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Perfect Strangers-Loki Laufeyson Imagine

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Warnings: some fluff, mentions of bullying, pretty long in length 

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    Y/N Y/L/N was having another bad night, but this night was considerably worse than the others. Her entire eleven-year-old body was shaking uncontrollably, convulsing as though she had been possessed by a demon. Usually, she was able to close her eyes and focus on the darkness to calm herself down, but the events of that day had triggered her shaking. She could still hear their laughing and feel the weight of her own shame at her naivety.

   How could you be so stupid?

   “Stop,” Y/N whispered. “Just s-stop.”

   Her parents were fast asleep every time she had a bad night and this night was no different. Even if they were awake, they would only take her to another doctor who would tell them that there was nothing they could do about their daughter’s condition. Part of Y/N was thankful that they were fast asleep but the other part was depressed that no one could help her. 

    Suddenly, Y/N’s eyes snapped wide open and all she saw was a blinding light. It felt as though she was launching through space and time itself though she was positive she had not moved an inch from her bed. Then, just as suddenly as she saw that white light, it disappeared, and she was standing in a massive library. The bookcases reached the fifty foot ceiling and were packed with ancient-looking books that were either red, green, blue, or gray. The bookcases themselves were made of a strange wood that Y/N had never seen before. As she slowly crept across the ornate floor of the library, she had an eerie feeling that she wasn’t in Chicago anymore—-heck, maybe she wasn’t even in America.

    Y/N glanced around, feeling nervous and as though if someone came into the library, she would get in an awful lot of trouble. She rounded a corner of a bookcase when she caught a glimpse of someone. She gasped, retreated into the aisle before nervously peaking her head out. A few feet away, a pale boy with shoulder-length black hair was sitting in a gorgeous cerulean blue chair. He was wearing strange green and gold clothes that looked like something out of a Star Wars movie. His eyes were glued to the book in his hands and it was a rather large book.

     “If you are going to try to surprise me, Thor, you might as well give up now,” he said in a bored tone that was also layered with a bit of mischief.

     Y/N silently panicked as she realized that the boy knew that she was there. She started to retreat further when she guessed that it was no use if the boy knew she was there anyway. Besides, would a boy around her age wouldn’t get her in trouble, right? 

    But they’ve caused me trouble in other ways,she thought bitterly.

    Y/N slowly walked out of the aisle and stood with her arms at her sides. “It’s not Thor.”

    The boy immediately looked up from his book and seemed surprised at Y/N. “Who are you? Why are you dressed that way? Are you from a different realm?”

    “My name is Y/N and I’m just as confused as you are.” She took a hesitant step towards him. “What is this place?”

    “Y/N,” the boy repeated. “It sounds foreign.” 

    He set his book down and walked over to Y/N. She immediately felt herself shrinking away and silently chastised herself for it. The boy was taller than her by a couple of inches, but his quiet confidence made him seem like a giant.

    “Well, Y/N, you are in Asgard, the palace to be exact,” he said. “And I am Loki, son of Odin, the king of Asgard.” 

    “Asgard? I’ve never heard of it.”

     Loki raised his eyebrows in surprised. “Like I thought, you must be from another realm. How did you get here?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Well, that’s just perfect. You obviously got here some way.”

    “And I just told you I don’t know what that way is.” Y/N was beginning to feel annoyed and she did not like the way Loki was looking at her. “Look, all I know is I was lying in bed one minute and the next, I was here.”

   Loki nodded. “Interesting. Where are you from?”


   “What realm is that in?”

   “I don’t know? Illinois, the US, Earth?”

   Loki’s face filled with an expression of realization. “Ah, a Midgardian.” 


   “That’s the realm you are from, Midgard and this is Asgard.”
   “Okay, how do I go back home?”

   Just saying “home” made Y/N cringed a little bit because that was where everything had gone so horribly wrong. This action didn’t slip past Loki, who immediately felt concerned for her.

    “Why did you make that face?” Loki asked.

    “Nothing, it’s just…something bad happened there and I don’t…I don’t know if—”

    “If you want to go back.” Loki nodded thoughtfully, turned on his heel, and walked back to the sitting area. “You can tell me if you want, Y/N.”

    “But, I don’t know you.”

    “That makes it even more perfect. You will never see me again so even if the worst possible thing happened to you, I would never be able to hold it over you, or mock you for it,” Loki said, as he reclined in his original seat.

    The dark-haired boy did make a good point. If he made fun of her, Y/N would get a little upset since the wound was pretty fresh, but her classmates would be able to remind her about it for years to come. Plus, there was something trustworthy about Loki and she felt more relaxed around him. Y/N took a deep breath before joining him and sitting in the seat across from him.

     Y/N twiddled her thumbs and kept her eyes glued to them as she spoke. “I used to like this boy, Max, since we were little. He’s gorgeous, good at everything, and all the girls loved him and he never paid me any attention—-which I understood because I’m just a weird nerd. Today, I got a letter in my locker from Max asking me out and it told me that if I said yes, to go over to him at lunch and tell him so. I was super excited because I thought my dreams were coming true, but my best friend, Y/B/F/N, thought I should think about it but I thought they were just jealous.” Y/N sighed. “When lunch came around, I proudly walked up to his table with all the other jocks and popular girls and told him that I would love to go out with him. He looked at me as though I had three heads, burst out laughing, and said that he would never be caught dead with someone like me. Then, his whole table burst out laughing and so did the rest of the cafeteria.”

     Her body began to shake as she remembered the looks on everyone’s faces and allowed it to mingle with her current anger, frustration, and embarrassment. Then, she felt a cold hand on her wrist that made the shaking subside. She looked up and saw Loki kneeling in front of her, a sincere look in his eyes and his mouth pressed in a straight line.

    “Someone tricked you,” he said.

    “Alicia, the captain of the volleyball team. She’s always hated me and I should’ve known that she would’ve pulled something like this. I was stupid for thinking that the most popular guy in school would like me anyway.” Tears burned in Y/N’s eyes but she refused to let them fall.

    “Tricks are supposed to be fun, they shouldn’t hurt anyone like they hurt you. They will pay for what they have done, Y/N. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but one day, they will pay,” Loki said.

    The way he spoke, it sounded as though Loki had some sort of wrong done to him. Y/N guessed that by his passionate tone and sincere expression that he at one point did experience something like she had. Maybe it was that Thor character he’d mentioned earlier.

    “Maybe. Thanks for listening, anyway.”

    “Anytime, Y/N. Now, about you getting home, usually, I would say that you should go by way of the Bifrost, but it’s far too late for us to go there now. I think that it’s best for you to return home the same way you got here.”

    “But I’m not even sure how I got here.”

     Loki let go of Y/N’s wrist but continued leaning towards her. “I’ve read about Midgardians like you before, gifted people who can travel large distances with little to no effort. From what the books have said, I can assume that you’ve been holding yourself back, Y/N, and this is only a taste of what you’re capable of.”

     Y/N smiled a little at Loki’s words. “You’re really smart.”

     “I’ve heard.” Y/N thought she saw Loki’s cheeks tinge red. 

     “Did those books mention how ‘Midgardians like me’ go back home?”

     “You just need to relax, imagine the place you want to go to, and allow your power to build.”

      Y/N nodded and closed her eyes, picturing the tailored lawn outside of her apartment in Chicago. She thought of the screaming L as it ran past as well as Ariel and Jared Perkins arguing in front of their building. Slowly, her body began to tremble and she felt herself stiffen.

      “It’s alright, you’re all right,” Loki whispered.

      Though his voice was calm, Loki was a bit sad since even in the short time he knew Y/N, he liked her and wished that she could stay in Asgard. Y/N relaxed, allowing energy inside of her to rise within her, and saw a flash of light. She felt herself launching into space until she landed on her bed. She sat up, taking note of the J 14 posters plastered on her wall as well as the giant teddy bear that was always at the foot of her bed. She was home and felt pretty relieved, except for the fact that she knew that she would never see Loki again even though she hoped she would.

       Fifteen years later, Y/N was standing in the main control room of the SHIELD helicarrier with her fellow SHIELD agents, impatiently waiting for the Avengers to bring in Loki Laufeyson, Thor’s younger brother. He had wreaked havoc in Germany and took over the minds of several SHIELD agents, including Hawkeye. Therefore, Y/N was a little too excited that they had apprehended such a powerful Norse god on their first outing as a team not only because Loki had been up to no good but because she had never been able to forget the raven haired boy she met. For years, Y/N continued feeling a bit of affection for the mischievous god until he tried to take control of Earth. Immediately, Y/N was upset and couldn’t believe that she had once befriended such an evil person. She wanted to look him in the eye and demand to know just why he did what he did. It couldn’t be solely for power, there had to be another underlying motive.

      Finally, the doors to the helicarrier opened and Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, the Hulk—in Bruce Banner form, and Thor walked in, the latter pulling a handcuffed Loki in tow. A crop of SHIELD agents had brought Clint and the men who’d also been under Loki’s control in about ten minutes before the Avengers came in with Loki. The god of mischief seemed rather pleased with himself as he eyed the SHIELD agents that stood in line with Y/N. When he saw Y/N, he paused, and stared at her even longer. There was a mix of surprise and devilishness in his eyes as Thor continued leading him over to the elevator that would take them to the prison area. Steve paused in front of the agents with Tony, Bruce, Natasha, and Fury.

    “Well, you did a good job out there, team,” Fury said. “There were no casualties and minimal damage in the extraction.”

   “Thank you, Fury,” Steve said.

    Fury nodded. “You’re dismissed. Agent Y/L/N, you’ll be joining us in the conference room.”

   “Yes, Sir.”

    Because of her powers, Y/N was considered a supporting member of the Avengers. Even though they had just formed, Fury thought that Y/N’s ability to travel between dimensions and simply transport herself to wherever she pleased would be useful. 

   Y/N trailed behind the rest of the Avengers as they walked to the conference room where a large TV screen showed a live broadcast of the prison area. Thor stood in front of the chamber that was made for Loki. It was made of some sort of chemical that Loki’s powers couldn’t penetrate and someone had to press a button in order for him to be released.

   Loki looked extremely smug as he stared down at his brother. “Look at us, together again, brother.”

   “We are not together, Loki. Why do you insist on tormenting the Midgardians and trying to rule Midgard?” Thor demanded.

   “As I said, Thor, they were made to be ruled.”

    His sickly smooth voice made goosebumps erupt all over Y/N’s body and she was glad her uniform covered her so well. She tried to remind herself of all the harm he had just done to her own realm to snap herself out of it.

   “We are to live in peace with them and the rest of the Nine Realms.” It was obvious Thor was becoming upset, which made Y/N nervous. “What do you want with the Tesseract, Loki? Tell me!”

    Loki smirked and walked as close to his brother as his bonds would allow him. “I will only speak to Y/N Y/L/N.”

    Thor’s expression went blank and Y/N could feel the mood in the conference room shift as well. She was surprised that Loki would want to speak with her and a little upset that he would try to do so as well. He hadn’t tried to reach out to her in years so why would he want to now?

    “Why would he want to speak with you?” Tony asked. “No offense.”

    “None taken,” Y/N said.

    “Why do you wish to speak to her?” Thor asked.

    “You don’t know your little Midgardian friend like I do, brother. The more time you waste trying to question me, the less time I have to speak to her.”

    Y/N gulped and looked at Fury. “Sir?”

    “Go down there, right now, Agent Y/L/N.”

    “Are you sure?” she asked.


     Y/N stood, feeling a bit numb, and moved as quickly as she could towards the nearest elevator. It moved far too quickly for her liking and she was on the prison level before she knew it. The door opened to tension so thick that someone could cut it and Y/N wished someone would. Thor turned to her as soon as the doors opened and met her in the middle of the room.

     “What is going on, Y/N?” Thor asked.

     “I…I don’t really know, Thor.”

     “You should leave us, brother, I can’t harm the girl from here,” Loki called.

     Thor shot a glare in Loki’s direction before looking down at Y/N. “I will be here immediately if you need me.”

    “Okay.” She pat Thor on one of his large muscular arms as he walked past her. When Thor was gone, she slowly walked over to Loki, hating the way he stared at her as she did.

    “It is so good to see you again, Y/N,” Loki said. 

    “I wish I could say the same.” 

    “Is that anyway to greet an old friend?” Loki teased.

    “We are hardly old friends,” Y/N hissed.

    Loki arched an eyebrow in surprise but maintained that stupid I-know-everything-and-have-tricks-up-my-sleeve expression on his face. “I must say, that hurts a little, Y/N.”
     Even though the rest of the Avengers and Fury were not in the room, she could feel their eyes boring down the back of her neck, judging her and questioning exactly how Y/N was connected the Norse god. Y/N swallowed thickly and tipped her chin up a bit.

     “Enough talk about the past, let’s talk about the present: what do you want with the Tesseract?”

     “It should be obvious, especially to you, Y/N.” 

     Y/N felt a distinct twinge in the pit of her stomach at his talking down to her. “I know that you want to take over Earth but exactly how was the Tesseract going to help you do that? You’re a god with several abilities but the Tesseract gives you some sort of advantage or you wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble to steal it.”

     Loki looked slightly impressed with Y/N’s analysis and even said as much. “Good job, you must make Nick Fury proud to have you as an agent. How exactly did you end up working for him and with my brother?” 

     “I am not the one being questioned here, you are, and you still haven’t answered me.”

      “The advantages of the Tesseract are far too many and too powerful for a Midgardian to understand, even you, so explaining to you its exact purpose in my plan would be pointless.” He smirked. “Your turn.”

       Y/N rolled her eyes, deciding that if she was going to get anywhere with him, she would have to comply with his wishes. “Fury recruited me out of college because I can teleport and travel between dimensions. I didn’t meet your brother until after your attack in New Mexico.”

       “Are you his friend now?”

       Loki seemed to spit the question at Y/N and it made her flinch a little. 

       “Yes, we’re close now.”

        Loki laughed humorlessly. “Of course, you are. Everyone who meets Thor turns out to be enraptured by him but no one can see who he truly is.”

       “Except you?”

       “That’s right, and you probably think I am a horrible person for everything I’ve done because of what he’s told you.”

        “No, I think you are a horrible person because of what you have done! Don’t act as though my friendship with Thor somehow betrays you when I haven’t seen you for fifteen years! If anything, Thor says that he misses you and wants an actual relationship with you but you aren’t letting that happen. You got yourself here so take some responsibility for it!”

         It wasn’t until Y/N calmed down that she realized the gravity of her words. Loki looked shocked that Y/N raised her voice at him and she was surprised a bit herself. However, Y/N didn’t really care because she had said the truth.

        “Have fun rotting down here,” she hissed before turning on her heel and marching into the elevator.

         When she got to the main floor, Steve, Tony, Bruce, Thor, and Natasha were waiting for her, all of them looked a mixture of upset and confused.

         “Lady Y/N, please explain how you know my brother,” Thor said. 

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Thomas x Max just hanging out and doing literally anything, just being bros.

I love these two! This is a modern au where Thomas is a professor and Max is his favourite student. Dedicated to my favourite lecturer, Ulrike, because she keeps trying to persuade me to do an MRes researching queer German history. (I mean. I’d love to. But I need to actually. Get a job.)

Here on ao3

“So, how are you doing?” asked Thomas, setting his teacup back down on its saucer. “How’s job hunting going?”

Max rolled her eyes. “Don’t ask. Honestly, you’d think a business degree would be a safe bet to land you a job, but no one seems to want to hire me.” She sighed.

“Well, it’s only be a few months. And you could still do a Masters, you know. I’d be very happy to be your supervisor, or give you references if you want to go elsewhere.”

Max snorted. She took a gulp of coffee, looking at Thomas over the rim of her mug. “And where is a Masters in Queer Theory going to get me, Professor.”

Thomas looked slightly hurt, but then he shrugged, smiling ruefully. “Good point.”

He and Max had met when she had chosen his module on Queer Literature and Protest as an elective. As a business student, Thomas had been concerned about having a business student on his favourite module, who might not take it as seriously as her other subjects, especially as Max had been in her first year at the time, and it was normally a second-year module. Thomas had requested an interview, and Max had wasted no time in lecturing him on his prejudice in assuming she wouldn’t take it seriously just because she was a first-year, and that just because she was a business student, it didn’t mean she couldn’t care about queer rights and literature, and, actually, this was the module she was most looking forward to this year, and how dare he challenge her right to be here when all the university and various college rules allowed it.

Thomas had been utterly charmed by her, apologised profusely, and accepted her into the module on the spot, much to Max’s surprise it seemed. They had had a relationship that was part academic, part genuine friendship ever since, Max dragging him along to several LGBTQ+ events and protests even though he claimed that he was too old, Thomas lending her books about queer culture, literature and history he thought she might be particularly interested in and trying to persuade her to split her degree and do Business and Literature. This was a discussion that they had had many times before, in various guises.

“You could be an academic,” said Thomas. “You really have a gift for it, Max, it would be a shame to waste it.”

Max shook her head, smiling. “My parents won’t hear of it. They think it’s pointless.” Thomas opened his mouth to argue, but Max brushed him off. “I don’t agree with them, but I have to keep them happy, at least until I can do without their support. Which is why,” said Max, smiling good-naturedly at her professor, “I need a job.”

“I know,” said Thomas. “Are they alright about it now, your parents?”

“‘It’ meaning me being a lesbian?” she asked teasingly. Then she sighed. “Mostly. They’re very ‘don’t shove it in our faces’ about it, which is fine with me. I don’t want any of my future girlfriends to have to deal with them, anyway.”

Thomas grinned, remembering the one and only time James had met his father – it had ended with James throwing Alfred Hamilton out of his own house. Physically.

“You never know,” said Thomas. “It might do you good.”

Max, who had heard the story, sniggered. “Yes, only if my future girlfriend is ripped as fuck.”

Thomas snorted. “Well, you never know. Any news on that front, by the way?” he asked casually, trying not to sound nosy.

“God, it’s like having a second dad,” said Max, rolling her eyes again. “Have you got a job, how are your family, have you got a girlfriend yet?” Thomas managed to look not at all embarrassed. “How’s your husband?” she said, changing the subject.

Thomas’s features softened visibly. “He’s well,” he said. “He sent his best wishes. Said you should come for dinner sometime.”

“He only said that because he hates spending even a single moment away from you if he can help it.”

Thomas was practically misty eyed now. Max thought it was nauseating. She hoped she would be as in love one day. “Well, maybe that’s part of the reason,” he conceded. “But we’d both love to have you over again. You know how much he loves to show off his cooking skills. And you can play Mario Kart with me! James refuses.” Thomas pouted.

“Any particular reason why?” asked Max innocently, privately thinking that she would smash him at Mario Kart, but it would be a snowball’s day in hell before she took him up on the offer.

“I may get a little…competitive,” admitted Thomas, sheepishly. “But that’s half the fun!” he protested.

“Mm, yes, I remember how fun Monopoly was when I was staying at yours,” said Max acidly, but the softness in her eyes said she didn’t really mean it.

When she had first decided to come out to her parents, at the end of second year, Thomas had offered her a place to stay in case it didn’t go well. Max had thanked him, but bravely said she was sure it would be alright. Thomas hadn’t been fooled, and had insisted on giving her his address, just in case. Two weeks later she had found herself on Thomas’s doorstep, in the pouring rain, with a suitcase. Thomas had ushered her inside and made her a cup of tea, and she had spent the next few days reading and talking about literature with Thomas, eating James’s delicious food, and listening to him rant about homophobic parents, and have him offer to go over and kill, or at least threaten them no less than three times. Oh, and Monopoly. That aside, by the time Max’s parents called her, five days later, begging her to come back home, she was feeling much better.

“Sorry about Monopoly,” said Thomas, looking embarrassed. “I promise I won’t be that bad with Mario Kart.”

Max narrowed her eyes at him sceptically.

“Well, alright, maybe I will, but at least it won’t be over an extended period!” said Thomas, winningly. Max shook her head fondly. “More coffee?” he asked, gesturing at her empty mug.

She shook her head. “Enjoyable as this was, I have to go. I’m meeting Eleanor at 12 so we can give each other back our stuff.” She tried to say it as if it was no big deal, but her eyes were downcast. Thomas placed his hand on top of hers, sympathetically.

“Are you alright about that now?” he asked, concerned.

Max shrugged and forced a grin. “I’m fine,” she said. “I’m mostly just pissed off that it’s taken so long to get her to agree to a date to meet. Almost a fucking year! She kept putting me off, telling me she was busy.”

“Well, James is working her very hard,” said Thomas reasonably, then exchanged an ironic grin with Max.

She stood up. Thomas followed suit.

“Good luck with everything, then, Max,” Thomas said. “If you want me to-”

“If you’re about to say you could come with me to meet Eleanor, I’d advise against it. Unless you want me to camp out at your house and sit outside your bedroom door every night, singing sea shanties.”

Thomas laughed, looking chagrined. “You’re right, I’m sorry. You can handle it.”

“Yes I can,” said Max self-assuredly, and stepped around the table to hug him.

Thomas squeezed back. “Keep in touch. You know you’re welcome any time, right?” he said anxiously.

Max drew back so he could see her eye roll. “Yes, Thomas, I know,” she said, kissing him on the cheek for good measure. “Invite me for dinner,” she said as she exited the café.

“We will,” said Thomas, smiling warmly at the retreating back of his favourite student.

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Is there a background story for the jackson siblings in your pjo zombie au?

For a long time, it was just Percy and his mom. His father (Poseidon) leaving Sally and him when he was just a baby due to heavily confidential and dangerous reasons. He was hardly ever in Sally’s or Percy’s life, albeit the few birthday cards he sent Percy when he was very little, Percy rarely had any contact with the man (Not that it really bugged him). Percy was in 6th grade when Sally Married Paul, who happened to be one of his English teachers at this new middle school. A year later, Percy’s sister was born. And after so long, it finally felt like the family was complete and whole. The four were as happy as could be, even if things were hard financially. Nonetheless, things were good for the Jackson/Blofis kids. It wasn’t until Percy’s junior year of high school that Sally finally got her big break and became a best selling author for her children’s novels based on Greek Mythology. (Wink-Wink) The summer before his senior year was when the Apocalypse struck. 

Hope that gives some insight! If you guys have any more questions, now is the time to ask because I have Max on skype! So we’re able to answer any and all questions!

Camp Camp Bad Ending Kool Aid AU part one The Beginning

Bam! David carelessly threw the door open, Max swiftly rotated his head from the boring window and notices David standing in the front of the door. Max  shifted his view up and down of David. David was an absolute wreak from the pointy floof of his red hair to his brown boots covered in icky sticky mud.

While he staggered to his feet attempting to remain in balance,David didn’t seem to notice that Max was there at all. David just stared blankly at the wall as if it seemed interesting to him all of a sudden like a mindless zombie.

Rolling his eyes, Max strolled over in front of David and made a noise with his fingers,Snap, hoping that caught David’s attention but apparently it didn’t. Max’s eyes roamed over the furnished room to see what he could make a ruckus with then Max’s eyes widen with a malicious smirk “Ah ha! bingo.”

Slowly walking with one stomp at a time, Max managed to get over to the kitchen.Being over in the kitchen, Max was stepping on the floorboards to get close to the counter.Which the floorboards were loose enough to made squeaking sounds.Surprisingly, David didn’t budge an inch from his spot.

Which was weird considering he would usually inform Max to always be cautious about the floorboards breaking when Max was in the kitchen.David didn’t say anything well he did arrived late and tracked mud inside the mini house, which was annoying for Max considering when David was with the new campers, Max would sometimes clean the floor and there goes Max’s time wasted.

Grabbing the closest wooden chair, Max put his worn tight shoes on top of the wooden chair.Catching himself a bit unbalanced, Max shouts "Hey, hey, hey!” The chair was titling left then right then left.

Max yanks at the hard plates on top of the glistening counter hoping he wouldn’t descend with the trembling chair.

THUMP, David’s eyes were forcefully pulled aside from looking at the wall as he started to take in the view around the room, ‘when did I get here?’ David pondered as a groan escaped Max’s mouth “ow.”

David realized he should know if Max was okay but he didn’t know Max was, David did hear shouting but he thought he was still at camp with the new campers.It shouldn’t matter as long as David knew where Max was, David inquired "Hey, Max can you tell me where you are and are you okay?”

Having to hear David’s voice from the living room, Max barked “it shouldn’t have taken me to fall to take your attention dumbass, I’m in the kitchen!”

David dashed as soon as he could inside the kitchen and saw Max on the floor with bits and pieces of shattered plates along with a wooden chair fallen over, David’s gaze soften “oh Max, you can tell me what happen later.”

Growing frustrated, Max glared at David and David was taken back with this glare ever since David adopted Max, Max would still be grumpy but David figured out Max’s emotions which was that certain grumpy faces meant that Max was glad or afraid but this glare meant that he was furious with David but Max would usually understand that David meant no harm so David was shocked.

Helping Max was always an opportunity that David could take later, David ignored the burning glare and helped Max to stand up then motioned Max to go to the living room. Max looked at David with narrow eyes and scowled but quickly left the kitchen to head for the living room.Sighing David seized the broom and swept the shards of the plates to the dustpan then placed the shards in the garbage bin.

After cleaning he needed to check if Max was bruised from the sharp shards of the plates.Even if Max broke the plates on purpose, David wasn’t furious or the type to discipline kids so Max wouldn’t even get punishment.

‘Max only knocked down a chair and plates it wasn’t much compared to other things he has done besides Max wouldn’t do anything without a good purpose maybe he shouldn’t have send him to the living room without asking Max what he was doing because it seemed that Max didn’t mean to make the mess’, David mumbles “I might have messed up.”

Turning the chair over was the last thing David had to do and it was complete now all he had to do was talk with Max about what had happen. David didn’t exactly remember getting inside the house or even being close to the house which made him puzzled on how he got there, the last thing he remembered was being at camp being dripping wet from the heavy pouring rain and leading the campers inside the cabin then he blinked and he was here at least Max was in the house and not somewhere else. 

Walking to the living room, David spotted Max sitting on the soft squishy couch and Max had his arm crossed over one on the other with the same old grumpy expression on his face.

Sitting next to Max,David was checking for any wounds on Max’s body,they both stayed silent for a while until Max sneered and hissed

“you didn’t even know what I was attempting to do.”

David flinched and looked back at Max in concern "First I had to clean the shards of the plates and now I’m here to listen.”

Then Max clenched his fists and was gnashing his teeth "Stop trying to act like a parent when you don’t care.”

Flabbergasted at Max saying that, David carefully spoke while looking Max straight in Max’s eyes in a serious tone "Why wouldn’t I care, Max?”

Moving his eyes to the side, Max responded “you send me here immediately assumed what I was attempting to do was horrible, all I did was break plates and you don’t even know what I was trying to do.”

Calmly David spoke softly in a understanding voice “Max, I’m sorry it isn’t like that, I just was focused on getting rid of the shards first so you wouldn’t get injured, I care for you so so much and I’m here to listen to what you have to say because you usually have valued reasons, so could you please tell me what happened?”

David didn’t understand why Max would bring this subject up again all abruptly but David knew what Max needed was to be reassure because even after adopting Max it wouldn’t surprise David if Max still has doubts about David wanting Max around.

Looking as if Max was considering to inform David or not, he finally replied “Fine then lets talk about what was that earlier at the door.”

Tilting his head slightly, David seemed to be an a daze about what Max told him “huh?”

Raising one of his eyebrow, Max spoke “don’t be dumb, David.”

Overall if David thought it was funny to joke about him not being in front of the door Max didn’t find it very hilarious.

Taking a glance at the door, David had a puzzle expression “No I really don’t understand what you mean by earlier at the door.”

Thinking that David was still joking around,Max humored him and bluntly responded ”Remember you arrived at the door and just stared at the wall completely ignoring me.“

Seeming to be shocked at hearing this, David requested “When did I arrived at the door?”

Groaning and grumbled “David you arrived at the door just a few minutes ago so I went into the trouble into snapping you out of it by stepping on the floorboards and standing on the chair to drag something.”

Already David was worried for Max when he said that and blurted out “So that is what you were doing but its dangerous if you do that don’t do it again, Max you’re going to get hurt.”

deliberately, Max mentioned ”Well you certainly thought staring at the wall was more important.“

Feeling slightly guilty David started "Max I didn’t mea-”  

Making a talking motion with his hand, Max ranted “yeah, yeah save your excuses for later.”

Quietly David whispered “I really thought I was at camp”

Taking a look back at David with serious eyes, Max grumbled “What do you mean you thought you were in camp, you were clearly here David.”

Seeing Max concerned made David try to leave the subject “I guess, I was out of my mind.”

Staring at David, Max asked “wait..David what do you mean by that?”

There was silence and Max looking horrified then changed back to his regular face, ‘David was only spacing out it was only that and nothing else’ Max reminded himself

Giving a little nudge to David, Max asked with concerned eyes “Hey, I’m not the only one that matters here idiot, are you okay?”

Snapping out of it, David responds"Yea..I need to make the new campers happy and it matters so much to me that I must of been spacing out, I’m sorry to concern you Max.“ David says with a sorrowful smile and

Max mumbled "Making me ask of you are is really cruel David and just don’t space out here because you don’t need to make me happy when I’m already….happy.”

Not believing his ears, David had a gigantic smile on his face “hmm what was that.”

Max mumbles even lower “I said I’m already…”

Smirking of joy, David asks again “I couldn’t quiet hear that max”

Max growled at David and yelled “FUCK OFF, you heard me!”

Really content, David cheered ”Maybe I did..I’m so glad you feel joy

David slowly brings Max closer and wraps his arms around Max

Then Max embraces David and whispers "You better improve,idiot.”

David gleams and hugs Max tighter then mumbles “I promise”.


I didn’t make this Au it was made from fantasykid and me also the idea of the Bad ending came from Jocazzi 

I got helped from grammer and writing by PerpetualExistance

Rewatching Episode 8 has reaffirmed my love for Stinger, Lightning Max, and Allback-man.


I run.

I can pack a suitcase in three minutes flat -
last month I left for London
with a roll of ten pound notes,
slept with a girl who stole my clothes,
and made it home for finals.

Last month I kissed a boy a Spain
who called himself Oh-No
and slipped me the address
to his Amsterdam apartment.

Last month I told someone I couldn’t love her because
–I will cheat
–You’re too good for me
–I just can’t do this.

Last month I maxed out my credit cards
and had no one to share
the stories, so
I asked a Scottish girl to marry me.
Last month she poured Innis Ale on my head.

I can’t keep running.

My sister got her driver’s license
and my mom completed chemo and I haven’t
seen them
in twenty-four weeks.  I’m too scared
to watch my family age,
the same way I’m too scared
to nurse a relationship long enough to watch it fall apart.
I write about love but I’m terrified of feeling it,
so I spend money at the airport.

I’m supposed to leave for California
but I just want to sleep.
I just want to hold my sister.
I just want to kiss a woman
and know I’ll be there to fix her breakfast.
So, yes:

I can pack a suitcase in three minutes flat,
but when I do
–when I run
–when I kiss
–when I leave
I always leave something behind.

mad max is progress. not perfection. progress. a year from now, five years, ten years, I want more movies from all types of genres to have a wide range of casting, from gender to ethnicity to sexual orientation. I want more movies that have characters with agency, actual agency, instead of being window dressing for one or two characters.

I want diverse character. I want complicated characters. I want movies that I can rave about, not because I’m shocked about the actual proper representation and the equalization between character roles but because of how good the movie is.

mad max is progress. progress I will defend to the ends of the earth. and that may be one of the things I absolutely love the most about it.

it’s actual progress.

anonymous asked:

You know any good Reamy fics? I'm running out of reading material :(

ah anon, you happened to catch me in the middle of reading a reamy story actually so if you haven’t you should definitely be reading Just For Me

hmm other than that there’s

Bossy. I Like It (my opinion might be biased cause it was written for me but..)

Break-ins, Bats, Buffy & Bonding (Random. But I live for Random)

End Up Here (I’m a sucker for a song fic and I like this song don’t judge me)

Maybe Just Maybe (it’s hilariously awkward and I wish there was more)

Bowling Shoes And Photobooths (cause it’s cute and I’m I’m partial to clichés

Best Group Hang Ever (who doesn’t enjoy a little Reagan vs. Karma)

Cracked (emotional Amy, caring Reagan, what else do you need?)

Ride (tipsy Reamy, and a party, yes please and more jelly Karma)

hmm I haven’t read that many have I? Well anyway helps this helps you out, and if anyone knows more good ones let me know.


I’m so excited about the fact that Magnus and Max are probably gonna meet this season, it’s one of the things I wanted to see in the show so badly, BUT

I just realized


He was in Idris when the wedding was on, so Alec never came out to him!

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