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archaeology au???? i'm currently writing a shallura fantasy au in which shiro meets allura because he's an arch nerd so I'm listening

oh boy oh boy oK LISTEN

(ok sorry i’m adding a readmore. this got long. beware y’all this is ENTIRELY self-indulgent, like, 100%, and i don’t expect anyone else to enjoy it.)

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Asexual & Aromantic Inquisitors Project - PART 3.

Here are another ten of the 100 marvelous Inquisitors who are on the Asexual and/or Aromantic spectrums gathered together to defeat all sorts of evils (in this project, I bet my winter hat there are other out there, too!)

-        All Inquisitors have been drawn based on what references I was given.

-        Those who didn’t specify outfits in their submissions were given new & unique outfits, or put into armor they seem to wear most often based on screenshots, or some variant of some other in-game armor, because I didn’t just want to paint 50 variants of the Skyhold jammies. I Apologies if they aren’t in-character! I did try to look through the character tag for inspiration for most outfits, but that wasn’t possible with everyone due to reasons like ‘no tag to be found’ and such.

Thank you for your support and patience, guys! ^^ Much appreciated!

Now to get boringly official (rules&regulations stuff under cut, please read if you’re in the project, or want to share pictures outside of Tumblr!)

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♥1k Thank You: My Love Letter to You All♥

Yesterday when I woke up I had hit 1k followers, and I literally gasped because I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been mulling over how I would celebrate/acknowledge this all day. I finally decided upon a (probably super lame) thank you post (ok so it is actually more of a narrative). So if you will forgive me one long text post (please don’t unfollow me for this dear lord that would just be the saddest irony of my tumblr existence), I just have some feelings about my tumblr journey that I need to express…

(If you actually “keep reading” this, bless your soul and I love you. Warning - It is long but I pretty much never post personal stuff on this site, so I figured it was time to open up to you all in case you care- which you may not. Hopefully some of you will because I mention a lot of you in it! IF YOU ARE ON MOBILE I AM SO SORRY BECAUSE THE READ MORE LINE PROBABLY WON’T SHOW UP AND THIS IS A HELLA LONG PLS DON’T HATE ME OMG)

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Hi P-m. I wanted to know if people pressure you into drawing them fan art for free sometimes? Have you ever met con artists too ? I'm an artist and I don't know how to deal with this stuff. I'm afraid to offend people and I hate conflict. Help? 😩

Anon! My little one!

 People pressuring artists in order to have them draw something for free is as old as the Internet. DON’T CRACK UNDER PRESSURE. I mean seriously. If you believe everything you receive and if you accept requests in order not to offend people you shouldn’t care of, you’ll spend your time drawing for free and with NO fun!

 I wanted to know if people pressure you into drawing them fan art for free sometimes? Have you ever met con artists too ?

DuuuuuuUuUUuuUde! I met (and still meet) so many! All the time! Look, here are examples, maybe you met them too. I hope it will cheer you up and make you feel less guilty to say “no”. So I already had to deal with…

The “We can give you a lot of exposure” con: Ok, this one is a classic, every artist knows it. You are contacted by a young and of course super creative and dynamic team/company that needs a banner/site layout/promo poster for a super important project. They can’t pay you but you’ll have a lot of exposure! Poor souls, if they don’t even have the money to commission an artist on Deviant Art or Tumblr (whose fees are very low compared to ones of the illustration market in general) I don’t think their company will last long. Politely refuse and try to find people who will pay you. Of course, if you want to collaborate for free to a charity/friend’s project that is important to you, it’s very different. I’m talking here about people you’ve never heard of and who think that art is just something they don’t need to pay.

 The “It’s my girlfriend’s birthday” message: The typical DA request from 10 years ago. You are contacted by some guy who asks you to draw him some art for his GF’s birthday and when you politely reply that you don’t take requests but that you would be fine with a commission, the tone changes immediately and you are “lectured” by some young idiot who tells you that not everybody has money and that they thought you were “a decent human being”. Paying for a drawing, what an idea! (And it’s important to precise that these messages are from DA users you’ve NEVER had any interact with before). So, yeah, I’m sorry but “lies + guilt tripping” doesn’t equal free art. Bad idea, pal!

The “My mom has a cancer” con: A bit similar to the one above but plays more on the guilt tripping. “Can you draw something for my mom who has a cancer?” was a message I used to receive at least 3 TIMES a week on DA around 2010. Of course ,you have no way to know if it’s actually true (which truly sucks if it is) but the message is written in the most heart wrenching and guilt tripping way possible…from people with a new account and zero DA history. When you politely refuse you are either never contacted again or insulted because “how dare you?!!”. It’s “funny” to notice it’s always the “mom” who has a cancer and that, apparently, either dads are more resistant, either they are not worth a drawing to cheer them up. Also, if you think that people wouldn’t dare to go to such length and such lies to obtain something, don’t underestimate the Internet: people lie all the time for the tiniest bullshit. It’s just disgusting when they use something like a cancer to obtain a fucking fan art.

The “fake PR” con: Ah! One of my favorite. It happened to me 4 or 5 times. You are contacted by some guy (or girl) who tells you they are part of the PR team of a famous actor/actress and that their client would love to have an artwork designed by you (or a print) for free, of course. Fake as fuck, as you can imagine. For having worked with serious PR teams in the past, believe me, these people talk about money and contracts pretty quickly when they want something and the way their emails are written (all the legal lingo) has nothing to do with the amateurs who try to pass as PR. In addition, a quick Google search can help you contact the actual actor/actress’ agent, forward them the email and let them tell you if it’s a con. Once, I even received a response email from the real RP team telling me that they were thanking me for bringing up to their attention this serious case of stolen identity and that it was taken care of. I wish I had known what came next for the con artist! ^o^

The “Social Justice guilt tripping” (aka the Tumblr anon). People on Tumblr contacting you to take down this or that drawing for whatever reason (you can’t see Natasha’s face in this artwork, so it’s woman erasure – Dean smoking is offensive, please, stop drawing this) OR trying to guilt trip you into drawing this or that thing and if you refuse they are very disappointed in you because they thought you were a “decent human being”, of course, and not a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, etc. Yes, all this because you said “no” to their art request. Request. Not commission. Things are always better when free!

 Voilà. You see. You’d better toughen up and apply some simple rules:

  1. If you accept requests, it’s your right to refuse if they don’t interest you
  2. If you don’t take requests, only commissions, people will have to pay you
  3. Some people won’t hesitate to lie and to call you names just FOR A FUCKING FAN ART, yes, even pretending that their mom has a cancer, which is extremely sad for people who actually have a sick relative and who tried to contact an artist for an art request
  4. “No” is not a heavy word, use it. You are not a fan art factory.
  5. Working for free for a project you really believe in is OK
  6. Guilt tripping is a tactic often used. Don’t fall for it
  7. Google is your friend when it comes to fact checking
  8. I hate conflict too but I hate even more drawing things I hate so…NO.

Now repeat after me:

Isn’t it simple?

Good luck to you anon! May the art force be with you ♥

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I've got an art question but it's not a style thing, it's more motivation. Hope that's ok. I'm only 15 but I've been drawing for 3 years, I've tried really hard to gain a sort of following in these three years, but I've never been able to get more then 100 followers. I know following isn't everything and I should just draw because I love it but it makes me feel vary alone and insignificant. Any advice on dealing with this/ solving it? I'm sorry if I'm being an inconvenience

 Hi friend, any kind of question is cool!

As a new artist, it’s a huge struggle to gain a following. You’re pretty much starting from zero, and just have to rely on your own perseverance to work your way to a following. It’s even harder now that community sites like deviantart and tumblr have been popularized, because it’s hard to not compare yourself to the people that get an upwards of 1k notes for something they consider a “doodle.”

Every artist that has a following now has been exactly where you’ve been. To put some context, I’ll talk about my experiences for a little bit.

I didn’t have any kind of following for a really long time, so I can seriously sympathize. You can check out this old page in my gallery, which was about 4 years after I seriously started trying to draw digitally. All my original work has a maximum of about three favorites. I distinctly remember this piece:

Which took me two days to finish, got one favorite. Two of my friends commented on it because they’re very kind. But that kind of feedback for such a level of work is so disheartening.

(more under cut bc idk how long ill make this)

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This year’s theme: POINT AT EVERYTHING.

I made the same face in every picture and I’m not even sorry.

BRONYCON WAS SO MUCH FUN AHHHH. It was my first year as a vendor and I thought it went pretty well! I didn’t bring much to sell- one AKS print, a bunch of buttons, ears, and my mom’s pony bags. But the buttons were a big hit! And the ears sold pretty well, too. I made up the money I spent on materials with some left over so WOO.

I’ll be putting the rest of the stock on my Etsy site once I take some pictures, so be on the lookout for that! Yay!

PICTURESSSS I didn’t take very many of them. I captioned the ones up there… BOOTH! FANS! FRIENDS! SWAG! BAGS!

Hanging out with all the Tumblr peeps was AMAAAAZINGGGG. Especially trottingdeadmod, acuddlemonster, ahappypichu-mod, regal-masquerade, askrustynail, technomod, shinyshaini and piratedashmod who I hung out with the most. And also meeting / chilling with twizz-doodles, cybermagus, kaiuchiha15, penguinpotential, askseriousrainbow, askmerriauthor, askrainbowlizard, nightguardmodkoipony, lexxmod, sombrashyshady, jestre, jitterbugjive, raikissu, darkflame7, inkie-heart-art,  magnetmod, askdukeponyminormatorantheonlycottoncandy, wirelessponyfillyqueenchrysalis, fisherponflufflepuffasks and then people who I can’t get the linkie thing to work with like Violet Rain and then there’s like 20 more people who I can’t remember their usernames enough to name them but I KNOW YOUR FACES AHH DON’T HATE ME (oh I found my sticky note where I tried to write down everyone’s names here’s MORE PEOPLE like redventure and askninjatwilight and outofworkderpy and ask-googlechrome and southparktaoist and bleedshark and I know I’m still missing people aHHH)

I also got a lot of physical fanart from some rad folks that I’ll post later and COOKIES from one guy and TRUFFLES AND THAT SOMBRA MUG from wulvbane and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and shiny you are like a real-life Rarity because you are both generous and fabulous and I need to play Twilight’s Secret Shipfic Folder at some point and uh uh GOSH DARN IT WAS JUST SUPER RAD and also RUSTY GAVE ME MORE HONEY VODKA and KOIPONY GAVE ME A SHIRT

Definitely want to go back next year and definitely am thinking about vending again! Except maybe actually give myself time to make prints or something. …Even though it seemed like prints weren’t selling very well in general. Maybe I’ll just make 80000 more buttons.

ALSO HOOVES LINE WAS FUN and my team and I were pretty dumb buuut when you throw a bunch of strangers together to do improv, you can’t really expect much. Team Hashbrown aka All The Musicians I Have Never Heard Of But They’re Famous So I Should Have Heard Of Them Oops were really good.

AND THE TUMBLR PANEL WAS REALLY FUNNN. Hopefully it was informative, too. I had fun flailing around on it, anyway. 


also the mariott was ALL ABOUT some bronies, man. They had ponies on their hotel keys, they played pony on loop on the TVs, and they had a whole room downstairs filled with tables and microwaves and giant projections of colorful horse. They were not kidding around.


Woobin Magazine M Interview

T/N: I referred to J亲故乖巧又聪明o_O’s weibo when translating so the translation shouldn’t be too far off I think. (The last few questions were entirely based off Chinese translations because I should be packing my luggage now lol) I’d be going on a one week holiday probably without any internet so if anyone wants me to translate anything, inbox me and I’ll do it when I’m back. There is another magazine, MaxMovie Magazine, which I MIGHT do after I come back, if I don’t become too lazy. 

Q: Your first lead movie, Friend 2, was a box-office hit and there was much favourable comments about your acting.

I am most honoured. Even if it didn’t do as well in the box-office, it doesn’t change the fact that I feel honoured. When the movie opened, I was still filming “Heirs”. I felt sorry that I couldn’t go for almost any interviews and stage greetings. It was regrettable that I couldn’t repay the love received.

Q: Following, you took up “Criminal Designer” and “Twenty” one after another. It can be said that you are a lead actor who is “on a roll”.

It is true that I now have a wider range of choices than before. As such, there is a greater sense of need to fulfill the expectations people have. I will work hard to have a clearer sense of conviction when selecting projects.

Q: What type of conviction are you referring to?

Even now, I am still gradually building it, but I’ll pay more attention to the character I feel there is some similarity with me.

Q: In caper movies like “Criminal Designer”, the nature of the film generally stand out more than the character.

It is more of the scenario than the characters. It must be fun when I read it. I first received the scenario of this movie when I was filming “Friend 2”, and it was titled “Checkmate” at that time. Honestly, I am still unable to make a good judgement of projects. Afterwards, the dramatized version by director Kim Hong Seon was extremely interesting. The title also changed to the one now. That was around the time when “Heirs” ended.

Q: You are very quickly verifying your possibility as a lead actor.

Movies from the production company of Friend 2 (Trinity Entertainment) is a good chance for me. It was thanks to it that I have a good outlook.

Q: Jihyuk is a character who is good at breaking into vaults and counterfeiting money. If the movements are slightly awkward, the movie would be less exciting.

There are so many people breaking into vaults in the world, and everyone is trained under a different environment and have a different physique. I want to make a character that moves in a way that is unique to me. In the movie, there are also many tools to commit crimes, and this would increase the excitement of the movie.

Q: In all your films, there is an impression that you are never discouraged. How do you get this confidence?

It seems to be a little easier in front of the camera now, because it is fun on site. When I first started acting, I would tell myself “Please let it be okay, please”. Now, as opposed to anxiety, I have a greater desire for my acting. Every time I do monitoring, I would think that I am lacking, and I would want to minimize this.

Q: When you took up this movie, what was the greatest desire you had?

Even before me, the director has really a lot of desires. He is really persistent and we shot a lot and for a really long time (laughs)

Q: I heard you always prepare thoroughly before going on set.

When I first got in contact with acting, this was how I learnt. To give a reaction that fits the situation and co-actor, I would prepare at least ten different versions of saying my lines. Of course, there is no correct answer to acting, but I think there is at least a basic “dos and don'ts”.

Q: You should still have the natural flair for acting?

 I don’t have anything that is “in-born”. Everything was slowly discovered after a long time. And I would need to work hard for it too. Up till now, I feel that it is thanks to my stronger appearance, and I would also need to thank the characters which bring attention to a new actor like me.

Q: But your appearance might restrict you. A charismatic character like Jihyuk would be very suitable but would it fit a character that is like a boy-next-door?

When that time comes, I’ll just show everyone how I usually am at home. I am untidy to a degree beyond all your imaginations. 

Q: You seem to not have much worries.

I am the kind of person who would fix a goal and gradually work hard towards this goal. And I am originally more optimistic. To me, fixing a goal on a specific date and using all my energy to reach that is something that would never happen. I believe that no matter what it is, as long as I work hard under the given conditions, it is fine. I hear the people around me say that I am always acting as a rebellious character, and if it is perhaps time for this kind of characters to come to an end. I would say “I plan not to take on rebellious characters, but I don’t want to draw the line too clearly. With time, I want to find a way of action that is suitable for the current situation.”

Q: Because it is premiering at the end of the year, the competitors are strong. 

I want to let go and feel more relaxed. But my mood is still very good. Because aren’t there a lot of movies which have finished filming but can’t be screened. In comparison to that, I feel that I am very lucky. To have good co-actors like Go Chang-seok sunbae and Hyunwoo, and that I have a new piece of work to show everyone after last year, I feel very fortunate.

Q: You are really positive.

That’s right. (laughs)