i marathoned this show not long ago


I CANT BELIEVE I ALMOST FORGOT that one of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE happened three years ago. (I WAS EVEN IN NYC TODAY TOO, LOSER). I will never forget this day. I didn’t only run the marathon, but I won. After waiting a long time, I finally saw Idina and Anthony perform together onstage in If/Then and met both of them after the show. It had taken me 8 years to finish Anthony’s book and he signed it. And when Idina came out, I got so starstruck I mentally blacked out and I don’t even remember it. If I could relive this day over and over, I would. It was the happiest moment of my life and I’m so proud I got to experience it. I hope it happens again because Idina and Anthony are my FAVORITE actors in the whole world, and knowing that they’re also great people made it even better. Thank you for bringing me the gift of If/Then and in true If/Then fashion, thank you Idina for being sick the first time I attempted to see the show, and thank you Anthony for having a knee injury when I actually did see it, Because IF those things didn’t happen, THEN I wouldn’t have been brought to THIS DAY - 10.24.14. <33

Otayuri short: Cat in the tree

(I wrote this short story to get a feel for the two, it’s just a cute fluffy story, no more, please don’t be mean)

Ship: Otayuri/Oturi (Yuri!!! on Ice)

Rating: Teen

They just went around the corner to the convenience store to get some sweets and junk food. It’s late; the street is nearly empty, only once or twice a car drives past them. A cold wind keeps people inside tonight.

Yuri and Otabek planned to just stay in and watch a movie or two in Otabek’s cosy studio flat. Yuri looks forward to that. His parents said he was allowed to stay from Friday to Sunday, because Otabek is “such a nice boy” and Yuri’s granddad even made Pirozhki for them. Yuri’s cheeks warm up happily at the premise to stay the entire weekend at Otabek’s place. Tomorrow they would go ice skating together… Oh and Beka also told him they’d visit the zoo! And Beka also has a PS4, so they can play games! It’s the first time Yuri has a player 2 and he’s giddy with excitement.

He happily looks up to observe the brilliant clear night sky. Millions of stars blink down at them, from a pitch black sky, and it looks amazing. Not even the lights from the city can spoil the view.

“Already any idea what we should watch first?” Yuri asks the older boy excitedly and Beka frowns a little in thought.

“Have you watched the Lord of the Rings?” Beka asks. “Or maybe you like superheroes?”

“Yes, I saw  Lord of the Rings, but ages ago! Haha, do you want to marathon it? But Marvel is fine, too!” Yuri laughs. Beka even has a great taste in movies, it seems. “We could marathon everyting!”

Beka smiles at him: “If you can stay awake that long?”

“Sure I can!”

“Fufu, we’ll see about that…”

“Pfff, I’ll show you th-” Yuri stops talking and walking mid-sentence.

He just heard…is he starting to get hallucinations already? Because he’s been waiting for this weekend a whole month?

“Yura?” Beka asks, and he comes a little closer. “You ok?”

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

Yuri freezes, his eyes widening – there it is again! A soft, sad meowing!

He just leaves Beka standing  and dashes around the next corner. The feeble meowing becomes louder. The empty, quiet street is lined with trees and Yuri lets his head fall into his neck to scan the trees. His hood falls off his head. He can hear it clearly, it’s close –

“Yura?” he hears Beka call out for him and he turns around to his friend.

“I bet a cat is stuck here somewhere! Can’t you hear it?” Yuri replies.

“Yeah, I can hear it n – there it is!” Beka says and he nods toward a tree a few meters to the left. Yuri can’t see anything in the darkness, but apparently the older boy can.

Beka gently nudges him and goes ahead toward the tree. Like all the others it’s a poplar, but no leaves are hanging there. It’s January after all. Yuri shivers as the wind picks up.

Now he can see the origin of the meowing – a small, dark grey cat is clinging onto a tree branch pretty high up. She looks at them with big, dark eyes, meowing in her misery.

“What a dummy,” Yuri breathes. “I bet she can’t come down on her own.”

“And what should we do now?” Beka asks.

Yuri blinks. He’s a cat-lover, he has one himself, and he would feel horrible just leaving the poor cat up there all on her own. He clears his throat. And then he gently sets the groceries down and ties his hair up.


“Can you give me a boost so I can grab that branch? I’ll help her down,” Yuri says, stepping toward the tree.

“Wait – Excuse me?”

“C’mon Beka, we can’t just leave her up there!” Yuri says with a pout. He taps against the bark of the tree. “It’s safe, no worries!”

“You’re gonna break your neck,” Beka says, shaking his head. “I’d rather call the police or so –”

“Oh, c’mon! Please!!!” Yuri begs with his most convincing puppy dog eyes and he can just see how the older boy is wavering. “Please Beka…I can’t do it without you…”

It really doesn’t take much to convince him, Yuri thinks amused to himself. Otabek goes to put down his own bag and then he comes to stand next to Yuri. He still doesn’t look convinced, but he has that faint blush on his face. And that tells Yuri that he won.

“So…how do you think this is going to work?” Beka asks. The cat meows impatiently.

“Lift me up so I can grab the first branch,” Yuri says, slipping off his shoes despite the biting cold temperatures.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Beka says.

“Don’t, it’s gonna work!” Yuri grins and the older boy readily bends down and forms a step with his hands. Yuri places his hands securely on Beka’s broad shoulders and his right foot in the boy’s gloved palms.

“Ready?” Beka asks, his warm breath tickling Yuri’s face.

“Hell yeah,” Yuri replies cheekily and Beka quietly counts to three, one – two – three - !!

And next thing Yuri knows is how he is catapulted upward and he frantically goes to grab the nearest branch and he hangs there for a second, struggling like a baby animal.

“Yura!” he hears Otabek call worriedly, but Yuri just frowns.

Damn, this is nothing; he hasn’t done this bloody training to get defeated by fucking gravity. With a curse he swings the rest of his body onto the branch and he slowly stands up, balancing on the branch that’s maybe as wide as his feet are when standing next to each other. When he looks up, the cat sits a few feet above him, looking at him with that pissed off look on her face. Almost feels like she’s asking him what the hell took him so long.

Yuri grins, his heart still pounding excitedly. This is more fun than he thought it would be.

“Like…just…be careful, alright?” he can hear Beka say, but Yuri doesn’t listen anymore.

He carefully moves toward the cat, one hand holding onto another branch, the other stretched out toward her to sniff him.

“Shhh…everything’s alright, I promise, nice and easy, you’re gonna be down there in no time,” he whispers and her ears twitch. “Just a bit longer and you can run around again…”

The cold wind drives some snowflakes into his eyes and Yuri blinks them away. He’s almost there, he’s close enough to grab her –

“Gyaaah!!!” he screams as his socks slip and his left foot suddenly doesn’t have any hold –

“YURI!!” Otabek yells in panic as he struggles to regain his balance, his arms flail around and his heart roars inside his ears.

From the corners of his eyes he sees how the cat screeches and dashes down the tree. Yuri lets out a long curse and then just lets himself fall and his arms wrap around the branch tightly. Holding his own damn weight like this actually hurts quite a lot and his arms already start shaking with the effort to hold onto the branch. He bets he actually does look like a monkey now, hanging with his legs kicking air, about two and a half meters above ground. But shit, it does look much higher –

“Let yourself fall, I’ll catch you,” Beka says calmly, he sounds very close and Yuri’s gloved hands start slipping from the branch –

“Bekaaaaa,” Yuri starts.

“I’m here, I’ll catch you,” Beka says with his usual calm and soothing voice and Yuri just blinks through the dark branches up to the night sky.

He lets go.

And instead of hurting his legs he feels how he is gently caught by two strong arms before he hits the ground. Yuri’s arms, like made for it, come to wrap around Otabek’s neck and the older boy just looks at him unimpressed, with his brows raised.

“Thanks for catching me,” Yuri grins despite his still heavily drumming heart. His cheeks are on fire, but not only because he just nearly fell off a tree, but mostly because Beka is holding him right now like a knight would hold his princess and the thought makes his ears burn with embarrassment.

Beka looks at him with his dark, quiet eyes and when their gazes meet, Yuri feels the older boy’s hands tightening around him for just a split second, but then he relaxes again.

“Told you I have a bad feeling about this,” Beka just says with a snort and he carries Yuri over to where he left his shoes. “That was dangerous.”

“I knew you’d look out for me,” Yuri tries to hide his burning cheeks and he carefully lets go off Otabek, so he can return to the ground and slip on his shoes.

“Still,” is all Beka says and Yuri looks down, suddenly feeling not only embarrassed but also pretty silly.

It was dangerous, after all. He’s a professional figure skater, he shouldn’t be so stupid and careless, Yakov would eat him alive if he knew about what he just did.

But…ever since Yuri has met Otabek, he’s felt the need…to, well…kind of…impress him…?

As silly as it sounds, but…that’s just the way it is. Yuri doesn’t know where this weird sentiment even comes from, but…whenever he’s with Otabek, these strange feelings come to surface inside of him, pushing aside any other reason and logic.

It confuses him, yes, but…it’s not like he dislikes it. Not at all, to be honest.

Yuri still doesn’t dare looking up at his friend when suddenly Beka’s hand moves into his sight. And he feels how the elder’s fingers slip under his chin to gently lift his gaze. He holds his breath.

Yuri’s heart does a leap when he sees the radiating warmth glowing in Beka’s eyes and the dark blush on his face.

“It was dangerous. And really brave,” he says quietly. “And very selfless, Yura.”

Yuri only stares at him, his heart drumming inside his chest at the simple words that have the impact of a damn hurricane.

Beka blushes even deeper and then he clears his throat and turns around to grab their groceries.

“Let’s go, I am hungry…”

Beka starts walking and Yuri needs a second to actually command his legs to follow the older boy and when he catches up with him, Yuri lifts his gaze to look at Beka’s profile and at the same time, Beka turns his head to look at him.

They look at each other. And then they smile.

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Tell me everything you know about my baby's heart b ^3^ so hard to find info

A Brief Guide to HeartB (하트비) aka the sweetest group of angels to have ever graced the earth

omg okay i’ve been waiting for this day, the day it would be my turn to get to introduce heartb to someone im so excited!!! you probably already know most of the info i’m about to give you but hopefully it still helps somewhat ;;


  • HeartB (하트비) is a four member group who perform beautiful ballads (hence the reason why the ‘B’ in HeartB stands for ballads)!
  • before debuting, they would do busking events (basically singing in public for no charge) and wear masks so that people would focus on their talents and not on their looks
  • apparently they’re the “healing sound” group because of their soothing voices but tbh they make me cry and cause me a lot of pain so what is the truth

DOJIN (Lee Duryeot)

  • the leader and official mom of the group
  • born december 28th, 1995 and is a capricorn
  • he’s ~181cm tall, blood type b, made of 12% flowers and 88% muscle
  • used to be the vocal of a band called iconize, who were like an emo rocker band… can you believe??
  • doesn’t usually sing the chorus of their songs idk why
  • once said byulha was one of his favorite things
  • writes lyrics for the group and also does calligraphy, can also act (he was the one who cried while eating rice in their mv it broke me)
  • supposedly looks like im siwan from ze:a
  • thinks his lips are his best feature

JINWOOK (Kim Jinwook)

  • the oldest and also the soccer dad, is in lov with dojin
  • born february 3rd, 1994 and is an aquarius
  • he’s 188cm, blood type ab, truly a giant, a noodle
  • used to be a jellyfish trainee, so he’s really close with vixx and also nakhun! hakyeon has tweeted about them before #yessgetthatpromo
  • knows kendo, japanese, and guitar, likes to read and play basketball
  • basically a genius when it comes to cooking food… he makes things that aren’t actual dishes but it tastes good so the members like it
  • actual boyfriend material

CHANYEONG (Kim Seokgyeon)

  • also stylized as chanyoung, he’s the one that brings in all of the new fans tbh everyone finds him beautiful and ppl get into heartb bc of him
  • born february 5th, 1994 and is also an aqarius
  • he’s ~185cm, blood type ab, very shy and quiet but its endearing
  • he went on a diet and lost a lot of weight before debuting but still takes care of his body and makes sure he loses it healthily :))
  • he can speak english but hasn’t fully shown us yet (but he said that his foreign language skills were only so-so)
  • also we have no idea which english speaking country he’s from
  • thinks his eyes are his best features, likes taking walks and traveling
  • rumor has it that watching him play with dogs can cure you of cancer
  • motto: “don’t worry, be happy” :))
  • a sweet angel whom we must protect

BYULHA (Im Gyeongman)

  • the maknae and everyone’s son, very loud and playful
  • born july 13th, 1997 and is a cancer
  • he’s ~181cm (as tall as dojin), blood type a
  • talents are composing, playing piano, guitar, badminton, swimming, reading manhwa (korean comisc) and being a teenage rebel
  • you know how i said dojin used to be in a band?? well, after he left, iconize changed their name to toto caelo and byulha became the new main vocal…. plus he was the last to join heartb
  • he said once that he could rap and now the entire heartb squad is waiting for rap god byulha to be unleashed
  • probably has a tatto on his left forearm but this is still up to debate
  • calls himself the “weather fairy” whenever he posts selfies and talks about the weather with us he’s so cute!!






i hope this is more than enough for you to start getting into them! i didn’t mean to make it this long, omg im so sorry but although this took me a while i genuinely enjoyed doing this so i hope some of it helps you! pls love heartb and make sure to drag all your friends down with you ♥

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Hello I was wondering if you had any fics where Sterek have a movie marathon




Pack Cuddles by literaryoblivion

953  I  Pack Cuddles

General Audiences

“Is there a reason you moved all of my furniture against the wall and replaced them with blankets?” Derek asks when he walks into his loft to find Stiles and Isaac laying out more blankets and stacking up pillows. Where did they even get all of these? Derek walks further into the room, he sees Danny walk out of the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn.

“No offense,” Derek says, looking, well more like glaring, at Danny, “but, what are you doing here? Actually, what are all of you doing here?”

Stiles jumps up and answers before Danny can make an indignant comment about Derek’s rudeness. “We are having a movie night. And since it’s Danny’s movie, he’s automatically invited.”

I’m in lesbians with you. by whyamIalwaysLoislane (Whyamialwaysloislane)

1,161  I  Girl Stiles, Fluff

Teen and Up

Not so long ago in the distant realm of Beacon Hills, California, Stiles Stilinski Had a Cold.

When Derek showed up at Stiles house at eleven, he expected her to be awake, maybe even a little pissy. He did not expect to get roped into a marathon of IMDB’s Top 250. (And then some.)

(Your Movie Taste Puts Me In A) Grizzly Rage by xDx

1,300  I  Pack Mom Stiles

Not Rated

It’s pack movie night again, and Stiles wants everyone to know that Derek Hale has the worst taste in movies.

Slowly now by LadyLizzyB

1,716  I  Pack Bonding, BAMF Sheriff Stilinski

General Audiences

The pack has a movie night and then finds out something about Stiles they didn’t know before. Derek is very concerned.

This is a sequel to The Start of Something New, reading the other stories in this series might be helpful but this could be read as a one-shot.

May the Fourth be With You by BlondestBrunetteEver

1,717  I  Girl Stiles, Fluff, Girl Derek

General Audiences

“I found out about it online, and I tried it once and never looked back.” “That sounds like either something really kinky or really illegal.” Stiles was finally ready to force Scott to watch Star Wars, but because fate wants to make sure Scott never sees Star Wars, he gets sick and Stiles decides to instead watch the movies with her girlfriend.

Nothing Left To Hide by Andae

1,784  I  Puppy Piles, Humor

General Audiences

Stiles had never expected a movie marathon to be a mentally scarring experience, but maybe he should’ve known better by now.

A Hallmark Christmas by Thelionesskim

1,803  I  Pack Bonding

Teen and Up

Stiles stumbles upon Hallmark’s Christmas movie marathon and Derek likes coffee sweeter than sweet tea.

Bruce Would Be Proud by runningwithdinosaurs

1,818  I  Feral Derek, Stilinski Family Feels

Teen and Up

One day a year, every year, for the past seven years, Stiles has a Pixar marathon. On one random Saturday in April (never on the actual anniversary, he couldn’t do it on the actual anniversary), he shuts himself in his room, boots up his laptop and starts with Toy Story.

But as has become typical in Beacon Hills, nothing goes to plan. Which is how Stiles ends up with a feral Derek Hale cuddling him while WALL-E plays in the background.

A Success Story by bythemoonlight

1,917  I  Fluff, Pack Bonding, Cuddling

General Audiences

It’s the pack movie night.

Valentine’s Day Movie Night by consultingsuperhero

2,347  I  Cuddling, Kissing

Teen and Up

Aka Sad Movies Bring People Together.
Stiles shows up on Derek’s doorstep on Valentine’s Day with a pizza and some movies. A friendly movie night turns into something more. Basically, Stiles being Stiles, and Derek being Derek, while watching romantic movies in bed.

You Know Disney? by MissDizzyD

2,363  I  Cuddling, Fluff, Mama Stilinski Feels

Teen and Up

“Did you just…?” Stiles asks, completely distracted from his pain, the terrible feeling in his chest, the lack of oxygen in his lungs, the awful memories flooding his brain… They all go away, leaving him with one thought at the front of his mind: Derek Hale just quoted Disney at me.

Derek goes to Stiles’ house for help. They end up marathoning Disney and falling asleep together.

Scare me to Sex by doctorwolf

4,081  I  Pack Meddling, Frottage

Not Rated

Pack movie night is tradition, everyone is supposed to go. Clearly Stiles’ friends don’t understand that if they’re all going to cancel they should tell him before he’s already there.


Love and internet hugs,

Fluffy Wolf

Okay spn fandom, let’s have a serious chat right now.

I’ve seen at least ten posts in the last five minutes complaining about this episode/season.  Which is fair.  You’re free to like or dislike whatever you want, and your reaction is valid, no matter what that reaction is.

But can we talk about why you feel that way?

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone, and it may not apply to anyone at all.  But I’m getting serious vibes from these posts that 1) a lot of people are new to the show (ie haven’t been watching it live for nearly ten years), and 2) a lot of people read/write a lot more fic than they watch tv shows.  Especially tv shows that are ongoing.

The thing is, when you watch a tv show live, it’s a completely different experience than binge watching on Netflix.  I’m always completely shocked by the difference, every single time I get into a new tv show, and to be honest, it usually ends with me quitting the show only a few weeks (aka episodes) later.  That’s partially because a lot of shows decline in quality in later seasons, but it’s also because waiting a week in between episodes changes things.  It gives each episode a kind of weight that it may not deserve.  Episodes that are shitty- and there will inevitably be shitty episodes when a season is 23 episodes long and each episode is 45 minutes- are shitty for an entire week and maybe even longer if there’s a hiatus.  Even episodes that weren’t all that shitty get to stew in our brains long enough that we can find all the bits that were shitty.

(The casual viewers, by the way, tend not to be afflicted by this as much, since they don’t spend too much time outside of the 45 minutes the episode lasts on the nuances of the show)

So when we get episodes like 9x03, or even tonight’s episode (which I would argue was actually pretty fucking decent despite all the hitting us over the head with parallels), the fandom explodes.  Everyone is annoyed that the episode didn’t meet their expectations, that it was terribly written/directed/what have you, that it just wasn't good.  And it’s valid criticism, and it’s valid to be upset.

But I wonder if everyone would be as upset if we were watching it all at once.  When most people watched episodes like Fallen Idols or Bugs all in a bundle with the rest of the episodes, did they wallow in their anger at the show for having badly written episodes, or did they just forget about them and move on?  When they watched episodes like Monster Movie or Ghostfacers, did they complain about filler episodes?  I wonder if we all watched season 9 in one long marathon, if we would be as upset about 9x03 being bad or 9x15 being a filler episode.  If maybe we’d just move on to the next episode and not worry about it until we reached the end of the show, when we would remember that it was frustrating, and then shrug because that was twenty episodes ago.

Television works differently than fanfiction, or even a movie or book.  It’s not a cohesive whole- there are good episodes and bad episodes, and literally every tv show suffers from that.  A tv show is told over the space of years, and it lives and dies based on the number of people it keeps engaged in the story.  A tv show that doesn’t hold almost everything back from the audience is a tv show that no one watches except a dedicated few.  Nobody will care if your heroes are happy and fulfilled in life.  Nobody will watch if there’s no conflict to keep things going.  Television is the opposite of instant gratification, because it has to be.  And yeah, that’s fucking frustrating because we’re invested in the show, and we want to see Dean realize that he can treat Sam like an equal, we want to see Sam forgiving Dean, we want to see them and the rest of their makeshift family getting old on that porch together.  And in fan fiction, we can get that, because we’re already invested enough in these characters to read 50,000 words of them being happily domestic.

But you know what? The general audience isn’t.  Hell, a good portion of us would switch of the tv if that happened on the show itself.  People are blaming TPTB for doing something that’s inherent to the show, something that’s been a constant since the first five minutes of the Pilot when a young mother burned to death on the ceiling.

Feel free to dislike the show, complain about it, keep watching but wish that you could stop, call the writers out on problematic shit, anything you want.  But seriously, if you’re gonna complain that somehow this season is worse than any other season specifically because there are too many filler episodes or the writers are fucking up Dean and Sam’s lives and they totally don’t need to, then you need to take another fucking look at every single season that’s gone before this one, and think about what exactly it is that you’re frustrated with.

In today’s #SundayStories I talk about what gets me through one of the craziest weeks of the year, Fashion Week!

Surviving Fashion Week is like running a marathon. It’s long, it’s exhausting and sometimes you can’t see the finish line - but you’re doing it with a load of other people who are just as excited about the race as you are. One person I always have join me over fashion week is Veronica Chu, my makeup artist. She’s been doing my makeup for years and always makes me laugh, which is exactly what you need when you’re barely functioning on 5 hours sleep a night. In the picture above you can see her running after me like a maniac outside of DVF’s show a few seasons ago. Don’t ask me why this photo happened, I have no idea. (Coincidentally today is again DVF’s Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show where I’ll be reporting live backstage in just a few hours with Max Factor and Pat McGrath, so stay tuned!) In the weeks and days leading up to fashion week I also have my support team of agents like Micki at Wilhelmina Models and Lauren, Kylee and Emily my publicists who make sure my invitations from designers are confirmed and that the clothing I ask to wear makes it to me in time. My schedule is pretty crazy, but they do this for multiple clients which I cannot even imagine how they pull off. The final piece to the puzzle is my husband James who is the glue who keeps the entire team together and on schedule. He oversees it all: cars, shows, social media, food (Can’t forget food!). If I need to have a change of clothes for the next show he’s the one holding a massive Longchamp bag. He has a long running hashtag on his Instagram called #LifeInTheSecondRow, which is pretty hilarious if you check it out. It definitely takes a village to get a girl like me (especially 7 months pregnant) around fashion week and I’m so thankful to my #TeamCoco for all their support this season and every season. 💋💋💋

theres not enough cute chubby girls in tv & i kno this because after having a marathon of my favorite shows im left thinking “wow i wish i was skinny” and then falling back into nasty self loathing patterns i suffered from a long time ago and when i realize what im doing im like “woah where did this come from?? i thought i was beyond this??” and then im like ohh right i just watched 10 staight hours of only skinny ppl falling in love and doing bad ass shit. right. 

This has actually been bothering me for a few days now, and I’m surprised I never thought this through before. Then again, I thought through half the equation a while ago, when I first marathon-watched my way through Supernatural during S8. I actually spent a LONG TIME looking back for this post from June 2013. This was before I found the huge meta community on tumblr. Before I’d really ever participated to any extent in fandom. ANY fandom. I was a 39-year-old fandom virgin. To quote my reaction to discovering that a tv show owned my soul:

I’ve watched and read a lot of tv shows, movies, and books that grabbed ahold of me and refused to let go, but never, NEVER anything like Supernatural. My reaction to this show really caught me completely by surprise.

*I’m gonna put the rest of this under a cut, because a) it’s long, and b) some people might read this as wank, but it really isn’t. It’s just me trying to understand how I relate to this show, characters, fandom, and ships. I’m putting this disclaimer here to let you know that reading beyond this point does not entitle you to send me hate mail. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. IF YOU HAVE DELICATE FEE FEES, TURN BACK NOW. DO NOT GO ON. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FEE FEES.

Below the cut: A serious evaluation of why I ship the ship like Captain Jack, when literally no other ship in the last 41 years has ever given me more than a passing feeling of “aw, isn’t that swell.” Also, I seriously ask for input regarding why YOU (Yes, YOU!) ship the ships you do. I’m just really confused about my inability to get this worked up (or worked up to anything more than a mild interest, frankly) over any other ship.

Keep reading