i make my own karma

College AU meme

Send a symbol for our muses to…

♣ - Meet as roommates for the first time.

♠ - Have lunch together

✪ - Meet at a party

⏏ - Fight over someone they are interested in

♫ - Meet at an after-school club

☑ - Play on the same sports team

■ - Go on a spring break trip together

© - Get angry about being caught cheating on a test

♥ - Fight about getting caught cheating on a significant other


The Capital Wasteland proved a cruel inhospitable place, but the Lone Wanderer refused to surrender to the vices that had claimed so many others.
The values passed on from father to child: selflessness, compassion, honor - guided this noble soul through countless trials and triumphs.

I am God.

My body and soul is divine. I choose who I am and I am my final judgment. By the laws of karma I make my own choices. I give back to the world through meditation and understanding. I live through my mind and I live through the beauty that is given to me from the universe. I will not find god by reading a book. I will find God in my mind. Because I am god.