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The Art of Study Breaks

You know when you’re studying non-stop, working really hard… but eventually, you start feeling less productive? I’ve come to realize that in such cases it’s good, even necessary to take a study break. So here’s how to master them!

How much time?

15-20 minutes: just enough time for you to relax a little, but not so much that you fall completely out of your game.

How frequently?

Honestly, this totally depends on what you’re studying, how hard it is etc, but normally I’ll take a study break every hour and a half.

What do you do during them?

  • Go to the bathroom. Wash your face, remove your makeup, go to the toilet if you need to.
  • Grab some food & water. Sometimes, studying can make you hungry, and water’s always good to have around. I’d tell you to opt for something healthy when it comes to food, but more often than not I’ll choose to eat Oreos, biscuits or some other sweets.
  • Take a nap. This is perhaps the most straightforward one; just lie down for a few minutes. Make sure you’ve set an alarm clock though, or else you will oversleep. Trust me; it’s happened before.
  • Clean up your study space. I have quite a big desk, but sometimes it can feel like the random items of stationery, pieces of paper, textbooks and other random crap is just taking over everything. I swear, it really helps if you clean up the things around you!
  •  Go online. I’m a little reluctant to recommend this because I know how hard it is to stop afterwards, but if you consciously limit yourself and know that you’ll stop after 15-20 minutes, then watching a few YouTube videos, going on tumblr or talking to friends of Facebook can be a great way to relax.
  • Make yourself a tea. Or coffee – but personally I’m more of a tea person during studying. I’ll make myself a nice cup of black tea with lemon and sugar, and afterwards, everything just goes better.
  • Watch an episode of a TV show/anime. These are slightly longer, but are a great way to take your mind off whatever you’re studying. I’d recommend watching something which is short (ie. not a full, hour-long episode of Game of Thrones) – like Friends, HIMYM or Family Guy. These are great because the shows are pretty episodic, you won’t feel inclined to keep watching more and more. As for anime, don’t pick one where you know you won’t be able to stop after one episode. Instead, I’d recommend something like Hetalia (hilarious; also great if you’re studying Geo or History), Gintama (pure gold), Samurai Champloo (the perfect combination of fun and deep).

And so there you have it: the art of taking a study break. Good luck, everyone!

OKay so I love how I see a bunch of random shit playing overwatch but its always the most obscure nonsensical things that seem to make me laugh more than others. 

 So the other day I just so happened to be walking back to our point on the event night market map and I walk up to see this Symmetra pestering this enemy Widowmaker at our point.  The Widowmaker is on a ledge above this Symmetra who is completely oblivious at first to the symmetra below her. Ether way I swear I see them lock eye contact for a moment, then without ether of them really moving from their spots, the Symmetra spawns just one turret on some sort water/oil? container which the widow promptly destroys.  This goes on I swear for a good minute or so of this Symmetra individually spawning one turret that immediately gets destroyed by this widow,  I just, I pretty much stopped what I was doing to watch this whole interaction play out. It kinda boggles my mind how enraptured I was watching this whole Symmetra vs Widowmaker interaction play out before me. 

I dunno if it made me reflect on life or some nonsense but It certainly made me laugh.I just wanted to share this stupid story.  Oh also the Widowmaker did end up killing the Symmetra in the end. It was very lackluster.

Chinese Takeout-(Stiles Stilinski)

Originally posted by thealpha

Characters: Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Coach Finstock, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Warnings: none?

Pairing: hint at Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1243

Summary: Stiles, out of nowhere, involves you in the tradition that takes place every lacrosse match Beacon Hills plays.

Stiles Stilinski. The schools weird kid with an endless supply of sarcasm. Stiles, who’s both a naturally smart kid like his dad and on the lacrosse team. Stiles Stilinski, the guy who I have a raging crush on for 3 agonizing years. 

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Hiiiyaa hope you had a good day today! Just out of curiousity, do u look at big name/ controversial celebrities charts for fun? Or maybe historical figures, or darker stuff like serial killers, or maybe idk fictional characters and cartoons? (Like if u happen to hav the birthtimes lol)

Heeey, anon! Hope your sunday is being amazing! Honestly… That’s basically all I do. lmao I mean. I do other things, of course, I’m supposed to be responsible at this adult life thing™ and all. But. There’s absolutely no chance of me watching a movie and then not pausing it just to be sure that that person is a Taurus Sun, or that that other guy is a Venus in Gemini. Things like that. TV shows are impossible for me to watch without trying to guess everyone’s charts, specially because I work with TV so I’m always comparing the actors with their acting (like, to what extent they’re acting or simply being themselves) and trying to guess their whole charts. Like, “oh that guy jokes around a lot even though his character is not supposed to be that sarcastic… Someone has Sagittarius or Leo going on!”. Or if the acting is so good that I have to understand how their talent came to be by reading their charts. I’m very competitive, I won’t lie about this - so everything I watch, read… Is a game. The more I guess those people’s charts, the more I’m winning. What am I winning? I don’t know. But I’m winning!!

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One thing I’ve had to accept in a long term/long distance relationship is that it will get bland. Every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, Alex and I are living our own lives when we’re apart. When we do talk it’s always through FaceTime or texting, this is our normal.
I don’t question where he goes or who he’s with, most nights I fall asleep before getting a chance to say goodnight. We bicker and swear over money. Our future. Jobs. Kids. Parents. Politics. Cars. Bills.
It is a commitment and I’d be lying if I said it was easy.
But then, little things will happen.
One random day, he will randomly call me and just make me laugh for hours. He’ll tell me about places he wants to go and new foods he wants to try.
When he’s home we’ll drive around for hours. Sitting at parks. Talking. Just like we did five years ago.
We’ll go for late night sonic trips, late night wawa runs. If either of us ask, “you hungry?” The answer is always “yes.”
We’ll talk about what his heavens will look like. Stories we tried to write. Songs you we to sing. He’ll tell me about his fears and I’ll tell him about my insecurities.
And amongst all of these adventures, I remember why I love him. Why I have stayed with Alex for years and years, never leaving, even when things got difficult and scary.
I remember that these stories are what keep me going and that life is life- and sometimes life is bland.
Its no ones fault, sometimes these things just happen.
So here’s something I learned within the past couple of months and through the help of some very insightful people: don’t convince yourself that you have fallen “out of love” because your life is repetitive.
Your weeks will be the same. Your afternoons will be the same. You will, in fact, get so used to each other that you don’t have to ask where they’re going when they leave the room- you will know they’re going to read a book on the front porch or pet the cat in your bedroom.
And yes, you will fight. You will scream at each other and cry until your face hurts.
But, yes, you will also adventure. Dream. Create. Talk. Love.
You will fall in love with him again and again. Sometimes you won’t need an adventure. You will sit beside him on the love seat as he watches Bob’s Burgers and you will notice how long his eye lashes are. Or how rosy his cheeks are.
How he sits with his arm around you. And even though he does it every single day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, it still makes your heart flutter when you actually acknowledge the gesture.
When you sit down and remember your adventures together, you will remember why you love him. Why you stay.
And if you’ve listened to his stories, you will know why he stays, too.

So Close (Part 4 of 5)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: This started as a 4+1 setup on Lin asking you to marry him. It devolved into a study of a year plus some in a relationship, and how you can be so close to the end and yet so far in the blink of an eye.

Word Count: 7701 (oh god I’m so sorry)

Warnings:  Badly translated Spanish, a swear, maybe.

Notes:  I do not speak Spanish, nor have I ever been on Broadway, nor am I a traditionally published author. I put a lot of research into this stuff to make it seem as realistic as possible, but if you can tell me how to fix a situation or change a translation to make it better, please let me know, I’m happy to listen.

I took a lot of inspiration from random things, but I want to point out some of my sources because they are important.

  • The Hamiltome gave me most of the original cast/crew names and timelines for when things happened (transfer to Broadway, opening night, etc.) I also heavily relied on the timeline on the Hamilton Wiki page.
  • One of the recurring quotes throughout this work comes from Peter Pan. Kudos if you know it.
  • Random House and Anderson Press are real. Their websites are very helpful.
  • Spanish translations are courtesy of Reverso Contexto. Better than Google, but I’m sure, not infallible. Let me know if I’m way off the mark.
  • Title comes from the Jon McLaughlin song of the same name. It is the over arcing theme song for this fic. Link

This is the first thing I’ve written in at least 5 years, and it’s the first thing I’ve written for a Broadway fandom in 10+ years. Please be kind.

Tags: @musicalmoriarty / @invisiblerambler / @mistressofdawn / @hamwriters / @keikoraventeller / @spicydice / @defenestrate-yourself-please / @helplesstoday / @superwholockbooknerd526 / @multi-fan-dom-madness // If you want to be tagged, just ask ☺

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

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if you're still taking prompts, malcolm x clara coffee shop au!! thank you 💕

Just for you Greyscale, since I’ve already had a Malcolm/Clara coffee shop AU here.

9897 words (20 PAGES IN MSWORD); while I like the smell of coffee, I’ve utterly failed at acquiring a taste for the drink, so parts of this might be a bit more vague than most coffee shop AUs since those places are useless for me; contains some of the following: obligatory swearing, a semi-treatise on Shoreditchification, Malcolm Tucker making goat noises, gratuitous sex, yet another possible family situation for our favorite Weegie, a channel for my personal unease about glitter while not condemning it outright, semi-slow burn, and other random things; some things may change later, since I am tumblr-posting at 4am and I need to edit this with a clear mind before heading to FFN/AO3 but need this also out there too


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She has dark hair. It’s a dark brown color that reminds me of dark chocolate, But she has these bright blue eyes that I swear, they change colors when there’s light in them. The way she talks makes my heart stutter. She could be talking about the most random things and I swoon over every word she says. The way she laughs makes my body warm, like the way hot drink does on a cold night. She’s thoughtful, kind, smart, beautiful, brave, funny, and so much more. Every time I see her, I feel like I’ve just opened a Christmas present and it’s exactly what I wanted.
I love her. I really love her. I want to kiss her and I want to hold her and I want to make her feel as important as she is to me. She’s this incredible woman and all I want is to be with her always. @titsnclitsss

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YoshiMari? Ask thing. Im really depressed and hope that this makes my day

i’m ready to save your day anon dw (⌐■_■)

-who’s the messiest one? they’re both living messes, honestly. their place looks like it was hit by a tornado or something. it is so messy dia refuses to walk inside it, and just looking at it makes her want to cry. so they both are the messiest one by far (i bet they even have a competition on who’s the messiest one i swear).

-who feels the most uncomfortable around PDA? it depends. mari loves to tease yoshiko around the rest of aqours, but once they’re alone and yoshiko starts talking in her yohane voice mari gets surprisingly flustered (i know that doesn’t count as PDA but i had the urge to say it sorry lmao).

-who’s the funniest drunk? mari never gets drunk (even if she drinks a lot) and is always able to make yoshiko do and say the funniest stuff. also note: yoshiko won the nickname “yohane the falling angel” thanks to her drunk antics.

-who texts the most? mari because she knows yoshiko never leaves her phone on silent, making teachers send her to her office ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ). mari knows best that’s for sure.

-who has the most embarrassing taste in music? surprisingly enough, yoshiko doesn’t like mari’s metal screeches and prefers lame emo bands from 2006. mari says she’s a loser but yoshiko just screams “you don’t understand me!” as she starts singing welcome to the black parade. mari will never cease to laugh about that.

-who reads the most? mari. she likes reading coming-of-age and detective stories, but all her books are in english so yoshiko can’t understand any of them (though mari wants her to learn english and forces her to read from time to time).

-who’s better with kids? mari. kids love her because they think she’s good-crazy. as for yoshiko, they think she’s bad-crazy and like to kick her. sometimes mari kicks her a bit too just for fun (she has to kiss her like ten hundred times after so she’ll forgive her).

-who’s the one that fixes things around the house? mari. she’s pretty skilled at fixing stuff, and as yoshiko has -290 skills at everything she always ends up fixing the things that break (“ah, yoshiko-chan, what would you do without me?” “shut up and fix the TV!”).

-who’s got the weirdest hobby? ok, fallen angel thing aside, it’s gotta be mari. she wakes up every night at whatever hour and looks at the stars for a very long time, and yoshiko thinks that’s hella weird (and terribly romantic).

-who cooks and who cleans? none of them cook lmao they’re terrible. yoshiko makes this really spicy-yet-sweet stuff and mari spends too much on ingredients, so they always order take-outs at three am because they’re that type of girls.

send me an otp 8D.

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Anon with the tendou-hating ""friend"" here-- do you have any headcanons abt him? You're like the only one I know who likes him

kjsdhk oh man i do!! some of them include ushijima i hope u dont mind

- he doesnt know how to cook but he does pastries p well; like cakes and cupcakes, even crepes and cookies. and sometimes carries some to eat after practice. 
- The team loves how he bakes but sometimes he puts a little too much chocolate icing over the stuff and they’re full by the time they eat ONE cupcake. Tendou comes w/ a new batch and theyre like “god,,, please, no”
- Tendou loooves watching movies, i think he’s the kind of person that wouldnt read the books of the movies he watches so he only has that perspective.
- His fav genre is horror/thriller and rarely gets scared with the movies. I think he’d just stare at the screen waiting to get jumpscared but when it happens he’s like “huh that wasnt that scary” or in the suspense parts he’s like “this is so predictable”
- he knows every single actress that has worked on horror movies and he is even fan of some. He also follows most actors/comedians on social media and he often talks about them to ushijima. he just nods and listens. 
- he’d tell ushijima when the scary parts of the movie are coming, for example when they watch a movie together that tendou has already watched, or tendou would just Guess when they come. Ushijima would say “I’m not scared” but tendou saw in his peripheral vision that he covered his eyes.
- he’s a very “physical” person as in: he loves to hug people, or put his arm around the other’s shoulders, or just put a hand on the other’s shoulder/ arm. i believe he pokes ppl in the cheeks or in the sides of their abdomen, maybe to get their attention. 
- When he tackled ushijima for a hug after they won once (and then many times more), no one could believe it. they were mostly shocked ushijima hugged back.
- we know that he reads manga and we also know that he lends his mangas to ushijima as well. i believe is v important for him and he wants to share his interests with everyone else, but the others dont care that much for mangas, so i think one day tendou talked about this manga he was into and asked ushijima if he wanted to read it, then he got rly excited when ushijima said he’ll give it a try.
- he loves all kind of reptiles & amphibians. i can rly see him having a snake pet that most of shiratorizawa is terrified of. Tendou claims is inoffensive and begs the team to pet it!!! when he’s feeling a little shit he’d chase goshiki around while the other Screams.
- tendou puts the snake over ushijima’s shoulders to see his reaction, but ushijima just looks at it and pets its little head. tendou smiles.
- he makes up nick names for everyone, and they change every once in a while too, to the point where they dont know who tendou is talking about anymore. 
- most of the team members are mildly annoyed with the nicknames bc at some point tendou just stops mixing their names with random words and he starts calling them things like “cauliflower-head” Semi: Tendou, i swear to God
- i already made a comic where he invents a nickname for ushijima (wakkun) but i believe he has invented him many more
-  he loves video games and listening to music out loud. i see him as someone  that would enjoy kpop tbh… 
- def a coffee person & loves spicy food
- he’s a really good student and his attention span is terrifyingly good

so i gu ess,, thats all. if u made it this far thank you

My personal favorite headcanon is that Grunkle Stan is fluent in many languages. I mean, come on- the guy traveled around the world! Of course he’s gonna learn a few languages. I can just imagine him being fluent in French, Spanish, and English since most places around the world use those. He also knows enough German to have a decent conversation. I just imagine one day when Mabel and Dipper are around and something happens that makes him really angry (a display in the Shack breaks or something) and Stan just begins cursing and swearing in practically every language he knows. He just leaves the room in a flurry of random words and everyone just stares at him like he’s nuts. (Later, Ford scolds him for saying such things after looking up what they mean.)

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fav stevebucky headcanon?

Omfg SO MANY but ok a couple of my faves: 

  • The one where the Avengers thought Bucky’s the one who likes to get Steve into trouble but then after like the twelfth time they see Steve jumping out of windows and punching people and Bucky’s in the background saying “not again” they realize it’s the opposite.
  • Or the one where Bucky finally knows all about the crazy shit Steve’s done and Steve’s all wide eyes and trying to stop whoever’s talking while Bucky slowly turns his head and just… stares.
  • PUNK BUCKY AND HIPSTER STEVE (and vice versa).
  • STEVE AND BUCKY HUGGING!!!! (they better have this in Cap 3 or I swear)
  • Bucky asking Steve to bring him to the museums/science fairs and he starts to stare and point at things like “whoa steve look at those jets! AND TV WITH COLORS” because he’s a huge science nerd.
  • Nat making a couple t-shirt for them, Steve’s t-shirt says “Fossil #1″ and Bucky’s “Fossil #2″
  • Them actually working at Barnes&Noble lmao.
  • And the one where Steve and Bucky makes up random and crazy stories about the old days and convincing the others that they’re true.

Ok I have many others but it’s gonna take too long and most of these are cute stuff cause we already have too much pain with these two fossils.

Sleepover Wednesday!

No Longer Pt.2

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Members: Taehyung, You, Jimin, OC

Length: Enough for a chapter

Summary: Would things ever be the same after Taehyung confessed he has feelings for you? Or would the feelings go away, just like you did from his heart?

Part 2/? | Part One

After that fateful day of your encounter with Jimin, you soon became fast friends. You both stuck onto each other like glue, never leaving each other’s sides. Both of you knew the other so well, both able to determine the emotions in a snap. Everybody thought you two were dating, I mean, who wouldn’t? Every minute of every day, was spent with Jimin, and no longer Taehyung, your former best friend. Little did you know that between the two boys, one’s heart has fallen for you and the other heart has been broken by you.

One day as you were walking around the campus with Jimin at your side, both chatting about the nonsense of life, Taehyung suddenly emerged in front of you two, blocking your path. Confused, you questioned the man, but was then speechless at the sight in front of you. Taehyung never looked as stunning as he was now, his bangs were now trimmed and dyed to a dark green color. His body was still as lean and fit as ever, but looked more defined with muscles.

A high pitched voice then broke you from your trance.

“Tae, wait up!” A voice cried. You could only think of one person of who the voice belonged to. Soo Ah.

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Chase’s 12 Days of Christmas 2016!

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming and I’ve got prompts open for this year’s 12 Days of Christmas! Submit your prompts so I can start working on them now in time to have them up for the holidays. If you’re looking for prompts to choose from, check below the cut because there are a LOT this year. If you have your own, don’t hesitate to send it to me!

Happy holidays everyone!


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