i make a lot of dumb text posts

things I’m thankful for: the fact that prompto falls for people so hard so fast but isn’t creepy and entitled about it. he fell for cindy in 3 seconds flat but he never makes any inappropriate comments or moves. he can’t even stand near her without getting too nervous to talk. closest he got to “making a move” was shyly asking if it was ok for his group to call her and trying to snap a pretty picture of her garage during the sunrise for her (with her there? as a gift? dialogue lost me there). but he thought asking to take a pic of her would be inappropriately forward so he didn’t. also, he’s never mad about her not responding to him; he’s honestly happy this pretty girl knows his name and just wants to impress her. that is what a crush is. I love prompto and his big dumb crushes. the developers could have made the scenario creepy and playboy-esque like a lot of games do but they don’t. they make it light and adorable instead. i love it.

The Core Four : Hogwarts Stereotypes
  • Gryffindor: Archie, obviously with his golden retriever attitude; my friends are important to me; fight me; I play football and guitar; clueless af;
  • Ravenclaw: Jughead, as he is sassy little shit, who talks smart and his mentor is Quentin Tarantino but he really just saw "Pulp Fiction"; don't talk to me I'm writing a novel but really it's just fanfiction; black coffee; aesthetic; and as for originality he is called Hot Topic for a reason;
  • Hufflefuff: Betty, who is sweet girl next door; she will bring you cookies make you feel better; also badass af; breaks into cars, solved murders; writes to newspaper; "You can't do that to girls you...jerk"; don't mess with her; cares about her friends more than herself;
  • Slytherin: Veronica 'talk shit get hit'; fashionable af; lots of money; is Breakfast at Tiffany and In Cold Blood; "Honey who do I have to kill to make you feel better?"; "My speciality is ice"
Headcanons for Musume Ronshaku

-Extremely polite

-Smokes because she’s constantly stressed out

-Friends with everyone

-Loves classical music

-Does bad stuff occasionally just to test her boundaries

-Can’t stand being alone

-Texts her friends @ 3 a.m. and asks if they are sure they want to be her friend

-Won’t get off her got dam phone

-Posts selfies on Insta with completely irrelevant quotes

-Eats a LOT of candy

-Likes quiet bike rides with friends

-Acts cocky, but lacks self confidence

-Pretends to be dumb because she thinks it makes her look cool, but her friends try to encourage her to just be herself

-Chews her nails when she’s nervous as a substitute to smoking


This is gonna be a kinda long post with some personal stuff in it so, uh, brace yourself.

As many of you know, I’m not as active as some others on tumblr. I also tend to post some rather negative things about myself. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for both of those things. Secondly, I’d like to explain a little more about those things, since both are kinda linked to eachother. I’m not as active as I’d like to be. I’d love to be posting art and dumb text posts and answering asks every day as much as possible, but a number of things are preventing me from doing that.
For one, I have ADD. Which is by no means an excuse, but it does make it incredibly difficult to concentrate on drawing or typing things out at times. Usually at about 5 mins in my mind starts to wander and I just kind of lose track of things and end up never finishing them or finishing a lot later.

The second thing is the fact rhat this is a vore blog. Which is amazing and vore and g/t and all that stuff means so much to me and I love drawing it, but the nature of it means I can’t draw it or do anything related to it around other people. What makes this especially hard is the fact that I’m still living with my family (which will change in the fall but regardless). My brother tends to like to spend his time near me and also likes to check out my computer screen whenever I’m drawing. So the only time I’m able to draw this kind of thing is when he’s not home and the rest of the family is doing their own thing. To add to it all, I have very specific moments when I’m actually motivated to draw things. And I often have the motivation when I can’t actually get it done. Which is frustrating to all hell.
So how does this connect to my negativity towards myself? Well my friends, I have a little something called clinical depression. Coupled with anxiety. The dynamic duo if you will. Which means I have random unexplained bouts of hating myself. And when that happens, my brain wants to cling on to something to blame for how I’m feeling, give a “proper” explanation for why I’m feeling that way. A lot of the time, it will decide that the reason I’m feeling that way is because I’m failing on this blog to be active. Which leads to a horrble jumping of conclusions in which my brain decides that hey, you’re not doing good enough, people must HATE you because of it. And that just becomes an ever growing snowball of self doubt and hatred until finally I let it all out in the form of a text post on the blog, because I’ve related it to vore which is something I cannot tell people in my immediate surroundings. So to the internet I go with crippling self hatred that I KNOW makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, yet still lingers at the back of my mind because WHAT IF. Eventually the shitty feelinga go away, thanks to time and all you wonderful wonderful people that have said so many kind things about me. And at that moment it will feel clear and I will be happy and thinking about how ridiculous my thought process was there. But it always comes back, because that’s just how mental illness works. Which is why I apologize profusely for the begative posts, but I cannot promise that I won’t post any more.

So that’s my explanation for what’s been going on. I don’t want any of you to ever feel like your in some way contributing to these feelings I have, because I know it’s all just the depression. And I also don’t want any of you to worry too much. I have been getting help for these things for the past 5 years and I’ve made immense progress, it just shows up every now and then because, unfortunately, that’s just how depression works. But it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
So again, I’m very sorry and I hope this clears things up. I can’t thank you all enough for the kindness you’ve shown me, and even with these little difficult moments, I still love running this blog with all my heart. Thank you friends ❤

Whiskeytango stuff

disclaimer: this is basically just a jumbled mess of me being weak and deprived of whiskeytango fluff

* Mornings in the whiskeytango household are tooth achingly sweet
* their body clocks are so in tune that they almost always wake up within a few minutes of each other (even when they’re apart–it’s honestly scary)
* waking up often goes something like this: mumble g'morning to each other, do that nose rubby thing, sleepy kiss(es?), “your breath smells bad.” small giggles “oh yeah?” blows breath right into other’s face, more laughing (sometimes a fake dramatic death), another kiss, one leaves the bed and the other follows, not far behind
* tango tries to cook, but it usually results in a lot of confusion at how he could’ve possibly messed up so badly
* it’s okay though, because he loves watching whiskey cook (he just looks so happy whenever he’s making a meal, the joy is contagious)
* some memorable dates they’ve had:
* going to the salem willows the first summer they started dating. they spend over half the day playing air hockey in the arcade (by the end they had played almost 30 games).
* letterboxing on their 3rd anniversary, coming up with stories for the other people who’ve left signatures during their picnic
* going out for ice cream + mini golf at Martel’s with nursey and dex (it’s an ice cream shop in maine shhhh i wanted to include stuff from my hometown)
* spent the day in salem common. it started pouring so they decided to wait it out in the gazebo (they also attempted to recreate the 16 going on 17 scene but they were laughing too much to do it seriously)
* every year since they moved in together they’ve hosted a christmas party for the smh (complete with karaoke and every single Christmas dessert known to man)
* they own two cats. one is a tall, grey turkish angora with green eyes named mulder, and the other is a small red somali cat with blue eyes named scully (they’re nearly inseparable)
* when they first moved into their apartment, they spent the whole day painting rooms and completely forgot about setting up any of the furniture. at the end of it all they spend the night on the floor with some old blankets, but it’s okay, because at least it’s a memory they can share. the first memory of their new home.
* when they first move in together and they’re not doing so hot with money, they constantly shop at thrift shops for anything they need (i.e. goodwill). This often results in some very…..interesting outfits on tango’s end, and surprisingly fashionable ones on whiskey’s end
* with most of their new furniture and decorations coming from thrift stores, their apartment has a very mixed aesthetic (lots of things from the 50s and 90s, as well as a mix of modern things)
* i cant think of anything else and ive been writing this post for like 3 days
* it’s still not long enoughhhhhh
* ill think of more stuff later and make a new post so look out for part 2 i guess

Get to Know Me Tag

Thank you @aragyeom for tagging me!

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: I don’t have any. Everyone calls me Emma

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Libra

4. Height: 5′4

5. Time:  4:30pm

6. Birthday: September 28

7. favorite bands: BTS, Shinee, Seventeen, GOT7, Exo, NCT, BAP, Day6, Blackpink, KARD

8. favorite solo artists: Dean, Eric Nam, Ailee (I’m just listing kpop artists for this one and the last one because I’m lazy)

9. Song stuck in my head: DESPACITO…it’s stuck in my head SO BADLY

10. Last movie watched: Doctor Thorne (it’s actually I miniseries, but it was only three hours and I watched it all at once, so I’m gonna say it counts)

11. Last show watched: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (I’m finally caught up whooo!)

12. When did i create my blog: about 9 months ago

13. What do i post: I reblog a lot of BTS (and occasionally other groups). And sometimes I make moodboards and text posts memes and other dumb posts

14. Last thing googled: I couldn’t remember what “Doctor Thorne” was called, so I did some googling to figure that out

15. do you have other blogs: Not any that I’m actively using right now

16. Do you get asks: Yes, my followers are the best and I don’t deserve them 

17. Why did u choose your url: I couldn’t come with anything creative and so I just said fuck it and went with truth lol

18. Following: 265

19. Followers: ~1,600

20. Favorite colors: pink, purple, black

21. Average hours of sleep: I have no idea. My sleep schedule is fucked 

22. Lucky number: I don’t really have one. When I was a kid, I really liked the number 9….And not saying this proves we’re soulmates, but Yoongi’s birthday is on March 9, soooo

23. Instruments: I don’t play any. I’m talentless

24. What am I wearing: A white and black striped t-shirt dress 

25. How many blankets I sleep with: One or two

26. Dream job: If only I knew~

27. Dream trip: I would love to travel all over Europe…or to Japan and Korea…or anywhere really

28. Favorite food: pasta, pizza, ramen, chicken nuggets, popcorn, super authentic “Chinese” food,  etc. 

29. Nationality: American

30. Favorite song now: Recently I’ve been mainly listening to the Wicked and Hamilton soundtracks lol

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I think a lot of people have come across these pens- they’ve either used them themselves or came across them in an art store.

But the Sakura Pigma Micron pens are a great tool for doing lineart, and run for a little under $3/pen at art stores. They dry very fast (within seconds), and are waterproof (so you can use them with watercolours). I also use them with copics. With copics and watercolours, once I’ve finished colouring, I apply the pen a second time over my lineart to achieve a bolder look.

The only issue I’ve had with these pens, are how easily the nibs sink in. (see third photo) Make sure you do not drop these pens on a hard surface, or subject them to a lot of shaking, because the nibs (particularly on the 005 size nibs) will retract back into the pen making lining difficult. I’m looking into substitutions for the 005 pen size right now, I’ve got some pens in mind, will keep you all posted!

(The lineart for the above image was done using the Pigma Micron pens, and coloured with copics on a Moleskin journal. I applied the pens a second time after colouring around Yuzu’s eyes, and collar area)

(PS: don’t ever use a writing Moleskin for drawing. DOn’T DO IT DON’T BE DUMB LIKE ME)

I might just start ranting about things, or having dumb discussions with myself on tumblr when I can’t sleep.

Honestly haven’t been able to sleep properly for weeks now and I just end up laying here thinking about things, good things, things that piss me off, making up dumb scenarios in my head. Anything really.

I never rant or give my dumb thoughts and opinions on here anymore and I kinda miss it. Gonna start text posting a lot more lmao.

Tagged by @igneous-croc. Thanks! >:3c

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag a handful a people you’d like to know better

Nicknames: I don’t have one ahahaha 
Gender: Girl!
Star Sign: Pisces
Height:  4″10, god hates me
Time: It’s 8:32 am and I should be studying
Birthday: 2/22!
Fav Bands: UUhHUHu I like The Killers, and King Cream Soda and U2 and umm
Fav solo artists: I like a lot of Vocaloids but I don’t think they count
Song stuck in my mind: Despacito, and even worse, the Justin Bieber version
Last movie watched: I streamed Moana with a friend :’D
Last show watched: MLP, streamed with the same friend from above
When did I create my blog: 2014, eww
What do I post about: Who even knows tbh. Mostly me making dumb text posts. A few memes and some digimon and yokai watch on the occasion
Last thing I googled: Can my dog breathe under the blanket
Do you have other blogs: I have like 30+ side blogs. Most of them are nsfw ones for different kinks and fandoms. Willing to share these though! Guro, kidcore, vulture culture, therian, traumaPLEASE CHECK OUT MY CAT OCS and I have a mental health blog I’m willing to share if you ask
Why did you choose your url: THIS
Following: 2,492!
Followers: 473, but I haven’t blocked any spam blogs in a while so no clue how many of those are genuine  followers
Fav Colour: I loooove pink and green and soft pastel colors and eye strain ugly bright primary colors and black and neons and
Average hours of sleep: 5-10 but usually like 8 
Lucky number: Oh oh, 2 and 22! I love the number 2!
Instruments: Uh i’m mediocre at rhythm games if that counts :^)
What i’m wearing: some jeans because I had to walk my dog and a hello kitty shirt
How many blankets do I sleep with: only one, it is so hot i die, i need a fan in my room
Dream job: MY DREAM, DREAM JOB IS TO BE AN ETHOLOGIST. But that’s unrealistic af. I’m studying veterinary medicine (shit i shoudl go back to my studying) and I’m realistically hoping to work with cattle or pigs in the future! :3c
Dream trip: I’D LOVE to backpack a bit of the middle east and asia. I want to visit Dubai, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand at the very least. I think it’d be cheapest to travel that side of the world in one go, like taking a nomadic year. But also, backpacking is fucking exhausting and would not recommend doing it for more than 3 weeks
Fav food: I love every single carb that exists, and corozo and maracuya juice 
Nationality: I’d put the colombian flag emoji but it doesn’t show up on my desktop wtf

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Boyfriend! Wonho

Originally posted by yuhwan

ok honestly wonho would be such a sweet bf

  • like on ur first date he’d try to be all cool and calm and collected but half way thru the date he’d be all smiles and he’d just try to make u as happy and comfortable as possible
  • bc he would want the first date to be full of good impressions
  • so he can ask u out to another date soon like maybe within the next two days
  • bc he wants to see u as soon as possible
  • ur first kiss would be on the second date while yall are hiding from the rain under a bus stop bc lets face it i dont see wonho as someone who’d look out for the weather
  • omg and lots of selfies together while you guys are out on your dates
  • sometimes to let people know that you’re taken, and mostly because wonho just likes taking pictures to remember the times he spent with you
  • lots of PDA
  • also cute pet names like babe, baby, sunshine, etc
  • speaking of sunshine, he’ll probably send u good morning texts often, like “good morning sunshine, what are you doing today?”
  • his kisses would alternate between sweet and loving to passionate and wanting
  • he teases u a lot
  • he’d also pay attention to you a lot like he’d know when you’re feeling under the weather or angry or whenever you just need a hug
  • you two probably spend a lot of time at the dorm or at your place just sitting on the couch and cuddling, talking about random stuff
  • like honestly conversations with him can be like deep and heartfelt to dumb stuff like how many packets of ramen can he eat in a day
  • he’d ask you to sleep over a lot
  • then ask u to make him ramen in the morning after your morning cuddle session
  • whenever you guys go to new places, he’ll probably go look up the best ramen places in the area
  • he’d want to try lots of new things with you
  • whenever he’s on tour or busy with work, he never misses the chance to shoot you a text 
  • “Don’t miss me too much :)”
  • “I was tired but then i saw your new ig post and now i’m full of energy”
  • “Can I call you after practice? I miss your voice”
  • Whenever he finally gets to see u again he’d drop everything and bring u into a hug and spin in a little circle bc thats how happy he is to finally see u again
  • he’d probably be jealous easily
  • like he’ll see you talking to another guy and his insecurities would be skyrocketing
  • he’d move closer to you and put an arm around you while butting into the conversation
  • and slowly tries to get you away from the dude without being too noticeable
  • if u do happen to notice it, he’ll talk to u abt how he feels
  • it’ll be something like “i just dont want to lose you” which u have to reassure him that he wont
  • basically wonho is a giant cuddly puppy 
  • a tru sweetheart
  • he’d do anything for u if it makes u happy 
  • love wonho !!!!!

chasingbutterflies  asked:

tbh i feel like showtime fits u really well bc it's a Bop and the members were super talented and it's fun and playful and funny and also cute and happy and you mess around a lot and make dumb text posts that are actually really funny! and also the choreo was in all actuality detailed and the dance break was intricate just like you can notice the littlest things about astro and just other people? but also sorry sorry team 2 fits u well bc you're an Iconic Blog lmao

skdjdkdididjd sorry sorry team 2 wjdjfjjgjgjfjd

showtime was really cute I’m gonna go watch it again also I’m gushing this is too cute ily my child

My longest friend, and creative inspiration has a tag on their blog specifically dedicated to me. And I can’t explain how very very special that makes me feel. They go to school in Chicago, I’m in West Lafayette. Geographically that’s not too far. But I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw them- actually sat down across a table from them and had the conversations we spend hours on skype, discord or text. I miss them a hella lot so whenever I see something they posted with MY hashtag it makes me feel warm and gooey, because they still remember me, they were thinking about me and wanted to share that something with me.

This is my shout out post to my closest friend. I love you. Here’s to 10 more years of knowing each other, creating together and dumb nerd things at ungodly hours of the day…