i make things sometimes for no reason

ARMYs could be so violent sometimes. It’s a reason why I find it hard to befriend some of them. They insult and humiliate idols’ looks, talent, etc. if they either don’t like them or just to make the BTS members seem better. They do the same thing to fans if they stan groups that they don’t like or say anything remotely bad like BTS. They cried when Rap Monster got that gun threat but have no problems wishing harm upon people they don’t like. This is K-Pop, not the streets. :(

Anyone who knows me well knows that I struggle quite a lot with my self esteem; I have a lot of trouble seeing any substance of worth in who I am. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder when I was 16 and I’ve spent many years on a rough, often terrifying, emotional roller coaster that, at times, I really wasn’t sure I would get off of ever. Sometimes I still feel like that. At 17, I crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed. When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I heard was Harry Styles’ solo in One Direction’s debut single, What Makes You Beautiful. Since then, One Direction has become the most consistent and reliable source of safety and happiness in my life. And, for that reason and many more, I believe that those boys and their music saved my life. Is it a bit pathetic, sappy and cliche? Definitely. But it is true. A few years have passed since then and so much has changed. But not One Direction’s influence. I would like to think that I have become a stronger and better person since 17. I am working on being patient and kind to myself and I hope that I will someday be able to love myself for all that I am. Today, at 20, I got my first tattoo. Inspired by One Direction, this is a reminder that I matter too and that I possess an unbreakable strength; that I can handle any and all obstacles in my way. It is a reminder that I am damn worth it. When I look at where I was three, four years ago and compare it to where I am today, I am amazed and I am so proud. You’re damn right, I am the Girl Almighty. I always have been. I just didn’t know it until now. ❤️

When somebody sees something that strikes them visually, makes them feel a certain way visually, they want to find an intellectual justification for this feeling…So, I think that the Obama image, for whatever reason ‑‑ I mean I tried to make it idealized and stylized and appealing and hopeful and powerful and all those things, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This one just worked where a lot of people saw it and said, you know, “That image made me want to know more about Obama, and made me want to find a reason to be in his corner.”

Shepard Fairey on the posters he created for Obama’s presidential campaign, in our oral history interview. The full transcript of the interview is available on our site.

Oral history interview with Shepard Fairey, 2011 Feb. 10, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

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Do you have any self esteem tips? Cause I hate myself rn

oh, I don’t think I could offer much advice on that. I have very low self-esteem myself, always have. I don’t really know how to improve it or anything like that, it kind of has a mind of its own because sometimes I can be fine and then suddenly feel very intensely bad for no reason. I’m very stubborn though so mostly I deal with that by pressing on despite it all. I guess, like anything, its all about coping and finding what can help you get through it. I can’t really improve my self-esteem but I can minimize how much I’m affected by the negativity.

Try to reduce being around things that make you feel bad. When I’m feeling really bad and self-loathing, little things that I can tolerate most of the time cause even more stress. If its something that you don’t have to do, don’t do it. Even if it doesn’t seem to be a related stress (it makes you feel bad, but not bad about yourself), try to get rid of it anyway because its bringing you down so when something comes along that makes you feel bad about yourself, you’re not able to resist it as much because you already feel bad. For example, you might browse this site or look in some tracked tags in your downtime but letsay there’s some drama or something going on that’s pissing you off. You gotta let it go and stop reading about it (hate reading it terrible for your stress levels). Unfollow people who post stuff that really stresses you out, even if its something thats not necessarily bad. You don’t have to read about bad things, you don’t have to look at things that make you feel bad (about yourself or otherwise). It’s OK to be a little selfish and make sure your space makes you happy.

Try to focus on positive things. Find something to help you relax, especially if its something that makes you feel good about yourself (drawing, video games, binge watching TV shows or movies, organizing, whatever). Sometimes you need to try something new if the stuff you used to do doesn’t help. I’ve always found it helpful to have something I like to latch onto when I’m feeling bad that often helps me but what worked once might not work later, but I just keep looking and trying until something works.

One of my old therapists used to have me to an affirmation type of a thing, affirming something positive when I feel something negative. Specifically, I had a worksheet and whenever I felt really negative about myself about something, I’d write that down and then counter it with three positive counterpoints. I don’t do this anymore but it was helpful for a while.

Like, this is all really general advice you’ve probably heard before. It’s hard to give advice on this because its entirely about finding what works for you. What helps me probably wouldn’t help you, because we’re different people. For example, I’m actually pretty asocial and an extreme introvert, if I’m feeling bad I need to be away from people, online or offline, or I’m not going to improve (hence why I wasn’t around a lot last month). But other people need to be around people, at least a friend or two, or they get lonely and depressed and it makes everything worse. So isolating themselves like I would do wouldn’t be beneficial at all. You gotta find whats helpful for you and its a process, its trial and error.

sometimes I feel like I should just make a list of every fucked up thing men have done to me so that I remember that it’s okay to hate them and that i have good reasons to.

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I love Mary and Max! I don't think I have ever met someone in real life that has even seen it

Mary and Max is a fantastic movie, I recommend it to everyone.

I have a great deal of admiration for Adam Elliot’s way of writing people. I love that he creates incredibly well-rounded characters and shows that strange and extraordinary things can happen to anybody for the sole reason that life and people are strange and extraordinary in their own way, whoever they may be.

I’m a fantasy lover at heart (my other favorite movie is The Last Unicorn, which is relevant considering your icon haha) I love quests and monsters and magic, but it goes to show that sometimes you don’t need to go on a grand adventure or have world-shattering conflict to get a good story. Sometimes you just need two lonely people writing letters to each other and you get a tale that makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

I think it’s fairly unknown because it had a limited release or spent most of its time on the festival circuit. Either way, I’m saying it now to anybody reading this. GO WATCH MARY AND MAX! IT’S BRILLIANT!

So I started working on the “Battle of the Boybands” screencaps, and at one point I found a bit where Amy’s face does the “squishy thing” (which for some reason I always find adorable when that thing happens), and just for the heck of it I copied and pasted those couple of frames over and over again–I guess I was thinking of gifing it or something–but then I played it back with the sound on, and now I can’t stop laughing XDD

The Signs as things my Leo nephew has said to me
  • Aries:My mom told me fire destroys bad stuff so I set your uniform on fire. You're welcome.
  • Gemini:Sometimes I think my mom is two different people cause she can be really nice but sometimes she's really mean and makes me eat carrots
  • Cancer:I don't like your tone. Buy me ice cream
  • Leo:Sometimes I think my mom isn't really my mom because I'm too cool to be in this family
  • Virgo:This mess is too messy
  • Libra:The only reason you have friends is because I'm your nephew.
  • Scorpio:I hate everyone in this family'
  • Sagittarius:You're not funny. Stop talking to me
  • Capricorn:I have homework to finish and no I don't need your help. You got a 73 in math last year. Bye
  • Aquarius:My dad bought me 30 comic books and I finished them all in 3 days
  • Pisces:I hate fish
  • **He's only 8, by the way**
Sometimes it’s the little things. It’s the shoulder kisses and cooked breakfasts and the “drive safe” texts. It’s those things that for some reason make you feel more loved than you ever have before. It’s easy to plan elaborate nights out but when someone can make you feel so happy just by doing the smallest things, that’s when you know you’ve got something special
—  Midnight Thoughts

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hi there, im 24 and have been unable to finish multiple courses, by choice or for mental reasons... but i dont want to be stuck in retail jobs my entire life. what can i do? i wish there was a lot more "learn on the job" jobs out there because institutionalised learning makes me dangerously unhappy. sometimes i think i could work a crap job and just have very fufilling other things like my art and plants but i kind of feel like this is it for me and i cant stand it. help?


Guest Columnist: inechi

(originally printed in the lifted brow #26)

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ok lol so in your snapchat story you first imply that it bothers you when people make fun of vegans, then you go on to make fun of people who believe chicken is healthy?? honestly you can chose to put or not put things in your body, it doesn't make you less of a person or stupid. every body is different. so while people should definitely not be calling you out, you should be giving them the same respect. otherwise you're really just being hypocritical

I don’t think people should be allowed to chose to eat animals. I think eating animals should be illegal due to countless reasons and I have strong hopes it will be one day. I don’t think people who eat animals are stupid. I think they are either uneducated, ignorant or lazy - or a combination of those things. Yep I make fun of people that piss me off sometimes. I’m not always nice or bubbly or polite. You have no idea how frustrating it is to be educated on what goes on in slaughterhouses and farms and watch people laugh and joke about the killing of these innocent beings. I truly don’t want to offend anyone with my snapchat stories. I just want to make people think.

I’m just rambling but I hope people realise that I don’t have any bad intensions x

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i love how you sometimes find a thing you loved and then start reblogging posts related to that thing and it just makes me feel happy for some reason?


ok but as a survivor i feel really uncomfortable with marrish bc as grown up as lydia acts or as mature as she is for her age she is still a child. it is parrish’s obligation to tell her no. to tell her that her crush on him is misplaced because they have such different life experiences so far. he is being a predator.

So I know people ship Stucky and Stony and that’s rad, but I don’t because I headcanon them all as straight (which is not a knock to people that headcanon them differently, ship and let ship).  THAT SAID, if it pleases the court, I would like to present…bisexual Howard Stark.

  • Bisexual Howard Stark never telling anyone that he sometimes found men attractive too, because it’s the 40s and he has a reputation to maintain.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark never really acting on those feelings…for the same reasons.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark being stunned by really falling in love for the first time…with Steve Rogers.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark knowing Steve doesn’t roll that way, so he never makes any sort of advances even though he kind of wants to do gooey things like hold his hand because he’s got great hands (we all feel you Howard).
  • Bisexual Howard Stark giving Steve advice and encouragement with wooing Peggy Carter, because he genuinely just wants Steve to be happy.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark taking it almost as hard as Peggy when Steve’s plane goes down.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark keeping Steve’s blood safe…and then not really minding when Jarvis steals it, because he knows it’s going to the right hands.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark being the victim of head voodoo, and his happy place is bringing Steve home to Peggy, because he doesn’t need Steve to be his, he just needs Steve to be.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark searching for Steve for years.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark eventually getting married to a nice lady and having a child of his own, but guess what? He’s still bisexual.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark being found out by a few people over the years (namely Peggy and maybe Jarvis) but never having his sexuality used as a punchline.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark.
The Beginner’s Guide to Triggering

“I have been susceptible to triggering for about two and a half years. I developed health anxiety and, whenever I am exposed to things relating to death and certain illnesses, I suddenly and quite dramatically feel all-encompassing panic spread through my entire body. Sometimes, it goes away in seconds; at other times, it lingers for weeks, making it difficult to function normally until my mind reaches equilibrium again.

One thing I have noticed since becoming susceptible to triggering is that not many people understand how it works. This is understandable; triggering is something that is difficult to comprehend unless you have experienced it yourself. However, I find this lack of understanding problematic for two reasons:

1. It causes unfair judgment toward people who get triggered, with thoughts along the lines of “You can’t get triggered; nothing terrible has happened to you,” or “Why would something like that trigger you?” being common.

2. Even when triggering is met with sympathetic ears, often the owners of said ears don’t know how to help.”

Read more here

[Headline image: The photograph shows a white woman with brown hair tied back. She is wearing a black tank top and her left hand is covering her face in a gesture of sadness. Behind her is a black background.]

the reason im seriously in love with him is because like… bc of my bpd i sometimes try to push ppl away and my responses are one worded and i just sound .rude. but he ??? he will literally be like “i miss u tho” and it just makes me stop and rethink it ans then im like. “fck i miss u 2”. he lowkey doesnt realize hes dealing with me correctly. how often do u meet a cis boy like yht

Sometimes pop culture reflects us and sometimes it leads us; it takes us to the next step. And I think here that Wonder Woman is ushering in the next step of what society will look like.

And the character reason is that it’s a completely natural thing for her to do. She comes from an island of women, a culture that’s been going for thousands of years, and they get married. Which means that her mother the queen would have been officiating these marriages, or at the very least authorising them, making that a royal inheritance for her or a royal duty.

I don’t think it would matter to Wonder Woman whether you were two men, two women, a man and a woman, whatever race – doesn’t matter to her, as long as you could swear your vows over her Lasso of Truth.

—  Writer/artist Jason Badower on why he wanted to show Wonder Woman officiating a same-sex wedding