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Points from the new Overwatch comic, “Uprising”

Two points really, because they were the ones I care the most about.

1. Genji

GENJI. I can’t even deal with how he looks. It really gives us a peek at what actually happened and for fanfiction and art purposes, shows us what he looked liked pre-Overwatch fall. What’s with the red eyes? Something to do with Blackwatch, as the symbol’s on his chest?


Do you see it?

“Blackwatch under scrutiny after complain from Japanese government”

THAT. I’m going out on a limb, because I am a shameless McHanzo shipper who will ship it until my dying day, but think about this:

Lore says that shortly (not sure how long) after Genji helped Overwatch bring down the Shimada Empire, he abandoned Overwatch, at war with himself. To take the Empire down, they would need information. What if Genji wasn’t able to give them enough information about the inside runnings of the Empire to take them down? What if Blackwatch (undercover) had to be sent in to gather information? Meaning, JESSE MCCREE AND GABRIEL REYES IN JAPAN, SCOUTING OUT THE SHIMADA EMPIRE. JESSE MCCREE IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO HANZO SHIMADA. All those fics could potentially be true! Of course, something would have happened to warrant the Japanese government filing a formal complaint against Blackwatch.

I love lore, but I do admit I may be missing pieces or knowledge that may disprove my giddy idea about young!Jesse McCree and young!Hanzo Shimada interacting. If I am wrong about anything I said or implied, I would love to know. I really love McHanzo too. :3


Hey anon, I’m like. SUPER fond of this crossover ok?? I actually drew it a little already! It’s actually BECAUSE of a Mob Psychonauts crossover that I discovered Psychonauts! If I never reblogged that art way back when, and if Xi didn’t explain it more to me, I would have probably never played this wonderful game! ;v; 

That crossover was a “what if Psychonauts came to Mob’s world”, which I do love, but I wanted to try it in the opposite direction here :’D I tried real hard not to draw stuff for it coz HECK I HAVE ALOT OF AUS BUT here are some short dumb comics and my attempt at Black Velvetopia! Raz and Mob ;7;


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Little Hands | Ivar Lothbrok

Tagging: @heathen-army


Words: 2000+

Pairing: Ivar/Reader

Rating: Teen 

Warnings: Swearing, childbirth, pregnancy, breastfeeding 


If Ivar could walk, he would be pacing to wear a hole in the floor; you were sure of it. He sat next to you on your shared bed, one hand on the top of your swollen stomach and the other clasped firmly around your own. You watched the worry etch into his pale features, his fingers grasping yours so tightly they were beginning to go numb. You brought your free hand to his face, gently smoothing the wrinkles that had settled in above his brow with your thumb.

“Ivar, my dear husband, will you please relax?” He scoffed but loosened his death grip on your fingers to allow you some relief. You sighed as he possessively rubbed over your stomach as if trying to calm the small child inside with just his touch. You had been feeling the tightening of your womb for several days but early this morning your waters had broken, throwing Ivar into a fit of worry and anguish.

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GenjiCat & TPG (!?)

Hey guys! Per my last post - GenjiCat will run as a miniseries on TPG, updating Fridays. TPG’s regular comics will continue to update Sundays and Wednesdays.

I know Overwatch/video games are not everybody’s cup of tea, so this may be  weird for some of y’all! Just know that I only predict 10 or so more eps of GenjiCat before I run out of ideas, so it didn’t make sense to me to make whole new accounts and everything across all my websites.

In fact, let’s make that a formal promise: if we hit Ep. 15 on GenjiCat and I still want to make more, I’ll craft new accounts and separate GC from TPG :)

For now, If you don’t like GenjiCat, just ignore my updates on Fridays and thank you for being patient, tolerant beings!  After drawing TPG for 2 years straight, I’ve been feeling the itch to take on new projects, so this has been really fun and totally renews my excitement to draw comics every day <3 <3

I hope everyone else enjoys the lil dose of cute!



Fairy Tales; 12 Dancing Princesses

At the height of prohibition, 12 daughters from a straight politician sneak out every night to go to the speakeasies. When he asks for the public’s help, their shoemaker decides he can figure out the mystery.  Getting their Father’s agreement, he follows them to underground hideaways all run by the same crime boss. He starts to realize there is more going on than even the girls may realize, and it may be up to him and their youngest sister to save them.

startled states and supposed studying - peter parker

Originally posted by shirokirito-sao

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Prompt list #9: “Walking in on me naked is not my idea of fun! I don’t care what you say!”

Warnings: Language

Requested: Yes @chloeemeadowss

Okay, so many people requested #9 and #2 so I will just combine ones with really similar prompt numbers:) hope you like this!



“Okay, I’ll see you in thirty,” Peter clarified before you hung up the phone.

Tonight Peter was coming over to study with you for your chemistry test you had tomorrow. It was worth twenty percent of your grade and of course that terrified you. Especially due to the fact that for the last couple of days, every word that rolled off your teachers tongue confused the hell out of you. Your brain wracked for hours trying to figure out what the hell a dumbbell was or how many sets of orbitals there were in a 2p orbital. You brain couldn’t figure out your way around it. But, you knew someone whose could.

Your best friend Peter. He was the most intelligent person you knew, and if him coming over to help you doing the one thing you loathed meant you two hanging out together, then so be it. And the best part was, he didn’t mind helping you, he actually enjoyed watching you concentrate on your homework, eyebrows furrowing together in confusion as your bottom lip was grabbed by your teeth, his insides fluttering.

So, knowing that he would be over in thirty minutes, you decided to take a shower before he arrived. You knew that you’d be up extremely late studying, too late to not fall asleep in the shower, so you took one early. You could easily take one in enough time before Peter got here.

Or so you thought.

What you didn’t know was that Peter was already on his way over. After your previous phone call, May had told him that she wasn’t going to be able to make it dinner, leaving Peter alone for the rest of the night. So, he decided to come over early to surprise you, thinking that maybe once you got your work done, you could watch a movie afterward.

But the only problem to that idea was that you had no idea that he was coming early. You expected him to be on time, walking through your bedroom door as you began to sit down and start to arrange your books and spirals, etc. While he planned on walking in on you doing the exact same thing, sitting quietly at your desk as you began your lengthy study mission.

Well, both of you were wrong.

You stepped out of the shower, leaning over, yanking the towel off the rack before wrapping it around your body. Heavily sighing from the absence of the hot, comforting water running down your tense body, you lean over towards your vanity, checking your phone for the time.

7:10 P.M. popped up on the screen once you pressed the home button, turning your music you had playing while showering up, realizing Peter will be here in fifteen minutes, which was plenty of time for you to get ready and hangout before he arrived. You sat your phone back down, wrapping the towel tighter around your frame as you faced the mirror. You took your comb, yanking your tangled hair hard, wincing at the slight pain. After you finished, you dropped your towel, on the bathroom floor, searching for clean clothes to put on.

Fuck. You forgot to grab them off your bed.

You internally sigh, bending down to grasp your dirty clothes in one hand, your phone in the other, whilst still trying to keep the towel around your body from slipping.

But as all of this is taking place inside the bathroom, Peter was already sitting in the chair that paired with your desk, waiting for you to come out of the bathroom. His new balances toed your carpeted floor, turning around slowly in the chair, patiently waiting due to the fact that he was early and knowing you couldn’t hear his presence walk in due to your loud music.

Groaning, you grasp your doorknob tightly, attempting to yank the door open with your cluttered hands and make your way to your bed quickly without dropping anything.

Well, that plan failed.

As soon as the door swung open, you were not expecting to see a teenage boy plopped down front and center in your chair in the middle of your room. Your instincts got the best of you as your startled state basically jumped ten feet backwards, dropping your phone in the process.

Oh, and your towel.

Suddenly, all you could see was Peter’s startled expression stare right back at you, your mind flooding with the sudden thought of what state you were being presented in.

Your towel was pooled around your legs, your phone accompanied next to it, as the cold air hit every part of your exposed body. You stood frozen like a dear in headlights, unable to process anything at this point.

Peter’s eyes tried so damn hard, so fucking hard, not to scale your exposed figure standing perfectly in front of him. But, his cheeks tinged bright red and his eyes moved from your eyes to your backside daringly, but quickly shooting back up to your eyes. You caught his game and felt your entire body at this point become red. Peter’s mouth gaping like a fish out of water woke you from your startled state, bending down so fast to pick up your towel you thought your head was spinning. In a split second your body went from exposed to covered, heart beating a mile a minute.

Your dropped your dirty clothes in a pile next to you, securing the towel around your body completely, running your shaky hand through your hair, “Peter what the hell are you doing here?” you hollered at him.

His open mouth took a while to close before stuttering out with shock, “Y/N, I was going to surprise you! May couldn’t be at dinner so I left early!” he rushed out.

You rolled your eyes exasperatedly, not having his excuse. He shook his head at you, signalling that he should probably get his ass out of there, “Well this was the idea of fun I had in mind.”

He then slapped himself upside the head, his hormones taking over his conscience, “O-Oh, I didn’t mean that. I meant to say-”

“Walking in on me naked is not my idea of fun! I don’t care what you say!” you yelled, yanking the clean clothes from your bed, darting towards Peter, pointing a finger at him and then the desk, a signal to sit down and get started.

He blushed deeply, giving you an awkward thumbs up before you slammed the bathroom door shut as he muttered every cuss word from A-Z in his head, attempting to get his hormones in check and the image of your naked figure out of his mind.

Family Approval

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Prompt: "If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple.“

“So you’re going to steal it?” you asked the five criminals sitting in front of you. It wasn’t that you had a problem with it, you wouldn’t be hanging around criminals if you did, you just wanted to make sure you were clear on the plan.

“Why do you keep bringing your girlfriend to these things, Quill?” Rocket looked up at him, his arms crossed.

“What? You came barging in here yelling how you knew what your birthday present to yourself was going to be this year!” Peter threw his arms out angrily.

“Whatever.” Rocket waved him off. “Yeah, we’re going to steal it. But they stole it first. We’re bringing balance to the universe.”

“I don’t think that’s how that works but ok.”

“While we are there, we can steal some of their weapons and give them to the people so that they may defend themselves against any further attacks from these men,” Gamora suggested.

“That’s a good idea.” Peter leaned forward to inspect the blueprints Rocket had provided.

“So now you’re Robin Hood and the merry men?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Gamora is not a man,” Drax pointed out.

“And you’re not so merry, big guy.” Peter gave the specs one last look, before returning his attention to Rocket. “Do you have a plan?”

“It’s a pretty easy to get into. We can just knock most the guards out and I can hack the doors easy.”


“But we may run into a problem here,” The raccoon hopped of his seat so that he could point to the area he was talking about. There was a small blurb of information connected to the area by a short line. “There is a security team here. Hard skulls. Ya know, if you let me buy-”

“I already told you, we don’t have that kind of money,” Peter said dismissively.

If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple.“ You leaned back slightly, bringing your foot up to rest on the opposite leg. “I’ve been on this planet for awhile. I know the species. They may be hard to knock out, but pretty easy to kill, if you know what you’re doing. Don’t even need that fancy weapon Pete won’t letcha buy.”

Rocket looked up at you, clearly shocked. “I change my mind, Quill. You should bring her to more of these things.”

“I am Groot.”

“I don’t care. I like her plan.”

“We made a promise to the Nova man not to kill anymore people,” Drax spoke up.

“Guys, relax. I was joking. I’m not gonna help you kill anyone.”

“Were you serious about knowing the species though?” Peter looked at you.

You smiled at him. “Not only that, but I know this group specifically. They’re a highly skilled group of fighters that you can hire as security for the right price. They typically work in teams of five to ten.” Leaning forward and resting your arms on your legs, you looked at the blueprints. “If you can get me into their computer system, I could probably tell you the fighting style and strengths and weaknesses on the team working the day you plan on breaking in. Once you know that, you should be able to incapacitate them.” Pulling your attention away from the blueprints, you were suddenly very aware of the looks you were currently receiving.  “I, uh, worked at a bar by their…” You paused searching for what to call it. “Training facility. Get a man drunk enough and you can find out his whole life story.”

“I agree with Rocket,” Gamora looked from you to Peter. “You should bring her to more of these.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” he smiled at you.

How To Engage Your Players

I’ve been thinking about how lately how to engage players at the table when running a campaign as it’s a problem I’ve definitely had in the past. I don’t believe in the whole, in-game punishment concept, so here are some ideas on how to solve that problem and keep things fun.

Give Your PC Purpose!/Involve Them Into the Story

A lot of times in larger groups, certain PCs tend to grab more of the spotlight than others. This leaves other players feeling left out or unimportant. So the best way may be to simply give them more involvement in the story in a unique or dramatic way. Feeling important or vital to the narrative can really boost engagement. Suddenly after saving the Queen of a foreign kingdom, your Fighter is now an honorary knight of the kingdom and gain a small militia that will assist you in battle whenever you call upon them for aid. Or perhaps your party has been captured by band of powerful thieves, but rather than killing you all outright, they strike a deal with your Rogue to steal a highly dangerous magical item. Another option could be a PC gains some magical ability or object that empowers them, but makes them highly sought after by others.

“My Character Sucks”

Related to the ideas above, sometimes the problem isn’t just getting more involved in the story, but that they have issues with their PC. Perhaps their character isn’t useful or powerful enough. Good fixes for this, magic items. Giving players magic items, not even necessarily Rare or Legendary items can help make them feel more powerful or useful, as long as they don’t have a huge advantage over the other players this may work just fine. Or perhaps your player is running a class that feels relatively weak. The Beast Master archetype for Ranger in 5th edition is honestly quite lacking in many ways. My personal fix for this was giving the Ranger more feats from the Hunter archetype (or possibly making their companion creature stronger/more flexible to use in combat).

“My Character Sucks Part II”

Now if your player is losing interest simply because they don’t LIKE their character, there are two choices they can make. 1.) Have them roll a new character and retire the old one. It’s simple, and gives them a chance to try out a new class and have some fun. But this isn’t always great for narrative purposes and can be a lot more work for YOU. Or quite possible this just won’t solve the issue. So that leaves you with the other choice. 2.) Make the character dynamic. Characters can become boring because they are static, they refuse to change and grow stale. This is often why characters in novels are dynamic characters, they need to change to feel real and remain interesting. Or maybe the character is just a huge asshole. Either way, evolving their character gives them a chance to grow and evolve their character in an exciting way. This could also be something they can work out with you as the DM (which should be less work than writing in a new party member)

One Special Moment/Everybody Gets to be a Star!

I often try to make sure each player has at least one special moment per session (although I’m not always the greatest at it..). As I mentioned above, some players may take a larger control over the narrative or action. Making sure each player has a specific moment crafted for them or their character can be challenging but very rewarding.

Active Engagement

This one seems like an easy one but a DM has to keep track of a LOT of things. I believe your players should be your number one priority. Whenever you see a player seems to be feeling left out or receding into the background, try engaging them by asking their character questions either as the DM or even as an NPC. How does their PC feel about the current situation? What are they doing while the party gets hammered in the tavern? Do they notice something the others don’t? Roll Perception.

Active Engagement (Among Players)

To add onto the idea above, ask your more active players to encourage roleplay and decision making between each other, especially when another player seems to be left out. This can help immensely. Creating strong ties between PCs too can help create a unique and fun dynamic that is not only interesting for the story but can also keep everyone involved.

Removing Cell Phones & Other Distractions

Most everyone keeps their cell phones on hand, so texting, snapchatting, tweeting, etc. can be pretty distracting. Obviously all of these can be used correctly and politely, but I’m sure we’ve all seen players who take this over the top. I had a player who spent nearly an entire session playing an app game, barely looking up except to do something ridiculous or hazardous to the party simply because THEY were “bored.” Taking away one person’s phone is pretty controlling and could even be embarrassing for your friend. So instead, offer that everyone put their phone’s in a bucket when you start playing to keep everyone totally involved in the game. Your own phone as well if you don’t use it for the game. Only times you’re allowed to take them out is when you take a break or need to look something up. (Oh and emergencies too, of course. And ordering pizza)

Discourage Out of Game Discussion

It can difficult to immerse yourself in the game if everyone keeps interrupting the game to talk about their plans for the weekend or a funny picture they saw on Twitter that everyone NEEDS to see. If this is a problem for your players, make sure to include an appropriate amount of breaks while having a session.

Talk To Your Players

If all of the above don’t seem to be working, the best option may be just to simply talk to them. Outside of the game, ask your player(s) what’s preventing them from engaging or involving themselves with the game. There are an infinite number of reasons why, a direct conversation can help bring these reasons to light and give you a chance to work on them. Meet your players half-way. You may want to talk to them directly right away or give them a few sessions to see if the issue resolves itself.

What If None of That Works?

Chances are, maybe this just isn’t the right campaign for your player. Worst case scenario, they just aren’t interested in D&D. This isn’t necessarily a reflection on your DM'ing abilities. It all comes down to personal taste.

Also keep in mind not every player enjoys the game in the same ways. Some players are engaged with the story, but just prefer taking a backseat and watching the others, participating when they feel. This isn’t bad, as long as someone is helping drive the story. I also have tons of players who like to doodle while playing but still remain heavily active and engaged in the campaign. Even cell phone use isn’t a problem for me, especially during combat. In the end, it all comes down the individual. Make sure you get to know your players and what works for them and what doesn’t!

This is all just personal opinion so feel free to add your own ideas by reblogging and adding ideas!

Reason #64 why I love BuckyNat

The way they look out for each other.

Black Widow - The Name of the Rose (2010)

One of Nat’s dark secrets was revealed and she went on the run, alone. Hunted by just about everybody, SHIELD included. Who turned up to offer his help?

Captain America: Prisoner of War (2011)

Complicated things happened and Bucky ended up in a gulag. After enduring it for far too long, he escaped during a riot. And who was there to make sure he didn’t end up dying in the snow?

Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of BuckyBarnes (2012)

Even back when they were a part of the Red Room, their masters couldn’t stop Nat from going against orders and helping Bucky out.

Black Widow (2014-15)

After their relationship was erased from Nat’s memory and she was freelancing, who just happened to drop by?

(While he had a legit excuse for the first time, this wasn’t the only time he popped up during that run. He explicitly kept an eye on her and stepped in when she needed him to.) She may not have asked for his help, but when has that ever stopped either of them?

Black Widow (2016-17)

And when Nat was out in the cold (again), who watches over her (again)?

In conclusion


Business and Pleasure - Part 18

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 2,059

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I’m so so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this written, guys. I’m in my last semester of college and these last few weeks have been absolute hell. I’m slowly trying to catch up with life, while also trying to just make it through finals alive. Anyway, I’m not super thrilled with how this chapter came out, but I feel like I owe it to you guys to at least post it. I’m sorry if it’s not up to my usual standards, but I’m doing my best. Hopefully by the next chapter, I’ll be back to being my usual self. 

Originally posted by wishyouwereherexox

“Y/N? Are you almost ready doll? We should get going. The appointment’s in an hour and you know how unpredictable traffic can be around this time,” Bucky smiled at you from the doorway, watching as you pulled on your shoes.

“Yup! Just let me grab my purse and I’ll be ready to go!” You nodded, blushing slightly as you felt his eyes trailing over your figure.

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Pizza Boy

Originally posted by dailymarvel

warnings: making out? Fluff

word count: 1257

summary: Peter works as a pizza delivery boy and he delivers a pizza at your sleepover. Michelle wants to help you out by ordering two pizzas (individually) so you can talk to him.

a/n: I haven’t written in awhile. If it sucks I’m so sorry.

Anyone who has been in high school knows that the last few weeks of the year is probably the worst. There is studying (your ass off) and stressing over tests that probably would not even matter in the future.

So, of course, you and your friends decided to have a sleepover after school was finished for the summer. You all decided to have the sleepover at your house since they all loved the food you make.

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Secret Daughter (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

 Summary: For her own safety Y/N Stark does not exist, but Tony could really use his daughters’ help in recruiting a one, Peter Parker.

A/N: Honestly, stark!reader fics are my favorite to read and write. Will either add one more part or make it a series (woo!)

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: None that I can think of…


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Get Help

So it’s obvious that they have done this numerous times before and probably as kids/young adults. Were they in so much danger that their lives were at risk? Or were they just trying to get out some kind of fight where Thor may have boasted too much about his prowess or Loki went and insulted the wrong person? These are the burning questions I have that need answering.

Because all that’s running through my head is them surrounded by enemies trying to figure out an opening to their advantage. Since this was probably pre Mjolnir,  Loki probably whispered something like: “throw something at them!”

And Thor being a good bro likes that idea and can see that working very well. So he just picks up Loki and chucks him at their enemies while Loki screams “NOT ME, YOU IDIOT!”


Hey hello, so I’m feeling smart today and have been thinking about some theories, or maybe just observations?? I mean idek what this posts is so let’s just beging.. get cozy ladies and gentleman this is me using my brains: 

Originally posted by vivihun

So the intro to Power is as followsi hope i got it right jskjsksj  + my weird analysis

“The Universe has transformed, distorted space has been re-assemblebled, warped time has been reset, and the unpurified red force -incomprehensible, kind of like bruised or induced?- two suns with darkness… oh wait, this isn’t the right place for today, is it? hmm nah, not here, oh cute but not here…”

Naturally, it talks about the red forces and we can see someone with their hands wide open in a dark cloak, two suns losing their brightness.

Now it obviously is someone signifying the red forces but what surprised me is that its cloak is really similar to the one the boys used in Mama. 

And, like Mama, it talks about two suns which only means there are two fairly similar parallel universes. And Mama also talks about time, remember: “the legends hereby divide the three in half and hide each side, hence time is overturned and space turns obscure…” and then it goes onto how the legends divided and created two suns that look alike and careless careless shoot anonymous

there are two suns, TWO SUNS, what we saw in Power, but what is so odd is that it mentions how time is reset and the space re-assembled, you would think that is good right? but I suppose it only happens when the legends come together, and remember, the suns are still dark and the red forces unpurified. meaning it hasn’t ended, I assume the war with the red forces, so either time and space are worst than before or they’re starting to get better.

But there’s something else, it says the red forces are unpurified so that means they were pure once right? or that they can become pure… which brings me to this: maybe Baekhyun is the one trying to purify them. Them or whatever turns dark. Why? Because he’s light.

Originally posted by luedeer

And doesn’t he always sacrifice himself? We saw it in the MAMA performance actually called the sacrifice. Baekhyun is the only one whose light didn’t turn blue, wasn’t purified. his was red, he was the sacrifice.

And in Monster he’s the one that helps them out too, he’s undercover and seems to hold a “high position”, I would say, in the side of whoever captured exo, and he risked it anyway, to help them free 

Originally posted by bucheonqt

But it could also mean another thing. Maybe Exo really did become “monsters”, as in they turned dark and kind of evil, and Baekhyun releasing them represents him “purifying” them. Which brings me onto something else, which is so stupid but whatever let me think for once  ..maybe Exo can become evil too, like the red forces (or are they the red forces???) and that’s why the red forces want them. That’s why Baekhyun protects them, maybe because he’s light and can never be devoured by darkness. 

Also in Power, at the end, he’s falling.

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

Does that mean he sacrificed himself then, too?  And, did you see that key??? I may be a little crazy and I may or may not have been crying at the end of the MV but I saw it .

And you know what it looks like?

That’s right my type the fucking caduceus, symbol of a doctor. And what is a doctor? A healer. And who is a haler? Lay. And what is Lay? Yixing. And what Is Yixing? Love. And what is love?? OT-FUCKING-9

OKAY maybe I went a bit overboard but there’s a possibility!!! But why the key? Is Yixing the key? (not actually lmao) Or is he trapped somewhere and that is the key that’ll set him free.? And if it is, who trapped him? The red forces?? And is that why Baekhyun feel back to earth I guess?? To get him back?? 

Anyway, moving on after the intro…

Which I really liked , let’s show some love to the intro!! Well, the narrator said something like this isn’t the right place for today and moved on to show different scenes. 

This had me thinking. Maybe each of Exo’s songs is from a different, parallel universe/planet and that’s why they’re so diverse. How awesome is that? They can jump from one reality to another, I guess, so may be Wolf will have a comeback :’) Gasp. maybe that’s why some songs have some elements from anothers (cbx in the one and ka ching), because they’re a very similar reality to the original one! that or sm is running out of ideas lmao jk I love 

So then there’s the tunnel and claw like machine

Now the part of the tunnel thingy I dONT understand much? I mean, like the point of it? idk but it was really cute and well made kudos and let’s appreciate.

However, the machine. mhmmm is it suppose to signify the red forces? I mean it was red. 

And there’s more. The machine, in it’s claw, it had their orbs of power. And it used them.

Does that mean that the red forces found a way to activate their powers? Are the spheres the powers though. Or do the guys just need them to activate them? 

And it’s funny, how they used the guns and just shot everywhere. and I mean everywhere, it seemed they didn’t know how to used them.

Originally posted by exoturnback

I mean, he almost shot Kyungsoo lmao.

But then there’s Kai…

Originally posted by intokai

he knows what he’s doing and he looks damn good doing it huhuh. And I think it’s maybe because his power (teletransportation) doesn’t usually aid him in battle other than defense so he normally uses weapons while the others use their powers. hence the others look wrecked af (and cute af)

There’s more. remember that I said the machin had the orbs? Well why didn’t he have Baekhyun’s? Is it really because he’s light? 

My mom helped me out a bit on this one lmao. I think the cat is Baekhyun’s “orb”, that’s why the machine didn’t have it and it said in the teasers it couldn’t be retrieved. 

Now the cat

The kitten had an L in it. Many think it’s for Lay, and it could be but I’m holding to my idea about the key lmao. There’s the theory that the kitten represents us, ExoL. And if yes, that’s SO FREAKING CUTE. 

Originally posted by grinding-on-baek

you see that fucking look and smile istg he was thinking about exoL like that one time in the take you home mv this idiot melts my heart hskdkajdh

Get this.. the kitten is Baekhyun’s orb, it’s his light. Is that supposed to mean we, ExoL, are Baekhyun’s (and exo’s) light? And if it does, maybe that has something to do with For Life I know crazy, but remember when Chanyeol enters in that room?

Originally posted by pathkode

It’s suddenly full of lights I believe used to represent our lightsticks and, in turn, us!

There’s also this funny think my mom said. When the kitten presses the button

she said it’s like when you play a game in an arcade and it’s funny because Power is all about character cards and that.

So maybe Exo’s just playing a game with their avatars lmao that’s so random

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ANYWHO… That’s been long and quite long omggg sORRY but what I do want to say is please do appreciate Power, it’s fresh and light and different and beautiful, not to mention, I do believe our boys had a blast while recording the MV and are very proud of it, we should be too!!

Stream Power.

Cry to Sweet Lies.

Party to Boomerang. 

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nsfw mentions such as : blood, death, murder, threats, sexual themes may be present.

*   SEASON   ONE   :                                             
  • “   You’re so weird,  _____.  But I like it.   
  •    This is the part where you leave.   
  •    It’s important for me to understand people’s motivations.   ”
  •   Do you worship the Devil?   ”
  •    Are you a werewolf or what?   
  •    There are no tracks.  
  •   Stay out of the way and let nature takes it course.   
  •    There’s no way to help him/her/them, even if we knew who it was?   
  •   What are you not telling me?   
  •    Nobody needs your fucking money.   
  •   I’m highly medicated.   
  •    How many funerals have you been to?   
  •   WHAT IF we stop beginning sentences with those two words?   
  •   I’m just saying, there’s the right way then there’s the foolish way.  
  •    Guys…  look,  it’s baby bump and teen wolf.   
  •    Nobody gives a shit what happens out here,  ‘cept us,  right?   
  •    Do you have any idea what we may be looking for?   
  •    Let’s split up,  I’ll go this way.   
  •    Pull the trigger. Find out.   
*   SEASON   TWO   : 
  • “   You can say what you want.  
  •   Everyone has secrets locked behind closed doors somewhere.  
  •   It’s been a while, _____. I thought you forgot about me.   ”
  •   First you pay then we play.  ”
  •   I’m not interested in damaged goods.   
  •   How about someone who might be a type A?  
  •   I knew there was a reason why I hated everything about him/her/them.   
  •   You are hungry, aren’t you?   
  •   The thirst came right along with you, there’s no running from it.   
  •    I would give anything, ANYTHING, not to be your son/daughter.   
  •   You,  ______,  are anything but normal.   
  •    Before you fuck things up for all of us, come to me.   
  •   I know exactly what you are.   
  •   ______ is a whole pile shit of evil you don’t begin to understand.  
  •   If you hurt him/her, I will put so much pain on you, you will never get well.   
  •   It will end very badly for you if you don’t.   
  •   I am going to feed your child. Unless, you want to do it.   
  •   I was with _____ and yes, we slept together.  
  •    Where would we be without our secrets?   
*   SEASON   THREE   : 
  • “   I have a special gift for defining assholes.   
  •   Why me?  Why not go to the police?   
  •    I gotta know, otherwise, I can’t do my job.   ”
  •   I will do everything in my power to protect you from him/her/them.  
  •   It’s just us now, so we got to look out for each other.   
  •   You destroyed my life’s work.   
  •   There’s something their not telling me.   
  •   Anything I come up with, you’ll be the first to know.   
  •   What’s wrong?  Shut it down.  
  •   I know it hurts, he/she/they left me to, you know.   
  •   Find it in your heart to forgive him/them/her, I’m not quite there yet.   
  •    You say that like it’s a bad thing.   
  •   Are you really going to answer that?   
  •   It’s going to be ugly and I’m going to have to live with it.  
  •   It doesn’t work like that. I’m sorry, I can’t help you.   
  •   It will end very badly for you if you don’t.  
  •   You said you didn’t want to be involved, considered yourself not involved.   
  •   You had nothing, you were nothing, you want to step to me, motherfucker?  
  •   I promise you, we’re going to get out of here, alright?   

Bts Reaction - helping you with insomnia


You don’t mean to wake anyone else up when you start rummaging through the dorm’s kitchen cupboards, looking for some teabags or some sort of malted hot drink or whatever  you can scrounge.  You’ve been not-sleeping on their sofa-slash-futon, and even though it’s not that comfortable you know it’s not the bed that’s keeping you up.  You’d probably be having exactly the same issue at home - except at home you already know where the mugs are, where the spoons are, and you wouldn’t have ridiculous tears of frustration springing from your eyes as you let another kitchen cupboard slam.  

You hear a familiar voice call your name, and turning on the spot you can just about make out Jin’s silhouette in the darkness, slowly becoming illuminated in the lamplight of the kitchen.  He looks adorable in his jammies, black hair a mess, rubbing his sleepy eyes.  

You wipe your eyes hastily, not wanting your crush to see you looking quite so pathetic but knowing that the puffiness of your eyes will probably give you away anyway.

“Can’t sleep?” Jin asks, leaning on the kitchen counter with a yawn, diplomatically not mentioning your disgustingly runny nose.  

“Not so much,” you reply, trying to hide your face behind the sleeves of your sweater, lest he see what a mess you are.  “Sorry if I woke you - I was trying to make a drink but I don’t know where you keep anything.”  Jin perks up, straightening and immediately putting the kettle on to boil.

“I can do that for you.  Go sit, I’ll make some coco.”  He smiles kindly at you, thankfully turning away before he can see the blush on your cheeks.  You go back to your futon and sit, waiting, watching him potter about the kitchen contentedly.  

“Thanks Jin.”  You take one of the two mugs he was holding in both your hands and sink back, surprised when he sits himself next to you, so close that it makes your heart flutter nervously.  You sit and chat and drink your coco quietly, falling into silence once Jin puts something mindless on the TV for you to both watch, bizarrely reluctant to return to his own bed.  

Before you know it he’s nodded off beside you, his broad shoulders slumping against you, his head slowly falling to the side until it’s leant on top of yours.  Although it initially makes your pulse race to have so much contact with the object of your affections, the soft, slow sound of his breathing eventually calms you and lulls you into a deep, peaceful sleep.  

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As someone that suffers with insomnia, it never fails to frustrate you just how easily Yoongi falls asleep.  You know it’s because he works so hard, with all those long hours in his studio, but it’s not as if you laze around all day either.  You sigh at the sight of him sleeping next to you, so peaceful and content that you can’t help but feel a stab of envy - something you then immediately feel guilty for afterwards.  Your insomnia is by no means his fault, and you wouldn’t ever wish this on anyone else either, so it’s better that he sleeps so soundly, even when you can’t.  

You don’t know where they come from exactly, but suddenly tears start falling from your eyes, sliding sideways down your face and dampening the pillow underneath, chin trembling as you try to keep them in.  You swear you don’t make a sound, but you must have done, because one of Yoongi’s eyes unexpectedly opens, squinting at you in the dark.  

“Not sleeping again?” he asks, his voice hoarse through disuse.  You nod sadly, more tears spilling down your cheeks as you screw up your eyes, overcome with frustration.  While they’re still closed you feel Yoongi get up, his weight leaving the bed, and for a second you think he must’ve gone off to sleep somewhere else, annoyed with you for waking him up, but no.  He’s turned on some music; it’s classical, soft and gentle, and totally unexpected.  

Opening your eyes you see Yoongi slipping back into bed, pulling the covers up and over the two of you as he lies down close.  

“This usually helps when I can’t sleep.  Just keep trying.  It’ll happen eventually.”

“Since when can’t you ever sleep?”  you smile sarcastically, wiping your tears, and Yoongi just rolls his eyes at you, corner of his lips twitching into a smile too.  

“Shut up,” he huffs, feigning annoyance, but you just keep on smiling as you lean closer to him and steal a kiss, letting it linger.  Yoongi has a soft look in his eyes when you pull away, but then he turns over and shuffles right back so his back is pressed to your chest, draping your arm over him so that he’s the little spoon.  “Love you,” he whispers into the dark, and you smile against the space between his shoulder blades, pressing another kiss there.

“Love you too.”  

Eventually, comforted by the scent of his skin and the warmth of his slender body in your arms, you drift off to the gentle sound of oboes and violins.  You hate it when Yoongi’s right, but on this occasion you’re glad he is.  

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You toss from side to side in bed, huffing frustratedly as you stare up the ceiling, feeling like the darkness of the night and the silence of the room is just mocking your inability to fall asleep.  You flip onto your front, smacking your pillow for being too hot, too lumpy, and then kicking your legs against the mattress as you let out of a muffled wail into the bedcovers, throwing a tantrum like a toddler.  You’re even crying now, for heaven’s sake, so tired that your eyes are stinging, your whole body aching.  

“Babe?  What’s going on?”  Hoseok’s voice comes from behind as he leans over you, resting his arm across your shoulders and pressing a kiss to the side of your head.  “Did you have a nightmare?  You were thrashing all over the place.”  

You turn over onto your back, looking up at him miserably as tears glisten in your eyes.  

“I can’t sleep…”

“Again?”  Hobi’s face turns sympathetic as he stares down at you, wiping your cheeks, but by the time you’ve collected yourself he looks thoughtful instead, cocking his head to the side like he always does when he has a good idea.   “Why don’t we try some exercise?”

“Seriously, Hoseok?”  you scoff, lifting an eyebrow at him.  Like you’re really in the mood for sex right now, c’mon.   He laughs at your expression, shaking his head quickly.

“I don’t mean like that.  I mean like, a jog or something.”  Now your second eyebrow lifts, and Hobi ends up laughing even more.

“That’s an even worse idea than the last one.”  

“C’mon,” he persists, hopping out of bed like he’s already had a full night’s sleep.  It’s a mystery where he gets his never-ending energy from.  “We may as well give it a try, just twenty, thirty minutes.  What’ve you got to lose?”  Nothing, you suppose, and it’s with that thought that you drag yourself out of bed far less enthusiastically than Hobi and throw on some clothes suitable for running.  

Your lack of fitness in comparison to Hoseok is just embarrassing, quite frankly.  You spend the whole of the jog trailing slightly behind him trying to catch your breath, wondering why on earth you agreed to it.  Still, the view is nice, watching Hobi’s pert little bottom bounce in his sweats as he runs, and by the time you get back to the apartment you’re even more tired than before, barely able to drag yourself back into bed, nevermind take off your sweat dampened clothes.  

You’re vaguely aware of Hobi telling you he’s going to take a shower as you pull the covers over yourself, and by the time your boyfriend comes back into the room you’re fast asleep and drooling slightly, a healthy exercise-induced flush still on your cheeks. He’s so glad to see you resting that he has to take a minute just to stand and watch you, smiling to himself, so proud that he was able to help.

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You know the very moment you wake up that you’ve barely slept a wink, even though your body is telling you that you’re now wide awake and ready for a new day at 1am.  It’d be ok if you could stay feeling so fresh, but you know that within half an hour you’ll feel exhausted again and be completely unable to sleep until god knows what time in the morning - usually about an hour before you actually have to get up, if your normal habits are anything to go by.

You’re so sick of this.   It’s been happening every night for the past week, and you don’t know what it is that’s doing it.  There’s been no change in your schedule, no big pressures at college, no family problems and no relationship issues save the fact that Namjoon is once again completely absent from your shared bed.  You sigh heavily, looking at the empty space that belongs to him.  You’re sick of that, too, now you think of it.  

You know he’s busy with the comeback - there’s a lot of pressure on them after winning the Billboard award to come back bigger and better than ever - but you wish he’d at least try to come to bed at the same time as you once in awhile.  Maybe that’s why you’re not sleeping so well anymore?  Your heart starts to ache from just how much you’re missing him, tears starting to fall from your eyes, and you’re more grateful than ever that he’s just a room away for now, rather than having half a world separating you.  

Quietly, you pad towards Namjoon’s studio in just your underwear and one of his biggest shirts, wiping your eyes with the sleeves that smell like him and calling his name quietly from the doorway, hoping he won’t be mad that you disturbed him.  

He swivels in his desk chair, pulling his headphones off with a frown, but when he sees you standing there looking so small and sad, your pretty eyes shining in the dim lights, he rises from his desk and comes to take you in his arms without a moment’s hesitation.

“Come to bed, please Joonie?”  you ask, snuggling into his chest as he holds you tight, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.  “I miss you.”  

“Ok baby, I’ll be right there,” he tells you softly, and although he lets you leave without him to go climb back into bed, Namjoon appears in your bedroom only a few minutes later, stripping himself of his sweater and pants before climbing in next to you and once again using his large form to cocoon himself around you.  “Sorry for making you miss me…”  

“You’re worth the wait,” you reply, pressing a kiss against his bare chest as he runs his fingertips along your arm soothingly.  He hums happily, face pressed to your hair.  

“Close your eyes baby, I’m here now.”

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“Jimin,” you whisper, leaning over his sleeping form and surveying the relaxed features of his face with envy.  He’s so pretty when he’s asleep, his pouty lips slightly parted, but even though Jimin’s nice to watch for a while it’s not enough to keep you amused in the long run, and that’s why you call his name again, giving him a gentle shake.  

“Hmm?  What’s wrong?”  he asks confusedly, one eye opening before the other as he looks up at your blearily, rubbing his hand over his face then pushing his fringe back from where it’s flopped forward.  

“I can’t sleep,” you tell him, pouting, and Jimin sighs, reaching up and thumbing your cheek gently as he frowns, concerned.  

“Are you still worrying about your exams?”  

“Maybe,” you admit, worrying  your bottom your lip.

“You’ll do fine, honey, I told you already,” he says dismissively, yawning, “You studied so hard, there’s no way you can fail.”  You fall back onto your pillow with a huff, anxiety making it feel like you’ve got a rock weighing heavy your chest.  “Now, try to get some more sleep.”  You turn your head, suddenly upset when you see that Jimin has turned his head to the side and closed his eyes again already.  Doesn’t he know that that’s exactly what you’ve been trying to do for the last three hours?  

“It’s not just the exams,” you admit into the dark, your voice wavering as tears gather in your eyes, making them sting.  You’d expected Jimin to be asleep again already so you’re pleasantly surprised when you feel a tender hand reach over and caress your cheek, a gentle kiss pressed to your other.    You don’t get long to enjoy it though - the next moment Jimin’s rolling over and grabbing something from his bedside table and turning on the lamp, illuminating his room and making your eyes sting all the more.  He sits up, gesturing for you to do the same, and then plonks a notepad and pen in your lap, smiling softly.   

“What’s this for?” you ask, flipping the pages open and finding them blank.  Jimin pulls the cap off the pen and then passes it to you.  

“You’re going to write down everything that’s bothering you, and then we’re going to sit and go through them all until you’re not worrying anymore,” he answers, leaning his head back to rest against the wall.  He looks exhausted and suddenly you’re full of guilt for waking him up and making him humour you like this, almost bursting into tears again at just how sweet he is.  “Come on,” he encourages, nudging you gently, “The sooner you get started the sooner we both get to sleep.”  

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“Jagi?”  Taehyung calls quietly, and you feel his hand reach out and touch your shoulder, shaking you gently.  “Jagi, are you crying?”  he persists, moving his body closer behind you to spoon you, wrapping his arms around you.  You sniff raggedly into the pillow, trying to wipe your eyes before gets catches sight of you looking so pathetic.  You hadn’t meant to wake him, but Tae always has been a light sleeper, and the shaking of your shoulders and quiet sobs must have alerted him to your state even in the darkness of his room.  “Are you upset with me?””

The idea of him thinking this is anywhere near his fault makes a fresh batch of tears roll, and you grab his hand that’s resting on your stomach, squeezing it hard.  

“No, baby,” you choke out, shaking your head against the pillow, “It’s not you.  I just can’t sleep… and I’m so tired.”  You start crying again, muffling your sobs into the blanket, and for the longest Tae stays quiet, his hot breath blowing gently on the back of your neck in-between the kisses that he presses there, shuffling his body even closer to yours, like he’s trying to mold the two of you together.  

“Wanna hear a story my grandma used to tell me when I couldn’t sleep?”  he offers after a while, and you smile bitterly at the wall opposite the bed, wishing you believed that that could work.  

“I think I’m a little old for bedtime stories, Tae,” you reply, not unkindly, but you still feel your boyfriend’s body tense a little behind you, like you’ve hurt his feelings.  “But it’s worth a try, right?” you concede, willing to humour him at least.  

You feel him shuffle behind you, and you can just imagine the boxy grin he’s got on his face as he starts to talk in that low, husky voice of his, telling you a story about fairies and goblins and princesses that makes absolutely no sense.  You’re fairly certain that this is not the story his grandmother would of told him, but rather one that’s been embellished by Taehyung’s strange and vivid imagination, but it still seems to do the job.  Listening to his soothing voice, feeling the words tickle against your skin as his arms hold you tight… somehow it really does help.  Your tears dry up, your body relaxing into the mattress, and before you can realise that sleep is coming it’s already dragged you under, falling into a deep, undisturbed sleep in Taehyung’s arms.

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Lying on your back, you stare at the ceiling and try to decipher the stucco patterns that look down on you as your eyes burn from lack of sleep.  You didn’t get a wink last night and it looks like it’s going to be the same tonight; you’d thought inviting Jungkook over to play video games into the early hours would help tire you out, but it seems like you’ve got no such luck.  

Now all you can think about is how your crush is stuck out there on your sofa by himself, when all you really want is for him to be warming the bed space next to you, or better yet, warming you.  You’ve spent so many nights wondering how it’d feel to be wrapped in those deceptively strong arms of his - something that really doesn’t help you sleep, seeing as how thinking about those muscles usually leads to you thinking about others, and so on and so on, till you’re too flustered to even lie still, let alone sleep.  

Frustrated tears start to gather in your eyes as you lie there helplessly; what’s wrong with you?  What hope do you have of ever telling Kookie how you feel when you can’t even do something as simple as fall asleep?

You cry silently to yourself for a while, till you’re too tired to even do that anymore, and then prise yourself out of bed to go to the bathroom to fetch some tissue for your running nose.  You have to cross through the living room to get there, and as soon as you step inside the room you notice a soft, electronic glow coming from the other side your sofa.  

“Kookie?” you call softly, padding forward to see Jungkook lying there on his phone, scrolling up and down with tired eyes.  Those tired eyes turn wide as he looks up at you and takes in your dishevelled appearance.

“You not sleeping?” he asks and you shrug, trying to play it down despite how obvious it is that you’ve been crying.  

“I’m gonna head back in a sec… just needed the bathroom.”

“Oh. Ok.”  Jungkook’s wearing a funny expression on his face, one that you can’t decipher, but within seconds he’s back on his phone so you leave to his own devices, sighing softly to yourself as you go.

He’s not interested in you, of course he’s not.  How could you ever think someone like him could be?  God, you’re really not going to sleep a wink now, not after seeing that look in his eyes - whatever it was.  

You don’t expect Jungkook to say anything to you as you cross back through the room; you don’t even bother to look at him on the sofa lest it start you off again.  So when you come to your doorway to find Jungkook standing in it in just his sweats you almost jump out of your skin, yelping and clutching your heart.

“Namjoon said white noise can work sometimes,” he says innocently, waving his phone in front of your face with a smile.

“Namjoon? Kookie, it’s like 4am!” you say incredulously, internally cringing when that sweet smile of his crumbles.  

“I just thought it might help.”  Jungkook shrugs, looking sheepish, and your heart melts, pulling him into a hug as you thank him.  “I can’t sleep either,” he suddenly says as you move to walk past him.  You look over your shoulder at him, noting the adorably shy expression on his face.  “Can I… can we try it together?”

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Over the Threshold

Anon Request

Tom HiddlestonxReader

NSFW FluffySmut

Can you please do a wedding night smut with Tom?

You were never so happy to see the little green light on a hotel room door ping to life. Tom’s hands and mouth had barely left yours since the door to the limo sweeping you away from the reception had shut behind you.

As you started to pull away he laughs with playfully scolding “Ah ah ah,” before sweeping you up into his arms, “The groom’s expected to carry his bride over the threshold.” you giggle as his lips crash into yours and he kicks the door open, carrying you into the suite.

You shift in his arms, wanting your feet on solid ground and a little worried that after a fairly libatious and exhausting reception he might drop you. He giggles at the little “Ooof” you make as he playfully drops you onto the couch.

You smile as he drops next to you and starts pulling off your shoes, kissing and biting at your ankle and calf, giggling when he gets to the back of your knee, “Oh, I do love that sound, Missus Hiddleston.”

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