i make him show his pearly whites

Tmnt Raph x reader  when he sees you on stage

Raph pov:

“OMG how does she move like that?” he thought to himself while watching you practice your new tap routine. you were jumping up and down doing the splits turning out perfectly and nailed one of the hardest moves in your routine by far. this counted for a little while longer until the song stopped.

“so what did you think?” you said smiling, showing your pearly white teeth to him.

“y-y-you were amazing!” he said to you in shock. you giggled at his face for a little while until he finally said.

“hey stop laughing, or i make you do it again.” he said with a smirk on his face.

“o, will you now.” you said putting your hands on your hips.

“yes i will.” he said walking over to you.

“not if you cant catch me.” you yell running off with a devilish smile on your lips.

“o no you don’t.” he yelled chasing after you. you two spent the rest of the night running after each other and just overall having a great time.

( Dear reader. if you have any request please tell me.i am happy to do fluff but please no lemons. thanks you for your ideas. lots of love from me :D)  

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Imagine- Justin Bieber

~Vacation~ 👙☀️🏖 You and Justin are on vacation in bora bora~ “What are you doing” Justin says while plopping down next to you on the outside sofa in front of the pool. You and Justin decided to go on a little vacation to get away from all the problems back home. “I’m snap chatting” you say while turning the camera towards him, Justin smiles showing off his pearly white teeth. You laughing and you both start taking selfies together. You were an adorable couple even thought most people didn’t agree but you both didn’t care what others thought. “Face the camera towards me” Justin grins while standing up in front of you, you furrow your eyebrows and aim the camera towards him you burst out laughing when Justin’s walks into the camera making a Smug looking face while slapping his behind. “You… You are insane” You say in between your laughter as he jumps back on the seat with you and nuzzling his face into your neck. ~Justin imagine for you guys (not my gif) 😊 I hope you liked it x OB x ~

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