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So what’s the most popular fic posted each month, sorted by kudos?

January: (cut-off 136 kudos)

  1. Feels So Good It Can’t Be Wrong by Waffle-o (XylB) (Raywood, E, smut, fahc)
  2. Occupational Voyeurism by BlackBat09 (Mavin, E, smut, ELR)
  3. Masquerade by ironicpalmtree (Freewood, fahc)

February: (cut-off 224 kudos)

  1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears by whalehuntingboyfriends  (Freewood, spy au)
  2. Every Other Day by Angelology (Freewood, fahc)
  3. Origins by whalehuntingboyfriends (Freewood, ELR)

March: (cut-off 91 kudos)

  1. Ryan the Blind Guy by PhantomTyper (gen, T, fahc)
  2. The Dwight Stuff Pizza by KittyLupin (Jeremwood, T, fahc, pizza delivery au)
  3. mash a to flirt by charmolypi (Raywood, G, streamer au)

April: (cut-off 70 kudos)

  1. The Mechanicals by whalehuntingboyfriends (Freewood, king au)
  2. An Honest Mistake by mightbeanasshole (Micheoff, E, college au)
  3. Casual Bullet Wounds by Syphus (raywood?, WIP, pre-fahc)

May so far: (cut-off 30 kudos)

  1. A Soft Place To Fall by HoodedFigure (ship unclear, M, WIP, fahc)
  2. Two Headed Boy by rocksafella (Freewood, fahc)
  3. Looking Pretty in a Hotel Bar by smallnspunky (Freewood, G, fahc)

*note that stories published within the time-span but updated in a later month fell by the way-side due to how the search was set up (restricted to revised within said month, then sorted by date posted; all stories published earlier but updated within the month-restriction could thus be ignored with little research. Alas updated works first published within the targeted month are moved to the updated month by the search engine and are hence missing from these listings.

It’s the closest I’ve come to balance fairness with effort so far.)

She calls to you, even now

Haven’t drawn a Naten in a while so have a really fast teen angst Nathan. I wanna make one for all the boys.

PS my hand lettering is so bad I’m so sorry


I have a lot of regrets (namely only painting one side of the flowers and forgetting to add a piece until it was too late) but my legs are tired and aching after spending almost 8 hours tucked underneath me to make this

So ! here is Natsume as Houzuki

idea for a video game

I have way more ideas for projects than i have time to do them, so i’m throwing out into the abyss an idea for a game i had. 
It’s called Bra Quest
You are an average dude living in a sword-and-sorcery fantasy world. You fall afoul of a sorceress and she turns you into a fantasy game woman with a wildly unrealistic body. You decide to hunt down the sorceress through this world of monsters, but you need to get armour that fits your ridiculous massive boobs. The monsters you kill will give you bounty, which you can exchange for armour. Also when you kill a dragon you can cut open its stomach and steal the clothing off the last princess it ate. The different breastplates will give you different powers and weapons, eg flying or shooting fireballs. The animation will be very silly.  Different sets of armour will be required to solve different levels.  The armour with wings will make you fly from your tits. Some armour has spiky balls on chains that are like tassles. You get a health penalty when you jump or run without your bra on. You also have the option of offering the armuorers sexual favors in exchange for armor but they shoot you down every single time. 

hope you found that amusing to read.  

askcaitlinthehedgehog  asked:

I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies


“Sunny told me that when I’m in that state, I need to concentrate on something that makes me feel safe. I thought for sure it'd be my mom, but it’s not. It’s  y o u . You’re the reason I was able to control it.

M.K. & Tilda, requested by anon

“Just let us do our job.”

“Yeah, this is your job. But him in there, that’s my life!”


day 63: why is it so hard to find good refs of her uniform klaud was my favorite general (followed closely by froi) also i like drawing freckles

anonymous asked:

Do you think a relationship like Alec and Magnus 's could exist (and last) in today's age and time? Including all the fluff from ALDNT?? And also a relationship where each person supports another like in Chapter 23 ??

The simple answer to this is that yes, I absolutely believe that relationships like theirs can and do exist. When I write ALDNT, my main goals are to make their relationship healthy, and realistic. I honestly wouldn’t even be writing it if I didn’t think it were possible.

Of course, the full answer is more complicated than that. Because while ALDNT is pretty long for a story, it’s still such an unbelievably small portion of their actual relationship. Yeah, 300k can cover a lot, but the ALDNT verse has stretched all the way out to over a decade into their relationship. I’ve written a tiny, tiny series of very specific moments. And basically, what I’ve written are exclusively moments that I think are interesting to read about. Even when I try to mention as much detail about their relationship as possible, there’s still so much of it that I can’t possibly show, and that’s the stuff that’s not glamorous, not romantic, not fluffy, and not interesting. And that’s a lot of what real relationships are.

In ALDNT, Magnus and Alec are always so happy to see each other when they’ve been apart for weeks at a time, but I haven’t really written anything about those weeks when they’re not together, and how easily their relationship slips to the back burner. Yes, I’ve written things like Chapter 23, and “Satin”, and Chapter 7, where they support each other when they really need it, but I haven’t shown times where Magnus is so burned out of energy that he physically can’t give Alec as much care as he needs, or early in their relationship when Magnus desperately needed support, but he didn’t say anything, and Alec didn’t know him well enough to see that he was struggling. I’ve written only a couple of arguments, vaguely referenced rough patches, but I’ve never talked about the times they really can’t stand each other when they’re in bad moods, or the few months when Alec seriously thought their relationship wasn’t going to last and Magnus didn’t even notice. And, perhaps most importantly, I haven’t shown any of the hundreds of days where their relationship is technically just as good as ever, but nothing important happens. All the days when they don’t see each other, and that doesn’t bother them, and their relationship is just a basic fact instead of a present source of joy.

I’m not trying to be cynical or pessimistic about this. I think what I’ve written for ALDNT makes it very clear that I think Magnus and Alec have an incredibly healthy, loving, happy relationship, and that they’re perfectly capable of overcoming hard times when they happen. And I genuinely believe that relationships like that exist. But I want to be honest about the fact that I intentionally pick and choose the best moments (or at least, the most interesting moments) to write about. Real relationships have a lot of unspectacular moments that don’t make it into dramatic stories, but that doesn’t make the relationship any less happy or loving. 💜💜💜


IOI’s 11th member - yu yeunjung ♡


Hello! It is I, your friendly neighborhood writer, coming to you with a New Business Venture!

Okay, truth be told, my dumb ass keeps going on depression-fueled Denny’s vacations and I just need to supplement my income a little so that I can keep tipping my waitresses well because I stayed there until 2am.

I’m opening writing commissions!!

The pricing is as follows:

Worksafe: $1 per 100 words
NSFW: $2 per 100 words (these can’t be done at work, so less time to write)

Pretty simple, right? I’m a simple creature.

full writing tag here
multiple chapters 2
heavy subjects
nsfw: human au
nsfw: gems w tentadicks
nsfw: gems w human genitalia

I am not sure how well I can write: Garnet, most humans, any fandom that isn’t Steven Universe

I will not write: Lapidot, pedophilia, anything where Jasper is portrayed as abusive or irredeemably evil (asshole Jasper is fine)

So far, I’m pretty [shrugs] about most kinks, so if you’ve got a niche kink you want me to try, just ask!

Generally, 1-5k words would probably take about a week, but I may have to extend that depending upon my mental health; I will work to make sure that nothing 5k or below goes beyond a month without being completed. 5k/week is a good general metric for how long things will take, but I will remain in contact with you about how quickly the writing is going.

Commissions will be at least the length paid for; any words over the paid-for amount can be considered freebies unless you particularly feel like tipping extra.

Full payment is expected in advance; message me to discuss what you want done beforehand, and I will provide a PayPal invoice once details have been worked out.

Thank you for your time! /)w(\


Day 68.2: Everstone loves you all

i know i’m an adult now because spending money doesn’t make me feel better it just gives me anxiety and an overwhelming sense of self-loathing

i woke up to my brother saying your name until it sounded like a song. i hid an empty bottle under my bathroom sink because i know you hate vodka and even more when i drink it alone. there’s a good reason for that, sometimes i pretend it never happened the way it did. and writing about crying is such a cliché, and reading this could be a mess but i’ve spent the last two days tidying up and i think i’m ready to unravel. i think i’m ready to stop screaming. i’ll go to sleep with your clothes at my feet knowing they’re not disappearing slowly, knowing they’re not going to leave.
—  a.m