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Ilvermorny Headcanons

I can’t remember if I already posted these, so here:

* House Points aren’t shown in totals but in percentage. There is a huge pie chart on the wall in the dining hall that adjusts to show which House has the biggest percentage of House Points.
* Free-dress Fridays
* Many years ago, an Ilvermorny student started a book, filled with all the secrets and hidden passageways of the school. They enchanted it so that it was almost impossible to destroy and so that only other Ilvermorny students could add to it and nothing could be erased. For the first several years, it was amazing- an easy source of secret information- but then some students start putting in false information. Pretty soon, it’s all a big jumble of fact and fiction, tons of bizarre theories and conspiracies that make no sense. Finally, a group of Thunderbirds and Horned Serpents forms with the purpose of checking the validity of every fact in the book (which is both an adventure and a quest for knowledge). The challenge is trying to check all the facts faster than they’re being written down.
* Pukwudgies are who you go to for contraband electronics
* Ilvermorny students still have to take the Pacer Fitness Test once a year. You can always tell which House and age group is next by the mix of dread and depressed resignation on their faces right before.
* Pukwudgies always have pockets full of homemade cough drops that taste like a dozen different good things
* Wampuses give the best hugs
* There’s an ongoing debate on whether the plural is “Wampuses” or “Wampi”. A handful are pushing for “Wampodai”.
* Pukwudgies are some of the quickest to anger, but they’re shit at holding grudges, no matter how hard they try.
* Inter-house bonding for Horned Serpents and Pukwudgies means making wizarding parodies of no-maj pop songs
* Thunderbirds know the most about secret passageways because they love to explore
* Horned Serpents know the second most about secret passageways because they’re always looking for new quiet places to study
* Thunderbirds will celebrate anything. Valentine’s Day? They’ll celebrate. Mothers Day? They’ll celebrate. National Pancake Day? Damn, will they celebrate.
* Wampuses regularly have hardcore pillow fights
* There’s a pajama day once every quarter
* Horned Serpents love to debate because they enjoy finding arguments and challenging them. Pukwudgies love to debate because they get really passionate and worked up about things. Horned Serpents have more facts at the ready to back up their claims, but Pukwudgies refuse to give up. If they lose, they’ll just come back later with more arguments. “-oh, and another thing!” “Jeffrey, it has been two months!!”
* Ilvermorny is a lot more lax about electronics at school. Plenty of kids have phones, and there are Pokéstops all over the castle.
* The non-Americans get really sick of Americans acting like its a USA-only school, so they edit a version of Pokémon Go where it’s Team America, Team Canada, and Team Mexico, and they’re constantly fighting to prove they’re the best by holding as many gyms as they can.
* Wampuses race everywhere and for everything. “Do you want the red straw or the blue straw?” “WHOEVER REACHES THAT WALL FIRST GETS THE RED STRAW” “No, just take the fucking red straw if you want it so bad.” “But I wanted the blue straw.”
* Thunderbird always organizes huge games of Capture the Flag during breaks
* Horned Serpents are always making jokes in other languages (Latin, Hebrew, Tolkien Elvish, etc.) to annoy the other houses.
* Thunderbirds’ need to experiment when cooking/baking results in either the most amazing or most revolting creations
* Pukwudgies are the students most likely to do harmonies when singing Happy Birthday
* The tables in the dining hall rotate and move at random intervals during meals so you end up sitting next to some new people a few times per meal. The table segments seat six, though, so you can still be near friends. There’s no House separation.


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