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Sex with BTS (Maknae Line)

And the maknae line! This is longer than the hyung line because I'm trash for the maknae line… 


Jimin: Expect to be throwing away a lot of your clothes. I see Jimin as rough, but not too rough. Soft sex would be boring to him so you wouldn’t have it very often. Jimin gets frustrated easily so he wouldn’t even try to unzip your dress when he could just rip it off of you. He’d buy you more of course. Jimin is quite kinky too. BDSM, name-calling, spanking, blindfolding, he’d try it all. Jimin would always be at your place so he could make you scream his name without the other members hearing. He’d use his mouth more than his fingers and would always let you ride his thigh if you were in the mood for it.

Taehyung: Tae would be a mix of kinky and vanilla. There would be nights where he’d take you out for dinner and when you came home would make slow, soft love to you. He’d be really playful on those nights too, softly biting your neck while thrusting into you. Taehyung would hold your hands through the whole thing. But, there are also nights when we would fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk right the next day. He’d definitely use his mouth and fingers a lot. He has really big hands and would love when you asked him to use his long fingers on you. Tae wouldn’t be as kinky as some of the other members, but would still be willing to try new things with you. He’s totally into name calling, though. 

Jungkook (My ultimate bias oh lord): This boy would wreck you. Jungkook would try anything and everything to explore what you guys like. He’d be shy at first, but he’d eventually loosen up and would try lots of things. He know’s you love his thighs and would let you ride them a lot. He’d get so turned on while watching you slide yourself back and forth against his thigh while you made a wet spot on his jeans. He’d also use his fingers a lot. He’d like to slip his hand under your skirt and finger you underneath the table and watch how you tried to act like nothing was happening. He’d like to roleplay too. I don’t see Jungkook being much into certain kinks, but he’d try them for you. He’d love when you wore lingerie also. He’d be the type to grip onto your hips while you ground yourself into him and would let you think you’re in control, but then dominate you the whole rest of the night to show you that he leads here, not you. Jungkook would want you to be loud and would love when you came and pulled on his hair while moaning his name.

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i actually wrote this for incests bc she requested i write something happy for once (ridiculous, right, i wrote perfectly fine and happy things for what i did of iwaoi week)

and i still like it so

Dating Oikawa may be tiring, it may be exactly like not dating him (with the added bonus of a few rights each has towards the other), but it’s… rewarding… Or so Iwaizumi tries to console himself as he’s pinned beneath the heavier’s sleeping weight, too hot for this shit.

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