i make stupid things at 1am

I’m trying to come up with a playlist for the Captive Heart sequel cos i really loved making the playlist for the first one but all I have so far is emo bullshit from when i was like 14 lmao

“I know I’ve placed my heart in your palm, but that doesn’t even scare me because that’s where my heart should be; with you. And I trust you. I know you’ll take care of it, just like how I’ll strive and do my hardest to take care of yours. I know I’m clumsy and I trip up and walk into glass doors of stupidness but I’ll always nurture your heart and make sure its okay.

Sometimes I don’t even walk into glass doors of stupidness, I run at them at full speed, but I’ll always make sure your heart is safe and if any shard of glass get on it, I’ll get rid of it but keep in mind the process of pulling it out might hurt but in the end it’ll work out and the pain will be a thing of the past and I will carry on loving you.”  3/05/15 1am conversations. ig:victoriatabat