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An Owed Debt - Bucky x May(oc)  Chapter 7

Authors notes: This chapter hits a dark patch before the lights come back on and scare away the monsters. Sorry, my brain got away from me at that part, you’ll know it when you get to it.

Notes/Warnings: Blood, Death, Dying, Anxiety. Followed by awkward teen conversations and big brother shenanigans.

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The next handful of days were quiet. Bucky and May fell into a comfortable routine; Morning runs, breakfast, head to the tower to work with Wanda, home for a late lunch and then spend the afternoons doing their own things until dinner, which May always prepared, and then May would sit  on the couch and read while Bucky practiced his hand-to-hand combat and tactical maneuvers. They didn’t speak a lot but when they did the mood was light and friendly.

 May’s attitude and self-defense faded as Wanda’s lessons made more of an impact on the volume of the voices she heard at night. They were still there, but not nearly as deafening as they had been before. Wanda had taught her that when people are tired, enhanced or not, their minds project their thoughts more and when May is tired, she is more susceptible to hearing them. As long as she can keep calm and focus on something, she should be able to stay in control.

 The first few nights of following Wanda’s teachings, May had a difficult time. She tossed and turned on the couch with closed eyes and tried to push the voices out. Bucky hated seeing her struggle and impulsively reached out and held her hand. The volume of the voices decreased immediately and it didn’t take May long to figure out the connection.

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The Stalker - Reader Insert (Oswald x Reader x Edward /Oz’s POV) you’re getting punished PART 02

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Ok, this is probably the silliest and smuttiest story I’ve ever written!!! 

(And I apologize for that XD to basically everyone.)

thank you @gotham-city-tales​ and @callendra <3

here’s part 01 I advise to read it beforehand

Synopsis: You hacked Oswald, he finds out and is not amused, Edward tries to pour oil on troubled waters, things escalate quickly.

Warnings/TWs: (there’s a lot >.<) sexual content, oral sex, rough sex, voyeurism, three-way, filming, jerking off, spanking, rope, paddle, blindfold, blood, knife and a paranoid!Oswald /Sasswald

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The Spring

Greetings fellow Throne of Glass and Sarah J Maas enthusiasts! The idea for this fan fic just kinda zapped into my head today and flew onto the paper quite of its own accord. This fic is titled The Spring or The Spirit of the Spring and is set in Doranelle after EoS and sometime during ToG6. All characters and locations are subject to copyright by SJM. ENJOY! ***contains EoS spoilers***


      Her back.
      Gods, it was shredded. Rowan couldn’t make out a single remnant of the tattoo he had etched into her skin only months before. Not a drop of ink could be detected by sight or smell amongst the mauled tatters of her rotting and infected flesh. Gods.
      A shudder rocked like a lightning strike down Rowan’s spine.
      If Cairn hadn’t already been killed …
      But he couldn’t think of that now. Not when Aelin was standing before him, hand outstretched to his own as she tunneled down into the last dredges of her power and then reached for his.
      Mauve’s mouth was open in a silent scream, her back arched as she hovered above the marble floor of her palace veranda, suspended by the invisible threads of Fenrys’ magic. Connall lay in a burned heap at Mauve’s feet, having refused to leave her side. Fenrys had simply turned his head aside, tears Rowan had never seen slipping down his cheeks as Aelin dealt her judgement upon his twin.
      Cairn’s body … gods. He’d been ripped to literal ribbons by Lorcan’s dark power. Lorcan hardly fared much better. But the bastard would survive.

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To Remember, To Forget

I took two years of Spanish in college
The first year was forgettable
But the second
Ahh the second year
Bless it
May it live forever in the folds of eternity
And endless time
I tried to learn
But struggled with Spanish
I was much better at French
Although the classes were always full
So I settled on Spanish
I am grateful every day
That French 101 was never open
I would have never met you
I may not remember how to conjugate all the verbs
And I might still struggle to speak
The Spanish I do know
(I should be better than I am, truly, 2 years and I know quite little)
But I remember the first thing you ever said to me
And how it made me swoon
The color of your eyes
And the politics you believed in
How tall you were
And how it made me want
To bury my face against your chest
Your accent
Slightly Americanised
But still with its natural British melody
And how lovely it felt when you whispered
In my ear
In class
(Your breath lingers in my senses)
When we shouldn’t have been talking
Or how red your eyes were
On St. Patrick’s Day
When you’d been drinking since 6 am
Or the redness of your eyes
And the broken pieces of your heart
After a three day bender
When she left you
When I should have told you
That I loved you
I still remember exactly what you wore
The day you walked into that class
After I thought I’d never see you again
And how I could barely breathe
And almost cried.
I may not remember how to say I miss you in Spanish
But I remember how it feels to miss you
Every single day
Your ring is on her finger now
So that love is gone and buried
In the backyard
Maybe the French have a saying
For when a heart is broken
And has yet to be fixed
Because maybe
It’s not meant to be healed
At least not yet
Not until I find another Englishman
Willing to find me a stapler
On a beautiful autumn day
In the Midwest.

Tu me manque. Mon souffle attire encore parfois quand je pense à toi . Un cœur toujours en panne , un amour toujours perdu

Te echo de menos. Mi respiración aún atrapa a veces, cuando pienso en ti . Un corazón todavía roto, un amor perdido todavía

I miss you. My breath still catches sometimes when I think of you. A heart still broken, a love still lost.

To you, my love, six years gone, although I see you in the distance, of some long forgotten dream, of a life never meant to be.

Original Work: KH 1/8/15

easy living - unrequitedexistence - Holby City [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

I was having a bad day and somehow found myself watching Carol again. This happened. To be honest, I have no idea how. I am surprised, overwhelmed even, by the amount of dialogue. Oh well, it’s not like it’s a choice. I find that some pieces just demand to be written…

I need help.

Oh, if only she had known just how these three little words, seemingly innocent, would later escalate into rather sublime, delicious, proportions. Perhaps then she would have stopped worrying about those other three words, slightly more majestic in meaning, which she had been keeping under her tongue since that first kiss, burnt on her lips by the rim of the glass with which she had led the absurd toast.

“You rang?” Serena whispered in Bernie’s ear, causing her to jump slightly as she had been distracted studying a window display.

“Should I add bells to the list?” Bernie asked as she turned, unable to stop herself from smiling.

“Perhaps a Grinch onesie would be of better use.” Serena charmingly offered, giving a little bow as Bernie shook her head and chuckled.

“So, do share. How can I be of assistance?” Serena started, gesturing towards the window display that had held Bernie’s attention captive. “Your message sounded rather…” She stopped mid-sentence, raising an eyebrow at the contents displayed. “Ominous.”

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TITLE: An Unexpected Turn of Events


AUTHOR: i-wish-i-was-the-moon


GENRE: Erotica / Smut

FIC SUMMARY: Emma is relaxing in a sauna after a day of horseback riding. A handsome tall gentleman offers to help her stretch her sore muscles.

RATING: Mature

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:  NSFW. This happened. Heavily inspired by a sweaty Prince Hal in a sauna.


CHAPTER ONE / In the Sauna


“Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck and fuck”, I moan in pain, trying desperately to stretch my aching legs.

I should have listened to the sweet old lady at the reception before stupidly deciding that a full day of horseback riding to see the ridge-top view was a piece of cake for someone who hasn’t been on a horse for fifteen years.

“But I’m very fit, I run frequently and do yoga”, I remember arguing, when the lady tried to recommend me to try the shorter and easier meadow-ride. Now every muscle in my body aches, and my ass feels like it received a nice and spirited spanking.

Slowly I gather my legs and try and ease them into the basic yoga pose. With a sigh I lean into the wall. The ranch has a beautiful cedar sauna, and I quite enjoy the warmth. I slowly press my legs downwards and feel my thigh muscles stretch. Closing my eyes, I breathe slowly, in and out, whimpering every now and then when the tension feels a bit too much. Finally, I manage to get my legs positioned properly and a moan of pure pleasure comes out of my mouth when I feel my body relaxing into the soft heat of the sauna. This is life. A nice bottle of cold beer is all I need and then the torturous ride will be over and forgotten. Slowly I drift into a sleep.

“That looks cosy”. I’m startled awake by a deep voice.

“Hnggg…Fuck” I exclaim as my head hits the sauna wall. I find myself staring at the bare chest of a very tall man.

Lifting my gaze I’m met by a pair of twinkling blue eyes: “I’m so sorry, I did not mean to startle you”, the man says apologetically.

“No, it’s fine, I shouldn’t have fallen asleep”, I say, trying to gather my wits.

Still somewhat confused I stare at him. It’s a guy, in a sauna with me. “Sorry, but what are you doing here?” I must ask. He raises his eyebrows questioningly. “I mean, am I in the wrong sauna or…?” I try.

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Extra Extra Read All About It!!!

I’m not running the Chicago marathon. It’s not because I don’t want to. I really really want to. It’s not because I am a quitter and don’t just want to do it. Yes training is hard, but hard is not something that stops me. I’m not doing it because I can’t. Ever since I signed up for Chicago Marathon I have had health mishap after health mishap. My doctor says the next month may be rough and that training won’t be an option. Fact of the matter is I won’t be trained for it because my body hasn’t been capable of it. The mind is plenty ready. 

I might be disappointed if this was a destination of the journey I am on, but luckily this journey has no end point. A marathon wasn’t the end for me. Just a stop on a path that keeps going and going. I know I will run a marathon. I am not worried about that. However this isn’t the time. I will still be there routing on all the runners and celebrating in an amazing victory for each of them. I think harder than believing I can do anything is admitting that at times I am limited. Right now I am limited and to say that is a huge weight off of my shoulders. I’ll be back. I’m not really going anywhere. I’m just taking this part of the journey and learning from it and applying it to the future part of my journey. 

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Even though I'm a little sad we didn't get more malec in this episode I still thought that malec scene was so cute could you write something where clary tells Alec what he was like in this other dimension/world and hearing about this gives Alec the confidence to talk to magnus and tell him how he feels about him

“Alec?” Clary asked quietly. 

Alec almost let out a yell of frustration but refrained. He buttoned up his shirt and didn’t turn around yet. He couldn’t quite look at her just yet. Though he didn’t have a problem telling Clary off, his anger was so violently out of control right now that he was sure if he looked at Clary, he would promptly lose his mind. 

“Clary, for the love of the angel, please, just go.” he breathed out of his nose violently. His fight with Jace had done nothing to calm him down. All it had done was make him question his actions. He so believed he was in the right, but he hated fighting with  Jace, and his sister was in trouble…Alec sighed. 

“Alec…” Clary’s voice was soft and musical, and Alec wondered if he would have liked her under different circumstances. “Please.” 

Alec rubbed his hands over his face and turned around, trying very hard to keep his voice level. “What is it?” 

“I…I wanted to tell you about the other dimension I went through.”

He frowned at her, this is not at all what he was expecting. “Why?”

“I saw you there.” she closed the door behind her and walked up to Alec, looking sad. Alec didn’t understand why but it made him uncomfortable. “You were very different.”

“Well that’s the thing about alternate realities.” Alec snapped, sitting down on the bed. 

Clary remained standing, with that same sad expression on her face. “I just…thought I could help if I told you how you were there.”

Alec snorted. “As much as I’m painfully aware of the fact that everyone would just love to change me, I am who I am. I don’t need to hear about how fantastic I was in this alternate universe, because I am who I am Clary. A disappointment to my father, to Isabelle, to Jace–” his voice cracked at the end, and he dropped his head in his hands. He was hating himself for becoming vulnerable in front of Clary. 

“Alec, no, you’re not.” her voice was so strong, there was so much fire in her tiny body. “I just wanted to tell you, that in this universe, you were very confident with Magnus.”

Alec looked up. “What?” he spat.

Clary put a hand on Alec’s shoulder. and relief passed over her expression as he didn’t move away. “You liked him, and weren’t afraid to show it. I know you’re engaged, and I know that you think it’s the right thing to do, but you were so happy and I just…you should get what you want, Alec.”

Alec stared at her. “Why are you telling me this?”

Clary shrugged. “I know you turned your life upside down because of me. I just don’t want you to be miserable.” she shrugged, taking her hand away. “Do what you want with it. I hope you just can find some kind of joy.” she smiled gently and left Alec alone with his horribly confusing thoughts. 

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TITLE: Don’t Keep your Heart in your Pocket

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Eleven

AUTHOR: iwasthefirstavenger

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a pickpocket who lives on the streets, and one day when you try to pickpocket, someone, you later find out that person was an agent of shield. Fury is impressed with your skills. He makes a deal with you that he’ll give you a place to live, a job, etc, but only if you can steal Loki’s plans. 

RATING: teen and up

“I don’t understand why you’ve taken such an acute interest in my physical health,” he says as he watches you frown over his bruised skin.

“And I don’t understand why you refuse to let someone check it more thoroughly. You do have a nurse here somewhere, don’t you?” After a brief hesitation, he shakes his head. “I suppose it didn’t occur to you that humanity would dare put up a fight.”

“If my brother hadn’t interfered…”

“He the one who did this?”

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You became my eyes. You gave me the opportunity to see things I couldn’t believe that is existing. You open me to a brighter, better world. You let me recognized good from evil, right from wrong, happy from sad. You even gave me the chance to see what true love is.

You became my lungs. You gave me enough air to breathe properly. You supplied oxygen to my almost dying system. You fed me enough air to save me from death. You became my breathing apparatus when I forgot how to let air in.

You became my everything. A single thought of losing you drove me insane. I asked you to gave me your everything as well as I gave mine to you, too. I let you see the parts of me even the ugliest ones. I didn’t felt scared to let you know my imperfections.

And now. What happened? Where did we go wrong? What happened to us. We were bruised and scarred with false hopes and unworthy misunderstandings. Once again, i lose my eyes, lungs and my everything. Same as before. I may be alive but i’m barely seeing and breathing.

—  what happened to us ? (xx)