i make screencaps sometimes


is it………..is it the only reason you can think of……..is it rly

it’s my 1 year anniversary of playing mystic messenger !


CS AU Week - Another Time Period: 1950s

In which Emma and Killian are best friends who work at a BBC News programme.

“You know, some nice girl needs to rescue you.”

“Who? There’s only ever been you.”

For my darling Julia (@shoedonym​) and her The Hour inspired 50s AU


7x09 - Copper Bullet.


There’s a fire inside she got from you. She’s volatile… unpredictable. Soft, and hard, and soft again. Stronger than she knows.

liz keen appreciation month | general ludd

( these will by no means ever be done immediately, mainly because i’m pretty lazy and overloaded as is —- i will do them whenever i have enough room, tho, mark my words. )

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