i make stupid things at 1am

Thank you for teaching us that you can still have fun and dance even if you aren’t good

Thank you for reminding us to have the freedom of a kid even as you get older

Thank you for encouraging us that we will get through it even when we are depressed and have no motivation at all

Thank you for telling us that we can do what we want because it’s our own lives

Thank you for making us laugh at the simple and stupid things

Thank you for being t.o.p to us, but most importantly, thank you for being choi seunghyun

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Whoops, soz ahahah. Teenage kaspbrough??

-bill demanded to be in all the same classes as eddie so they have all the same high school classes

-eddie learned a lot abt munchausen by proxy and at that point in high school is scared to even take food from his mom for fear it might be poisoned so he throws out all the food his mom packs him and bill brings lunches

-eddie goes to all of bill’s football practices to the point where he’s practically the team mascot

-eddie and bill do all the stupid teenager things at night like sneaking out at 1am and going grocery shopping and stealing shopping carts but eddie always ends up getting sleepy and bill puts him in the back seat of his pickup and drives him to a drive thru for hashbrowns

-”im not cute billy, im badass” “i know, eddie” “i could kill anyone i want with my fighting skills” “i know, eddie”

-bill has a beautiful voice and is constantly singing to eddie- he particularly loves bobby vee- and whenever he does it eddie gets so flustered

-constantly mall-shopping and making fun of weird people there

-matching outfit goals

-eddie looks great varsity jackets and bill always lending him his

‘bill’s jokes are always met with an “im leaving you” from eddie bc theyre always SO BAD and SO DADDISH…..

-eddie borrows bill’s dad hats. no, not the trendy ones. theyre literally so ugly but eddie pulls them off

-eddie gets these huge aviators in sophomore year and theyre really low prescription but hes convinced he has to wear them every day or hell go blind, and bills bseesed w them on eddies face bc his cheeks are so soft and his face round and chubby and the huge glasses look great especially with huge sweaters

-eddie’s favorite place to do homework is on bill’s lap bc he’s the perfect size to sit there and he loves to do it all the time

-bills a kiss stealer and eddie is affronted

-like he makes these little affronted gasps when bill pecks his lips and his cheeks turn bright red and bill just laughs at his silly boyfriend

-eddie proof-reads bill’s short stories and always notices the fantasy ones consistently have a knight saving a princess in a tower with blonde, bouncy curls and red cheeks and a button nose and a breathing problem and he feels his heart fill up with love because wow, bill really loves him that much

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Eobarry for the ask meme?

Thanks for the ask! 

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa - Barry Allen, being the major dork he is, would totally push open the door instead of pulling it/vice versa. Especially when he’s talking to Eobard and getting really, really hyped about something. So the two would have to stand outside the building for a solid two minutes doing nothing but talking before Barry grumbles something like, “OKAY, BUT WHY IS THIS THING NOT OPENING?!” (And then Eobard will patiently have to swing/pull the door open for Barry.) 
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them - Okay, so I know it’d be more like Barry to do this, but I like to think it’d actually be Eobard who doodles the hearts over the desk. (I mean, since Eobard is basically Barry Allen’s number one fan. Duh.) 
  • Who starts the tickle fights - Barry. No matter what the mood is, Barry just has to break the tension by tickling. At first, Eobard will pretend to be all stoic and soldier-like, saying something along the lines of, “Barry, I’m not ticklish - OKAY NO BUT NOW I’M TICKLISH NONONOO BARRY STOP FINE THEN I’M GONNA TICKLE YOU BACK SEE” 
  • Who starts the pillow fights - Again, it’s going to be Barry. He’ll just casually whack Eobard with a pillow whenever he’s bored. 
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar - Eobard. When he’s really tired, anyways - maybe super early in the morning when he’s beginning to get his brain up. One day, Barry will have accidentally put the salt and the sugar in the wrong places - and Eobard, still being half-asleep, will grab the wrong one and dump it into his coffee. (And end up spitting it out a second later, completely awake this time.) 
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning - Barry. It would have been by accident. He was trying to make popcorn because he was hungry. (And then he’d be scrambling around frantically to shut the stupid thing off because “COME ON COME ON COME ON EO’S SLEEPING HOLY SHIT I MEAN YES, BABE, NOTHING’S WRONG GO BACK TO SLEEP”)
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines - Barry. Eobard always rolls his eyes at them, but we all know that he secretly likes it. Which prompts Barry to find new cheesy pick up lines all the damn time. (Cisco looked into Barry’s browser history once. And was overwhelmed by all of the searching Barry did for those stupid pick up lines.)
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order - Eobard, because he’s obviously the neat freak in the relationship. Barry likes to tease Eobard that he should have been a librarian instead of a scientist. 
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies - Barry. WHOO, and it is EXTREMELY distracting for Eobard. (And Barry knows it, that idiot.)
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion - Eobard, because he likes the whole distinguished (and also slightly romantic) vibe that candles give off. He chooses new ones all the time, though, because he knows that Barry can’t stand one smell for too long. 
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen - Barry. They might not be entirely artistic, but Eobard appreciates them either way. (Although it can be a bit of a pain when Eobard wakes up to see BARRY DRAWING ALL OVER HIS ARM LIKE SERIOUSLY BARRY GIVE ME A WARNING NEXT TIME BEFORE I ACCIDENTALLY PHASE THROUGH YOUR CHEST)
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation - Eobard. I mean, come on - he might find the past a little strange, but he has some appreciation for what the world used to be like. So he kind of impulsively gets the little magnets, which Barry teases him ruthlessly about. (”Awww, that’s so adorable!” “BARRY -” “NO SERIOUSLY, EO, IT’S ADORABLE I NEED TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS” “BARRY NO”) 
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines - BARRY. Eobard pretends not to be interested but the second Barry leaves the room, he takes a look at the surveys. (But Barry always catches him. Because that’s what you can do when you’re a speedster boyfriend.)

“I know I’ve placed my heart in your palm, but that doesn’t even scare me because that’s where my heart should be; with you. And I trust you. I know you’ll take care of it, just like how I’ll strive and do my hardest to take care of yours. I know I’m clumsy and I trip up and walk into glass doors of stupidness but I’ll always nurture your heart and make sure its okay.

Sometimes I don’t even walk into glass doors of stupidness, I run at them at full speed, but I’ll always make sure your heart is safe and if any shard of glass get on it, I’ll get rid of it but keep in mind the process of pulling it out might hurt but in the end it’ll work out and the pain will be a thing of the past and I will carry on loving you.”  3/05/15 1am conversations. ig:victoriatabat

5sos preference: Rain

Luke: you had been walking around in the rain for about 20 minutes now. Music was blasting from your headphones and your clothes were soaked. Your parents were fighting again, so you had done what you always did. You had quickly grabbed your phone and some earphones and jumped out the window. All your parents ever did was fight and you were quite honestly tired of it. You let your tears fall freely and they started mixing with the rain. You ended up at what looked like an abandoned playground. You couldn’t see any people around so you sat down on one of the old swings making it squeak slightly. Your music was still playing so you didn’t hear the swing beside you make any noise. That’s why you were surprised when you felt a hand touch your arm. You immediately took out one of your earbuds and looked at the stranger. “Hey,” he said smiling at you. “Hi,” you answered as you gave him a little smile. “Are you alright?” He carefully asked. “Yeah, why?” You asked the stranger, not wanting to tell him your story. “It just seems weird, you’re sitting in the rain by yourself,” “you’re doing the same thing though,” you pointed out. “Yeah, but at least I’m dressed in appropriate clothes,” The guy said pointing at your bare arms. “Maybe I’m just looking for an escape from reality,” you sighed looking at your feet. “Aren’t we all,” the boy muttered looking at something in the distance. “I’m Luke by the way,” Luke muttered, holding a hand out for you to shake. “Y/n,” you said gently shaking his outstretched hand.

Calum: it seemed to be raining nearly every day in your city, so you weren’t surprised to be awoken by the sound of water hitting your window. It had seemed like any other day, yet it had felt slightly different. You had thought nothing about it and just started your daily routine instead. Every day had seemed the same for the past few months. You turned on the hot water and started washing your body, only to step out of the shower a few minutes later to dress in the casual grey sweater and black jeans. Only this time you didn’t. Something made you think about the choice of your outfit twice, something made you use 10 minutes extra on your make-up. You grabbed your umbrella and walked to the bus. As you walked on to the bus you were about to walk to your usual seat in the back where no one sat except you, but you sat in one of the first seats where you would be able to see everyone walking onto the bus. The ride seemed like the usual, boring and cold. But something still made you look at every single person walking onto the bus. At the forth stop a few people walked onto the bus, with rain dripping from their clothes. A middle aged woman and a man walked to the back of the bus as another guy probably around your age was behind them. He fixed his beanie and looked around for an empty seat. That was when you caught his eye, the guy was absolutely gorgeous. His dark hair was covered by a grey beanie, and he had warm chocolate eyes matching his tan skin. He smiled at you before walking over to your seat. “Do you mind if I sit here,” the guy smiled motioning to the empty side beside you. “Of course not,” you said smiling back, as you quickly moved your bag so the beautiful stranger could sit down next to you. “Not to be rude or anything, but I haven’t seen you around at school and you seem my age,” you said trying to make conversation with the guy. “I just moved here, would be nice with a friend for my first day of school though,” the guy nudged you smiling. “Well consider me your friend then, I’m y/n,” you said. “Calum,” your newly found friend told you.

Ashton: you and your best friend Ashton was cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. It was like any other movie night you and Ashton have had, except maybe it wasn’t. You didn’t exactly know why it was different, you just had this weird feeling that something was gonna happen. You were already on your third movie and you felt like you had consumed your own body weight in ice cream, but as the movie kept playing you and Ashton kept eating. “This movie is so stupid!” Ashton exclaimed with his mouth full of ice cream. “It’s not!” You said defending your favourite movie. “I just don’t get it, I mean it’s so stupid with the whole ‘best friends falling in love’ thing,” Ashton argued. Your heart dropped a little. Over the past few months you had started to see Ashton as more than a friend. You had quickly fallen in love with the the hazel eyed boy you could only call your best friend. “I guess it is,” you mumbled. You quickly got up of the couch when you felt tears forming in your eyes. “Where are you going?” Ashton asked. “I- uh, I have to go, I’ll see you soon,” you said gathering your things, not making eye contact with Ashton. “Y/n, it’s 1am. Can’t it wait until tomorrow?” Ashton asked as he got up from the couch as well. “No Ashton,” you said your voice wavering slightly. You quickly ran out the door where the rain was pouring down like it wasn’t gonna stop for days. “Y/n! Wait!” Ashton called from behind, only causing you to walk faster. It didn’t help as you felt a hand grab your wrist pulling you back. Your chest was pressed against Ashton’s and he quickly wrapped his arms around you. “Was it something I said?” Ashton asked looking down at your red eyes. You sighed, “Ashton, it’s stupid okay?” You said referring to the things he had said earlier. You looked up into his eyes, big mistake. Ashton was staring right back at you with his gorgeous hazel eyes, with water droplets dripping from some hair stuck on his forehead. The boy looked absolutely gorgeous. That was when he started to lean in. Kissing you in the middle of the street with rain dropping from the dark sky. You broke away feeling as confused as ever, but you kept your forehead against Ashton’s as you felt his warm breath over your lips. “If you’re talking about the things I said earlier, I only said them cause I never thought you would actually fall for someone like me.” Ashton said grabbing both your hands in his. All you could do was lean in again kissing Ashton with as much passion as possible, showing him just how wrong he was.

Michael: you were sitting in front of one of the windows in the tour bus. Michael had invited you with him on tour and the jet lag had kicked in as soon as you landed on the other side of the world. The other boys were sound asleep in the bunks just a “room” away from you, just like everyone else in the city you were passing trough. You were mesmerised by the small droplets racing each other as the rain hit the window. The street was deserted apart from the moving bus, with the tired band dudes making their way from one city to another, living their dreams. You had always had a few problems sleeping, but with the jet lag it made it at least ten times worse. You hadn’t had a good nights sleep in days, but when the boys woke up you just shrugged them off saying you just woke up. No one really suspected a thing. You were still looking at the darkness outside, just enjoying the quiet moment that you didn’t get to experience often, when you felt a presence beside you. You looked to your left to see a sleepy Michael with a blanket wrapped around him. “What are you doing love?” Michael asked sitting down next to you. “Couldn’t sleep,” you mumbled as Michael placed the blanket over the both of you. “When was the last time you actually slept?” Michael asked quietly as he watched the rain as well. “What do you mean?” You asked Michael, acting as if you didn’t already know what he was talking about. “Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about,” Michael sighed. “The circles under your eyes are getting darker and you always sneak into another room while you think we’re asleep,” Michael said, looking down at you. You sighed leaning a little more into Michael. “I guess it started after you left,” you said silently. “I started having problems with falling asleep at night. Now that I’m finally with you again I feel like I just don’t wanna miss a thing. The first few days it was mostly the jet lag keeping me awake, but I guess I’m afraid of wasting the time when I’m finally with you,” you tried to explain. “You’re not gonna miss out on anything y/n,” Michael said kissing your forehead, drawing small patterns with his fingertips on your back. You leaned your head on Michael’s chest closing your eyes. Michael’s presence and the sound of the rain still pouring down on the other side of the glass lulling you to sleep.

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