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dear young creative people,

please don’t post your concepts on here unless you intend for them to become free domain. 

if you’re an artist or a writer and you think out loud like “what if there was a story where [original concept] happened?” somebody will take it and write it for you. somebody will draw it. somebody might make a kickstarter and get it funded without ever crediting you. if that’s your intent, that’s great. but really, don’t post your ideas if you want to be the one to make them happen

way too often i’ve seen someone start musing about a concept and then 10 replies later someone has drawn art and developed a novel around it, without the OP ever saying they could. hell, movies are being made off of tumblr posts at this point. 

so 1) if you’re a creator and want your ideas to stay your own, be cautious! it might be tempting to get the immediate validation, but i promise you it’ll be more rewarding to see your own idea to fruition than to get 50-100k notes of people who borrow your thoughts and forget you were ever the source.

and 2) if you see someone throwing their ideas around, don’t write/draw/expand on them until you’ve been given permission.


Hello yes today’s prompt’s nature and I’m super weak for Bakugou feeling mushy feelings (though you’re being weird again Blasty stop that)

sakasake  asked:

So I have outdoor cats, but I live on a farm and they generally take care of the mice problem. I've been hearing all this talk of outdoor cats living shorter lives so I've been wondering if I should try and make them be more indoors more often? Is this a good idea?

It’s a nice thought, but it won’t actually do much to prolong their lives. Outdoor cats die young because of exposure to parasites, poison, disease, cars, predators, and all sorts of other risks. It’s not that they just live a harder life and die younger cause their bodies wear out. Things outdoors are just straight up more likely to cause their death. 

 Every time your cats are outdoors - especially if you’ve got anything down to try to poison the mice they’re hunting - they’re exposed to those risk factors. Sadly, keeping them indoors ‘more’ is only going to marginally decrease their likelihood of running into dangerous things that could kill them. 


every time lexa says clarke’s name: 20/?


Felt like spying on them to see what they’re up to which is work and not thinking about boys.

  • *probably what happened behind the scenes of hwarang*
  • yoon woo: oh, hey tae. what's up?
  • tae hyung: hyungs! halloween is coming up and i was wondering what you guys are going to dress up as this year!
  • hyung sik: tae, i know you're still young but when you're older you'll understand. halloween is kinda... stupid if you think about it and you shouldn't really do it anymore.
  • seo jun: dressing up, pretending you’re someone you’re not... that's why many of us don't do it anymore. i don't do it, ji han doesn't do it, min ho and yoon woo don't do it either...
  • tae hyung:
  • tae hyung: ... we're actors.
  • tae hyung: our job is to literally dress up and pretend to be someone we're not.
  • hyung sik:
  • tae hyung:
  • yoon woo:
  • tae hyung:
  • min ho: ... shit, he's right...
  • ji han: *mutters* i'll dress up for halloween if it makes you happy, tae.

When I was a kid I believed that Chalk Zone was a real place so I liked to draw and erase things that I thought would be cool or useful for the people who lived there. I drew a lot of food and tools and beds and everyday stuff like that because I didn’t think people drew them very often and I wanted to make sure they had them. One time I even got all my friends together to draw an amusement park on the whole chalkboard during indoor recess. 

i had a dream about these two random guys getting together and it was the sweetest (and angsty-est) thing at the time - i was so invested! i just had to draw what i remembered!

might make a comic about these two one day once i flesh out their stories more

hope you enjoy this little doodle dump - had a lot of fun bringing them to life :)

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Rick and Morty’s Stutters

So I’ve noticed in a lot of Rick and Morty fan comics and fanfictions (not that there’s a lot of) that people try to incorporate Rick and Morty’s stuttering, which I absolutely love as a person who stutters and went to speech therapy for several years. However, I often times see people just making them stutter on random words, or have them stutter on literally every word, which is not how stuttering works at all. To help everyone out, here’s a quick guide on Rick and Morty’s stuttering that I complied while watching some episodes. 

Morty’s Stuttering:

Morty tends to stutter more at the beginning of sentences, and at certain conjunctions (connector words that attach two sentences together - think “and”). His stuttering seems to get worse when he is under pressure, overcome by emotion, or when he’s thinking fast. 

He mostly seems to stutter on:

  • the T/Th sound, when followed by an “a” or “e”
  • the J sound, when starting a rushed sentence or saying the word “just”
  • the B sound, mainly when saying the “buh” sound or the word “but”
  • the D sound, mainly when saying the “duh”  or “di” sound
  • the Y sound, usually when saying the word “you”
  • the I, as in the word “I” or “I’m” or on the word “it”
  • the W sound, usually on question words (”Who/What/Where/When”) especially when he’s rushed, or the word “we”
  • the H sound, when starting a question (think the word“how”?)
  • the L sound, at the start of sentences and when followed by “e”

Morty will also say the same words twice in the same sentence when he’s stuttering, because he either is talking too fast and couldn’t get all the words out smoothly or because he stuttered while saying it. A lot of people that stutter do this. An example would be:

“Aw, geez, Rick! Did - did you really have to shoot that alien in front of everyone?”

See? The repeated word was “did”. Here’s an example of him stuttering and repeating some words:

“Aw, geez, Rick! Did - did you really have to shoot that alien in front of everyone? J-Jessica will never talk to me again! Th-that’s it! You’ve gone too far!” 

He also uses “Rick” often times as a “crutch” word, or a word he repeats a lot unknowingly when talking. People who don’t stutter even have crutch words as well, so this is not really related to his stuttering but more to his speech pattern. He usually only repeats his crutch word when talking to or about Rick, which Rick then does in vice versa with Morty’s name. 

Rick’s Stuttering: 

Rick seems to stutter more in the beginning of sentences, in the middle, and when he’s drunk. It gets worse when he’s burping, trying to talk his way out of something, or when he’s angry. 

He mostly stutters on:

  • the Y sound, or more specifically the word “you”
  • the Sh sound, especially when he’s drunk and when its followed by “e”
  • the I sound, especially on “I”, “I’ll”, or “it’s”
  • the Th sound, followed by “a” or “e”
  • the D sound, mainly when saying the “duh”  or “di” sound
  • the W sound, on question words or the word “we”
  • the H sound, on the word “how”
  • the C sound, on words like “can”
  • the M sound, mostly when he’s drunk

He will also repeat his words a lot too, and does so a lot more when he burps in the middle of them. Like I said earlier, he often uses Morty’s name as a crutch word, especially when talking to him, and he will stutter usually while saying it. An example of Rick talking would be:

“Y-you know what, Morty? Maybe I had a reason to shoot that alien! Sh-she was a parasite alien, Morty!, and was going to plant eggs in everybody at y-your school!”

However, I didn’t make him stutter on all of the words/letters/sounds he has trouble with. People who stutter can often times correctly say their trouble words with no problem, if they think about it or if it’s just by chance. I wrote Morty’s sentences like this too, seeing as he doesn’t always stutter on his trouble words either. Also, stuttering usually doesn’t happen more than once or twice in a sentence. 

Example conversation with Rick and Morty stuttering:

“Aw, geez, Rick! Did - did you really have to shoot that alien in front of everyone? J-Jessica will never talk to me again! Th-that’s it! You’ve gone too far!”

“Y-you know what, Morty? Maybe I had a reason to shoot that alien! Sh-she was a parasite alien, Morty!, and was going to plant eggs in everybody at y-your school!”

“I don’t care, Rick! That was one my shot with Jessica! I’m - I’m never talking to you again!”

“Aw, c’mon, Morty! You- you can’t be serious! Th-this’ll all blow over in a week.”

“I-I’m serious, Rick! You’re - you’re such a dick!”

“Fine, you little asshole! We’ll see what happens next time you’re in trouble! I-I won’t help you at all!”

Well, that’s about it for this post. Feel free to add anything or make corrections! I may later edit in some of Rick and Morty’s trouble word/sounds I missed earlier. If you have any questions, shoot me as ask.