i may be running out of ideas

Hermione finds a love letter from a secret admirer
  • -Hermione deep in thought reading the letter-
  • Ginny: oh! A love letter, who from?
  • Hermione: I haven't the slightest idea...it says secret admirer...I feel like I should be concerned
  • Lavender: I think its romantic
  • Ginny: we should find out who it is!!
  • Hermione: as "romantic" as this may be unless they have the nerve to come to me themselves I'm not interested.
  • Draco: Granger..
  • -Hermione looks up shocked at the sudden intrusion-
  • Draco: Um...-sweats nervously- thisisforyou
  • -throws a single long stem iridescent red rose at Hermione and runs-
  • Hermione: what just happened..
  • Ginny: I think...you broke Draco Malfoy
  • Lavender: this is an interesting development
  • -Hermione smiles and blushes slightly looking at the rose-
  • Hermione: now this is really sweet, awkward and not super romantic, but sweet. I like nervous Draco, breath of fresh air from the arrogance.


“Okay! You guys know the plan?” Stiles whispered to the rest of the pack

“Yes but just so we are clear can you go through it one more time?” Liam asked

“Fine! I’ll shout Y/n for help, she’ll come running in three the door and the bucket of water will fall on her. Simple.” He explained

Scott sighed “Are we sure this is a good idea?”

“Yeah, what if she gets hurt?” Lydia questioned concerned

“Look it will be fine! She may scream but Y/N will laugh it off! This plan is full proof!”

The rest of the pack shared concerned glances between them.


“Ready? 3, 2,1” Stiles counted down

The pack began shouting,




Upstairs you shot up out of bed as soon as you heard the screams. Tripping over your duvet and down the stairs, you burst through the door.

Splash, the water soaked you. Your screaming piercing supernatural ears.
And suddenly your world went black.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Did we kill her?”

“No you idiot! You can hear her heartbeat!”

“I’m sorry! I’m just scared!”

“She’s going to kill us”

You could hear voices arguing around you.

“Shhh! I think she’s waking up” Lydia was trying to quiet everyone

Your eyes fluttered open, meeting the worried gazes of the pack.

“Are you okay!? I told Stiles that you would get hurt!” Scott asked

“I’m fine. What happened?”

Stiles shifted under the gazes of his friends, “urm well I decided to prank you with the bucket full of water, on top of the door but yeah it didn’t go so well. The bucket cut your head and you whacked the floor. Hard. Painfully hard” he winced

“Stiles?” You questioned


“I hate you!”

things that make me emotional in hamilton
  • philip you would like it uptown, it’s quiet uptown
  • have i done enough? 
  • my life is gon’ be fine cause eliza’s in it
  • freedom for america, freedom for france
  • you really do write like you’re running out of time
  • i may not live to see our glory
  • i did exactly as you said pa
  • WASHington is WATCHing from the other side
  • at least i’ll keep his eyes in my life
  • the orphanaaage
  • george washington’s going home
  • with my last idea; i shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world
  • let future historians wonder how eliza reacted when you broke her heart
  • history obliterates, in every picture it paints it paints me and all my mistakes
  • i see george washington smile
  • this man will not make an orphan of my daughter
  • i love my sister more than anything in this life. i will choose her happiness over mine everytime
  • i stop wasting time on tears. i live another fifty years. it’s not enough
  • i don’t want you
  • i have so much work to do
  • why? if not to take deadly aim? 
  • you, you, you
  • i couldn’t seem to die (wait for it) 
  • then i turn and see my sister’s face and she is helpleeess
  • we won !!
  • eliza, do you like it uptown? it’s quiet uptown
  • he will never be satisfied. i will never be satisfied
  • his poor wife
  • i’m willing to wait for it
  • ,
  • he aims his pistol at the sky- WAIT
  • i wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree, a moment alone in the shade, at home in this nation we’ve made
  • i’m not here for you
  • i remember that night, i just might regret that night for the rest of my days
  • hey. best of wives and best of women
  • tens of thousands of people flood the streets, there are screams and church bells ringing
  • america, you great unfinished symphony, you sent for me. you let me make a difference, a place where even orphan immigrants can leave their fingerprints and rise up 
Do I matter that little
Because I matter to myself
And I need you to see that I’m scared and running out of ideas. I can’t do this if you’re not going to help me. I’ve survived a lot and been knocked down
And been hit over the head while being told to smile by some so close to me who used to bring protection on cold and stormy nights and by some I’ve laid my head on that I’ve Met along the way hoping to find peace.
So I will continue to fight because I just don’t know what else to do but I’m slowly realizing that I may be the only one wanting to fight.
And if so and if I matter this little in the eyes of others who should be there to help me, then don’t cast judgment when I give up and then they all look around and wonder where I went because I was gone long before you noticed I was missing.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #81 // @jokerscurve
Hit and Run Chapter 2

Welp. I know I’m very late in posting. I’m really sorry. I’m very slow at writing orz

Thanks to @gays-on-ice​ for letting me bounce ideas for this chapter off of you!

For those of you who haven’t read chapter 1…

AO3 (I’ll post this on AO3 tomorrow!)


This is unbeta’d by the way. Feel free to point out any mistakes you may find!


Chapter 2…

Victor slowly came into awareness, rising towards consciousness slowly, but surely.

“…sorry… couldn’t… save… too severe…”

The figure skater’s brows furrowed, as he tested those words out in his mind.

Couldn’t… save? …who…?

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BTS Reaction: First “I love you.”


He would accidentally say it first. Like you both would be on a date doing something adorable and then he would say say it. He’d then realize what he said and get awkward. He’d be worried you may have scared you off since at that point you hadn’t been dating too long. You’d tell him it’s fine and that you loved him too.

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For some reason I could see him give you a note, no idea why. It would be like a year into your relationship and he’d give it to you then run out of the room before you even opened it. When you read it, it would say something like “I love you, like in love with you. Do you love me to? Check yes or of course.”

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After dating for just under a year he’d tell you he loves you. You and him would just casually be on a walk and he’d just tell you, like he says it all the time.

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After about 10 months of being together, you and Hoseok would be curled up in bed together in silence. The both of you would just say “I love you” at the exact same time. You’d both just stare at each other and laugh.

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I think you both would be on the couch together. You’d been together for about eight months when it happens. I could see him pause the movie and say he needed to say something. When you ask what’s wrong he just says “I’m in love with you.” Then he’d start up the movie again.

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He would would go the extra mile for you. After about 7 months together he’d plan a dinner date with you where he’d tell you he loves you.

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After about a year together I think he’d write a song for you to tell you how he feels. He’d sit you down one night and preform it for you.

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BigBang new MV expectations

GD: Got dressed in the dark. Dyed his hair with KoolAid. Bouncy, Bouncy. Falls on his back shrieking and kicking his legs in the air. What are those? 

Taeyang: Who thought that hairstyle was a good idea? Gold chains, gold chains. Look at ma abs! Sweaty body rolls. Girl, I just want to grab you and spend all night….reading you some bible versus that I think you would enjoy. 

Seungri: I’m Sexy. My concept is sexy. I may be the youngest, but I’m sexy. I’ve been working out! Flips a table,,, Wasn’t that sexy?!?

Daesung: Sunshine, eye smiles, cute puppies and rainbows. OR dark dungeon S&M, there is no in between. 

T.O.P: I’m outside?!? Runs around frantically. Does a hundred cart wheels. Chases a goat. Damn I’m Good!!! 

I was playing around with a spreadsheet timeline for this AU when I looked at the clock and realized I was running out of time to draw something for DeDraMo today. So I figured hey, may as well make use of this spreadsheet! I started going down the line of Fett bros, using a random number generator to give me years. A pretty fun game; maybe I’ll keep going the next time I find myself strapped for drawing ideas. :D


I may not have any actual goals for this year (artistically or otherwise), but I do want to see how many actual cats I can draw Chat as because…reasons.  As a furry, it is my sworn duty to ruin every series I like with furry art. :P

Also feel free to suggest other cats.  Because I’m running out of cats…to draw…not really…but I am sick and super tired and can’t think of more cats other than the ones I’ve got sketched out already (besides these, there’s jaguar, jaguarundi, saber toothed tiger, regular tiger, and snow leopard).

Pt. 2- Jaguarundi, Saber Tooth, Snow Leopard

New Pet | Part 3

Joker x Reader. SMUT

Leave feed back and let me know what you think. I love to write but sometimes I run out of ideas so low key message me and I may use a bit of your input. :D I promise so really smut will be happening soon ;)

WARNING: violence

Word count: 1,573 (a bit shorter than I usually like)


Joker’s backstory

(Joker’s POV)

My dad was a major drug dealer and my mom was never around, I’m honestly not to sure what happen to her., I only had my dad to hang around with. When I was 14 it was late on a Tuesday night and I was lying in bed when I heard a loud bang on the front door. This would happen a lot and I figured my dad would just get it like he usually did. He didn’t. Ten minutes had passed an I hear the front door break and fall to the ground in a loud thud. They had come into our house. I hear them roaming around, some glasses break, and a few gun shots go off. Where was my dad?

I tried to not acknowledge them being there and stayed in my bed, curled up into a ball under my covers. My bedroom door slammed open and I hear the man in my doorway yell down the stairs, “His son is in here boss.” I peer out of the covers and a big man walks into the room. He grabs my shoulder and asked, “Where is your father, son?”

“I’m not sure.” A responded, afraid of the big black figure standing before me.

“I guess you’ll just come with us until we can find him.” He grabs my shoulder pulling me from my bed, throwing me onto the ground. One of his men came over and tied my arms to my legs. Holstering me on to his shoulder, throwing me into the back of a large van and jumping into the back with me, slamming the door shut.

We came to a hard stop and I rolled, hitting my head extremely hard on the metal cage separating the front two seats from the rest of the van. The back doors open and it’s dark outside. I’m not sure where I am but I can see the moonlight reflecting off of a small lake. We were at a small lake house. They drag me inside, causing my back to acquire a bunch of cuts on it. Once inside they tie me down to a chair and knock me out with some sort of drug.

I wake up a few hours later, alone in a grungy, leaky, basement. I can’t see anything, they had a blind fold over my eyes. There is a consistent dripping noise behind me. ‘Please let that just be a leak in the ceiling.’ I say to myself, hoping I’m not bleeding or anything. After an hour of sitting there in fear I hear I loud, squeaky door creak open in front of me. My blind fold gets ripped off and it’s the same man who tore me from my bed at home.

“Say hi to your father,” he grabs my short hair, throwing my head back for the phone’s camera to get a full view of me. “Ask him to come here, alone. Now.” He shouts in my ear as I shiver through the chains, causing them to raddle.

“Dad? Please come. Help me, please. Just you, nobody else or they will kill both of us. They…” I get cut off from the big man punching me in the face.

“That’s enough from you.” He shouts in my face as my cheek starts to bleed from his rings breaking through my skin. He puts the blind fold back over my face and I hear him say, “You have 30 minutes to be here or we will find you and kill you. You know where we are, hurry, before it’s to late.” I hear the phone beep as the recording stops. A swoop sound occurred seconds later, ‘He sent it. Please show up dad.’ I cry to myself. The man hears me crying and tears the blind fold back off, causing my head to fling back. I didn’t have the energy to move my head anymore so it just sat there. “What are you crying for boy? Should I jut kill you right now, that would definitely be quicker!”

My tears stopped quickly, they started to turn into rage. I knew I wasn’t going to let them kill me, I would fight my way out of here. The man looks at me and pushed himself away from me with the help of the chair, growling while exiting the room. All of my energy had been wasted and I fell asleep.

A few hours had pasted and my dad still hadn’t showed up. The door flies open and a man with a bag on his head gets thrown onto the ground by my feet. He had been beaten badly and was covered in blood. I could hear him breathing heavily, like the wind was knocked out of him. The bag gets ripped off of his head by the boss and it was my father. I had never seen him in this much pain and it hurt me to see him this way. He is grunting, holding his stomach while hunched over on the ground. I looked down at him, tears rolling down my face. He wouldn’t look up at me. ‘Was he embarrassed? Was he ashamed?’

“Dad?” I ask to see if I can get anything from him. He puts his arm up and waves me off signaling that he was fine. He wouldn’t answer me though. I’m still not sure why. Before I could try to get any words out of him the men started to hurt him again. This time, worse.

One ripped his head back, exposing his stomach, while the other slammed a baseball bat to his gut. He swung that bat over and over and over and over again. I couldn’t bear to watch. A man held my head still so I had a full view of my father’s beating but I kept my eyes shut tight. I can still remember the awful noises that came from him though, they will always haunt me

When they finally finished my dad was kneeling before me with his hands tied behind his back and blood running from all over his face and body. They made him sit there, starring at me. They knew how much pain it brought both of us to sit and look at each other like this, that’s why they did it.

The boss unties me a yells, “Stand up boy!” I did as I was told, staring down at my father who was looking down at my bare feet. “Take this.” He shoves a pistol my direction, and I refuse to take it, “NOW!” He grabs my hand placing the gun in my palm. “Point it at your father.” I couldn’t, why would he want me to do this. Why does he want us to suffer so horribly.

He nobs his head for one of the guards to come over and “help” me with the unbearable task he had just given me. The man wraps my hands around the gun and held my arms out straight so the gun was resting on the father’s forehead. That is when it hit me. My dad wouldn’t look at me or speak to me because he knew whatever he had done would result in this. He knew that no matter what he did he wouldn’t be able to get himself out of this situation. So he just sat there and took it.

“Pull the trigger.” The boss said while leaning closer to my face. It was like he was trying to temp me into killing my father. He knew I couldn’t do it so he wrapped his hand around mine, squeezing the trigger which was under my finger. I know I didn’t willing kill my father that night, but I seems like I should have been the one to.

Ever since that night the boss took me under his wing. I never got to learn his name or know anything about him but he turned me into what I am today. By the time I was sixteen I enjoyed staying with him, I wanted to stay with him. He had gotten me into a world that I could never escape from. A world that I had turned into my own. He would take me to do business trips with him and I got used to killing people and having someone else clean up my messes. I learned how to get people to do whatever I want, whenever I want just by giving them a look.

Once I hit the age of twenty two he died at one of our business exchanges and my soul became hard, right then, right there. Since I grew up next to him all of his men were used to taking care of me and having my back. All I knew to do was live in this world of crime and violence, so that’s what I did. I kept his men in my life and found some more to keep around.

It’s what I wanted for myself. I wanted to be this villain, I wanted people to know my name, and to tremble when they heard it. To this day I still don’t know why my father got killed that night, but I’m not to mad that he did because it helped me become what I am today. It helped me to become the king of Gotham city and nobody in their right mind messes with the king.

I have a headcanon

And anyone who religiously reads my tags on everything may have found me rambling about this now and then on my main blog. But here is the idea, laid out clearly.

That somewhere in the Galaxy after the war, that there is a group of B1 Battle Droids running a Caff shop. They’re not the best at it, and get yelled at pretty often by mean people, but they make enough credits to keep their little shop open, and to their loyal customers, it’s a fun novelty. Even if the caff isn’t always the greatest. Especially at first.

To curb this issue with them being unable to taste anything, they bring on one biological. A girl, since she applied first! They like that. At first she’s pretty much a taste tester who’s paid to smile at the customers, but over time they begin to settle in with one another and find their groove together.

It’s around then she begins to ask them for simple advice, and they begin to learn tiny bits more about her personal life, which she keeps pretty guarded and to herself. It is afterwards that the droids begin to slowly piece together that she either doesn’t have a good home life, or is maybe not in a good relationship.

So the droids start trying to do their best after work hours with trying to figure out how to best help her, and what advice they can give her on things, because they’ve started caring about her well being and they want to help make things better.

It would totally be a slice of life story, with little dramatic moments happening here and there.

But that’s it. Last night’s episode is possibly the last time I’ll be seeing these guys in any real number interacting with one another (since Roger from the Freemaker’s is on his own), and I wanted to finally write this down.


I mean, I get where they’re going with this and what they’re trying to say, but on the other hand this is a super douche move by green haired girl. Like, you know she likes him, what the fuck?

I didn’t post with the whole conversation, just the end. The whole thing may have helped, I don’t know! But I do have to say I don’t have any issue with her here at all. She asks Home Run straight up how she feels about Violin Boy, and she only hrms and dances around it all. Green-friend is a thousand percent up front though, and what she says is basically: “I like him and have for a while. I think you like him too. You’re my friend and you’ve known him longer, and I think you should act. You’re not admitting anything though, and I’m not waiting any more. This time tomorrow, I’m going to tell him how I feel. Please make sure you don’t regret what you choose to do with that information.”

She could’ve just acted on her own feelings. Home Run’s said and done nothing. It’s only because green-friend is observant and gives a shit about Home Run that she didn’t approach Violin Boy already. She’s giving Home Run literally every opportunity, and going well above and beyond, I feel.

I’ll take directness and honesty, however it hurts, over pushing shit down and letting it fester every single day of the week.


                                           mix of one liners, paragraph threads, and multi-line prose. to be completed over the weekend as i #chill after getting into town on saturday. mutuals may be prioritized but it’s not exclusive to them. no cap, but i’ll stop when i run out of ideas. 

if/then (2.0) - 4

Snow day here in NYC!! So I snuck chapter 3 up a few days ago and promised a swift chapter 4, so here it is. It still needs tweaking but I think is good enough to go for now. A big thanks to those of you still reading, I really appreciate you being along for the ride! Typos are all mine, I’ll fix them eventually…

Previously: part 1, part 2, part 3

Read first if you are new! gutted/sorted and wax/wane…if/then is a continuation of those two.


A niggling murmur prompts Myka’s eyes to open, and she reaches for Helena, but cold, wrinkly sheets greet her where Helena once lay. A whiff of bacon fills her nose, and there’s shuffling in the next room; Helena and Christina must be up, preparing breakfast.

Taking a rare moment for herself, she rolls onto her back and closes her eyes, calling forth the pleasant memories from last night. Aggressions fell away immediately, and as the desire to touch and be touched grew, hands and mouths wandered, eagerly rousing tender spots left unattended for so long. It’s heartening beyond measure their bodies knew what to do; if intimacy proved as difficult as everything else lately, she’d be at a loss for what to do.

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hi all

idk if you all can tell but my mental health has been declining lately. ive been exhausted bc of school + just existing, i dont rlly wanna go into much detail. but what im trying to say is that i may try to avoid my dash so i can Rest™ ? but im not too sure. ill still be available for private messages if youd like because this is the only place i can talk to my gf. you can ask for my discord too if we’re mutuals, however i havent worked out all the details so i have no idea if i will decide to just avoid my dash or my computr as a whole or if i will even avoid my dash at all. ofc my queue will still be running and i may check my dash at least few times a day and rb some fandom posts + queue some aesthetic and just be very silent and i dont know. im just so so tired of everything thats happening and i need a break because its getting very bad. 

tl;dr (is this even that long): elise is very tired and i’m not doing well mentally. i need a break so i may either: a) avoid my dash and just be quiet on here as a whole, b) not be on my computer at all, or c) be on my dash a few times a day to rb fandom posts and queue aesthetic posts, so my blog is still active

In the moonlight filtering through the withered
and forgotten yard that is my garden,
I sleep my nights alone, dreams running wild
in search of that one idea to take root
that I may, pen to paper, give blossom
to fancies hidden deep within my mind.

Of those wonders locked deep within my mind–
the multitude of which drives me wild! –
each and every one refuses to root,
leaving me with an expansive garden
waiting to bloom yet always withering
before I see a single fresh blossom.

I can only stare out at the garden
and hope my mind will not simply wither,
that inspiration find me and blossom
on my paper like jasmine growing wild.
Yet blackness creeps in, a void in my mind
immovable as oak with ancient roots.

Dreaming so, I see her first running wild,
clad in paper-bark skin and few blossoms,
then stepping lightly about my garden.
Just as suddenly I am of single mind
and the words flow, finally laying down roots.
My garden springs to life, nothing withered.

In the way of dreams, I pluck at blossoms
and find she waits for me as if rooted
so that I may capture her in my mind
as long as I may before she withers.
The last words fall to place, no longer wild
while this Calliope walks within my garden.

Harsh I awake to sun parched soil and root.
My dreams, a cracked hardpan within my mind,
crumble away – not dead, but withering.
Then I see, outside, a single blossom
giving life to the heart of my garden;
on my desk, this poem, titled simply–


i’m trying to figure out what this all means and i feel like this just shows that we will not get the full episode at the end of a countdown….however we may get bits like i thought? at least that’s the coolest way to do it imo
because the moles and shit are their way of seeing if we would play along, right?
then the website is their way of seeing what we can figure out/if we’ll play along?
but all we’ve done is …idk notice things? research? it’s like this is the test run not the real thing
now if they saw if we can play and then are gonna do my idea of clips with clues that lead to more clips until we have a full episode then this makes more sense to me 👀


::I wasn’t quite sure of what you wanted in this imagine, but I hope you like it requester!:: 


Warning: The descriptive wording of some scenes may make ya gag, just so you know.

              You were a lone wolf, not because of the way you acted, nor was it that you’d done something wrong. Although you always felt like it was your own fault. One day you had the idea to run out into the city from your forest, you were the pack’s best, a climber that could scale the buildings that humans had made. You’d never kill one, as afraid of you as they’d be It was without reason, as they would associate you with the Blood Pack. They would only do so with you as your wolf form was nearly as big as a horse, but never made a sound accept for small scratches of nails on wall sides. You were the only Dire Wolf of the pack, you weren’t the leader, but you liked it that way. With your freedom you could always run through the town without needing a battle plan to get out. To other packs you were known as The Blur. A mass of (H/C) that would whiz by like a gust of wind.

             Always having your morning run, you enjoyed it until there were too many humans moving around. You’d risked it in jumping around even longer, hours later you finally decided to head back to the lodge hidden in the Angeles National Forest. It was near the most breath taking waterfall, but even that couldn’t hide the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh from you. It wasn’t another kill no, the leader always kept his promises to give the pack their times off. It was easier that way as you were one of the more peaceful groups. You weren’t a tribe no, none of that cliche, rip off your shirt, kinda of people. You were a mix of races and personalities, and you were family all the same. 

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