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Boss Me Around

Part: one | two 

Group: BTS


Requested: btsmakesmehappy said: Hey i just read your posts and soo in love with them! Can i request a namjoon brother!au, the possesive one. While you fall in love with joon’s boss a.k.a jin ceo!au. Is it too much to ask?🙏 Guess who will read everything you post now? ✋

Excerpt: “Can you at least promise me not to fall too easily? And watch out especially for my boss, he’s your type.” Namjoon pulled up to the large hotel next to his office, where the party was being hosted.

Genre: fluff, older brother au, CEO au

Length: 2.3k

A/N: I usually don’t complete requests this fast but this flipped my creative switch and here we are.

There is a possibility of a part 2 but as usual I wont write it unless it is requested~

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 "Y/N, you better not be going to the centenary ball like that,“ you flattened out your short, sparkling dress before placing a hand on your hip with a mischievous smile. You had wanted to impress his colleagues and as the dress glittered in the hall lighting, you knew you would leave a lasting impression.

But Namjoon had a bitter taste in his mouth, he knew you were messing with him but he still refused to move from the door until you had changed. He tried to bite back a smile as you placed a finger in between his furrowed brow, the soft touch easing his frown away. But he was still angry, his suit was expensive and you had insisted he wore it because you had a supposed matching dress, the red lapel felt stupid as he took in your outfit once more; he felt under dressed.

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secret notes

For @snowbaz-feda day 24. Do I come up with all my ideas for fics by taking a random meme and turning it into a spell? Absolutely.

It’s fine. This is absolutely fine. No big deal.

It’s just a crush. A stupid, meaningless crush, and it’s just because he’s attractive, it’s not like I have real feelings for him (not really, well, I do think about him a lot, don’t I?) and it’s not like I actually want to be with him or anything (but only because I know it’s impossible) and besides, Baz never has to know.

I’m going to write him a note. Like a little schoolboy with a crush. I’m not going to sign it – obviously – I just want to say something to him. I know that he’s cold and distant and will probably sneer at my note and make fun of the sender, but it makes me wonder why he’s like that. Why he can’t express any emotion other than sadistic amusement (and I know he feels other things, because he cares about his family, and he gets angry at me. You don’t get angry if you don’t care.).

I guess I just need him to know that he is loved.

(I mean. I don’t love him. Obviously. It’s just a crush.)

I ask Penny for a spell to disguise my handwriting. She gives me a knowing look (I haven’t told her anything but she’s my best friend and she’s too smart not to know) and casts it on me. Quickly, before the spell wears off, I grab a spare piece of paper and write:

I think about kissing you all the time.

I fold the note in half and stuff it in my pocket.

I know it’s dumb. I just wanted to be able to tell him that. Even though he’ll never know it was me.

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◟♢°◝ ┅ natasha, pierre & the great comet of 1812 sentence starters.

 ‘ ____  is young! ‘
‘ she/he/they loves ____ with all her/his/their heart.’
‘ this is in your program! ‘
‘ you’re gonna have to study up a little bit. ‘
‘ he/she/they spend/s their money on woman and wine. ‘
‘ chandeliers and caviar! ‘
‘  ____’s family… totally messed up. ‘
‘ what about  ____? ‘
‘ it’s dawned on me suddenly, and for no obvious reason. ‘
‘ i can’t go on living as i am ‘
‘ the zest of life has vanished! ‘
‘ i used to be better. ‘
‘ i drink too much. ‘
‘ we waste our lives drowning in wine. ‘
’ i’m married but not in love. ‘ 
‘ i pity you. ‘
‘ how beautiful you looked in the snow! ‘
‘ i love you, trust no one but you. ‘
‘ i can’t bear this waiting. ‘
‘ no one can understand. ‘
‘ he’ll come home one day and take me away. ‘
‘ how wonderful to have you here! ‘
‘ well, now we’ll talk! ‘
‘ i am glad and relieved he’ll be the family’s saving grace. ‘

‘ — and i have no friends! ‘
‘ i never go anywhere, i’m never invited! ‘
‘ will i never be happy? will i never be anyone’s wife/husband/spouse? ‘
‘ she’s using you, she wants your money! ‘
‘ insolent girl!’
‘ and from the first glance, i do not like ____ ‘
‘ i must take my leave! ‘
‘ i want you to know how glad i am my brother/sister has found happiness! ‘ 
‘ is that the truth? ‘
‘ the cuckold sits at home! ‘
‘ that’s a woman/man one should stay far away from! ‘
‘ what makes a town pleasant is the beautiful women, isn’t that so? ‘
‘ will you come? ‘
‘ i will make love to her/him/them! ‘
‘ it doesn’t matter, i don’t give a damn! ‘
‘ all i care for is gaiety and women! ‘
‘ here’s to the health of married women — and their lovers! ‘
‘ they say we are asleep until we fall in love. ‘
‘ charming, charming! ‘
‘ these dresses suit you! ‘
‘ anything suits you! ‘
‘ charmante! ‘
‘ how can you live in  ____ and not go nowhere? ‘
‘ so you love somebody? ‘
‘ even if you’re engaged, you must wear your dress out! ‘
‘ my brother/sister is quite madly in love with you! ‘
‘ where have you been? ‘
‘ a woman with a dress is a frightening and powerful thing! 

‘ the thought of throwing them together amuses me! ‘
‘ don’t speak to me of that! ‘
‘ he’s no great man. ‘
‘ none of us are great men. ‘
‘ what am i to do if i love him and the other one too? ‘
‘ i will come and steal you away! ‘
‘ just say yes. ‘
‘ yes! yes! i love you! ‘
‘ you’ve read the letter? ‘
‘ you don’t know what love is! ‘
‘ you’ve only known him/her/them three days! ‘
‘ if you tell, you’re my enemy! ‘
‘ i won’t succumb to your tender tone! ‘
‘ i am afraid you are going to your ruin! ‘
‘ then i’ll go to my ruin! ‘
‘ i hate you, you’re my enemy forever! ‘
‘ i know you are capable of anything! ‘
‘ i know you’ve forgotten me. ‘
‘ i know you so well, my friend. ‘
‘ tonight i go away on an adventure! ‘
‘ you’ll not be seeing me for sometime. ‘
‘ you are married already! ‘
‘ you’d better just give this up now! ‘
‘ go to the devil, eh! ‘
‘ i am not joking! ‘
‘ why would i joke about it, me of all people? ‘
‘ you haven’t thought this through, or do you just don’t care? ‘
‘ if this marriage isn’t valid, then i’m off the hook! ‘
‘ but if it is valid, it really doesn’t matter. ‘
‘ everyone raise a glass! ‘
‘ it’s lucky for him he escaped ‘
‘ listen to me when i speak to you! ‘
‘ what is it to me? i shall die! ‘
‘ i have no betrothed! i have refused him! ‘
‘ don’t touch me! ‘
‘ he is better than any of you! ‘
‘ you all hate and despise me! ‘
‘ there’s ruin at the door! ‘
‘  ____ is a married man/woman! ‘
‘ married? he/she’s married? ‘
‘ you are more repulsive to me than ever! ‘
‘ i don’t consider myself bound to answer questions put to me in that tone! ‘
‘ come now, this is stupid! ‘
‘ and i don’t know what deprives me of the pleasure of smashing your head in with this! ‘
‘ if you wish to be my friend, never speak of that again! ‘
‘ tell him/her to forgive me. ‘
’ did you love that bad man/woman? ‘
’ don’t call him/her bad! ‘
‘ i am not worth it! ‘
‘ i would get down on my knees this minute and ask you for your hand. ‘

The Meme and His Tutor

Part 27: The Day Awkward Questions Were Asked

Co-written with @tragicshadows

Recommended Song: Dimple by BTS (Vocal Line sub-unit)

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Jungkook finally tells you what’s been bothering him and you both reveal more than you expected to.

Genre: Fluff, comedy

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count:  2959

Length: 27?

Originally posted by sotaehyung

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ok uh. yooran gaming channel au - part 2

@misfireezreal reblogged the ‘yoosung has a gaming channel au’ post and wrote a really cute lil addition that inspired me to add some more ideas to this mess of an au….. and i got really carried away

their addition / reblog post is here !!  tho i’ll also put a screenshot of it under the cut… along with more headcanons/ideas/whatever for the au/scenario

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Awkward or Arousing? (MATURE)

He grunted deeply into my ear, sending shocks down my spine. “Fuck, you like that?” His jaw clenched everytime he closed his mouth, “Tell me [Y/N], or I’ll stop.” His hands were resting on each of my thighs, he slammed into me constantly.

We were going at it for the second time that night. Justin had been away on tour for months, leaving us both alone to deal with our needs. We both expressed our clear desire for one another by instantly connecting our mouths the second I opened the door to find him stood there. We haven’t stopped touching since.

I focused on him in front of me now. “I do, I like it, Justin. I love it. I love you.” I panted, feeling the sweat beginning to form in the crevices of my body.

“I’ve missed you so much. I’ve been going crazy without you; I’ve been surviving on ten minute jerk off sessions after every concert. I can’t please myself like you can.” He grunted. Suddenly, I felt the sharpness of his nails digging into my thighs. There was sweat running down his chest. “Fuck, you’re so perfect.” He was out of breath, as was I.

“There’s been so many times that I’ve fucked myself to the thought of you, but nothing is better than you.” I whimpered, watching as he bit down on his bottom lip. Without me realising, his left hand had moved down over my clit. His fingers worked their way up and down me slowly, while Justin still moved in and out of me steadily.

“Mm, I love when you squirm. Does that feel good on your clit?” He grinned, letting his eyes move over my body. The room was beginning to feel hotter and hotter as we both neared our second orgasm.

“Justin,” I gasped. “Faster.” I groaned, unable to control my want for him.

“Shit,” He chuckled. “I’m going as fast as I can, you’ve really missed me, huh?” He smirked, bringing his lips down to my neck, leaving wet kisses over my skin.

I couldn’t help but grab a hold of him, still not completely realising that he was actually back in my presence, making me feel the things I’ve missed so much. “Oh God.” My moaned, feeling myself clench around him.

“You’re so fucking hot when you’re like this, you drive me insane. Fuck.” His hips thrusted against mine mercilessly.

As I was ready to collapse around him, as he was me, I was running my hands through his short and gripping only him while he held my legs and began pounding into me, I heard the easily recognisable sound of my phone ringing on the table beside the bed. It rang close to my ear, making me cringe and jerk my head away from it.

We both heard it, but it seemed as though we were trying to ignore it in the hope it would just stop and leave us to feel the intense pleasures we were feeling at that moment.

But it only stopped for a moment before it began to ring again. Justin huffed. “Make it stop.” Lightly, he bit down on my neck, making me gasp. “Baby. [Y/N].” He said when I didn’t answer.

I sighed. “They’ll give up in a minute, it’s fine.” I shuffled a little and got comfortable once again, pushing my hips up to meet his that had slowed down since the phone started ringing.

He growled, pushing his face into the nape of my neck. He slammed into me. “Oh, God.” He moaned. The phone still rang.

He let out a sigh of relief when the phone silenced. Picking up his speed again, only slightly, however. But in a few moments, as I slightly expected, the phone began to ring again. “Oh, for fuck sake. Just answer the damn phone; put us out of our misery. Jesus.” He sighed in annoyance, collapsing on top of me but still being inside of me.

I tried not to laugh at his frustration while I rolled over and picked up my phone. I noticed it was my dad, I groaned at the awkwardness. Quickly, I answered it with full intention of letting him know that I was busy. “Hey, dad.” I hesitated, especially when Justin stopped the attention he was giving my neck with his lips and smirked at me.

My dad began by asking me how my day had been, but I struggled to listen while Justin’s lips wrapped around my nipple, making me gasp. “My day? I-It’s been a great. Justin is back for a few days, remember? Yeah-”

“Just don’t let him know you’ve been getting fucked all day, and as a matter of fact, right as you speak; you’ll give the poor man a heart attack.” Justin muttered, chuckling before paying his attention back to my nipples.

“Y-You wanna speak to Justin? S-Sure, he’s here.” Justin shook his head as I passed him my phone, he sighed as he put it to his ear.

I attempted to push Justin’s body off of me, but he only pressed up against me more. “Hey, sir. Yeah, I’m good, thank you. And you?” Justin, for some reason completely unknown to me, slammed his hips into mine, making him reach deeper parts of me, causing me cry out as quiet as I could. He bit the inside of his cheek, probably to stop himself from letting out a moan. I saw his eyes roll back slightly. “Good! I’m glad you’re well.” He smirked down at me. “What are we doing? Oh, me and [Y/N] are having a very eventful day. Mhm. Just reconnecting, you know? Spending so much time apart can be straining for a couple, we’re just making sure our relationship doesn’t lose the depth,” His cock pushed further into me. “and making sure the love is still there.” He chuckled tightly, and grabbed my boob in his hand casually, as though it was no trouble for him at all to be speaking to his girlfriend’s father while pleasuring her.

“J-Justin, stop. This is wrong on so many leve-” He moved his thumb down to my clit, probably to shut me up. “Oh,” I whimpered.

“Yeah, yeah. The tour has been a great success so far. ” He nodded, letting out a grunt every now and then when he slid into me. “Yeah, it’s so hard when I’m away from her,” He smirked, clearly referring to his penis, but we both knew my dad wouldn’t catch on. I rolled my eyes as well as my hips. “but I know that I can always call her or something if it gets too painful.” He chuckled, having to pull the phone away from his mouth for a moment to breathe. “Anyway, it was great to speak to you, I’ll pass you back to your daughter now. Alright, bye.” Justin grinned proudly, making me sigh.

“Hey, dad.” Justin resumed to his previous position, lowering himself so he was closer to me. I heard my dad’s voice through the phone with a lot more difficulty because of Justin’s distracting touch.“Yes, Justin’s looking after me.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes but I soon stopped as Justin picked up the pace of his thrusts.

“You bet your ass I am. I’m looking after you very well, if I do say so myself.” He grunted each time he moved into me. He moved his head down to my neck and continued the fast pace. The bed creaked slightly. “Shit. You might wanna put the phone down now, babygirl. If you don’t, your dads not gonna like what he’s about to hear.”

“D-Dad. I’ve gotta g-go.” I felt myself clench as I felt Justin filling me up perfectly. “Yeah, I, uh,” I breathed heavily. “I’m not feeling too well.” I bit the inside of me cheek, feeling my cheeks flush at the current awkward situation. Justin chuckled deeply, amused, and seeming to be a little aroused, by the whole thing.

“Hey, baby. Call me daddy.” He muttered before he bit my neck harshly. “Don’t listen to your dad on the phone, I’m your daddy. I’m making you feel good. He doesn’t know what a little slut his little girl can be when she has the right person to bring it out of her.” His breath was on my neck then, tickling me but also sending shivers down my spine. “I’m fucking you, pay attention to me.” That demanding voice that has made me fall under his spell so many times suddenly became present. I shivered.

My dad was still talking on the other end of the phone, lengthening out his goodbye and talking about something I was only partly paying attention to.

Meanwhile, Justin was pounding into me with confidence, only increasing his speed. “You didn’t do as you’re told, [Y/N]. Who’s your daddy? I’m not letting you cum until you tell me.” His palm pressed into my thigh as he pulled it up to his waist.

Quickly, I pulled the phone down away from my face. “Daddy.” I whimpered, knowing what that did to him. “Let me cum, daddy.” My hands ran around his neck.

I cringed, Justin smirked, when I had to bring be phone back up to my ear and speak to my dad. “Dad, I really have t-to go.” I was running out of time; I felt myself almost ready to cum. “I, oh. I’ll call you tomorrow, l-love you.” I quickly ended the call before he could speak again. I threw my phone on the table before gripping the sheets underneath me. “Oh, fuck, Justin I’m cumming!” I screamed, surprising myself.

“Fuck!” His hips smashed against mine as we both reached that much needed point. I felt his juices filling me up as I exploded around his length. “Shit, baby.” His torso clenched too as he tensed up and finished releasing himself.

Every single muscle in our body relaxed in that moment as we laid together panting for breath. “Fuck, that was wild.” He laughed, throwing his head back before shaking it. “What have we just done? We’ve probably scarred your dad for life.” He pulled me closer.

“You mean you have; that was all your fault! That was so awkward!” I shoved his chest but still fell into his warmth happily. “Did I sense you being a little more than turned on by that situation?” I raised an eyebrow as I looked up at him.

He scoffed, a smile on his face. “No.” His head fell beside mine. “I’m kidding, that was so fucking arousing.” He muttered into my ear, making the hairs on my neck stand to attention, like they were giving all their attention to him, just like I was.

memes-and-peggy  asked:

Laurette for the ship thing if your still doing it

LAURETTE IS SUCH A WEAKNESS JDJDJDOWJDO. Thank you! B))) mywifemademesoweaktothispairing.

Who’s the cuddler:

Lafayette loves cuddling just a bit more than Laurens does. They have that comforting relationship where Lafayette knows Laurens practically more than Laurens knows himself, so even without a word having to be said, he’d know if the other wanted that affection. ( Laurens tries to play hard to get with Laf for some reason. )

Laurens likes resting on his french baguette and just talking. They just understand each other on a level that surpasses everything. They sleep cuddled up to each other the entire night through.

Who makes the bed:

They both do it together. Lafayette takes one end and Laurens takes the other and they just tiredly do it together, complaining about hunger.

Who wakes up first:

They literally wake up together at the same time. Laurens usually leans in happily for morning kisses and begs not to have to get up.

Also ( because I suffer with it myself and know how BAD CURLY HAIR CAN BE ) Laurens ALWAYS wakes up with a mess of hair everywhere.

Lafayette does Laurens’ hair for him every single time. In fact, he’d be unhappy if Laurens ever did it himself. It’s just their ritual.

( Laf knows how to deal with curls. It pains him to see Laurens ripping out huge chunks of his hair when he does it so yeah. )

Who has the weird taste in music:

Lafayette, though Laurens is pretty into any genre and loves Laf so they enjoy his weird music together.

Who is more protective:

Equal x 1000. ( this is so original to all my other answers but hear me out–if you in a relationship you gonna be protective no matter what )

Laurens is OVERLY protective of Laf, even towards the other guys in the revset. If anyone says anything rude, Laurens is the first to go off and he is RECKLESS. There have been many senseless duel challenges and fights because someone disrespected his boyfriend in front of him. He doesn’t care, he literally would not allow it.

Lafayette is also scarily intimidating when someone messes around with Laurens. They get told off and it’s just really scary and frankly–as waifu puts it–yandere man pissed at you.

Who sings in the shower:

Lafayette sings mostly but Laurens does too.
When they’re together it’s terrible because they can’t EVER stick to one song. One moment they’ll be singing LOUDLY one song and it’ll slowly merge into being another song entirely and they somehow can keep up with one another. Laf sings better though and so Laurens always shoves him and tries to cover his mouth.

Who cries during movies:


Who spends the most while out shopping:

Laf, though Laurens is in control when he’s with him and plainly tells him no.

Who kisses more roughly:

Despite belief, probably Laurens at first and once they were more comfortable, it’d switch off to be Lafayette. They’re very needy and affectionate and the kind of people who would kiss randomly for no reason other than that they could.

Who is more dominate:

Lafayette, though Laurens isn’t the type to give in and become submissive right away. It’s a bit of a fight but Laurens respects Lafayette overall and would only ever relinquish control to him.

My rating of the ship from 1-10:

My wife made me adore this ship. Like seriously, HER LAFAYETTE IS SO IROLHKHIH WHEN IT COMES TO RELATIONSHIPS. I have so many ppl I ship him with and I’m ./////. ilovehim.

Laurens and Laf are really sweet together and kind of amusing. They’re the most connected, I think.

Mystinct- A fanfic

“What do you mean, Candela? Blanche… a girl?”

“S-Spark? You were listening?” Candela muttered, turning around to face the third person in the meeting room. Behind her, Blanche had fallen silent. Spark was smiling but his eyes were searching, confused.

“You said it, right? You called… You called Blanche a girl.”



“Dude, are you seriously asking that? Blanche’s always been a- oh. Oooh. Damn it.”

Knowing she had screwed up big time, despite not understanding the problem or the implications, the leader for Valor cringed before withdrawing at a fast walk. She just paused to tell the uncomfortable Blanche that she would be at the shop if she needed her. Both leaders stared at the door she had disappeared through.

When she left, silence reclaimed the meeting room again.

Blanche tried to assure herself that she had done nothing wrong. And really, this was nothing but a big misunderstanding. One that Spark had started.

Though it might be her fault for just going along.

Oh man, she was supposed to be the representation of wisdom and logic but she had refused to see what this was all leading to. Candela might feel guilty now, but she was nothing but a detonator — this had been coming ever since it started.


Spark had finally turned to look at her. Blanche immediately cast her gaze down, unnerved by this unsmiling Spark.

“Let me get this straight. You, Blanche, are a girl, correct?”

Blanche nodded, her voice untrustworthy.

“And you… you- uh, Candela knew?”

Another nod, this time, she bit her lip, awkward at the way the other leader seemed unable to finish whatever he really wanted to ask.

“Who else?”


“Who else knew, Blanche?”

“…I- well, everyone.”

“Except me.”


“Holy fuck.”

At this, the dark-skinned leader flinched, fully expecting the blond to start yelling or waving his arms or… whatever Spark did when he got angry. Spark raised his arms to his hair, messing with it. “Holy fuck,” he repeated, meeting her eyes with surprise. “Blanche, what the fuck?”

“…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on. I got swept away by—“you”—by the circumstances and before I knew it… I never could seem to find the right time to- it took me far too long to realize you didn’t… know but-“Blanche, ever insightful and serene Blanche, stuttered out as she hugged herself. Not even minding or noticing Spark’s foul language — which she always chastised him on and had been the whole reason he did it. Alarm crossed Spark’s face for a moment. He opened his mouth… but Blanche beat him to it with another, “I’m really sorry.”

“But hang on, wait a minute, where the fuck are your boobs then?” The yellow-clothed leader exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger to a suddenly flabbergasted Blanche. He squinted seriously as if trying to see something in her torso that he had missed, effectively making the other leader blush and scowl and try to hide herself.

“Spark! How many times have I told you to not be so vulgar!”

“Never in this sort of circumstances. After all, I’m both the meme lord …and the gay king… Right?” Spark said, the fool smile on his face slipping into something more serious. “I had been boisterously loud with my orientation — some of my new recruits are struggling with these things, you see —, why me, Blanche?” He ended with that beg, voice quivering slightly and making Blanche feel a little like scum.

“I- May I be perfectly honest?”

“Hit me. I sorely need you to be upfront with me. Including the boobs.”

One slap to the nose later (logically thinking, so much as bumping your nose hurt, so slapping it would be more painful, but circumvented the risk of a broken nose), Blanche started, tucking a stray hair back into place.

“Well. I was aware of your reputation — I mean after all you included it in your introduction and your presentation cards when we met after being elected for team leaders. But, I was saying, I… I started harboring feelings for you and I got carried away by your advances. I thought that maybe… maybe I was different. That I… was interesting to you, despite me being… well, not a man.”

Spark’s face had frozen over as his mind ran the phrase ‘Oh man, oh crap, oh no,’ over and over again in his mind, there was no denying he had truly messed up and he was the only one at fault and he was a real idiot for not noticing —realizing, Blanche’s true gender.

“Wait, was that why you kept asking me if it was alright with me?”

“Well… yes.”

“Oh man, Blanche I’m so sorry for not noticing before.”

“It’s okay.” Mystic’s leader said with a sad smile. If she weren’t so emotionally drained she would have smacked him for even thinking she was anything but a woman. “At least it’s all out now. I don’t know how long I’d be able to stand not telling you.

“So, do you perhaps think we can at least remain friends?”

Spark paused, smile drooping (and inwardly making Blanche panic) as he stared at her in silence.

“Blanche, I- The time I’ve spent with you, the memories, everything…” Instinct’s leader started, thinking out loud, before he noticed how his words could be (and were being) misinterpreted and he hurriedly waved his hands in front of him, hastily adding, “Oh my god, calm down, I’m- uhhh, sorry I realized this must sound like I want to break contact with you- no, that’s not it. “ Their eyes met for a brief moment, wide and a little scared as they both waited for Spark’s next words.

“To be perfectly honest, I fell in love with a man named Blanche. Who was odd. Weird at times. Fulltime serious and part-time eccentric. A very clever scientist, a passionate researcher, a pokemon nerd and an absolute dork.” When Blanche lowered her gaze again, feeling inadequate, Spark found the courage to walk forward to grasp her cheeks with soft, tender hands and coaxed her into looking at him. “I loved every single aspect of you because it was you. As it turns out, I do not care what gender you are, female, male, it doesn’t matter. You’re Blanche and that’s what matters.”

“You’re not…you’re not mad?”

“Well… You’re still manlier than I’ll ever be. You even have that six-pack.”

“If you’re trying to assure me, let me tell you, you’re just confusing me.”


“And your observational skills are absolute crap.”

“Blanche!” Spark exclaimed, torn between scandalized and amused, not noticing how his breath ghosted over the other’s skin. She usually didn’t curse and smacked him whenever he did. He then flushed pink as a thought occurred him. He missed how the woman’s blush deepened as he pushed his face even closer in concentration. “You’re not mad at me? For thinking you were a man all along?”

“Uh…” Blanche said coherently, trying to come up with something. “To be honest, I’ve always been confused for a man ever since I was little so I’m used to it…”

At that point the tension broke as Blanche was suddenly thrown into Spark’s chest as he hugged her head, successfully suffocating her. Spark mock sobbed as he spouted, “I shall protect you from evil, no one gets to call my Blanche a guy except for myself!”

Blanche blushed down to the roots of her hair even as she mentally agreed with a vision of Candela that said that Spark was really an idiot.

Her idiot, apparently.


Spark then proceeded to put on his Heelies, telling a confused Blanche he was going out because he needed to wear his Heelies to escape his feelies.

Author’s notes

Hey guys, guess who decided to write some PokemonGo fanfics instead of playing the game? (I do play, do not be offended)

Just a couple things. This story belongs to me, Raining Sky Guy, you can find my profile in here. I’m posting it here since there’s no category for pokemon go (should there even be one omg) I was also inspired by this tumblr user’s art.

Also, I ship any combination involving those three leaders, and yes, I think Mystinct should be Blanche’s and Spark’s ship name.Last thing. At the start I had never doubted Blanche’s gender to be anything but a man. Turns out I was wrong haha, but since I still see Blanche as a man sometimes, and she’s androgynous  enough (and the debate still seems to be raging lol) I might make more stories with male!Blanche. Not canon, yes, but I think fanfiction rarely is.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot about the nonbinary headcannon, That one too is just as cool. I mean, you don’t get to see such an androgynous character on a regular basis, so it’s pretty cool too. But I don’t know how to write such a character anyone could give me a hand? What about pronouns? I don’t like the use of “they”, it’s just awkward grammar then.

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Sterek, arranged marriage, meeting for the first time (I will always prompt tropes)

There’s a long, tense moment after the doors close behind them, Talia saying in a somewhat desperately hopeful voice that they should get to know each other before the wedding. The wedding. Where Derek is to be married. To a stranger. A stranger he knows is staring at him as he determinedly glowers at the floor, (he had been hiding behind a book; Talia took it from him, his mother is the worst).

Stiles, Stiles Stilinski of the McCall Pack, ridiculously named, must begin moving around, because Derek hears footsteps, the faint rustle of clothing, barely covering Stiles’ rapid heartbeat. It’s clogging up Derek’s ears. 

“Kinda rude not to stand when an important guest enters a room, you know,” Stiles says mildly, startling Derek into looking up. Stiles has his back to him, and Derek can’t help but let his gaze drift over broad shoulders, a lean back, long long legs, and huh, he has… an okay ass… that’s… yeah, it’s a good ass. Derek would be okay touching that.

Stiles turns, and though Derek tries to tear his eyes away, he’s caught, and the first thing he notices about Stiles’ face is his mouth, smirking at Derek. “You just sticking at that level for a reason, huh?”

Derek scowls, hopes he’s not too red in the face, “No, I just didn’t feel the need to stand.”

“Rude,” Stiles mutters, running his finger along the bookcase. 

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We don’t deserve Muse.

There, I said it.

We don’t deserve Muse. We, the fans, don’t deserve this band.

Some of you may disagree or think I’m being too rude and that’s ok but, in my humble opinion, that’s the painful truth. Because we’re ungrateful. All of us, at some point, don’t take the time to really and fully appreciate the gift this band is giving us every single day, whether we do it unconsciously or not.

If you’re thinking this is about the recent “drama” that went down in the Muse fandom, then you’re right, it’s about that. But this isn’t only about this case in particular, it’s also regarding the numerous times us Musers have been too hard on the guys for things that, in the end, are insignificant.

My reason in writing this is that I’m tired. I’m tired of this so called “family” diminishing each other and turning complete strangers against each other. Just to be clear, this isn’t a rant, it’s just my message to all the Muse community, from Muser to Muser, as a wake-up call. Because we need to change how we behave. Otherwise, we might be in real danger of losing this band that we all love so much, all because we couldn’t get our heads out of our asses.

So, here are my main two reasons why we don’t deserve Muse:

1. We’re extremely ungrateful.

This one is perfectly expressed in the form of the setlist rant. You all know what I’m talking about: “Ugh, they always play X song” or “Y song is shit, they should never play it” or “Why don’t they play Z song instead?”

Don’t get me wrong: everyone has a right to complain if they think some songs are better than others and trust me, I’ve been a part of the rant myself. But there are certain boundaries one must respect, as well as more appropriate and polite ways to ask the band for small but meaningful changes. Because they care, man they do. We all saw it when they asked Russian fans through VK for songs to be included in the setlist. So, if they show this kind of concern and they’re pretty damn cool about it, why can’t we respond in the same way? Instead of the “You useless cunts, you’re lazy as fuck”, let’s use the “It’d be nice to see some changes in your shows, don’t you think?”

Also, think about the countries that barely get to see them live, or don’t get to see them at all, whatever the reasons are. It doesn’t matter which songs they play, what matters is that they’re there, and it’s a fucking miracle. In my case, for example, Muse has only been to my country two times. I couldn’t attend the first one because I wasn’t old enough, so the second one was my very first Muse gig. Seven years man, I had to wait seven fucking years. Looking back at the setlist, it was what we may call a “boring” setlist, with a few surprises here and there, but pretty normal in general. And you know what? I couldn’t care less. I don’t give a flying fuck, because I realized the tremendous privilege it was to actually see them live, just a few meters away from me, and that’s one indescribable feeling. Oh and, by the way, boring setlist or not, they sounded pretty fucking amazing.

So, let’s be grateful towards them, for crying out loud.

 2. We’re incredibly nosy.

The band’s private life is their private life, that’s why it’s called “private”. It’s true that, when you become a public figure, the concept of “private” becomes more ambiguous, especially in this era of massive social media. However, you still get to decide how much of your life you want to share. And with whom you want to share it. It isn’t our right nor are we in the position of judging what’s best for them, only they can decide that. I understand most of us do it because we care about them and feel like we know them, but keep in mind that they don’t know us, at least not in the same way we think we know them. How’d we feel if a complete stranger felt the need to judge every single life choice we make, a person we’ve never met? Uncomfortable, isn’t it?

Like I said before, everyone has a right to their opinion. We may or may not like the people they hang around with, and that’s entirely fine, but we don’t have to be dicks about it. Because they read most of the stuff we write to them. Proof of that is Matt blocked several people on Instagram due to some comments he saw on one of his posts. Could we imagine him reading that from people who’re, allegedly, his fans? Those comments must’ve been pretty damn nasty for him to do that, and I’m almost sure reading them must’ve made him feel a bit disappointed. And I hate that feeling. I loathe the fact that Matt, or any of the members of the band and their crew, might feel disappointed on us.

And life threats? Are you fucking kidding me? Under any circumstance you can threat someone’s life. Just because you don’t like the people the band hang around with? Because you feel those people aren’t worthy of them? Let’s let them decide that for themselves, for crying out loud. And, trust me, if you’re capable of doing such things, you aren’t worthy of them.

So, we need to stop being so nosy and mind our own business.

There are, in my opinion, a whole bunch of other reasons why we don’t deserve Muse. However, I think they’re all condensed in the ones I mentioned.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t space for humor. A little bit of fun and a joke here and there aren’t forbidden. In fact, is this kind of humor (or, as my fabulous Mexican friends call it, “mame”) that makes this fandom so cool and amusing (pun intended, ha). Because I like the “mame”. I like making fun of things like “pwoper”, Dom’s excessive likeness for leopard print or Chris’s very much effective skills at bringing children into this world. I like turning their faces into memes, gifs or reaction pics. I like to mess around with the lyrics and translate them into my mother tongue. I like to joke around about them, a lot. And I like when other people do it, too. But there are certain boundaries. Making jokes about killing someone or suggesting someone should kill themselves isn’t funny at all. Hell, it shouldn’t even be a joke. We can make jokes, but within the limits of common sense and mere respect.

Another thing I wanted to point out. Why do we have to be so aggressive towards each other when we have different opinions? Isn’t this supposed to be a “family”? Why do we have to be so damn antagonizing? We tend to make the mistake thinking that not criticizing the band makes us “ass lickers” or, in the opposite way, criticizing them makes us “unreal” fans. Who the hell determines whether we’re good fans or not? It’s true that some people are way too deep into the fandom, which I understand can be annoying at some point. Nevertheless, that isn’t our business. That only concerns that said person, so long as they don’t go pass the boundaries I mentioned before. What I’m saying is that we need to learn to be more comprehensive towards each other, from numerous points of view.

It isn’t that hard, if you look at it. We just need to be more respectful and maybe, one day, we’ll actually deserve Muse.

the samwell men’s chorale au

alright folks, you asked for it and here it is! warning that this will get long because i’ve thought a lot about this, mostly during breaks in choir class. 

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Fairytale Calum AU: Part 2


Images of the gown and garden are below the imagine xx

I walked in on Calum sitting with his father on the bright sunny morning. The King was sat upright on his bed, smiling at me as I entered.
“Good morning Y/N.” The King said to me cheerfully as I sat on the edge of his bed.
“Good Morning your Highness. Are you feeling any better?” I asked with a smile.
“Much, thank you my dear.”
I took the bandage off his forearm, taking a look at the 4 wide scratches that came from the creatures claw. Retrieving the potion, I placed it on a cloth and over the scratch. The King took in a sharp breath and winced at the feeling of it. I placed a fresh bandage over the cloth to hold it in place.
“As long as we carry on doing this for the next four days, you should heal in no time.” I told his highness with a smile.
“Calum, you need to remember that you have the meeting this morning on when you’re going to meet Princess Dina.” He father explained, and he nodded.
“You should rest your highness. If you need anything just let me know.” I told him.
“Thank you my dear.”
I stood up and so did Calum, both of us exiting the Kings room.

“He’s so happy he will be well enough attend my sisters birthday ball. You are attending of course, aren’t you?” The prince asked me, turning to me in the hallway.
“Well although it would be an honour my prince—”
“Calum! Y/N, it’s Calum! Say it with me: Cal-um. Two syllables. C-A-L-U-M! Caaaaalllllluuuummm.” He groaned as I still haven’t broke the habit.
“Sorry.” I smiled sheepishly at his attempt to get me to break my habit.
“Well although it would be an honour Calum I am afraid that will have left by then. I leave on Friday, the ball is Saturday night.”
“But surely you can stay one more night. It will not do anyone any harm and then I shall escort you home in the morning.” He planned.
“Please Y/N?” He grabbed my hand , pulling a puppy dog face. I giggled at him and nodded.
“Good. I’ll have a dress arranged then. It’s the least I can do after what you’ve done for my father.” He insisted.
“That is very kind of you Calum.” I told him shyly.
“Well it’s another way of saying thank you.” He told me as we carried on walking.
I walked into the hall to find people dancing all around the hall, the King and Queen were both sat watching the party from their thrones and many were milling about, socialising with other royals and authority figures. I carefully walked in, but then clumsily tripped over the bottom of my dress when I walked in. I picked it up to walk around before I yet again clumsily walked into someone’s chest, who grabbed me so I didn’t fall backwards.
“Sorry. I—” I looked up to see Calum smiling down at me.
“You came.” He smiled.
“It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. And a wonderful way to spend my final night here.” I smiled at him. He was gleaming back down at me and it wasn’t until then I noticed that he was still holding me, one hand on my back and the other on my upper arm. He must’ve noticed my blush when he slowly started taking his hands away.
“There are so many people here. They all look so extravagant.” I told him gleefully. He seemed amused at my excited persona and replied:
“Yes but sadly all are only interested in the idea of more power and money. None are here for the chance to enjoy themselves and be happy.” He then looked at me in some form of admiration.
“Other than you.” He mentioned.
“Well before this I hadn’t really been to the village, never mind the castle, never mind a party, never mind a royal party, never mind a ball, I mean…” I trailed off when he looked at me.
"Apologise for my babbling.” I looked down at my hands, embarrassed.
“You have nothing to apologise for Y/N.” He gently grabbed my chin, turning my face to look at his face, his warm brown eyes pouring into mine.

“Ladies and Gentlemen…” Was announced and we both broke away, turning to the King who was stood above.
“May you join me, my family and their partners in our dance to celebrate my daughters birthday.” He smiled as people politely clapped. My hand was raised and I turned as I felt Calum’s soft lips press against the back of it.
“Would you care to join me?” He asked with a smirk.
“W-W-hat? Yo-You mean dancing?” I asked.
“I…I just… I mean that…"I stuttered as he began dragging me to the dance floor.
"You can dance with any girl, any princess in this building.” I stated.
“And I have chosen to dance with you.” He stated, bring me around so I stood in front of him.
“Why did you not dance with Princess Dina? She is so lovely and kind and pretty. Why not her?” I asked him.
“Because I wished to dance with you.”
“That’s not a proper excuse.” I told him, slowly becoming aware of the more people looking at me and Calum, as it was only us, the King and Queen and Mali and her partner on the floor.
“Excuse? It’s not an excuse. It’s a reason.” He told me.
“Well then it isn’t a proper reason Calum.” I told him.
“Okay then. Because you’re far more interesting.” He smiled.
“That’s far from true.” I insisted.
“It’s because you much more extravagant.” He smiled, one hand talking my waist.
“Now you’re just plain lying to me.” I whispered to him.
“It’s because you’re the most beautiful person in the ballroom.” He told me, not braking our stare as the music began playing.

He took my hand within his and we began dancing across the floor. I couldn’t break away from him, I spent half the night smiling, dancing, laughing until my feet hurt. When I finally stopped I was out of breath, me and Calum both laughing at each other. He bit his lip for a moment, seeming hesitant.
“Come with me.” He told me, grabbing my hand and leading me outside into the garden. I was still laughing with him, enjoying myself too much but noticing the feeling I had never felt before, someone had shown me such compassion and kindness. I then had an impending sense of dread.

I had fallen in love with the prince.

I had fallen in love with the prince

“Y/N?” He asked. I suddenly turned my head.
“Sorry, I was away in my thoughts.” I apologised. He held onto my hand and led me to the middle of the garden, where we sat on the round stone outline.
“Thank you Calum. Tonight has been so glorious. I couldn’t imagine something so terrific in all my years back at the house.” I proclaimed to him.
“Thank you Y/N, for curing my father. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t came to cure him.” He gave me a smile, one that caused my heart to beat at a rapid pace. His hand slowly raised upwards and his fingertips skimmed along my jaw and up to my cheek. He rested the hand along my face and rubbed my cheek with his thumb.
“You’ll have to tell me what spell it is that makes you like you are.” He murmured.
“I haven’t used a spell sire.” I breathed.
“What do you mean like I am?” I asked.
“You’re just enchanting Y/N.” He stated. I looked into my lap, blushing as his hand travelled down my bare arm and attaching to my others.

“I wish you could stay longer.” He pleads.
“I wish I could too but I do not want to overstay my welcome.”
“But you wouldn’t be at all.” He contradicted. I smiled at him sadly.
“But I’m afraid I would be Calum. Anyway, I must return to my sister.” I sighed.
“Do you not wish to stay?” He asked, standing as he faced me with a confused expression.
“Oh yes. Everything has been perfectly wonderful,” I grabbed his hands in an attempt to comfort him and myself.
“But I must return. But I wish you all the luck for the future Calum. I know you will be a great ruler one day.” I told him standing.
“Then will you join me in one last dance?” He asked, bowing.
“But there is no music.” I laughed as he took my waist and hand.
“What does it matter?” He dismissed, pulling me along as I laughed, making me feel so joyous. I so desperately wanted to confess my love, but he wouldn’t feel the same.

And perhaps it was best I didn’t. Because I was oblivious to the fact that my sister was watching from a distance, listening in on our whole conversation. And she was in an angry, jealous rage.

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Soma 22 au meme

The first time he saw her it was at the bar. Everything about her body language screamed that she didn’t want to be there, he would know, he’d been broadcasting the same signals. 

Of all the weddings he had ever been to, this one sucked. 

That being said, no one in their right mind ever ever should have let Black Star plan the reception.

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