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does anyone else have very very very weird, specific, surreal aus that you make and continue in your head that only make sense to you??

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Hey Mags! I wanted to know how you feel about people who compare communism to the holocaust. I'm not Jewish but I personally do find it kind of offensive. \:

Honestly? I probably wouldn’t mind it as much if the people that compare things to the Holocaust actually gave a damn about Jews or antisemitism, but they don’t.

Both sides of the political spectrum are really good at Holocaust comparisons, Nazi comparisons, Hitler comparisons, but the only time that they bother talking about Jews is when antisemitism can be used as a stick to beat their political opponents with.

And I’m not just talking about non-Jews, because Jews do it, too.

I admit, I do take breaks from talking about antisemitism because it can be soul-crushing sometimes. But I criticise every kind of antisemitism. Neo-Nazis, white supremacists, Right-wingers, Christians, Left-wingers, Muslims, black supremacists, Jews, Far-Leftists, communists, etc – antisemitism is antisemitism, and it’s wrong no matter who’s antisemitic.

But, aside from maybe just over a handful or so of others, I’m pretty much alone in that. 

So how do you think I feel?

A long overdue update

Hi guys, Siegs here.

I realise I’ve been pretty scarce around here, and really the last major thing most of you saw from me was all of the drama with the former roommates. Hopefully I haven’t worried you all too much with my prolonged absence after such an event, but regardless I thought it was time I let you all know how I’m doing.

This might sound cliche, but I’m honestly doing so much better now. With those negative people out of my living space and out of life, and without their constant negative presence and treatment, I’ve become almost a new person. My older friends say I’m back to my old self. My mood has improved, my health has improved, without paying for food and bills for four people, our finances have improved.

I finally have some energy again! I’m cooking again, amazing food and wonderful full dinners, Mags  and I are going on dates, honestly, everything is the best it’s been in so long. So incredibly long. I’m playing video games and I’m probably going to get back to playing XIV soon! I’m really looking forward to going through stormblood finally, and the doctors have finally come up with a treatment that is helping me, so my health is better than it has been in over a year too!

It had been so long that I forgot what it was like to be really happy.

I want to say thank you to all my dear friends who have been supporting me through this difficult time, to all those who have been cheering for me as they see my old self reemerge. And thanks to all my followers for sticking around during all of this. I should be back to posting here soon!

have some pictures of some of the food I’ve been making under the cut

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can y'all imagine magnus trying to give kravitz The Talk after taako tells him and merle they’re together as if krav isn’t The Grim Reaper and instead is just some schmuck off the street magnus could kick the beans off

like what’s he gonna do??? “if you hurt taako i’ll kill you???” he’s already dead???? so magnus just pulls him aside and he’s like “look, i could flex my shit and attempt to intimidate you all day, but the real of it is i know you care about him and i want to make sure it stays that way.” and krav is like “absolutely i think taako’s great and i’d never hurt him” and yadda yaada but as magnus is leaving he’s like “but don’t fuck it up or i /will/ literally kill you”

like i love him. he’s so genuine and kind and he literally would fistfight Death himself for his friend and we all know it


natvanlis: I have been buried in the depths of @clairevoyantsho pre-production this week, and currently look like a rapidly aging hobbit, so please enjoy these pictures by the very talented @emilylauphoto for @lucidthemag and let’s just pretend @caitlynhastings9 and @muamarilyn_ are still doing my hair and makeup! #lucidmagazine #losangeles#butfirstcoffee #womeninfilm

emilylauphoto I could really use some coffee right now… 😴 // the amazing: @natvanlis for @lucidthemag mua: @muamarilyn_ hair: @caitlynhastings9 / @makeupbycaitlyn9