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Do you have any recommendations for baby drag kings? I've been thinking of getting into it as of recently but I have no idea where to start

i’m a baby drag king myself! so idk how much help i can be but i’ll try!

I’ve only been officially doing it since like late May.

But if I could offer any advice:

-Come up with a name that sells your drag and is cool to you. It’s literally whatever the fuck you want. If you want your name to be Xerox Copy, Gas Station Bathroom, Salsa Picante, Red Rover, Phlegm, you can do that. There’s no limit here. My name is Andro Gin cause I knew I wanted some masculine liquor in there but I also wanted to showcase like “hey, this will be a meddling of gender and not ‘male impresonation’ ” hence the play on Androgyne. As an androgynous woman, I knew my alter ego would be androgynous aswell to some degree. So yeah, put thought.

-There are a ton of good makeup dupes on amazon that way you’re not spending an arm and a leg. search “flash palette” and the one that’s like appx $15 is the dupe to the $100 makeup forever version. it’s actually amazing. it comes in different colors for you to mix and play with for foundations and shit. I also bought this mass glitter pack on amazon that has literally advanced my drag. glitter, man.

-brushes are important but buying some arts and crafts cheapy ones i never realized would be as helpful as they are cause a lot of the time they come in weird shapes you didn’t realize you needed until you’re putting on makeup.

-If you’re gonna use makeup tutorials that’s fine, but don’t rely on it. i used a couple at first to understand how i would be contouring my face for drag but from then on i kind of just do my own thing. also don’t be pressured to do what it seems like everyone else is doing - there’s no one right way to do drag. it’s intimidating at first but it’s really cool to solidify your own look. i look at photos for inspiration but everything comes out of my own head. figure out what kind of king you are aesthetically and run with it. it’ll take a while for you to figure it out and even then you’re always gonna evolve so enjoy the ride.

-i’d suggest also to learn basic sewing. i’m fortune enough to have gone to theater school where classes like that were mandatory so i have a good foundation on how to construct pieces but only reason i say this is because $$$ and because sometimes let’s say you’re thrifting and there’s a perfect piece but it’s too big, you’d know how to alter it or let’s say your outfit gets fucked up while performing, you’d know how to fix it. etc. get thrifty get crafty

-if you’re gonna be an instagram king and not performing, make sure your looks are that strong. if you are going to be performing, idk how old you are - im assuming of age, go out to the scenes. this is so important. you need to make connections and you need to network otherwise you won’t get booked - especially if you’re new. maybe even go out in drag and have people actually see you, go on instagram and find the people running the party of the night and message them complimenting their work and expressing interest in performing

-Drag is mainstream now but remember, people see you as essentially a glorified gogo dancer. not everyone is gonna see you as an artist esp since half the time we’re performing for tip money. this can be rough cause people get drunk, not everyone is respectful, your gigs will end at 4am so it’s dangerous being in drag outside of the venue at that time - bring people to take you to your car, have weapons etc. you NEED to have a tough skin to do this. I got punched my second time in drag. shit like this happens to every drag queen/king I know. queer people, especially gender bending queer people, are still largely hated by cishet society so you need to protect yourself.

-Also, don’t be afraid to ask about payment. Queens/Kings get paid to perform. Find out how much that usually is depending on the venue so you don’t get swindled etc.

-respect your art, but also know how to entertain a crowd.

-not everyone is gonna like you or get what you do, that’s fine. people will though, and that’s what’s worth it.

-MAKE FRIENDS with other drag queens/kings. they will guide you esp if they see that you have potential. believe me idk where i’d be if it wasn’t for queens I met that are now really good friends of mine that held my hand while i was starting out. These are wonderful people and will be your loudest cheerleaders.

Best of Luck!!!

CLUE!AU x NCT 127 [1/2]

i had mentioned i wanted to do something in a victorian style,,,,a kind anon said that it reminded them of a murder mystery - which then reminded me of clue!! so instead of victorian imagine this as the 40s-50s!! my first hand at historic mystery aus, but i hope it’s enjoyable!! 

tw: mentions of death, blood, but otherwise its lighthearted don’t take it too seriously haha 

Mark メ Detective / Your Partner メ

  • you and mark have been working together as detectives ever since he was promoted in the force, much to the disdain of older officers who didn’t think he deserved it
  • you also assume they’re just jealous of his overall handsome features, always looking fresh in pressed white shirts, expensive suspenders, and stylized glasses that frame his good-looking features (cough cough you think he’s cute cough cough)
  • but mark’s also crime-solving genius, even if he’s too sheepish to admit it,,,,
  • so you and him work well together - “two heads are better than one!”
  • but you’re both shocked to be called over to a dinner party, late on a saturday evening 
  • esp since it’s the dinner party of haechan, a close friend of mark’s as well as the current reigning world champion in cricket
  • you and mark are greeted by a solemn looking haechan, whispering into mark’s ear that the body is in the upstairs bathroom
  • “the body?” you say under your breath as you climb the stairs, mark makes a shrugging motion and takes off his cap as you two enter the dark hall of the upper floor
  • a flickering light is up ahead, the light of the bathroom. mark stops you midway to the door and tells you to stand behind him in case the killer is still in the room
  • you peek out from behind his shoulder and say that if anything, you have your revolver on you,,,,,,and if you needed to use it,,,
  • but mark shook his head, once you were close enough you could tell by the silence that it was just you, him, and whoever the poor fellow was in the bathroom
  • you could see him, slumped in the bathtub - no visible wounds yet
  • “poison?” you mused, as mark searched beneath the sink and among the shelves 
  • “maybe, or maybe we can’t see the wound, he is wearing a full uniform.”
  • you nodded, the body was dressed in quite an amount of layers, mark slowly walked over and held the head of the person as he called you over
  • “could you look for any blood on his head?”
  • after collecting what evidence was left, you and mark headed downstairs into the study
  • where all eight of the people who were in the house at the time of the murder were anxiously seated
  • rising actor yuta, classics professor taeyong, world renowned spy sicheng, young doctor doyoung, mischievous butler johnny, nervous writer jaehyun, unimpressed sergeant taeil and of course cricket player haechan
  • looking at mark, you decided it would be most beneficial to interrogate them one by one 
  • you and mark split up to begin talking to the others, but before you do so he touches your wrist slightly and whispers
  • “any one of them could be dangerous, if you get a feeling - im right here for you.”
  • those are words you’ve never heard him say,,,then again you two haven’t visited a lot of murder scenes where the murderer is still,,,,,there
  • you look up at him, his eyes - usually playful and happy are clouded over with seriousness this time
  • you nod, telling him before anything you’ll put the other people’s safety first
  • “yes, but also,,,,your safety,,,,” he adds with a hint of urgency in his voice
  • you nod again, and pull away to begin questioning yuta
  • after thorough interviews and having to catch johnny who tries at some point to climb out of a window because of pure boredom of being stuck in the house with someone DEAD
  • you and mark come to an agreement in private, with all the facts it can only be this on person,,,
  • mark explains how the killer did it, and then reveals who it is much to everyone’s shock. you two arrest them just in time for the phone back up to arrive 
  • after the killer is put into a cop car, the other dinner-goers thanking your and mark
  • you and him lean against the side of your own car and he seems to be fiddling with his coat buttons
  • “are you ok?”
  • mark’s boyish shy smile comes back and he looks at his shoes as if the two of you are back in grade school and he’s hiding a big secret
  • you think it’s a bit cute how he gets like this when he’s nervous
  • “i just,,,would you ever,,,consider like,,,going with me? i know the whole force calls me an ankle-bitter and all,,,,but i just you’re,,,,i,,,like,,,you?”
  • his glasses are nearly slipping off his nose with slightly sweat and you’re taken back,,,but at the same time you just lean over
  • adjusting the bridge of his glasses to make mark turn cherry red before going
  • “of course ill go with you, we’re a good team but we’d also make a goo couple?”
  • mark just gaps like a fish out of water, but you can see he’s still blushing and happy. you two may have just solved a murder but when you’re in big danger it looks like it makes you realize there’s certain people in life you want to keep safe hehe

Jaehyun メ Suspect / The Nervous Writer メ

  • since you’re a detective, you used to think mystery novels were a big big waste. none of them accurately describe police work, the characters are boring, and you didn’t have time for reading anyway
  • until a friend of yours lent you copy of this new book that had just come out called “The Cherry Bomber” by an author named Jung Jaehyun
  • something about his writing had entranced you,,,,he was good,,,,it made you a bit sad to know that this was his only novel so far
  • but it made you even more upset to see him at the dinner party turned murder party, sitting in the corner of the study - a glass of untouched whisky on the table beside him
  • “if i may, i am going to need to ask you a couple of questions. did anything suspicious happen at dinner?”
  • jaehyun’s nervousness was apparent, his whole frame was shaking let alone the stuttering that made it almost impossible to understand him
  • “i,,,,i think i saw someone split during the first course,,,i don’t remember,,,,i heard a no-noise,,,maybe i d-didn’t,,,,,”
  • “ok, but i can’t work with maybes and i don’t knows - i need the word from the bird - the truth mr. jung”
  • he clammed up,,,,running a hand through his already messy hair
  • you noticed that even though he was attending a dinner party, at a relatively wealthy athletes home, he was dressed in a rugged looking cardigan - brown and stuffy
  • his shirt underneath had at one point been buttoned up to the top of the collar, but was now open and jaehyun’s insatiable urge to scratch at the back of his neck was distracting
  • everything about him made him seem like an odd ball - like he knew something but wasn’t talking
  • “listen mr. jung, im a fan of your work - and im hoping you put out another book instead of going to jail, but to clear your name i need some fact, some details, anything”
  • perked up at the mention of his work, you could see a faint pink dusted over his cheeks “you,,,like my writing?”
  • you shifted the notepad in your hand “i do, and you’re a writer so you must know details well - any details from tonight you want to tell me?”
  • jaehyun’s posture had straightened suddenly, he was thinking hard and then shifted his eyes to the kitchen
  • “something in there?”
  • “w-well,, in my books you know how i always ,,, have the killer hide the weapon in plain sight,,,”
  • with narrowed eyes you asked him to continue 
  • leaning in a bit closer, he whispered “during dinner, i saw johnny re-arranging the knife box, i think he had turned the water on to wash one of them but never got around to it,,,”
  • you felt a chill run down your spine and you told jaehyun to wait right there
  • your partner, mark, looked over as you made way to the kitchen. carefully you hovered your hand over a couple of the knife handles until you noticed one that wasn’t all the way in
  • picking it up, you could see it - fresh blood wiped hastily over the blade
  • “the butler!” you mumbled and turned around to head back into the study
  • at the sight of the knife, johnny turned to make a hasty exit out of the door - but mark caught on and in a matter of minutes, you had your man
  • back up was called and as mark handled the knife and johnny, you stayed back to speak with jaehyun
  • “im glad you could help us today, i hope the events of today don’t put you off from writing,,,”
  • jaehyun, still shaken up, looks at you and smiles for the first time. the look suits his face much better than the one of anxiety you saw on him all night
  • “i wont,,,not af-after meeting someone like you,,,”
  • shocked, you point to yourself “me? what did i do?”
  • he slips his hands into the pockets of his cardigan, shyly in an almost quiet voice he admits that you’ve inspired him to write a new character,,,one based on you
  • for a moment you feel your own cheeks heat up from embarrassment because what a compliment,,,,,
  • “i,,,ill send you a dr-draft,,,,” he starts and you eagerly agree
  • complimenting his writing one last time before you have to leave with mark to the station, jaehyun feels his heart speed up a little and haechan who walks by him goes “maybe you should start writing romance lover boy~”

Taeil  メ Suspect / Unimpressed Sargent メ

  • when haechan invited you into his home, looking rather distraught about the body upstairs, the only person who wasn’t panicking was sargent taeil
  • who was sitting in the study, sipping brandy and reading that day’s paper
  • “i didn’t do it - i have nothing to worry about.”
  • although he was wearing a tailored suit, complete with matching cuff links and tie, his badge was blatantly stuck to his right pocket in an effort to make sure anyone who wanted to start something with him, had to first know about his rank
  • but other than that, he was dense and monotone. ultimately uninterested in the questions you were asking him
  • “you’re a sargent, shouldn’t you be curious about who did it?”
  • taeil looked at you with a half smile, “no, because i knew who did it.”
  • surprised, your wide eyes only made that smile grow “you just never asked me, so i didn’t tell.”
  • although you’d been standing in there for a good fifteen minutes prying him with questions about dinner and how he knew haechan, here he was claiming he had the answer all along
  • pulling him discreetly through the doors and into the lounge outside of the study you went “ok, we’re alone. who did it.”
  • taeil’s eyes seemed to wander the room, making you wait till he stopped and took a seat on the reclining chair
  • “they thought it was a made in the shade kind of murderer, but it’s a rookie mistake. yuta did it, with the rope he hid under his dinning chair.”
  • the tone of his voice suggests he’s being dead serious - but you don’t know,,,you hadn’t seen any rope burns on the neck,,,,
  • “there’s a technique to leave no ligatures, and you can prove my theory. the rope is still under the chair where he was sitting.”
  • taeil doesn’t even look full of himself, he just gets up and leads you back into the study to round up the guests
  • all of them stand behind the chair from dinner and slowly you check each one - till you get to yuta’s
  • “oh doll, you don’t have to look under mine! there’s nothing under there the killer probably shot him-”
  • you reach down anyway and leave yuta mid-sentence when you pull the rope from under his chair
  • your partner mark’s eyes go wide “really?? but why would yuta murder anyone he’s a rich actor,,,,”
  • taeil, who was right across from yuta pointed to the pocket on yuta’s open blazer
  • “blackmail.”
  • you reached over, taking whatever was in the pocket as mark bounded yuta’s hands behind his back - the actor didn’t even put up a fight, just hung his head in shame
  • “are th- are these photos of you?” your voice broke a bit in surprise and yuta blew some hair from his face “what does it look like honey?”
  • johnny tried to peek over your shoulder, but you quickly put the photos in your own pocket
  • mark lead yuta away while the other crowded to gossip over what the photos could be
  • only taeil stood from outside the crowd and when you approached him he just went “want to know how i knew?” 
  • without a word, you nodded and he shrugged “haechan had told me earlier in the week that an actor was coming to this dinner, an actor he didn’t know well but that another attendee had instead he come by. now when he showed up, the moment he saw the victim his face twisted and i knew there was something up. no wonder the man ended up dead.”
  • shocked, you could only mumble that it was work worthy of a sargent
  • you thanked taeil for his time, turning to follow out the door till you heard him call out
  • “out of all the conversations i had tonight, i enjoyed yours the most.” he said flatly, but then smiled “i hope we get to work together again.”
  • and with that he turned to gather his hat from the closet outside the study. you watched him walk over and thought to yourself - was that a compliment,,,,,,or,,,??

Johnny メ Suspect / Mischievous Butler メ

  • the first suspect on your list is johnny, for the simple explanation of how guilty everyone else makes him sound
  • haechan says something about his father picking who works in the house so he honestly doesn’t know how johnny got the job, taeyong mentions that he seemed a little jittery when serving the soup, and yuta just goes “look at him. is that the face a man you can trust?”
  • when you sit down with him on the stairs, you ask him if he knows how bad everything is looking for him
  • “you’re the only one who wasn’t sitting at the dinner table, and who knows the house better than haechan - everyone seems to be pinning it on you”
  • johnny rolls his eyes, slicking his hair back and adjusting the short uniform vest
  • “listen detective, let me clue you in im not jazzed up like everyone thinks. i run my mouth, but that’s because im funny, a lighthearted guy! murder? please, i couldn’t hurt a fly!”
  • you sigh and look through your notes, “johnny, people said you were acting funny. getting all odd and eyeballing the guests.”
  • making a pfft sound, johnny leans back against the stairs
  • “they’re one to talk, everyone was feeling frazzled and then when haechan found the body - everyone flipped their lid! but i promise, the only places i even went in this house tonight was the study, kitchen, and dining room!”
  • you look him up and down, there isn’t a trace of blood on him and his uniform is rather snug - he couldn’t concealed a weapon even if he tried
  • “are you saying haechan found the body first?”
  • “yep, right after dessert he said he had to make an urgent call or something - went up the stairs and came back looking white as a ghost!”
  • you think for a moment, putting the pieces together “and was the victim upstairs already?”
  • “nah, i think he got frosted about haechan being up their too long and followed him,,,”
  • you bite your tongue when johnny says that, because that means haechan was upstairs with the victim alone
  • “and ,,,, no one else went up there?”
  • “nope,,,,,,,,,,oh god are you saying the dude i work for killed som-”
  • you cover johnny’s loud mouth with your hand and hush him 
  • “im not saying anything jonathan, but that is pretty damning,,,”
  • johnny’s eyes suddenly sparkle “oh detective, only special people get to call me jonatahn,,,,”
  • you narrow your eyes and scoff “are you flirting right now?”
  • wiggling his eyebrows, you can’t believe he’s acting like this in the middle of an investiagion
  • you gently shove his hand and get up to find your partner mark
  • “i have some bad news,,,” you say as you and mark pull away and into the hall where johnny is still standing
  • “johnny saw haechan follow the victim upstairs,,,”
  • mark’s eye twitches “haechan wouldn’t do it, ive known him for years-”
  • you give him a look of apology and mark almost loses his footing in shock, johnny catching him by the elbow
  • “how did he do it though,,,” mark whispers and you think back to the examination of the body - there seemed to be a blow to his head,,,,and only someone with a good wing could get that much force
  • someone who was an athlete,,,,someone who played cricket perhaps? 
  • “quick, ill check the bedroom.” you said, hastily running up the stairs as johnny joined you
  • much to your confirmation, under haechan’s bed was a lead pipe - with fresh blood
  • returning to mark, you heard the sirens of back up arriving at the home 
  • mark look too shocked to do much so you left him to johnny to go arrest haechan yourself
  • it had been a messy night and you were left to say goodbye to johnny as he arranged to phone the rest of the family
  • “i hope this doesn’t put you out of a job,,,”
  • you murmur and johnny shrugs “ill find a new one, i might be annoying to some people but it’s a charm ya know?” he winks and you can’t believe his mood even in the midst of all this happening
  • “you’re a piece of work jonathan”
  • “hey, it was a free pass to call me that the first time but now you owe me a date!”
  • you scrunch up your nose and go “really? now is when you ask me?”
  • johnny shrugs, leaning against the front door “im grieving, might as well have a cute person to help me keep my mind off it ;)”
  • you shove his hand again playfully but do you say you’ll call him sometime um,,,yeah 
House Playlists

Hufflepuff Playlist (by Jinxy)

You are my Sunshine - Johnny Cash

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

Home - Phillip Phillips

Just know you’re not alone

‘Cause I’m going to make this place your home

Upside Down - Jack Johnson

I’ll find the things they say just can’t be found

I’ll share this love I find with everyone

On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons

If you love somebody

Better tell them why they’re here 'cause

They just may run away from you

Saturn - Sleeping at Last

With shortness of breath, I’ll explain the infinite

How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.

Waiting for Love - Avicii

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, kind of beautiful

And every night has its day, so magical

And if there’s love in this life, there’s no obstacle

That can’t be defeated

The Greatest - Sia

Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I

Oh, I, I got stamina

Slytherin Playlist (by Tory)

Let It Go ~ Disney’s Frozen

I don’t care what they’re going to say…
Let the storm rage on:
The cold never bothered me anyway!

Wait for It ~ Hamilton the musical

I am the one thing in life I can control!
I am inimitable, I am an original!
I’m not falling behind or running late!
I’m not standing still, I am lying in wait!

Dirty Little Secret ~ The All-American Rejects

When we live such fragile lives,
It’s the best way we survive…
I go around a time or two,
Just to waste my time with you…

I Write Sins Not Tragedies ~ Panic!at the Disco

I chime in with a “Haven’t you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?
No – it’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality…”

I’m Still Here ~ John Rzeznik 

They can’t tell me who to be,
‘Cause I’m not what they see.
Yeah, the world is still sleepin’ while I keep on dreamin’ for me.
And their words are just whispers and lies that I’ll never believe!

Schadenfruede ~ Avenue Q The Musical 

Right now you are down and out and feeling really crappy,
And when I see how sad you are,
It sort of makes me…happy!
Sorry, Nicky, human nature – nothing I can do!
Making me feel glad that I’m not you!

Oh No! ~ Marina and the Diamonds

Don’t do love, don’t do friends: I’m only after success…
Don’t need a relationship…I’ll never soften my grip!

Wonderful ~ Wicked The Musical 

There are precious few at ease
With moral ambiguities,
So we act as though they don’t exist!

Centuries ~ Fall-Out Boy

We’ve been here forever,
And here’s the frozen proof:
I could scream forever,
“We are the poisoned youth!”

Gryffindor Playlist (by Olga)

Highway to Hell - AC/DC

Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme
Ain’t nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too

Boogie Wonderland - The Emotions, Earth, Wind and Fire

Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts of men who need more than they get
Daylight deals a bad hand to a woman who has laid too many bets
The mirror stares you in the face and says,“Baby, uh, uh, it don’t work”
You say your prayers though you don’t care; you dance and shake the hurt

The Lions Roar - First Aid Kit

And I’m a goddamn coward, but then again so are you
And the lion’s roar, the lion’s roar
Has me evading and hollering for you
And I never really knew what to do

Welcome to the Jungle - Guns ‘n Roses

Welcome to the jungle we’ve got fun and games
We got everything you want honey, we know the names
We are the people that can find whatever you may need
If you got the money honey we got your disease

Let’s have a Party - Wanda Jackson

Some people like to rock, some people like to roll
But movin’ and a-groovin’s gonna satisfy my soul
Let’s have a party
Hoo, let’s have a party
Well, send 'im to the store, let’s buy some more
Let’s have a party tonight

Rebels of the Sacred Heart - Flogging Molly

Now I’m aimin’ for heaven
But probably wind up down in hell
Where upon this alter I will hang my guilt ridden head
But it’s time I’ll take before I begin
Three sheets to the wind, three sheets to the wind
Yeah, it’s time, I’ll take before I begin
Three sheets to the wind, three sheets to the wind
Rebels are we, though heavy our hearts shall always be

Ravenclaw Playlist (by Abigail)

Colors- Halsey 

You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise

You’re spilling like an overflowing sink
You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece
And now i’m tearing through the pages and the ink

Strange Birds- Birdy

You’ve always loved the strange birds
Now I want to fly into your world
I want to be heard
My wounded wings still beating,
You’ve always loved the stranger inside…
Me, ugly pretty.

How Far I’ll Go- Disney’s Moana 

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me
And no one knows, how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I’ll know
If I go there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

Human- Ellie Goulding 

Human, I wonder why you’re a better make than I could ever build or create,
You know not love or hate
I am so scared of what will kill me in the end
For I am not prepared,
I hope I will get the chance…

Ignorance- Paramore

Don’t wanna hear your sad songs
I don’t wanna feel your pain
When you swear it’s all my fault
'Cause you know we’re not the same
No, we’re not the same, oh, we’re not the same

Falling- The Civil Wars

Haven’t you seen me sleep walking?
'Cause I’ve been holding your hand
Haven’t you noticed me drifting?
Oh, let me tell you, I am

Poet- Bastille 

I have written you down
Now you will live forever
And all the world will read you
And you live forever
In eyes not yet created
On tongues that are not born
I have written you down
Now you will live forever

Altas- Coldplay

Some far away
Some search for gold
Some dragon to slay
Heaven we hope is just up the road
Show me the way, Lord, 'cause I, I’m about to explode

hi hi hi! so i feel like a lot of my most favorite fics dont get talked about much, therefore i wanted to create a proper fic rec masterpost to spread the love!! this is going to be a looooong list, so hopefully theres something for everyone (though i do firmly believe u should read every single one of these before u die)

in no particular order, but a * indicates my absolute faves that i reread monthly:

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

oh god, decisions.... uuuuh hmmMMMNN, haha uuh.... how about the angst/salt/denial combo? That sounds like some sweet drama I'd be 100 per-cent down for, ha :^D

Sorry for replying late, kind of dozed off, haha oops *dies* *finger guns* Can do, friend! We have similar tastes, it would seem. XD (This is still kinda rough, it may or may not be edited in the final product, but here you go)


Taking a quiet breath, he gave the door a few knocks.


Out of habit, the scientist nervously poked his head inside before actually entering. “M-Mr. Black Hat….?”

The demon was at his desk, nose (or lack of one) stuck in some probably work-related papers as usual. His gaze flicked uncertainly to the door at the sound of Flug’s voice. “…..What can I do for you, doctor?”

Flug’s frown deepened. The more interaction he got out of his boss lately, the more he could tell something was off. Everything about him, his tone, his posture, even just the way he looked at Flug, something was very off. But what?

…..For now, the doctor should focus on the matter at hand… Stepping inside, he slowly pulled the small slip of paper out of his coat pocket. “I-It’s about my p-paycheck, sir-”

“Is it not enough?” The eldritch stood up, voice suddenly struck with something Flug couldn’t quite place. It didn’t feel right to say anxiety. Maybe… like… solicitousness…? “I’m sure we can work something out- I can give you more–”

“Wh-?! No!” Flug piped up, cutting him off. “You already pay me plenty! That’s what I came to see you about!” With a confused frown, he continued, “I-I never put in a request for a raise, sir. T-There must have been some mistake…?”

…. Okay. Not a mistake. That much Flug could tell by the awkward yet somehow still stoic silent stare he was getting.

“….. Sir, this isn’t….” Flug’s frown deepened. “This isn’t about what Ethereal Maw said at that party, is it?”  

“That–! Of course not!” Black Hat sputtered in defense, crossing his arms. “I just- I– Business has been going exceptionally well lately, that’s all! So what if I put a little extra into your earnings!?”

It was a weak defense. There’s been nothing special about the number of sales lately, they’ve been pretty average. Flug knows that, he’s in charge of keeping everything stocked, after all.

The scientist walked over to Black Hat’s desk, placing the paycheck down. His concerned gaze did not once fall from the demon, even as his boss avoided eye contact to frustratedly stare at the paper. “I’m perfectly happy with my normal pay, Black Hat.” He said softly. “If you have the extra funds, sir, then put them towards something else. Lab equipment, building supplies, I don’t know, just…. something else. It wouldn’t look good if you started playing favorites financially among employees.”

Black Hat said nothing. He just stared in frustration at the check laid out in front of him.

Why wouldn’t he just take it? He has to.

How the hell else is Black Hat supposed to make him stay without actually making him stay?

Isn’t money how you do that? Bribery? Playing off of people’s greed? Something? Why won’t he just–!?


The demon snapped out of his thoughts when he had been addressed, flicking his gaze up to Flug again. He was definitely looking worried now.

“Y-You’ve been acting really strangely these past few weeks….” The scientist commented quietly, eyebrows furrowed with concern. “W-What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wron-”

“Stop lying to me.”

There was a sudden forcefulness to Flug’s tone that actually gave Black Hat pause. The scientist’s face fell with some sort of sad annoyance, and he leaned forward just very slightly. “There’s obviously something b-bothering you. What is it?”

Shit, well okay. Starting to feel a little called out, here. The eldritch bared his fangs, probably about to keep insisting that nothing was wrong, but he immediately dropped whatever sentence he was about to hiss as Flug circled around the desk, stepping closer to him.

Not only did he shut up, he stepped back in response. Why did he do that? This is just Flug we’re talking about! Yet for some ungodly reason, he found himself backing up against the wall as the smaller man approached him, maroon curtains pressed against his back as he had nowhere left to back away.

“Black Hat, talk to me.” Flug demanded, crossing his arms as he now stood mere inches away from his boss, staring directly into his eyes with an unrelenting persistence. “Please.

He could produce no words. He only stared blankly at the scientist before him until his fangs were again bared in a frustrated snarl. “You’re… You’re testing my patience, Flug.” He finally managed to growl. Even so, however, there was an unmistakable lack of the usual fire one could hear in his voice when his anger grew.

That didn’t go unnoticed. “…. As you are mine.” Flug said quietly, keeping a level gaze on the demon’s face. “But lucky for us, I’ve got enough for the both of us.” Expression softening, his voice only went lower. “Please, Black Hat. You’re really starting to worry me.”

Fuck. He’s really going to have to talk about this, isn’t he. Fuck.

“Eughhh…” Black Hat’s eyes wandered impatiently around the room as he tried to conjure up some sort of excuse, any excuse–

“Hey B.H., this a bad time?”

Oh praise Satan, Black Hat never thought he would be so relieved to hear Demencia’s voice come through on the intercom. “Demencia! Not a bad time at all!” Before Flug could even react, the demon slipped by him in a puff of Black smoke, reappearing next to his desk and sliding the red skull aside to better access the speaker system beneath. “What is it?”

“Well, there’s this guy here saying he had an appointment scheduled for t'day, and he was in the neighbourhood, so he dropped by early. Should I kick him out and tell ‘im to come back at the proper time, or–”

No!” He exclaimed immediately, but he was quick to adopt a more professional tone. “Ah, I mean… If he’s already here, might as well get it over and done with, no? Tell him I’ll be right down.” Black Hat settled the skull back into its place and immediately headed for the door.

“Black Hat–”

“Sorry, doctor. Duty calls. You understand, I’m sure.” Black Hat cut Flug off before he could even make a protest, stopping only for a moment to flash him a shaky, forced grin. “We’ll talk later, perhaps.”

Just like that, he was gone. Fucking… unbelievable. Flug almost wanted to punch Demencia next time he saw her–

…… Okay….. No problem. Deep breaths. You can talk to him later. Don’t let this get to you.

With a heavy sigh, Flug reluctantly accepted this momentary defeat. For now, back to the lab he went.

momomomma2  asked:

SO WHAT ABOUT A GRAMANDER FAKE RELATIONSHIP AU? Because Newt cannot lie to save his ass, Im convinced of it

1. fake relationship

I can see it now. Newt, International Criminal Extraordinaire. Gets by to be honest on his quick thinking, on his ability to sneak about places, his skill with languages, and frankly with the help of the hoard of magical creatures he has at his disposal. On his own, he’s actually quite good at getting himself out of trouble – so long as it’s not him that’s in trouble. Magical creature? No problem. Is it a friend? No hesitation! Family? They don’t even have to ask.

But when he’s the one that’s been cornered, he has quite the problem talking himself out of the situation.

Graves observes Newt struggling with this for a few minutes with quiet amusement. 

Newt’s just trying to get into the establishment to talk to the manager. Apparently he has some [insert magical creature here] caged up in the back, and Newt is determined to free them. If he can’t get in through the front, then Newt knows perfectly well that he could break in later that night and quietly sneak all the creatures into his suitcase before morning. But that wouldn’t be polite, that wouldn’t teach the manager a lesson. If Newt stole them all, the manager would just go out and get more, and what good would that do?

So Newt is trying to get in, and Graves is already there for whatever reason, and the bouncers at the door are like, NO SIR. PLEASE, YOU AREN’T ON THE GUEST LIST. YOU CAN’T COME IN.

“I– I understand that, but if you would please just let me talk to the manager, I can get this situation cleared right up, and–”

Graves rises to rescue the poor man.

Darling,” he says with his voice dripping in sugar, sliding between the bouncers like they aren’t even a part of his world view. “You’re late. I was beginning to think you were going to leave me hanging!”

“What, I–” Newt stammers.

Mercy, the man is helpless, and that’s all before Graves kisses him, deeply, arms thrown over Newt’s shoulders, Graves pressing against Newt’s chest like a sex kitten, sighing gently when he falls back on his heels.

Graves tugs Newt along as he moves back into the establishment. He winks at the bouncers. “He’s with me, boy. Sorry about the mix up!”

He hustles Newt into a booth and hisses at him, “Play along,” before throwing his legs over Newt’s lap and cuddling up to his side.

Newt muffles a horrified moan against Graves’ shoulder. “I can’t,” he says. “I’m a horrible liar. Everyone says so.”

“Well,” Graves reasons and he turns to bite along the shell of Newt’s ear, “then for the sake of all parties, pretend it’s not a lie.”

Trope Meme


TWINS MEET WORLD Season One Episode Guide

CREATED BY MAGGIE (friarlucas) AND KATE (rileysmatthews)

season synopsis

Girl Meets World protagonist Riley Matthews returns with high school sweetheart and husband Lucas Friar, trying their best to balance work and play while raising their three kids in their high-rent, low-square footage New York apartment. Bright and bubbly twins Violet and Josie Grace embark on their very own high school journey, getting by with their best friend Analyn Minkus and her younger brother Zeeks, friend and older cousin Jesse Matthews, and new pal Heather Hampton. While youngster JJ keeps their parents on their toes, the girls must navigate new territory, new relationships, and new tougher classwork–notably their English class, taught by homeroom teacher and Girl Meets World alum, Dave Williams.

episode listing

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smolsickficwriter  asked:

i would love a fic where lance vomits in his sleep from some awful flu or food poisoning or something! and someone (whoever you prefer) is there to wake him up and take care of him!

Im not a huge fan of writing sicfics on my phone but a 4 hour flight, gave me a little
Motivation. Unfortunately I may have gone off course of the request you asked.
But here goes my first Answer :)


“She suppose to be 16…my mama and Papa will give her a huge party, I know because it’s all she ever talked about in her letters, back at the Garrison.”
“She kept asking me to come home for it too, I wonder if she’ll be upset that I couldn’t be there, or maybe she thinks I’m dead.”
Blue growls at him.
“Sorry Blue, it’s just… I miss them and I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to see them again.”
That’s where Keith finds Lance, talking with Blue in her Hangar with the shield up so no one can disturb their privacy.
“Lance?” Keith calls, when he find him sitting on one of her paws.
He’s curled up with his arms around his legs, and his head held low.
“Lance? Allura asked me to look for you, she wants to talk about training…”
Blue drops her shield, and lifts her paw to let Lance know he needs to get off and talk to him.
“Hey! Blue.” He whines.
He can hear her thoughts and they both know Allura is in charge, if he needs to be somewhere, then Blue will make sure he gets there.
“I know, I know…” he mutters.
“Who’s turning 16?” Keith asks, trying to start up a conversation.
“My sister… how much did you hear?” Lance asks feeling slightly violated by his private conversation with his Lion.
“Not much, just that she would have a party… I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, I just overheard…” Keith tries to explain.

They stay silent for most of the way up the elevator. Keith knows he keeps a few secrets as well, so he doesn’t try to pry but he wonders what else he talks about to Blue.
Keith knows that he and Red have bonded a lot over the course of their time on the castle, but he doesn’t recall ever going down to Red and talking with her. He wonders if that’s something he should start doing.
“Do you talk to her a lot?”
Lance sighs like he is tired and hasn’t had much sleep, or maybe he sighs because he doesn’t want Keith interfering.
“Yeah, back at home there was always someone to talk too, my brothers and sisters, even my mama and papa would listen to my stories, so yeah it’s nice to have someone to talk to… if you must know.”

“I do actually!” The Princess announces.
“Why don’t you tell me where you have been? We have been looking for you for over 10 ticks now, how can we form Voltron if you"re Missing?”
Lance is oblivious to the fact that everyone is in their space gear, now that he is paying attention, even Keith is fully uniformed.
“I was in the Hangar, I didn’t know..” he flushed.
Allura doesn’t let him finish.
“Lance, you need to be prepared for Zarkon.. how can I trust you as the Blue Paladin, if I can’t even find you for training!”
“Let me… Um… I have to get my uniform I’ll be right back.”
He runs out before Allura can suggest otherwise.

He aware of the danger the galaxies are in, he has seen dead planets and dying planets first hand now, but it doesn’t change the fact he didn’t t ask for any of this.
He is in full uniform and back in the main room in a mere 5 ticks.
Allura sends out instructions and the next 2-3 hours are spend training and forming voltron.

“You okay Lance? Don’t let her get to you.” Shiro says during their simulation.
Lance is tired, but he doesn’t feel like that’s a valuable excuse when everyone’s doing what they can to prepare for a fight against aliens who want your planet destroyed.

“Aren’t you being kind of easy on him? Pidge suggests.
“If this was a zarkon attack we would all be dead.”
There is any uneasiness that drops in the pit of his stomach, It makes his queasy, but mostly he’s irritated that their talking about him like he isn’t there. Lance just wants to get back home, and he isn’t talking about the castle.
“Guys I can hear you.”
“Don’t listen to them Bro, you’re hear now and we’re almost finished with training.” He hears Hunk say.
He continues to finish their simulation and he can feel the exhaustion get to him. When he gets back to the castle, It’s late and coran has prepared dinner, but he doesn’t join them, lance doesn’t think he could keep down any food right now so he heads straight to his room instead.

He’s doing fairly well in training, he always has actually, but he can’t help but let his little insecurities affect his training either.

“Dammit” he swears when he realizes the tears coming from his eyes.

There is a knock at his door and all he can feel is his heart pulsing from his own anxiety.
He can’t answer the door when he looks like a mess, but he can’t keep them waiting. Lance clenches his fist and whimpers.
“Ho..hold on…” he can’t seem to keep his breath steady either.
It reminds him of the time he lied to his mama about eating cookies before dinner, and how he couldn’t keep the lie going without crying.
Gawd, he misses his Mama.
“Lance buddy? Are you okay? I uh brought space goo, thought you might be hungry since you missed dinner.”
It’s Hunk on the other side, and a part of his anxiety eases.
He is shaking when he opens the door.
“Brought you some space goo… Lance, are you okay?” Hunk asks when he realizes that He is still in his space gear shaking.
There is a long silence.
“I didn’t mean to hold up training.” Lance says in one breath.
“I know that I’m not that good, and I only made it to fighter pilot because Keith dropped out, but I’m trying. I’m doing the best I can, even blue knows…”
“Lance buddy,"hunk puts the dish on the floor and hesitates to put a hand on Lance.
"Were all doing our best. It’s tough, your tough, so I don’t like seeing you like this.”
“Sorry. I.. sorry this is my problem, I know everyone has something going on, you shouldn’t have to see me like this.”
Hunk finally puts his hand on Lances shoulder.
“I’m good, your good… get some
Goo and a good nights sleep. Everything will be fine in the morning.”
Lance sniffs. “Yeah, thanks Hunk… it’s good to have a friend out here in space, I don’t know if I could do this without you.”
They share a small smile before Hunk let’s Lance rest.
Lance frowns when the doors closes, he looks at the goo on the floor and pushes it away with his foot. He’s not hungry, he blames it on the training, but if he was being honest he’s been off his game since that morning, and right now he can’t believe he let his guard down, even if it was Hunk.
He knows that everyone is struggling with the fight against Zarkon, and he doesn’t want his insecurities to bring down the team. He vows that tomorrow will be different, he will go to sleep and when he wakes up he’ll go back to happy joking Lance persona that he spent half of the year perfecting.

He isn’t aware that his body has other plans for him.
Lance dreams about the ocean and feeling the sun warm against his tan skin. He dreams of surfing with his brothers while he can see his sisters on shore, building sand castles.
It’s a good dream, there are no Paladins, no running for his life, or fighting off Zarkon.
It’s just him laying on his board, the ocean waves keeping him damp, while the sun burns his skin.
At first it felt good, but the longer that he lays under the sun the more uncomfortable the heat began to feel, lurching forward on his board he realizes it isn’t the sun that’s irritating him but his stomach.
Pressing a hand against his bare midriff, he can feel his throat tighten.
“HUuurp.” He swallows, while trying to take a shaky breath.
“Lance are you okay bro?”
He doesn’t know who’s talking, he can only feel the burning sensation that’s coming and pushes him forward and into an upright position on his board.
“Lance.. Lance wake up!”
Instantly Lance is awake rolling to the side of his bed.
“HUUUrgh” a mix of sick and saliva dribble down his chin but most of it is on the floor and his shirt.
“I.. I don’t feel good.” He takes a shaky breath before a burp emits from his mouth.
“You have a fever, buddy. You gotta wake up”
His eyes are blurry from the Fever and dry tears from the night before. He’s rubbing at his eyes and the saliva on his face.
“I am up.” Lance whimpers.
He doesn’t have to open his eyes to know it is Hunk in the room with him, he can feel his weight on the bed, and his hand rubbing gentle circles on his back.
“This isn’t the space food I gave you is it? I don’t know what to do if everyone in castle ends up like you.” Hunk teases.
Lance moans, before another round of sick lurches him forward again.
“You think your gonna be good buddy?” Hunk asks after a few more minutes.
Lance doesn’t have much of a voice, he afraid if he talks he’ll get sick again, so he tries to lay back down.
Hunk keeps him upright for a second longer, he quick to take his soiled shirt off before letting him lay back down. Hunk tosses the shirt into the corner of the room before wrapping the comforter around Lance to keep him warm.
“I don’t think we have any medicine… but I can bring you water, and I can ask The princess about getting you a pod?” Hunk says.

Lance has never felt ashamed about getting sick before. Colds, and the flu were so common in the McClain home due to such a large family, that he was familiar enough with the symptoms, and he had always been told it was better to be honest about his health then to lie. This shouldn’t have been any different, but the idea that Allura and the other paladins had another reason to call him weak… it only muddled with his brain.
“ I… I just want my mama.” He whimpers.
Hunk brushes a hand over his sweaty forehead.
“I know, but she isn’t here. Don’t worry though okay bro. I’m here. I’m gonna make sure we get through this together.” Hunk says confidently.
It isn’t exactly what lance wants to hear, but it eases his mind, because he doesn’t know what he would do if his Best friend wasn’t here with him to get through the fight,and he isn’t talking about the fight against his fever.

C’est La Vie II

chanyeol x reader x baekhyun

angst ; fluff

word count ; 2,075

It was amazing being the center of attention right? That’s all anyone ever wanted, at least, if it was for a good reason. 

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

“Am I just a fucking trophy to be tossed around as a meaningless prize over something that was so pointless?!” You yelled at the boy who only ever brought you happiness. His lips that would usually carry a smile upon them were upset. His eyebrows were furrowed as if he was angry but he didn’t want to show it.

Your eyes, which resembled glass, that Baekhyun loved looking into, were now trying to hold back tears because the cause of them was himself. He never wanted to be the reason you would cry, he only wanted to bring happiness in your life. It’s all that he thought about.

“Maybe if you never kept your relationship with Chanyeol a secret we wouldn’t be having this problem in the first place!” He yells back as he sits on the couch. His forehead placed in the palms of his hands.

“What the hell was I suppose to tell you Baekhyun? That I loved your best friend before you ever came into my life?” You yell back at him, your cheeks growing pink and your distance away from Baekhyun.

He scoffs and gets up to stand behind you. “Is that why you considered dating me? So you could have some connection to Chanyeol again?” He asks sternly. His voice angered but not yelling. His tone hurt as if he wanted to cry but he trapped it inside.

Your eyes had widened. The tears you were holding back had fallen one after another. It felt as if it was forever until you finally turned around to him.

And yet again, you slapped someone you loved dearly. However it wasn’t the first time you had slapped someone you loved. Your hand print on his cheek, his hands holding his cheek as the sting hurt his face. Only then a tear had fallen from him as well, except he didn’t dare to look you in the eye. What he said was stupidly insane; and it was far too late for Baekhyun to realize that.

“Don’t you even dare.” You looked down at him as he stayed on the floor, still holding his cheek, not facing you. “You obviously don’t know how much I loved you.” You wipe your tears away and you grab your things.

Not a single word came out of his mouth.

“I hope you’re happy that this slut of a girlfriend that supposedly only got back with you to be in another man’s pants is out of your life now.” You tell him and you slam the door.

He knew what he said was a mistake. He knew you loved him and he was just spitting out what came to his mind because he was angered. He was just upset was all. He didn’t want to get himself off the floor. He felt as if he belonged there as if he was trash too.

-          A few weeks before

“I can’t do this anymore Baekhyun.”

You tell him as you turn off the water at the kitchen sink, throwing the sponge into the sink. “That thing is done for. I can’t take off the burnt pieces.” You pout and cross your arms, looking at the man who was staring intently at his phone.

You narrowed your eyes and titled your head. He was completely ignoring you. “Baekhyun?”

He jumps at the sudden encounter and drops his phone, his phone open. He bends down to pick it up and you catch a glimpse of the contact ID.

“Is there something going on?” You ask growing concerned. “You can talk to me about it Baekhyun.”

He shakes his head and softly smiles. “No, I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about it, I promise.” He smiles at you and hugs you. As he has you in his arms he exhales deeply. You knew something wrong was going on but you didn’t want to force it out of him. If he wasn’t going to tell you then you had the initiative to take action, right?

He lets go of the hug and opens his phone again and sits himself on the couch. Whatever it was, it was something important and it bugged you that Baekhyun wasn’t telling you because you two were always open about everything. Sure there were things that you would keep to yourself, personally, but Baekhyun on the other hand, he was an open book. Whatever you asked he would tell you. Unless it was something serious or he wouldn’t like that person. He’d often come up with a simple white lie.

“So Baekhyun.” You begin and he looks up from his phone. “Is there something special going on that you have planned for? You phone is going to be your life support if you keep up at it like that.” You ask as you sip some cold water, leaning over the counter just a tad.

He knew your motives. How can you blame him? You two have been dating for quite a while now so it would only make sense for him to catch onto your usual habits.

He chuckles and shows you his phone from where he’s seated. “Suho and I were planning on what to do for Chen’s birthday that’s coming up.” He smiles and walks up to where you were standing and you furrow your brows as he reaches out for the cold glass of water you had.

“His birthday is in two months why do you two need to plan so far ahead?” You ask as he drinks the cold liquid and he wipes the corner of his mouth.

“Because some of the guys may leave around his birthday so we kinda have to work out a day that’ll work for all of us.” He responds and walks back to sit on the couch.

You nod slowly and repeatedly. “Okay.” You go to the front door and he notices you gathering your things. He’s confused but he hurriedly goes to you. “Hey where are you going?” He asks.

“To the café. I want some coffee but you don’t have any.” You pout and smile. “Don’t worry though Baekhyun, I’ll text you okay?” You state as you peck his cheek and walk out of the door; going somewhere other than the café.


You slam the door open, scaring the younger male. “(y/n)! What are you doing here?” He asks as he pauses the TV.

You sit next to him and look right into his eyes. “You’re the only one who’s been there as long as Chanyeol has for Baekhyun.” His eyebrows come together, questioning why you, out of all people, is mentioning his name. “I think Baekhyun is hiding something from me and I think he’s talking to Chanyeol about it.”

He scoffs and throws his head back. “I’m not getting caught up in this okay? If you want to know for sure ask Baekhyun for yourself. I’m sure he’ll tell you. He does adore you.” He points the remote to the tv his finger on the play button.

You sigh and quickly you put his hand back down. “Please Jongin? You know what happened with Chanyeol and I and-“You roll your lips, and exhale. “And I don’t want to tell Baekhyun.”

Jongin looks at you and groans, “fine.”

You squeal and thank him so much as you shake his hand that is sandwiched between yours.

“Just let me finish this okay?”


>> Hey. I’m sorry about acting weird earlier today. We just want to have this party without any of us missing. Are you at the café yet?

<< Yeah, that’s fine I completely understand!! Maybe it was supposed to be a surprise party!!  And yeah, I’m here. Getting my macchiato as always. (:

>> im glad at least something made you happy.

<< don’t talk that way! You didn’t upset me okay? I gotta go, my friend found me and now she wants to study. Ilyy

>> if you say so, love. And have fun.

He sends the last text as he throws his phone onto the table. The smell of coffee beans filled his nose; the warm atmosphere welcomed him, except he still felt as if he wasn’t supposed to be there, not when you said you were.

He looks out of the window and puts his thumb in between his lips. He only came because he was expecting to see you here. Except you were nowhere to be found. He wanted to tell you everything. Everything that-

“Baekhyun. I need to tell you something.” He looks up, the figure taller than what he was expecting. He gestures down to the chair in front of him. “What do you want Chanyeol?”


“Where are you going?” Jongin asks you as he tries to put on his shoe and walk after you at the same time.

Your, exceptionally, long legs were pacing through the grass as you had one place set in mind. “I need to go to the café.”

“Why?” Jongin asks as he shuts the door, both of his shoes on his feet, quickly walking after you.

“Because Chanyeol always goes to get coffee at this time.”  You responded as you started to pick up your pace towards a café you were very sure of that he’d be at. Jongin was just confused, but he still followed after you.

He considered himself as a younger brother but an older brother as well. He’d do anything to make sure you weren’t hurt.

You open the door and immediately the smell of coffee beans surrounds you and you scan the café, looking for the tall figure. Your heart was pounding; you didn’t want him to know about what had happened before he came into your life. And he would only know if Chanyeol decides to tell him something.

You walk up to the figure. His bed head brunette hair, accompanied with a cream colored trench coat. You sit down in front of him and Jongin is watching you two from afar. He knew that he’d have to give you two privacy but he had to watch out for you at the same time.

“Oh look at you.” He smiles and offers his drink to you. You look at the drink and then up at him. It was so stupid how a meaningless drink with a name could bring back so many memories.

You shake your head and pity a smile. “I’m not here to catch up on life with you Chanyeol.” You respond and push his cup back to him.

“Then why are you here?” He asks as he takes a sip through the straw.

“Please don’t tell Baekhyun about our past.” You plead and look dead into his eyes. Your eyes didn’t carry the message of threatening him if he didn’t do as you say; they carried the message as if you were asking help from a past friend.

“It seems it’s a bit too late for that babe.” He takes another sip of his drink and leans back in his chair. Your heart dropped and you exhaled deeply. If there was one thing you didn’t want Baekhyun to know about you it would be your past with Chanyeol.

You try to put up a front and scoff, “you didn’t really tell him did you? You didn’t tell him that I went to him because of what you did.” You raise an eyebrow and called him out on his bluff.

He smirks and softly nods, “you’re right. I didn’t tell all the details but I did tell him there was an us.” He stops for a second and points to your chair. “He was talking to me earlier. When you had claimed you were studying at the café with a friend.” And he looks over at Jongin and waves. He looks back at you, “now who knows if he still has his trust in you.” He shrugs his shoulders and looks right at you. You look down at the table; your heart was being crushed. Baekhyun was who you always wanted to be with and-

“No.” You look up at him, “I know Baekhyun will just talk to me about it, it’s fine.” You get up and just stand there looking at Chanyeol. “By the way, why do you want to get back into my life again so bad Chanyeol?” You ask.

He looks up at you and smiles softly. “Because believe it or not sunshine. I’m still into you.”


Summary: Castiel meets the reader on a case that the Winchester’s had invited her on because she had a extensive knowledge on the creature they were hunting and also she happened to be a very close friend of theirs from years back. Castiel finds himself unable to stop staring at the reader the moment he meets her, getting funny feelings in his stomach that worry him.  He feels as if he had met her already, in a dream? No, that was impossible since he didn’t sleep or was it?

A/N: This is my first Supernatural reader imagine/scenario! I have been in the Supernatural fandom since the show started,I’ve always written just kpop scenarios but I wanted to start writing for supernatural.  I hope you guys like it! Please feel free to request! any character, fics, drabbles or pairings.

Warnings: Fluffy for the most part, is an adorably flustered Castiel considered a warning? mentions of smut but no graphic description

Word count: 2,673

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Paper Hearts

Characters : Professor!Dean x Student!Reader

Summary : Work, school and dance have taken up your life. With constantly running around and trying to stay afloat, it’s hard for you to maintain a social life.  

A/N : I know there are so many professor Winchester stories, but I thought with this type of story, it’d fit better if he were a teacher. Lol. Hope you enjoy! 

Warnings : cursing? 

Word count : 3,015

The music echoed around in the room, and you swayed along, feeling your body roll and hit every note. You were lost in your own little world.
Dancing was your life. Something you’ve done since you started walking. Even after the death of your mother, this was something that you held close. Maybe because it was the only thing that made you feel close to her.
The studio was your home. Anyone could find you here.
“There you are!” Bonnie exclaimed, barging into the studio.
Your chest heaved as you paused the music, trying to even your breathing. “Yea, where else am I suppose to be?” You exhaled.
Bonnie let out a soft chuckle and shook her head. She lifted her wrist, exposing her watch. “It’s 7:30. Don’t you have that  Forensic Science class to get to?” She asked.
Your eyes grew wide, and immediately retrieve your flannel, and your bag and started for the door. “Shit!” You spewed out. “I’m going to be late.”
Bonnie couldn’t help but chuckle as she followed behind you. Pacing through the halls, you tried to rush to the class.
“I’m going to put an alarm on your phone, I swear.” She cackled.
“I lost track of time. But maybe you’re right.” You chuckled.
You stopped at the door, sharing a glance, you both took in a deep breath and gently swung the door open.
The auditorium was filled, leaving a few empty seats in the front. Everyone, including the professor turned their attention to you.
“Ah. Nice for you girls to join us.” He smirked.
You couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. His chiseled jaw, beautiful green eyes, and his lips were full. 

“Please find a seat.” He muttered.
You and Bonnie shared a glance, and started down the stairs. Unfortunately, for being 10 minutes late, you two couldn’t sit next to each other.
She was in the middle row on the edge, while you say right in the front, directly in front of the professor.
“As I was saying before we got interrupted.” He slightly chuckled. “My name is Dean, but you all can call me Professor Winchester, and in this class I don’t tolerate late work, lack of participation, and-” he paused and looked directly at you. “Tardiness.”
The way he said the word, made your breath hitch to the back of your throat, and chills to cover you.
“So let’s get started shall we?” He smiled.
He started the projector, and began the slides. “What is the first thing anyone says during an investigation?” He asked.
Multiple hands shot up simultaneously. But he chose the girl two rows behind. “I didn’t do it.” She said confidently.
The professor nodded, and flashed a smile. “Exactly.” He muttered. “So this is where you come in. Your job is to find out the truth. To examine every aspect of the scene. You need to know the exact weapon that was used, find any clues that will help you find the suspect.”
You pulled out your notebook and pen, and began to take notes.
It was a bit overwhelming. He was throwing out a lot of information all at once, and before you knew it, class was over.
“I will email the assignment to you all in an hour. Make sure to study it and memorize it before the next class.” He stated.
Everyone scurried out of the class, and you weren’t far behind, until Bonnie tugged your hand.
“Come on, let’s apologize for being late.” She smiled. “You know how much I hate being on the teachers shit list.”
You nodded and chuckled as you both made your way to the front of the class, where the professor had his back turned to you, and his attention was to the board.
Bonnie cleared her throat, and you held your books close to your chest.
“P-professor Winchester?” She squeaked.
He continued to write on the chalk board. “Hm?”
“U-uh my Friend and I would like to apologize for being late.” She stated. “We were a-”
“Look-” he exhaled, wiping his hands of the dust and met both your gaze. “This isn’t high school. Im not going to wonder why you aren’t in class. I honestly can give a rats ass.” He shrugged. “What I do care about is not having my time wasted. So either you show up on time, or drop the class.”
Both you and Bonnie were appalled, and taken back by his statement. Never in your life was anyone so blunt with you. You weren’t sure how to handle it.
“Now, is there anything else?” He asked.
Bonnie shook her head, sucking in her lips.
“Awesome. Well if you don’t mind, I have to get ready for my tutor session here. So if you may-”
“Oh right, of course. Thank you.” She stammered.
You and Bonnie made your way out of the auditorium. Feeling a bit distressed from the situation.
“Who would’ve thought a hot guy like him would be such a-”
“Asshole?” You finished.
Bonnie let out a chuckle, and curved her lips. “Exactly. At least it’s only for a semester, then we are free from this hellhole.”
You started to giggle as you linked your arm with hers. “Come on, let’s get some coffee before my dance class.” You stated.
Your dance instructor was the infamous, Mr. Brian Puspos. The guy you grew up watching and admiring his moves and skills. You idolized him. So being in his class, was like a dream come true. He was the very reason you decided to go to UCLA in the first place.
“So I know this is dance and you may think all we will ever do is perform and all that crap, but I also want to get you all involved in cinematography. Use different Angles, tell a story through your art.” He muttered, walking around the small studio.
This was something that intrigued you. Dance was more than just moving your body, like he had said, it was an art. It was something to help you express yourself.
“So I am going to assign you all a partner and I advise you get to know them because with every project and even the final, they will be by your side.”
“Well there goes our chance at working together.” Aria whispered.
You let out a soft chuckle, and shrugged your shoulders. “Maybe he assigned us together?”
“Aria Montgomery and Sean Guzman.” Brian muttered. Aria flashed a soft smirk and left your side to meet her new partner.
You felt your stomach twist, as you grew anxious to find out who you were paired off with. You wanted someone who could keep up with you. Someone who wasn’t going to mess your chance of going with Brian to the World Of Dance Competition.
“Y/N Y/L/N and Dylan O'Brien.”
You looked up and scanned the room. Until you met a pair of brown Carmel eyes.
As you propped up on your feet, you felt your throat knot and your heart begin to pound profusely.
“Hi!” He smiled. 

Originally posted by noncredonellietofine

He stared at you for a moment, as if he were searching for something. “I-im Dylan.“ 

You took his hand, feeling your stomach flutter from the sensation of his touch. "It’s nice to meet you.”
There was something about Dylan that attracted you. Maybe it was his button nose, or his dark, mysterious eyes, or even his cute smile. Whatever it was, you were glad that there was some spark. Or else it’d be hard to dance together.
“Alright, come on gather around.” Brian exclaimed, calling everyone over. “Now that everyone has been acquainted, I am going to give you all a rundown of this dance and then you all will take turns to perform in front of the class.”
Time felt like it was running faster than ever. It’s been almost 2 hours and here you all were, going over the steps Brian had taught you.
You were beginning to sweat, and your heart raced. It was extremely hot in that studio. Throwing your hair up, you watched some of the other students do the dance, excitement growing inside of you.
“I know this is our first time dancing together, but I’m sure you’ll do great.” Dylan smiled. “I saw you during rehearsal. You’re amazing.”
You felt your cheeks flush and your lips twitch. “Thanks!” You squeaked. “You aren’t so bad yourself.”
“Okay, that was amazing guys! Seriously.” Brian exclaimed. “Now up is Y/N and Dylan.”
You both made your way to the floor, fooling around for a moment as the music began to play.
You waited for the mark, and just like that, you were both dancing. You let yourself go into the performance. The music and your body along with his, somehow told a story. Something that captivated the crowd.
As the lyrics sang ;
‘So take my hand.’ Dylan reached his hand out to you, and you placed yours over his, flashing a smile up at him. 

The song was beautiful. And the way you and Dylan danced your hearts out captured the meaning of it.
As the song came to an end, you both stood up and he pulled you into him. Your laughter filled the air as everyone clapped and cheered.
Brian made his way over to you with eyes wide. “Dude, you guys that was beautiful. Seriously. That’s exactly the way I wanted this to be portrayed. Love the chemistry here.”
You shared a glance with Dylan, immediately feeling flustered.
“Okay, take a seat.” He smiled.
Walking over to aria, you tried to even your breathing. This year was suppose to be nothing more than focusing on dancing and your grades. Boyfriends, parties, and everything that could distract you, was out of the question.
But as time passed, you caught yourself looking over at Dylan. Thinking of how incredible of a dancer he is and how intriguing he was as a person.
‘Dammit.’ You thought to yourself. 'Get a grip.’
Today was your Forensic Science class. And this time, you and Bonnie were 5 minutes early.
You both sat in the middle row, near the steps. As you waited for the professor, and for the rest of the class to enter, you decided to go over your notes.
“I wonder what he is going to have us do with this.” Bonnie whispered.
The professor has emailed you 5 different angles of a crime scene, along with a brief summary of the written statement.
“I don’t know. Maybe give us a quiz. Have us guess what is missing in the picture.” You teased.
The door by the front swung open, and the professor stormed in. His briefcase in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.
“Good morning class.” He chirped. As he placed his briefcase on to the desk, he took a swig of his drink before setting it down. Turning on his heels he looked out to the sea of students, and without missing a beat, he began his lesson.
“Who can tell me the first thing they noticed in the pictures I sent them?” He asked, pulling a file out of his bag.
Hands were shot up, and quickly, he randomly picked one.
A guy in a dark charcoal button with suspenders stood up. He had the pictures in his hands and cleared his throat. “In Picture A, the blood was splattered across the wall, while in picture C, there was blood on the side of the bed, indicating it was in fact more than a few stabbings to the chest.”
Professor Winchester slowly nodded, scratching his chin and leaning on his desk. “Interesting. Great work Mr?”
“I-Isaac Lahey.” He smirked.
Dean flashed a smirk and made his way over to the chalk board. He wrote out Isaacs name and returned his gaze back to the papers in his hands.
“Here’s the thing.” He exhaled. “This is an ongoing case. Which means it’s happening right now. It is my job to find all the clues and hints for this case. And luckily due to successful outcomes before, I am able to to share this with you.”
You sat up in your chair, lingering on every word.
“So with that, I will choose one of you to work alongside with me. And Isaac-” he paused meeting his gaze. “You are in the final round”
Isaac jerked and screeched in excitement.
“Now, did anyone else notice anything different?” He asked.
He scanned the room until he locked his gaze with yours. You stiffened your posture and took in a quick breath. “You.” He pointed directly at you.
Your heart began to race and your palms grew clammy with sweat. As you propped up on your feet, you rummaged through your paperwork, slightly shaking from your nerves.
“U-uh well-” you squinted your eyes at you looked over the pictures.
The were deer heads, and camp decoration all around the room which only meant- “he’s a hunter.” You stated.
Dean furrowed his brows, crossing his arms over your chest. “Sorry, can you repeat that?”
“He’s a hunter, which means he knows how to kill. And in these photos, the blood is everywhere. If this was done by the husband, it would have been done correctly.”
The room fell silent, and Dean just nodded. Never taking his gaze off you. You felt your throat thicken and your stomach twist.
You wanted to know what was going through his head. Wanted him to say something, anything.
You plopped down into your seat, feeling a sudden sheer of embarrassment.
“Please tell me I didn’t make a total ass out of myself.” You whispered.
Bonnie shrugged her shoulders. “I thought you did great.”
Letting out a huff, professor Winchester clapped his hands together and smacked his mouth. “Anyone else?”
Shaking your head, you felt stupid for even opening your mouth to begin with. The professor probably thought you were absolutely idiotic. You hated feeling this way.
As the hour passed, their were 12 people on the list for the 'final round’
Bonnie was one of them. And though you didn’t really care for this class to begin with, he somehow intrigued you, and now, you wanted to be on that board.
As everyone gathered their things, professor Winchester cleared his throat. “Y/N-” he muttered, capturing your attention. “Can I see you please?”
Your breath hitched as his words echoed in your head. Swallowing hard, you flashed a soft smirk to Bonnie, and made your way down to Dean.
He made his way over to the chalk board, writing on the clean side.
As the last person left the auditorium, you took in a deep breath, clenching on to your books. “Y-you wanted to see me?”
Professor wiped his hands, and turned on his heels. He walked over to his desk, and took a seat. “Is this your first time taking a class like this?” He asked.
You bit on your lower lip and shook your head. “N-no.” You exhaled. “Actually, if I’m being honest, I only took this class because of Bonnie.”
Dean tilted his head up, pursing his lips, locking his gaze on you. “And yet, here you are.”
“Here I am.” You chuckled. But stopped immediately and furrowed your brows. “Wait, where is here?” You whispered.
Dean clasped his hands together, and leaned on his elbows. “I want you to be my Assistant. I want you to work for me.” He smiled.
You were taken back for a moment, scanning his face for bluff. “W-what?”
“I like what you had to say. You showed me that not only can you think on your feet, you think outside of the box.” He smirked. “Usually I’d have you go through the final round like everyone else, but I really think you would be amazing.”
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. The man you thought who was nothing more than an asshole a couple of days ago, was offering you a spot to work with him.
“Well I don’t have all day, I do have tutoring to do.” He exhaled.
You swallowed hard, and slowly nodded your head. “Can I have some time to think it over?”
He furrowed his brows, leaning back into his chair. “Uh yea, sure. But I’d  need an answer by next week.” He stated.
You nodded, staring at one another. His eyes were greener today, or so they seemed. You were losing yourself in them, until…
“I need to get this thing going so if you don’t mind?” He spewed out.
And just like that, you were snapped back to reality.
“Yea, sorry.” You smiled. “Thank you again, professor Winchester.”
Before he could say anything, you turned your back to him and started up the stairs. Not once looking back. But you felt his stare, as if it were Burning through your clothes.
Closing the door behind you, you met up with Bonnie.
“Hey!” You spatted, skipping over to her.
“Hey. So what was that about?” She chuckled.
You shrugged your shoulders and let out a soft sigh. “I don’t know, I guess Professor Winchester thinks I’d make a great candidate as the teacher assistant. He wants me to work for him.”
Bonnie stopped in her steps, her eyes grew wide. “Are you serious?”
You nodded, biting the inside of your cheek. “Yea, but I told him I’d let him know.”
She smacked your arm, scrunching her face at you. “Y/N! This is probably every girls dream to work side by side with the dreamy Professor.” She smirked.
You let out a soft chuckle. “Eh, I wouldn’t want to spend almost everyday with that guy. I’d go insane!”
Both you and Bonnie agreed and belted out in laughter. She linked her arm with yours, and you both started down the hall. “It would also look good on your resume.” She raised an eyebrow.
“Eh, but is it worth it?”
And that was the question that played over and over in your head.
Was it?

I’m Right

Summary: There’s this boy who wears black, including a ring on the middle finger of his right hand, and he’s starting to grow tired because all his friends and family talk about is him meeting his soulmate. What they don’t know is that he’s never going to be able to love his soulmate like they want him to.

Warnings: Acephobia, arophobia, self-hate, alcohol, swearing. I think that’s it. Dan freaks out a lot. Generally quite a lot of angst. 

Word count: 5,285

Disclaimer: I’m ace, but I don’t know if I’m aro, so I’m not claiming this is how all aro/ace people feel. Fuck, I don’t feel like this at all, I’m pretty happy with my sexuality. I don’t really get angsty about it, I’m generally quite proud of how I identify. I just imagine that, seeing as our own society is already kinda shit when it comes to this,  in a universe like this soulmate!AU, being aroace would feel kinda shitty, so I exaggerated Dan’s emotions a lot, so uh, yeah. I hope you like it.

A/N: Very much inspired by this fic (warning: mentions of non-con) and this fic (i v much recommend both)

(And hey, just remember that I love you, no matter what your identity is. Nothing is wrong with you, aight? You’re a pretty cool person.)

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"Just Friends" Derek luh

“Just friends”

~ ~ ~

It’s 8 am in the morning, and im being woken up by someone playing with my hair and kissing my forehead. I smile a little when they start to tickle me causing me to squirm and giggle.

“Derek what did I say about tickles in the morning?”

“To do it because you look super fucking cute when you giggle” he says smirking.

I blush hitting his chest before getting up and stretching. I’m sure he sees a flash of ass as He whistles at me eyeing me up and down with an easy grin on his face. I roll my eyes he always does this when I wear his t-shirts only for bed.

So I flip him off, before going into the bathroom to wash my face and pee. When I come back Derek’s still in my bed, laying down all bare chested, when he sees me he pats his chest and opens up the covers.

I smile crawling onto the bed before crawling onto him, tangling our legs together and resting my head on his chest.

“What are we doing today?” I ask as he hums starting to play with my hair again.

“Let’s hang with the boys and then have a movie night?”

“Oooh let’s Netflix and chill” I ask wiggling my eyebrows and play biting my lip while looking down at him.

I’ve moved so I Straddle him, he rubs my thighs while smiling up at me, a devious glint in his eyes.

“Netflix and chill, with you baby anytime”

He finishes his sentence, with a hip roll, causing his dick which is slightly hard to brush up against my pantie covered pussy.

“Fuck” I whimper before blushing.

He just smirks sitting up, now
Looking down at me, and at this moment mainly my lips. When we hear a throat being cleared, I turn to see kdl and skate leaning up against the doorway with raised eyebrows.

“Y'all sure are comfortable with each other” he says while raising an eyebrow.

I blush moving off of Derek, and trying to et out of bed but he stops me. Shaking his head.

“You are only wearing my t-shirt, skate and kev don’t get to see that” he growls in my ear causing me to shake my head and grin. Trying to cover up the shiver that runs down my spine.

“Chill they see half naked girls all the time”
I say moving to try and get out again.

Again he pulls me back this time rolling so that I’m trapped underneath his body, his hands are on either side of my head and now he looks frustrated. So I arch an eyebrow at him.

“They may see half naked girls, but they don’t get to see you”

“Derek” I whine.

He moves his hips, as he’s in between my own causing my to gasp, and push my hips into his, and he’s smirking. I bite my lip he knows he’s in control.

“Yo we want to go get breakfast, so stop fucking and let’s goo”

Skate yells all frustrated like.

And despite the position I’m in I start laughing hard, Derek grins down at me before looking over his shoulder.

“Yo we’ll be down in five so go get the car started.”

“Whatever you say luh” you hear skate laughing as he walks down the stairs.

“Where were we?” He asks looking down at you.

“Getting ready to eat food”

“You sure?”

“Yes.” You say smiling as he allows you to slip out from under him.

You love to you’re dresser, grabbing a pair of leggings and throwing on my Birkenstocks.
Derek slides out of bed stretching, showing of his sexy abs, and v-lines that having me swallowing as if I don’t I might start to drool.

“Um do you want your shirt back?” I ask holding the edges before looking at him.

“Nah it looks better on you, besides I’m sure you have some here.” He smirks before moving over to my dresser opening it, and rifling through it before pulling out a black shirt. And pulling on his high tops that are at the edge of my bed.

“Let’s go lil ma” he whispers.

“Alright” i smile taking his out held hand.

~ ~ ~

We’ve been sitting down in IHOP for about twenty minutes when our waitress comes and asks what we’d like to eat. After taking our order and bringing back out drinks she smiles at Derek and I. We’re sharing one side of the booth while skate and kdl share the other side. Currently were playing flick football and winning.

“You guys are so cute, how long have you been dating?”

My eyes widen with the question and well as my cheeks heat up in a blush. I mean we weren’t but I’d like it if we were.

“Oh no we’re just friends”

“Really?” She asks.

Her eyes widen before a sultry look enters her eyes, and her eyes start to flutter. Oh god she’s become possessed.

I take the moment to sign the cross at her as I’m sure she can’t see much, causing skate and kev to laugh. Causing me to smile.

“I don’t know if you’re interested, but some friends of mine are having w pool party if you and your crew want to come here’s my number and the address”
She winks before sashaying away.

“Y'all ready to turn up tonight?” He asks looking excited.

“The fuck happened to Movie night?” I growl.

“Plans change y/n”

Cool alright I see you Derek.

“Okay I guess we’re going out then”

The rest of the time I feel hurt and am losses off and i want to get back at Derek not that it’ll really matter since we’re ‘just friends’. We end up leaving the place late because Derek has to stop and flirt with the waitress chick. I decide to ignore him, hitching a piggy back ride on skate before we get to the car. I pull him in to sit with me in the back, Derek frowns before his phone is vibrating and he’s smiling at his phone.

~ ~ ~

We pull up to the party and its already booming, were walking towards the pool, and I feel a little nervous the swimsuit I’d chosen to wear was a little more risky than my other ones, but I wanted Derek to get jealous or needy I wasn’t really sure.

“Why did Nate get to see the swimsuit you’re wearing before me?” Derek glares.

“Cause Derek.” Because if you saw what was I was wearing you’d make me change. I think quietly.

And then we’re in the backyard where a huge pool and jacuzzis are lit up but underwater lights. Soon the waitress chick is right up next to Derek the moment she spits our group wearing a tiny red bikini that shows off her boobs. She looks really good, i fucking hate her.

“Derek oh my gosh I’m so glad you could make it!” She squeals hugging him before leading him towards a group of girls that are all over him.

“Derek gets the lady’s without even trying bro” kdl elbows Nate laughing.

Nate elbows him back raising and eyebrow causing kev to stop grinning and look at me.

“Psh just wait, I’m going to have the guys all over me” I flip my hair trying to show confidence when in reality I’m scared shitless, as I undo my robe revealing the bikini underneath.

I hear kdl and skate both whistle low before winking at me, I laugh they’re responses giving me confidence.

I walk away and head to their makeshift dance floor as the dj plays dancing music. Running my hands through my hair, I can feel some eyes on my but I don’t try to meet them, feeling the music. And then they start playing Derek’s song confidence. I grin as a pretty hot guy comes to dance with me. I start moving having used to be a dancer I make up a few moves before turning to look over my shoulder at Derek, and mouthing the word daddy. He freaks.

Breaking through the crowd he’s grabbing me and taking off his shirt and pulling it over my body. Causing me to smile but stop when I see the girl he had been all over earlier.

“Hey Derek where you going?” She asks biting her lip and pouting.

“Um im just going to take her home real quick.” He says smiling and sending her a wink.

“I can do it” the guy I had been dancing with earlier says coming to stand by Derek’s girl.

“Yeah Steven will take her home, come on let’s go dance” she says pulling on his arm.

“Yeah d, Steven will take me home you go have fun.” I pipe in.

He glares down at me tightening the hand that’s around my waist.

“Let me talk to you for a second” he growls pulling me away from the two who both look like they’d be the perfect Barbie and ken.

“What the hell y/n you can’t go home with him!”

“Why do you care, we’re just friends let me do what I want!” I hiss pulling away from him.

But he grabs and and pushes me up against the house trapping me.

“Is that what this is about because I said we were just friends?”

“No. Now stop being so protective I’m trying to get a boys number.”

“Oh hell no. I’m taking you home.”

“I’ll just follow you back.”

“I’m not coming back. We’re going to go watch some movies at home.”

“Nah I think I’ll ask Steven to come watch movies maybe we’ll make out and then ill invite him to sleep in my bed. I’m sure he’ll get the vibe that we aren’t just friends” I spit.

“So it was about the just friends thing”

“Derek I’m over that. But I’m tired of being alone. So if you could just let me get back to the party.”

“You’re not alone” he whispers leaning his forehead against mine.

“Yes you’re the best friend I could ever have. But I want to be in a relationship. I want someone to want me in more ways then just friendship. More than just a fuck.” I cry.

“Okay” he murmurs.

Before pulling me away from the wall and towards the car.

“Derek this-”

He cute me off coming back to me and kissing me hard, pushing me back up against the wall. Having taken me by surprise I gasp, before moaning enjoying his taste and touch. Before he’s pulling away again and walking us to the car.

He opens my dad before allowing me to slide in. He grabs my hand interlocking them as h starts driving us home.

“What are you doing derek?”

“I’m being more than a friend and a want to fuck. I want you. You’re mine. You just hadn’t been ready yet. So I answered with just friends because that’s all you had been ready for, but now. Oh now you’re my girl. All mine”

“Since when have you liked me as more, what like five minutes ago after finding out I wanted a relationship and you being crazy and only wanting to keep me to yourself?”

“Oh baby girl, I’ve wanted you for a long ass time, do you honestly think that I’d cuddle with you so much if not? That i always seem to find myself coming to sleep with you in your bed every night than sleep in your guest room? That I’m always taking you out to eat, letting you sleep in my shirts”

And as he says this it all makes since.

“So then what are you going to do now?”

“Oh baby we’re going to go and Netflix and chill” he laughs winking at me. Kissing the back of my hand, and smiling.

Hope you all enjoyed! 💕

PITCH-SLAPPED: a fan-guide to the Barden Bellas and gay lady ships of the Pitch Perfect franchise

So you just watched Pitch Perfect again and you’re feeling a little enamored with those aca-awesome characters. Or maybe you finally saw Pitch Perfect 2 and you’re just a bit obsessed after that tent scene. Or perhaps you’re not sure how to deal with the wait between now and July 2017 when Pitch Perfect 3 finally comes out.

Whatever the reason: you’ve come to tumblr to assuage those Pitch Perfect feels you got goin’ on and discovered a whole fandom. AH! So much to sort through. So much to feel. What even is Pitch Perfect tbh???? How do I join the fandom? Do I have to sing? WHAT ARE THE RULES HERE? 

Don’t worry. We totes got your back. 

(warning: the following post is very very long and really really effin gay)

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Have You

Hoseok x Reader


Genre: Smut but theres a hECK TON OF FLUFF

Words: 4.5k whOOPS

Warnings: Lil tiny daddy kink, light spanking, lil bit of teasing here and there

Summary: He’s was your bad boy, and you were his good girl. You had always avoided your mutual feelings towards him for your studies. You two had a study date, and this time, this time he wasn’t going to let you go.

A/N: for @yoonkookgrl​ because i wanted to !!! this got too long im so sorry im terrible at writing smut so so sorry

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You huffed as you left your class. Your professor had given you a B+, when you most certainly should’ve gotten an A! You knew it wasn’t really anything to be upset about, but you just couldn’t help it. You were such a perfectionist when it came to your grades and your work. You had high standards for yourself.

Your friends were jealous of your relationships with your professors. Most of them loved you, and your friends simply dismissed it as you being a nerd. You didn’t mind it though, you knew they were just playing around. You couldn’t really deny it though, you just loved it when you received high marks or got a perfect grade on an assignment. Then again, you were always cooped up in your dorm when all your friends were partying. You longed to hang out with them, but your assignments have been piling up lately, and you haven’t had any down time.

You were walking down the corridor, lost in your thoughts, when you suddenly bumped into someone in front of you. You stumbled backwards and almost fell on your ass. Coherent words seemed to fail to come out as you attempted to talk a mile a minute. “I-I am so so sorry! I d-didn’t mean to! I’m really s-sorry! I must be i-in your way, I’ll just-”. Before you could finish your sentence, a hand grabbed hold of your arm and pulled you so you were standing straight.

“Woah, woah, slow down there, princess. Are you okay?” the voice spoke, and you recognized it immediately. No one else called you princess like that. You finally looked up right into the eyes of who you bumped into, and you blushed immediately. “I-I’m fine. You..you can let go now. And I’m not your princess.” You pouted, trying to pull your arm out of your grip. Hoseok only smirked and held you closer.

“Aw, but I’ve missed you, (Y/N). You haven’t been coming out with your friends lately, why’s that?” He asked with genuine interest. His grip loosened a bit, enabling you to slip your arm free, even though you two still stood a little too close for comfort. “I’ve been busy, Hoseok. I actually care about my grades.” You huffed a little impatiently. You had one more class before you could go home and finish your work. You only had two assignments left to finish. Hoseok, being the ‘bad boy’ he is, didn’t spend all of his time studying. Most of the time, he was partying or doing something illegal. Somehow he still managed to pass.

Hoseok let out a laugh and grinned at you brightly. It wasn’t his usual smirk, it was the grin that made you blush and stutter, but nonetheless smile back at him. “You’re such a nerd, princess.” He said and flicked your nose. Then his face lit up with an idea. “Since you’re so smart, could you help me study tonight?”

Your ears perked up at that. Hoseok? Studying? It was hard to imagine. “You want me? To help you study?” You questioned, absolutely shocked at his request.

Hoseok’s hand started twirling a strand of your hair. “Mostly the first part, but yes. I’m kinda sorta failing this one class, and I can’t have that, ya know? You’re in that class. So you should help me.”

You sighed, hoping he didn’t see the blush on your face. “Fine, Hoseok. But no funny business, alright?” You said, poking at his chest. Hoseok pouted and reluctantly nodded. “Not even one kiss?” He said and you laughed and punched him in the arm. It was always like this with Hoseok. Him shamelessly flirting with you, trying to take you out somewhere, and you denying him for your studies. Maybe another time, you would always say.

Although you couldn’t deny your own feelings for the strikingly handsome man.

You decided to flirt back for once, just for the fun of it. “Maybe one kiss, but that’s only if you really study!” Hoseok was taken back by that, and his cheeks flushed cutely. He smiled and pulled you into a hug that lifted you off of your feet. You giggled and squirmed. “P-Put me down! People are looking!”

“Let them look. That way they’ll know you’re mine.” He murmured into your hair and your face turned a bright shade of red. When he finally put you down, his hand lightly brushed against your cheek. It was an intimate gesture, and it made your heart beat faster. “I’ll see you, princess.”

“Y-Yeah, I’ll see you, Hoseok.” You said, walking off to your last class of the day. Hoseok watched your retreating form with adoration. God, if he could hold you like that forever. Hoseok realized at the last minute, that you had let him call you princess for once. As he walked off, he had a big dumb smile on his face, all because of you.

Later on after you had finished your last class, you had decided to head up to your dorm to clean up. Your roommate wouldn’t be back for a while, you had already checked with her. You set up your books and texted Hobi.

You: Bring takeout! I’m starving

Hobi: Anything for you, princess. I’ll be there soon.

You sighed and went to go shower and change your clothes. You didn’t really know what to put on for your study date, so you had opted for a simple baggy t-shirt and some shorts that may have been a little too tight. Then you had thought to yourself, were you about to tease him with these shorts?

You decided yes. It was the least bit of fun you could have. Hoseok always teased you. Calling you princess, swiping your notebook and keeping it out of your reach, lingering touches that had always made you shiver..

Woah. Too far. Contain your urges (Y/N). You sighed to yourself as you tried not to think about the man in ways that wouldn’t exactly be appropriate. Then you heard a knock at the door. You stood on your toes to look through the peephole, and saw Hoseok standing at your door with Chinese takeout. You opened the door and Hoseok greeted you with a smile. “Hey there.”

You let him in and told him to sit down on the couch, in front of the table where your books were set up. “I’ll be back in a minute. I’m gonna get my notebook.” As you left the room, Hoseok looked around your dorm. It was just so you. Traces of your roommate, of course, but she was never really around as much as you were. Hoseok shook his head. Always in your room.

Hoseok swore, he would show you the world once you’d let him. Hell, he’d give you the world. He’d been chasing after you since freshman year, and he could tell that you liked him too. But it was always studies first, relationships and fun second. The handsome man sighed. You walked back into the room, notebook in hand. Hoseok had finally noticed your tiny, tight shorts and visibly stiffened.

You frowned as you sat down on the couch. “Hobi? What’s wrong?” You questioned. Hoseok shivered. He loved when you called him Hobi, and you didn’t do it often. But when you did…God. Was he getting hard right here on your couch? Within the first five minutes of being here? He had the urge to hang his head in shame. “I-I’m fine. Just got..chills.” He explained, even though that was the quite opposite.

He’s had the hots for you since forever, and he didn’t know how long he could keep it under control.

“Well then, let’s start!” You said, taking some of the takeout and blowing on it before putting it in your mouth. You had chewed and swallowed before speaking again. “Show me where you need help, Hobi.” There it was again. Hobi. Hobi. Hobi. He could listen to you say it all day. He quickly opened the book before you could say anything else. “A-Ah, chapter eight. I don’t get it at all..”

You two had been at it for about an hour, and all the food was gone. Hoseok was starting to get the gist of it now. You were relieved. Even with Hoseok being a so called ‘bad boy’(with a fear of almost everything), you still didn’t want him failing any of his classes. He was one of your closest friends, and crush.

Not that anybody else would know that.

Sighing, you two decided to take a break, much to Hoseok’s relief.

“Yah, (Y/N)..you wouldn’t have even taken a break if I wasn’t here. Don’t try to deny it either.” The man huffed childishly. You laughed and hit his chest. Just a simple touch like that made his heart rate pick up. God, you looked so pretty when you laughed. His mind started to wander, and eventually he wondered what you looked like when you-

“I guess you’re right, but your studies are important! You want to graduate don’t you?” You scolded, giving him another smile. You threw your legs over his lap, assuming that he wouldn’t mind. And he wouldn’t have minded, if he wasn’t desperately trying to keep himself from getting half hard while he was sitting on your couch trying to study. As much as he wanted to take you right then and there, with your permission of course, he knew studying was important to you.

“Yeah, but what am I gonna get for all this studying?” He pouted, suggesting something. All you did was roll your eyes. “You get to pass.” You answered bluntly. Hoseok whined and pulled at your arm. You giggled and sat up. “Fine. We’ll go through the review. For every question you get right you’ll get…” You stopped and started to contemplate what you could reward him with. “A kiss!” Hoseok blurted excitedly, before he could stop himself.

You blushed and looked at him. As if he had just realized what he’d said, he blushed too.


As soon as the words came out of your mouth, you jumped in surprise. Hoseok had put his hand on your ankle. He stared at you wide-eyed. “R-Really?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat. “W-Why not? No harm done..” You said shyly. Hoseok’s grip on your ankle tightened, and you had started to wonder if you’d regret this. This could either end horribly, or end up just fine. You guessed that you’d just have to take that chance.

You saw that the first set of review questions were pretty easy, and you started to sweat. Surprisingly, Hoseok had only gotten four of them right. Four kisses. Four little pecks. That’s all. You could do this. You gulped and looked at Hoseok. Unsurprisingly, he was already staring at you, eyes flickering from your lips to your eyes, and back down to your lips.

You leaned in first, deciding that if you took the lead, it would be over quicker. Hoseok was quick to close the gap in between you, and as soon as he did, his soul left his body.

He’d been waiting for this since freshman year, and now he finally had you, in a way. Your lips were so soft, just as he imagined them. As soon as it happened, it stopped. “One.” You whispered.

Another. “Two.”

Another. “Three.” One more. “Four.”

You and Hoseok were sitting much closer than before now, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of each other. You blinked and shook yourself out of your daze. “O-Okay. A-Alright. Next set. It’s..It’s twenty this time.”

Hoseok just nodded. Holy hell, if that was what it felt like to kiss you, he was going to make sure he got every fucking question right. That didn’t happen. Out of twenty, he got fourteen right. He was pissed at himself. You, however, were ecstatic. That was way better than what he did in the first set. Then you realized you had to kiss him…fourteen times…

You didn’t know how long you would last. At the same time, you were curious as to which one of you would break first. You scooted even closer to Hobi. You could do this.

This time, he eagerly leaned in first and captured your lips. “One.” He said. His voice was much steadier than yours had been.

“Two.” It was you this time.


“Four.” You two were taking turns counting.

“Five.” He growled. At this point, you were sitting in his lap, his hands on your hips, your own hands on his strong shoulders.

“S-Six.” His hands grip your hips harder.


“Eig-hah..” His tongue found its way into your mouth and you moaned softly. He’d stopped counting. He couldn’t take it anymore. Your moan threw him over the edge. Fuck studying, he wanted you.

One of his hands traced up your body and made you shiver. His tongue licked into your mouth so hungrily, almost as if he wanted to devour you. Which he did, in a way. Your tongues tangled, fighting for dominance, which you thought you had, until he slapped your thigh and growled, which made you whimper and give in instantly. The sting only amplified the growing heat in between your legs.

His wandering hand that wasn’t on your hip found your hair, keeping you from pulling away. Who needed air anyway?

Oh. You did.

You whimpered at his hold, finally finding the strength to pull away from him. As soon as you pulled away, his mouth went to your neck. Hoseok planted opened mouthed kisses, sucking at the skin as if his life depended on it. He bit, sucked, and licked everywhere, making sure to leave marks. “H-Hoseok, I, hah, I c-can’t cover th-those..”

“You’re not going to cover them. You’ll leave them uncovered and everyone will know you’re mine.” You shuddered at his words. They ran through your head over and over again. Your wetness was pooling in between your thighs. You just couldn’t help it. But you remembered, you had studying to do.

“Hoseok, Hoseok, we have to, ah, w-we have to study..” You stuttered as he was attacking your neck. He groaned and lifted his head to look at you. “Can’t we study later?” He whined. You shook your head furiously. “W-We have to study, Hobi! You still haven’t finished the review!” You said, pointing to the open book. Hobi glanced at the book before staring at you again. “…Fine. But you’re staying right here, princess”

Hobi picked up his notebook and started at the review again. There were twenty more questions. He worked surprisingly silently, seemingly focused on the work in front of him. You sat impatiently on his lap, squirming ever so slightly to get the tiniest bit of friction. Maybe you should have just forgotten studying..

“I’m finished. Stop squirming.” Hoseok said, voice an octave lower than it was before. You grabbed the paper from his hands and made sure to check it slowly. Your eyes widened in shock. “You..”

Hoseok quirked his eyebrow.

“Y-You got all twenty right..” Hoseok smirked at your words. You barely had time to register before his hands were on your hips again, pulling you closer and making your hips grind down on his. You whimpered at the friction, suddenly hyper aware of the growing bulge in his pants.

“That means I get twenty kisses. Pay up, (Y/N).”

As soon as the words left his mouth, you grabbed his face and closed the gap once more. He grabbed your wrist and pinned your arms down to your sides. You whined as he pulled away.

“Ah ah ah, no touching. Hands at your sides.” His tone was commanding, and it didn’t fail to turn you on. Your obedient side wanted to listen, but you wanted to tease him further. “And what if I don’t?” You teased, eager to see what he would do. Hoseok growled gave a harsh slap to your thigh, making you cry out.

“You don’t want to get punished, princess. Or do you?”

You gulped loudly and shook your head. “N-No, Hobi..” Another slap to your thigh came and you cried out again. This time he soothed the spot. “Wrong answer, doll.”

“N-No, sir..?” You said, hoping it was the right answer. Wrong. One more slap to your thigh had you dripping. Hoseok chuckled. “Getting closer.”


Hoseok grinded your hips together roughly, making you moan and throw your head back.

“Good girl. Now hands at your sides.” You obeyed and let Hoseok attack your neck with his mouth once more, leaving even more love bites and hickies that were sure to say for a while. Not that you minded. Hoseok’s hands started to wander once again, finding your breasts under your baggy shirt. He kneaded them, squeezing and pulling. You couldn’t resist tangling your fingers in his dyed locks, which earned you a squeeze to both your nipples that was borderline painful. You shrieked at his sudden aggression.

“What did I say, princess?” You groaned and put your hands back down. What you didn’t expect was for Hoseok to abruptly lift up your shirt and take one of your nipples into his mouth. When had he even gotten your bra off? You sighed and pressed further into Hoseok. His tongue swirled around your nipple while his hand played with the other. You longed to touch him, but all you could do was be a good girl and let him have his way with you.

Hobi groaned. Hobi loved this about you. You were so good; not just in a sexual way, but in general. You were good to the people around you, good to animals, hell, you were even good to inanimate objects. He remember when you’d once knocked over someone’s lamp at a party and said sorry to it, and you weren’t even drunk! You were such an amazing and wonderful person. He couldn’t help but be hopelessly in love. You felt the same of course.

Behind his bad boy demeanor was a literal ray of sunshine, who could make you smile with just a look. He was so sweet, so caring, rarely anyone got that close to him to where they could see that side of him. But you and Hobi were close. But you both knew that you wanted to be closer.

Hoseok had decided that he’d teased you enough. “That’s it. Come on.” He picked you up by your thighs, making you wrap them around his waist. You and Hoseok both groaned at the tiny bit of friction. Hoseok knew where your room was by now. He stumbled to your room while sucking on your neck. Once he finally got the two of you there, he placed you on the bed and kissed you again. He kept your arms beside your head, pinning you in place.

One of his hands started tracing along your body and soon got down to where you needed him most. His finger traced along your slit through your tiny shorts and you couldn’t help but moan loudly into his mouth. He growled, wanting to rip your shorts off of you already. Which he did.

You squeaked in surprise as he threw your shorts across the room to who knows where. Hobi rubbed your slit through your underwear, making you squirm and writhe. You broke away from the kiss, gasping for air.

“H-Hobi, hah, ahh..stop..teas-” You were cut off by your own loud moan when Hobi pushed your underwear aside and dipped a finger into your heat. The look in his eyes was predatory. You shivered. Then you realized you had one hand free and started to feel down his toned chest, to which he payed no mind. “That’s not the right way to ask, princess.” He simply stated, as if his finger wasn’t knuckle deep inside you.

“Please..p-please, Daddy..I c-can’t..” You whimpered. Hoseok took pity in your wrecked form, and started pumping his finger in and out, making you whine. “D-D-Daddy! Another o-one..please..”

Another digit entered you and you were a mess. Your senses were overwhelmed and Hoseok staring directly at you wasn’t helping. “You’re doing good, princess. Maybe I should reward you, yeah?”

You were confused as to what he meant, but when his head dipped down between your legs, you couldn’t even speak to question him on it. His tongue immediately started swirling around your sensitive nub, making you see stars. You almost screamed at the sensation. He sucked and gave kitten licks, while two of his fingers were inside you. Another curl of his fingers and you felt that familiar knot tightening in your stomach way too soon. You tried to squirm away, but Hoseok kept you in place.

“A-Ah, Daddy, p-please! I’m g-going to..”

“But isn’t that what you want, princess? Don’t you want Daddy to make you come?” You hesitated at that, but still protested nonetheless.

“I..I want to c-come with Daddy..” You stuttered, trying not to scream. That stopped Hoseok altogether. He quickly rid himself of his clothing, and removed your underwear. You got on your knees as quickly as you could and pushed him down onto the bed. “Princess? What are you-”

“Shh. I want to make Daddy feel good, too.” You said, running your finger up and down the underside of his length.He shivered and tangled his hands in your hair. “Don’t tease, princess.” You started dragging your tongue flat against his length, giving kitten licks to the tip when you got there. Hoseok groaned and threw his head back, and you took that has a sign to keep going. You abruptly engulfed the head into your mouth, making his hips buck into your mouth. “S-Shit..” You gagged a bit, but then giggled at his eagerness, the vibrations making him hiss. “Princess…” He warned. You then took him in slowly, inch by inch until you got to the base. You then started bobbing your head up and down.

“Fuck..you’re doing so good, princess.” You moaned at the praise, letting a hand trail down your own body to touch yourself, but you were quickly stopped.

“Don’t. Make Daddy come first, doll.” He growled, knowing you would listen. Despite whining, you did what you were told and kept your hands on his hips. You bobbed your head, determined to make him come. Hoseok let out quiet moans and groans, trying not to take control and fuck your face right then and there. It was when you sucked on a vein that he lost it.

“Hold still, princess.” You halted your movement and waited for him to tell you what to do next. But he didn’t tell you to do anything. It took you a moment, but when he slowly started bucking into your mouth, you started to get the idea. Hoseok’s movements slowly started to speed up, and you gagged when his tip hit the back of your throat repeatedly. Tears started forming at the corner of your eyes.

“Hah, fuck. You’re so good..” He moaned. His bucking got even faster and more erratic and you knew he was close. “Ahh, fuck, fuck, fuck..you’re mouth is so good..” You hollowed your cheeks and that’s what sent him over the edge, spilling his warmth into your mouth with a loud groan.

You swallowed as much as you could, some dribbled down your chin. You looked at him and saw he was catching his breath, but still looking at you as if he were about to pounce. “Hah, come here.” He pulled you into his lap again and captured your lips once more. You held his face, but this time he didn’t stop you. This time the kiss was a lot more intimate than the ones before. It was slow, and passionate. He pulled away, looking you in the eye with more than lust. “Condoms.”

“Nightstand, second drawer.”

Hoseok reached into your nightstand, grabbing a condom, nearly ripping the foil open and rolling it onto his still throbbing member. He flipped you two over so that he was on top, and gave you one more look in your eye. You were confused as to why he stopped, then you realized.

He was asking for consent.

You nodded and pulled him in for a kiss. You let out a shaky breath when you felt his tip against your slit. Slowly, he pushed himself in to the hilt, filling you completely. Both of you moaned. Finally, finally, finally. Hoseok had you. You weren’t pushing him away.

Sure, over the years you and Hobi had known each other, you had fooled around a bit. Handjobs in the bathroom, fingering in the library, but that’s as far as you would go. You had always pushed him away, explaining how a relationship would be too much for you right now. Of course, he respected your choices, but that didn’t stop him from pining after you.

Now he had you. You were in his arms, and he had you. And he was never letting you go.

Hoseok stilled, allowing you to adjust and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He also was trying to keep himself from bursting right there, just at the thought of him being inside, the thought that he finally had you. After a minute, you squirmed a little. “Hobi..m-move..”

Complying to your request, he pulled out almost completely, and slammed back in. You yelped at the sudden movement. He did it again, and again. The steady pace was electrifying, but you wanted more. “Hobi..Hobi- hah..faster..”

Hoseok grunted. “What’s the magic w-word?”

“Hobi please.”

Of course, he couldn’t deny you. He sped up his pace, and you tried to meet his thrusts halfway, moaning loud and uncontrollably. Getting embarrassed at your own high pitched noises, you covered your mouth with one of your hands. Hoseok growled and pinned your arms down. “I want to hear you, princess.” From this point on he was set on making you moan louder. His thrusts got even harder, and your own hips couldn’t keep up.

Your release was starting to creep up on you faster than expected, now even more powerful due to your lack of release earlier.

“Please..P-Please please please..Hobi..fuck..” You panted. Hoseok then threw your legs over his shoulders, pounding even deeper and hitting that one spot that made white speckles spot your vision. You nearly screamed, repeating his name like a mantra.

“F-Fuck, (Y/N). You take me so f-fucking good.” He groaned, thrust becoming sloppy. You were overwhelmed with pleasure, you didn’t know just how much more you could take. The knot in your stomach was unbearably tight.


“Me too, j-just..Hold on..” Hold on? You were holding on as much as you could, and you were just about at your limit. “I-I can’t! Hoseok I-”

“Come for me, (Y/N). You can let go now.”

Just his words were enough to send you over the edge, moaning his name like it was the only word you knew. A few more thrusts, and Hoseok was coming too, a loud growl ripping from his throat. He rode out both of your orgasms, before throwing the condom away and cleaning you two off. He laid down next to you and pulled you into his arms. You were breathing heavily and were exhausted. Yet you pulled him in for a slow, loving kiss. When you pulled away, Hoseok was smiling so brightly and you couldn’t help but smile back.


“Yes, Hoseok?”

“Does this..Does this mean..”

“Mean what, Hoseok?” You giggled. You knew what he was talking about.

“Does this mean you’re actually mine? Like, really mine?” He asked worriedly, fearing that you would just brush him off. You pressed into him and giggled into his chest. “Of course. I was yours the moment I climbed into your lap on the couch.” Hoseok’s heart started beating a mile a minute. 

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

“Thank God. I don’t know how much longer I could’ve waited.”

That had you frozen on the spot.

“Hobi…You would’ve waited for me..?” You queried, looking up at him with a shocked expression. He was looking right back at you, eyes soft and warm.

“I would’ve waited for as long as you needed if it meant I could be with you.” He confessed, arms wrapping around you tighter. You dug your head back into his chest shaking it back and forth. “Oh my God…I love you so much..Why did I wait so long?” You said, laughing, more to yourself than him.

Hoseok could’ve bursted into tears of joy. He felt so warm, so loved, so complete. “I love you too. So so so much. Does this mean I can finally give you the world?”

“As long as you promise to come study with me.”

Hoseok rolled his eyes, but smiled nonetheless. “Deal.” You smiled brightly and tilted your head up to plant a chaste kiss on his lips. Hoseok could swear that this was the happiest day of his life.

He finally had you, and he was never letting you go.

Designer AU???

@serenitydiviness I was gonna dm this to u but I actually liked it so Im just gonna post it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Marinette is a famous designer
-her brand name is Ladybug ((like Dior and Prada)) and no one really knows her real name
-she wants to keep her professional and personal life separate
-she’s known for never showing her face in public (as ladybug)
-she always wears huge sunglasses or wide brimmed hats when she comes into work so no one can get a picture of her face
-the only clear picture someone was able to get of her face was at a Masquerade ball so it was kinda useless
-this is where Adrien comes in
-Gabriel Agreste holds a huge party every year and most of the guests are other designers and celebrities
-this year it was a masquerade ball theme
-Marinette, even though she was still pretty small at the time, was invited because Gabriel thought she showed a lot of potential and knew she would go far up quickly
-because it’s his father’s party Adrien had to attended even though he hated these things
-Adrien: “There I was again tonight
Forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired lonely place

Walls of insincerity,
Shifting eyes and vacancy
Vanished when I saw your face”
-Adrien is dressed in a black tux with a black mask and cat ears
-Marientte is in a black and red ball gown with her ladybug mask
-Adrien sees Mari and is basically like “that is the most beautiful person to have ever walked this earth”
-he comes up to her and asks her to dance
-they dance the night away
-*insert So This is Love from Cinderella here*
-at the end of the night Mari tells him that she had to leave
-“won’t you at least tell me your name before you leave?”
-“I’m Ladybug, it’s a pleasure to meet you”
-he kisses her hand
-Adrien has grown up being judged by who his father is and he had a great time tonight and he doesn’t want his name to change that
-“Hello my lady I’m chat noir, the pleasure’s all mine”
-they say their goodbyes and Adrien is head over heels for Ladybug
-“can say is it was enchanting to meet you
Your eyes whispered, "Have we met?”
Across the room your silhouette
Starts to make its way to me
The playful conversation starts
Counter all your quick remarks
Like passing notes in secrecy

And it was enchanting to meet you
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

The lingering question kept me up
2 AM, who do you love?
I wonder ‘till I’m wide awake
And now I’m pacing back and forth
Wishing you were at my door
I’d open up and you would say, “Hey,
It was enchanting to meet you,
All I know is I was enchanted to meet you.”

This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
This night is flawless, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, dancing around all alone
I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

This is me praying that
This was the very first page
Not where the story line ends
My thoughts will echo your name
Until I see you again
These are the words I held back
As I was leaving too soon
I was enchanted to meet you

Please don’t be in love with someone else
Please don’t have somebody waiting on you
Please don’t be in love with someone else
Please don’t have somebody waiting on you"
-(((OK IM DONE)))

~One year later~

-The Ladybug brand has become very popular
-Adrien has left his dad and decided to reinvent himself
-he still thinks about that night and about the girl who introduced herself as ladybug
-then when he hears of an other designer rivaling his dad named Ladybug he freaks because he might’ve found the girl who got away
-he applies for a modeling job at Ladybug
-when he starts working there he always keeps an eye out for Ladybug and tries to find out when she comes into work to see if he can see her
-he’s been working there for a few months now and although he still hasn’t seen ladybug he’s made friends with one of the photographers, Nino, Ladybug’s right hand woman (who he won’t stop pushing for her to tell him who lb really is), Alya, and fashion /intern/, Marinette
-Marinette had had a small crush on Adrien, because she had seen all his pictures in magazines and she had seen some interview he’d done,,,like a celebrity crush kinda thing
-so when he applied to be a model at her design company she hired him right away
-when he first walked in she was working on the floor and hanging out with some interns and alya
-most of her employees didn’t know who she was either because she felt like if they knew who she was they would treat her differently and it would be uncomfortable to work with everyone on the main floor
-Adrien walks in and casually walks up to their group to try to join in on the conversation
-he nudges Marinette and whispers “so when do we get to meet the boss”
-Marinette and Alya start laughing like crazy
-Adrien is very confused
-“nobody gets to meet ladybug most people don’t even know what she looks like”
-Adrien is disappointed but he really likes it there so he stays
-Marinette tells Adrien she’s an intern at Ladybug
-they work together a lot and Marinette’s little celebrity crush turns into a really big head over heels crush
-Alya teases her because technically she’s his boss
-during one of their casual conversations they start talking about their love lives and Nino and Alya are like “yeah we’re dating what about you, you got somebody special”
-Adrien tells them “I fell in love with a girl a year ago and I still haven’t talked to her since”
-Marinette is heartbroken b/c Adrien loves somebody else
-but she’s a good sport about it even though it pains her
-one night Adrien comes back to the office after everyone has left because he left his phone or smth
-he finds Marinette asleep at a desk with her sketchbook open
-he looks at it and realizes that it’s Ladybug’s sketch book and it all clicks
-He doesn’t say anything because he knows that she wants to keep it a secret
-They grow closer together as friends, both thinking that the other may not like them back
-one night Marinette and Adrien are hanging out alone at the studio pretty late
-Marinette asks Adrien to describe the girl he loves
-“and she has beautiful eyes
Your spirits rise
When she walks in the room
Doors close
And the chemistry grows
She’s like a rose
That’s forever in bloom”
-((I’m not gonna lie that’s a quote from barbie’s princess and the pauper)))
-it takes all of Adrien’s will power not to say “I love you”
-it kills Marinette to hear but she loves how happy he gets when he talks about her
-it gets very late and they’re both half asleep when Adrien asks “what about you, who do you love”
-“what makes you think I love anyone?”
-“I can see it in your eyes”
-“he loves someone else”
-“I guess we’re in the same boat”
-“how could anyone not love you back, your perfect”
-“what about you, Marinette you’re beautiful”
-they lean in
-they kiss
-they don’t say anything but they sit in comfortable silence for a few hours until the fall asleep on each other’s shoulders/ heads
-Alya finds them the next day
-she teases them mercilessly
-they don’t talk about the kiss
-they become even closer and start work better together
-one night after work Marinette confronts Adrien and asks him what that kiss meant
-“I don’t know what it meant to you but I really like you, I have for a long time and I just wanna know if you feels the same way”
-Adrien pulls her close and kisses her right there
-“I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since I met you, my lady”

It all started with a stare ( JB )

Request : JB scenario where he’s the popular guy and you’re normal. He notices you one day when you were drifting off about to fall asleep in school and he finds you really cute at first but later falls deeply in love with you


Good morning class! Today we are going to take notes. Everyone please have your chemistry book, notebook and pencil in front of you in five minute. You were so tire, but you knew that taking notes is the only way you learn. You took your notebook and your favorite pen out. You cupped your face, waiting for your teacher to get the lesson starting. You were happy that you sat in the back, next to the window.


Good morning class! Today we are going to take notes. Everyone please have your chemistry book, notebook and pencil in front of you in five minute. “ JB turn around ” Placing both my hands on the edge of the desk, pushing my chair back mid-air. “ What’s up? ” I asked my friend Jackson. “ Do you want to take my notes for me today? ” Jackson said joking. You smirked back at him, “ In a million years. ” You turned back to the front. You turned to the door and saw BamBam walked in. “ Your late. ” You told him like it was normal. BamBam sat down and turned to the group of friends that surrounds you guys. “ Hey, ya up for Nickhun’s party on Saturday? I heard all the cool kids are going to be there. ” BamBam said with excitement. “ I’ll only go if you guys go ” Mark commented. “ Looks like only popular people are going. ” Youngjae eyeing everyone within the group of friends. “ Eyyyyy, we aren’t that popular ” Junior commented. “ If we weren’t popular we wouldn’t be going to Nickhun’s party. Everyone in the group laughed out loud.

Your teacher was done with the lesson. She then told the whole class to get in a group of 3 to 4 people, or you can choose to work by yourself. You choose to work by yourself since you looked around and notice that everyone else were already in groups. JB stood up to sit across of Jackson. Just right when he was about to talk to Junior, he caught you spacing out. JB thought to himself ” Is she by herself? “ he than turned his attention to Mark. Five minute has passed and he turned back to look at you again, this time, you were falling half asleep. He clearly found it cute. JB totally ignore his worked because he was fond of you. He asked himself how come he never notice you. Youngjae looked up and notice that JB was looking somewhere. He poked Mark to look at JB.

” YAHHHHH! “ Jackson screamed in JB’s ear.

” What do you want?! & What was that for!? “ JB angrily said.

” What were you looking at? “ Jackson smirked.

” More like..WHO were you looking at? “ Mark teased.

” No one… the sun was just bright. “ JB said awkwardly

” Why would you look at the sun? You can go blind. “ Yugyeom said in a joking manner.

All the guys turned to look at your sleepy self, then right back at JB.

” There’s nothing wrong liking someone who isn’t popular. “ Junior teased.

” She is cute… “ BamBam commented.

” When did I say that I like her? “ JB whispered.

” SO YOU WERE LOOKING AT HER!! “ Jackson blurt out in excitement!

” I don’t like her! She just caught my eyes! “ JB admitted to his friends.

They all started teasing JB, telling him to ask for your name at the end of class.

The bell ranged, everyone got up to leave. You stood up and packed up all your belongings. You walked out the classroom straight to the Girl’s bathroom. You turned on the sink water to cold, splashing the water on your face to wake you up. ” Sigh…. I feel so much better now “ You mumbled to yourself.

You walked out and saw 7 guys standing just a few steps away. One of them gave you a smile, You didn’t want to be rude so you just smiled back; then left straight to your next class. It was just a smile but you somewhat felt butterfly in your tummy.


It’s been two months now, you kept noticing a pair of eyes looking at you in chemistry class. It was the same guy who always smiled at you whenever you see him. You can’t help but wonder to yourself. ” Does he have a crush on me..? That can’t be right.. why would a popular guy like him like me.. “ You said to yourself. But you didn’t loose confidence and told yourself ” I mean, look at me. I’m fabulous in my own way “  You laughed to yourself.


It’s been two months now, I kept on staring at her, most of the time it is when she is falling asleep in chemistry class. I wonder if she thinks I’m a creep because I always smile at her whenever I see her. ” She’s so different, compared to the girls I hangout with “ He thought to himself. ” Would she like a guy like me?.. I’m afraid she might reject me because I’m popular.. What if she thinks that I’m a player? “ He worried to himself. ” But, I should at least try. “ JB convinced himself.

You sat with your friends at lunch, just talking about everyone’s day; it got quiet when you guys heard ” May I sit here with you “ . Everyone turned to their left and it was JB, one of the most popular guy in school. He look at you only, which gave your friends the signal to get up and sit at another table. ” Y/N, I think it’s best if we sit over here “ Your friend Mina said teasing you. You turned and found JB getting comfortable next to you. You turned to him.

” JB, is there a reason why you keep staring at me? “ You asked in a stern voice, but you were shy deep inside.

” So that means you notice me too. “ JB smirked.

You blushed, ” That’s n-not what I meant. It’s just I want to know why you always look at me. “ You said playing with the straw on your milk carton.

” Is it wrong to look at someone who I have a crush on. “ JB said without hesitant.

You were shock at his comment. ” How can you have a crush on me?! We barely know each other. “ You said back, only looking at your food.

” That’s why we should start.. to get to know each other, But I don’t want you to think that I’m a player. I took a lot of courage to come and sit next to you! “ JB said as he moved closer next to you.

Your heart skipped a beat; ” But your popular. “ You whisper.

” Who cares?.. Your Just Right " JB said while eating a slice of orange.

Both of you guys stayed silence for a few minutes. JB turned to look at you.

“ When your ready, give me a chance. ” JB gave you a loving stare.

You smiled and nodded.

“ Pinky promise? ” JB was waiting for you to pinky promise him.

You chuckle to yourself and took your pinky out and promised him. You were surprised and happy that someone like JB had the courage to confess to you.  

synnesai  asked:

Churboose - church trying to pick out a gift for caboose (holiday, birthday, promo at work?? w/e!) and fretting over it (but we all know what he could really give caboose) pre-slash maybe????? confession fic???? ?????? ???? Tucker having to play wingman is a plus "Damn it church i dont wanna stand here and watch you make eyes at the fucking idiot. either bend him over and do it already or im out"

You knew I had to use that line.

Gift Exchange

“Just pick something already!”

“You’re actually not helping, Tucker,” Church groaned as he bent over the display of watches. Would Caboose even want a watch? No, better question, would Caboose even wear a watch? No, even better question, did Caboose know how to read an analog clock?

“What about this one?” Church asked at last, looking up at the man who was, somehow, his best friend, and pointing down at a watch that had stars on the tips of the arms and had a nice blue face that was the exact shade of blue that Caboose liked more than any other, and what looked like a comfortable leather band.

“Who the fuck cares? Can that idiot even tell time? Why are you dragging me along for this? I just bought him a box of cookies. Why are you even putting so much time into this? You know you could just bend him over and…”

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