i make a lot of dumb text posts


My name is Ashleigh, and I’ve posted here before, and met many good people. I’m 14 years old, a Pisces, and I love to write. I’m 5'6’’, but I’m also the little spoon, so that can cause some problems haha

I do think I act somewhat mature for my age, but I will definitely still laugh at dumb puns. Long distance is fine. I’m shy in person, and I suck at making eye contact, but through text I tend to be more open. Also, I over think things a lot, so if we start talking, and I take a while to respond, it’s because I’m trying not to sound like an ass. 


I’m not trying to offend anybody here, but posting and reblogging sad shit is not going to help. Filling your blog with all of this “relative” negativity isn’t going to relieve anything. Trust me, I know. I used to do it a lot.
Yeah okay, writing a personal text post or something about how bad you’re feeling or about a shitty situation etc, that’s okay. You’re expressing YOURSELF.
But continuing to reblog all of this crap isn’t. For example: “kinda wanna do this, kinda wanna do that, kinda wanna die”. Things like that. Its stupid and doing nothing for you except making you look dumb.
Instead, get out, how about taking a walk, smoke a cigarette, write a letter or a song, bake a cake or something. Just take your head away from filling your blog with senseless depressive material.
I’m not saying get off here altogether, I love the website, it teaches me things, shows me beautiful places to see and heaps of other stuff. But the amount of rubbish on here to leave someone influenced by sadness and things making it seem like some kind of cool thing to do. Trust me, being depressed is far from being trendy or cool or even arty.
Idk man, a lot of people are gonna get shitty about this or take it the wrong way but I needed to say it and I hope at least someone is taking notes

du-ra3 asked:

Obligatory Greed for the character ask :)

•their blog url
- Probably something like officialgreed or thegreatesthomunculus just because… well it’s Greed.

•the kind of posts they reblog
- Lots of music, photo sets of stuff he finds cool (I.e. certain bars, the occasional skull or skeleton, also probably dogs & snakes & stuff, etc.), dumb text posts, sometimes posts/selfies that his friends make just so he can add dumb comments, etc… And let’s be real, he probably posts a looootttt of pictures of himself (all with captions like “I’m too hot (hot damn).”

•the first person they followed
- Most likely Ling because he’s the one that dragged him to this website.

•what kind of theme they’d have
- He probably has a theme that he thinks is the greatest thing ever, but in reality it’s just a black background covered with a ton of skulls and a dumb barbed wire border.

•what kind of text posts they make at 2am
- Stuff like “@staff delete Ed’s blog cuz he’s a nerd.” Or occasionally those posts like “my sexuality is money” & a ton of posts directed at Ling just to annoy him.

Thanks for asking!

okay but like i hope u guys know that this is emotionally one of the most important things to happen to me all year

LIKE OKAY i KNOW it sounds stupid bc it’s just a dumb OTP in a dumb sports anime, but they’re just so important to me. i’ve been Kuroko, and i’ve been Aomine, i’ve been where they are, and it just makes me so emotional to see their struggle. i have cried over KNB literally as much as i’ve cried about stuff IRL this year.

idk i don’t feel like i could explain this properly in a text post. i just. have lots of feelings about them, lots of different feelings, and this is just going to kill me oh my god

atticro replied to your post: to theme makers who make one-column th…

for real i’ve never found that out. i can understand 400px if your viewers are pressed for screen space but even 1col 250px is a lot of space for the smallest netbook.

i remember 1col 250px was popular when everyone started that dumb tiny ass pixel text trend. like 250px makes sense if the theme has multiple post columns but 250px in 1 column makes everything tinier than a postage stamp and like. unreadable. which completely defeats the purpose of a blog

#Ioana watches poto

I didn’t want to make a post like this initially, because I was afraid it might turn into a very long wall of text consisting of me calling everything gorgeous, from the sets to the costumes and the actors. Besides this, ever since I’ve started roaming on the musical fandom of tumblr, I saw so many Phantom of the Opera fans who’ve seen a billion production and generally disapprove of the 25th anniversary one; being the anxious loser I am, I became scared of people blowing my love for it off because it’s obviously not the best version and I clearly don’t know anything about anything. 

However, today I managed to tell myself: “What the hell, I’m just gonna write that wall of text, if only to remember my first encounter with this musical”. So here it is: some thoughts I have after watching Andrew Lloyd’s Webber The Phantom of the Opera, live at the Royal Albert Hall, with the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Expect lots of fangirling and don’t forget I can’t really compare it to any other versions. 

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…i’m probably going to be making a lot more dumb text posts in the next like five weeks because my roommate is currently not in the country, so i‘m living alone until she gets back. which means my inane comments currently have no other channel besides tumblr, or my twitter with all of twelve followers