i make the most random shit

1.) Being outside. There is something so naturally enticing about feeling the grass beneath my feet, the sun kissing my skin and feeling the wind in my hair. It always seems to instantly improve my mood.

2.)Laughing. Laughing at the most meaningless, stupid little corny or even inappropriate things. Laughing until my chest hurts and my stomach aches. Especially laughing with someone I love, and realizing in that moment that my life would not be the same with out them.

3.) Getting out of the house. Going anywhere. Pointless drives to nowhere, buying a $1.25 coffee with the extra change in my purse and people watching, walking in the park or even just  window shopping. Getting out and doing anything fixes racing thoughts and anxious hearts.

3.)Hot baths. Sinking into a steaming hot bath with dim lights and allowing my mind to think about nothing other than the silence and calming heat on my body. Allowing myself to slowly slip into complete intoxicating  sedation.

4.)Exercise. Running and running until I can’t feel my legs. Sweating and getting my heart pumping and my muscles aching in any way possible. Exercise releases endorphin’s and serotonin which decreases anxiety and depression. Being fit and comfortable in your skin is a plus too.

5.)Love. Forehead kisses and being wrapped up in the arms of the one I so deeply  love makes me feel alive, safe and untouchable. Seeing him causes the world to stop, my heart to race and my breath to quicken. Nothing else on the planet matters when we are together. If you haven’t found your soulmate, be patient, you will.  

6.) Adventures. Traveling. Exploring. Watching sunsets in brand new places, and walking on newly touched land is the most invigorating thing that can happen. City skylines, mountains, endless fields of nothing, rivers and oceans that never end. Random conversations with random people. Go everywhere, take risks, do crazy shit, see everything , never pass up an opportunity to experience life and the beautiful world that we take for granted.

—  Six things to make you happy
the downright best thing about each sign

aries: always down to chill, will tell you whats on their mind no problem, you always know where you stand

taurus: will fucking ride AND die for you. never ever leaves someone behind

gemini: literally the life of the party 24/7 loves to have deep convo’s and go on adventures

cancer: the best shoulder to lean on. will sing to you and play with your hair until you feel alright

leo: BEST gift givers hands down. they always know what you love. hearts of gold

virgo: always knows the answers to your problems i swear to god. Also, always fixes shit for you.

libra: makes sure everyone feels so fucking loved and somehow knows exactly what people need. Very good at reading people

scorpio: if they’re your friend they will always help you no matter what.

sagittarius: always putting a positive spin on things and makes sure everyone has a good ass time

capricorn: never ever back down on their word, also, greatest planners ever!! 

aquarius: says the funniest and most random shit and surprises the hell out of you. always makes you laugh and laughs with you.

pisces: so fucking chill. literally the purest soul ever. draws you pictures and love notes to slip under your door at midnight.

i just. aggressively want victor to be cared for and cherished by everyone he crosses paths with. and not the “i’m a huge fan” and “can i get a picture?” kind of appreciation

i want him to be approached by a complete stranger when he’s dragging his feet through the supermarket aisles after a long day, “you seem a bit lost. can i help you?”

i want the clerk at the DMV to help him through a nasty red tape problem, and when he thanks them for making it go away, i want them to smile warmly and wish him a good week

i want someone at the airport to offer help carrying his 7 bags all the way to his uber

i just want victor to be showered with random acts of kindness from people who know him for shit beyond “the soft-looking guy who bothered to give me a heart-shaped smile/commiserate nod during the most hellish affairs of the human experience” 

dating ian would include

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  • being friends with max, joji, and chad 
  •  giving him video ideas 
  •  "you should make a content cop on him. he’s honestly just the worst.“ 
  •  him always asking you to film for him 
  • you stifling laughs behind the camera as he does some dumb shit 
  • going to australia together 
  • "let’s put each other in our twitter bios" 
  • "nah. that’s gay" 
  •  "you’re gay" 
  • car sex in the Jeep honestly 
  • you wanting to have rough sex but him always making it fluffy 
  • "i’m sorry, y/n, you’re just really adorable. i can’t help it" 
  •  trying to plan cute dates at fancy restaurants but ending up saying fuck it and going to taco bell instead 
  • him being romantic every once in a while 
  •  constant laughing 
  •  hugs!! all!!! the!! time! 
  • honestly i bet that boy gives the best hugs 
  • him just texting you the most random shit just because 
  •  "i just saw a dog that reminded me of you." 
  • "what the fuck does that mean?" 
  •  "idk… it was loud and annoying" 
  •  "fuck off, ian" 
  •  talking about how much you like each other, then realizing how ridiculously cringey you sound 
  • wearing his clothes, especially the Hoodie™ 
  • you know what hoodie i’m talking about 
  • holding hands while driving 
  • just straight up adoring each other 
  • you being the luckiest cunt alive

OKay so I love how I see a bunch of random shit playing overwatch but its always the most obscure nonsensical things that seem to make me laugh more than others. 

 So the other day I just so happened to be walking back to our point on the event night market map and I walk up to see this Symmetra pestering this enemy Widowmaker at our point.  The Widowmaker is on a ledge above this Symmetra who is completely oblivious at first to the symmetra below her. Ether way I swear I see them lock eye contact for a moment, then without ether of them really moving from their spots, the Symmetra spawns just one turret on some sort water/oil? container which the widow promptly destroys.  This goes on I swear for a good minute or so of this Symmetra individually spawning one turret that immediately gets destroyed by this widow,  I just, I pretty much stopped what I was doing to watch this whole interaction play out. It kinda boggles my mind how enraptured I was watching this whole Symmetra vs Widowmaker interaction play out before me. 

I dunno if it made me reflect on life or some nonsense but It certainly made me laugh.I just wanted to share this stupid story.  Oh also the Widowmaker did end up killing the Symmetra in the end. It was very lackluster.

I know it’s been summed up in one of the last posts I reblogged but I’m tired.

I’m tired of the blatant disregard toward Seokjin. I’m tired of his talent and efforts being ignored. I’m most definitely pissed about Cjenmusic and the fact that they forgot about Jin. That was entirely unprofessional.

I’m tired of seeing excuse after excuse of Jin not getting lines because his voice isn’t suited for their sound or whatever other bullshit reason. Literally everyone in bts gets their time to shine except for him. I’m glad that everyone gets to showcase their obvious talent but the only time I see anyone hype Jin’s vocals is through that one Converse High performance or a random Butterfly stage. It’s annoying.

And honestly if it were anyone else in vocal line, no one would hear the end of it and that’s a fact. I’m tired of it getting brushed to the side by literally everyone because it’s been normalized.

Another thing is, is that people get mad when Jin stans try to stand up for him as if they wouldn’t do the same for their fave. Y'all claim to be ot7 but could give two fucks if Seokjin gets lines or is even seen. Fuck that.

Jin isn’t my bias but I love all seven of them and when some dumb shit happens you better believe I’m ready to throw hands. I’m most definitely ready to throw hands at Bighit.

@ Bighit let Jin start his acting career, give him more lines, give him more appreciation, give him more screen time for fucks sake he’s the visual. Do something, anything to show that he’s not some random back up dancer.

I’m sorry I know these things have been said a million times before but I want people to understand why this is wrong. It makes me angry and sad when Jin stans have to repeatedly tell everyone this. Instead of just agreeing to placate them try actually appreciating him.

How NCT 127 & TenSol would crush on you


Anon: Hey~ could you do a “How NCT127+Ten+Hansol would crush on you” ☺️ Like how would they behave if they had a crush on you. THANK YOU ! I love your blog~ ❤

Anon: Can i request a NCT hyung line + Mark reaction when they have a crush (how would they be like) thanks xx

Thank you for requesting! This was actually quite hard to do, especially to think of 11 ways of crushing on someone which is hard to write if you’ve never actually crushed on someone lmfao I just hope you will enjoy it!

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Chinese Takeout-(Stiles Stilinski)

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Characters: Allison Argent, Kira Yukimura, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Coach Finstock, Stiles Stilinski and (Y/N)

Warnings: none?

Pairing: hint at Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1243

Summary: Stiles, out of nowhere, involves you in the tradition that takes place every lacrosse match Beacon Hills plays.

Stiles Stilinski. The schools weird kid with an endless supply of sarcasm. Stiles, who’s both a naturally smart kid like his dad and on the lacrosse team. Stiles Stilinski, the guy who I have a raging crush on for 3 agonizing years. 

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replied to your



do ya ever just think about the Metal Max series…

Is that what that Metal Saga game is? I keep seeing it from time to time in stores around here. Any good?

Yeah, that’s the one! They’re vehicle-based JRPGs, replacing basically all fantasy elements with tanks and guns and shit, and more guns, and more guns. Your team generally consists of 3 tanks and a dog. The dog can wear heavy artillery on its back. 

What a good boy.

Combat is turn-based and fairly simple, you can choose whether or not to fight inside or outside of your tanks (or firetrucks, or buses, or whatever you’re driving), though enemies can retreat to various positions that make them impossible to hit without having weaponry that can reach those positions.

I can’t speak for the entire series but Metal Saga in particular is super light on plot, there’s not much to it for 90% of the game other than “get tanks so that you can kill shit so you can make money so that you can pimp out your tanks so you can kill better shit so you can make more money”. That’s one of the things I like the most, I think; being destined to save the world or some shit can get tiring after a while, here you’re just a regular guy doing your own thing. You’re not given much direction at all, or even a real objective–just go do shit!

The majority of the “bosses” in the game are bounties you can find on wanted posters, and you gotta go find them. Some of them are scripted events but most of them are random encounters and must be hunted for, like a rare Pokemon. 

The enemies are fuckin’ nuts, too, there’s a giant hermit crab-lobster-thing using an ENTIRE ABANDONED BUILDING AS ITS SHELL



And there’s so many little details that they didn’t need to put in but did, anyway. Your tanks can get bird poop on them if you leave them parked unattended for too long, you hafta go get it washed or else the poop weighs down your tanks. 


I just love it a whole lot, man. I don’t get to gush about it much because nobody knows what the hell I’m talking about, and rightfully so because it basically doesn’t exist outside of Japan. Makes me sad, makes me real sad. 

All of that being said, 25/10 would recommend! 


Dating Theo Raeken Would Include:

  • you practically living at his house
  • stealing his shirts
  • cute forehead kisses
  • knowing theo’s plans for the mccall pack
  • him always getting frustrated when you want in on a plan because he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • “if something happened to you, i would go out of my fucking mind”
  • flirting constantly
  • teasing each other during pack meetings ;)
  • him being really protective over you
  • him threatening the dread doctors to stay the hell away from you
  • threatening the chimera pack too
  • “if anyone of you touches my girl, you’re dead. that’s not a threat, that’s a promise”
  • sex
  • so much sex
  • sex in his truck
  • mostly rough and kinky sex
  • but on occasions, slow and loving sex
  • him calling you ‘babygirl’
  • theo slightly losing control whenever you top him
  • low growls from the back of his throat and his eyes flash vibrant gold
  • “fuck, you’re so fucking beautiful”
  • taking loads of selfies together
  • going to the gym and constantly checking each other out when working out because damn
  • you being his first priority no matter what
  • so many cuddles
  • especially after a really long and stressful day
  • “come here, baby”
  • you being the only one who can calm him down
  • him never passing up the opportunity to take pictures of you when you don’t notice
  • he has one of you laughing adorably set as his lock screen
  • staying awake together and talking about random shit after one of you has a nightmare
  • hot makeout sessions
  • him biting your bottom lip
  • “you’re irresistible, god, it’s like i just can’t control myself around you”
  • hickeys
  • especially on your neck, collarbone, and inner thighs
  • play fighting together but theo lets you win most of the time because he likes it when you smile
  • him getting really jealous whenever another guy speaks to you
  • so he makes sure to really over do the pda around certain guys who can seem to take a hint
  • but also pda just in general
  • him smacking your ass when you’re walking in the hallways
  • “theo!”
  • “i can’t help myself, y/n, you’re hot”
  • defending him when the mccall pack (mainly stiles) make accusations about him
  • him peppering kisses all over your face when you’re sad because he knows that it’ll make you smile
  • taking showers together
  • and baths
  • which usually ends in sex
  • watching movies together whilst cuddling
  • “you give the best hugs, theo, you now that?”
  • “only for you”
  • you love it when he nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck because you find it absolutely adorable
  • both of you knowing that you’ll always be there for each other no matter what
  • him finding that listening to your heartbeat calms him down
  • he loves that your scent is practically the same as his because of how much he’s marked you, with sex, hugs, kisses, when you wear his clothes, etc
  • neither of you getting bored of the sex because you both think that it gets better every time
  • you being the only one who sees his soft and loving side
  • “i love you, raeken”
  • “and i love you, y/l/n”
  • him not saying that he loves you all too often so when he does, you know he means it one hundred percent
GOT7 Reaction To Seeing a Black Girl at Their Fanmeet

jaebum: “hey what’s your name?” grabs her hand and looks into her soul. he’s smiling like really hard the whole time really.

bambam: he’s gonna try to act out lowkey. he might turnip (turn up, get lit) just a little bit. he’ll let her know that he think she’s pretty and basically treat her as a long time friend. touching her if she lets him which she most definitely will.

mark: his deep voice…lord. pray for her cause he’s gonna sound so sweet talking to her. he’s flirting ofc. “i like your hair” “can i..?” he’ll ask before touching it. when he touches her hair, he bites his lip while looking into her eyes. she dead.

youngjae: this sunshine apple face pie heart warmer will make her smile and laugh (because of his randomness) so much. holding onto her hand. doing random shit cause why not?

jackson: “hey girl”. he’s biting his lips at her. being a fucking freaky flirt level up 2.0. that is all.

jinyoung: cutie. that engrish tho. he’s using that..well duh. she’s gonna die making it obvious that she’s…dying. he’ll be a blushing and cheery mess. “you are so pretty!”

yugyeom: shy as fuck. lowkey lost for words. choking. shookt. staring. “you’re so…oaahhh” he’ll accidentally say to her. face palms cause his engrish. cuteness overload.

People All Over the World, Start a Love Train!

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@aknightfornawt I can’t actually put down in words how happy you make me. LET’S MARRY, TRAVEL THE WORLD AND DISCUSS THE PENIS LENGTH OF FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Also, rhubarb vodka.

@theasexualscorpio my first fandom friend!!!! Our messages are full of random shit, graphic sex discussions and ridiculous gifs. Enthusiastically screaming at each other forever and ever amen.

@greengableslover i think you may be the sweetest person I know??? Like, you surprise me with the most wonderful gifts and you’re just so thoughtful and supportive it makes me want to cry. 

BTS as shit my (Admin Unnie) friends have said
  • Jin: *person is trying to kiss them* No I just wanna eat my toast
  • Yoongi: Can't a guy sleep in peace without their phone buzzing every few seconds?! *is 2:30 in the afternoon*
  • Hoseok: That is the whitest thing I have ever heard.
  • Namjoon: Most of the stories in the Bible make no sense, like, there's no background or context whatsoever, they're just so random. *is explained the context of stories he asks about* ....okay then
  • Jimin: *places hands on boobs* they're hand warmers
  • Taehyung: No I don't mean killer whales. I mean Whaley whales, like ones that live in the ocean.
  • Jungkook: I can't math *gets one question right* Maybe I can math!!

montparnassee  asked:

Prompt: Claquesous trading names with Montparnasse when Javert is questioning them AGAIN and exaggerating it x1100 (because it's canon)


Claquesous freezes and Montparnasse groans inwardly. How does he do that. For a guy that looks like he has damn marching music playing on a loop in his head Javert sure know how to appear out of nowhere.

“Officer,” he grimaces, turning around and his friend does the same.

“And what might you two be doing out here at this hour?”

Honestly, four in the morning is exactly the appropriate time to be outside a shady club but whatever. “Are we being detained?” Montparnasse asks coldly.

Javert smiles thinly. “There’s no need to take that tone,” he says. “We’re just having a friendly chat. Nor is there any need for the parade about you two having forgotten your identification.” He squints at Montparnasse. “Mister Montparnasse, is it not?”

“No,” Claquesous suddenly speaks up. “That would be me.”

He’s taking such care to pronounce all the vowels in the words that Montparnasse nearly smirks, but he just manages to keep a straight face.

“And that would make you Mister Claquesous,” Javert points at Montparnasse.

Montparnasse slants his head and lets his shoulders sag a little. “Yeah, sure,” he mutters.

“And where is your loud friend?”

“I expect he is still inside,” Claquesous says with a sigh, delicately brushing his fringe out of his face.

“We’re havin’ a night out,” Montparnasse says, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets. Two can play at this game.

“Really?” Javert says, unimpressed. “And what did this night out involve?”

“Mostly dancing,” Claquesous says before Montparnasse can answer. “I am an excellent dancer.”

“An’ I just like to…soak up the music,” Montparnasse slurs in retaliation.

“I see…” Javert’s eyes seem to be continually fixed on either one of them. Dude could outstare a cat. “If that’s the case I’m sure you wouldn’t mind emptying your pockets for me?”

“Are we being searched, officer?” Claquesous huffs with a flounce of his shoulders.

“If you’re looking for drugs, we don’t have any,” Montparnasse mumbles, trying to make enough hair fall in front of his eyes so he can glance out from behind it. “I don’t need it…I live for my art…”

Claquesous takes in a sharp breath. “You think I’d touch drugs? You have any idea what that stuff does to your skin?”

Javert probably isn’t capable of not frowning, but he’s definitely frowning more now. He probably thinks they are on drugs instead of carrying them. “If I was about to search you, you would know it,” he says coldly. “I am only asking, in a very friendly manner, if you wouldn’t mind emptying your pockets.”

“Oh, well, if that’s all,” Claquesous says and he smiles. He actually smiles.

Montparnasse has to hold his breath not to laugh at Javert’s face.

“Sous,” Claquesous snaps. “Hold this.” And he begins shoving whatever he has in his pockets against Montparnasse’s chest. Montparnasse has to scramble to take his hands out of the pockets of his skinny jeans and grab the random shit Claquesous always seems to be carrying around.

“Most of this useless crap is yours anyway,” Claquesous scolds. “God your so messy. I never carry anything but the essentials. Like a mirror. And three different eyeliners.” He turns his pockets inside out and makes a face at Javert. “See? Nothing naughty.”

Montparnasse scoffs and stuffs the mishmash of things back into Claquesous’ hands. “You’re so full of shit,” he slurs. “Here.” He digs his packet of cigarette’s out of his jacket and tosses it to Claquesous. “Take your cancer sticks back.” He glances up at Javert. “I don’t smoke. It’s bad for my voice.” He continues emptying his pockets. There’s only one eyeliner by the way and no mirror. “There, nothin’.”

They both have plenty of things on their person that could land them in jail, but none of it is in their pockets that’s for damn sure.

Javert stares at them for a moment. “Alright then,” he says curtly. “I suggest you find somewhere else to spend the rest of your night.”

“Hm-hm,” Montparnasse grunts.

Thank you officer, so kind of you,” Claquesous snarks.

They watch him walk away and turn the corner. As soon as he does Montparnasse straightens up and Claquesous leans back against the nearest wall.

“What the fuck was that?” Montparnasse asks, but he can’t stifle the grin on his face.

“Bored,” Claquesous says with a lopsided smirk. He starts putting his belongings back in his pockets.

“Hey,” Montparnasse snaps his fingers and holds out his hand.

Claquesous rolls his eyes and gives him his cigarettes.

Montparnasse lights up and smooths his hair back.

“So,” Claquesous hums. “Where’s your mirror?”

He just manages to evade Montparnasse’s kick to his shins.


request: Can you write something about best friend harry!


“You promise you’ll come?”

“Come on, love, have a little faith. I would cross an ocean to get to that gallery opening.”

I smirked at his joke, “Yes, Harry, that’s exactly what I’m asking you to do.”

I heard him chuckle on the other line, “I’ll be there. Promise.”


That was a week ago. I hadn’t talked to him much since and now we were nearing the end of the gallery opening. No sign of Harry. I checked my phone; no missed calls or texts. I tried calling him myself and only got his voicemail.

"Hi! Gallery opening today! Call me when you land, I just want to know if you got in safely.”

“Hey it’s me, just wondering when you’ll be here so I can let the curator know when to look for you.”

“Hi, me again, all the photos of you sold pretty quickly, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I think most people are more here for you than me. Anyway, call me back please.”

“There’s only a few people left here and the gallery closes in an hour. Where are you?”

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The signs in a group chat

Aries: “wait what’s going on?”

Taurus: sends the most memes, always complaining about something

Gemini: always texts the group chat from 1am-4am to see if anyone wants to go out and get food

Cancer: sends the most gifs, probably the first one to text the group chat to see how everyone is

Leo: doesn’t have an iphone so makes everyone use DM’s instead

Virgo: “guys i just want to get lit this weekend”

Libra: the one who texts the group chat and NO ONE ever answers them

Scorpio: always has something really intellectual to say, perfect grammar

Sagittarius: tries to make plans and gets frustrated when people bail

Capricorn: constantly sending random shit in the group chat that confuses the hell out of everyone

Aquarius: honestly almost always MIA but when they talk they always make a really good point

Pisces: sends really juicy screenshots to the group chat

favorite things about the blacklight journal (so far):

  • I love that the photo of Alex is his twitter icon because it will always always remind me of this.
  • the little splatters of blacklight ink in random places makes it really feel like Ford was losing it while he was going back through the previous pages, and like he couldn’t always see what he was doing with the invisible ink
  • the removable pieces! the inclusion of the paper from Irrational Treasure and the “Do You Like Me?” note is. fantastic
  • Bill’s Shitted On ‘Em List: An Interactive Timeline
  • I still love the My Muse page the most. I think the blacklight is gorgeous and the stars lighting up is fantastically executed
  • “This guy should spend less time reaping and more time at the gym!” jfc Ford the man is dead
  • that the password to the laptop was “STANFORD” okay, as someone who has experience w using her crush’s names for passwords, I feel u Fiddleford
  • also related: the “silver fox” line
  • the last page! deserves it’s own post but can I just talk about how smart it is? like it was clearly very thought out! someone really thought about how the ink absorbs light and how that can be manipulated by the reader! I didn’t know that it was possible to make that page even more bittersweet than it already was, but it really is an incredible addition
  • the final blacklight illustration closes it with that sense of magic that I think the Bill statue represents (or at least it does for me). Bill is a mascot as much as he is a villain, and he’s a piece of the magic and the mystery and the wonder that is waiting in the woods; that the last blacklight image is of the statue captures that.
  • I’m not even done looking at the thing, there’s just so much to love

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Hi there! if it's not too annoying, may I ask why you dislike Life is Strange so much?

Oh boy, where do I start. I’ve probably forgotten half of it too.

Also, before I get into it, don’t think I’m knocking anyone for liking this game. It’s obviously popular and I’m in the minority in hating it, so don’t let my opinion make you feel like you’re wrong or something. Art is subjective. Tastes differ.

Under a cut because spoilers and textwall

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imbetterlive  asked:

I live for shit like your headcanon #23 lik plz more

The mission was a bust.

It started out great until a random abnormal sprang out, scattered their group and spooked most of their horses. In the fucking winter. Now the small group was huddled near an oak tree that did little to protect them from the winds.

But they had something with them that would.

“Eren, come on, steam! We`re freezing out here!” Jean yelled, making Eren flinch.

“I told you, it only works if I`m blushing! I`m not blushing right now am I?!”

“Well, you`d better start!”

Armin tried to slip between them before Jean tried to punch their only source of warmth. “Perhaps we could just embarrass him? That`s what happened every other time?”

Levi sighed from where he leaned up against the large tree, marching over to Eren with an unreadable expression. Eren instinctively took a step back.

Levi wasn`t deterred, grabbing the shifter by the back of his neck and pulling his head down to his level, which was basically bending him in half, tall ass brat.

“This is for the mission.” The raven said quickly, and before Eren could ask he mushed their lips together in a rough kiss. Eren`s squeak was pretty adorable.

The Captain tilted his head to slot their lips together more comfortably, wrapping his free arm around Eren`s waist. He moved his lips against the brunet`s, only pulling back minutes later because Eren`s noises started to rise in volume.

When Levi looked up at his face, he was satisfied to see him steaming up a storm, feeling the waves of wonderful warmth rolling off of him as he buried his face in his hands. The rest of the squad, who had frozen in silence and shock, rushed around Eren like he was a fire.

“Over the top much?” Hanji whispered as she took his place next to her short companion. The wiggle of his eyebrows was clear enough.

“Fuck off.” The short man grumbled.