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Smutty confession: I want a threesome with Jensen and Rob.

Mmm… After the show, the boys all sweaty and pumping with adrenaline… Jensen grabs your arm, spins you against the wall of the green room, “Baby, I need you. But… I was thinking…” he licks his lips and then looks over his shoulder while Rob approaches cautiously….

You look back and forth between them, biting your lip. It’s not like you hadn’t thought about it before… and Rob looked hella cute in that stupid hat…

You nod, smiling up at Jensen as his eyes grow wide. “Yeah?” he asks excitedly.

“Yeah, let’s do this.”

Thank you ‘Nonny’. this’ll do nicely…

Smutty Confessions

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I want to ask, may we get to know more about Bételgeuse's personality? What inspired his character? Also, is Luo his child? And one more thing, is there an official girl/girl pair in Dreamers? Will there be? / Would you like there to be? Apologies for all the questions, but I'm so very excited for when Dreamers may come out, I already love the concept and characters so much (especially Bételgeuse and Ahëran!!)

Thank you for all the questions love! <3 This is so nice to get questions on my characters ;_; <3

First though, I’ll clarify a few things because I haven’t been much talkative about it since I’m not really ambitious with my projects:

1) Dreamers is NOT going to be anything. I apologize, it’s not going to be a comic, or an animation, or a fanfiction. I made a FAQ for it because I thought people might be interested in learning about it but I am not making Dreamers become anything. I apologize <3 But I don’t want to put pressure on myself atm and for the year to come as well.

2) Characters such as Betelgeuse and Luo are NOT part of Dreamers. They’re part of a completely different story that I tag as “space story” because it doesn’t have a name, but these are NOT the same story. (And like Dreamers it’s not going to be anything for the moment either, I’m too into studies to start anything)

Now that that’s settled, about the actual questions:

1) Betelgeuse is overall a very kind guy. He’s overprotective and leery at first, but he shows sympathy instantly when someone is in need: he’s just got morals he’s very deeply attached to, and he wants to be helpful. His path to high ranks was harsh, he had to train hard, and he wants respect for it. Therefore, he knows being respectful is the most important thing. (He cares about Luo way too much though, he’s such an overprotective guardian :’)

2) Actually, he was inspired by the Ganondorf from this AWESOME LoZ AU blog @growingupgerudo that I love to death <3 His relationship with Link is what inspired me to create a fatherly bond with Luo, although their interactions is much different. It’s the vibe that interested me above everything else and I was charmed in a heartbeat (and like how can you cannot fall for a soft art style like jfc burry me)

3) Luo isn’t his child (Luo is an insignificant planet inhabitant and Betelgeuse is literally a supergiant star), but he treats him as such because they got attached to each other really damn fast :D

4) No there isn’t (yet?) And if I get the opportunity, sure! I just enjoy writing certain types of boys more for some reason. :D It depends on the character.

Thank you for your questions and compliments gaaah I love getting stuff like this <3

It’s hard to say,
When I first fell for her.
Because each day is
Different from the last.

One day,
It’s like an ocean,
With romantic love

The next,
I can hardly explain
The burning of the platonic
Fire inside of my heart.

Some days it feels
Like I may just be a dreamer,
Wishing upon a star to be

I don’t even know
If she would want a
Girl like me.
But I can hope.

So for now,
I will keep dreaming.
That one day, I can
Call her mine.


A poem for an asexual aroflux girl who’s feelings for her crush are always changing, including the word dreamer.

Requested by @aerondrage.

A letter to people that will never read it


Be nice to the house crew this year. No, not the ones that are scraping by to try and get a free seat. Give those ones hell. But don’t glare at the ones that stare longingly down the hall when you’re late to warmups and open the door. Don’t close the circle to the kid with the broom that wants to tell you how great you did after the show’s over. 

I get it. Maybe you just don’t understand what it’s like to be them. Maybe you’ve never quite felt the enchantment of being all by yourself in the theatre while some light cues get run one last time, while the set is empty, where your mind can run free…or maybe when you get permission to walk onto the stage for a second, to sit in a stool and pretend everyone is around you and believe for just a second that one day, it might actually happen. 

But do you remember that time that I walked out onto the set in January for the first time? How I was all quiet and mystified and looked out towards the seats, and realized that I really was supposed to be up here? Remember how funny that looked, but then my friends patted my back and welcomed me on? 

That. That’s what some of those kids with the brooms are waiting for. 

Are you feeling gutsy? Go say hi to one of them. Ask them if they’re excited. Ask them if they’ll audition for the musical. Because it was an actor asking me if I’d stick around that caused me to continue acting for second semester. 

Don’t alienate your student house crew. They’re getting their foot in the door even if that means holding it open for patrons. They’re doing whatever it takes to get close to the stage, even if it means sweeping it. These are the people that will work the hardest to get their chance, and carry that ethic with them when they get it. 

Thank you

I know I don’t say it a lot, but thank you for all the love you guys have sent me the last few months. It truly means a lot. You guys have seen me at my best and at my worst. I’ve cried on your virtual shoulders and binged your masterlists when I needed a pick-me-up. The last 5 months have been a emotional and mental roller coaster, but I just wanted to say thank you. You guys have sent me messages (and I haven’t answered some of them. Sorry!) and gifs and fics to help me through the dark times and cheered me on in the good times.

I can’t promise that everything is great now, but I’m getting better. I love you guys so much!!! Always Keep Fighting, guys!!!!

I know I’m forgetting a few people so I apologize in advance!

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I was tagged by my dear friends @kuddle-cakes and @inukag-4ever to post a selfie, the last song I listed to, and my lock screen.

I’ve been listening to a lot of hard rock from my teenaged years lately. My lock screen is of Nanami, Tomoe, and Mizuki from my second favorite anime, Kamisama Kiss. You all know what my favorite is!

I’m going to try not to tag anyone who has already been tagged, but I may fail. I choose @my-secret-sketchpad, @just-4-thought, @angelhart79, @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns, and anyone else who wants to do it!

For all my #Dreamers I stand with you! 👊🏼 I may not be a DACA recipient.. I may have been born in the states and brought over later.. but these are our people, we were brought here at a young age by our parents who wanted to give us a better life, a better future and that’s what we want, a better life, a better future. We want to work, make a difference, do great things.. this is where we were raised, where we adapted, this is our home.

You may say I am dreamer,
but I am not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.

—  John Lennon, Imagine
If I beta your fic...

You could get something like this if you, say, leave the doc in the middle of a sentence…. (Y’know, I say I’m terrible at crack, but I think I may have discovered a secret talent here)

@impala-dreamer loves me. I’m 110% sure, even after this. 

Also, here you go @because-imma-lady-assface. *muah*

Finally Dean understood and ripped off his shirt like Tarzan, preparing to swing and save his Jane. He stood up and ran, almost in slow motion, all of his thoughts centered on saving his precious Y/N. He reached the record player, took one last look at his love in Sam’s chokehold (she looked so beautiful), and picked up the vinyl, and snapped it over his knees. Wait. That’s not how you get rid of a ghost…. dammit bucklemming!!!!! (Well we’re just going to ignore that as usual) Y/N stopped thrashing in Sam’s arms and fell limp as black goo oozed out of her nose and ears. Sam let go of her as Dean ran towards her and caught her in his arms. She came too, fluttering her eyelashes as he saw her dreamy eyes once again.

“You saved me,” she whispered.

Unable to control himself any longer, Dean kissed her like no man had ever kissed her before. He kissed her like they were in a Hollywood movie. He didn’t care that the black goo was trickling down onto her lips and tasted like burnt rubber. All he knew in that moment was her loving embrace and his inflated ego as he replayed saving her over and over in his mind.

The End.

More Magnus Theory

Given my 13 powers organization here as the key, here’s my understanding of how all the episodes fit together:

Feel free to comment with things I’ve missed. :)

A few edits:
8. Whoops! Remembered to tack the spider on to Burned out.
11. Added Death. I do still wonder whether Beholder may be involved, given that the dreamer must watch. and a certain someone this episode mentioned “rare instances of two powers together,” so it opens the possibility of combination actors….
51. Added the Air as a possible power for 51: the Giant is in Ex Altiora. and if one thinks about the connection between Freefall and High Pressure as “deep blue, it makes sense. This power may draw on agoraphobia and vastness, opposing the claustrophobia of the earth.

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Sammy and I are very very sorry... or not. yeah... probably not

No! No you aren’t!  You are loving this!  I’m stuck in Sam Land and it’s all your fault!  What have you done to me?!  How dare you get me hooked on this deliciousness!  Shame on you!  I swear I’m a Dean girl!  I am! Dean is my everything!  So why? WHY?! am I stuck on Sam?!