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make me choose: Suzy or JB // asked by anonymous.

“Whenever I get off stage, I should be hearing things like ‘you did well’ but instead people tell me that I’m ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ and that upsets me. Reading comments like that make me want to work harder. I’ve wanted to do well in everything I’ve done but when people judge me based on my looks and not my talent, it makes me try even harder.” - Bae Suzy

This is only happening because everyone else is doing it and I have this life controlling urge to fit in and be mainstream. J U S T  K I D D I N G. Am I? Someone hold me.

Anywho! First off I wanna say a huge thank you to everyone who follows me - I will forever be baffled about the fact that people like this silly little blog of mine AND decide to stay, even though I sometimes post a lot of things they’re probably not that interested in. I appreciate you guys so much, thank you for sticking around, for messaging me, for talking to me about the most random things, for reblogging my stuff and for being an absolutely lovely bunch! ♥

And now, without any further ado (okay, just a bit ado…I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds fancy), on to those who make my dash pretty and are altogether the most talented, smartest, funniest and kindest people I’ve ever encountered on the stupid interwebz. I love you, you make my day better when it’s shitty, you deserve all the best in life, sometimes I stalk you in a non creepy way.

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I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone! Please don’t hate me, ilu.

Merry Christmas y’all & happy holidays! Be safe, be happy and spread some love xx

HEY GUYSITS KAT!!  Here with my first follow forever!! I wanted to do a follow forever because i just wanted to give back to my followers, (even though  i only have 230 but i still love you all!!) I’ve made so many close friends and i’ve  started to grow endless love for SEVENTEEN!! Honestly you guys, (carats)  are the most kindest,sweetest,most helpful,most encouraging and the most funniest people i have ever met! Without you guys i wouldn’t have the happiness i have today but also the best tumblr family!! I’ve included every single person i follow  (sorry, its very lengthy!!) (also there is some exo,bts and other kpop blogs) but, I really love ALL my followers, i appreciate each and every one of you!! ❤❤❤ 

also a BIG THANK YOU TO!!~ @diamondandl✧♕ for making my panel/gif haha love you :D  

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JUST A QUICK SHOUTOUT!!!  Juat wanted to say to all those people who are constantly in my activity, talking to me, etc; I HIGHLY appreciate it alot much ^.^ ❤❤❤ I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH !! AND THANK YOU AGAIN~~~❤❤❤