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Dong of love

Context: i play a male dwarf barbarian in a party with a female gnome wizard, male elf ranger, female half orc fighter, and a male human cleric. My dwarf has no facial hair because of story reasons and long braided hair. The cleric grew up in a human-only town and had never seen a dwarf before. So he was convinced that no beard meant he was female, and has continued to hit on my dwarf every chance he got. My dwarf, after a whole in game year of this constant flirting (he barely began to take notice) decides he’s had enough.

The following takes place as we are shopping in a busy marketplace.

Cleric: Oh look love,*holds up a jewel necklace* i got a gift for you!

Dwarf: Dont want it.

Cleric: Whats wrong love? You usually like it when i buy you things.

Me(ooc): We’re in the middle of a marketplace right?

DM: Yup, middle of the day, tons of people around you.

Me(ooc): Cool.

Dwarf: IM NOT YOUR GODDAMN-UH *pulls down pants* I have a dong so there!

Party(ooc): Starts to loose their shit.

Dm: Make an intimidation check.

*nat 1*

Party: *Hysteria intensifies*

DM: (cleric) you find youself blushing at the sight of his dong. (Dwarf) Role for seduction.

Me: Oh shit, here we go.

*rolls a 18*

Cleric(ooc): Im a cleric having some very unholy thoughts!

Cleric: I dont care. *grabs my dwarf’s hands* My feelings for you will never change. *kisses dwarf*

Me(ooc): Im…I..I have nothing. I literally cant think of anything to do.

DM: As this beautiful display is happening, surrounded by dozens of civillians with various expressions, the light bouncing off of (dwarf)’s dwarven butt cheeks catches the eyes of a guard.

Guard: Hey pull up those pants your under arrest.

Half orc: Back off this has been months in the making!

*rolls a nat 20 intimidation*

Guard: S-sorry!

Wizard: I cast an illusion of (dwarf)’s dong ‘reacting’.

Me(ooc): Too late.

Long story short they are still together and my dwarf is ring hunting. 

okay im sorry but ive been reading wayyyyy too many superhero AU’s but can we just step back and imagine for a second:

  • Nico di Angelo being able to manipulate the shadows and get to McDonalds before anyone else.
  • Chiron being a leader of like 50 kids, all with superhero powers
  • Chiron making rules like no interaction with civilians, whats so ever
  • And Nico being like ‘okay, cool. i dont really give a fuck’
  • but then will motherfucking solace
  • saves his ass from something, probably from not eating enough since will is always looking out for others
  • will being a fucking intern or something at a hospital and one day realizing holy shit i can heal people with my hands this shit aint normal but refusing to tell anyone since it’s like Xavier’s school for gifted kids you dont know and they find you
  • but no one finds will until nico saves his ass
  • nico accidentally being hit by a bus or something and will already being at the scene and is like holy shit that’s the hot guy that saved me from a mugger or something
  • and then he, like, makes up some lie and drags nico’s body off the street or whatever and something happened and he’s like “okay, dont freak out”
  • but nico doesnt tell will about the camp or whatever because he wants him to have a normal life 
  • but eventually will gets too nosy and follows nico after a freaking date or something and sees this shit and is like. what. the. fuck
  • and nico has to make up an excuse
  • they make a freaking emergency demigod ambulance thing
  • making out in superhero suits
    im sorry i just cant get it out of my head

star-anise  asked:

Can you pls write one of the SMH doing fiber arts?

Why yes I can! Have some Frog bonding.

“I’m sure they’ll let me back into Annie’s by now,” Nursey insisted to Chowder as he knocked on Dex’s door. “The sign incident was ages ago.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m sure,” Chowder said vaguely, distracted as he was by a text from Cait.

“It’s open,” Dex called.

Nursey opened the door and stuck his head into Dex’s room. “Hey, bro, you wanna go with me and C to…” He trailed off as he actually registered what he was seeing. “What are you doing?”

Dex was seated cross-legged on his bed, some kind of cloth in one hand and a threaded needle in the other, an open box filled with a rainbow of other threads next to him. He looked down at his lap and then back at Nursey like he was a moron. “Cross-stitch? What does it look like?”

Nursey came the rest of the way into the room so he could get a better look. “I wouldn’t know, man, my sister did ballet and my mom doesn’t do crafty shit.”

Chowder looked up from his phone and followed Nursey in, bouncing over to Dex’s side cheerfully. “How cool! What is it?”

“Uh, a fractal.”

“You can make fractals out of thread?!”

Dex cracked a smile. “Yeah, sure.” He handed the fabric on the hoopy thing over to Chowder, who ran a finger over the surface as he studied it intently.

Nursey pulled out Dex’s desk chair and sat down on it backwards, resting his chin on his folded arms. “Why do you do it?”

Dex shot him a suspicious glance. “Because it’s soothing and methodical and more portable than Legos.”

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here’s a long list of headcanons because i love my kids
-Lance is slightly taller than Keith. Like, an inch taller. Keith insists that 1 inch doesn’t make a difference but Lance will constantly poke fun at Keith for being ‘short’.
     -Pidge looks into the camera like they’re in the office.
-Lance and Allura are BEST FRIENDS. They absolutely have sleepovers together and complain about their dumb boyfriends.
     -Pidge is also a recurring guest in these sleepovers because they always have THE BEST gossip. 
          -Pidge knows everything about everyone. There’s no hiding from them.
     -Lance is very good at doing Allura’s hair.
     -Lance: *kicks down door* allura you are not going to BELIEVE what keith just did!!!!!
-Hunk and Keith bond over dumb things Lance has done because Hunk is more than happy to share all sorts of embarrassing stories.
     -Lance has never felt so betrayed.
-Everyone catches on to Lance feeling bad about himself sometimes and they all band together to make Lance the most appreciated person on the planet.
     -They made a banner that says ‘we love lance <3’ and honestly it looks like a group of kindergartners drew it.
     -Hunk makes a cake.
           -Keith ‘helped’ make it but that boy can’t cook to save his life ok he just did the icing and it looked terrible.
     -in conclusion they all love lance so much and Lance has never been more proud to call these losers his friends.
-Shiro is the ultimate dad friend. Cares very much but too emotionally distant
-keith is so gay for Lance and he’s open about it to everyone but lance.
     -anytime someone says something about lance Keith immediately shows up to be like “yea lance is amazing right?????”
-Shiro is the embodiment of the ‘i have crippling depression’ meme
     -he makes so many self-deprecating jokes no one knows if they should laugh or give him a hug
           -the answer is both.
-Lance is the kind of person who’s like “haha im such a bad person haha” but as soon as someone else does it he’s all “!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING AND I WOULD DIE FOR YOU”
-Lance has two moods:
     -”i am shit”
     -”i am The Shit”
-Keith has a 32 slide powerpoint on why mothman is real.
     -Pidge helped.
-”mothman is real he sucked my dick in a denny’s parking lot” -keith probably
-Hunk is everyone’s shoulder to cry on. 
     -you need to rant abt something??? Cool hunk will listen and make you some tea
     -relationship trouble??? Here comes Hunk back at it again with helpful advice
-Shiro on the other hand has the emotional empathy of a rock.
     -he has good intentions but he’s so awkward honestly so his advice is just the worst
-Lance has no concept of personal space
     -everyone is used to his constant need for physical contact
     -keith is the victim of this more often than not.
     -Lance claims it’s because keith is really warm but everyone knows that is a Blatant Lie
-There are often debates on cats vs dogs
     -keith, shiro, and pidge are team cats
     -hunk, lance and allura are team dogs
     -coran is the one who needs to break up the argument before there’s a fight
-everyone is basically an older sibling to pidge
     -every single one of them will throw hands at the ready for them
     -there’s no debate ok you mess with pidge and you will be catching The Hands of six very angry friends
-Allura is not to be fucked with ok like she’s nice and sweet and all but will not hesitate to kick ass
-Coran has dirt on everybody. He’s just too nice to use it
-pidge, however, will not hesitate to blackmail everyone with every piece of info they can get their petty little hands on
-Lance is an absolute baby when he’s sick
      -no one is safe from his desperate clinging and begging to be taken care of
      -n o  o n e
-Lance will latch onto anything in the vicinity when he’s asleep
     -pillows, stuffed animals, and keith are his main victims
-Keith will go actual days without sleep until someone (usually lance or shiro) legitimately force him to sleep
     -Lance actually sat on top of keith for hours once to force keith to stay in bed
     -lance ended up falling asleep too
     -pidge still has pictures of them cuddling
     -lance still denies that it happened despite the cold hard Facts
-Lance would rather die than admit his massive crush on Keith “Mullethead” Kogane
     -everyone already knows
-everyone is sick of the klance mutual pining
     -everyone is guilty of trying to play matchmaker at least once
          -pidge is more guilty than anyone
     -keith and lance are dumb and cant admit their feelings and it pisses everyone off

In conclusion i love my children


Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader gets caught in the middle of a case Dean and Sam are working and learns that monsters are real.

Word Count:  2775

Warnings: Language, smut

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  There is still room on my Forever Tag list, you can add yourself here

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Reader’s POV

“You okay?” 

A stunning man with vivid green eyes crouches before me, a hand on my shoulder. I blink a few times and take a quick assessment. Nothing seems broken, though I am most definitely battered and bruised. Blood trickles down from my brow, obscuring my vision. 

 Looking up at him, I nod. “Yeah, I’ll live.”

He stands and reaches out a hand, pulling me to my feet. Wait a second, I know him. He’s that Fed that came into my office at the museum today. Agent…Freed? Fredrick? Oh, wait, Frehley. Agent Frehley. That’s it. I remember thinking that he was cute. And a little flirty.

“Stick close to me, and no matter what, don’t leave my side, got it?” His jaw is set, he’s dead serious. As if I’d dream of doing anything else, after what had just happened.

“Got it.” Reaching around to the back of my jeans, I pull the gun out of my waistband. His eyes widen, surprised to see that I’m packing. 

“You just happen to have a gun?” he asks, his brows drawing together.

I shrug. As the daughter of a former policeman, I never leave home without it. “Looks like I’m not the only one, agent.” I spare a glance at the gun in his own hand. 

He nods sharply. It seems to please him that I’m armed. “If you see anything you can’t explain or don’t understand, don’t ask questions. Just…shoot. And keep shooting. It may not do much, but don’t stop.”

“I can do that.”  Again, he looks at me in surprise. Is he waiting for me to break into hysterics after what I’d just seen?  ‘Cause he can just keep waiting. There will be no breakdowns, not here. Once I get home and lock myself in, barricade the door, and arm myself to the teeth - that’s when I’ll have the breakdown. And it’s going to be one for the ages.

“With me,” he says and I take a deep breath before following after the man.

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unrequited - pt. 2

pairing: peter parker x reader 

words: 2135

part one

a/n: here is the highly requested second part of unrequited! i hope you guys enjoy it (and let me know if you want part 3!) also, don’t be shy with requests or suggestions! i love doing them. enjoy :) 


You couldn’t help but feel as though things had changed between you and Peter since he had asked your opinion on taking Liz Allan to homecoming.

Lunch was mostly silent, the only words exchanged being the progress of your chemistry homework and the quality of today's meatloaf. It was torture for you, as you had spent almost every single day of your life for the past 5 years talking to Peter about whatever your minds could muster. 

It felt as though you had let your feelings for him get the best of your friendship.

Half of you wondered if he knew. The tension between you was mutual, the lack of conversation a result of the both of you being reserved. Did he know, and did it make him uncomfortable?

The possibility of Peter knowing about your feelings nauseated you, so you quickly pushed the thoughts out of your head as you two began your lab in chemistry, building a micro mole rocket and testing out which ratios of hydrogen and oxygen work best in launching it. 

One thing about you and Peter was that you both loved science, and easily got really into it. While working on your experiment, any tension between you two washed away. You found yourself lost in the project, not even remembering why you were upset before once you successfully launched your mini rocket. 

“Wow,” your teacher said while examining the distance your rocket flew. “Seems like you generated the most precise optimum ratio of hydrogen and oxygen. Nice work.”

He scribbled a few things down on a rubric before handing it to you. 100%. Peter looked at you, his smirk immediately mirroring yours. “Nice work, Ms. Y/L/N,” he laughed. 

“You as well, Mr. Parker.“ 

You both took your seats and began packing up your stuff. You looked at Peter, and felt an immense obligation to break the silence. "Come over tonight,” you blurted. 

He looked at you like a dear in headlights, your sudden command startling him.

“To watch a movie. After the internship, if you have it,” you said, finishing your proposal. “I.. I miss you.”

Peter’s expression softened, and he smiled almost immediately. “Sure. Force Awakens kind of night or Deathly Hallows kind of night?”

You laughed at Peter’s question. “That was the nerdiest thing you’ve ever said.”

“But you love it,” he replied.

I do, you thought to yourself.

“I think it’s a Breakfast Club kind of night,” you finally responded with a smile.

“Now that you say it.. I agree completely,” he said, smiling back at you.

The light and easy conversation between you and Peter allowed an enormous weight lift off your shoulder. You knew that no matter what happened between you, silly crush and all, you’d always be best friends.

If only it were just  a silly crush.

“8 o'clock. Be there or be square,” you warned, pointing a finger his way. Soon after, the bell rang and Peter bolted out the door before you could even process that it was dismissal time. ‘


7:45. Peter was always early to everything. You half expected him to be here already, but you said 8, so you couldn’t really be mad at him.

8:00. He should be here.. why isn’t he here? Weird.

8:30. “Peter, where the hell are you? You’re never late, I’m starting to worry,” you spoke into your phone, pacing around the living room. You had gotten his voicemail for the third time, and decided to actually leave him a message. “Please call me.”

9:00. “Peter, I’m getting mad. Who the hell do you think you are? You better have a damn good excuse for not ONLY standing me up but then proceeding to not answer your phone,” you spat. You weren’t sure if your words were too harsh, so you added a quick love you at the end before hanging up.

9:30. You weren’t sure whether to be worried or mad at this point. It was just so unlike for him to do something like this.. he was never late for plans, never mind completely absent. 

You picked up your phone again and dialed Peter’s number for what felt like the millionth time. You were ready to hang up on the fourth ring, when you heard an exasperated Peter. “Y/N?”

“Peter..” you whispered. “Peter, are you okay? Are you in trouble?”

“Yes, I’m okay. No, I’m not in trouble.”

Knowing that he was okay allowed for you to fill with rage. “What the hell Peter?”

“I know,” he sighed on the other end. “I’m on my way. It’s a really.. really long story.”

“Don’t,” you managed, your voice wavering. “I’ve been sitting here for an hour and a half, I’m done waiting for you. I’m going to bed.”

“Hold on,” he said. “Please, just hear me out.”

You hung up the phone and plopped down on your couch, unsure what to do. You felt a lump in your throat and a sting in your eyes, but tried desperately not to let yourself cry. You didn’t want Peter to be the cause of your tears. 

It was so unlike him to do something like that, to just blow you off without any warning. If Peter knew he wasn’t going to be able to make it, then he would have at least texted you and told you something came up. 

You turned your phone off, as you were sick of seeing Peter’s missed calls and messages. You knew that you would feel tempted to answer him, but also knew that he deserved the silent treatment.

You were ready to get in bed when you heard a knock on your window. Your first instinct was to grab the bat that you had on the side of your bed. It was New York, and anything could happen. You had to be prepared.

You picked up your phone and began to dial the cops, when the mystery person outside your window spoke. “Y/N, it’s Peter!” He yelled, knocking again. “Open up. I have to talk to you.”

You groaned and dropped your bat, walking over to your window and opening the curtains. There stood Peter on your fire escape in red and blue spandex. His hair was disheveled, and quite frankly, he looked rough. 

“Go away,” you spat, closing the curtains. You heard him groan on the other end of the window.

“Y/N, please..” he begged. 

“Peter, I said-”

“I’m Spider-Man.”

You paused, unsure what to do next. Peter? Spider-man?

You remembered first hearing about the blue and red crime stopper from YouTube videos that Ned had showed you. He even appeared on the news a couple times, being titled as the superhero of Queens. There was even rumors that he was an Avenger, and helped Iron Man in attempting to police Captain America.

You walked over to your window, opened the curtains, then lifted the window. You stared Peter up and down, getting a better look at the suit he was wearing. In his hand was a mask. Your eyes finally made its way to his face, and he silently stared back at you with a desperate expression.

“I didn’t want you to find out like this,” he finally said.

“How long..” you began, not knowing where to start.

“A little over 6 months,” he replied. “Can I please come inside?”

You back away from the window and began pacing in your room. “I.. I don’t believe this.. there’s no way..”

You turned around to face Peter who looked at you with an amused expression. 

“If this is some sick excuse..” you started.

“No, no no no..” he said immediately. “God, why would I lie about this?”

You stared at him, unsure what to say. You couldn’t imagine Peter being a superhero, let alone Spider-man. He was just a kid who loved science, who had dreams and aspirations and goals like every other kid your age. You examined the suit, wondering if it was just a cheap replica he made.

“You don’t believe me.”

Your eyes met his, and you were amazed at how easily he could read you. You and Peter were always good like that, able to tell what the other was thinking without words.

“Fine, I’ll just have to show you.”

Peter grabbed your hand and dragged you onto the fire escape. He glanced at the building across from yours, then smiled down at you, slipping on his mask and hooking one arm around your waist. He pulled your body into his and your stomach couldn’t help but flip at the feeling of Peter’s body against yours.

“Hold on,” he said while shooting a web from his hand onto the top of the building and jumping off the fire escape, taking you with him. You squealed and buried your head into his chest, holding onto his body for dear life. 

Within seconds, you landed on your feet with a thud.

“You can open your eyes now,” he chucked.

You lifted your head from his chest and looked around you at the rooftop. “Oh my..” you whispered, glancing down at the street below. “How the hell did you do that?”

He shrugged, showing you his web shooters. “These may have something to do with it.”

You grabbed his hand and inspected the gadget attached to his wrist. “So THIS is the webby shit you’re always making in chemistry..”

He laughed again. “Yup.”

You sighed and looked up at him, crossing your arms. “Just cause you’re some cool superhero doesn’t mean you get to be a bad friend. Explain.”

“I was on my way to your house when I saw this guy getting jumped in an alley. It ended up tuning into a wild goose chase..” he mumbled, glancing down at his hands. “I really didn’t mean to stand you up. You know I wouldn’t ever do that to you purposefully.”

You were silent for a few seconds, before asking, “Well, did you at least catch the bad guys?”

He smirked down at you before nodding. “Of course I did. If I was gonna miss movie night, you bet your ass I had to catch them.”

You couldn’t help but stare at him. His hair was messy, pointing in every direction. His cheeks were red and flushed, and his eyes had bags under them. They bore into your own like they were searching for something, desperately trying to crack a code within you. It was then that you realized you were still pressed up against him.

You cleared your throat and stepped away from him, letting his arm fall from your waist. Once standing alone, you missed the warmth and comfort of his body.

“I’m really sorry,” he said again.

“Don’t be,” you reassured him. “And uh.. don’t check your voicemail. I may have said some nasty things to you in the heat of the moment.”

You both sat on the edge of the building, kicking your feet and talking about Peter’s secret alias. He told you that the “Stark internship” was just another name for him swinging around Queen’s in a suit and stopping any potential dangers. 

Knowing his secret gave you some reassurance. You now knew why he was so shady sometimes, why he would show up to school with bruises under his eyes, nearly falling asleep in class cause he only got two hours of sleep. A lot of your worries and questions that had accumulated over the past few months were finally answered.

With the reassurance, came the worry. 

You were afraid that Peter was biting off more than he could chew. You had the utmost trust in him, but he was just a kid with a big heart and some enhanced senses. You know deep down that he is capable of a lot more than you give him credit for, but there’s just so many scary, inhumane things that are out there, always going after the good guy. 

“Just.. don’t get yourself killed, okay?” You said following Peter’s Spider-man spiel. “I.. don’t know how I would survive without you.”

You looked down at your hands and toyed with the hem of your shirt, becoming suddenly shy following your confession.

“Remember, I’m the one that worries about you,” he said, nudging your shoulder with his own.

“Cut that shit, Peter,” you said, looking at him. “You’re messing with really dangerous stuff here. I’m serious.”

“I know,” he reassured. “I know. But I’m really okay. If I didn’t think I could handle this, I wouldn’t have taken it on. I wouldn’t do that to you, or Ned.. or May. Not after everything.”

You weren’t sure what to say, but knew that you didn’t need to say anything. Being there was enough for the both of you.

Instead of words, you rested your head on Peter’s shoulder and hummed, comforted by the silence. 

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A song I wrote dedicated to Clint McElroy and his amazing character Merle from The Adventure Zone. This song is ever so slightly explicit and not at all spoiler free, so please listen with discretion.

The owl is an illustration done by John Pusateri.

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Lyrics below the cut:

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Porter Robinson quote starters

  Source of quotes

“ my freaking fans are the freaking best. freak “

“ wow im so adorable wow wow “

“ fuck the sore throat fairy. “

“ one of my favorite memories of the last year was telling _____ about my new music and him offering to be my therapist “

“ i played stepmania in front of my manager today and he asked me what was wrong with me “

“ list of things my cold is keeping me from doing: breathing “


“ i am and always have been secretly a robot “

“ my favorite feature is clicking to an unloaded part of the video, and youtube stops loading and forces you to refresh “

“ the entire athleticwear fad has been insanely convenient and comfy “

“ pump it up plebs “

“ tropical pineapple fuck offf “

“ this is me suppressing my hateriest impulses “

“ i forgot to breathe “


“ what’s an ekowraith “

“ this ‘very decent christmas’ compilation makes me wanna go to xmas party djed by ____ in a santa hat he doesnt seem to know he’s wearing“


“ you guys are my favorites (i have favorites). “

“ i’m being an insomniac piece of shit “

“ i will fuck you up at age of empires “

“ y'all are some straight-up buttlickers for not sending me or even telling me about krmt “

“ attn all boyfriends of twitter: may you all give jim halpert-tier gifts this year “

“ I’ll be the one dying “

“ Ideally, I’d be waking up at 7am on my farm “

“ untz untz untz untz “

“ Ay I will ay~ “

“ i tossed that fucker off “

“ Stand up and get out of my cool guy crouch “

“ Now i know how Olympic athletes feel “

“ I’m making smoke over here “

“ Our beautiful child has be ruined “

“ I’m starting to make weird faces, i can feel it “

“ we are definitely absolutely in the club “

“ my hand hurts! “

“ And there’s no question i think that i like cute things and shit “

“ These are kind of like Star Wars galaxies “

“ i like crying about moe girls “

“ put a fucking shirt on you bro “

“ im fucking crying and sad “

“ oh man, in game music is playing “

“ windows media player, killin it “

“ i’m the realist “

“ you can be a guy who plays a weird flute “

“ i was lmaoin “

“ now that i have your attention, check this out: people in australia think it’s funny that we say “badass” “

“ funny meme rukes. good shit “

“ I dreamed last night that I met Wolfgang Gartner. He didn’t know Say my Name. “

“ name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-nam “

“ this baristas name is tiff tiff “

“ neek thiyah “

“ meme-free since 1992 “

“ i couldnt find the version of the tour poster that had giraffage’s name on it so i improvised with ms paint “

“ .. join us…. “

“ (glances at watch, groans) “

“ im looking forward to corporate twitter accounts attempting the doge meme well into the year 2017 “

“ i woke up at 6:00 AM feeling sick and having a weird, delirious dream about needing to turn in a mixtape today “

“ eating poutine does nothing for me. “

“ im pretty sure the best way to characterize the amount of ice cream i just ate is “illegal” “

“ when someone starts talking while i’m trying to show them a song, i will 1) hate them 2) passive aggressively triple the volume right away “

“ I just burned the hell out of my hand on steam. “


“ You got gengar eyes “

“ someone just approached me & asked 1. are you in a rockband 2. are you on the Disney channel “because you look famous”. answered yes to both “

“ snapchats i have received so far: shirtless dudes, videos of college girls smoking blunts, pictures of cats “

“ that sneeze felt so good that i got chills “

Seventeen as shit my friends have said

Seungkwan: “Soft hands! Do you know what they say about a man with soft hands?” “*sighs* What do they say?” “He probably moisturizes.”

DK: “I like dumb stuff, it reminds me of me.”

Woozi: "You need sunlight to live.“ "You’re conforming to society. You’re believing their lies.”

Joshua: “We just make shit up about dinosaurs. They could’ve spoken Polish.”

Jeonghan: “If I don’t care about my wealth and hell-being, who will?”

S.Coups: “I’m dorky, but in a cool way.”

Mingyu: “It all started from that day I sneezed out a grasshopper.”

Wonwoo: "Who’s that Pokemon?“ “Adele.”

Vernon: “Do you ever think about how faces are fucking weird?” “No, but I think about how you’re fucking weird.”

Hoshi: “Should we start the game again?” “No, quitters don’t quit.”

Minghao: “Why are the waters of human interaction so difficult to navigate?”

Jun: “Well, you know, you’re less likely to get an STD from a kebab.“

Dino: "The best gift for Christmas is giving! Nah bullshit, it’s a trampoline.”

Thank you @greywvren for the help and thank you again for being the reason I read this series in the first place 💕

Ronan Lynch never thought he would ever be on a romantic date, let alone to be the one who organized it.

He searched for the less shitty and less pricey restaurant in all of Henrietta- fuck, damn it, in all fucking Virginia for something like a month and he’s now left feeling like the biggest idiot on earth, waiting for Adam to show up, and even when he hears the sound of the engine of Adam’s shitty Hondoyata, he doesn’t turn, doesn’t move because- because.


It was all so new, all so strange.

The tentative brotherhood with Declan, the absence of Cabeswater and the void his Mother’s smile used to lit up. He knows how easily loss can destroy him, can drive him away from everything he loves, and so Ronan Lynch decided that he had enough of self-destruction to last a lifetime.

He didn’t notice when he started to chew on the leather bands of his bracelet, but the comfort of the familiar habit is enough to keep him from working himself into an early grave, his longing consuming him more and more for every minute that he waits and when Adam enters the restaurant in his perfect, clean and flawless college uniform and his face lights up with a smile aimed only at him Ronan tries to understand exactly how many beats a heart can skip.



There’s a moment of silence and Ronan feels his heart slowly traveling up to his throat as Adam’s hand rest in the middle of the table like an invitation between the salt and pepper, just near the menu that Ronan left open so that Adam could check the prices without being nervous of everything he orders. He watches as Adam’s eyes roam over the various dishes and the various dollars and Ronan has a whole bunch of seconds that feel like a lifetime to imagine all the ways in which he fucked up.

But Adam’s smiles, the kind of smile that makes Ronan’s breath come out in a woosh, feeling a little bit lighter and a little bit happier, is such a thing is possible.

His hands move slowly and he ends up cradling Adam’s fingers in his own and he’s euphoric with the knowledge that Adam’s hands are now soft.

“So, Parrish. How’s school going?” he asks, trying to be as casual as he can and he wonders if Adam knows how badly he needs to know.

“It’s going good. Very good. Better than I could imagine.” he answers and Ronan doesn’t know if it’s the smile on his face or the fact that Adam’s thumb is now stroking the skin of his palm, but everything in this damned place seems to be on fire.

“How are the Barns?” the question takes Ronan a while to decipher, to remember that Adam cares.

“I woke a cow.” the answer comes with a shrug, even if he was on his way to cry when it happened and then seriously crying after he called Gansey and Blue to tell them and he-

He wanted to say it to Adam face to face, because Ronan knows that a part of the Barns and a big part of himself-like his heart, or his liver, or the very blood in his veins- will always be owned by Adam Parrish.

And the smile on Adam’s face could light up the darkest parts of Ronan’s corners.

“I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see it!” he holds Ronan’s hand tighter and he can feel the fire spreading all across his face.

“It’s just a cow.” he adds, but at the words Adam’s smile only gets wider, like he knows how much it matters for Ronan no matter how much he tries to hide it.

“Gentlemen, are you ready to order?” the waitress asks and Ronan turns to look at her for a second before he gets kicked under the table.

“The fuck, Parrish?” he murmurs, his hand going to massage the injured part just as Adam answers the waitress with a polite “Not yet. And pardon my boyfriend.”

The waitress answers something but Ronan’s everything is hanging by those tiny, little nine letters.


“Don’t look at the waitress like that, it’s not her fault we still haven’t picked something.” Adam says, but he doesn’t move his hands from the electric tangle they make with Ronan’s.

His only answer is a hum, while he tries to regain his cool.

He knows their hands will eventually have to detangle to read the menu and actually pick something and Ronan muses that he could pay or threaten or beg to have someone read it for them.

As one pair of joined hands slowly retreats to take the menu-get a whole lunch for the fantastic prize of only 12 dollars!- the other tightens.

“I’ll take the Lasagne.” Adam says and Ronan debates with himself on the matter of: will order hamburger seem like a dick move?

His heart is still in his throat and clouding his vision of everything that isn’t Adam shaped, so he settles for the first thing that seems vaguely easy to pronounce.

When the waitress comes back to take the orders Adam is the one to talk to her, but that’s because Ronan is too busy looking at him, at the way he holds himself, his perfect self-taught manners, the way he is grounded in his own being.

He finds the act of Adam ordering for him more endearing than he will ever admit.

Ronan suddenly remembers that he has things to give to Adam, a gift from Opal and a gift from himself, and he makes a mental note to remember this later, when they are not in a restaurant surrounded by people.

When the plates arrive Ronan is crushed by the knowledge that yes, he will have to let go of Adam’s hand and finds a little solace in the fact that the latter seems as reluctant to do so as he feels.

Ronan looks at the plate in front of him and finds out that he has no idea what this shit is.

“You don’t know what you ordered, do you.” Adam’s sentence should sound like a question, but it doesn’t.

“The name seemed cool.” he answers, trying to move whatever sits in his plate with the fork and Adam laughs quietly, which makes it all worth it.

They start to eat, Adam with his back straight and elbows that never touch the tablecloth.

“How is Opal?” he asks, covering his mouth with one hand if Ronan knows he isn’t chewing a single thing.

“She’s good. I left her with Declan.” his smiles is razor sharp when he remembers the frightened look on his business brother’s face.

“You asshole.” Adam replies, but the word is affectionate and it makes Ronan’s smile go from razor sharp to I love you so much in a matter of seconds.

“Is the college cool, then?” he asks, looking at Adam and trying to use his fork in a productive way. He’s glad that whatever his food is, it at least tastes really fucking good.

Adam hums and nods, cleaning his mouth with the handkerchief but Ronan can’t help but notice the little spot of red at the corner of his lips no better than he can help his hand from moving, his thumb from removing the sauce and his own mouth from licking it off.

The hungry look in Adam’s eyes has nothing to do with the food and it takes Ronan’s breath away, it makes the fire burn even brighter.

“College is cool.” it’s his only answer, his eyes fixed on the lower part of Ronan’s face.

“You should come visit again,” he adds “you scared the shit out of my roommate.” and since Adam doesn’t seem very inconvenienced by it, Ronan smiles proudly.

They ask for the check and when the waiter arrives they split it, but Ronan adds a tip with I don’t know what the fuck I ate but man it was good written on a fifty dollar bill.

Once they are out of the restaurant Ronan sees Adam going right for his BMW, his hand on the handle of the passenger seat.

The keys in Ronan’s hand tremble.

They sit in the car and he retrieves two things from his backpack under Adam’s curious stare.

“This is a bracelet from Opal and this-” he takes the little notebook, hands it to Adam and doesn’t look at him, his eyes on the road.

“It’s a time schedule, it works however you want it to work and you can add everything you need to it, for classes and shit. It’s water repellent.”

Of all the ways Adam could say thank you, grabbing Ronan by the front of his shirt to kiss him is by far the best one.




They are in Ronan’s childhood bed and Adam is gently passing his fingers along the side of Ronan’s body, rib after rib after rib.

“What else did you dream?” he asks, his lips moving on Ronan’s temple.


giveaway drabble

Heyo! As you may remember, I did a 500-word drabble giveaway recently to celebrate hitting 500 followers. The winner, @parinite, asked for Klance fluff with trans Keith coming out to Lance! I’ve been wanting to write trans Keith for a while, so I was really happy to get this prompt ;w; It ended up being more like 540 words, but oh well. I hope you like it! <3

I’m gonna tell him.

Pidge already knows. Hunk’s sharp enough to have figured it out. Shiro, of course, has known forever.

So why is telling Lance so daunting?

Keith used to buck Lance’s arm off when he attempted to throw it around Keith’s shoulders, so that he wouldn’t feel the tell-tale edge of the binder underneath his shirt. That risk is gone now, and Keith’s more himself than ever. Still, wondering what Lance might say has Keith’s heart leaping up and punching him in the fucking teeth.

Even now – now that they’ll grab each other for noogies and sit together on the couch with their arms brushing, now that sometimes their eyes catch for a moment too long, and Keith’s convinced that if he just leaned in, he’d feel those grinning lips kiss his own – even now, it’s scary.

So scary just thinking it has his mind turning to white static.

It’s because you like him, taunts a voice in his ear. Keith grits his teeth, imagines stabbing it.

“Hey, Lance? There’s something … I wanna tell you.”

“Oh? Is this it? You’re finally admitting I’m your superior?” Lance puts a hand to his chest. “Sorry, I’m getting emotional. I need to go prepare my official speech—”

“Will you shut up for two seconds?!”

That came out harsh. Shit. His hands are shaking.

Lance seems to realize he’s serious, and goes quiet. Keith takes a deep breath.

“Lance – I’m trans.” Saying it is not a relief. If anything, it makes the butterflies in his belly multiply and colonize his entire body. “And … I thought you should know.”

Lance’s expression softens. Keith’s heartbeat does not slow down.

“Oh,” Lance says. He sounds a little surprised – just a little. “Cool. Thanks for trusting me.”

“Yeah,” says Keith. His head is spinning, his stomach clenching.

“Actually … I have something I wanna confess, too.” Lance rubs the back of his head. Damn. Here it comes – rejection. Keith swallows the stone lump in his throat.


“Listen, I know this sounds fake, since you have that lame haircut and wear those gloves unironically and all. But I’m, uh, kinda into you. Maybe.” Lance’s cheeks are stained bright pink. “So I was wondering if you might … want to be my boyfriend?”

Here’s the thing about Keith: when his mind blanks out, his body takes over.

Keith’s body lifts a fist and clocks Lance right in the head.

Ow! Jeez, what was that for, asshole?”

“Lance, what the fuck?”

“So … I guess that’s a no?”

“I – no! I mean – no it’s not. I mean. Yes.” Fuck. Breathe, fool. “I mean. I like you too.”

Lance’s face lights up like the goddamn sun, and it has Keith’s chest twisting, tight and sweet. “Oh. Dude. Nice.”

“Shut up.” He swallows. “And I’m sorry for hitting you.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll get you back.”

“You can try.”

And Lance leans in, fast as a flash, to press the softest kiss to Keith’s lips.

And maybe his shit-eating grin is pretty cute.

Maybe it’s all Keith has ever wanted.

Lance waggles his eyebrows. “How was that, boyfriend?”

Keith doesn’t reply. Just loops his arms around Lance’s shoulders, and pulls him back in.

sooo.. that’s that! thanks again to everyone who entered <3 find more of my writing on ao3!

many highlights from The Eleventh Hour from a first-time TAZ listener
  • featuring bits from Lunar Interlude III: Rest and Relaxation
  • oh god is this lunar interlude a goddamn ASMR experience
  • are carey fangbattle and killian dating?
  • i’m almost 100% sure griffin said “fisticups” instead of “fisticuffs”
  • griffin: “okay, you spend the next few weeks learning from carey” oh, okay griffin, i see, we’re taking the LAZINESS route on this campaign now. maybe there were some good snorlaxes to catch on that route or something, but now we’ll never know!
  • a semi-incomplete list of words that griffin has made up during TAZ: “cruft, geezers creezers, and scrumbled” except scrumbled was stolen from justin
  • my first thought when i realized taako and sweet ango were going to be spending this interlude together was “oh no taako is about to just bully the goddamn earwax out of sweet ango”
  • I JUST REALIZED ANGUS MACDONALD IS 10 GODDAMN YEARS OLD. where are his parents??? he had a grandpa who died, right? who’s taking care of him? did lucretia kidnap him to illegally “employ” THIS LITERAL CHILD at the bureau of balance??
  • taako just called sweet ango “agnes”
  • the Hole-Thrower is a goddamn genius object but i wish it wasn’t just for “non-magical, non-living” things bc i wanna see taako throw a hole into an enemy
  • magnus: “i want a black mastiff” griffin: “but you know, theres’s no dogs on the moon!”
  • the grubby grifters went over budget at the fantasy costco and griffin’s voice like animorph-style changed into garfield the deals asshole‘s voice and im like. uncomfortable
  • travis: “i’m now a level 8 fighter and a level 2 rogue” “which i think makes sense for magnus bc you’re a protecting guardian but you’re also kinda a nasty boy on that battlefield”
  • the grubby grifters are the only bureau employees not to be super choked up about boyland’s death and im like “hey maybe you assholes shouldn’t have tried to desecrate his crystalized corpse”
  • if the voidfish is either nice or neutral, then it singing to magus is adorable
  • if the voidfish turns out to be evil, then it singing to magnus is super super ominous
  • the director: “avi had to miss boyland’s rites of remembrance” merle: “i didn’t know that was an option"
  • names suggested for the woven gulch before griffin decided that: dry bones, gucci gulch, the taint, the devil’s taint, ravine, gulch, the blasted lands, the not-blasted lands, the flavor-blasted lands, the grandd canyon (not a typo), the taco bell grande canyon, the arid waste, tattoine
  • all the grubby grifters: “SUMMER LOOKS! SUMMER LOOKS! SUMMER LOOKS!”
  • taako: “thanks garfield, can we leave now?” “I WISH YOU WOULD”
  • sweet ango has to launch the grubby grifters down to the woven gulch and he’s so terrified and im like ango, they should be more nervous, they’re yOUR BULLIES!!
  • magnus: “we don’t have to mean EVERY time!” okay, magnus, that’s rich coming from you, seeing as you’ve been the worst to angus
  • travis: “you as the DM didn’t remind your players” griffin: “oh i didn’t know this was a baby game for CHILDREN”
  • magnus: “what it we just didn’t attack them this round and just saw what they did?” merle: “WHO ARE YOU??”
  • griffin: “it’s kind of rustic” magnus: “FINALLY, MY RUSTIC FOLK HERO THING WILL WORK AND PEOPLE WILL LIKE ME!!!”
  • “by their sacrifice, our home is made safe” WHAT THE FUCK!
  • griffin: “where the robe it, it has been stained or oxidized, turning it a bright crimson red" “oh…..like…the bad guys…” YALL THAT’S SO. THAT’S SOME SHIT. THAT’S SOME MYSTERIOUS SHIT
  • taako: “okay, cool, I’m not into labels either” yooooooo 
  • i googled the map griffin made for the town of Refuge and hot damn, that’s a well made map
  • magnus: “i rolled a 10 [on a perception check]” griffin: “you’re in a prison cell with bars on it” merle: “i rolled a 1″ griffin: “you are in a cube shaped place”
  • griffin: “and then all three of you, have died” WHAT IN THE FUCK????? WHAT THE HELL??? WHAT????
  • the fact that paloma sounds like bjork tells me that griffin is just straight up running out of different accents
  • [merle continues to sing to the tune of book of mormon] travis: “clinton. you just got clocked by a shovel”
  • justin: “i’m gonna delete the video i was making about how to do an infinite diamond glitch in the adventure zone”
  • griffin: “there are many rocks piled up” justin: “mini rocks are actually called pebbles, griffin”
  • griffy set up this quarry locker room tripwire puzzle exactly like a fucking game of hangman! the most deadly game of hangman ever
  • griffin: “lemme just say that diamonds are the currency of this town. you wouldn’t go to the US treasury to get dollars fresh from the printing press” justin: “what, you want me to get a part time job??” griffin: “i wouldn’t hate it”
  • griffin: “i just agreed to what dad said without really processing what it was that he said, and what he said was the name "bjork” as bork” clint: “you gotta watch that shit, griffin” griffin: “i was almost an accomplice to that heinous act”
  • the grubby grifters just unquestioningly trust paloma the bjork witch without any sort of investigation checks or ANYTHING and im like what if she’s evil, my dudes. what if she’s leading you astray
  • griffin: “the human spell library, clint mcelroy”
  • griffin: “if you can just instantly bring back any dead person to life, it may reduce the narrative stakes of the adventure zone podcast A BIT!” AH SHIT SON!!
  • magnus: “im gonna….cut his arm off” griffin: “OH MY GOD!! YOU LOVE THIS SHIT! YOU’RE A PERVERT! YOU’RE EXPOSING EVERYONE TO YOUR FETISH!!”
  • istus is cool and awesome and she knits but all this shit she’s talking about it is just context-less gibberish
  • hot damn yall. this time chalice is trying to PERSUADE the grubby grifters and my evil bullshit meter thinks this is SUPER HELLA SUSPENSEFUL
  • damn this chalice is so tempting. i can’t even imagine
  • these backstories are heartbreaking. im blown away by the way the mcelroys have crafted this part of the story, and so so sad. especially about magnus
  • “its not what julia would want” travis stop making me feel these things
  • magnus: “noelle ended up with a new shiny robot body!” taako: “an unkillable robot! I’d call that an upgrade!”
  • oh no the chalice is forcing them to watch the destruction of phandolin, what an asshole
  • magnus: “i’m gonna throw a whole bunch of robot arms into him” griffin: “okay, so you just have a hefty bag full of roboid arms??” 
  • merle: “we owe a big one to penumbra" magnus: “paloma”
  • magnus: “we gotta jump” roswell: “this is a shitty shitty shit shit plan, i hope you know that” i love roswell’s instinctive reaction when presented with a dumb idea, which is to respond with pure immediate honesty and tell the grubby grifters that their ideas are dumb as hell
  • this worm fight is bizarre as fuck, what the fuck are they even DOING???
  • aw the weird worm just wanted to escape the bubble so it could get back to its babies! that’s…almost adorable. if it wasn’t a giant fucking worm
  • oh good. the red robe is back. cool cool cool cool cool
  • magnus: “you’re proud of us? what? you’re a red robe, you’re one of the bad guys?” the red robe: “who told you that?”
  • the red robe said “lup, they don’t trust me. lup i can’t do it anymore” and “the next time we meet, i’ll need you to trust me completely. the hunger is almost here, and all this could be lost” YALLL IM CONFUSED ASSSS FFFUCKKKK BUT IM SO EXCITED ABOUT WHOEVER THE FUCK THIS PARSELTONGUE MOTHERFUCKER IS!!
  • well taako got a prophecy saying he would one day get power from “the man wreathed in flames” so like im pretty goddamn sure the parseltongue motherfucker is barry bluejeans. there’s a lich around, barry got blasted to hell by gundren rockseeker, and the red robe wants the grubby grifters to trust him, so like 2+2+2 probably equals barry fucking bluejeans here
  • the fact that they got to watch over the town of refuge for 7 years was soooooo sweet!!!!
  • hot damn the red robe’s been protecting magnus this whole time???
  • travis asking istus why there’s long gaps in their memories like hey trav griffy doesn’t want you or me or anyone else to know yet, but good try!
  • magnus: “if you get bored, there’s this half-moon thing in the sky, you can come hang out with us” taako: “yeah most birds can fly to the MOON!”
  • kravitz!!! anytime kravitz shows back up is a GOOD GODDAMN TIME!! because i love kravitz
  • the red robe in the statue in Refuse HAS MAGNUS’S FACE!!!
  • i have literal goddamn chills. that is so good
  • this was a very odd meandering arc and i didn’t know what the hell was going on half the time but it was super super super enjoyable and some of the plot shit got me HYPED AS HELL
Sore Loser

WOW WOW WOW It’s been a long time coming but I’m back baby! This is a request (an old one and I’m very sorry about that) but anyway I figured that the first imagine back should be a Sid one since the cup and everything. (I’m still bitter, I was really rooting for the preds) Anyway here you go! 

Warnings: some swearing 

Word Count: 1100

Originally posted by puckducky

Your usually rowdy living room was quiet as you turned off the television. The Penguins had just lost…again. Just like every team in the NHL the Penguins were going through a drought. But being the current Stanley Cup champs that drought came with a lot more backlash than usual. And your husband, Mr. Perfect Sidney Crosby, was not taking this lightly.

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[ sasusaku month - day 2: something more ]

The second the buzzer went off, the gym was filled with thunderous screams and cheers. Thousands of smiles, thousands of cheers and thousands of students rushed the court and there stood Sasuke in the middle of it all. Naruto stood by his side, grinning ear to ear and chanting and screaming with them all.

“Konoha High! Reigning champs for six years straight!”

It was unbelievable that the team had won not only two years prior before they madethe varsity team, but all four years that they’d been playing basketball. Familiar face upon familiar face congratulated him and as he made his way towards the locker room, there was one face that he’d been itching to see – even from the very start of the game. 

They weren’t dating by any means, but they’d been best friends from the very start. Sakura Haruno had been to every single one of his games, whether they were at home or away, she always made time to come and cheer him on. Sasuke would never admit it, but it always eased his mind and soothed his nerves when he saw her familiar shade of pink hair sitting amongst the crowd with a smile plastered on her face. But tonight was different. 

Although the gym was humongous, he hadn’t spotted her once that night. His soot eyes scanned every single face in that gym more than once, and although that game was huge for him, he didn’t care; he needed her support more than ever that night. 

The locker room had already cleared once Sasuke made his way there. The lights were still on, and even the sweaty smell from his teammates still resided, but he didn’t mind. He ripped his jersey from his body and discarded it atop his bag, grabbed his towel and immediately plunged into the shower. 

Sasuke didn’t sing, or hum, ever. But during his shower that night, he began to hum and fill the lonely void in the locker room. Steam rose up from the scalding water, and once he finished scrubbing his scalp clean of all the sweat, and rinse his body of all the soap, he emerged from the shower.

The gym was now quiet, lights still on but most had been turned off. The adrenaline that pumped through his veins earlier had finally died down, but his thoughts of Sakura still remained.

“Whatcha humming?”

The girlish voice startled him. His hand immediately flew to the towel that hung around his waist and his eyes had grown wide. Standing at the door was Sakura, a simple smile painted on her pretty lips, with viridian eyes sparkling. “You did great tonight.” 

So she was there.

“What’re you doing in here?” Sasuke changed the subject almost immediately. He could feel the space between them close as Sakura stepped through the entryway and began to make her way towards him.

“You’ve been in here for about an hour now. I’m just checking on you. I do have a curfew,” she teased lightly before taking a seat on one of the benches. It amazed him to see how confident she was being, especially with him only standing mere feet away with only a towel to hide his body. 

“Well go wait outside, I’m almost done–” he could feel himself trail off as Sakura smiled brightly. Had his towel fallen, or was she looking at something else? Why was she smiling like that?

“I can close my eyes.” 

“Sakura,” he warned with a playful glare. Sakura only chuckled in response before raising her hands in front of her body and shaking her head.

“Fine, fine! I’ll be waiting,” she promised.

Sasuke felt himself begin to breathe again, not knowing that he had held his breath the second he saw her. He quickly dried himself off, glancing at the door every other second to make sure Sakura had kept to her word, and when he finally pulled on his sweats and fitted t-shirt, he grabbed his bag and exited the locker room, turning the lights off behind him. 

“You take longer than a girl,” Sakura teased once more before walking to him and wrapping her arms around him.

She smelled sweet like fruit, and the way her pink tresses fell forward as she leaned her head into his chest calmed his breathing instantly. The remaining lights in the gym finally dimmed and Sasuke stood with Sakura next to him in the dark.


Sasuke only smirked before throwing his arm around her shoulders and leading her out of the building. The cold air instantly bit into his skin as they walked outside, and the snow falling from the sky began to land all around them. It was a winter wonderland there, and the only remaining car in the parking lot was Sasuke’s.

“You take too long after your games. Luckily that was the last one,” she jabbed her finger into his ribs before walking in unison with him once more.

The sidewalks had been shoveled almost perfectly, and the parking lot plowed. Once they reached the car, he unlocked it and instantly opened Sakura’s door before she could reach the handle. When her green eyes narrowed at him, he shrugged before smirking once more and making his way to the driver’s seat. With his bag thrown in the back and Sakura buckled up, the engine came to life and hummed quietly.

His hand found the knob to crank the heater and next to him, Sakura’s shoulders bunched up as she shivered slightly.

“It’s god damn cold out!”

“That’s what typically happens when it’s winter.”

Sakura punched his arm gently before holding her hands in front of the fans. It was dark on the inside of his car, but Sasuke could still make out the green in her eyes as she still glared at him for being a smartass.

“No shit,” she commented before breathing slowly on her fingers. “Make your car heat up faster!” 

Sasuke rolled his eyes once, before reaching for her small hands and enclosing them in his own. The shock that crossed over her face amused him, but when he felt her skin began to cool his own, he frowned

“Wear gloves next time, your fingers are like icicles.”

“I was inside a very hot gym watching my best friend kick ass. But sure, I’ll remember to wear gloves at your next game. Oh, wait–”

Sasuke squeezed her hands in his own, gently, but Sakura’s grin widened as Sasuke’s smirk appeared once more. He hated knowing that his high school career for basketball had come to an end. Albeit on a good note, but it was all over. Like Sasuke, Sakura had grown quiet. 

“What?” He inquired. She was still looking at him, but her eyes didn’t hold the fire that they always held. They looked almost melancholy, desperate and reaching out for him.

“We’re graduating soon. Things won’t be the same, will they?”

He hadn’t thought about it like that. Whenever he thought about his future,  he pictured Sakura right next time with a large smile on her face. But now that Sakura mentioned it, that image began to fade. They were only friends after all, not set on a course to grow old with one another, have children, travel the world and sit on the front porch in a chair of their own. The idea seemed silly the more he thought about it, but then again, he began to feel sick to his stomach. 

“Of course not. We’ll be in a different city, in different homes, but we’ll still be close to each other.” The words didn’t come out right, but he hoped Sakura had caught onto what he actually meant. 

The car was warm now, but Sasuke didn’t release her hands. He continued to hold on to them while trying to uncover the mysterious expression on her face. When she nodded her head slightly, Sasuke felt the air in his lungs leave and he immediately felt another burst of adrenaline. The air became tense between them almost instantly and before Sakura could speak again, Sasuke had the floor. 

“It doesn’t have to change,” he muttered. His eyes eventually looked in the direction of where his headlights pointed. The snow was now coming down rather heavily, and when Sakura’s small grunt sounded, he refused to look back. “It can be the same as before. Nothing has to change, we can–” 

He began to struggle with his words and finding just the right thing to say. He didn’t want to give her the wrong impression, but he always wanted to make “it” official – whatever “it” was. 

Sasuke inhaled once more before trying to speak again. The snow fell freely from the sky on the outside, and like it, the words fell freely from his lips. In his seventeen years of life, this had to have been the most nerve-racking thing he’d ever done. 

“I like you, Sakura. More than a friend.I don’t want things to change…” he scratched the back of his head, something he’d picked up from Naruto recently and when he looked to Sakura, he could see tears streaming down her face. “What now? Are you alright?”

Her girlish laughter surprised him. She slid a hand from his grasp and wiped the tears away with ease and readjusted in her seat to the point that she was looking at him. “I’m fine. Just tired and school was hell this week and wow. So what you’re asking is…”

“You know what I’m asking,” he cut her off. He began to chew on his lip, the air becoming easier to breathe, yet his heart still thudded heavily against his ribcage.

“Oh, Sas. It’ll be different at first, but nothing we can’t handle. You know the answer is yes. It always would’ve been yes.”

And just like that, he felt nauseous and excited and light headed and like he could run a marathon all at once. Instead of giving her that cliche kiss you see most couples doing in chick flicks, Sasuke smiled slightly.

With her single hand still in his own, he raised her knuckles to his lips and met her skin accordingly. She tasted as sweet as she smelled, and when his eyes found hers, he smirked through his tender kiss.

Even though the heat was blaring and the music played silently in the background, Sasuke’s mind was on Sakura and her alone.

Superspeed- Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request// @jimfromsales Hey there! Could you do a story where Peter meets a girl who can duplicate powers, so she gets his power and then ends up being faster than him, and then he finds out that she also has ADHD? (So she talks really fast already, can’t stay focused on one thing for a long time, overly excitable, etc.)

A/N: Based on the requestor’s description of the Reader’s ability, I pulled inspiration from Rogue, another X-Men character, mutation and decided the reader’s power would work by taking on another’s mutation when they make skin to skin contact with that person. Also I’m so sorry if this didn’t quite meet expectations I worked on it for a long time and still aren’t completely satisfied. I hope you all enjoy it nevertheless. 

Originally posted by future-mrs-rogers-peterm

You were taking it all in, the large stone mansion behind you, the wide courtyard you currently stood in, and the rolling hills of green grass spread before you. The place was incredible, and the fact that you had finally found others like you, only added to its greatness. All these mutants, all in one place, all allowed to be themselves, you could barely wrap your head around the idea.

There were a few kids wandering around outside laughing and walking together. Most of others were in class, Charles, had allowed you to go off and explore the mansion on your own, after a brief tour with him. You were grateful for how kind and accepting he’d been towards you. 

You took a seat on the stone ledge of the wall overlooking the yard. You swung your feet a bit, lost in your own thoughts. You were incredibly eager to start classes and meet the students, to learn about others abilities and make new friends. It was all so new and exciting. 

Suddenly a voice behind you brought you back to reality.

“Hey there!” You turned around quickly coming face to face with a silver haired boy. He had a wide grin painted on his face and lopsided goggles positioned on his head. You quickly gathered his favorite color was silver, apparent by his flashy shoes and metallic looking leather jacket. “Peter Maximoff, you must be the new girl.” He held out his hand for you to shake. 

“(Y/N),” you replied, eyeing his hand warily.

“Not one for handshakes?” he raised an eyebrow.

“No it’s just-” 

“That’s cool, I’m not much of a handshake guy either, just thought maybe you were so I thought I’d give it a try, but it’s all good.”

“Ya,” you laughed a little at his ramble of thoughts. He spoke quickly as if afraid he wasn’t going to get all of his words out. It reminded you of yourself. Normally you were the one speaking a mile a minuet. 

“So (Y/N),” he hopped up on the wall to sit beside you, swinging his feet as well, “how are you liking the school so far.” 

“it’s amazing,” you smiled at him, “everyone here is so friendly, and it’s so cool to be in one place with this many mutants…” you cut yourself off afraid you were talking to much or too quickly, you did that a lot. Peter however seemed to enjoy it completely, he sat watching you intently. “I mean I haven’t seen everything yet,” you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, “I’m still looking around, this place is pretty big.”

“Hey I can help with that,” he hopped up eagerly standing up.

“Oh, ok,” you smiled, standing as well, his excitement was contagious. 

“Alright where to first?” He paused for a moment, thinking, “the library,” he decided, answering his own question. 

“Sounds good, you laughed.”

“Okay, you may want to close your eyes,” He snapped his goggles on.

“What aren’t we just walking?” You looked at him questioningly, confused by his statement. 

“No way,” he huffed as if this was obviously, “okay get ready.” He stepped towards you placing a hand on the back of your neck to steady you.

“Wait-” you tried to protest the minuet he touched you, but it was too late and a second later, before you even knew what happened you were in a new place. “What-how?” You looked around you at the books lining the shelves, you’d gone from the courtyard to the library in the blink of an eye. 

“Pretty cool huh?” He raised an eyebrow at you and smirked, clearly proud of himself.

“That was amazing,” oddly you felt like your mind was working faster than ever.


“Oh shit-” it felt like your whole body was in overdrive, mind racing, hands shaking a bit, you could barely focus, how did Peter live like this?

“Hey are you alright, you don’t look so good ya know,” Peter was watching you carefully.

“Y-ya it’s, just t-that well, my mutation, when I make physical contact with another mutant, I get their powers for a certain amount of time, and I think I may have inherited your superspeed,” the words tumbled out of your mouth quickly. You rubbed your temples, feeling a headache coming on. 

“What?!” Peter exclaimed excitedly, “that’s so fucking-wow thats cool,” a wide grin was plastered on his face.

“Not exactly the word I’d use,” you closed your eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, finally feeling a bit more in control.

“Oh my god because you know having this mutation, there hasn’t been anyone who can keep up, but shit now you can, this is gonna be a good time, what should we do first, race around the mansion-Oh I know we can go to the store, you wouldn’t believe the stuff you can get away with if your going fast enough…” He laughed, lost in thought. You were nodding your head quickly to his string of words.

“I-I feel like I can barely focus,” you hadn’t even noticed you were tapping your foot against the ground, “I mean sometimes I struggle to concentrate on a certain things or fidget, but this is like a whole other level.” 

“Hey, hey,” Peter placed both his hands on your shoulders, “just breath, try to think about one thing, like the temperature of the room, or the weather, or me talking to you.” You closed your eyes testing Peter’s advice.

“okay,” you said slowly, opening your eyes again to meet his.

“Better,” he smiled.

“Better,” you returned a grin.

“So…” He looked at questioningly.

“So let’s test this out,” you grinned excitedly.

“Alright, last one to the courtyard buys lunch,” he held out his hand for you to shake.

“Deal,” you grinned and took off running. 

Daisy being jealous would include...

Requested by: Anonymous
Tags: @thehistorynut19 @geeky-girl-394 @whatwoulddaisyjohnsondo

  • Daisy pretending like it doesn’t bother her at first
  • And trying to brush it off with a joke
  • But as it went on
  • Daisy would become very possessive
  • Her walking up to you
  • And starting to make out with you right on the spot
  • Sliding her arm around your waist
  • And allowing her hand to slide into your back pocket
  • Being slightly surprised at her actions
  • Because Daisy is usually able to keep her cool
  • Daisy making it very clear that you’re her’s
  • “Hey, I see you’ve been flirting with my girlfriend. I hope you know that that shit isn’t cool.”
  • Her pretty much telling them to fuck off
  • Giving them the glare of death
  • Being slightly annoyed at Daisy
  • “Come on, Daisy, they were just a friend!”
  • But you eventually realize that she was just doing it because she loves you
  • And you wouldn’t want it any other way
My New The Adventure Zone AU Concept; AU where everything is mostly the same except that the THB have different classes!

[Trust me guys, I’ve been a lot of thought into the idea of ‘what if the Tres Horny Boys were different classes,’ and I have to say, I really needed to share the idea with you guys!]

[I’ve nicknamed the AU Concept Swap Boys.]

[Now, I say AU Concept because it’s technically not one AU, but at least three AUs! Each AU Concept is separated by different themes, and they are under the read more because I’m not sure that anyone would want a big post like this on their blog. There’s also a small chart in there. It does nothing but show and compare the class options.]

[Disclaimer: I will be honest, I based my answers on how the character are now in this universe, but with alterations. I can fully understand that it’s completely possible that, in the universe where these class choices were canon, then Taako, Merle and Magnus would have been completely different characters, but since we don’t live in that universe, my choices are closer to canon then the universe where it would be canon, so HA!]

[Added Disclaimer: No bracket speak past the read more. Normal typing only. No brackets means serious business.]

[One More Disclaimer: My thought process goes everywhere. Be wary of that.]

[PS: If you make anything for this, please tag me so I can see it and also please tag it as #Swap Boys. Thank you and enjoy.]

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gasoline//lay streetracerAU! one shot pt 1

pairing: lay x reader

genre: fluff? idek

words: 2.8k

summary: both notorious racers. both with a thrill for danger. a spontaneous bet leads you to eventually meet your match, Xhang Yixing.


A/N: as requested :)) pls like if you enjoyed much love xxx

Home, sweet home.

Your fingers tapped mindlessly against the steering wheel as you pulled into the parking lot, a crowd of people dispersing at the familiar purr of a new engine as they observed the new arrival.

A smirk crept onto your face. You lived for these nights.

Anything from the comforting smell of gasoline, to the deep R&B that helped ignite the addicting nightlife was enough to get your adrenaline pumpi-

“Hey Y/N!”

Your thoughts were distracted by Baekhyun
who began jogging over to you, repping a smile that made you wonder if he was ever annoyed.

Returning the smile, you pulled over and fist bumped his outreached hand and ruffled his hair playfully with your other.

“The famous Y/N finally blesses us with her presence.” He laughed, adding an exaggerated bow for effect whilst you scoffed in response.

His sarcasm was partly valid. You’d been laying low for the past few months, keeping away from the fast cars and illegal nightlife. Tonight was one of the first nights you’d been at a street race and you had never felt better.

“Ain’t it past your bedtime?”

“Ha. Cute. You racing tonight?” He questioned, his forearms resting on the door as he leaned in closer to drown out the surrounding buzz. Typical Baekhyun, always straight to the point.

“Well I didn’t come here to look the pretty girls.” you said, a smile on your face as you knew Baekhyun came here for exactly that. He shot you a dirty look and continued.

“You know Lay’s here tonight?”

You raised your eyebrows in interest. Zhang Yixing. His name was probably the only thing you knew of him other than the fact that he was a fucking good racer.You’d seen him race before. You were impressed, to say the least.

“No shit.” you mumbled curiously, your voice sounding faraway.

“Yes shit. If you wanna meet him, just look for a big crowd of girls and he’ll probably be in the middle.”

You rolled your eyes. You also knew of his strong tendencies to attract the female specimen. And his tendencies to thrive off of it.

“I’m serious Y/N, you know how much people would pay to see you both race? Fuck, I would never need a day job again.”

You laughed. It wasn’t the first time someone wanted you to race him. ‘He’s practically the male version of you’ said just about everyone you came into contact with. But he was untouchable, even for you.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” You muttered, waving him goodbye before driving down the lot, ignoring the lingering glances and whispers shared amidst the excited spectators who turned and watched you.

“Holy shit, is that Y/N?”

“Hey, look, Y/N’s here.”

You laughed quietly. So you had a bit of a reputation.

In a world dominated by male testosterone, it was rare to find a girl who’d come as far as you had, so you’d be lying if you said you wasn’t proud of yourself.

Pulling into one of the only spaces available, you switched off the ignition and slid out of
the drivers side, perching on the front rear of your car and observing the activity around you.

You preferred keeping to yourself in these situations, finding it much better to look at all the men and laugh as they practically chewed the faces off their scantily clothed girlfrien-

“You’re in my spot.”

You looked up abruptly and your eyes met a 2017 Dodge Viper. Holy fucking shit.What a beautiful car. Shame about the driver.

His entire arm was dangling out the car window, tapping his fingers against the black matte whilst he watched you, an amused look on his face.

Well if it wasn’t Zhang fucking Yixing.

It was inevitable that you would likely see him tonight but you didn’t anticipate him to be good looking even up close.

You looked around mindlessly, your head even ducking to look under the car as if you were searching for something and then turned to meet his stare.

“Does it say your name anywhere?”

He looked at you, blinking. He then threw his head back in laughter.

“Well shit, you’re Y/N.”

“And you’re Lay.” you nodded in acknowledgment, trying to maintain a collected persona at the fact that he sounded slightly impressed. And the fact that he even knew who you were.

“Cute car.”

You ignored his slightly patronising tone and smiled, your hand stroking the newly painted hood as you doted on your newest ride.

“Thanks, it’s a ferrari 4-”

“458 italia, I know. Nice model.”

This felt weird. You were both speaking so casually, as if you were friends having a quick catch up before a race yet you’d never even spoken a word to him.

A few moments of silence passed before he spoke again.

“You’re a lot shorter in person.”

You clicked your tongue. Well that was rude.

“Well you’re no skyscraper, Yixing.”

You kept your replies purposely short and blunt. This guy was annoying you, and the fact that he knew he was annoying you made him even more annoying.

“You’re funny.” he said, laughing.

“I know.” You were so fucking thrown off by him. This guy was giving you whiplash.

“So the famous Y/N couldn’t keep away from the streets, huh?”

Two could play at this game.

“I could say the same about you, Mr. I-go-on-a-hiatus-every-6-months.”

He tilted his head to the side, knowing he’d been caught out. He was really good looking.

“Gotta keep the crowd on their toes, wouldn’t you agree?”

You felt intimidated. Fuck, you didn’t wanna admit it. No. You’re not intimidated. You’re good, Y/N.

He got out the car, walking closer to you whist you involuntarily crossed your arms. Be cool.

“So you racing tonight?”

“Don’t know. I don’t think my ‘cute car’ will suffice.” you said mockingly, not forgetting his sly comment from earlier.

“Ah, I’m guessing I hit a nerve?” he asked, now standing only an arms reach away from you. Not that you wanted to reach out for him. Ew.

“Yep. I’m gonna go home tonight and cry about how Xhang Yixing dissed my car.”

His laugh was so fucking cute.

“How about a little bet to prove me wrong?” he questioned, his eyes alight with an unreadable expression that wasn’t quite excitement. More as if he’d just been faced with a challenge.

Here we go. Don’t accept it, Y/N.


“If I win, I get to take you out on a date.”

What? You’d be lying if you said that your eyes didn’t widen at the idea of a date. Tread carefully, Y/N.

“I could have a boyfriend. What if he was a UFC fighter? You would’ve been screwed and you would have to live with the fact that you breached bro code.”

He smirked before answering.

“If you did, you wouldn’t be standing here all by yourself.”

Touché. Well that shut you up.

“And if I win?”

He bit his lip in thought before answering.

“You can have my car.”

You almost choked. If it wasn’t for his serious stare you would’ve thought that he was joking. No way were you passing this opportunity up.

“What makes you think I want your car?” Not wanting to come across too desperate. Play it cool, Y/N.

“You were practically having eye sex with it the moment I drove in.”


“Fine. Deal.”

You both shook hands, ignoring the loud murmurs emerging from the crowd that had gathered, keen to witness the exchange between the two most notorious racers.

“Holy shit it’s happening guys!”

“Wait, what if we both lose?” your voice low so you couldn’t attract any more attention from prying eyes.

He looked at you, baffled. “I can assure you that won’t happen but if it does, then at least we can let the other guys catch a break, for once.”

“Do you do this with all the girls?”

Your dumb mouth spoke before you could even hold your tongue. Fuck. WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE Y/N? Internally cringing, you hoped he wouldn’t think anything of that comment because no way did you want him thinking he had any sort of effect on you.

“Only the ones who drive cute cars.”

You were both still holding hands. You quickly whipped your hand away and cleared your throat awkwardly.

He laughed at your unamused reaction and made his way back to the car. “I’m kidding
Y/N, I just want more of your irresistible company, that’s all.”

The sarcasm was almost sickening.

Holding his hands up in surrender, a glint was present his eyes as he slid into the car, winking at you whilst his engine ignited a satisfying purr.

“See you on the track.”

Before you could say anything he had driven off, leaving nothing but a lingering scent of gasoline as you stood there, utterly confused yet undeniably exhilarated.

What the fuck just happened.


The race was nearing and all cars were readily parked. 5 cars to be precise. Tapping your fingers against the wheel, you turned to Lay who was parked next to your car but he was already looking at you.

“It’s not too late to back out.” He said, laughing.

You gave him the middle finger, a smile gleaming your face as your attention was turned towards the flag girl who sauntered onto the track. Here we go.


“Don’t hurt yourself.” he called over the revving engines, a smirk covering his stupid face before pressing down on the clutch, triggering a fierce roar of the engine that made you laugh in response. You would never get tired of this.


“Try not to damage that Viper for me.” you smirked, not seeing his reaction as your head was already focused on the road, waiting for the race to begin.


The first few seconds were always a blur.

Nothing but the huge shift in momentum was enough to awaken your senses and bring you back into the game. It’s on.

Pressing down on the accelerator, you revelled in the feeling of your entire frame being pushed back against the seat, the city lights around you reduced to a mere blur as you fought to keep your position.

Glancing over towards Lay, you could see that his previous light hearted expression was replaced with one of pure focus. His eyes remained solid, one hand gripping the steering wheel so hard you could see the prominent veins in his arms. You gulped.


Your 3 second glance at him allowed another car to overtake you, Lay now happily ahead. Fucker. Revving the engine, a stiff change in gears and a swift dodge was all it took for you to reclaim your position. A smile made its way onto your face when you saw him do a double take at your car that had now reappeared next to him, evidently shocked.

A turn was coming. And then another one. And then straight ahead. You were so enraptured in trying to keep up with Lay that you hadn’t realised the other three cars had fallen way back. You smirked. He was good.

With the finish line being close by, you felt your heartbeat quicken. No way were you gonna let him win and have the satisfaction of beating you.

A small beep was heard from the small screen above the gears and a quick glance at the incoming message was enough for you to grip the wheel in fury.


No. No. No. No fucking way.

“Shit! Fucking shit!” you yelled, slamming your hand against the wheel. Stupid fucking cops. You were so close.

But you didn’t have time to complain as the familiar sound of police sirens were seen to echo through the empty, late night streets.

Your eyes darted around the street for any small alleyway that signalled an escape but to no avail. Fuck.


Your head darted to the side where Lay was calling you from his car, pointing to a specific direction which signalled for you to follow him.

The police sirens were growing louder and you didn’t have time to fathom what was happening before you found yourself tailing Lay, both of you effortlessly weaving through the orange lit streets as you increased the distance between the wailing sirens.

When you were sure that the perimeter was safe, both of you slowed down to a stop in the middle of an empty street, your heavy breathing more audible once the engines were turned off.

“What now?”

He thought for a moment before he smiled. Turning on the engine, he looked at you before shifting gears.

“Follow me.”

You didn’t even get a chance to protest before he drove off, leaving you helpless to follow as you trailed after his sleek car, the adrenaline still undeniably flowing through your veins.

This fucking guy.


It didn’t take long for you to reach whatever destination Lay had in mind. A winding set of twisting and turning roads leading up the empty mountains eventually led you both to reach a small cliff side. Hopping out your side, you joined him whilst he leaned against the car, an unreadable look on his face.

You both looked at each other and burst into laughter.

“Well I guess we both lost.” he muttered, laughter still evident in his voice as the adrenaline had began wearing off.

“Bitch, I almost had you.”

He sniggered. “I’ll let you believe that Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes and sat on Lay’s hood, sighing as you finally got a chance to appreciate the view he’d taken you to. From your guess it was probably around 4am because the dark night had shifted into an early dusk setting. Distant city lights blurred together, make it appear as if the lavish nightlife was still alive.

“You taken all the girls up here?”

You didn’t want to come across as some jealous psycho but you couldn’t help but feel as if you were living in the shadow of countless other females who’d followed him here like a little puppy, hoping to make an impression on him. What the fuck Y/N? You had no right to be concerned about that.


You looked at him, your mouth falling open slightly at his bluntness but you were met with a playful look as he sat down next to you.

“I’m kidding, Y/N.”

“You joke a lot and I don’t like it.”

He laughed again. Did this guy laugh at everything?

“Sorry, I don’t actually bring anyone up here so consider yourself lucky.” he confessed, leaning his elbows back and resting on them as he gazed out onto the view.

“How come?” you asked simply, looking down at him.

He shrugged. “Its nice to have a place for yourself. A place no one else knows about.”

A smile quirked on your face. “So is this the part where you tie me up and leave me in the desert?”

He released a bark of laughter, covering his mouth with his hand as he tried to contain the sounds.

“You’re fucking crazy, you know that?” he noted, clearly amused.

You shrugged a little before he continued.

“I’m serious though, how’d you get into racing anyway?”

“What do you mean?”. Where was this conversation going?

“Well, we don’t exactly have a long line of girls waiting to race if you hadn’t already noticed.”

You smiled. “Why’d you wanna know?”

He shrugged. “Curiosity?”

“I was around 18. I remember I’d gone in the wrong direction one night and some how landed in the middle of a street race.” you smiled, reliving the memory.

“It was like they already knew you. People were just out to have a good time and they didn’t give a shit about who you were. Made my first grand that night.” you finished with a small laugh, turning to face him only to find him gazing at you with a small smile. Don’t fucking blush.

“What about you?” you questioned, not missing his momentary blink that showed a slight sense of discomfort.

“What about me?” he asked, leaning upwards so his face was closer to yours.

The only thing you could hear was the soothing sound of crickets as you spoke. “How old were you when you had your first street race?”

He laughed a little.

“Lets just say I’ve been doing it for a long fucking time.” he sighed, his voice unreadable as he looked out towards the view.

Sensing that he wasn’t up for talking about it, you asked one more question.

“Do you enjoy it?”

He looked at you knowingly and smiled. “Of course. But sometimes you have to wonder what you’re gonna do when it’s over.”

“Wow. Even Xhang Yixing is a man with doubts.” you acknowledged, giggling when he shoved your shoulder lightly.

“You’re so annoying.”

What were you doing? Sitting there. At who knows what hour in the morning, laughing with Lay. You really shouldn’t be doing this. It wasn’t that you were doing anything wrong, but you liked his company. You wanted to meet him again. And that was dangerous.

“Can I kiss you?”

Excuse me?

“Excuse me?” you asked, feeling your throat completely tighten. Did I just imagine that?

“I asked if I could kiss you.”

You groaned frustratingly, facepalming yourself.

“Now you’ve made it awkward. If you wanted to kiss me you should’ve just done it spontaneously because now I have to decide.” you whined, irritated because now you had to make the awkward yes or no.

“Like this?”

And his lips were on yours, just like that. You should’ve felt shocked, repulsed. But you didn’t. You welcomed it. His hands reached to cup the back of your neck, your fingers clasping onto his wrists in search for more contact.

His hands were so soft.

Feeling his tongue brush against yours made you involuntarily quiver, leaning into him slightly whilst the scent of cologne heavenly engulfed you, feeling yourself lose focus on everything around you.

You heard him hum slightly as he deepened the kiss, breaking away shortly to breathe before attending to your lips that yearned for more. Okay, you now understood why girls became horny over him.

But the kiss itself was merely short and sweet. You broke away after a few moments, releasing a contented sigh at how at ease he made you feel. If it was anyone else, your stomach would’ve probably released its contents onto the gravel at this display of rushed intimacy. But Lay had something about him that made you feel at ease yet completely, and utterly electrified.

This has been a weird fucking night. Your clouded thoughts were pulled back to reality when Lay sighed, his hands still tangled in your hair which you enjoyed more than you should’ve.

He rested his forehead against yours.

“So is that date still on the cards?”

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so idk if u have been seeing my asks but I've asked a couple times and,,, I was wondering if u could make a tutorial on how you draw hands/hair? Pls? if u can't please tell me bc I feel awkward asking so much

i dont actually have ny cool techincal way i do shit i just guess 99% of the time

Forbidden pt.2 (M)

This scenario contains mature and sexual themes. You have been warned! 

Part 1 ~

Originally posted by chimneytaels

You were starting to regret saying yes to Yoongi. What were you thinking? What good would come out of this? A night of passion, lust and relieving that pent up stress and sexual frustration you’ve had. Your conclusion was to go looking sexy as fuck and have a fun night. 

Yoongi offered to pick you up, but you thought it was best if your parents didn’t see him. It was obvious that your father did not approve of Yoongi for his outer appearance, but if he knew his reputation your father would definitely not let you anywhere near Yoongi. For you, Yoongi was intriguing. 

You wore your little black dress that hugged to your body in all the right places, a velvet black choker and heels to match. Your hair and make-up was done to perfection. You deserved to dress up and have a good time, you worked hard all year. You tried to seek past your parents for them not to see what you’re wearing, as they would find fault with it somehow. 

“Is that dress not a little too short, sweetie?” Your father points out making your mom giggle and slap his shoulder. 

“Oh, leave her you big grump! She is only going to have that body a little longer before it starts to sag.” You frown in annoyance, but your dad slaps her face and smirks. 

“You’re still as beautiful, as the first day we met….” He trailed off whispering something in her ear making her giggle and blush. 

”Gross! I might stay in Lily’s tonight, so don’t wait up.” You yell as you rush out of the house. 

When you get to the party its in full swing. As you walked through the front door of the house party the hazy smoke hit you. People with red solo cups in their hands, people conversing, people dancing. You looked around, Yoongi was not in sight. You decide to go get a drink first. There was only two people in the kitchen, a couple face eating one another. You look at the variety of drinks there is, going for a rum and coke. You turn when your finished mixing your drink, to come face to face with Yoongi’s smirking face. 

“You actual came, babe.” His hands slide up to your waist, bringing you flush against his chest. 

“I told you I’d come. I’m here.” You state taking a gulp from your solo cup. He grabs the cup out of your hands finishing it and throwing the cup behind you. His jaw line was so visible as he drunk from your cup. He was really a beautiful man. You just wanted to trace the outline on his tattoos on his neck. 

“You’re so sexy, every guy here tonight had their eyes on you, but you’re mine.” He was so close, his eyes flickering from your lips to your eyes. You thought he was going to kiss you as he leaned down your ear. “How about we get out of here, this parties shit and I think we can have more fun on our own.” His breath tickled your neck, he planted a soft kiss on the skin below your ear. 

He grabbed your hand and pulled you through the buzzed party to get out. The air was a lot colder outside, yet refreshing from the hot sticky atmosphere in the house. You run your hands over your bare arms to heat them up. Yoongi sees you shivering. 

“Here.” He takes his leather jacket off and sets over your shoulders. You put your arms through it and hug it to your body. “It looks so much better on you, baby. But I think it would lot great if you had nothing on underneath.” He was so blunt, but you giggle nonetheless. Yoongi leads you to a motor bike, handing you a helmet. You laugh. 

“That’s funny, wheres your car.” 

“This is it, babe.” Yoongi chuckles, putting the helmet on your head and clicking it in place. 

“Hah, no seriously.” You still think hes joking, he smirks and gets on his motor cycle. “Yoongi I-I can’t get on that.” You attempt to take the helmet off, but can’t. Yoongi gets off the bike, putting his fingers under your chin to make your eyes focus on his. 

“Babe, nothing is going to happen to you when your with me, okay. Trust me, I wont let anything happen to you. Do you trust me?” Looking into his chocolate brown eyes, they were so intoxicating. 

“I trust you.” You say in almost a whisper, he gives you a gummy grin. 

“Great.” He lifts you up an puts you on the back of his motorcycle, climbing on as well. “Hold on tight, baby.” You hesitantly put your arms on his hips, not holding tight. He interlaces his fingers with your moving your hands, so you were giving him a back hug. His musky sent, husky deep voice was making you feel safe. He starts the motorcycle, raving it up and then speed off up the street. He was zooming through traffic, the wind blowing your hair. 

It was an oddly freeing experience. Being with a man whom was so troublesome and ‘dangerous’ made you feel safe and content. But you didn’t know why he had this effect on you. He pulls up at a town house. He gets off and the helps you. He takes the helmet off your head, you try to fix your hair, muttering ‘stupid fucking helmet’ under your breath, making Yoongi chuckle. 

“Come on.” He takes your hand and walks up to the house taking out his keys and opening the door. Yoongi leads you up stairs, to what you make out as his bed room. Its not what you expected. He has guitars hanging on the wall, a piano in the corner and surprisingly the room is clean. Your hand grazed the piano. 

“Do you play?” You asked, looking over your shoulder at Yoongi, who was leaning against his dresser watching you, his hands in his pockets. 

“I do, I play lots of instruments. My aim in life is to get out of this town and make music. Real music, not that shit they play at house parties. After we graduate next month, I’m gone.” You were in awe of Yoongi he had a plan, he had a desire, something he was so passionate about. If you had the chance, even the guts to leave this town you would. 

“That’s really cool. Can you play something for me?” You were itching to hear him play something. He smirks, pushing himself off the dresser, he strides over to you. He sits down on the bench, you take the space beside him. 

“What do you want me to play?” He looks at you with a playful look in his eyes. 

“Anything.” You smile back him. He hods and starts to play a song, its not one you have ever heard before. The melody is beautiful, you can’t stop staring at him. You could see the passion in the way he played. It was amazing. He finished playing. “What song was that?” 

“It was a Yoongi original.” He smiled a gummy smile. You both just sit in silence staring at one another. Yoongi leans in and connects your lips, his hands cup your face. Its soft and light at first, but then it turns into passion, lust and need. Your hands going into Yoongi’s hair, pulling on the strands. He abruptly stands up taking your hand in his and backing you towards his bed. He lifts up his shirt, throwing it on the floor, showing off his lean yet muscular milky torso. He pushes is jacket off your shoulders and lets it fall on the floor. He swiftly turns you around, unzipping your dress and pushing it off your body. His hands smooth over your ass, before smacking it. 

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” He grunts against your ear, his teeth pulling on the lobe. You moan softly, as he starts to suck and nip on your neck, marking you as his. You turn back to him and unbutton his pants and push them down along with his boxers. “Someones eager.” Yoongi smirks. 

“Yeah… so lets get on with it.” Yoongi chuckles and pushes you back on the bed. Yoongi kicks off his shoes and his boxers and jeans, joining you on the bed. He hovers over you, he starts to kiss down your neck. You arch your back into him from his touch, he takes advantage of this, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra. He throws your undergarments behind him, leaning down to kiss your breasts, nipping and sucking on the soft skin. His hand moves down south into your lace panties. He rubs your clit in fast circles, moving his fingers up and down your slit. 

“Fuck, Yoongi just fuck me already!” You yell, just wanting to feel him inside you already. 

“With pleasure, baby.” He smirks leaning up his erect cock at your entrance, he pushes into you slowly, letting you adjust to his size. 

“Fuck, you’re so big” You moan out, bucking your hips into his to assure him you were ready. He takes control and starts to thrust into you, slow at first but he then gets harder. His hands roam up your body before hes lacing his fingers together with yours, his forehead against yours. 

“Open your eyes, baby. I want to be looking into your eyes when I fuck you.” You do as he requests and open your eyes, only to be staring right into his lust filled eyes. Yoongi was breath taking and no one could deny that. That’s why he probably had countless girls in this bed, he probably played that song every time, insuring him a night of hard fucking. But you didn’t care about that, it was just you and him tonight. Tomorrow Yoongi would act like you didn’t exist, as you would do the same to him. 

“Fuck.” You scream his name out as you cum. You love how good Yoongi made you feel. 

“You feel amazing baby.” He pulls out of you, pumping himself a few times before he comes all over your stomach. He hums in satisfaction, getting off the bed getting a towel and cleaning you off. He puts a t-shirt over your head and puts shorts on himself. He gets back into bed with you and pulls you close, kissing your neck as you fall asleep. 

You wake up the next morning in a haze, you can smell sex and Yoongi. You turn in his embrace, he was fast asleep. You knew Yoongi would probably want you gone before he woke up, so you get up trying to find your clothes around the room. You don’t notice Yoongi staring at you till you turn to find your panties. 

“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!” You put a hand to your chest, calming your heart. He chuckled. 

“What are you doing up?” He turns to look at the clock that reads 6:09. “Its six in the morning, come back to bed.” He states, opening the covers for you to join him again. You do as he says and get back in bed with him, he cuddles into you. 

“I thought you don’t liking people staying. Don’t you always leave during the night, why do you want me to stay?” You ask curious of his answer. 

“No ones ever been in my room before, you’re the first one.” 

I’m actually rather happy with this. I hope you all enjoyed. Thank you so much for reading! If you would like a part 3, message me. 

-Admin Abe x