i make crap things at 2am

It's 2am and I'm emotional so here's some Harry Potter crap...

Some things my brain is saying rn:

-It’s gotten to the point where I am personally offended when people assume Draco Malfoy is straight.

-I am 1000% sure that if you asked me to choose between the ability to walk and/or Remus Lupin I would be like BYE LEGS !

-I love when fanfic makes Pansy nice. I love AU! Pansy. No one can convince me that my little trust fund baby is the edgiest little thing with the boldest fashion ever.

-I love me some Marcus and Oliver but but but Cedric Diggory would be the softest Quidditch Boyfriend ever.

why fenris won't attack dorian on sight

the biggest reason? he doesn’t even attack danarius on sight. when you finally confront him in act 3, fenris doesn’t attack until danarius initiates the battle. hell, if hawke decides to give fenris to danarius, he won’t even fight back. so saying that fenris will automatically attack dorian - someone he doesn’t even know - just because he’s a mage from tevinter (albeit a tevinter mage with bad views on elven slavery but that’s a discussion for another day) is honestly…ridiculous? im not saying that fenris wont be uncomfortable around dorian, but he certainly wouldnt attack the man.

also if you look at the other instances where fenris straight up kills someone outside of battle (the magistrate’s son and danzig the slaver), he always asks hawke for permission first. the rest of the time (hadriana or any slavers who target him in general - basically people he has EVERY RIGHT to attack on sight but still waits) it’s because /they/ attacked him first. there’s no moment in dragon age 2 where fenris spontaneously attacks someone. i mean, he can attack you when you bring him into the fade during feynriel’s quest but that was because a demon was being an asshole. my point still stands.

what im saying is, please stop furthering the idea that fenris is unreasonable and hateful. i get that you’re joking and that many of you are even big fans of his character, but quite frankly, it’s frustrating to see how many people exaggerate some aspects of his personality–to the point where ive had someone tell me that they were afraid to even have fenris in their party because of all the crap they’ve seen.