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Pizza, Math Homework and The Empire Strikes Back

Summary: It’s just another Friday night with your best friend

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Rating: PG-13 ( mild language, kissing)

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Another school week had come to an end, and you were on your way to Peter’s place as per usual. You two had been best friends since grade school and grew even closer during freshman year. Although you’d never admit it, you found yourself crushing on him pretty hard. His laugh gave you butterflies and his smile could light up a room. But your friendship simply meant too much, so you stifled your feelings as best you could. A honk snapped you out of your thoughts. Ambling across the city’s intersections in your baggy work uniform and backpack slung lazily over one shoulder, your body and mind were tired from your busy day to day life. However, your mood lightened as you neared your best friend’s apartment. Climbing the stairs in the complex, you felt your worries melt away. As you arrived, you didn’t even get the chance to knock as the door swung open, and a smiling Aunt May stood on the other side. The familiar scent of hazelnuts and vanilla flooded your lungs and you smiled at the upbeat music that spilled from the cozy loft. 

“ Y/N! It’s so good to see you, darlin! How’ve you been?” She sung as she pulled you into her arms.

“ It’s been a long week, for sure, but nothing a hug from you can’t fix.” You chimed, relaxing in her embrace.

Both of you laughed happily as you broke away from each other. Holding you at arms length, she cheerfully said, “ Peter’s in his room! I ordered a large pepperoni that should be here soon, and picked up a few movies for you guys to chose from.”

“ You’re the best, Aunt May! Thank you!” You called over your shoulder as you padded to Peter’s door.

Just as you raised your hand towards the knob, the door opened and Peter leaned against the door frame, a giddy smile plastered on his face.

“ What’s the password?”

He inquired, quirking an eyebrow mischievously at you. Your heart skipped a beat. Rolling your eyes, you replied in false exasperation, a smile spreading on your face nonetheless “ I’m one with the force, the force is with me.” 

“ That is correct!” Peter chuckled as he stepped back, gesturing for you to enter. Shaking your head and smirking, you plopped down on his bed, tossing your book-bag into the corner. You sighed, covering your flushed face with your hands. You felt the bed sink in beside you.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?”

Peter asked, cocking his head to the side to peer at you, concern swirling in his auburn eyes. You peeked at him through your fingers and quickly shook your head, flopping backwards.

“ Aw, come on. Is someone a little angry from work?” He teased, starting to tickle your sides. You couldn’t help but smile as you playfully batted his hands away, sitting up and facing him.

“ It’s just been a long week, Pete. I’m okay, I promise.” He smiled softly at you, pushing some stray hair behind your ear. Blush rose to your cheeks, and your darted your gaze away from him.

“ Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” He asked, that sweet grin still playing on his lips. You thought for a second, then nodded. “ You can let me borrow some PJs because I forgot mine!” Your request made him laugh, and he quickly sprung off the bed and started to rummage through his closet.

You took the opportunity to dig your calculus homework out of your backpack and start solving the equations, kicking off your shoes in the process. Tying your hair up in a messy ponytail, you had hardly noticed that Peter had stopped searching in his closet. 

“ Is this okay?” He asked timidly, holding up a pair of grey joggers and a graphic tee shirt with a depiction of The Empire Strikes Back on it. You smiled up at him, nodding. “ That’s awesome! Thanks Peter.” He strolled over to you and handed you the clothing. ‘” I’m gonna go see if Aunt May needs anything, you can change in here if you like!” He piped before leaving his bedroom and quietly closing the door. As you slipped on his clothes, you felt the butterflies stir inside your chest. The fabric smelled of Peter, and you couldn’t help but smile. 

A few hours and a whole pizza later, you and Peter were in the middle of a pretty intense round of truth or dare. So far, he had yelled the lyrics to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ to the nearby traffic, done a back flip off of his bed and attempted to read a passage of Shakespeare backwards. You had taken truth for the most part, so your pride was still in tact.

“ Okay, truth or dare, Y/N?”

Peter asked, wiggling his eyebrows at you, causing you to giggle. 

“ I’ll have to go with dare!”

He gasped in exaggerated shock. You punched him lightly in the arm. He stuck his tongue out at you in return. 

“ I dare you to tell me who your crush is!”

Peter said, still smiling. Little did he know that your blood had gone cold. Your eyes widened and a blush crept from your chest to your cheeks. 

“ Y-you would make fun of me if I did…”

Your hesitated, still trying to keep your composure. He only rolled his eyes and nudged you playfully. 

“ C’mon, Y/N. It’s just me! You know you can tell me anything. And I probably would be fine with whoever it is… as long as it’s not Flash. That kid is just a douche.”

Peter smiled at you, and you felt tears begin to well up in your eyes. 

“ Peter, please… I-I can’t tell you.”

Your voice was shaking, and you didn’t know how much longer you could keep yourself together. 

“ Y/N? Are you okay?”

He scooted closer to you, wrapping an arm around you as he pulled you to his chest. Hot tears began to roll down your flushed cheeks and you bit your lip to keep it from quivering.

“ Hey… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you upset.”

Peter lifted your chin and wiped away your tears. Remorse laid heavily on his face as his eyes searched yours for an answer to your sudden breakdown. You closed your eyes for a moment and made up your mind. In one swift motion, you leaned up and planted a soft kiss on his lips. Pulling away, you tried to read his face. His eyes fluttered open and he beamed at you. 

“ Y/N, I had no idea you felt the same! Holy shit! I wish I had told you earlier but Ned said that I shoul-” You cut him off with another kiss and this time, he cupped your face in his hands and deepened it. 

Sunlight bathed Peter’s bedroom as morning rolled around. You rolled on your side, facing the space next to the bed where he had slept, only to find that he wasn’t there. Sitting up, you almost called out to him but before you could, Peter arrived at his door frame with a coffee mug in each hand. He smiled gingerly at you before padding over and handing you a mug. 

“ It’s your favorite.”

His voice was soft with sleep but his eyes shone as brightly as the sun. You grinned, patting the place beside you on his bed. He nuzzled the crook of your neck and you place a light kiss on his forehead.

“ I have a question. Well, two, actually.” You whispered, gazing happily at Peter. He nodded while taking a sip of his coffee, indicating for you to continue. 

“ The more important one first; are we an item now? Like, do I have to start calling you ‘babe’ or somethin?” He chuckled at this, still keeping his voice low. 

“ You can call me whatever you like. And yeah, I’d say that we are.”

The two of you shared a sweet smile, and you laced your fingers with his. 

“ Second question; can I keep this shirt? It’s kinda grown on me.”

Peter laughed before giving you a small but loving kiss. 

“ Anything that’s mine is yours, Y/N.”

This post was written by Zan Romanoff, the author of Grace and the Fever and A Song to Take the World Apart who previously wrote on 1989 for One Week One Band and can be found on Tumblr and Twitter 


 That’s how reputation begins, sonically and graphically: with an ellipsis. …Ready for It? grinds itself into existence in three industrially fuzzed beats, the set of them repeated twice over before Taylor’s voice rushes in, already tripping over its own feet in its hurry to tell you her side of the story. Knew he was a killer / first time that I saw him / wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted

Lyrically, this is warmed-over I Knew You Were Trouble territory: we’re back in the emotional landscape of Red and 1989. The romance was always over before it began; now that there aren’t any feelings left to obsess over, she turns her focus to where to lay the blame.

Taylor’s repeating the same story she’s been telling for years now; she’s written it so many times that she almost immediately starts to lose track of her metaphors: But if he’s a ghost then / I can be a phantom / holding him for ransom. Later she’ll invoke the idea of herself as a thief, but for now the images pile on top of one another without quite adding up to anything. He’s a killer and a ghost; she’s a phantom and his captor. Her words chase him, but fail to pin him down.

Still: I see nothing better / I keep him forever / like a vendetta. “Forever” stripped of romance reveals itself to be not a promise, but a threat. Falling out of love has nothing to do with figuring out how to let lost love go, and this song says, if all that’s left to hold onto is fury then fine. Taylor starts the song by bearing her fucking teeth.

All of this frantic energy—the second verse with its near-hysterical bargaining, he can be my JAILER / Burton to this TAYLOR / every love I’ve known in comparison is a FAILURE—  is nothing more than a last, desperate gasp, the dying cry of a way of thinking she has to let go of, too.  

Because she senses that it traps her. I see how this is gon’ go, she laments in the chorus. Touch me and you’ll never be alone. It’s Taylor’s version of King Midas’ curse: when a man wrongs her, she wraps him up in her songs and makes sure that her name will always be attached to his. The problem is that we have to carry everything we want to keep, and eventually this kind of score-settling can become a burden—can become what we call baggage. She’s always with him, sure, but that means he’s always with her, too: a pair of ghosts stuck haunting and haunted.   

The question of what Taylor Swift is allowed to have all to herself is an urgent one for her. Island breeze / and lights down low, she intones, no one has to know. The promise of privacy recurs frequently on 1989: no one has to know what we do, she murmurs in Wildest Dreams. I know places we can hide is the refrain of I Know Places. But that promise isn’t ever kept. No one has to know, but someone always seems to find out. 

The chorus of …Ready for It? rises like light from the heaviness of its verses. In the middle of the night, in my dreams / you should see the things we do. In the middle of the night, in my dreams / I know I’m gonna be with you / so I take my time.

Are you ready for it?

There’s only one place where Taylor Swift has complete control. She can write a song, craft an album, and define its look as an “era,” but those projects will still be subject to speculation, gossip and critique. She can fall in love with a succession of handsome, talented, wealthy men, but she cannot turn them into the fairytale princes she needs them to be. (I’m so very tame now / never be the same now, she vows, and you can almost hear her scratching at the walls of the cage she’s locked herself in.)

There’s only place she’s entirely free, and it’s in the space of her head, in the landscape of her dreams. In darkness, in solitude she knows herself without the warp of a reputation to distort her. All of her power comes from that unseen, unseeable space, and …Ready for It? reminds us that, amid all of the disasters of the last few years in her life, the press mishaps and poorly handled PR moments, one thing has escaped unscathed: Taylor Swift’s dark and frankly terrible imagination. In the middle of the night / in my dreams / you should see the things we do.

This is why I love Taylor Swift: because her image and her songs are two sides of the same fucked up coin. What transforms the former into the latter is the work of patriarchal repression on a psyche. Taylor Swift: The Celebrity is the nicest girl in the whole world, and Taylor Swift: The Music is the wailing fury of someone whose niceness has driven her insane. …Ready for It? is the closest she’s come to admitting that she’s waiting to unleash herself: to stop telling the stories she needs us to believe about her, and start admitting to all of the rude shit she wants just because she wants it.    

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite numbers from musicals?

OH MAN. I’m going to try and break it down by musical, so I’m not so overwhelming. Otherwise we could be here forever. I’m also only going to do musicals that I’ve seen in the theater. Here we go:

  • Les Misérables: “On My Own.” I’ve spent my entire life singing this song, I’ve known the lyrics by heart since I was six. While I have all the musical memorized, I’ve never been able to shake the long standing effect of this song. I grew up wanting to be Éponine, not Cosette (read into that what you will). There are other, bigger numbers, like “One Day More,” “I Dreamed a Dream,” or personal favorite “In My Life,” but I can’t drop the raw emotion of this number.
  • Wicked: “Defying Gravity.” This one is for the physical number, more than the song. Gay anthem “For Good” makes me cry, “As Long as You’re Mine” is probably the sexiest song ever put on broadway, I can sing “Dancing Through Life” for fucking ever, and honestly “The Wizard and I” is the one I’ve listened to the most (I sing it loudly in my car a lot. That song has BUILD). I even have some serious feelings about “Thank Goodness.” But in the theater, and I’ve seen Wicked maybe five times now, it knocks you out every single time. It’s the best of Chenoweth and Menzel. And when they lift her in the air…you can’t beat it. This is THE intermission break.
  • Spring Awakening: “Touch Me.” Man, this is a hard choice. One of my favorite musicals because all of the songs sparkle, and some especially stand out for the blocking on stage. I personally love “My Junk,” “The Bitch of Living,” “The Guilty Ones,” and “Don’t Do Sadness” so fucking much, and that’s just the start. But this one has such a tenderness, and a build, that’s unmatched in musical numbers. The whole song is about orgasming, and it simulates that as well as music can. You can’t really get better. 
  • Rent: “La Vie Boheme.” Can I choose every single song? I only picked this one because I learned all of the lyrics when I was 14 and was so incredibly proud of myself. It’s also so fun and specific to this musical when played out in the theater. But I love all of these songs. Second fav is “Take Me or Leave Me.” Surprise favorite is “Goodbye Love” which I will belt like it’s my jam. 
  • Hamilton: “Satisfied.” Now this one wasn’t difficult. It was the song I fell in love with when I first listened to the album; it’s the number I first cried to when I saw the musical in New York. I can connect to every single song in this musical, but nothing starts to match the choreography and ingenuity of the Helpless/Satisfied number. I was amazed when I listened to the song, and even more so when I saw it in person. Renée is a national treasure.
  • Next to Normal: “Why Stay/A Promise.” There are so many songs I prefer, like “Superboy and the Invisible Girl,” “I Miss the Mountains,” “Everything Else,” and especially the refrain in “Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling.” But this song, on stage, fucking slays. It brings back so many riffs from the beginning and focuses in on these four people and the parallel between them, reminding you of the point, of what the musical is about. The harmonies are on point and the lyrics manage to accomplish a matching dissonance. Amazing. 
  • Anything Goes: “Anything Goes.” I have such a good time watching this musical, but this song honestly has the best hook and it’s incredible to watch. In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking but now god knows, ANYTHING GOES.
  • Phantom of the Opera: “All I Ask of You.” It’s the only song in the entire musical I can listen to and not get caught up in the abusive implications. I also grew up on this musical, and I think these lyrics may have been my first words. Probably my total favorite song is “Think of Me,” but I’d honestly jam to all of them. 
  • In the Heights: “Breathe.” There are some real bangers in this musical, like “96,000″ and “When You’re Home,” but this is the one that stuck with me the longest. That BUILD, the PAUSES…one of the best individual ballads ever to appear on Broadway. Lin never let us down
  • Throughly Modern Millie: “Only in New York.” I love all of these songs, and there are certainly more exciting ones. But this one is a ballad if I’ve ever seen one. I sing it all the time in the shower. 
  • Mamma Mia: “Does Your Mother Know.” Who doesn’t love ABBA, but my favorite number to watch is this one. My favorite song is probably “Lay All Your Love on Me,” or “The Winner Takes it All,” but this one is so much fun, and every time I see the musical the interpretation is different. 
  • Fun Home: “Ring of Keys.” This number manages to capture the feeling of the graphic novel in a way that none of the other songs do. A kid sings it, and it fucking rocks. 
  • West Side Story: “America.” Obviously. If you have a different fav, you’re wrong.
  • Sweeney Todd: “Johanna.” In a lot of ways, I hate Sondheim’s musicals. But this song burrows its way into my brain and never lets go
  • The King and I: “Shall We Dance?” This is clearly the best number, especially because the last time I saw this musical the set kept moving while they danced, and she was in that GIANT DRESS, it was so impressive. But my favorite song is “Something Wonderful.” 
  • Cabaret: “Maybe This Time.” We can all agree. I do a great 20′s style version of this song when I’m drunk.
  • Once: “Falling Slowly.” The only reason to watch this musical. 
  • Legally Blonde: “Chip on My Shoulder.” I truly love so many riffs and individual lines in this musical (the break down in “Serious” which I once sang with a boy who was in love with me go figure, “girls like you always get to see Ireland,” the either side of the door harmony in “Legally Blonde” that fucks with my already dark childhood Luke Wilson complex. But this number is so much fun, and even through the mansplaining, the hook is great. 
  • Shrek the Musical: “I Know It’s Today.” This musical never needed to happen, but this is such a great and overlooked number. The harmony and switch off between the three Fionas is so well orchestrated. Plus that refrain…..it’ll get stuck in your head for a month. 

Honestly I’ve seen a lot more musicals, but I didn’t want to pick a specific song from them. 

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1.nicknames: I don’t think I have one, some people call me Madi and that’s about it (I’m open to suggestions 😁😁😁)

2.gender: fem

3.star sign: pisces sun, moon, scorpio ascending (lol because of my scorpio asc ppl tell me I look intimidating but my sun and moon are all pisces so….)

4.height: 5′4 or 165cm

5.time: 10pm

6.birthday: march 10th

7.favourite band: do you need to ask?? 😂😂😂 oh and I also love Coldplay 

8.favourite solo artist: Jay Park

9.song stuck in my head: Day6 - I Like You and BTOB - Missing You

10. last movie I watched: wow it’s been while since I actually watched any movies. I think it’s a movie called “If cats disappeared from the world”. It’s a Japanese movie and I highly recommend it. Warning: It’ll make you cry, like full on ugly cry

11. last show I watched: game of thrones

12. when did I create my blog: well I created this blog since 2010 but was kinda inactive, and then when I got into BTS, I went back and revamped it

13. what do i post: my gifs or sometimes my video edits

14. last thing i googled: lyrics to Day6 - I Like You (lol I am obsessed)

15. do i have any other blogs: no, this is my only blog, I suck at manage multiple ones

16. do I get asks: no, my blog’s not big or well known, and I think half of my followers are either inactive, porn or bots, so ppl please come talk to me!!

17. why I chose my url: because of all the dimples, little or big, that bts have and because I myself have them too!!

18. following: 220

19. followers: 200+ (and I love each and every one of them, well maybe not the bots 😂😂)

21. average hours of sleep: it varies from 3 to 6, depends on how much coffee I drink during the day

22. lucky number: idk, 3 I guess

23. instruments: acoustic guitar

24. what am i wearing: football short and a big t shirt, they’re my comfy clothes

26. dream job: graphic designer or video editor

27. dream trip: east asia or northern europe

28. favourite food: eggs 

29. nationality: narnian lol 

30. fave song: my all time favorite song is Yellow - Coldplay, if you hear someone screams when this song comes on, that would be me 😂😂 

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“This is a battle song. Brothers and Sisters,... Time to go to war.”