i make nothing in months


I have a lot of regrets (namely only painting one side of the flowers and forgetting to add a piece until it was too late) but my legs are tired and aching after spending almost 8 hours tucked underneath me to make this

So ! here is Natsume as Houzuki

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies


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“Just let us do our job.”

“Yeah, this is your job. But him in there, that’s my life!”

i woke up to my brother saying your name until it sounded like a song. i hid an empty bottle under my bathroom sink because i know you hate vodka and even more when i drink it alone. there’s a good reason for that, sometimes i pretend it never happened the way it did. and writing about crying is such a cliché, and reading this could be a mess but i’ve spent the last two days tidying up and i think i’m ready to unravel. i think i’m ready to stop screaming. i’ll go to sleep with your clothes at my feet knowing they’re not disappearing slowly, knowing they’re not going to leave.
—  a.m

The moral: Ask and you will receive… eventually. 

Title: Helplessness

Kissing Prompt #5: Angry kiss
Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century. 
Pairing: MariChat
Word Count: 3.5k
Rating: T for language (and kissing)
A/N: Oh. My. Lord. Please, just take this. I’ve been agonizing over this for months. I’ve literally partially written each pairing for the square and axed them out at least once because I didn’t like the way it flowed. 

Also: fight scene because I feel like it. Forgive me, for it’s been over a year since I’ve written a proper fight and I’m probably rusty. (The closest are a gladiator game that the main character watched and a giant wave nearly drowning the main character.) 

Oh, and have the angst and the rain for good measure. I’m projecting my own feelings over this prompt on the poor catboy. 


Summary: To say that Chat Noir would never forget the terror of seeing that man walking on Marinette with that knife in his hand, like that hunter from Snow White, would be the understatement of the century.

Prompt #5: Angry Kiss

I was screaming loud tonight
Can you hear my voice this time?

-Fight Song, Rachel Platten

It’s raining. Of course it’s raining. How utterly cliché for it to be raining during an akuma attack.  

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I just want to never wake up.

This is Bennett from OITNB and we need to PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS

  • University: So, we guess you can't do your assessed presentations in January after all. Don't worry, though. We'll give you a new presentation deadline so that you have time to work on your research proposal in February with your presentation feedback in mind.
  • Us: That would be super great. Do you think you'll be able to give us a new deadline soon?
  • University: Oh, shit. Hah. Wow. I mean, I guess it depends how you define 'soon', really. What IS 'soon'? Is it the soft fragrance of a summer rose? The crackle of logs on a woodfire in winter? The ebbing and waning years of life?
  • Us: I mean, this week, preferably.
  • Uni: Ha. Yeah.
  • Us: ...
  • Uni: Don't forget that your research proposal is due on 25th Feb! :) Make sure that you use the feedback you got from your assessed presentations back in January! :) Good luck! :)
  • Us: So it's been 4 weeks, our research proposal is due in 4 days, and we haven't been able to do our presentations yet. We've had no feedback on whether or not our research methods are viable, and this assessment is worth 50% of our module grade. Maybe let us know when we can expect to do our presentations, whether or not our lack of feedback is going to affect our grades, and why it took over a month to reschedule?
  • Uni: new fone hu dis

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Hi. Sorry to bother you... I just need to write this to someone. I have anxiety and I know how to live with it, you know, like I go to a therapist and I learned how to accept the things I can't change. But lately (maybe a month) I've been feeling like nothings makes sense anymore, like I'm trying to save a ship that has already drowned. Idk. I keep trying to understand, and giving up is not an option, but I'm tired. Thanks for reading. (Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my fist lenguage)

You should try to do something what can gives you some new motivation, try to spend more time with friends, travel or something that can just cheers you up

by all accounts I shouldn't have gotten such a great ending

I spent so many years miserable because I couldn’t put my arms around my girlfriend (then my ‘definitely not girlfriend’), or hear her laugh at my dumb scattershot jokes, or stand with her in the middle of the sidewalk on a sunny fall day sharing messy street food, or take her temperature with a kiss when she’s sick.

it was a long time. it was hard. I was so unhappy.

but today, despite an uphill battle against circumstances and the whole goddamn Pacific Ocean, I got to do every one of those things, and it keeps being better than I ever imagined.


last night around 1AM i had to make an emergency trip to the ER again. the issue i had at destielcon that i thought had resolved itself??? definitely did not resolve itself. i spent most of yesterday either in bed or propelling anything and everything out of my face

despite the fact that i totally can’t afford the er a second time, i had to cave. this time around they actually admitted me–so after a day of being stuck on IVs and a nice healthy diet of nothing, i have been discharged!

so i got a couple of answers, but it looks like surgery is a looming threat for me right now. i have to make an appt tomorrow to figure more out, but being taken to the hospital every 2 weeks is really starting to harsh my steeze

SO I’M HAPPY TO BE BACK HOME and i’m keeping food down!! i’m getting right back to working on things, but this may set online book release of god’n’gabe back AGAIN UUUGH


Hey……im just gonna……leave this here, Bye