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nct 127 + ten reacting to leaving the kid with them alone

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You stride into the mall, phone against the soft skin of your palm - just in case. That was clearly a good idea, as the second you step foot on the marble floor, it rings. The caller in question? No other than your lovely husband. You press the phone against your ear after swiftly swiping right. “I just got here. Can’t you call me later?” You answer. You hope he hasn’t done anything wrong already - it’s only been forty-five minutes.

You aren’t sure what you hear on the other side, but surely the big BANG! meant he, your love has broken something. “Everything in that house is over a thousand dollars -” you start once more, worry clouding your noggin.

“Don’t fret - it’s just the baby bottle. Umm Y/N, do you think you could maybe come home early?” He asks you, and that’s when you  - he fucked up.

/worried croissant/
Already really scared when you say the kid would stay with him while you go shopping; you never explained what to do when the baby cries, smiles, stares at a random corner in the room, etc. When you left, he had a feeling he was doing it all wrong - and he was. He made the milk too liquid-ey, he didn’t change the diaper, and worst of all? He didn’t clean up the dang vomit. Apparently, he thought he cleaned it up but his very alarmed and guilty expression said otherwise. “I said I’m sorry Y/N -” “Clean up the fucKING VOMIT or I’m divorcing.”

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/hot mess croissant/
Nods his head when you’re explaining everything, but he’s just staring at the tit your son gets to suck. When you leave he has no idea how to stop the baby from crying - your house is so loud w him trying to take care or the kid the neighbours come in and tell him they might call the police bc it sounds like a murder?? It’s ‘cause he dropped everything since he couldn’t pick anything up one-handed (your son was in his left arm). At least the house was still intact, and his very smiley ass was able to get you back home to do e v e r y t h i n g. “I can help you cuddle him!!” “You can help by moving in with your parents smh.”

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/unexplainable croissant/
Very confident with his parenting abilities and then you disappear and the kid vomits on him???? Now he’s stinky Ten,,,,, Anyways you wish you never came home omg???????? Leaving him home alone with the kid was a B I G mistake so big I gotta uppercase it my dude djfjrj. Like your man, he trashed the house REALLY bad. He broke seven lights, and got food all over the walls, formed a crack oN THE ROOF?????? He doesn’t even know how it happened, either. A lesson was learned that day - you never leave Ten home alone. “Can you gimme a kiss for trying?” “Can you gimme a clean ten you smell like death jfc boi?? wyd”

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/child-like croissant/
When you tryna explain to Doyoung he’s all like “I got this leave” and come the time you finally in the mall rjfjrj omg,,,,,,,,, Bih you’d think Doyoung’s going to do control everything bc he’s got a fat brain but nO this fool made this into some fucking Canada’s Wonderland bs??????? He calls you and says he loST THE KID IN THE HoUSe and he needs help finding it. You go to the washroom and you see your baby girl sitting in a small ball pit Doyoung made in the baby bathtub he installed and just,,,,,,,,, w o w. Apparently finding the kid’s supposed to make you happy but the house??????? He doesn’t offer to clean it up either rip. “Be happy you found the kid Y/N and you clean up while I feed the kid orange juice.” “No you made this m - wait we don’t have orANGE JUICE DOYouNG N O THATS NO T O r aNG E JUICE” guys I think it was a second degree murder attempt rip

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/worst croissant ever croissant/
Says he’s a natural at this bc he took care of a snail but bb,,,,, that doesn’t make noise but he doesn’t listen to you because he’s a ‘natural.’ uM natural my ass he’s like,,,,, ‘you wish you never came home pt.2’ he’s ten omg. When you come home from  your ‘shopping spree’ it’s a Complete Disaster - you find out your man broke the $5k fridge with a bat??? Wyd in a kitchen with that bb, he flooded the basement, and he almost drowned the kid when he tried to give it a shower ffs. He wasn’t eVEN A biT SORRY eitHER???????? Great husband you got there. “At least we’re buying a new fridge it was old asf.” “Are you doing cocaine we bought it last wEEK”

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/not okay croissant/
He acts like he’s perfectly fine. Like he read all the books so what could go wrong? Umm his feeliNGS jfhdjhtrj. Your man loves your kid very much and he’d do anything for her!! It’s just this neat freak ain’t getting those pretty hands dirty,,,,,,,,, Nothing too serious but then you ask him where the gloves he uses for cleaning are and he says the dog ate it and now y’all at the docors hoping lil jet doesn’t die while he eats his feelings away ;;; “It won’t happen again trust me.” “Ofc it won’t the kid’s never being left with you again?”

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Johnny actually listens to you before you leave and he reads those books!! Like Johnny acc didn’t fuck up. He just says it’s bad for the kid to be raised by one parent somewhere and the other with said kid, so he wants you to be with him (‘just doesn’t want the kid to think they were like complicated’). Except Johnny’s real intentions,,,,,, He just wants to cuddle you while you cuddle the kid,,,,,,,,,, ye he just made you drag your queen ass back home just to deal w his bs but he says y’all can go shopping together next thursday so it’s all good!!1 “I love you.” “Ily2 but don’t pull this shit again or I’ll have to bury your big body”

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/should be slapped croissant/
Listened to you and made you repeat things but he forgets them after you leave jrdhjfr. Taeil loves mini Taeil but he’s vv clumsy!! excEPT HE CREATED THE CHILD s o he takes care of it well,,,,,, ok he tries to take care but man he’s a very lazy croissant 🥐????????? Even when y’all making your son he just,,,,,,,,, made you do everything fhjjrj. He forced you to come home and do the work for the kid while he just stood there at the side and watched and j u S t admired you with the biggest smile bc he thinks you’re such wife material!!!! “Aw you’re so cute fixing it’s clothing I bet you’d look great matching with mini tae” “I bet you’d look great in your casket too - I mean what”

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Even “casually wearing my boyfriend’s clothes long before we were official Bech Naesheim

Victuuri Week

Day 2AU: Historical, Time Travel

Something like an AU where Victor and Yuri are treasure hunters and can travel in time to find lost relics and learn about the different cultures along the decades. Also I tried to give them a Steampunk look because I thought it would fit in the prompt ;D

The Boyfriend Shirt returns

From literally episode one:

Seriously do these two even own their own clothes anymore or do they literally just share? I mean I’m personally cool with them just sharing but whatever