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Do ya sell nukacola here? I have a mighty need for a drink.

Guest appearance by Joseph the pinup model and Caesar the disapproving boyfriend.

Excited Science Mode™ Martin (feat. cozy sweater), drawn at the excellent suggestion of @hanchewie!

(I’m totally still taking art suggestions, btw- a few simple guidelines of what I’m up for drawing can be found [here])

ID #60805

Name: Alek
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hey folks! I’m an American high school student, and I’m looking for new people to talk with.

I’m bi and transgender. My main interests include writing, reading, drawing, and games. My favorites currently are Dungeons and Dragons and modded Skyrim.

I enjoy long and in depth discussions, so keep that in mind if you decide to contact me :)

Preferences: 16-21 y/o, LGBTQ+ friendly