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*REQUESTED* Chen Scenario - #4 “I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore”, #39 “Make me”, & #87 “I’m not done yet”

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Author: Laymedown

“Jagi, I’m home!” Your more-than-enthusiastic other half walked in through the door. You peaked around the corner silently, and even though his voice sounded full of life, his whole body looked exhausted from a hard day at work. A sly smile crossed your face as you planned to try and lighten his serious expression.

“Jagiya?” He called out again since you didn’t answer. That’s when you made your move. You cracked your knuckles and attacked his soft sides.

           “Yah!” He screamed out in laughter. “Jagi, stop it please!” He was at your mercy.

           “Make me!” You laughed back, but regretted it instantly. He turned on you quickly as he began to tickle you too. You made a mad retreat as he chased after you.

           “I’m not done yet! Come back and face your consequences, jagi!” You ran straight to the bathroom and quickly retaliated. You whipped the shower hose from its hook and turned the water on at full blast. He let out a shrill yelp from the sudden feeling of cold water soaking through his clothes. Suddenly you were both drenched as the both of you struggled for the hose. You were surprised that neither of you hadn’t slipped yet as the floor was flooded and slippery. In a quick motion, Chen was able to rip one of your hands off the hose and he directed the water in to the tub as his lips fiercely found yours.

           “Look at the mess you’ve made.” He growled as he ripped the hose from your other hand and tossed it in to the tub. You jumped up and wrapped your legs around his waist, causing him to back up against the wall. You fought for the dominance of the kiss, deepening it.  

           “I’m not going to apologize for this.” You broke the kiss, his eyes fierce on you. “Not anymore. Not when the man I love comes home looking so beat.” He unwrapped your legs and made a one eighty as he pushed you up against the cold tiled wall. You tried to hide your stuttered gasp from feeling the chilled tile against your skin.

           The two of you were quite for a moment as you stared each other down. His lips hovered a breath away, watching your eyes flicker from his to his lips. Your fingers wrapped themselves tightly in his hair, trying to bring his lips to yours, but he wouldn’t budge. He slyly smiled as he watched your failed attempt at hinting to him. He let out a deep throaty moan when you let out a small whine.

           “Do you even realize what you started?” He kissed you again. He was in complete control of the needy and rough kiss. His hands held your face and you could feel what he meant as the rest of his body was pressed up against yours to hold you to the wall.

           “Take them off.” You could barely say through the kiss as you tugged at his clothes. “Let me warm you back up baby.” You could feel him shudder before picking you back up to carry you to your bedroom.