i may be having a mental breakdown

Marichat May Day 11: Age-up Marinette

Poor kitty is having a mental breakdown after being hit by an akuma that made him travel to the future and made him fell into Marinette’s arms (literally). And altho she is kind of enjoying seeing him like this, she knows that if a younger version of Chat is in her time, that means her own Chat is in the past and she needs to save him (and also prevent him to say something to her young self that revels information that could change the future)

can I just rant about how amazing Noah Schnapp is for a second?

like ho. ly. SHIT.

In season one the character of Will Byers may have been the main focus of the plot but we hardly saw him on screen.

This season was much different.

Noah Schnapp’s performance in season 2 was fucking INCREDIBLE.

Like he had at least one mental breakdown in every single episode? 

He had to cry on demand so many times.

He had to scream so many times. 

Not to mention how believable he made everything even though this story is very much fiction.

That kid is amazing. like seriously. AMAZING. 

If Noah Schnapp doesn’t win an emmy I will fight because he totally deserves it.

Camp Camp is so precious to me because it hosts a bunch of diverse characters and the main char is an indian boy and one of the secondary main char is Jewish and there’s just a bunch of explicitly calling out racism jokes and ahhhahashahhhhhhhhh also have I mentioned main char/indian boy/Max is apparently a fucking prodigy in seamstressing/knitting/etc. and nobody questions it and in fact it often helps him resolve situations and ALSO HE’S INDIAN like ASIAN AMERICAN like this is an actual real life main character indian-from-asia who obviously grew up in a household that treasured his culture because he FUCKING KNOWS HOW TO MAKE THE CLOTHES??!?!?? like [SPOILER ALERT] dresses his entire camp in traditional indian clothes to humor (and also partly call out the Nativa American/Indian discrepancy) his camp counselor who has just had a mental breakdown about his ability to keep the camp running like HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT MAX NEEDS TO COME GET A HUG FROM ME ASAP (or maybe just an approving nod from afar because he doesn’t seem the touchy type)

I have this kinda far fetched theory, but please hear me out! 

After this arc, Kirishima is practically half dead and guilty over that he broke. He knows that he has to get stronger and keep training, but the whole thing is such an impact on his schoolwork (he already has pretty bad grades). So Kirishima decides to quit U.A. High School and permanently start working as an intern at Fatgum’s office. He already has a Hero Licence, after all. He promises Bakugou that he will return when he is worthy enough as a man, and when Bakugou can be proud to call him his friend (or lover). (It’s cheesy, I know lol)
If we’re following the theory (which I am, in this case) that Kirishima has a yakuza past, he will still have the money to be able to cover expenses (hero costume, place to stay, food), because the yakuza is loaded and he is too.
Kirishima leaves U.A. and Bakugou and the others are sad and furious. But they now have an opening, a free place in the class. Enter: Hitoshi Shinsou. He is transferred into Kirishima’s place and is now a part of the Hero Course.
It could add up, right? Then, a year or so passes and bad things happen. Who comes back? Kirishima. He works with the U.A. kids again, and all is well.
(This isn’t the most detailed thing, and I’m not sure of the ending, but I’d love to hear your insight on this!)

My Prediction About What’ll Happen to Kirishima

Well, you’re right about Kirishima having a temporary hero license. Although, I doubt he’d drop out of U.A. over guilt. If anything, he’d stay at U.A. because he wants to get stronger, and U.A. is the perfect place for him to get stronger. Plus, even if Kirishima does feel guilty enough to think about dropping out of U.A., I think Fatgum and/or other people would talk him out of it. Kirishima thinks highly of others’ opinions. I could see him having a bit of a mental breakdown and at a loss of what to do after he regains consciousness; in fact, that’s what I think will happen. I just don’t think he’d go through with actually dropping out of U.A. Kirishima has always been determined and isn’t a quitter. He’ll keep pushing himself no matter how weak he feels. 

Think about it. Kirishima must have felt guilty when he receives his hero license and Bakugou doesn’t, especially after Bakugou helped save Kirishima from Seiji Shishikura (the guy with the meatball Quirk).

Yet that guilt doesn’t stop Kirishima from going out and becoming one of the few Class 1-A students to get an Internship.

Kirishima’s character has been all about perseverance. Because of his Quirk, multiple people have said Kirishima needs to work on persevering through long and difficult battles. He can’t let his opponent wear him down. (Attrition is “the action or process of gradually reducing the strength or effectiveness of someone or something through sustained attack or pressure.”)

Kirishima gets lots of character development when he pushes through his difficulties and stands his ground. 

Kirishima’s character is all about standing his ground, doing his best, and to keep fighting until he can’t. If he drops out of U.A. because he thinks he’s not worthy, then that would be a step back in character development and feels out of character for Kirishima, in my opinion. Kirishima has lots of feelings of guilt and thinks very lowly of himself, but he doesn’t let those feelings cause him to back down. One of the main strengths of his character is his perseverance and his ability to keep pushing himself so he can succeed. He keeps training and keeps setting higher goals so he can be stronger. He’ll stay at U.A. because it’s the best place for him to become the best hero he can be, even if he doesn’t feel like a good hero now.  

Horikoshi said that Shinsou will get character development in the future. 

Horikoshi specifically says he doesn’t know if Shinsou’s development will make it in 2017. This implies his development won’t happen until the end of 2017 or early 2018. There are many chapters until that happens. Maybe around 20, 30, or 40 chapters? This is a rough guess. Yeah, it does make me wonder if Shinsou will replace a Class 1-A student. I hope it’s not Kirishima. Kirishima looks like he won’t get killed during the Internship Arc, and he hasn’t done anything to warrant expulsion. He has such a bright hero career ahead of him, so I don’t see U.A. dropping him or him quitting. 

Is Aizawa training Shinsou because he plans on having Shinsou replace one of his students, or is he going to add Shinsou to his class to make Class 1-A 21 students instead of 20? 

I love Shinsou, but the idea of him replacing one of the Class 1-A students is nerve wrecking. I wonder if something will happen in a future arc to cause him to join Class 1-A or think about joining Class 1-A, assuming the Internship Arc will end in 20 chapters. 

If I had to make a guess about what’ll happen to Kirishima when he wakes up after getting skinned alive, he’ll probably wake up feeling really guilty and having low self-esteem. Before losing consciousness, he has a mental breakdown and is in a lot of pain. 

It’s easy to imagine he’ll probably feel like crap after waking up. He’ll also be out of commission until his skin heals. It’s hard to tell how long it’ll take for his skin to heal. It may not take too long since he’ll most likely have Recovery Girl’s help. Having his hardening completely break and seeing Fatgum almost die in front of him will probably get to him, and he’ll beat himself up over it. He may stress out over his feelings of weakness, causing him to push himself harder in order to become stronger. Doing so may push himself unhealthy levels, and this may also affect his grades and his concentration. Kirishima will probably need someone to talk to him to help him heal from his mental turmoil and gain back his confidence. However, as I mentioned before, this won’t cause Kirishima to drop out of U.A. or cause him to back off of what he’s doing. He’s a fighter. He’ll keep doing his best to become his best. This is a character who is following a path towards lots of growth. 

Opening for V Route Has Me So HYPED

First off: Yes indeed I AM alive. The zine has taken up most of my time the last few weeks but we should be back to your usual brand of Digi starting next week! ❤️

Secondly: BLESS YOU CHERITZ. I know the route has been delayed but I don’t mind at all, I’m just happy they’re working so hard and that we’re at least getting something.


I’m so excited for what’s to come with V’s Route. I’m going to be honest, I actually hope it won’t be a romantic route. I know this is controversial and people will disagree with me, but unless Cheritz handles it with delicate grace I can’t picture a romantic V Route without V coming out looking like a jerk. Regardless of your opinion on Rika, I believe a guy who can easily throw away a relationship that lasted 7+ years in favor of someone he knew for 11 days…Doesn’t exactly make good BF material imo I’m perfectly fine with just getting to know V more: learning about his past, his motivations, and his relationship with Rika overall.

Of course that’s why I say if V’s Route is somehow romantic, I hope it’s handled maturely and properly. I wouldn’t agree with it, but I would highly prefer it over V straight up dumping Rika after all their complicated history. That one shot of V with a little longer (and floofy) hair makes me think there may have been a time skip, which makes me theorize a “what if” scenario of Rika being the one killed in the Secret Ending and V learning to cope with the loss.

I also have a theory that “Another Story” may not be a romance route at all, at least not with V and MC. It will instead be exploring Rika and V’s relationship before and after Rika’s mental breakdown. The opening makes it feel like the story we’re going to experience is a bitter tale of a love (V and Rika’s) that had a chance but was ultimately ruined by both their mistakes.

I also am a nerd who actually took the time to read the lyrics, and the lyrics speak a lot about V and Rika imo. If I understand it all correctly, the “bare bones” idea is that it’s the lonely tale of a “Daffodil” that is trying its best to grow and survive despite circumstances working against it and it will do anything to survive. Rika is the daffodil, the flower who is trying to survive and “won’t perish so easily” while V is the one watching over the flower and continuing to love it.

It’s interesting to note that while Daffodils are Narcissus flowers (group of flowers named after the tale of Narcissist), they’re also associated with “rebirth” and starting a new life. I’m not sure if they mean something different in Korea or if Cheritz even intended the Daffodil to mean anything more than just being a golden flower (like Rika’s hair.) But it’s just something I found fun to point out considering how much daffodils are the subject of the song and how many of them make up the opening.

Anyway I’m open to talking about the opening and any theories about V’s Route. I’m also very open to talking about Rika without needless hate or bashing, so if anyone wants to discuss theories on how she’s involved I’m 100% for it ❤️

Rewriting the Past - three

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 1.6k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two | Three |

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Summary: Aveline has always been a strong, leading woman in the Sanctuary’s community. But one unfortunate event makes her walls crumble and show her bare self. What will happen when that breakdown occurs right in front of Negan?

Word Count: 4911 (ooops.)

A/N: Hello everyone!  This is my part for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash’s writing challenge 2. My prompt was ‘Mirror, mirror’ and I also created an OC with a mental health illness. Thank you so much for letting me participate!

Writing this has been a challenge for me, since I have the same illnesses as the OC and I may have gotten a little carried away. I also began writing another fanfic that I was too shy to post yet, so I wanted this one to be like a start to everything.

I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved writing it! On a side note, this is my first time writing smut. So, all I can say is I’m sorry. ^^

Warnings: Negan’s language, smut, emotions (like a LOT), description of a panic attack and depression, so a little angst?

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(gif originally posted by @irene-jmargs)

“What could possibly go wrong?”

Turns out today hasn’t been a successful day for anybody. The people at Alexandria didn’t have the required amount of supplies for the Saviors and some chick decided that it would be wise to shoot Lucille. Which made Negan completely lose it.

Now, Aveline was driving one of the empty trucks with Negan in the passenger seat back to the Sanctuary. The silence between them was almost unbearable to her. She knew Negan was furious that someone scarred his precious barbed-wire baseball bat. Negan’s gaze turned towards her about every tenth second, but she kept her gaze firmly on the empty, crumbled road.

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EXO Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder

Anonymous said - Hi, I run a blog to so I know it’s hard at times to have followers even request anything. Exo: Reaction to you Falling Asleep on their shoulder during a movie date night. (Lowkey find this adorable…) Chin up! You can do this! 

Thanks, dahlia, hwaiting!

Xiumin - he has no idea what to do. Should he tell you the movie is over? Tell you to wake up so you don’t get a back/neckache? Does he make himself comfy? No matter what, though, he’s not moving until he comes up with a plan. 

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Luhan - he has a mental breakdown. Only a small one, though, his heart explodes only 3 times and he has 6 heart attacks. He has to pee really badly, but he doesn’t wanna wake you and have you be angry at him. So, he just asks for forgiveness and hopes you wake up soon. 

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*hello darkness, my old friend*

Kris - I think he may turn cocky if the others are around, he won’t have one care in the world and will wrap himself around you. Alone, he will try to make himself comfortable, but he doesn’t know where to put his hands. He doesn’t wanna make you uncomfortable. 

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Suho - just a big, heavy sigh. Why does everything hate him? He just feels as if the whole universe is against him. Poor thing.

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Lay - Happy unicorn. He will find your sleeping face very adorable, he will hide his fear by being cute and indulging himself in your cuteness.

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Baekhyun - he believes that his current position is very awkward. He will try to remove himself from you, so you can lay down, but something will mess it up. Have fun with that.

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Chen - you know what? The movie is over, you’re already asleep. Just by looking at you being asleep, he gets sleepy. Is he going to try to find a comfortable position? No, cause he’s too tired to. 

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Chanyeol - he gets all happy and giddy in his stomach. He might wake you up from his excessive giggling, but he will coax you to go back to sleep. 

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D.O - let someone come in and try to interrupt your sleep. He will whoop their ass (even tao) sacrifice their soul to the dark lord, satan, all with a smile on his face cause you’re still next to him. 

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Tao - even though he’s shy and awkward, he would love it. It would show him that you trust him and that would give him butterflies. That is all I have to say.

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Kai - everyone knows that he’s a koala bear. You falling asleep on him would be an excuse for him to not get up for the rest of the night.

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Sehun - little fucking brat. All I have to say. BUT. He’s still going to allow it, only because it’s you. 

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Thank you for requesting, you beautiful bastard. 

• Mordikai •

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Oooh what about Genji, Zen, Roadhog and Reaper headcanons for an s/o who is really busy with work and is stubborn in taking care of themselves, but is really caring about their lover's health? Like they would often find their s/o dozing off at their desk, but then other days their s/o would be the one worrying over THEM pulling all-nighters. Aah hope it makes sense - thank you though! Your writing is my absolute favorite!

brUH this so me though, I always worry more about everyone else when I’m the one having a mental breakdown every five minutes like wtf me think bout yourself for once (alsO SHH YOU NICE PERSON YOU)


  • While he knows responsibilities are important, he also knows you shouldn’t strain yourself. In his younger days he may have slacked off more than is…well, reasonable, but he’s since learned how to balance time for work and play. You, however, clearly do not have this skill.
  • Whenever he finds you hunched over on your laptop he doesn’t hesitate to gently pry it from your hands and put it aside. “Genji!” You always gripe at him but end up surrendering as he waits patiently, resting his chin in his hands. “Are you calm now, Y/N?” You grumpily nod to the man in front of you.
  • He quickly settles down next to you and pulls you into his arms. “You’re overworking yourself again.” He usually has his visor off when the two of you are alone, so there’s nothing in the way of him placing a soft kiss on your cheek while cupping the other. He chuckles as you blush. “You know I can’t stand seeing you like this.” After that he makes you rest with him, be it by doing yoga or just laying in his embrace.


  • You really don’t have to worry about Zen overworking himself, haha! But he definitely frets over you burning yourself out. Sometimes he keeps an eye on you while you work just to make sure you don’t exhaust yourself.
  • And in those moments when you do, he floats over to you. Usually you don’t even notice his presence until he takes your hands in his metal ones. Pretty effective at keeping you from working, I’d say. Zenyatta’s body language is enough to tell you he’s concerned, so you give in.
  • “Good; you must rest,” he motions for you to come closer. The omnic then pulls you into his lap. (I really wanna sit in his lap only because I’d be floating and that’s fuckin rad) “I don’t just mean your body, Y/N,” he runs his cool fingers over your shoulders and down your arms, feeling the tension in your muscles. “Your mind, as well. Worry less what others want of you, and rather what you want from yourself.” Ah, the benefits of having a philosophic boyfriend. Plus he gives you encouragement fist bumps when work is absolutely necessary.


Holy shit my first time writing for ze pavement pig! Hope I do him justice lol

  • First off, Roadhog does whatever the fuck Roadhog wants. No need to even think about him working himself to death. Hell, he doesn’t even hesitate to put Junkrat in his place because dammit this guy can be really annoying but he’s paying Roady good money.
  • He has no qualms about simply picking you up when you’re pushing yourself too much. And even though you may struggle, it always ends with you eventually just relaxing in his hold. “There’s a good boy/girl/lovely.” (I dunno lovely just seems like a nickname he’d use casually??) 
  • He easily shifts you so he’s got you resting in one arm. He’s so strong like what the fuck. (BETTER HOPE ZARYA DOESNT STEAL YOUR SWEETIE MAKO-) But usually he carries you away from your responsibilities to cool off. That ends up being you two just sitting and talking together more often than not, but there’s always the option to go watch Junkrat blow something up again. (One time his pants caught on fire and Mako laughed harder than you’d ever seen as Jamie flailed his arms and jumped right out of his trousers. It was gold.) 


  • Reaper’s issue is less overworking himself and more, like, forgetting how to rest his thoughts. Those, in turn, keep his body awake too. You often find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to find the other side of your bed empty. You get up and tend to find him gazing at the moon out the window. All you have to do is silently wrap your arms around his torso and he goes back to bed with you. On nights like that he pulls you close upon returning, and you don’t ask about what’s bugging him, instead letting him sleep. (Not that he does often. Normally he just stays up and hold you all night.)
  • Reaps is very blunt with his actions when he finds you toiling over something for far too long. He walks over in his emo boots, closing your laptop and picking up any papers around you before tearing them. Yeah, he can be an ass. “This paperwork doesn’t matter.” He crosses his arms. “Says you! Gabe, those were important files.”
  • Ah, here comes the soft Reyes™ With a scoff and roll of his eyes, he walks forward. He places one hand on your shoulder and looks you in the eyes before pulling you close to his chest. “Don’t strain yourself.” A hand runs through your hair as he mutters to you. Ya can’t help but hug him back. “..Fine. But you better not do that again.” “Sin promesas.” “Gabe!” Cue deep chuckle and a kiss on your forehead.
Recovery (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines [PART III]


Hello my darlings!

First off - yes, I am alive. And second off- YES!! I am proud to announce that “Recovery” (E2-Harrison x Reader) - [PART III] is finally out!! Yay! I know it took a lot longer than it should’ve (about four months and thirteen days, but who’s counting??) but due to having finals, a job interview for a hospital and a bit of a mental breakdown, I had to delay posting.

While I understand that that may be a plausible excuse, some of you out there are still angry and upset over my lazy @$$, and as such, I am more willing to receive any comments/complaints that you may have. Please contact me on this account, or by e-mail at reverse.physics.tumblr@gmail.com

In any case, I hope you enjoy the final installment of the “Surprise” (E2-Harrison x Reader) mini-series.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. I would also like to thank my best friend Hayli for helping me haul ass and editing my story, and my boyfriend Nick, for helping me write. I truly wouldn’t have been able to finish this without them <3

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from afar pt one// jughead jones au

from afar // the one where she needs a wedding date


summary: (Y/N) needs a wedding date. jughead is the only one available. small problem-they aren’t on good terms. 

words: 900+

(((author’s note: i’m on mobile so i cant tag my masterlist but other parts will be longer i promise. Also this is so cheesy so if you dont like that sorta stuff im sorry. it’ll also be speech based so i can update it frequently))) 

(Y/N) let out a scream, alerting everyone within a five mile radius, that she was, in fact, not okay. Almost in a comedic manner, Kevin and Veronica come barging into their best friend’s room. “WHO THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS?” (Y/N) screamed as she made eye contact with the duo stood at the door. 

“This is not happening. This is definitely not happening. I’m just dreaming this.“ 

“And the Oscar goes to…(Y/N) (L/N) for best actress in a leading role. You may have seen her in films such as: ‘The Mental Breakdown’ and ‘Why the FUCK are you screaming the apartment down at quarter to eleven at night?’” Kevin joked as his best friend finally calmed down. 

“My dumb brother didn’t even think of calling me. He doesn’t even tell me in person!“ she screeched “How am I even related to him?“ 

 "Oh my god, (Y/N), what’s Josh done now?” Veronica asked, knowing that her best friend always overreacted to everything her brother did or said. 

“He’s getting married.” she retorted “The idiot is getting married in two weeks and I’ve only just been told. He wants me to leave for Boston tomorrow.“ 

“Shouldn’t you be happy for him?” Kevin asked, unsure on why she was upset. 

Of course she was happy for her brother. She loved her brother more than anything but she wasn’t happy to be the last to know. (Y/N) had told Josh everything but it seemed as if he was hesitant to let her know of his upcoming marriage. 

 "I’m happy for him but I, sure as hell, am not happy about turning up to my brother’s wedding dateless! Do you not know how many random ‘singletons’ will be directed my way?“

“You don’t want to turn up dateless?” Veronica paused for a while, thinking of people (Y/N) could bring with her. 

 "Come with me! Be my date!“ she grinned, rushing over to Veronica "Please, we know each other well enough for you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”

“(Y/N), if I could, I would but you know I’ve got that work thing, I can’t cancel last minute.”

“Ugh, I know you won’t be down for the drive there with me.” (Y/N) turned her attention to Kevin.

“Your brother also knows I’m gay.“ He retorted "It’s not even an option. What about Archie?”

“Kev, you know Archie and I grew up together! Josh is caught up with everything in his life. He knows Arch is with Betty. Never mind, maybe Reginald will come with me." 

"Nu-uh, you can’t ask Reg to be your date to your brother’s wedding. He barely knows his own name, let alone anything about you.” Veronica scoffed. “Looks like you’ll have to go dateless.”

“Are you two forgetting about our good ole pal Forsythe Jones?” Kevin interrupted the silence.

“No, no, no! Absolutely no way. Kevin, are you out of your bloody mind? Jughead doesn’t even like the sound of my breathing.”

“Wouldn’t hurt to try? It would be better to pretend to date Juggie than have Tana set you up with her weird cousin, Jackson.”

“Montana does have some weird cousins. Even if I asked, Jughead would definitely say no before I even opened my mouth.”

“Well, you’re not asking, I am.“ Kevin rolled his eyes "Maybe this experience will be beneficial for the entire apartment and you’ll stop being at each other’s throats.”

“You’re acting as if I hate him or something.”

“That’s because you do!” the duo exclaimed, almost as if it had been practised.

In all truth, (Y/N) didn’t dislike Jughead but she didn’t like him either. She had no genuine opinion on him. The duo were introduced to each other after they were forced to share a dorm together. They were both civil with each other at the beginning but the moment everyone got settled in, it was almost as if he flipped a switch in his mind and suddenly disliked her. Kevin, Veronica, Betty and Reggie were also surprised by the change in his behaviour. 

Ever since that moment, it seemed as if he had dedicated every waking moment to making sure to ruin her day, whether it be with some stupid remark about her outfit or by purposely misplacing her cereal in the highest place he could find. She had once found the box sitting on the edge of the entrance to the attic.

“No it’s okay, I can ask Reggie.” (Y/N) frowned “Jughead is bound to say no. Reggie and I can make up some stupid story on the drive down.”

Kevin scoffed before rushing out of the door and running down the stairs with (Y/N) hot on his heels. As soon as Kevin reached his destination, he began knocking on the door rapidly. “Forsythe Jones, open the door right now!”

“Kevin, shut the fuck up. You’re going to wake everyone in the building up.” She muttered through gritted teeth

“What’s up, Keller?” Jughead spoke, poking his head through the small crack “Bit late for a random visit, don’t ya think?”

“(Y/N) needs you to pretend to be her boyfriend for her brother’s wedding. Are you in?”

“Alright, I’ll go.” He chuckled lowly, his eyes meeting (Y/N)’s. “When are we setting off, babe?”

(Y/N) winced at his exaggeration of the word babe, feeling goosebumps grow on her skin. She was unsure whether it was from the displeasure of his words or maybe because she never expected him to agree just like that.

“Better pack your bags, we’re leaving at seven tomorrow.” Archie interrupted from behind the door.

(Y/N) retorted, turning around, starting to retreat towards her apartment “I’m leaving at 12 tomorrow. You decide who you’ll want to drive with. Keep in mind its a 10 hour drive.”

“It’ll be more plausible if I drive up with you, babe. Can’t wait to see your cute little butt in a cute little dress.” Jughead smirked.

Putting this out there because I wanna discuss Betty's mental health for a moment...

I’m sure everyone feels that Betty may have some sort of mental illness (especially since the Cooper family dialogue brings up Polly’s mental health constantly, and is always using the words “sick” to describe it).

I can’t help but think that it’s foreshadowing to a mental breakdown, or just heavy insight, of Betty sometime soon.

We have seen her bluntly threaten Cheryl’s life in a quickening, even instant, build-up. Whether she truly meant it or not, the fact that she got instantly violent is a red flag.

We have seen her inflict pain on herself, by digging her nails in her palms, to most likely keep herself from verbally or physically lashing out at Cheryl during tryouts.

We have seen the whole pool incident (with many things to point out), and we have seen her express memory loss of it (unless I totally misunderstood her replies to Veronica).

And her mind seems to be running so much that even her kiss with Bughead was not enough to focus her mind (which could also just be seen as not reacting to her direct environment in general), as she is consumed by the case, and that’s where her mind is constantly running.

So… long story short, those with more education on mental illness, how likely is it that Betty has bipolar disorder?

And if not bipolar, what else could it be?

markhamillz  asked:

I always felt Azula's breakdown, while making sense from a broader narrative perspective (especially if you view her as a dark mirror to Zuko, who easily could have gone down a similar path), was disgustingly rushed. She went from Evil But Calculating to Evil and Crazy in the space of two episodes, instead of say, a subtle arc that has her steadily slip into it, as she grows more egomaniacal and self absorbed. Instead, it felt like Bryke was running out of ideas, and they just shoved it along

In a way, I think you’re right because I’m dead sure Bryke never meant for Azula to be as layered and complex as she comes off in the show. I mean, yes, they say she’s a very interesting villain but from what I could gather, they think Zaheer is super interesting too. Not great criteria in general, if you ask me…

As a curious example of how Bryke actually characterize Azula… these are the episodes that feature Azula, that were written by the creators: The Drill, The Guru, Sozin’s Comet Parts 1, 3 and 4.

While Azula is of course rather cold-blooded through all of Book 2, there are quirks to her personality that come through in all other episodes. In those Book 2 episodes they wrote, we see an Azula who’s following fit with her attitude from her first episode: we see her cold, conniving, virtually flawless. Yet this comes after episodes like the Chase, where she makes jokes at her brother’s expenses, or Appa’s Lost Days, where she makes a seriously bad pun. It comes after we see sides of her character that may have been unexpected, such as her conflictive relationship with her mother (she even seemed scared when Ursa wanted to have a serious talk with her). So we had indeed an initial product who was the flawless and cold Azula from episodes 2x01 and 2x03, but as the show progressed, she showed other sides of herself. Not in the episodes helmed by Bryke, though. Gotta wonder why (*cough* their perception of Azula is that of a static villain *cough*).

Book 3 is largely NOT written by Bryke, some people may think that’s good, some may think it’s bad. What I think? It explains why the most interesting aspects of Azula’s characterization shine during this season. Her social awkwardness, her strange, tug-of-war relationship with Zuko (one moment she’s helping him, the next she’s insulting him, and so on), many of the complexities about her are far more clear in this season.

Thing is… as you well said, if Bryke always wanted her to be clearly mentally ill, and to be coded as that, they could have used those episodes of Book 3 and instead of exploring her more humane sides, her other complexities, they could have explored her mental instability. They didn’t. And so, it can result in what happened to you: her downfall can feel rushed and forced.

I honestly like it fine the way it is, even if I’m not happy at all about how Azula ended up (as I’ve said many times, my problem isn’t that I thought her downfall made no sense, but merely that she was set up to fall from the start and never given an opportunity to have a different destiny than to lose against her brother). I like the way the other writers developed her because it genuinely makes her character more real, and not just another evil villain with mental issues. But I do understand your problem fairly well. While the fans said she’s a psycho or a sociopath through all the show, there’s really no signs of mental illness per se until the last episodes. Her ability to lie so well always struck me as a sign of how absurdly in control she is of herself, not of how much of a sociopath she is.

All this is why, while I know people always will say Azula was mentally ill, and the show and comics insist that she is, I’ve always thought her breakdown isn’t really caused by a specific illness. Someone once wrote an essay about her breakdown, where they explained why most diagnosis don’t even match with the symptoms she displayed. I don’t have the link right now, but in short, it said that for a fourteen-year-old girl who came from such an environment, her breakdown can simply be a matter of circumstance and not a product of a major mental illness. Yes, clearly her mind was not alright, but it also may not have been caused by the kind of diseases most people are using to label her.

I’m not by any means a professional, but I think this is what makes most sense, not just because of the diagnosis, but because of what you’ve said too. Had she been suffering from serious mental illnesses from the get-go, there should have been actual signs of it, other than “she’s a great liar”. And this as well is why I think her breakdown is what it is, a breakdown. Breakdowns definitely can be the consequence of something bigger, but they can also be something that happens to people who lose control of their very minds when their circumstances become really harsh. At least, that’s what I think.

I can be wrong, but I do think you’re right to say they should have taken her mental illnesses more seriously if that was what they were. They’re handling a very serious topic in a very simplistic way, in show and comics. Mental illness isn’t something that manifests itself out of nowhere.

They never did write Azula as too megalomaniac through the show though (with the finale being the only possible exception), and while some of her actions came off as selfish, she always was working for her father and her nation, not for her own advancement and ambitions. When the finale arrives, her father betrays her, and even then she’s talking about how she means to become a great leader for the Fire Nation. She’s simply not a conventional villain, and I appreciate that quite a lot, or else she’d be a lot less interesting to me. But with all this in mind, the show didn’t do a great job at convincing me that she’s evil and needs to go down. 

And that’s really where Bryke and Yang have failed for me. They’re not writing her the way the show developed her: no actual jokes initiated by her (the few comedic scenes featuring her in the comics really aren’t like those the show gave us), many of her complexities are left untouched (makes a ton of friends out of nowhere, yet back in the day she couldn’t seem to do it without using her title to achieve it, according to The Beach, so an explanation would’ve been nice?), always seems to be using Zuko for her own ends without ever doing anything selflessly for him (which she did in the show, namely in Book 3). They’re trying very hard to sell the Evil and Crazy idea, when the “crazy” really wasn’t part of her character until the last leg of the show. They’re leaving aside everything else that made Azula who she is, and not even treating the matter of mental illness with the seriousness it deserves.

They really could have done better. In a way, I’m glad they didn’t because I love the sides of Azula that come to light in Book 3, but at the same time, I think their perception of Azula is stuck in that of Book 2′s initial Azula, just, with mental illnesses sparkled in whenever it suits the story, as it has been in all comics featuring her. And honestly, the complexities she shows in Book 3 could have been explored while delving into her mental instability from early on, too. It wouldn’t have been impossible.

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whats your favourite robron fic?

i am going to pretend this said fics, and not fic. tbh, we have a supremely talented fandom and there is so much great #content out there, but these fics are my go to, read over and over again fics!

ice swans and dry-cleaning by @persiflager is just the most amazing fic. it’s hilarious and amazing and i must have read it about fifty times, at this point (mostly when i’m sad in work, ngl.)

surprise surprise is the most gorgeously romantic and sexy fic and i’ll never send it anyway literally broke me as a human being, so wildly different but both amazing. @wellyfullofale is ridiculously talented. 

have i told you lately (aaron being all soft and complimenting robert, bless) and til the stars go blue (the most heartbreaking and wonderfully hopeful fic about the aftermath of robert having a breakdown) are both by @vckaarrob and like. i know i say it all the time but im obsessed with vic. 

side effects may include is the most amazing fic about robert going on antidepressants, and treading water literally ruined me as a person, it’s about robert’s mental health deteriorating and robert being diagnosed with bipolar and it hurts every time. its amazing! both are by @lastgoldsun and like, katie is stupidly amazing, pls read all her fic. 

i cry about a virtue of the brave by @sapphicsugden on the daily. everything siri writes is gold, but this one just resonates with me more than i have words for, i adore it. also, siri wrote my favourite fic verse ever, the deaf au, and i cannot tell you how many times i’ve reread every single fic in a different language. it’s spectacular!

iceberg by @misswhimsy is the best robert goes to counselling fic i have honestly ever read. i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve reread this absolutely incredible fic! if you’re going to read one fic about robert and mental health, make it this one, pls.

grounded by @beautifulhigh is insanely good. it’s one of those fics i had to read like, four times before i even really processed it. i mean, jen is ridiculously talented and way too good at breaking by heart anyway, but grounded is special. i read it when i need a good cry!

still i call it magic by @softrobertsugden is the hogwarts au of my DREAMS. i’m not trying to be funny, but i’d probably sell my soul if it meant i could have some more of this ‘verse. its just incredible - and magical (ha.) so but seriously its the best thing!!

i’m in awe of how insanely talented @littlelooneyluna is, honestly. every fic nicole has ever written has been #unreal, but please don’t take my sunshine away had me in floods of tears. post natal depression is not an easy thing to write about and nicole just smashed it, as per. 

anyways i read a lot of fic and i bookmark lots of amaze ones here, and my fic rec tag is here, but those are some of my favs!


Born in 1837 in Pyle Marsh, Bristol, England, Amelia Dyer grew up with death and sadness. By 1848 she had seen two of her sisters pass away and her mother slowly and painfully die of typhus. She grew up and eventually started training as a nurse. This is when she met a woman named Ellen Dane from whom she learned the art of baby farming. Baby farming was a terrible practise in the eighteen-hundreds Victorian era. The idea was much like an orphanage, only instead of government funded and controlled it was women who placed ads in newspapers saying they would take the baby for a fee. Sometimes the baby would be put up for adoption, sometimes the parents would return for them. Either way it was completely unlicensed, no rules, no regulations. Dyer decided to use baby farming, an already disgusting and abuse filled occupation, in an even more evil and nefarious manner, specifically the extermination of the babies. These children were born to illegitimate families, out of wedlock, or to people unfit to care for the child. These parents would pay Dyer from 10 to 80 pounds to take their kids. Dyer would end up killing the child, selling the clothes and moving on to her next victim.

She met and married a man and the two had a couple of children, a family she now used as a helpful cover for the untrusting expecting mothers. In 1879 she was arrested after a doctor noticed how many children had died under her care. She was arrested and although she should have been tried for the deaths she was only tried for neglect and received six months of hard labour. She said the experience destroyed her mentally and from then on she would experience mental breakdowns, conveniently any time the authorities were on her trail.

In 1890 she cared for an illegitimate baby. When the mother returned to take the child away she was given a baby she didn’t recognize. She stripped the child down and noticed that there was no birthmark where there once was on one of his hips. It didn’t take long for the authorities to suspect Dyer, so she had another breakdown and went into a mental institution. After a number of years and a number of doctors bringing her to the authorities attention she decided to no longer bring the bodies to doctors, she would just dispose of them. When the families returned or someone came sniffing around Dyer and her family would move to another town.

On March 30th 1896 a small package was pulled out of the Thames river at Reading in London. Inside the package was the body of a baby girl. The detectives were able to find a label from Temple Meads station, a railroad station, and on that label, under microscopic analysis, they found a name: Mrs. Thomas, and an address. This led the police to Dyer. Although they had no strong evidence directly connecting her to the body found they spoke with other police forces and witnesses and came to the conclusion that this was their killer. Her house placed under surveillance and a young woman was set up as a decoy to meet with Dyer and discuss adoption for her illegitimate child. On April 3rd Good Friday the police raided her home as she waited for her new client, the police decoy. They found no bodies but they did find other evidence that later on in the case would become very relevant, including white edging tape that she would use as a noose for the babies, telegrams regarding adoption arrangements, the tickets from pawn shops where she would sell the children’s clothing that she had murdered and receipts from the advertisements that she would place in newspapers offering her services as a ‘want to be mother’.

At the time the police calculated that in the past few months at least 20 children had been placed under her care and murdered, at that rate of murder it’s estimated that over the decades she had killed over 400 babies and children making her one of the most prolific murderers ever. On April 4th she was arrested and charged with murder along with her son in law and her daughter, both would eventually be released after no evidence was found suggesting they were in on the crime. That month authorities searched the Thames and six more bodies were discovered, each child had been strangled with the white tape police had found at her house.

Her trial began on May 22nd 1896 where she pleaded guilty to one murder. Her defense was insanity, however the prosecution was able to bring to light the fact that any time she had a mental breakdown coincided with a time that she was about to be exposed. It took the jury only four and a half minutes to find her guilty. In the three weeks before her execution she wrote a last and only true confession.

“Sir will you kindly grant me the favour of presenting this to the magistrates on Saturday the 18th instant I have made this statement out, for I may not have the opportunity then I must relieve my mind I do know and I feel my days are numbered on this earth but I do feel it is an awful thing drawing innocent people into trouble I do know I shal have to answer before my Maker in Heaven for the awful crimes I have committed but as God Almighty is my judge in Heaven a on Hearth neither my daughter Mary Ann Palmer nor her husband Alfred Ernest Palmer I do most solemnly declare neither of them had anything at all to do with it, they never knew I contemplated doing such a wicked thing until it was too late I am speaking the truth and nothing but the truth as I hope to be forgiven, I myself and I alone must stand before my Maker in Heaven to give an answer for it all witnes my hand Amelia Dyer.”

— April 16, 1896

She was hanged on Wednesday June 10th, 1896. Her last words were “I have nothing to say”. She became known as The Ogress of Reading and inspired a popular ballad:

The old baby farmer, the wretched Miss Dyer
At the Old Bailey her wages is paid.
In times long ago, we’d ‘a’ made a big fy-er
And roasted so nicely that wicked old jade

After her trial adoption laws were made much stricter in England which gave local authorities the ability to police and keep an eye on baby farms in hopes of stamping out any kind of abuse. Unfortunately even though the rules restricting the baby farming continued two years after Dyer’s execution Railway workers found a three-week-old girl inside a parcel on the tracks, wet, cold, but alive. The baby Jane Hill had been given to a woman named Mrs. Stuart for 12 pounds. It has been claimed that Mrs Stewart was actually the daughter of Amelia Dyer, however it is not known for certain.

Pictured above: two pics of Dyer, some illustrations about her crime and trial, the newspaper ads she posted, and some newspaper articles about her trial and trade.

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one of my coworkers literally ran away and didn't tell anyone. cue two hours of everyone freaking out and texting and calling everyone who knew him trying to find out if he's okay just to find out he just ran away from home and is headed out west 🙃 least he could've done was tell people he was okay instead of sending us on a search

Honestly I did this once and I wasn’t even a minor. I had a mental breakdown and just up and walked out of my job and walked aimlessly around the city until well past midnight. It wasn’t just the job that caused it though. My bf at the time was an abusive dick and I just snapped after a particular interaction with my manager trying to tell me to “suck it up and smile”. Surprisingly I wasn’t fired. I think my manager genuinely cared but tried to show it very poorly. They didn’t try again.

I didn’t call anyone because I needed to be alone. I imagine your coworker may have needed that too. You don’t just walk out for no reason. For me I did it because I couldn’t hear myself think in the place where I was overwhelmed. Can’t think when you’re talking to someone who may even be contributing to why you’re overwhelmed either. When you need to clear your head, and I do mean really clear your head, you can’t just half ass it. I know for me I had to remove every place and everyone that might have had anything to do with why I was in a bad place in order to be able to figure out what needed to be done.

I’m glad things turned out okay, but I felt that sharing this might be necessary. If someone does this it’s nothing you did or didn’t do, necessarily. It’s just part of the coping process. Doesn’t make it okay, sure, but sometimes something necessary isn’t always okay. I hope he was able to figure out what he needed to do in order to feel at peace again. I haven’t thought about my experience in years until this ask. I block out a lot of crazy shit. I don’t share it unless I think it would be helpful in some way to someone in order to understand someone they may know that’s struggling too. -Abby