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Hey! I love what you're doing with your blog and you're pretty creative! Do you think you could draw up something about Craig having a huge, but hidden crush on the MC in college, Or about him being extremely obsessed with him all while also struggling with his sexuality? Craig's my favorite and scenarios like that are huge turn ons for me and make me happy. I'd much appreciate it!

ahhh i think about this a lot so i can do it yes

- craig would be pretty ignorant of his crush on the mc, mistaking it for other feelings or just trying to brush it off cause y’know, you’re Bros and thats Gay dude- rly, i imagine he just doesn’t wanna make things awkward so he ignores his feelings and you two keep acting chill with each other 

- eventually though it keeps getting bigger and craig is kinda worried about it now?? like its not going away and maybe thats when he gets with smashley/ashley to figure things out. it distracts him for a while and he rly thinks hes happy but every now and then he’d notice how he’s v happy talking to you and wants to kiss you a lot but he knows he shouldn’t ?? when y’all graduate he finally forgets about it for a while and has his kids with ashley

- until they get divorced and then all of a sudden he’s meeting you again and the feelings blow up in his face

my bookmarked fics

@fictionismynationality asked me to dump the entirety of my bookmark folder on y’all so here’s what i’ve got (somewhat organized)

(mostly does not include all the WIPs and “to read”s i currently have open in my 21 tabs)

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On a totally different note did you know that earlier today genjis va was doing a stream and someone asked him if he shipped genyatta and he said yes, I'm still crying about it TTOTT we have been blessed on this day

IM SAD BC I WASNT ABLE TO WATCH HIS STREAM BC I WAS DOING MY PLACEMENT MATCHES 😭😭😭😭😭 ive heard things abt it though, and HONESTLY THAT MAKES ME HAPPY but itd be like.. rly nice to have heard it myself.. or like have evidence for it at least!! but anw when i read abt it it rly made me smile aaaaaa

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I'm sure you get tons of asks like this so feel free to ignore, but I am just genuinely really invested in your opinions and what you have to say?? Like not only are you so good at reading people (specifically dnp), but I think your voice as a queer woc is SO important in this fandom and makes ME feel more welcome so thank you!! And your blog makes me really happy. Lol this was so sappy hope you're having a good night though

i rly dont know what to say to this, but i want you to know how much it means to me. for you to find something of value, something welcoming, in hearing my opinion not in spite of but because of those specific identities that mean so much to me …. it’s kind of the most meaningful thing anyone could ever say. i’m so honored to have helped make you feel welcome and to have made you happy. that’s so nice of you. and no i rly dont hear things like this, that specifically validate my identity as a qwoc, very often, especially not here. this message is so lovely and i’m honestly so overwhelmed by it. i hope you have a wonderful night as well <3 sending you so much love and light




Seriously!!! I’m now at around 3.4k followers and you all have been so so great and kind and funny and I just really enjoy talking to you guys and making gifs for you so I just wanted to send a big ol’ thank you out there. 


Feeling myself today. I’m at work rn but later I’m gonna post a bunch of shit 💜💖 fyi to anyone who cares I came out as trans to my parents and even though my dad is taking it terribly and keeps making jokes about it, and even though my sister keeps trying to hint that I don’t know what gender is and I’m actually just trying to be a guy cuz it’s cool, my mom is at least being somewhat decent about it and getting me testosterone. I have an appointment set up in six weeks and in the end that’s the only reason I came out besides no longer hiding my binders and swim trucks when my mom does inspection. I never rly loved them so I don’t care what they say. I’m really happy about it cuz my mom said she’d buy a new binder since mine is used, and we’ll get new shoes and clothes for me, she paid for a terrible haircut that’s at least terrible in a masculine way. I’m really happy and the abuse has mostly come to an indefinite pause because even if my dad says “Tesa who is now known as Tobias” every time he talks about me he recognizes that beating me right now could be addressed as a hate crime and ruin his chances of getting more fame. So like, a lot of positives for the moment. I’m gonna start posting pics everyday once I start T on my main blog, firstnonbinarypresident (I should change that since I identify as male now) so ye. Have a good day void of misgenders and abuse and full of ice cream. 😳👼


My friends tried to tell me that it was inappropriate (and goes against me being ace) to be an Aphrodite devotee. I got rly sad and tried to explain that she’s not only the goddess of sex so even though I’m an ace minor (17) I can still worship her. She means a lot more to me than that??? She teaches you things like self love. Plus she makes me feel better ab being a lesbian bc of just. Everything she represents with self love and happiness. What do you guys think? I don’t want to start discourse but,, should minors be allowed to me Aphrodite devotees? Should ace people?

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How about 34 and 53? :)

Do you like small kids?

yeah they fascinate me a lot and i think i vacillate frequently between feeling like i adore them unequivocally and feeling incredibly freaked out and afraid of them. just because, their brains are constantly developing which can make me feel like anything i do around them has an impact on their growth and their sense of self and their outlook on the world and that kind of thought process just can send me into a spiral like no other? but at the same time i loveeee watching little children observe the world and interact with it i think it’s amazing and they make me really happy 

What kind of books do you read?

fiction mostly though i do try to intersperse nonfiction every now and then! i dont rly restrict by genre a lot (though i guess i dont read much fantasy or sci fi).  i like fiction that focuses on emotional relationships and characters, i really really like immigrant narratives and political/historical fiction. i also really like poetry and social theory 

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this is gonna sound rly weird probably but like even though i've never talked to you (and i've only been following your blog for a pretty short amount of time) i still get the feeling you're a really nice person and seeing you on my dash makes me smile? so thank you for existing is what i'm trying to say i guess


WOW that actually makes me super happy to hear!!! I’m glad I can make you smile :’]

Thanks for being so sweet 💖💖


make me choose: peyton sawyer in s3 or s4?

I get it, though, you know? The fear of letting people in. Getting close to somebody and then it’s just not working out.

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I have been a fan of Jack and Mark for 2 years as well I can´t believe I didn´t just start reading your works back then. But, like- I started reading your stuff at a real low and all that could make me happy that day was your stories and I also might have bit my lip so hard while laughing that I can still feel it even though that was 2 days ago. Sorry for my grammar rn I´m just really excited haha.


I’m so glad I could make your bad days a little bit more bearable!! That honestly means so much to be and it makes me happier than you could imagine 🖤

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just wanted to tell you that I have been reading and rereading ascension for about 3 days now and IT'S SO GOOD I'M GONNA CRY. like? fiona? you've written her perfectly? also you can tell it's not written by a white person (in a good way lol) the way you care about the elves rly shines though and makes me rly happy :) (also I kind of want to ask if it's on hiatus or if you're still writing it, but I realised that might give u anxiety, so just ignore this part if it does!!) thank u for this fic :)

I’m still writing; I’m just bad at sticking to schedules.

I’ve got everything that’s going to happen planned out. I can’t wait for y’all to see it. 

Thank you for the compliments. :D

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The fact that you tagged that mantis as baby.... makes my day I’m glad someone appreciates bugs im scared of them but I love them and the fact that someone else likes bugs makes me rly happy bc loads of people hate them :(

i love and appreciate bugs a lot they are my faves! glad you appreciate them too even though youre scared of them

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hi !! do u have any tips for doing hw while ur rly sick & unmotivated , ive already missed 2 days of school this week and tomorrows the last day of the quarter i cant get any more behind !! thanks so much love u & ur blog + ur texts are sooo positive and make me rly happy 💕

Hey! Okay for being sick:

Unfortunately that’s all I have now in terms of links to posts regarding sickness! I think motivation will be easier to muster once you start feeling better. Definitely communicate with your teachers though and explain your situation, acknowledging that this is the end of the quarter and you’re concerned about how to keep up. If you have a doctor’s note or anything, that’ll help, but I assume you’re a good student and they’ll believe you. Most likely they’ll be understanding (life happens and people get sick) and they can just give you an incomplete for the quarter and help you come up with a plan to get caught up! In the meantime, take care of yourself.


Hope that helps! Feel better soon <3

Also I’m glad you’re enjoying my texts :)

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still horrendously happy that focaccia and amazing produce are like an everyday cheapo thing to me now. And people here are rly chill even though the way they talk abt money wigs me out

I keep needing to remind myself things about Europe like asking how much your parents make is pretty commonplace and also everyone. Is. So. Touchy. Christ alive

I met this other American girl who is honestly an angel and is a huge badass because it took me 4ish years after high school to decide this was what I wanted to do but she is 18 fresh off graduation a bazillion miles away at this wildass school. She’s fluent in italian like me which is super dope because that’s really uncommon here. To be fluent in English and italian. Hennyways

Things are fine on the whole things just are frustrating sometimes . that’s my update. Beep beep

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HEY KEL who are some artists who have inspired your art style one way or another?? also what cons will you be attending in sg this year??

OMG I have so many inspirations tbh so i’m not too good at picking out which one has influenced my style directly??? UmM some artists I LOVE TO DEATH THO are REI, L1ng, JC LEYENDECKER, Dian MZ, Onorobo, James Jean, Akihiko Yoshida, Milkmanner, Paul felix, Annaxiin,sara, Hwei, Nozmo, Phil Noto, Junji Itou, Naoki Urasawa! There’s a longer list on my main blog (it’s very very long and still updating)

As for cons I’ll be at cosfest and EOY (maybe)!  

MORE ASKS UNDER CUT it’s v long im sorry

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I'm in a rly toxic relationship and have to get out but I'm not secure enough with my self to let go and love myself. I'm depending on him for happiness and I don't know how to let go

Well, the good news is that you recognize that it’s a toxic relationship and that you’re depending on someone else to make you happy when in reality, happiness is in your own hands, it always has been.

Something that helped me leave a toxic relationship was learning to love myself though. I think if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have learned what my self worth was or been strong enough to leave. When you know you deserve better (not only in relationships but every aspect of your life), you only want the best for yourself and you will do everything you can to attain that.

I’ve answered similar questions to this many times before so my advice may sound repetitive to some but it might be something new and helpful to others:

  1. Make a list of cons about him. When you think about staying with him, read the con to remind yourself why you should leave and after you’ve left, read this list to keep you from coming back. Write down all of the ways he’s hurt you, disappointed you / let you down, and the reasons why he’s not right for you. These cons are things you shouldn’t want in a partner so read it over and over again until you realize that these are also the reasons why you should leave immediately. When you’ve moved on and decide to find someone else, read this list again so you don’t make the same mistake twice. Read the list so you know what you DON’T want. You may not get it right the next time (trust me, I didn’t) but eventually you will if you’re patient and won’t settle for anything less than what you KNOW you deserve. 
  2. Make a list of pros about yourself. Don’t be modest either. Write down all the reasons why you believe you’re great, all the reasons why you deserve better, and write down the things you want but can’t have with him. Read this list when you feel low about yourself until you believe every single word. I used to absolutely loathe myself. I bathed in my own self pity and because I treated myself so horribly, I let anyone who treated me OK at first into my life. Now that I think I’m awesome and know all of my great qualities (and continue to focus on bettering myself everyday), I don’t let anyone into my life unless they treat me BETTER than I treat myself and that’s hard to come by because I’m my number one fan. 
  3. Imagine your future. Imagine all of the things you want for yourself and for your future family (if you plan on having one), do you think he would be good partner through life? The good and the bad? Do you think he would be a great husband or father? Do you want your children to grow up with the same qualities as him? Do you think he’ll be there to support you through all of your professional and personal journeys to build a better life for yourself? Do you think he’ll put in the same amount of effort so you can grow together? If you don’t think he could do all of these things, there is no future with him. There’s only an idea that things might get better but if it’s already hard, can you keep going? Is being miserable but secure with someone worth more than being happy and secure with yourself?
  4. Every step to being happy should be taken one at a time. Maybe you need to feel good about yourself before you leave, maybe you need to leave to feel good about yourself. Doesn’t matter which you do first, just put everything in you into doing one first and then the next. After, make small changes in your life. Find hobbies, hang out with your friends, read books, rearrange your bedroom, change your style, whatever. Do anything that makes you feel better, and keep doing things that make you feel good until you just feel good for no reason.

It’s going to be hard. I know firsthand that leaving is hard but it will be the best damn thing you’ll ever do for yourself, trust me. When you make someone your whole world, you’re left with nothing wen they’re gone. But the world can be recreated, everything can be rebuilt. Your world may feel like it’s crashing down, you may feel empty or alone but you won’t feel this way forever if you don’t allow yourself to. Fill your new world with things that only you can give to yourself, only things you have the power to take away from yourself. If you do this, no one can ever hurt you again unless you let them. 

This is getting lengthy. If you need any additional tips or help, please feel free to ask again.