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I noticed you were taking prompts and maybe just how Jercicolace came to be and how the camp just knew/assumed/had bets on who was with who and it's just like yeah we're all dating each other and idk idc if it's headcanons or a fic I just need more Jercicolace in my life I'm desperate

There’s one fic in which I hinted at jercicolace, which is this one. It is still definitely jercy centric though.
As for headcanons, I don’t know if you’ve seen them all (I did quite a few, with the things you’ve asked for too.) they are here: 1 2 3 4

But because you’re cute, I’ll just try to add to it a bit?

  • Percy sneaks Mentos and Hershey’s kisses into camp because he knows Nico loves them (They’ve been around since the 30s/20s, he remembers them from his childhood.)
  • Every once in a while, they just pack their bags and leave - to the cabin, on a roadtrip, to visit Percy’s mum (& Will’s. I’ll just decide she’s still around as well.)
  • When Nico’s nightmares get really bad, the shadows start reacting, he loses control over his powers - Percy and Jason do their best to calm him down, but in the end it’s Will who lights up like a light bug and managed to stop the darkness from closing in
  • Percy is such a sucker for pet names (can you imagine him calling Will lightbug though, how cute is that.) and he and Jason constantly tease each other about being sappy.
  • Surprise hugs! Jason swopping Nico off his feet and snickering when he the boy threatens to let every ghost of the underworld loose on Jason unless he puts him down
  • Percy dragging them into the lake like a siren
  • baking Christmas biscuits together
  • they pretend not to have presents for each other, and Sally is having a hard time not laughing because they all ask her to hide them.
  • Percy and Will singing Disney songs together, at the asscrack of dawn. Nico complaining that when he gets awoken one more day to ‘everybody wants to be a cat.’ He’ll make sure they’ll get a special treatment in the Fields of Punishment
  • Percy brushing Nico’s hair and tying it in the morning
  • Will is a tired cuddler, just slumping against whoever is closest when he overworked himself again.
  • tiny love notes hidden in clothing, Nico taking the bus to university and finding a bit of paper in his jacket pocket that just has a kissy face on it
  • there’s a lot of “Shut up I know you love me” happening

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"Mom!" Hajime through his arms around his mother, a smile clear on his face. "Happy Birthday!!"

° ✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOHRU! ┊┊ @hajime-sohma

Well–!! What a beautiful surprise—my cute Hajime !! ❞ tohru instantly lifts her son up in the air and spins him around the room ( not too many times though— she gets DIZZY very easily ).

thank you for wishing me a happy birthday !! I already know it is going to be a GREAT birthday— you know why ?? Because my gift is YOU— !! ❞ she boops his nose before attacking him with tickle kissies.

❝ What do you say if we make a cake together ?? Doesn’t that sound fun ?? Ah, and maybe we can have a FROSTING WAR !!!

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Hi, I'm 13 and I've recently been catcalled on. I didn't realize it then because I didnt really educate myself on these things. He kept following me, and telling me I was pretty. I didn't know what to do. Now i keep remondong myself pf this, keep thinking of what I could of done differently. Now sometimes i get scared that this will happen again, cause I live in a big city. I just thought that maybe you knew what to do. Like what to say or do if this happens. Thanks, and I love your art.

I’m sorry this happened to you/ I’m sadly not surprised that this happened to you. It happens a lot, to a lot of women, to girls, to members of the LGBTQ+ community, and chances are, it will happen again. I’m not saying this to scare you, I’m saying this because it’s true, and there is no sense in pretending it isn’t.

I recently wrote a blog post about being catcalled about a week or two ago. I’m much older than you, and I’ve read a bunch of feminist books and I call myself a feminist badass from time to time, but in that moment when this drunk old man was making kissy faces at me in the street, I froze, said nothing, then I walked away, kicking myself for not being braver. The truth is I was scared. I’ve been raised to be scared of strange men on the street, and many men get off on that fear. I think it is a combination of knowing that we are often too scared to fight back, and feeding off of our fear to make themselves feel more powerful that compels some men to catcall. Any person that tries to convince you that it is a compliment to be catcalled is either lying or a complete idiot who doesn’t realize how threatening it actually feels. The worst part is that if we do stand up for ourselves, if we fight back, we either get hurt or we’re no longer the sweet and passive victims that people are compelled to feel sorry for and we get told we were asking for it. 

So my advice to you is that if this happens again, don’t acknowledge the catcaller and run to safety. It might seem cowardly, but why put yourself at risk when these guys probably wont get it anyway. Then, when you get home, use that anger and hurt as a motivator to educate yourself, to learn more about activist groups, artists and movements who fight against street harassment and see how you can join their cause. Or write or draw or just making something about your experience and share it with others. The only way to change our culture is to speak up about what is going on, but there is value in finding the right people to speak to. Forgive yourself for being afraid, because fear is a form of self-preservation. You are strong even when you are afraid. 

The next drawing I post is for you <3

For Stephanie justjoshhutch. I’m sorry you had a shitty day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Here is some Hutch to swoon over.

Touchdown Dance Josh

“I Saw Bigfoot” Josh

Pep Rally Josh

Snotty Josh

“How to ask a girl out” Josh

Race Car Driver Josh

“Clap and Laugh” Josh

James Dean Josh

Oscar Worthy Josh

Embarrassed Josh

“ I won a ton of awards because i’m awesome. It’s just too heavy because, you know, I won so many.” Josh

“No, no, no” Josh

“Make Drinking Legal at 18” Josh

Humanitarian Josh

Kissy Face Josh

Jaw Action Josh

Soaking Wet Josh

“Peace Out” Josh

Super Mario Josh

“I’m Almost There” Josh

“Oops” Josh

“I know exactly what i’m doing to your panties” Josh

Gorgeous and Sexy Josh

Ass Man Josh

Cocky Little Shit Josh

And last but not least…

“I have to adjust my pants because my massive package is hard to contain” Josh

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