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BH6 Headcannons pt.2

i made a part two since you guys seemed to really like my first one.

  • Game nights with the nerd gang are utter madness. Wasabi is near impossible to beat at Jenga (since he’s a physics major and knows a few tricks).  Gogo murders everyone at Mario Kart (if she has a blue shell she will show no mercy), and don’t get me started on monopoly.
  • Hiro likes to believe that he’s manly, which everyone replies with “sure, Hiro.”
  • While Fred isn’t gifted in the sciences like his friends he is however gifted in the arts. He’s actually a really good artist and excels at creative writing.
  • When Hiro starts his growth spurt he’s like “Finally!” While his friends are upset because it dawns on them that “Soon our little brother won’t be so little anymore.”  Gogo is the most upset because she was enjoying not being the shortest in the group anymore.
  • Mochi was a birthday present to Cass from Hiro and Tadashi. They were looking around town to find the perfect present for her and stumbled upon a box in an alleyway with a kitten inside it.  They took it home and presented it to their Aunt.  Unable to turn down the cute kitten, Cass kept it and considers it to be the best birthday present she’s ever received.
  •  If the bh6 universe takes place in 2032 and Aunt Cass is presumably in her late 30’s (38-39), it’s likely that Cass was born a 90’s kid.
  • Trying to run from Gogo is futile.  The girl is pretty damn athletic and will catch you.  So if you’ve angered her, it’s best to accept your fate.
  • Even though Hiro knows Cass isn’t his Mom, he can’t help but see her as one since he was too young to remember his own.
  • When Hiro is old enough to get his learners permit, he relies on his friends to teach him how to drive since Aunt Cass is busy managing the café (and he was too young to take driver’s ed in high school).  Gogo and Wasabi argue over who should get to teach him.
  • If the nerd gang ever found out that Hiro had a crush on someone, they would tease him relentlessly about it (as big siblings do).
  • When the gang can’t decide on something, whether it be about where to go for lunch or what movie to watch, to avoid fighting they roll “the decision cube” which is basically a dice with one of their names written on each side (it was Wasabi’s idea).
  • Aunt Cass has a tattoo that she keeps covered up from her rebellious days.

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earth is miles away, but home is here right next to me

full piece of my submission for @klancefanzine 😊  prints will be available at AX 2017! 


Just a few posts I collected that are nice examples of how Tony Stark is not just some self-centered jerk.

     I’ve said it before, but you can’t take everything the man does at face value. He’s a deep and very human character that you have to pay close attention to and try to understand.


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do