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if i hear “all those dumb fujoshit soremiku fans care about is their ship and ignore everything else in zestiria (with a Subtle ~especially the women because they are probably misogynistic tossed in there)” one more goddamn time, i stg. esp with the anime, because i’ve been hearing it a lot and i am sort of at the end of my rope here

do i need to bust out receipts, do i need to offer proof of every time i have said “i love alisha/rose/lailah/edna” to like, Prove that i do indeed care about other things. but am i allowed to spend time gushing about a ship that 1. is totally harmless and 2. makes me happy when i am not a very happy person

do i need to bust out the goddamn zestiria lore to prove that i care about the whole cast/canon AND HONESTLY even if i didn’t care are people, like, obligated to????

you know who i see shitting on alisha and rose more than anyone else? neckbeard waifu dudebros who pit them against each other. i’ve never once seen a soremiku person in my personal circle of tales friends say anything negative about any of zestiria’s female characters

it’s honestly ridiculous and it is honestly unfair. let people enjoy their damn ship, let people be happy that their m/m ship is canon, nobody has ever said it’s the pinnacle of representation but in a series of jrpgs where almost every game focuses on The Hets it *is* good to have. can’t we just like, be happy. maybe. just let us Fujoshits (because everyone always has to blame women for not doing fandom the “right” way or whatever) enjoy our pure ship in peace, i am p sure we are not hurting anyone

A big big theory

Its really long because of all the clues and explanations.

We all know that Marlene has had a history of dropping hints/clues/explanations on social media or during interviews instead of including them in the show. After the finale I made a point to catch all of her post season 6 finale interviews for clarifications. I know that there was a lot of confusion after one of the PLL writers said that with Charles they wouldn’t go the transgender route when that was a lie. There was a lot of backlash from that so I’m assuming/hoping no one would be dumb enough to make that mistake again. 

Wren is Uber A. There are a million Wren theories out there, I recommend @wrenischarles , so Im not going to dive in too deep. This is about more of making plausible connections.

Rollins was sending the texts threatening the Liars to find out who Killed Charlotte. 

  • First of all he literally told Ali it was him. Ali was replying to the text about the “good doctor” asking if it was Sara who sent it, Rollins came up behind her and said “Is that message for me?”
  • He loved Charlotte and he was her doctor so he knew all about her strategy behind the A texts. He adopted her strategy as an ode to her memory.
  • Ali said its her fault Charlotte left their house and was then killed. Rollins tells her that he is to blame because he failed her. His Amoji motive is finding out who killed the woman he loves so he can clear his conscience and get revenge.
  • At first Amoji said the murder weapon was a golf club. When Tanner revealed the murder weapon to Ali and Rollins he was genuinely shocked and wanted to know how Tanner knew for sure what killed her. He also asked all the questions about the details of Charlottes death. She told him about the call from the lodge to Charlotte and guess who was immediately framed? Aria.
  • Emoji was threatening the Liars one by one until someone cracked and admitted who killed Charlotte. When Ali was in the hospital she said Rollins brought her all the flowers. In one of the bouquets Hanna found the pictures of the Liars with a line through the ones that Amoji had done damage to. Ali’s face was marked out, and the only thing that happened to her is that she was pushed down the stairs. Rollins was the only one there.
  • Rollins saw Emily’s pamphlet about egg donations. Rollins is the one that told Ali. No one else knew about it. Right after, her eggs were stolen.
  • “Elliot and Mary are loyal to Charlotte, and they want to know what happened to her.” This rules Elliot and Mary out for Charlotte’s murderer.

It was not Amoji who kidnapped Hanna.

  • “Well the person who signed the last text, they signed it as A.D. There’s a reason for that but A.D. is Über “A.” 
  • Amoji and Uber A are different people.

Rollins is most likely connected with Wren.

  • “While King will neither confirm nor deny that Elliot being British means he’s connected to Wren (Julian Morris), she does say, ‘There definitely seems to be a London connection of sorts coming up in the show.’” This is the connection between Wren and Rollins. It explains a lot of storylines from who put the blood in Spencers purse to why Wren hasn’t been around lately. Wren can control things from a distance. 
  • If they aren’t actually related their are other explanations for their connections. They’re both British doctors so their paths could have easily crossed. 
  • “Jason has really been running the Carissimi Group for Charlotte. That’s the fund where Charlotte had all her money, where she funded her A-ness - I’ll say it - and he’s off doing Carissimi Group charity work so we realized in last night’s episode that Mary Drake and Elliot intend to steal back that company” Key words: steal back. Meaning they were involved in the first place, which means that the Carissimi Group has been a thing for a long time. Back to when Wren was around.
  • “I said at the end of Season 5 that the Charlotte story wasn’t over, that we still had some mythology to come and now we’re going to answer a lot of that with Dr. Rollins and Mary,” says King, adding, “We will find out the whole story of when [Elliot and Charlotte] met and how and who and where and what.” Key word: who. As in who introduced them. Also Marlene has said that she cannot confirm or deny if Elliot Rollins is his real name because that is part of the season 7 story. 

Now for Mary.

  • Straight from Andrea Parker’s (Jessica/Mary’s) mouth: “AD” is “Uber A.” My initials are not “AD.” Mary is not “Uber A,” but Mary is working with “Uber A.”
  • “We know that Mary Drake, like Charlotte, was in and out of Radley and so there’s definitely a rich history of emotions and ups and downs between the two sisters” Hmm in and out of Radley…Who do we know who worked at Radley? Wren. Who was shown coloring a photo of what looks a heck of a lot like Jessica/Mary? Wren. Right when Mona said she was questioning where his loyalties were.
  • When asked about Jessica having a twin: “I don’t remember exactly when we came up with it but it was definitely tied into the mythology of Charlotte and when we were getting serious about Charlotte being Big “A,” I’ll say, as opposed to Über “A,” who is now revealing a self.” Im including this because I have seen a few theories that Charlotte didn’t really die and she is Uber A. She isn’t. She is dead. That is why Rollins and Mary are doing what they’re doing.
  • “I know that Mary has had some emotional problems and is not the most emotionally stable character.” She’s been in and out of Radley, her daughter isn’t an immediate part of her life. She probably craves an emotional support system. Who better to give that than a doctor? A doctor who worked in Radley and who helped her daughter, who Mary would have a lot of trust in and would be willing to assist.
  • “We started talking about Mrs. D having the twin when we originally started talking about the character of Charlotte and how important she was going to be to the show. It all organically came together a few seasons ago.” The writers needed to give Charlotte a real motive and a real background that would explain her actions and how her time at Radley effected her. So they gave her a biological mother who was also a patient at Radley, which would further a reason for a relationship with Wren.
  • Charlotte’s explanation to the girls about why she did what she did didnt make a whole lot of sense or cover everything that happened. I think Mary killed Marion. Im not sure exactly why. Maybe there is no real reason. Anyways, Mary blamed it on Bethany. Charlotte either didn’t know what really happened or chose to side with her mother over her friend. I think the recording of Bethany was about Mary.
  • Charlotte and Bethany were best friends in Radley. Melissa killed Bethany. Charlotte called Wren and told him when she found out. Wren left Melissa. He has a loyalty to Charlotte.
  • Melissa killed Charlotte. She had the murder weapon and the motive. We always assume people are being framed, but what if the answer was right in front of us this time?

Mona’s involvement:

  • I think Mona is back working with Uber A, Wren, because she still holds a lot of angst against the Liars. 
  • When they found Charlotte’s birth certificate Mona was not surprised by the information. I think she already knew.
  • Hanna used to be her best friend and now she won’t talk to her no matter how hard Mona tries to make up for her actions. I think she reached her breaking point. Hanna didnt even invite Mona to her bridal shower. I would imagine that, as most girls do, they fantasized about what their weddings would be like. It hurt Mona to not be included.
  • I don’t think Mona actually kidnapped Hanna but I think that was Mona dragging Hanna’s body at the church. Hanna looked dead, but guess who else appeared to be dead once upon a time? Mona.

What Im unsure about:

  • I don't know how/why Sara is relevant/involved in the first place. Literally makes 0 sense to me.
  • I don’t know who killed Mrs D. Part of me thinks there may be a situation where who we think is Mary is really Jessica but I don’t know how that would fit. 
  • I don’t know if it was Mary or Jessica that buried Ali but it would make way more sense if it was Mary. A mother would not bury her child to cover for the one who she thought killed her.

Guys, I know this could be totally completely wrong. There are probably holes. Lets chat it out before I get any hate.

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today marks the release of vices & virtues, and 5 years since I first fell in love with this dumb ass band. watching this band grow and seeing how many people they make happy is a blessing, I hope I can continue to support them and be saying the exact same thing 5 years from now. 

So I’ve been on tumblr for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of posts supporting people who are of the LGBTQIAP community, but I don’t often see a lot of things about aromantic people which I think is pretty shitty. When I first joined tumblr, I barely knew anything about the LGBT+ community and now I know so much more than I did, but it was only about a month ago that I even heard the word aromantic.

We live in a society where pretty much everyone’s goal is to fall in love. Its everywhere, in movies, songs, books, everywhere. So when people who are aromantic see that and realize that they don’t feel how everyone else seems to feel they might feel broken or just wrong. I’ve personally been going through a little mini-crisis like this because as time goes on, I’ve started to realize that I have never really felt a romantic attraction to someone and I’m starting to think that maybe I am aromantic or grey-romantic.

What baffles me the most is there isn’t even a set aromantic pride flag. If you search any gender or sexuality in Google, most of the pictures will be of the pride flag and its all the same flag. But, if you search “aromantic flag” you get about 10 different things that are all similar, but they aren’t the same like it would be for say bisexual or trans*.

I really do think there should be more aromantic representation on tumblr because it sucks to not know who or what you are (I think a lot of pansexual, nonbinary, and genderqueer people can relate especially well to that feeling) and it sucks even more when you have difficulty finding people who are going through what you are going to because of the lack of representation.

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