i make better things than this one i swear

One of the lipstick prince guys: *looks at female guest for more than two seconds while doing her make up*

                look it’s literally 1am on christmas eve and i’m making a bias list lmao

man, i didn’t think i’d hit 300 so quickly, i mean………. i swear there are better interpretations of the grump dad, or even the golden boy in this community but you all are here. following me. this gigantic nerd that can’t run more than one blog for the life of him. i’m both confused and ecstatic that you guys have taken the time to follow me and sit through all my crazy ideas and AUs i’ve come up with, and even stuck with me since i had my old blog back in……….. man was it august or september i made it? no matter, it’s been a good while now!

now as per usual, the sappiness is gonna happen. a lot of regurgitated stuff for people from my previous bias list because i’m not that creative, but i’m sure as hell gonna make it seem super good and unique guys h AVE FAITH IN ME.

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Better Than Me

Author: Emma 

Characters:Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Smut, swearing, sad feeeels

A/N: If this fic makes you sad please blame Mikala. She forced me to write this based off the song “Better Than Me” by Hinder. And by “forced” I mean she casually suggested it and I was all over it. Enjoy!

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Tony’s POV

You know, I’ve done a lot of stupid things. The tabloids, the papers, they’re all full of my regrets. But none of those things compares to this. It’s like a physical pain somewhere in my heart, hidden behind the glow of this arc reactor. I never should have left but she deserved better. Doing the right thing doesn’t always feel good in the end. In my case, it hurts like hell.

Reader’s POV- One Year Earlier

“Tony, stop. We’re gonna get caught,”, you giggled as Tony’s lips sucked at your neck, his hips pressing you against the wall of the tiny dressing room.

“C'mon,” he mumbled against your skin. “This is not the worst thing we’ve been caught doing.”

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Better Than Sparks

Pairing: MarkOfCain!Dean x Reader, Sam

Warnings: Swearing, blood & gore, ANGST, *SPOILER* Major Character Death (Let me know if there’s anything else)

Word Count: 3315

Prompt: Hunting; Cupid; Dean

A/N: This is my submission for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Creatures Challenge! At first it was going to be humorous because it’s a cupid but then I decided to add a little twist and ended up writing the ANGSTIEST thing I have ever written in my life.  Hope I didn’t make it too cheesy by accident.  Would love feedback! Special thanks to @supernatural-jackles for all her support!
(SPOILER: Also, I’m sure Mr. Nicholas Sparks is a wonderful person but for the sake of the fic, I had to portray him otherwise.  Sorry Mr. Sparks!)


Your name: submit What is this?

“So, people killing their loved ones out of nowhere? My money’s on rogue cupid,” You said, cracking open a beer as you sat next to your fiancé, Dean, on the motel bed.

“Well, that’s what we thought last time,” Sam said over his laptop, seated at the table. “But then it turned out to be Famine.”

“Well, I think we can knock the possibility of him out since you wasted him,” You responded. Sam and Dean both winced at the memory of Sam, high off demon blood, ripping demons out of Famine’s body.

Sam shook it off and continued, “Well the husband who killed his wife by throwing her in the fireplace claimed he doesn’t remember a thing. Just pure rage.”

“And did you see the girlfriend’s eyes before we shot her and saved the poor bastard she was about to beat with a candlestick? Red, bloodshot, just plain ferocious looking,” Dean added.

“Sounds a lot like Rowena’s spell,” You wondered. “Think she has something to do with it?”

Sam shook his head, “I don’t see what this would gain for her. Maybe it’s another witch?”

Dean groaned, “I hate witches…”

You gave his back a sympathetic rub and he leaned into you, relaxing at your touch. He took your hand and began rubbing the ring he gave you, a slight smile forming at his lips.

Sam coughed, interrupting your and Dean’s moment. “Maybe you two should sit this hunt out,” Sam suggested.

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anonymous asked:

"And there's at least one thing I can do. Of course, to do it I'm going to have to think of something better to say than "I'm sorry""... I swear, Hollis, if you give me another half-assed love confession I'm going to have to kill you. lol. But for real, I sense a sentimental pour-your-heart-out episode coming up next. In the preview she is alone, speaking live, with those sad and tired brown puppy eyes... I just hope that, once again, the urgency of the situation doesn't make Carm feel used...:(

Laura Hollis in episode 34:

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“It was easier when I was angry,” Ben said, like he’d just discovered something important. “I’ll do better one day—I’ll be stronger than Uncle Luke, even, and I’ll be able to do even more.”     

“Sure thing, buddy,” Poe said cheerfully, ignoring Ben’s hiss at the hated nickname, a reminder that Ben may be taller now, but Poe was still older. “Let me know when you can stop blaster fire with your mind and I’ll be real impressed.”

“I’ll stop more than that,” Ben promised.

- Judas, ch.1