolbox, handing him what he needed before standing back up to finish putting away the now clean dishes that were snug in the dishwasher. “Y’know, this is harder than putting a robot together…”

You laughed gently, setting a cup down on the counter before leaning down towards him. “If you can’t get the table put together, we’re going to have to eat on the floor.” He looked at you, ready to say something along the lines of, ‘I can deal with that’, before you hushed him by saying, “I was kidding. If you need to though, take a break and come back to it. I could use some help considering all these dishes aren’t just mine.”

Tadashi groaned audibly, throwing the screwdriver down slightly before standing up with a small huff. “If I had my way, I’d use paper plates for everything, but you were the one insisted we actually get real kitchenware.” Smiling cheekily up at him, you reached upwards, setting a cup on the cup shelf. Tadashi watched your body move with amusement before looking down at the dishwasher and picking up a few bowls.

Stacking them, he began putting them in the cabinet space. He gazed over at you again, his beautiful eyes full of one question. He wanted to ask you about what you said to him the other day, about your boyfriends. If there was something Tadashi knew, it was that you were quite popular among the men of San Fransokyo Institute, and he wondered if you were serious about bringing them home. “(Name), about the other day,” He started slowly, picking up a few more bowls. You looked over at him with wide eyes, two cups in your hands as he pushed himself to continue, “We should set some boundaries over you know, bringing dates home.”

“I agree,” You said a bit too hastily, setting the cups down gently with a small ‘clink’ sound. “If we’re going to be living together, and we do bring people home we need some serious rules.”

He glanced over at you, his jaw clenching slightly once again at the thought of you bringing someone else home. Tadashi wasn’t sure if it was jealousy, but he shook it off quickly, and looked at the plastic bowls in his hands with a small, “If you want to have sex with them, then it’s either buy yourself a lock for your door or you go to a hotel. I don’t want to walk in on that.”

You nodded in agreement, picking up a rag to fully dry one of the cups. He felt his chest build up with an unfamiliar emotion as he watched you with slightly narrow eyes. “I was thinking about buying a lock anyway, not that I don’t trust you or anything but I like my privacy. Another boundary, Tadashi, is that we can’t affect each other’s relationship. I know you had something to do with William a year ago, and that just…” you clenched your fists slightly, “No interfering with each others relationships, okay? No telling my boyfriends embarrassing things about me. I promise to leave your girlfriends alone as well.”

He bit the inside of his cheek, shrugging his broad shoulders slightly as he murmured a small, ‘Fine.’ before bestowing his eyes on the bowls, and keeping them fixated on them. Tadashi looked at you from the side before picking his head up slightly, saying bitterly, “I’ll leave your boyfriends alone while you’re there but if you leave to go the bathroom, I may or may not give them a talk while you’re away.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Hey, roommates watch out for each other,” He commented, “That’s just being a good friend.”

“Good friend?” You repeated, and he nodded slightly. “Or slightly obsessed with my love life because you don’t have one?”

“I could have one if I tried.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Okay, (Name),” He looked at you, finally setting the bowls down in the cabinet. “Since we have a 2 year contract sticking us to the apartment, I bet you that by the time the two years passes, I’ll be with the most amazing girl.”

“What are we betting with?” You asked, slightly intrigued as you started filling the dishwasher once again with dirty dishes.

“If you win, you have bragging rights for the rest of our lives,” He stated, “But if I win, you have to go on a date with Hiro, kissing and all.”

You hummed, thinking before sticking your hand out for him to shake. “That sounds like a deal.”


This Day in 1D History - May 18


  • Liam gets reprimanded by Zouis for his immodesty and whacks Niall on the nose in the cutest way possible in Sweden


  • Liam shows off his view
Review: New Statesman Presents “An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer”, Hackney Empire, London, May 28th 2015

As will soon become clear on this blog, I am a huge Amanda Palmer fan. I make no denials or excuses. I am also a fan of her husband, Neil Gaiman, in a slightly less obsessive fashion. So when it was announced that they would be putting on a one-off evening at Hackney I was overjoyed. I was expecting an average “Evening With…” which seems to consist of Amanda playing a handful of piano songs and a handful of ukulele songs, Neil reading a handful of poetry and short stories, and the two of them answering questions together. Instead, we got so much more. It was later announced that the evening was being held in support of an issue of New Statesman that was to be guest-edited by Amanda and Neil. The theme of the issue: ‘Saying the Unsayable’ - hitting on themes of offense, censorship, and freedom of speech.

Amanda and Neil walked out on stage, Amanda waddling along in her 6 month pregnancy. Neil opened reading a short poem about ideas; more specifically, how we should allow even the most “offensive, stupid, preposterous or dangerous” ideas, but that we should “argue, explain, clarify, debate, offend, insult, rage, mock, sing, dramatise and deny.” In short: freedom of speech for all, not just the speech you agree with. And so, the tone of the night was set.

Apart from Amanda and Neil, various guests emerged during the night. Radio 4 satirical comedian Mitch Benn sang a protest song following the Charlie Hebdo shootings. Activist and author Roz Kaveney read a poem about life as a trans woman. Transvestite metalhead vegan Andrew O’Neill performed a short standup routine. Writer Hayley Campbell read a story about a terrifying future in which every draft tweet ever saved is sent, exposing humanity’s true nature. These guests were intertwined with various contributions from Neil and Amanda; Neil reading an article about the PEN award boycott, and ‘the only story I have ever written that has disturbed me’, while Amanda played just a handful of songs, and read a new poem.

And I think what worked the most was the sheer variety of what was happening, all tied together through a common theme. There was a factual article, followed by a satirical song. A song about abortion, followed by a poem about the Germanwings plane crash. And, of course, the evening was greatly aided by the sheer amiability of our hosts. In the way that Neil gazed at Amanda as she banged out the chords to The Killing Type, or how Amanda confessed she was now making ‘involuntary old man noises’ every time she has to get out of a chair, they came across as two genuine people who wanted to hold an important social discussion.

It did become apparent very quickly that the evening was not wonderfully organised; Amanda and Neil attempting to introduce the night while reading from a sheet, checking offstage before introducing guests, whispering to each other on stage to cut short a question session. Now, I am accustomed to Amanda Palmer concerts. I’m accustomed to her tangential monologues: I’ve watched her “just give a short introduction to this song because we don’t have much time” that lasts longer than the song itself. I’ve seen her and her band decide on stage that they want to cover a song, and so they learn and practice then and there in the middle of a concert. But despite the disorganisation, tonight felt structured. There was a point to everything, and despite occasionally going off-track, Amanda and Neil did it with a grin which just brought home the integrity of the show, and in fact brought some lightheartedness to what could have otherwise been a heavy show. It was a variety show of chaos, and it worked.

The evening ended with the 6 people sat on stage in what Mitch Benn described as “the weirdest episode of Question Time ever”. They had an open floor discussion about offense, censorship, and the internet, and just hearing what they had to say was inspiring and thought provoking, yet also hilarious (as you would hope with two comedians on stage). 

And this is how it should be done: activism and social change doesn’t have to always be heavy and weighty. I would argue that it can’t always be heavy and weighty, because you just get depressed and cynical and fed up with everything. But if you take some of the serious with some banter and jokes, the message is a lot more effective.

Last Night in the Fandom #28

Steven Universe-Let the new ship wars begin!

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This episode was a very interesting look in the brain of Peridot, she also gives us an insight into the views of those back on Homeworld, Pearl was last episode, Garnet got a barb and took it in stride in this episode and Amethyst learned more about her kin. My favorite part had to be seeing Peridot literally fan girl over Amethyst. Emotions don’t seem to really translate to Peridot so I really don’t believe she believes what she says are offensive.

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Steven is helping her form a conscious which I hope allows her to actually join the Crystal Gems, not just be there ‘enemy’. Though I have to say they only time I have ever heard this much emotion in her voice was when she was scared for Steven back in “When it Rains” She obviously cares about Amethyst and her apology is much more sincere than the one she gave Pearl. Amethyst’s reaction to Peridot is exactly what I expected it would be but a question arises.

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Amethyst is the one out of the Gems that shape shifts the most and her Purple Puma form is very similar to how Quartz soldiers are supposed to look like. Her attitude seems to be slightly darker at the end of this episode even though she accepts the apology. I wonder if we might see Warrior Amethyst in the near future? Two recent episode announcement’s “Crack the Whip” and “Steven vs Amethyst” may pay some credence to that theory.

One last question is killing me however!

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What is the deal with Garnet’s obsession with cows?