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things I’m thankful for: the fact that the prompto falls for people so hard so fast but isn’t creepy and entitled about it. he fell for cindy in 3 seconds flat but he never makes any inappropriate comments or moves. he can’t even stand near her without getting too nervous to talk. closest he got to “making a move” was shyly asking if it was ok for his group to call her and trying to snap a pretty picture of her garage during the sunrise for her (with her there? as a gift? dialogue lost me there). but he thought asking to take a pic of her would be inappropriately forward so he didn’t. also, he’s never mad about her not responding to him; he’s honestly happy this pretty girl knows his name and just wants to impress her. that is what a crush is. I love prompto and his big dumb crushes. the developers could have made the scenario creepy and playboy-esque like a lot of games do but they don’t. they make it light and adorable instead. i love it.

The Core Four : Hogwarts Stereotypes
  • Gryffindor: Archie, obviously with his golden retriever attitude; my friends are important to me; fight me; I play football and guitar; clueless af;
  • Ravenclaw: Jughead, as he is sassy little shit, who talks smart and his mentor is Quentin Tarantino but he really just saw "Pulp Fiction"; don't talk to me I'm writing a novel but really it's just fanfiction; black coffee; aesthetic; and as for originality he is called Hot Topic for a reason;
  • Hufflefuff: Betty, who is sweet girl next door; she will bring you cookies make you feel better; also badass af; breaks into cars, solved murders; writes to newspaper; "You can't do that to girls you...jerk"; don't mess with her; cares about her friends more than herself;
  • Slytherin: Veronica 'talk shit get hit'; fashionable af; lots of money; is Breakfast at Tiffany and In Cold Blood; "Honey who do I have to kill to make you feel better?"; "My speciality is ice"

This is gonna be a kinda long post with some personal stuff in it so, uh, brace yourself.

As many of you know, I’m not as active as some others on tumblr. I also tend to post some rather negative things about myself. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for both of those things. Secondly, I’d like to explain a little more about those things, since both are kinda linked to eachother. I’m not as active as I’d like to be. I’d love to be posting art and dumb text posts and answering asks every day as much as possible, but a number of things are preventing me from doing that.
For one, I have ADD. Which is by no means an excuse, but it does make it incredibly difficult to concentrate on drawing or typing things out at times. Usually at about 5 mins in my mind starts to wander and I just kind of lose track of things and end up never finishing them or finishing a lot later.

The second thing is the fact rhat this is a vore blog. Which is amazing and vore and g/t and all that stuff means so much to me and I love drawing it, but the nature of it means I can’t draw it or do anything related to it around other people. What makes this especially hard is the fact that I’m still living with my family (which will change in the fall but regardless). My brother tends to like to spend his time near me and also likes to check out my computer screen whenever I’m drawing. So the only time I’m able to draw this kind of thing is when he’s not home and the rest of the family is doing their own thing. To add to it all, I have very specific moments when I’m actually motivated to draw things. And I often have the motivation when I can’t actually get it done. Which is frustrating to all hell.
So how does this connect to my negativity towards myself? Well my friends, I have a little something called clinical depression. Coupled with anxiety. The dynamic duo if you will. Which means I have random unexplained bouts of hating myself. And when that happens, my brain wants to cling on to something to blame for how I’m feeling, give a “proper” explanation for why I’m feeling that way. A lot of the time, it will decide that the reason I’m feeling that way is because I’m failing on this blog to be active. Which leads to a horrble jumping of conclusions in which my brain decides that hey, you’re not doing good enough, people must HATE you because of it. And that just becomes an ever growing snowball of self doubt and hatred until finally I let it all out in the form of a text post on the blog, because I’ve related it to vore which is something I cannot tell people in my immediate surroundings. So to the internet I go with crippling self hatred that I KNOW makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, yet still lingers at the back of my mind because WHAT IF. Eventually the shitty feelinga go away, thanks to time and all you wonderful wonderful people that have said so many kind things about me. And at that moment it will feel clear and I will be happy and thinking about how ridiculous my thought process was there. But it always comes back, because that’s just how mental illness works. Which is why I apologize profusely for the begative posts, but I cannot promise that I won’t post any more.

So that’s my explanation for what’s been going on. I don’t want any of you to ever feel like your in some way contributing to these feelings I have, because I know it’s all just the depression. And I also don’t want any of you to worry too much. I have been getting help for these things for the past 5 years and I’ve made immense progress, it just shows up every now and then because, unfortunately, that’s just how depression works. But it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
So again, I’m very sorry and I hope this clears things up. I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness you’ve shown me, and even with these little difficult moments, I still love running this blog with all my heart. Thank you friends ❤


I think a lot of people have come across these pens- they’ve either used them themselves or came across them in an art store.

But the Sakura Pigma Micron pens are a great tool for doing lineart, and run for a little under $3/pen at art stores. They dry very fast (within seconds), and are waterproof (so you can use them with watercolours). I also use them with copics. With copics and watercolours, once I’ve finished colouring, I apply the pen a second time over my lineart to achieve a bolder look.

The only issue I’ve had with these pens, are how easily the nibs sink in. (see third photo) Make sure you do not drop these pens on a hard surface, or subject them to a lot of shaking, because the nibs (particularly on the 005 size nibs) will retract back into the pen making lining difficult. I’m looking into substitutions for the 005 pen size right now, I’ve got some pens in mind, will keep you all posted!

(The lineart for the above image was done using the Pigma Micron pens, and coloured with copics on a Moleskin journal. I applied the pens a second time after colouring around Yuzu’s eyes, and collar area)

(PS: don’t ever use a writing Moleskin for drawing. DOn’T DO IT DON’T BE DUMB LIKE ME)

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I KNEW subconsciously there was something like you mentioned about the drawing. I just couldn't place it. It doesn't matter how much Dave says mistakes are okay. As far as Hal is concerned mistakes are okay for humans, but not him.

Oh boy that post about me making long posts is about to be very relevant. 

SO UH hope you don’t mind if I do this: 

I think that’s true that Hal sees it as unacceptable to make a mistake, but I think it’s also true that there are layers to that mentality that make it very complex? Like…My opinion on these sorts of details has changed a lot and is probably still subject to change but as of now the way I understand it is that 1) Hal is an emotional being. He’s not human, but he is a person. 2) Not everyone is super on board with that. Maybe it’s even something that wasn’t intentional. I can’t find it for the life of me but I think it’s said that Hal’s system is too complex for someone to make 100% accurate predictions about how he’ll interpret/do things? So idk. In either case, so many of the people Hal works with would rather him not have emotions, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense that Chandra would make him have feelings if that were the case? 3)  Since a lot of the people Hal works with have negative views about the possibility of him having emotions and Hal is under a lot of pressure/obligated to perform to the standard they want him to, he hides his feelings. We see a lot of that in 2010. 

So like. Then there’s the concept of him not being able to make mistakes. We’ve seen him make at least one definite mistake. The ‘one’ in his countdown. He probably is aware that the one minute mark has passed, but he fails to announce it because he’s so occupied with the fact that he’s being abandoned. It’s a mistake made due to emotion. And so I think that like…Hal has the potential to be right about everything, considering the fact that he is a computer. But only because he is susceptible to emotion the way he is does he make mistakes…So for him mistakes=emotion. So to maintain the air of ‘Actually I have no feelings? I’m Rational’ he also has to be very adamant that he does not make mistakes. And I think that his issue with feeling emotions is a difficult one, but not one that would be impossible to work past. Though I think that he’d definitely need the help of someone who accepts this aspect of his personality, and embraces it (AKA Dave, as we have seen). 

So uh….Basically what I’m saying is that I think that maybe Dave would be able to help Hal come around to the idea of ‘making mistakes is okay’, which would translate also to ‘having emotions is okay’. 

I completely forgot that today is Autism Acceptance Day.

I admit I’m still struggling with a lot of internalized ableism about it. There’s a lot of self-hate tied to my diagnosis and my struggles, and I’ve been trying to fight past it for years.

But, looking back on today, making a blog for my special interest, looking around at all the wonderful neurodivergent friends I’ve made…

Sometimes I’m really thankful I was born this way. There are times I wish the sensory stuff and the social things would go away, but the close friendships I’ve made with others on the spectrum mean so much to me.

I’m glad I’m here.

alex supporting maggie so wholeheartedly because she knows that mistakes don’t define you. that maggie cheating doesn’t make her a bad person, it makes her flawed, sure. but not bad. 

alex tells her they all do dumb stuff, and alex’s? well, she drunk and she partied and she got arrested. but she realised that it doesn’t define her, that was who she once was. before the deo, before supergirl, before maggie. her past was a seemingly straight party girl failing out of school. if alex believed, even for a minute, that your past is who you are, she’d still be that same girl. she wouldn’t be a top agent at the deo, saving lives daily, working with superheroes, gay as you like and in a relationship with the love of her life. 

maggie was supported and shown care and love and exactly what she needed after a lifetime of not getting that. and you can tell that she felt absolutely horrible about what she did to emily. that she still held that as something that made her feel like she was a bad person who doesn’t deserve the happiness alex gives her. the part of her that made her believe her other ex when she said she was insensitive, borderline sociopathic… after she was outed to her parents, she hid inside herself. she didn’t open up to girlfriends and lost many relationships. her longest relationship was emily and was when she was pretty young (probably very early 20s) and she sabotaged it herself. because she hasn’t believed she deserves happiness long before emily told her so.

but here alex is. here she is telling maggie that she does deserve happiness, love, kindness. that anything her ex girlfriends, her parents, ever said to her, is not true. alex is ready to fight to the end of the earth to protect and defend maggie to herself and to others that may think badly of her. and she knows maggie. she knows what she’s done, what she has been through, and loves her because of that, not in spite of it. and god, does maggie sawyer deserve alex danvers.

ive been making a lot of text posts lately on blogs, so here’s another one!

it actually means a lot to me that people are sorta into (or at least vaguely supportive) of the dumb shit i do like pair train elves together and brad/brian. i was determined not to post either of those things Ever when i first got into them and drew them, but now i feel better after gettin support from both my pals and followers (and friends who follow me!)

so ty for continuing to like this blog even after i post abt bad minor characters kissing :y

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Name? Lorenzita
 Lory and Maple

  • Zodiac? Leo
  • Sexual Orientation? Asexual
  • Ethnicity?  Filipino 
  • Favorite Fruit? Blueberries, Kiwis, and Mangos
  • Favorite Season? Summer
  • Favorite Flower? Not sure lol
  • Favorite Scent? Gingerbread, candy apples, and honesty any fresh baked good is mmmm 10/10
  • Favorite Animal?  Pine Martin 
  • Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?  Hot chocolate bUT it has to be milk not that cheap water with chocolate powder
  • Cat or Dog? I love them both, but I have a bias towards dogs cuz I love my dogs ;w;
  • Dream Trip?  Not sure, I wanna visit somewhere with a lot of historical monuments
  • Number of Followers? 1,305, also I make sure every follower is not a bot, so hOPEFULLY, those are all real.
  • What do I post about? Idk I mainly just post dumb text posts or fake callout posts about my friends.
  • Do I get asks on a regular basis? Nope lol
  • Favorite Band? My music interests are kinda weird because I primarily listen to kpop, indie, hip-hop, and rap. I love Seventeen, but lately, I’ve tried to not be such a Koreaboo. I’m open to any music so lol.
  • Fictional Character I’d date?  Jaehee Kang pfff duh
  • Hogwarts House? Never watched Harry Potter but last I checked I’m either a Slytherin or Ravenclaw

I tag whoever wants to do this c:

the Reyes vs Sloane discourse is so fucking dumb because they’re literally both criminals and they’ve both done a plethora of shitty things. They’re both super interesting complex characters but neither of them is a good person and that’s what makes them interesting

FOREVERSEOULBIASED’s 2nd Follow Forever! 

Hello all of you precious human beings. 。◕ ‿ ◕。 Since today is the 2nd Year Anniversary of this blog and I’m extremely close to reaching 2k followers, I thought I would make this! ♡ I honestly don’t know why so many people follow me or reblog my dumb edits and text posts but, I’ll always be forever thankful for all of you! Actually I’ll probably never be thankful enough, because even though 2k isn’t a lot to some people, it’s a lot me and I’ll always be amazed by it, even when my follower count keeps growing. It’s all so crazy and whether we are mutuals are not, it doesn’t really matter all that much to me because I’m grateful to each and every one of you guys. 

Even with this small list, it still feels as if I am missing some people. Some of the people listed down below I know in real life, some of you I have only talked to you a couple of times, and some of you… I haven’t talked to at all lmao. But either way all the blogs listed down below make my dash amazing. People I consider mutual’s are bolded. ♡ 


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Again I’m really sorry if I missed anybody! Even if I didn’t include you in this, I love you all so much and thank you for talking to me or just for running such amazing blogs. Thank you! ♡