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My Puppy

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Pairing: Taehyung X Reader-First Person View

Genre & Warnings: SMUT, fluff, pet play. 

Word Count: 4,406

NOTE: Pure Filth. Turn back now if you don’t want to see. Turning Tae Tae into my Fuck Puppy (Thanks Anon). Soft femdom. Let me tell you, it was an EXPERIENCE writing this, and I am still not perfectly pleased with it. Mostly because I’m never happy with my own smut writing. I had to do so much research, so google probably thinks I’m freaky naughty af. Which I suppose I am considering I wrote this lol. So, for those that are hardcore into this and think I didn’t portray it well enough, I’m sorry, I tried. And I learned quite a bit about myself, like the fact that if I ever get my hands on someone like Tae, I am so going to try this. Now enjoy, and excuse me as I go drench myself in holy water to cleanse myself of sin. 

“You know, I hate the winter. It reminds me of your cold heart.”

My now ex-boyfriend mutters this line, looking into the snowy sky. He sighs loudly and saunters off, without looking back. What a fucking drama queen. I can’t help but snort as I watch him disappear into the light snowfall, and wonder what movie he got that line from.

Cold heart.

I don’t have a cold heart. He was just a damn bore. He never wanted to do anything but watch movies, and freaked out if I suggested anything besides missionary. I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him for weeks now, but was putting it off because I knew he’d cry. This saved me all the hassle.

Note to self: Don’t date actors.

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what kind of person svt is attracted to!

these are all my own opinions please dont flame me


coups! would be so damn attracted to someone who smiles really innocently? like you know those scrunchy beaming faces. i think he’d be interested by people who were not what they seemed? so if you looked tough and indifferent, but you’re actually a big softie who reads alot, he’d probably be quite intrigued. i can see him being interested in someone with alot of stuff hanging off their bagpack heh

jeonghan seems like he’d be intrigued by someone with alot of wit? like you know deadpan humor and wonwoo-esque puns. someone who deadpans and seems bored all the time but is actually just really good at hiding their laughter hoho. someone who’s good at art would appeal to him!

i feel like jisoo’s just. very simply attracted to your typical good, shy girl next door. but with a twist. like someone seemingly normal and all that but actually a gigantic meme monster with no chill. yes. ALSO someone who eats well!! and is actually interested in whatever he has to say

JUN IS okay i’m a bit conflicted with this one,,, i think he’d be into anyone who’s not exactly typical? because you know how most people tend to seem the same, so as long as you stand out to him i think he’d be attracted to you. someone who was obviously not perfect. i have a feeling those people irk him. maybe someone who pays him more attention than the other members! someone who offers to carry his stuff for him on a long day

hoshi is one of the only members i think would be attracted to someone like himself? like bright, full of laughter, and lowkey super dorky and nerdy and an A+++++ goofball all around. someone he can have refreshing! fun with!!! maybe someone who likes sweet popcorn hmm

with wonwoo i am so sorry but he’d be really attracted to someone who made really bad puns and made finger guns and loved memes. and like coups, someone who wasn’t exactly all surface, like you know those ‘tragic backstory’ types?? yeah. someone who spends 3 hours organising their pens because they refuse to throw any finished pens away

woozi would literally only be interested if you were, like, really passionate about something. sorry man but this kid is like. really dedicated to his work and his music and unless he finds someone who at least understands how he feels about music, he’s never getting attracted to ANYONE. maybe someone who falls asleep while working would interest him no joke

i think dk would be attracted to anyone who’s nice, funny and has a huge smile!! those people who try to help anyone and anything and feel bad if they don’t. someone who smells clean and has a messy, unorganised table + a face that lights up. someone who has a lot of depth!! someone who was willing to make his day better in anyway, someone who goes to extra lengths to make someone’s day better! also, he’d be intrigued by someone who was straightforward but not too blunt

with mingyu, i feel like he’d be into someone who looks comfortable in any situation? like never awkward and just really. chill. (although, he’s friends with practically anyone and everyone so idk) someone who’s chill on the outside and maybe carries a bagpack on only one shoulder, strands of hair framing their face! and someone nerdy who watches like. anime and cries while watching said anime. chill until they do something dorky and then they cry

the8 would be into someone warm. and someone who’s baked for him at least once. that would be so attractive to him? anyone who cooks for him really, and like checks up on him without being too clingy. maybe the not so emotional but caring type? someone who smells like cookies and bread. OH and he’d be really interested if you could speak Chinese

seungkwan i can see being attracted to shier people! like the one person who keeps to themselves most of the time and has earphones in constantly. maybe someone who seems slightly confused when waved to and someone with a favourite like, motif

vernon honestly seems like the type to fall for someone who looks comfortable and doesn’t care too  much about image. maybe someone who has an effortless kind of style? and someone who laughs easily!! i feel like the person he’s attracted to is someone who’s a super lowkey, closet softie lol. someone who has polaroids of their family in their wallet! 

dino’s going to be attracted to confidence like. not ego? just the way some people walk, you know, with a certain kind of swagger and edge?? and those people with big actions and who turn around and grin at you. he’d be interested if he ever saw you waving enthusiastically at him or anyone of the members. he’d be so attracted to someone who was unafraid and bubbly!!!!

wew that’s done! also yes i have several ships in my inbox waiting for me to finish but i’m not going to do them yet heh sorry

however, because i’m a terrible person, requests are still open!

Sugar Sweet | 4 | (M)

word count: 9k (god damn it’s more than the first chapter!!)

genre: smut + fluff + slight angst; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

a/n: i just really wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s been with me as i’ve written SS so far & all the gorgeous people who sent cute asks & beautiful compliments on the series. it really makes me so happy to see people enjoying my works. don’t fret my loves, this is nowhere near ending even though lots of things happen this chapter. expect a lot more to come, i love you all  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 5 | part 6


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anonymous asked:

Can you do a companions react to the Inquisitor being Autistic? Especially Cole?

I (Mod Sarah) am autistic, so I was very pleased to see this request. That being said, autism is a wide-reaching term for an entire spectrum of symptoms that affect people differently– every autistic person is unique, and each has their own quirks and symptoms. I feel that companion responses would vary, depending on what symptoms and behaviors the Inquisitor in question is displaying. For the sake of simplicity, I will be basing this autistic Inquisitor off of my own unique brand of autism, finely aged and diagnosed for the last ten years. Let’s get this show on the road.

Cassandra: Their behavior confounds her, at least at first. They avoid eye contact like the plague, can have intense reactions to stimuli, such as loud noises like explosions upset them with ease. She at first thought they were just being childish, but eventually realizes they’re genuinely hypersensitive to certain things. She guesses that they’re not exactly neurotypical, judging by behavior, and tries to be more receptive to their needs and sensitivities after finding out they’re innocent. It doesn’t particularly bother her that they fidget and stim and avoid eye contact, or even sometimes speak too loudly or too quietly– so long as they’re honest and good at heart. Iron Bull later on describes a mental condition known to the Qun that’s akin to autism and other development disorders, and she agrees that they likely are autistic. If Romanced: He likes just lying by her side, citing the same poems he knows by heart, staring up at the sky with her. She’s smiling, too, as she listens, knowing the poem by heart from repeated recitations as she holds his hand and looks up at the world beyond, so long as they’re there for each other.

Iron Bull: He’s met people like them. He figures it out after observing them, and he adapts accordingly. The Qun values people like them, especially if they have special interests, which are encouraged and honed for special jobs as adults. As a result, he respects them more at first. He accommodates them, and never asks them why they avoid eye contact or fidget or stim in any way. He informs the others what he thinks is different about them, and that’s about it. The man is also good at figuring out what they mean when they speak somewhat disorderly, as if words got jumbled before coming out, and often clarifies for the others. He’s a big source of help during the Winter Palace, getting them out of sight and letting them calm down or stim when overwhelmed. If Romanced: Sex with him is somewhat specialized, but fantastic– he figures out what they do and don’t like, and he works with it. Sometimes they just lay side-by-side, while he massages their muscles in just the way they like it, whispering sweet words of comfort at just the right tone for them, repeated and quiet.

Blackwall: He’s never encountered someone like them, so he thought, until Bull tells him that he likely has but never noticed. He’s not really sure how to go about them, so he just decides he’ll take it in stride and work with them. It works well, and they’re comfortable with each other. After he’s revealed to be Thom Rainier, they actually get over it pretty fast, regarding what he did as a Bad Thing, but he’s trying to make up for it, which they accept. If Romanced: He’s more worried than usual about going into romance with them, because he’s worried that if and when they find out who he is, she’ll have a meltdown, she’ll refuse to even look at him, what have you. He doesn’t want to break her heart. When the time comes, she’s having a meltdown, but not because of who he is– but because he’s in jail, and she desperately wants him to come home. When he finally does, he gets a scolding, but she forgives him. He decides that his new mission in life is making her safe and happy, like she made him.

Sera: She doesn’t care in the least– in fact, she likes it. She sort of relates to them, actually– to the point where she starts wondering if she’s autistic at all. She gives them all sorts of things and textures to fiddle with. She speaks at a level that doesn’t upset them (while she enjoys yelling and cheering and howling with laughter, she’ll take it down a notch for their sake) and will viciously prank anyone who gives them shit for their quirks. “It’s not like they can help it. It’s just who they are, and anyone who says otherwise can knob it.” If Romanced: The romance proceeds mostly like normal, though she doesn’t start yelling at her in the culminate scene when describing her nightmare, because she knows it will upset her. Instead, she avoids her, frustrated and trying to figure out how to describe what’s going on, and opts for writing it down. The Herald reads it, looks up at her, and frowns. “But I love you,” the she says, sounding a little hurt, “I’m sorry about the dream, but dreams are dreams. They don’t have to come true. I just want to be with you.” Sera’s heart melts, and tackles her with a kiss.

Varric: He’s very understanding and unfazed by their quirks, and isn’t surprised when Bull mentions they’re probably autistic. He just works with it, with who they are, and treats them like people, not just a weirdo. “So what if you’re a little different? That’s what makes you who you are, and you’re fine.” They like listening to him tell stories– his voice is nice and even and calm, which calms them down. Often they ask for the same few stories they like again and again, but Varric doesn’t mind– he’s happy to have an enraptured audience. He also suggests to them trying to write to get their thoughts out, to express themselves, and it helps.

Cole: He is of a LOT of help to the Inquisitor. He’s good at voicing how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking if they’re incapable in any way of doing so, as well as getting them things they need but don’t vocalize that they need. “They’re a little different in the way their thoughts work, but they think of new and wonderful things that most can’t. They are good the way they are.” He protests whenever they have to mask how they actually act, citing it as stressing them out and exhausting. He also knows exactly what textures, sounds, and tastes they do or don’t like, often bringing them things for stimming to calm them down or steering them away from offending stimuli, such as excessively bright lights or noise. If they have a special interest(s), he happily listens to them info-dump without getting remotely bored– it makes the Herald so happy, which makes him happy.

Vivienne: She was a little off-put by how they acted in her chateau at first, but she starts suspecting something isn’t normal about them aside from the mark. When Bull explains the disorder to her, she does research and quickly comes to agree with the diagnosis. She’s significantly more patient with them as a result, and she tries to coach them on talking to people. “Unfortunately for you, eye contact is a standard of Orlesian society,” she says, “if this is too difficult for you, try focusing your attention on a nose or intricate part of the mask. They’ll never tell the difference.” When it comes to fidgeting, she actually gets them a notebook and fancy quill, and advises them to play with the quill against the notebook when at parties– Orlesians will just think they’re working and admire it, while they can stim to some extent. She recognizes it’s part of who they are, and must be worked with instead of covered up.

Dorian: They get frustrated easily with social interaction, and if they recruit the mages, practically the whole time spent in future Redcliffe is them trying to not have a meltdown or sensory overload. He tries his best to keep them as calm as possible, but begins to think that maybe there’s more going on with them than just panic at their situation. Bull explains what he thinks is up with them, and Dorian buries himself in whatever information he can get about the disorder. He gets good at calming them down and using certain spells to numb certain sensations or noises, which greatly reduces their stress levels. If Romanced: He cringes, at first, when the Herald bluntly tells anyone who asks that he’s his boyfriend. They don’t understand at all why it should be hidden in any regard, and Dorian tries to explain his discomfort, or at least plans to– until he sees him positively glowing with joy and pride as he talks about him, and Dorian smiles and reconsiders. He really does love him, and Dorian knows it– and loves him back.

Solas: He’s seen memories of people somewhat like them in the Fade, being social outcasts, misunderstood and called stupid when they were anything but. He won’t treat them like that, and he strives to understand them and their disability to the best of his ability. If they don’t mind, he asks a lot of questions about how they feel and think. Often he listens to them info-dump about their special interest, if they have one, and sometimes they get embarrassed. He just encourages them to go on. If Romanced: Assuming Lavellan has a special interest of some sort, he starts taking her into the Fade, showing her old memories of anything related to what she’s interested in. He listens to her talk, happy and excited, and she thanks him with a kiss. “Ma serannas, ma vhenan!” she squeals. “No, I am the one who should be thanking you, Vhenan.” he replies with a chuckle and another kiss, soft and sweet.

Josephine: She notices their lack of tolerance for eye contact before any other symptoms, and while initially worried she did something wrong, the others explain the Herald’s unorthodox behaviors and tics. She, along with Vivienne, tries her best to coach them on talking and interacting with others. It’s not without hard work and tears and meltdowns on the Herald’s part, but they have relatively smooth sailing in the Winter Palace with their hard work. They’re absolutely exhausted after trying to act neurotypical, and she always feels so bad for them and tries to compensate them with something they like. She also cringes at their awful handwriting– it looks like chicken scratch on steroids– and figures out it’s due to poor eye-hand coordination. She also spends a lot of time trying to remedy this, even considering hiring a scribe to help them. If Romanced: They like listening to her just talk about her day, sometimes asking her to repeat stories again and again, old and new. They cuddle on the couch before the fireplace in their room while they cuddle, and Josephine is full of bliss.

Leliana: She’s unfazed by their unusual behavior and tics, and is remarkably patient with them. She likes it when they don’t hide it, because she can tell how they’re actually feeling and thinking most of the time when they don’t mask themselves. She sometimes gives them raven feathers that have fallen to the ground to the Herald for them to run their fingers along the smooth texture, which pleases them. It always brings a smile to her face to see them relax, even a little.

Cullen: You meet all sorts of people in the Circle, and autistic mages (and the occasional templar) were among them. He’s receptive to their sensitivities and needs, and accommodates them without complaint or so much as a second thought. He takes it all in stride, knowing that’s just how they are. When Bull tells him about autism, he just nods. “That explains a lot about a lot of different mages I’ve met over the years.” he remarks. If Romanced: She likes running her fingers through his hair, a sort of stim in and of itself, and he tolerates it, listening to her hum and chatter about the day’s events.

Peter Parker X Reader - Fairytale

This is so long I’m so sorry!!! Anyway, Tom Holland Peter Parker X Reader, enjoy!!!!

Word Count: 2603

Summary: After a princess filled movie night, you tell Peter your princess dreams. Being the person he is, he decides to try and make that dream a reality.

“I wonder what it’s like.” You pulled your legs up onto the couch, sitting on top of them.

“What what’s like?” Your best friend, Peter Parker, sat on the floor in front of the couch, a bowl of popcorn in his lap.

“Being a princess. For real.” You grabbed the TV remote and clicked the off button, turning the previously colorful screen black. “Can’t you just imagine it, Pete?”

“Oh yeah, that princess life would be awesome.”

“Oh, you know what I meant,” you said with a laugh, swinging a pillow in his direction. He dodged it with a smile, tossing a handful of popcorn in your direction to fight back. “I just think it’d be refreshing.”

“To rule an entire kingdom?”

“No, to just be somewhere new. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear a beautiful gown?” Peter opened his mouth to speak, but you swung the pillow at him again. “You know what I meant!”

“Alright, alright, truce!” Peter laughed, pulling the pillow from your grasp. “I think that’s enough princess movies for tonight.”

“Just one more,” you insisted, clicking the TV back on. “I think… Beauty and the Beast should close out our movie night.”

“Fine. I’ll put it in.” Peter stood to find the disk and put it in. “Am I Adam or Belle this time?”

“Adam. I’m Belle, obviously.”

“Oh, right. You’re in a princess mood.” Peter pressed play and took his spot on the floor again, bowl of popcorn secure in his lap. He could hear you take in a breath as you prepared to sing the first song of the movie.

“Little town…”

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🌸🌸OWW's First Giveaway!🌸🌸

Hello dears! So I’ve decided to do a giveaway. Yep my very first. Since I’m on mobile I can’t post pictures with this but I can give very detailed descriptions of what you will be winning! Let’s go over Prizes before I bore you all!

3rd Place:
🌸My Saints and Angels Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue PH.D. Very good conditions I’ve only looked through it and it’s collected dust on the box from never being used at all. All the 44 cards are there.
🌙 1 Set Of Runes! I am actually making these so they are genuinely filled with my love. You can chose between getting the normal runes(26 runes), Moon Phase Runes(8 Runes), or astrological runes(12 Runes).
🌸1 Oil of your choice. I make all of my oils and have tested them on myself so they are safe. They have no chemicals and shouldn’t irritate your skin considering I have very sensitive skin. You can chose between the following scents: lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and Spearmint
🌙3 sigils all made by me. You can chose what the Sigil says
🌸2 white tea Light Candles. Yeah not much but hey I have a lot and buying them costs very little.
🌙1 amber chip! It’s small. Like smaller than the runes but it’s still really pretty. Amber is fragile so it’s going to be put in an earring box so it won’t get hurt.

2nd Place!
🌸1 Small Dream Catcher Handmade by Moi(me). I generally use sticks from my back yard, twine and white string to make them. I will attach 3 feathers to it and a small semi precious stone to it as well.
🌙2 Sets of Runes. Same offer as for third place but you get a choice on two types instead of one! Great deal isn’t it? Again I’m making these with my love.
🌸2 Oils handmade by me. Again completely safe and chemical free. I have 7 scents to chose from (lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and spearmint)
🌙6 sigils made by me with whatever you want them to mean.
🌸4 white tea light candles. Again. Simple and easy to buy.
🌙Sleep Well Dream Satchel: this is actually made by my mom. It’s inside a golden mesh satchet with green and red rhinestones. Inside are dried roses and Lavender to induce a calming scent (honest to God it smells like a bath remedy) to help you sleep at night. Or hang it above your bed just like a dream catcher (that’s what I did with mine before.) you will be getting a fresh one made by me in a different satchet worry not. The one I described has been with me since like, middle school.

1st Place: yep I totally made you wait to see what First places prizes are. I’m evil but I totally got your attention didn’t I? Without further ado, the first place winner shall receive:
🌸A Clear Quartz Crystal Wand! Handmade by a guy at my local flea market. I bought it for 15 dollars even though it isn’t fancy looking in any way. The wand is a little over a foot in length and the handle is made from oak wood or pine. I originally bought this for me but uh I’ve never used it and it’s been getting in my way recently
🌙3 Sets of Rune stones made by me. You don’t get a choice. You’re getting all three kinds of runes I offer! Lucky you!
🌸3 Oils of your preferred scent! Yep not one or two but three oils! All skin and animal safe(lavender is really good for fleas) and there are no chemicals! You can chose between lavender, rose, chamomile, sage, rosemary, anise, and spearmint.
🌙2 Parakeet Feathers. These feathers come from my two birds Welken and Riceball. Both boys. I collected these when they were molting and I already washed them for you. (Note: I did not Harm my birds. Molting naturally happens in order to let new fresh feathers grow. Also I can easily get more feathers because they’re my birds. And they molt almost every month or two)
🌸A Happiness Spell Jar! It’s my spell! You can totally check it out on my blog somewhere in that mess. It’s all safe and just herbs with papers. Nothing dangerous that can hurt you in anyway(unless your allergic). You can shake or smell the jar. (Note: if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, please tell me or don’t open it.)
🌙1 Vanilla Birthday Cake Scented Candle! It’s 18 ounces and smells really freaking good. I was tempted to keep this before I remembered that I technically can’t burn candles in my room… my dad doesn’t know I have tea lights soooooo yeah. Still living with the parents I won’t lie about that.
🌸AND GUESS WHAT: you get 12 sigils made by me with whatever meanings you want them to have!

❗️you must be 18 Years or older. 15-17 Year olds can participate WITH PARENTAL PERMISSION. I will ask the winners ages.
❌USA Residents Only Please! Sorry I’m sending three packages and shipping is expensive.
❗️you must be following me. I will check.
❌NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS. I will check. Like seriously. Just Don’t.
❗️You have to be willing to give me your personal information (name, address)
❌1 Like=1Entrance 1Reblog=1Entrance. You can reblog once a day. I don’t want to get spammed so I’m minimizing it.
❗️winners will be chosen by a number generator with the help of Bomie.
❗️This give away is NOT Tumblr associated.

The GIVE AWAY WILL END ON JULY 29TH only because I won’t be back at my actual house until then.

I WISH YOU ALL LUCK and if you have any questions as to what the items look like please do not hesitate to ask. ~Moon Child

How You Met

Harry Potter:

Ofcourse, everyone knew ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and Y/n wasn’t among the people who caught his attention. He is extremely stupid to know the efforts put by her to get to be friends with him. For instance, purposely hitting him on his shoulder and then falling in front of him? Nope. He would just say sorry and continue gossiping with his friends. After a while, she stopped putting any kind of efforts.

But he noticed her only in the Fourth Year when Umbridge ruined everyone’s mood. The new prefects were teasing Y/n and she couldn’t hold it any longer. She snapped and performed a spell that threw the prefect to the other side of the room knocking off someone. That 'someone’ was Harry. He looked..spellbound (A/N - Pun intended xD) While the prefect sprinted off towards Umbridge’s office, you gave a hand to Harry, who was smiling.

He got up and asked, “Aren’t you the girl who once fell in front of me?”

She said nodding “Well Harry, aren’t you the boy who just fell in front of me?” They both laughed and that’s how their friendship started.

Draco Malfoy:

Y/n met him in the third year when she went to buy her books. They talked to each other for some time. He was very proud to be a pure blood and Y/n wasn’t into any kind of blood status discrimination. So she smiled and avoided his remarks.

Later on, she met him again in the train compartment when she sat with him and his friends. Ofcourse the other two friends were like his bodyguards. But when he sent the two to get some food, he was a whole new person. He was very polite and soft in the inside. He pretended to be hard as a rock, but it was just so visible in his eyes that he can be different among the people he was comfortable with.

“You really don’t know how to make friends properly, do you?”

He looked at her and smirked, “How do you know?”

“I can tell. I have been talking to you for quite a while.”

Since then they spent a lot of time together.

Ron Weasley:

Ron was very stupid when it came to some subjects. But chess? He was the best. Y/n met Ron in the first year when it was Christmas and the whole school was kind of empty. Except that there were the Weasley twins, Ron and Harry. All of her friends were home for holidays while she was spending her time here as their family were 'busy’ for some reason. She was quietly sitting in the corner observing Harry and Ron play chess where Harry seemed to lose in every way. Y/n were helping Harry to move the chess pieces through sign language across the table, which Ron seemed to notice after a while.

“Hey this is cheating!” Ron said.

“Ron you are good enough, but atleast give him a chance to win.” She yelled.

And that’s how Ron got to know Y/n, by doing the best thing he can. By playing chess.

Fred Weasley:

No one dared to mess around with the twins. All the people knew how they can prank on them mercilessly. Except Y/n. She was a kind of person who didn’t really care about small things, but if you do something really bad that angers her or embarrasses her, then you shouldn’t really face her at all.

As the twins always did, they were pranking on people and oneday, they decided to prank on her. It was Fred’s idea but George didn’t seem to like it that much. So what they did is that they hung a bucket of water above the door and just when Y/n opened it…she got drenched. It was very much violating for her and she was embarrassed as for a fifth year student, she was physically mature and erm– some undergarments were visible. Her friends quickly helped her to get covered with their robes. Fred realized his mistake and quickly went to her to apologize but instead of getting an 'Its okay’ he received a reeeaally tight slap across his face. The whole floor was quiet.

“WELL I AM SORRY TOO YOU GUYS!!” She yelled and ran back to her House’s common room.

Fred and George never messed with her again, but then they became friends real quick..as you see, Y/n could give some wicked ideas BUT with all the precautions necessary.

George Weasley:

George. He was always kind of the one full of puns and surprises. But also a bit shy when compared with Fred. Fred was the immediate with his flirting skills but George was steady.

So the friendship began when oneday in the potions class she hissed at her friend but who was oblivious of the situation. Y/n’s friend was going on a date with a guy and she needed every kind of step ready for her friend. So she wrote on a piece of paper “Meet me in Hogsmeade today before going out with him” and crumpled it and threw it towards her.

But instead, it landed on George. “Merlin’s BEARD!! Why do you have such a bad aim Y/n!!” She cursed herself. When she looked back up, George was already smiling at her while Fred was smirking. This looks soooo wrong. She blushed and decided to concentrate on her work.

After the class, Y/n quickly went to him. But before she said anything George said, “I know it was for your friend but if you feel bored, maybe you could hang out with us.”

“Oh.” She sighed in relief, “Thank you. That will be nice. I thought I had to spend my time alone and bored.”

Well my dear, this was just the beginning.

Cedric Diggory:

He was quite easily very much popular among girls. But Y/n specifically didn’t like boys just because of their looks. For her, if someone has looks equals to 100 and a personality equals to 1, she would not even care to look at him. And this was true that she didn’t treat him different from others either.

She remembered when once she tried to talk to him and he kindly brushed her off, but later was found laughing with his friends about it.

So it all began when she was walking towards the Herbology class. And Cedric tried to run past her but instead, collided with her.

“Watch where you are going!!! Can’t you see??”

“It’s really hard when I’ve got my eyes over a pretty girl like you.”

“Not gonna work on me Diggory. Try harder. Get some personality to show off.” She said turning around.

“I may seem bad but, I am not that bad. Atleast give me a chance?”

Y/n turned around to look at him and smiled.


Oliver Wood:

Oliver was a very competitive guy. From the first year he had a competitive kind of relation with Y/n and she too, didn’t spare a single chance to win. But they had a silent competition and only spoke through their eyes. How it happened? Well it just happened.

But when it came to get selected in the Quidditch team, Y/n lost. That was the first time when she spoke to him.

“Congratulations Wood.” She said.

“Wow, took you years to say it.” Oliver chuckled.

“Shut it.” Y/n smirked.

The competition never really stopped, but it surely created a strong bond between them.


UNDERTALE starters
  • “…But nobody came.”
  • “I… I’ve changed my mind about all this. This isn’t a good idea anymore.”
  • “YOU! You’re standing in the way of everybody’s hopes and dreams!”
  • “I don’t want to break their hearts all over again. It’s better if they never see me.”    
  • “Despite everything, it’s still you.”
  • “Ah, the cactus. Truly the most tsundere of plants.”
  • “Go ahead. Prepare however you want. But when you step forward… I will KILL you.”
  • “It’s me, [name].”
  • “Wow! We haven’t even had our first date and I’m in the friendzone!”
  • “It pains me to say this, but… you should probably never come back here.”
  • “Maybe looking at this nice lamp will help you.”
  • “There is nothing left for us here. Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.”
  • “They thought that he had killed the child.”
  • “Quit looking at me with that stupid expression. You’re pissing me off.”
  • “We’re all counting on you, kid. Good luck.”
  • “Nice day today, huh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming… Perfect weather for a game of catch.”
  • “You can certainly find better than an old man/woman like me.” 
  • “I do not know if this is pathetic or endearing.”
  • “Oh. My god. I didn’t expect you to show up so soon! I haven’t showered, I’m barely dressed, it’s all messy, and…”
  • “You’re way better at dating than I am.”
  • “Get dunked on!”
  • “This is the power that the humans feared.”
  • “They must be here, playing a joke on me. I’ll just wait until one of them admits it…”
  • “…You really like hot animals, don’t you?”
  • “It was nice to meet you. …Goodbye.”
  • “On days like this, kids like you should be burning in Hell.”
  • “Remember. DON’T kill anyone. …I can’t believe this is a REAL thing I have to remind you.”
  • “…Why are you still here? Are you trying to keep me company?”
  • “You should be smiling, too. Aren’t you excited? Aren’t you happy?” 
  • “Don’t worry, my little monarch, my plan isn’t regicide. This is SO much more interesting.”
  • “What makes you think you’re in control?”
  • “Never come back here. You are not welcome.”
  • “Why does someone as great as me have to do so much to get recognition?!”
  • “You made your choice long ago.”
  • “Don’t you realize that being nice just makes you get hurt?”
  • “So you finally made it. The end of your journey is at hand.”
  • “I didn’t cry! I just… caught something in my eye!”
  • “You know what would be more valuable to everyone? IF YOU WERE DEAD!”
  • “Look. [Name] didn’t come to the meeting today. Say what you want about him/her/them. H/She’s/They’re weird, naive, self-absorbed. But [name] has NEVER missed a meeting. And no matter what time you call him/her/them on the phone… Night, day, afternoon, morning… He/she/they ALWAYS answers within the first two rings.”
  • “Anything you want to do is important enough. Even something as small as reading a book, or taking a walk… Please take your time.“
  • “[Name] hated humanity. Why they did, they never talked about it. But they felt very strongly about that.”
  • "If you… If you think I’m gonna give up hope, you’re wrong. ‘Cause I’ve got my friends behind me.”
  • “Perhaps we can reach a compromise. You still have something that I want.”
  • “Always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.”
  • “No matter the struggles or hardships you faced… you strived to do the right thing. You refused to hurt anyone.”
  • “This is why I never make promises.”
  • “ …Why? Why are you being… so nice to me? I can’t understand. I can’t understand! I just can’t understand… “
  • “Honestly, fighting you IS pretty fun… So even if you ARE a sicko, I’ll take it!”
  • “Maybe you’d be better… at not killing anyone? Crazy idea, huh? Let me know how that one goes.” 
  • “Did I ever tell you about the time [name] flirted with me?”
  • “Now, I understand acting in self-defense. You were thrown into those situations against your will.”
  • “You’d better watch yourself, kid. Things are lookin’ real bad for you.”
  • “Are you ready? If you are not, I understand. I’m not ready either…”
  • “Oh my God! Will you two just smooch already?”
  • “Don’t you get it? There’s no such thing as happy endings. This is all that’s left…!”
  • “The internet! I’m quite popular there!”
  • “Do you think even the worst person can change…? That everyone can be a good person if they just try?”
  • “Don’t worry about it. Most of us have tried to kill [name] at one time or another.”
  • “Wowie! You did it! You didn’t do a violence!”
  • “Not everything can be resolved by being nice.”
  • “Don’t kill, and don’t be killed, alright? That’s the best you can strive for.” 
  • “Oh no! You’re meeting all of my standards!”
  • “Anime is real, RIGHT?!”
  • “Maybe you’re wondering if I ever get tired of winning… Wanna see my answer?”
  • “Sorry, I do not have much to say. It was nice to hear your voice, though.”
  • “This is all just a bad dream… and you’re NEVER waking up!”
  • “Down here, it’s kill or be killed!”
  • “I can’t come back. I just can’t, OK?”
  • “I so badly want to say, ‘would you like a cup of tea?’ But… You know how it is.”
  • “Would you smooch a ghost?”
  • “The truth is… [Name] wasn’t really the greatest person.” 
  • “Well, if I were you, I would have thrown in the towel by now. But you didn’t get this far by giving up, did you?” 
  • “You’re not really human, are you? No. You’re empty inside. Just like me.”
  • “Are you bored? I should have given a book to you. My apologies. Why not use your imagination to divert yourself?”
  • “I’ll hold victory in front of you, just within your reach… and then tear it away just before you grasp it.”
  • “Come on! Step forward and let’s end this!”
  • “Don’t you get it? This is all just a GAME.”
  • “Are those two robots…?”
  • “If you have some sort of special power… isn’t it your responsibility to do the right thing?”
  • “Stop plaguing my life with incidental music!”
  • “Self-defense? Please. You didn’t kill them because you had to. You killed them because it was easy for you. Because it was fun for you. Do you think it was fun when I found out…? Do you think it’s fun when people’s family members never come home? Is that fun? No. “
  • “I wish I had eight legs… so I could wear FOUR pairs of hot pants!”
  • “The more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others.”
  • “I can’t go to Hell. I’m all out of vacation days.”
  • “They just sort of showed up one day and…asserted themselves. The town’s gotten a lot more interesting since then.”
  • “Our king is really bad at names.”
  • “If it weren’t for you, I would’ve never gotten past him. But now, with your help, he’s DEAD.”
  • “Then why’d you kill my brother/sister?”
  • “I’ve done everything this world has to offer. I’ve read every book. I’ve burned every book. I’ve won every game. I’ve lost every game. I’ve appeased everyone. I’ve killed everyone.”
  • “What did you do to him? …What did you DO to him?!”
  • “…I don’t have the heart to tell her what you did. Do you know how she’d react?”
  • “You didn’t even need my help, which is great, ‘cause I love doing absolutely nothing.”
  • “I’m smiling and I hate it!”
  • “Do you wanna have a bad time? 'Cause if you take another step forward… you are REALLY not going to like what happens next.”
  • “If we’re really friends… you won’t come back.”
  • “Did you really think I was gonna be satisfied… killing you only ONE time?”
  • “I remember when I first woke up here, in the garden. I was so scared. I couldn’t feel my arms or my legs…”
  • “Even after all this time, you’re still the only one that understands me.”
  • “Why do I always get the freaks?”
  • “It’s possible that you may have a problem.”
  • “What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth…”
  • “I’m nineteen years old and I’ve already wasted my entire life.”
  • “If you’re so scared, why do you keep winking?”
  • “Don’t you have anything better to do?”
Ready - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT]

 Ready - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT]

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader 

Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader

Request: “Hi! Your smutty Doctor Strange fic was amazing! I just saw the movie last night and wanted to ask if you could make a fic where Stephen never told the reader where he was going and then when he comes back it gets angsty but then fluff at the end? Sorry for it being so long!” @mayaurbinaa

Word Count: 2065

Warnings: LOTS AND LOTS OF ANGST. OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH ANGST. OH, AND SOME SMUT AND FLUFFINESS AT THE END. Unprotected sex - wrap it before you tap it people! Sex against a window pane people, may not be safe. 

Originally posted by lichtblickpink

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snapstreak - three

Originally posted by nochuie

genre: fluff
pairing: jungkook x reader
summary: in which your snapstreak with hoseok is in danger because he decided to go without internet access for ten days but he hires someone to maintain his streak
words: 1.8k

read on ao3 // previous chapters

day five

Jungkook squints the moment he wakes up, the sunlight glaring at him. He groans, tossing his blanket over his head in attempt to shield himself from it, but emerges shortly after, gasping for air and thinking that it’s too hot. He rolls around in bed, tangling himself in his sheets and hugging his pillows tightly against his chest.

There’s a knock on the door, in which Jungkook responds with a sleepy ‘go away hyung’, before Namjoon opens it and smacks him with a pillow as a method of waking him up. Jungkook yelps, turning so that he’s lying on his side. He looks up Namjoon sleepily, pouting in hopes of Namjoon allowing him to sleep in for the day.

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Devil's Side

Prompt:  I fucked up. & We’re not talking about this. & Since when have we ever been friends?

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Captain America

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: harmed reader, but nothing lethal.

By @milleniumxhan​ 

Tagging: @multi-villain-imagines @myregardstothereader @socktrollqueen @queencobblefreezestuff @taintedmarker

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I do The 100, Gotham and Fantastic Beasts. I also do Bucky Barnes now.

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Asylum AU - Part 2

Okay guys. This is the Asylum AU, which has some controversial opinions about it. So I’d like to preface this with:


Also, this is my version of the Asylum AU in which Bryce is the patient rather than Ohm.



“Hello, Mr. McQuaid. I’m your new therapist, Ryan.”

“Might as well call me by my first name if you insist I call you as such.”

“Alright then, Bryce. What would you like to talk about?”

“What would you like to talk about?”

“Why did you kill the last therapist?”

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The Silent Treatment- Soonyoung (Hoshi) Fluff/Angst

Originally posted by kwontv

Request: Hey there! I see you want requests and I’m here for one ewe I hope you can make an angst but at the end very fluffy scenario with Hoshi where you two have a fight and start no talking to each other? I know im not being specific, don’t hate me ;n; You’re the best♡

Word Count:1135

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Soonyoung (Hoshi) of SEVENTEEN

Summary: Every couple fights, some just choose to handle it in a more childish way than others.

A/N: Hey ya’ll! I have a few drafts that I am beginning to work on, so expect some future works for BTS. Anyway, Hope you all enjoy this a bunch! xx

 It all started with a simple fight, really. When Soonyoung had left that morning, he had asked you to clean a shirt that he needed for a company dinner that night, and you being the forgetful person you were, had completely forgotten saying ‘yes’ in a sleepy haze. Obviously, you had not put the shirt in the washer before you had left to go to University, so you arrived home to a fuming and frantic Soonyoung hurriedly trying to use his blowdryer to get the shirt mildly dry before he had to rush out the door to meet with the CEO. No words had been exchanged between you, only somber gazes you sent his way as he sighed and shook his head. Before you even knew what was happening, you were yelling and dropping your bag on the ground as you stomped to your room and flopped onto the bed.

 “It’s not my fault, Soonyoung! You know I can’t remember things when I am given instructions at 6 o’clock in the morning! Maybe you should have texted me like a responsible adult would!” Your words, though filled with emotions, fell on deaf ears.

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Fic: nowhere’s high enough

Root x Shaw high school fic, probably going to be four or five parts, nothing super long or involved, but I really enjoyed writing it.

Shaw shoved a handful of cereal into her mouth, tossing the box haphazardly onto the counter as she headed for the door.

“Sameen?” her mother called. “Where’s your backpack?”

She rolled her eyes spinning to face her mom while continuing to backpedal toward the door. “Don’t need one. Not yet. Maybe tomorrow.”

“What about papers?” She insisted. “You can’t lose everything on your first day!”

Scanning the area around her, Shaw quickly snatched an empty folder by the front hallway. “There. Useless syllabi holder, check.”

“What about lunch?” Her mother was now hurrying down the hall to keep up “What about gym clothes?”

“I have money,” Shaw assured, “and I’ve got clothes too.”

She yanked up her shirt to reveal a second one. “Gym’s first period this year. I’m fine, mum.”

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anonymous asked:

i dunno if you're still accepting prompts but could you do like bechloe at their separate bachelorette parties but all they wanna do is be with each other?

“Becaw, would you please, kindly, put your phone away and come and have another shot with me?” Jesse asked, drunkenly leaning across the table of the club they were in.

Beca shook her head and carried on texting Chloe.

“Dude it’s your bachelorette party! Have some fun!”

“This is fun,” Beca said, not looking away from her phone.

Beca did feel bad for Jesse. He was her best man, and he was trying to help her enjoy her bachelorette party. He’d hired out a section of her favourite club and filled it with ice buckets filled with her favourite alcohol. The DJ was playing her favourite music and a lot of her favourite people were here with her. The trouble was that all Beca wanted to do was find Chloe and go home with her. She knew the redhead was out there somewhere also on her bachelorette party and that the two groups would meet eventually, but she wanted to speed up the process.

Chloe was out with Aubrey, Stacie, Emily, Lily, Jessica, and Ashley.

Beca had Jesse, Benji, Luke, Fat Amy, Flo, and Cynthia Rose.

The two groups had planned to meet up at around midnight in this club, but it was only 10pm, and Beca missed her future wife.

Jesse moved so he was sitting next to her rather than opposite.

“Dude,” he said, “why aren’t you having fun? This is your night! Your last night of freedom!”

Beca scoffed. “What does that even mean? Freedom from what? A wife who I love very much?”

“Urgh, you’re so in love. It’s gross,” he said, shaking his head. “Come on. Two more hours and then you get to be all lovey-dovey again. Don’t make me confiscate your phone.”

“You wouldn’t.”

He smiled. “Oh Amy!”

Fat Amy appeared as if from nowhere.

“You yelled?”

“Please remove Beca’s phone,” Jesse said.

“Sorry Captain,” Fat Amy said, easily taking Beca’s phone from her hand. “Don’t worry I’ll let Chloe know you aren’t dead.”

“Amy! Give it back!”

“No can do. You need to have some fun first.”

“Why do people seem to think that me texting my fiancé isn’t fun?” Beca said, crossing her arms and sitting back on the grubby club sofa.

“Here,” Cynthia Rose said, handing her a shot. “Drink this.”

Beca drank it and then shuddered.

“Gross,” she said, wincing at the taste.

“You don’t drink it because it tastes good,” Cynthia said, laughing. “Now come and dance.”

Reluctantly, Beca did, and before she knew it, it was midnight.

Chloe and the rest of her bachelorette party entered the club where they were meeting Beca and the others.

It didn’t take her long to find her tiny fiancé.

Beca was lying on one of the sofas in their little VIP area, her head on Benji’s lap. She was very, very drunk.

“I just… I love her so much Benji,” Beca said.

“I know Beca,” he said, very sober and clearly very bored. “Are you going to sit up and drink this water?”

“Benji. Benjamin. The Big Ben. I don’t think you understand,” Beca said clumsily trying to drink while lying down. “I get to marry her. Like marry. Like properly. In front of God. And I get to be with her forever and ever.” She closed her eyes, content and happy.

“I am familiar with the concept of marriages,” he said, half smiling. He looked up from his phone to see Chloe and some of the other Bellas walking over.

He smiled apologetically.

“I thought I should keep an eye on her,” he said when Chloe reached them.

Beca opened her eyes and nearly squealed with delight.

“They took my phone, Chlo’!” She said scrambling to sit up. “And they made me drink,” she lowered her voice to a loud whisper, “alcohol.”

Chloe laughed. “They took my phone too,” she said, sitting beside her. “And they also made me drink alcohol.”

“Chloe,” Beca whispered. The music was so loud she had lean in closely. “Can we go home?”

Chloe laughed again. “Yes. We can go home. But we have to be sneaky about it.”

“Gotcha,” Beca said, winking. “Hey Amy!”

“Yes captain?” Fat Amy said, once again appearing from nowhere.

“Can I please pretty please have my phone back please?” She asked, in her most sober voice. “I’m not going home.” She turned and winked at Chloe, who face-palmed.

“Wow,” Fat Amy said, handing Beca her phone. “I totally believe you.”

“Nailed it,” Beca said, giving her best smug smile. She closed her eyes and rested her head on Chloe’s shoulder.

“I’d get out of here before Stacie or Aubrey or Jesse figure out you guys are trying to leave,” Amy said.

“Good idea,” Chloe said. Beca, who had been leaning heavily on Chloe suddenly straightened up.

“I wasn’t asleep!”

“Okay lightweight,” Chloe said, pulling Beca to her feet. “Time to make our escape.”

“Chloe Beale do not walk out of this club!” She heard Aubrey yell.

Chloe groaned and turned around to see her best friend storming towards her.

Aubrey took one look at Beca however and then sighed. The brunette was once again leaning against Chloe with her eyes closed only this time they were standing.

“Goddammit hobbit, you really can’t hold your booze,” she said shaking her head and walking away.

Chloe looked down at a Beca who opened her eyes and then winked.

“Oh very sneaky,” Chloe said, putting her arm around her fiancé and leading her out of the club. “I knew I was marrying you for a reason.”

rose-tinted glasses

*requested –> Anonymous said: Hello! I am INLOVE with your generously length works that keep me reading!!!! I was wondering if you could do a WGM scenario with Jaehyun but both of them are trying not to fall in love with each other because SCANDALS and RABID FANS and it becomes like a fluff/angst thingy??? Ugh sorry if this is a Jaeffry request but I like him ok so yea ._. Love you~

different anon: Im sorry If I have ever sent you a repeated request like idk if people request the same thing as I do. Maybe all fans have the same ideas?? Like i wish no one has requested this but could you do a jjh fic where the girl he likes/dating is a known “bad girl” (plot twist she really isnt she just has a snarky attitude and a case of bitch face syndrome but she fluff) and everyone around him is being curious and dramatic on why he likes her?? Please and if you can’t do it it’s ok too :)

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

author’s note: 1,794 words. I combined these two requests + didn’t use the wgm setting because it was easier to write that way. 

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Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You

Summary: Not requested, but based on the Arctic Monkeys song with the same name. Josh wants to stop the drudgery of everyday life whilst off tour in favor of a life with you. 1000 Follower special.

Warnings: Rough, unprotected sex. Drinking, Dirty talk,

Rating: Mature

A/N: This is one of my first mature fics and for the 1000 follower special. How  is so special? Well it’s my first ever smut so get ready for 1900 words of sin. (It’s pretty crap btw)

Tag List:  @marrsox  @littlemrsbeliever  @b0rky

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RFA + Minor Trio: Video Games

So I got bored, and being the Mystic Messenger obsessed game addict that I am, my mind wandered to wondering what sorts of video games the RFA would play, like types or genres and some examples (aside from LOLOL in Yoosung’s case of course lol), which led to making this headcanon post. Of course, these are all just my personal headcanons, and I would love to hear what thoughts you guys have for this subject! Sharing headcanons is fun~!! Sorry this got kinda long tho lol I guess I got carried away ^^;;;

Note: If you’re on the mobile app and only see Yoosung’s section, copy and paste the post’s URL into your mobile web browser. That should fix it~


  • Well we all know that he’s addicted to LOLOL, and probably plays or has tried other MMOs. As perfect as those are for him, I’m looking at other types of games for this. Otherwise it’s too easy lol
  • Plays RPGs and adventure games the most
  • When he can make a custom character, his preferred classes are knight or warrior classes, but he’s also open to playing as mages
  • Definitely the kind of player that picks up every. Single. Side quest. Because he wants to help everyone
  • Need a certain number of rarely dropped items? No problem!
  • Want to deliver an item to someone who’s not even a two minute walk away? He’s on it!
  • Got a super difficult optional boss that you want dead that can–and will–display the Game Over screen multiple times, and you’re offering a class-specific item he can’t use as a reward? Sign him the fuck up!
  • Unless they want something he doesn’t agree with… -gives Skyrim’s Blades the side-eye-
  • No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t bring himself to play the “asshole/aggressive character” style
  • “Sure, this assassin was hired by that one traitor who wants us dead, my party is totally against letting him live since he might try to kill us again, and we have absolutely no reason to trust him aside from his seemingly honest answers which he could have just fabricated to save himself, so logic seems to point at killing him to be safe…………buuuuuuuuuut he could be a helpful party member and then no one has to die!”
  • Also, he loves games that encourage interaction with other players!
  • “People think that you don’t get any friends if you play games… but you get tons!” TRUTH!!!
  • So yeah, games with interaction are great!
  • Honestly MMORPGs are fucking perfect for him and and that’s why he’s addicted to LOLOL! lol seriously dude game with me plz
  • Really likes Pokemon for the sense of community with trades and battles and such
  • Totally attempted to make a competitive team at some point
  • Whenever new games are announced, he and Seven figure out who gets what version so they can trade version exclusives and such
  • Can never beat Seven in a battle tho… The one rival battle he can never win T^T
  • Also this guy is a Kirby fan fight me on this

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I’ve Got You (part 2)

Pairing: Jongdae x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Canon AU, Future Smut (??)

Description: You work for SM as it’s public relations specialist, and Jongdae is one client that you have to deal with far too often. Sometimes though, he isn’t all that bad.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,Part 11, Part 12, Part 13,Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17,

Originally posted by 5sosfam-phandom

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What kind of wood would Uchihas wands be made of?

So…I kind of went too passionate about this and it’s ridiculously (RIDICULUS!) long but I think it was worth it. I really like the way it turned out and just….enjoy it everyone.

Madara Uchiha

Cedar- perceptive, not easily fooled, very strong

  • Now the first thing that striked me was Blackthorn for warriors. I highly associated Madara as a warrior mainly because the Warring states period but this is Hogwarts AU, no ninjas in here. Although I still think Madara is definitely warrior even in HP universe (we all know you can have some really good fights with magic) I do not think it would be the main attribute in his character.
  • I imagine Uchihas as some old, very fancy and very respected family, probably pure blood, and maybe some of them were well-known wizards in magical history. Maybe some of them fought great battles, mainly as some kind of „generals“ and for that they needed to have sharp and strategic mind. So then DNA worked and is no wonder Madara is really perceptive human, even without Sharingan. He can see danger or possible benefits in various types of situations, he knows how to speak to different kinds of people and also when to back off and when step out. He just knows…. naturally he knows.  
  • Also that Madara is no easily fooled is just something that fits him. He thinks a lot and he kind of can be a Ravenclaw but yeah, no one dares to mess with Madara because Madara can see thru all of your shit.
  • Very strong – can we really need to explain this? He is strong, like DAMN strong. He always was and always will be and that god damn wand would recognize that too.

Originally posted by walidarif

Izuna Uchiha

Black Walnut- good instincts, powerful insight, sincere, self aware

  • I kind of see Izuna like someone who relies a lot on his inner feelings, way more than to his heart or his mind. And he is doing right because his instincts and intuition are his biggest weapons.
  • As for powerful insight, again I choose this mainly because I am used to him as a Sharingan user and we all know his eyes were almost as powerful as Madara’s so I think he kind of preserve this even in HP universe. But of course it is not just about what he can see with eyes, but also what is hidden inside and Izuna is an expert for it. Don’t even try to lie to him, he always see though your words. No verita serum needed.
  • Sincere – any time, all the time. Madara can be brutally honest but with Izuna I see him as a type of person who will always say a truth but depends on the situation he can give it to you in way you will always love to hear it even it’s something critical. He just knows how to use words and also hate affectation so sincere he will be no matter what.
  • Self aware oh yeah. Izuna is much more down to Earth than Madara so this applies to him very well. He of course knows he is powerful and talented but he is not cocky and he kind of can get along with everyone thanks to this self aware attitude.
  • And bonus for Izuna – Black walnut wood is particularly good at charmwork, which I have a feeling would be the field of study he is interested in the most.

Originally posted by l-i-f-e-s-t-a-l-k-e-r-me

Kagami Uchiha

Vine- seeks a greater purpose, vision beyond the ordinary, hidden depths

  • Sweet oh sweet Kagami! He was always kind of “before his time” guy and all he ever wanted was to make a world the better place. He won’t be somebody to graduate at Hogwarts and then spend the rest of his life in Ministry office. No, no and no. He would seek a grater purpose not just for himself but for everybody on planet and he won’t stop until he finds it.
  • Vision beyond the ordinary is something that also perfectly matches him because in Warring states period he was the only (or one of the few) Uchiha that was close to Tobirama. So close he trust him with his life and that was probably because he can see further than the rest of the Uchihas – meaning he was well aware of both Uchiha’s best and worst traits and could independently analyze them. I am sure he can do that also in HP universe and not just with his family. He can see beyond lots of things – it’s his biggest talent and something that you would say about him if you need to describe him.
  • As for hidden depths I think everyone sees Kagami as a moral and loyal guy but I also think he has some pretty dark and rebellious sides inside. He is really multiplexed human and just a few people can see this.  
  • Bonus – vine wood wands can emit magical effects upon the entrance of a suitable owner which I think fits really well cause Kagami also emit almost magical feel of trustfulness around him.

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Naori Uchiha

Poplar- clear moral vision, integrity

  • I personally love Naori to pieces even she is just an anime character I strongly believe someone as she existed in Uchiha history and that also Uchiha history need somebody like her. Considering she was the one who redeemed her friend by creating Izanami she was really kind and selfless. She didn’t want bloodshed but still wanted to end foolish battles for power so she found a way and succeeded. Her moral principles are something that is typical for her as is smile for Naruto.
  • Also she is a pure soul. Even she is a warrior (and can be really tough and intimidating one) and understands the need of doing difficult decisions from time to time, she always tries to do the compromise and avoid anything kind of evil. Her integrity and sense of honour is legendary.

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Fugaku Uchiha

Ebony- courage to be their self, holds to beliefs

  • When Fugaku was chosen by this wand he was eleven years old but even then he was very strong personality. Somebody that was not afraid of his goals, beliefs and conviction and that is maybe the main reason why he was chosen to be a leader of the Uchiha clan. He was always…how to say it…..himself. And he was never sorry about it.
  • As a head of Uchiha family he is very traditional and holds to beliefs but again – he was like that even as a child. He always knew what is right and what is wrong and he always did his best to stick on the right path and hold on those traditional virtues even it was the hardest thing to do. Fugaku is not somebody you can convict into doing something he personally consider inaccessible or lame which can makes him boring sometimes but also very loyal.
  • Bonus – ebony wood wands are really good to all manners of combative magic and Transfiguration which is really handy for a Head of Uchiha family and the future auror to be (yes, Fugaku would definitely be an auror)

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Mikoto Uchiha

English Oak- loyal, strength, courage, fidelity, powerful intuition

  • There is no question Mikoto is loyal. She is the most loyal Uchiha you can ever met, with strong sense of fidelity and for that she is perfect material to be sorted into Hufflepuff but I think that in the end the Gryffindor would be better for her. Why?
  • Well we did not see that in Naruto but she was a jounin before she gave birth to Itachi and I think she was pretty badass one. The same applies in HP universe as she would be really strong and skilled witch and lot of other girls would be envious to her abilities. That envy will even deepen when Mikoto became Prefect and also Head girl so all the other Gryffindor girls would need to obey her. How spicy.
  • Oh her lightheartedness… she has it and it’s strongly bonded to her courage. Not always is this courage the best thing for her but it’s one of the main trait in her personality.
  • Also she is really gifted not just because her perfect charm work but also because of her inner sight. Her intuition is kind of familiar to Kagami’s and it’s mostly the only think that divides her from getting into trouble when she is too courageous.
  • Bonus – English oak wood should only be collected from winter solstice to summer solnice which makes it as special as Mikoto.

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Itachi Uchiha

Cypress- noble, heroic, brave, self sacrificing

  • As an older brother and successor of Uchiha family Itachi would from the young age needed to understand his position and everything that is associated with it. Not necessarily means he loves it from beginning but he eventually he quickly learns to be proud of his heritage. That noble side is born out of this. He is a future leader and he acts like it. It became a part of his personality and nobody is nobler than this Uchiha. Such perfection.
  • Heroic of course. Even if Itachi would not be a future head he still has this strong feeling for helping others. Presumably his heroic actions would be first the small things like helping Sasuke to learn the basic charms or helping his classmates with homework to Transfiguration but when he will be adult he for sure would be that hero (auror) who slays every dark wizard he met.
  • Related to this he is naturally really brave person. Of course he is scared of death but he is way more scared that bad guys destroy this world and for that he is willing to put himself into danger, as long as his loved ones and he whole world is safe – in other words he is self sacrificing as hell.

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Sasuke Uchiha

Fir- staying power, strength of purpose, focused, strong-minded, sometimes intimidating

  • Staying power, strength of purpose and strong-minded is a go for Sasuke. His determination is truly legendary and as soon as he wants something he will get it. There is no other way. It doesn‘t matter how hard it is or how long it will take, it will happen. He would be kind of guy to play hardball but of course would not be literally so drastically – he is not a criminal or death eater okay, but let’s say he would not be afraid, from time to time, use some improper ways to achieve his goals. It feels kind of „marauders-ly“.
  • Having Itachi as his ideal and also shadow he would be truly focused being at least the same or even better than Itachi ever was. And Sasuke would excel in it. He will overcome Itachi in classes, having the best scores and also would be really charming in his behaviour. Uchiha brothers will simply take over Hogwarts – one as magnificent as the other and the only thing that decide which one you choose to cherish is your age – if you are in the same age or younger than Sasuke, than you will be at Sasuke’s side, the older ones would stick to Itachi – because otherwise there is no other way how to decide which Uchiha bro is better, smarter, more powerful etc. They are equal. End of story.
  • Funny fact – Itachi and Sasuke are in their house quidditch team (Slytherin) but it would be more like fun for Itachi, failing from time to time and not really doing big deal about it, while for Sasuke it would be main purpose of his life and he would be natural talent for it. He never disappoints and he is aspiring to be one of the best quidditch players in the world.
  • Other thing that Sasuke has and Itachi is lack of is intimidation. Sasuke does not use it on purpose but sometimes when he has a bad day he just irradiates this intimidation kind of aura and in those moments no one is dare to be around him. But as soon as Sasuke realize he is doing it, he would stop it immediately. But of course if somebody deserves it (for example that somebody bullying others) then Sasuke will get this trait into good use.
  • Bonus – fir wood suited to Transfiguration. Remember how I wrote Sasuke won’t always play fair? I can perfectly picture him as an Animagus. And in his changed form he can spy on others or maybe sneak into places he is not allowed to go, for example Flitch’s cabinet? Oh yeah, he would be a rebellious brat.

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Shisui Uchiha

Dogwood- playful, quirky, mischievous, clever, ingenious

  • Such an easy pick for Shisui. He is playful like no other Uchiha. Sometimes you have a strong suspicion he is not really Uchiha but that lasts just until you look at his dark eyes and hair haha. But yeah Shisui is definitely a big playful ball of joy and nobody question it.
  • So if there is some Uchiha that is in one thing way different than the other Uchihas then of course there must be some other ways he is different in. That would be his unconventional personality or if you want – his quirky personality. You can really never tell what he is up to. Yeah, you can say it would probably be something mischievous but he is full of surprises so it can also be something super sweet or super serious. He is a man of various layers.
  • One of the other things that came up to my mind about Shisui is that he is genius. Like really. His mind is sharp and naturally resourceful, he is witty and brainy and for this he has a lot of fans but also a lot of enemies. You can either love him or hate him, that’s how unfairly gifted he is.
  • Bonus – dogwood wood is not good for performing non-verbal spells and it’s rather noisy when is used. That’s really not a big deal for Shisui because a) he prefers to talk rather than to be silent and mysterious and b) with his talent he can make even dogwood wand performs a non verbal spells.

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Obito Uchiha

Alder- helpful, considerate, likeable

  • Obito has a big heart and he makes no secret about it. He is there for everybody day and night and he will help you with really everything. Even when it’s something trivial like carry your bag or something he never did before like translating parseltongue to mandarin Chinese, he will do it. In this kind of meaning he can be consider stubborn or strong-minded just as Sasuke, but unlike Sasuke, he helps others simply because it makes him happy.
  • This Uchiha is also really thoughtful and always think about consequences of his actions. If they may somehow negatively affects others than he will back off. Even if it means he needs to give up on his dreams or desires he would always considerate others well being.
  • For all of above he is genuinely likeable person. It’s true he would be more like brother to girls rather than objection of their love but it’s just the way he is. The friend of everyone. On other hand boys would like him too there would be no bad blood between him and other guys, all good all good. So yeah…. Obito the one who is always there for the others.

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Izumi Uchiha

Rowan- clear-headed, pure-hearted

  • I see Izumi as a character that has all the shit together. Even as a child. She is smarter than anybody in her age (there can be a healthy rivalry between her and Shisui) but it’s just not about studying or good memory but also about social interactions, seeing bigger picture and being down to earth. She just understands everything without long explanations and don’t over thing things that doesn’t have to be over thing. Mind clear as glass, might be a Ravenclaw.
  • As her brain can be a little bit “cold” her heart is just the opposite. She is really similar to Obito in these instances but on the other hand she does not do things she knows are beyond her limits (for example translating parseltongue). And besides – she is more like a person who does little invisible acts of kindness – saving a set for you if she knows you are late, filling up your inkwell if she sees it’s empty or leave you a spot near a fireplace if you are sick. In that moment you not always realize that it was her who did it, because she is totally cool or leave before you get all the prompters together but it’s always her. She is the one who percept needs of the others even before they know they have them.
  • Bonus: Rowan wood is perfect for all manners of defensive charms, and Izumi is for sure a great witch and has the best scores in Defence against Dark Magic but attack is not her first response. She is more defence type of person (but if she chooses attack then you better start praying).

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