i make a sturdy shoulder

A lot of wiki-walking lead me to this thought, but I thought it was worth sharing because it’s kind of cute

And that’s that, in retrospect, I know the exact moment I 100% fell in love with my boyfriend.

I was already pretty sure I loved him by then, but then when he came back out to visit me in Denver, when I picked him up at the airport, before he got in the car he picked me up and spun me around

It was such a combination of factors. That he’d remembered me causally mentioning at some point that I’ve always outweighed my partners so I’ve never been the one being picked up; that he could do it, at all; the way he smiled at me while he did.

I’m sure he couldn’t do it anymore - I’ve gained weight, and neither of us have kept up on our strength training - but that doesn’t bother me. I’ve got the memory of the few times it happened, especially that first time, and thinking about it will literally bring me to tears because it fills my heart so.