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Slowly making progress on a long overdue MAP project :’D

i’m still not believing one thing moffat says because right now he’s literally contradicting everything he’s ever said

  • “it’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective” vs “and they carried on solving crimes on baker street forever”
  • “we think everyone’s been getting it wrong, and we think we can get it right” vs “if we ever make it anymore, it will be about two blokes in their mid-40s, which is the more traditional sherlock holmes”
  • “we plotted out the whole of series 4 and 5″ vs “there isn’t something we have to come back to address”

so when moffat said “it doesn’t reflect the fact that there’s going to be a fourth episode – for heaven’s sake, what kind of secrets do you think we’re keeping?! let’s go home and check. oh look episode four… the lost special…” i’m heavily inclined to think that’s a lie too.

not just because ‘the lost special’ is yet another doyle story reference. but particularly because he said that before there ever was a rumour of there being a fourth episode. at the bfi q&a for tfp. you know. the q&a where press and people who work for the bbc were in attendance.

I’m thinking of leaving the undertale fandom. I don’t feel like I make any difference whatever I post. There’s just too many others who have already done so much with AU’s, dubs, fangames, sprites, & I’m just here struggling to finish anything. There are just too many things I want but know I’ll never get. I feel I missed too many opportunities to be a part of something. I don’t wanna say what I want in fear of what others might think. I’m not responding to anything anyone sends me. Just leave me alone.

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Do you know of any legitimate online communities for witches? I usually end up leaving the ones I join because they do nothing but post things like "I SAW THIS LIGHT IN THE SKY, WHAT DOES IT MEAN" like .. it's a plane .. and no one seems to be able to spell in any of the ones I've tried so far. It makes me feel like I have to choose between my faith and my intelligence.

Yeah I feel you. And hear you. And generally support you. This is partly why I blog, too. I like to contribute more than two-syllable words.* I think that the fact that many communities are like what you describe is because there’s very few people willing to put in the effort to set that tone.

I used to frequent a forum called “the cauldron” though that was a long time ago and I have no idea if it’s still what it used to be. It’s also a pagan forum more than a strictly witchcraft one, so it’s from a religious standpoint. I’m an atheist witch myself, but I still liked the community for its maturity.

* Brief tangent:
I have the whole “SEO” thing on my main blog, and frankly, it’s maddening. It’s nice to be able to boost the search engine results, of course, but their “readability” is an incredibly dumbing-down, mindless-content-promoting, buzzfeed-isation thing. It marks a text as bad if it has more than 200 words after a subheading, or “has difficult words.” I’m sorry, but if I’m writing about medicinal properties of sage, then that subheading is going to have a lot of words, and some of them will be “difficult”, like “antiseptic” or “disinfectant.” This stuff is also why we get low-quality communities.

My apologies.  Again.

It won’t be my last one.  I am embracing my chaos.  I am embracing my journey.  I am embracing who I am - trials and triumphs and failures included.

I put too much on my plate again.  I became overwhelmed and stressed and anxious.  I had a very rough last 10 days.  Things came up and that meant some things got put on hold or dropped all together.

But I refuse to make myself feel bad for it.  I’m learning.  Learning how to balance.  And I will fail many many times trying to figure it out.  So I am not down and out.  But I’m readjusting and reconfiguring what I can do and should do. 

I started a 31 day “challenge” - with very few people who were interested.  And it became something I couldn’t keep up with.  Again.  i know it’s happened before.  So I’m starting to see that I can’t do this.  I can’t be a leader here in this community.  I’m in a completely different place than I used to be.  I’m in a different place all together.  I don’t make time to check in on people like I wish I could. 

I am sorry.  The old me would have beat myself down about how much of a loser and how un-leader-y that is.  “How can you be a leader and someone inspiring if you can’t follow through?”  But not now.  I’m not the kind of leader or inspiring person who has it all together.  I’m a hot mess 99% of the time.  But I’m on a journey and I’m working hard on myself.  I admit my struggles and mistakes and I learn from them. 

So I’m not dwelling on it.  I’m moving forward.  Where I’m going?  Who the fuck knows.  But it’s going to be an interesting journey with interesting people and wonderful stories to tell my grandchildren one day <3

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"Lauren seems too bitter about it all to be the one that ended it for good." Interesting theory. Camila seemed super sad for a while tho. Guess that could've been a about many things. Lauren moved on eventually and Camila's single but available. I think they both used to make each other a little jealous. I get the vibes Lauren ended it. But maybe had second thoughts on how it went down, tried to reach out, and Camila had already put up a wall.

i think they had many on and off but i have a feeling lauren ended it all for good

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I'm 50/50 on the bday wishes. I think the label wants drama, which is why they allowed 2nd 5H letter to be posted. 3 things I feel could happen: 1) No one wishes C a happy bday & fandom freaks out. 2) Only some of the girls do, & fandom freaks out. 3) They all do, fandom is happy, maybe they freak. Shade seems to sell better than being nice. If Maverick even would let them; might be too soon to allow something nice to happen, or too many, since they really should shout out if an award is won.

I think it would be a very stupid move to not let the girls wish Camz a happy birthday - it’ll make them look bad, and as much as mgmt likes drama there’s still a certain image that needs to be uphold. With everything that has been discovered this past few weeks, the partnership between LAND especially, the fandom knows that the girls knew about Camila’s departure for ages - they can’t put Camila as the “villain” anymore, so I really don’t see what the bases of a “feud” would be. But then again Maverick is well known for making shitty decisions so who knows - I still firmly believe that even if it’s not through social medias the girls will wish Camz a very happy birthday 😊

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I'm,, not sure if u know this but agsjdkfj my friend (best friend) she would die for ur art and also marry u. So please. Keep making it? And U must b a lovely person to make such lovely things and to share them with so many people. your art inspires me to create my own and have courage. I love u too. ⚡️🌈 may the powers of gay and trans keep u safe 💋🐶

ohmygod???? brb sobbing
thank you both very much??? I’ll definitely continue making art if it can inspire and help others!! I hope you have a wonderful week (’v’ )
(and tell your friend she’s too good for me, she deserves better adfjdajklf)

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U are awesome !!! U did so many people happy and even some of my friends and seeing them so happy maked me happy too . Thanks for being you , senpai ! ❤

((I couldn’t do any of it without you guys and your support, so thanks to you instead <3 It means the world to me that what we do together here on the blog can brighten peoples days, and I’m so glad for your friends and you XD Thanks for being you, Anda!))

Lmfaooooo I cant there are too many things to point out in this conversation
“ she cuts my vegetable slices”
“ she makes me lemon salad”
“Idk how to make cheese pasta”
“She just does it for me(laundry)”

Spent the last 2 days cleaning out my CC and bodyshop and quickly filling it back up with downloads.

I’ve been thinking about rules and things I want to do with Sedona, and I definitely know I am going to randomize basically everything. Sims, names, personalities, everything! So far, I randomized how many starter families I will have, and I got 3. I then randomized how many sims are in each starter family, got 5, 3, and 5! and made a list of all ages and genders (with adult male & female on their twice, just to balance things) and man oh man this is going to be fun! 

So, now I have to get to making these sims! But that will have to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Thank you everyone for the support! It’s great being back and seeing some old simmers still around and all the new ones too. This is going to be fantastic!

…It frightens me a great deal to see you floating out into a great sea, but I mean to build a ship and bring you back home from your forlornness. But you must also contribute something to that, and not make it too difficult for me. Time and many other things are against us, but we must not let it destroy what we want to salvage from it. 
Write to me soon, please, and tell me whether you still want to hear from me, whether you can still accept my tenderness and my love, whether anything else could help you, whether you will still reach for me sometimes and darken me with that heavy dream in which I want to become light.
—  Ingeborg Bachmann to Paul Celan, 24 November 1949 from Correspondence (trans. Wieland Hoban)

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So, did anyone ever notice Creeks disgust when Poppy announced that she and Branch are having trollings? I imagine he couldn't hide it 24/7.

Oh yeah, no, it was definitely a difficult thing to hide. I think that initially, because so many other people were put off by it, too, that he did actually voice his complaints (not directly to Poppy or Branch, but, say, to the Snack Pack, who, except for Suki, also had mixed feelings about this), saying that Poppy was making a huge mistake by bringing someone so toxic into her life, keeping it restrained but still showing that he disapproved. (Where as he could have been saying that she should have been spending mating season with HIM and having HIS kids, not Branch’s. That someone like Branch should NOT be two steps away from being king, and all that, but he held back because he tends to try to twist everything he says into being a selfless concern for others, not for himself). As time went on and people started warming up to both Branch and the idea of Branch and Poppy having children, Creek realized that it would be a bad idea to not follow along (and risk losing his popularity among the trolls) so he pretends to have a change of mind, as well, and does a pretty good job of faking it (he still tends to ignore Branch or do everything in his power to antagonize him, but people don’t really take notice. Poppy, who sees the good in everyone, including Creek, always chalks it up to “he just has a different way of thinking than Branch does!”) but there are times when he does get close to boiling over, and when that happens he leaves to go meditate because one can’t exact revenge when their mind is clouded, lol.

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☺ I know you posted it a while ago, but I wanna know 10 things about Helen ^-^

1. She’s never going to forget the sight of Kasem. Never.

2. Her favorite type of cake is strawberry. Especially when it’s slathered in vanilla icing. She doesn’t think she’ll ever see that again.

3. She used to like to watch bachelor challenges. Seeing people find love always made her happy.

4. She’s so tired.

5. Trials make her head hurt. It’s too loud, too many people. She just wants to hide.

6. She misses her home. She misses the large estate where she could hide and nobody would find her and she was safe.

7. She misses her dads. So much. She misses their hugs most of all.

8. The sight of pizza makes her feel sick.

9. She feels dumb. So dumb. What, did she think she could actually /do this/? Leave Virginia and go to school and be safe. No. You’ll never be safe again, Helen. And it’s all your fault.

10.  She’s starting to lose hope.

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question, bc i'm thinkin my method of aggressively screenshotting videos on youtube might not be the best idea, how do you usually make your gifs, fireball :?

Mini Tutorial Time!

If you’re a person who does take multiple screenshots and wish to turn that into a GIF I would recommend EZGIF’s GIF Maker if you lack Photoshop. If you do have Photoshop and wish to make GIF’s from there, that’ll be a different thing altogether.

Those two options listed above are the more time consuming ones though. An easier option, one that I personally use, is by using GifCam by BahraniApps! It’s a free and easy GIF making tool that comes without any additional software or malware etc!

It works like a camera, and remains active above all other windows. You can resize the area of capture as well, and make your GIF more than 100+ frames long! It saves a lot of space too, provides many options, and is quite flexible. It can also record your cursor if you really want it to. It can save either as a GIF file or as a video. Honestly, reading the entire page can give you a better understanding on how to use it too. c:

Just remember that Tumblr has a size limit of 2MB for GIFs. If it’s any larger, your GIF will break and it’ll just freeze at the very first frame. vwv Editing GIFs are a different matter but are actually pretty easy once you know what you’re doing. :3

That said, if you’re feeling generous don’t forget to donate! BahraniApps makes a lot of good tools to use for free. :D

Why I Always Forget To Do This Things

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Height: Short lol

Howarts house: I’m a Mundane lol

SSBB Character: I have no idea what SSBB is, sorry lol 

Favorite Band: Paramore

When did you make this blog: May 2016

How many blogs do you follow: … Too many lol

What do you post about: My prose

Do you get asks regularly: Nope lol

Aesthetic: Flannels. Leather jackets. Raybans. Cotton candy. Rainbows. Idk, I’m just listing things I like lol 

Everyone is tagged and welcomed to do this! :) 

💙 ahoy darlings 💙

First, I want to say thank you, THANK YOU, to everyone who has commissioned me or donated to me. I would not have made it this far without you – I am still without a job, and things are very tight right now, but I’m making it. Every cent goes to paying for bills/groceries. I can’t express my gratitude enough. You are all amazing. Thank you. 💙

Second, somewhere overnight I seem to have reached 400 followers. Mostly because of YOI. I think.

💙 💙 💙 WELCOME, FRIENDS :D 💙 💙 💙

An intro to me: I write things and they’re fun. I even do commissions! I turned 31 this year, am super queer and weird, and am peerless when it comes to making terrible jokes. (I’m sorry in advance. See my tag #that’s so punny for examples of my terrible humor ;D) 💙

I tag everything. I also queue (almost) everything. Anon is turned off, but my inbox is always open! I love comments/asks. 💙

Right now I’m working on fic, books, and commissions, as well as a couple other interesting projects that hopefully you’ll hear more about soon! 💙

Updates are sporadic but I always post links here as soon as I update something. Thank you for reading my stories!! I LOVE ALL OF YOU. 💙

Here’s a list of my WIPs! (under cut) 💙 💙 💙

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1. nickname - literally nothing. my name just doesn’t make nicknames it makes me sad
2. gender - female
3. height - 5′6″ haha shivani you’re short
4. hogwarts house - gryffindor
5. favorite color - prolly blue
6. average hours of sleep - not enough
7. lucky number - 4
8. last thing I googled - ‘which presidents were from california’
9. favorite character - rosa diaz prolly
10. how many blankets do you sleep with - 3
11. favorite bands/artists - yknow this is just too hard my music taste varies wildly from day to day. from hour to hour. i can’t stick with a single thing ever
12. dream trip - OK SO i wanna go like everywhere but if you put a gun to my head and made me pick i’d prolly go to cuba, iran, or turkey
13. dream job - ngl being a professional footballer would be lit lmfao
14. current outfit - sweats and a t shirt and slippers. and hoops gotta have em
15. following - idk lots but im not checking cuz then id need to open a new tab
16. posts - same as the above whoops
17. do I get asks on a daily basis - nah
18. reason for my url - i love juan guillermo cuadrado bello, a talented and tragically unsung angel

relationship status - single
lipstick or chapstick - chapstick
last song I listened to - whatever my dad is playing right now. i think its just the mix called the latin american guitar lol there’s no words even
last movie I watched - um. it’s either mustang, after hours, the force awakens, or coming to america i dont remember
last book I read - casa de los espiritus by isabel allende
top 3 favorite tv shows - UM the office/parks n rec/brooklyn 99, game of thrones, and club de cuervos
top 3 favorite characters - ooh idk maybe rosa diaz again, percy jackson lol, and like? yossarian from catch 22?
top 3 favorite ships - hmmm america chavez/kate bishop, steven gerrard/xabi alonso, and fuckign carraville, these horrible sappy old men i can’t believe

OOPS I ALMOST FORGOT thx cielo @reyfinha for taggin me and i tag o god um… @goneyfinha @borjitamayoral @papaneymar @meslut @pulisics @jeffreineadelaiide actually anyone bc i cant remmeber any of yall urls in my head you’re just little icons