i made you chicken soup

The signs in a relationship
  • {check your moon and venus signs for this}
  • Aries:"come watch my game this weekend!" *Scores a point and dedicates it to you by pointing you out of the crowd*
  • Taurus:"can we stay in our PJs today and just watch movies? I want to cuddle with you"
  • Gemini:"I have an amazing date planned for us today! I hope you brought your swim suit!" *goes rafting*
  • Cancer:"hi, sweetheart, I heard you were feeling sick today, right? I made you chicken soup...and also some medicine if you wanted...and some more blankets in case you were cold. Do you need some water? I'll be here if you need anything ^_^"
  • Leo:*leaves a whole date outfit (which makes you look amazing btw)and note telling you to get ready for a date at 7pm sharp*
  • Virgo:"Yeah, don't worry, I knew you had a hard day at work/school, so I had dinner made for you, did your laundry and stocked your fridge. Don't worry about anything, leave it to me :)"
  • Libra:*shows up on your doorstep on your anniversary, dressed in formal clothes* I'm here to take you away tonight ;)
  • Scorpio:*comes home with you after a date* *frowns and hugs you tightly* I didn't like how you were looking at that other person back there *stares you in the eyes with both love and intensity* you belong to me, okay?
  • Sagittarius:*shows up randomly at 2am in a car when you are upset about something* hey, hey, get up. I'm taking you away on a road trip!
  • Capricorn:*gives you the one thing that you've always wanted, even if it is super expensive* sorry I've been so distant lately...I was actually doing a couple more shifts at work so that I could get you this gift :) I hope you like it!
  • Aquarius:Who? Oh, them? No, do not worry about them *laughs heartily* you should remember that you are my favourite person, that other person does not attract my attention. But you're pretty cute when you're jealous
  • Pisces:*stares dreamily and lovingly at you as you do something normal* I am so lucky to have you... *whispers* I love you
Call For Submissions! COMFORT FOOD ZINE!

Hello again, artists, writers, and food-lovers! I am now accepting submissions for COMFORT FOOD ZINE, the successor to 2013’s FOOD ZINE, scheduled to debut this spring!

Comfort food can be anything! I want to hear about your mom’s mac & cheese. I want to hear about that time your friend made you chicken noodle soup when you were too sick to get out of bed. I want to see your illustrated tribute to roasted brussels sprouts. I want to know all about that greasy fast food you get to cheer yourself up at the end of a bad day. I want to know what foods just plain make you feel good!

You may interpret the idea of “comfort food” however you wish, just be sure to focus on the positive aspects of food and eating! You may submit anything from single page illustrations to illustrated recipes to multi-page comics.

The due date for Comfort Food Zine submissions is February 16th! Please email your submission (and any questions you may have) to laurenmichelejordan AT gmail DOT com!

  • I am NOT looking for completely finished comic and illustrations! What I am looking for are completed scripts, thumbnails, and one complete page as an example of what your final submission will look like. If you are submitting a single page illustration, please have a finalized composition and linework.
  • You may submit previously created work you own the rights to and that has not been published elsewhere as long as it fits the theme of Comfort Food.
  • Notification emails will be sent out starting February 23rd.
  • Accepted submissions must be completed by March 16th to be included in the zine.
  • An indiegogo campaign will be held March 1st - March 30th in order to raise funds for printing and as a way to take pre-orders.
  • My goal is that all artists published in Comfort Food Zine will be provided with multiple copies of the Zine to keep, sell, or give away as they wish. This is dependent on the content that is submitted and accepted, however… if the majority of submissions are single-page illustrations, I will have to accept more artists to make a full zine, and therefore won’t be able to give each artist as many copies. If necessary, I will divide books among artists based on the number of pages published to make things more fair. All artists will be provided with copies of the zine if they want them as long as the zine receives enough funding to be printed.
  • You do not need to live in the US to submit to this zine, but if accepted you may need to pay a small shipping fee to receive your books if you live outside of the US.
  • Pen names are totally fine as long as they are not offensive.

Some things to keep in mind with submitting:

  • The finished book will be 6x9 inches.
  • The book will be printed in black/white/greyscale.
  • Submissions may be between 1 and 8 pages.
  • You may submit scripts in the body of your email. You may also send a .txt or .doc file.
  • Please submit thumbnails/comic pages as a single 300 DPI .PSD file with each thumbnail/page flattened on a single layer. Please name your layers with the appropriate page numbers. Please use your name as your file name.

I want to accept as many artists as possible, but please remember that this is a curated zine and not all submissions will be accepted.

Thank you all!

PS: If you need some inspiration, consider downloading the original Food Zine on Gumroad! It’s free, but any dollar amount you enter is donated to the Chicago Food Bank.


Stiles: I made you chicken soup!

Stuart: Not exactly. He tried to, but it tasted…. well… it tasted like it woudln’t be healthy to eat it-

Stiles: Thanks, Stuart.

Thomas: Whatever, we ordered pizza, so you hae something to eat that doesn’t taste like-

Stuart: Like rotten-

Stiles: Stuart! 

If you want to request an Imagine, feel free to do that! :] (Request here!)

In Sickness

For lateforerebor​, because these two give me so many feels. And I am pleased and thankful you allow me to write for them, dear

“I made you some chicken soup.”

“Amatus, that is hardly-”

“Come on, it’ll make you feel better.”

Dorian sighed, a weary and resigned noise as he slowly nodded his head. He couldn’t deny that Vaxus’ heart was in the right place. Even if any cooking skills might have been… questionable. At best. Even if the soup didn’t go down well, the company was quite desireable.

He shifted up in the bed as Vaxus approached, steaming bowl of soup in his hands and a grin larger than the Breach on his face. Maker preserve him, this would be more difficult than being nearly set on fire after their last dragon encounter.

With a weak smile, he took the bowl from Vaxus’ hands. He shifted just a little to allow his love room to sit beside him on the bed. Unfortunately, the pleased and eager expression on the warrior’s face sent Dorian’s stomach lurching. He sniffed at the soup, smile faltering as he dipped the spoon in. He blew gently across the steaming liquid before taking his first taste.

Dorian blanched and it took all of his remaining free will to keep the smile on his face. He dipped the spoon in again as Vaxus encouraged him to try something other than just the broth. Another mouthful and Dorian was praying to whatever god that would listen to dull his taste buds. Just this once. Let him be blissfully unaware and make his amatus happy. Yet, to Dorian’s great disappointment, such wishes were not in the cards to be granted. Not with the simple stomach bug racking his system.

“Delicious,” he lied. From the first time since he’d met Vaxus, Dorian could simply not imagine doing such a thing. And as their relationship had progressed, it had gone even further. Yet now, in this circumstance. Dorian could not bear the sight of breaking his love’s heart. Not when it had been in the right place. “But I believe I’m quite ready to rest for a bit.”

He set the bowl aside on the nearby table, stifling a frustrating cough as he shifted back over. In the mean time, Vaxus slid off the bed declaring he would return with something to read. As much as he loved him, Dorian was ready to be free of this illness, and as he pulled the blankets up to his chin he prayed he’d be asleep by the time his amatus returned. 

So I didn’t leave myself off the handmade gift list. Just so you know I have made a long career of making Chicken Soup out of Chicken Shit. In this case I bought a .380 Llama frame for $85 then found a slide and barrel and other parts for $130. I welded up the frame rails and fixed the frame/slide fit. I also welded up the barrel hood and tightened the lock up. I tightened up the bushing/barrel by soldering in a sleeve. Then flushed and crowned the barrel. Did a nice little crisp trigger job. Block sanded the frame and slide to 600grit and sent it out for Black Nitre Finish. Sent small parts for bright Nickel. Capped it off with some black MOP grips off eBay. And found an OG box for $3 Bucks! It’s all back together and it shoots Awesome! Like throwing darts. Now my friend @taborb from @fnhusa was rolling his eyes that I would wast time on such a crap gun. He even bet I would never be able to sell it…Well I guess he showed me! Thanks Santa! #jessejames #madeintexas #LlamaSpain (at Austin Texas)

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Whiny, but Still Cute- Jillian Holtzmann

A/N: I honestly didn’t think anyone would like my last Holtzmann imagine, and it made me feel very validated to know that you guys liked it, so thank you very much! P.S., I feel like sick Holtzmann would be so needy, but in a cute sort of way (I’m trash, please help)

Prompt: “I was wondering if you could do a Holtzmann imagine where she gets sick/ injured and the reader is taking care of her. Thanks!” For @elza5 , hope it was okay to tag you!

Pairing: Jillian Holtzmann x Reader (Female)

Warnings/ Word Count: None/ 1,335

“Jill! I made you some soup! Hope chicken noodle’s okay.” You call out from across your girlfriend’s apartment, scooping some of the boiling hot contents into a bowl with a large stirring spoon. You hear a loud groan in response coming from her room. You make your way through her messy little home, gadgets and tools strewn about, it was honestly an accident waiting to happen. Still, you made it just fine into Holtzmann’s room at the back of the house and saw her curled up in multiple heavy blankets with a box of tissues and old used ones scattered on her bedside table and some on the bed itself.

She hears you walk through the door and turns to you, sitting up in her bed, wiping her nose with another tissue and carelessly tossing it on the table. She was truly a mess; her long blonde hair frizzy and knotted, deep dark circles under her eyes, a very red and irritated looking nose, and pale, cracked lips.

You sat next to her on the bed, Holtzmann barely having enough energy to scoot over and make room for you. “You feelin’ any better, babe?” You asked softly, removing one of your hands from the bottom of the bowl of soup and pressing it to her forehead to check her temperature. She just shook her head and frowned. “C’mon, I made you some soup. Eat up, you’ll feel better.” You took your hand away from her head and tried to hand the soup towards her. She was reluctant at first, carefully side-eyeing the bowl and debating whether or not she should eat. Jillian just looked up at you and opened her mouth waiting for you to feed her.

“Babe, I’m your girlfriend, not your mom. You can feed yourself.” You laugh and she took the bowl out of your hands, shoving a spoonful of it into her mouth. She quickly spit the contents back into the bowl, pouting at it. You look at her with a dropped jaw, kind of offended she would spit it out. Surely you weren’t that bad of a cook. “It’s hoooottt.” She whined, broth still dripping from her lips, which she wiped away with the back of her hand. You closed your mouth, tilted your head at her and let out a deep breath through your nose. “Well… Yeah, it is. I just finished making it.” You tried to keep your patience with her, but sick Holtzmann was a stubborn and whiny Holtzmann, too difficult to handle.

“Well, you could have told me!” She whined and threw her head back, accidently knocking her head on the backboard of her small bed and placing a hand over it, complaining about the pain. “Jillian, I can’t give you any more medicine for any pains for another two hours, I’m watching the time, I promise. For now, just eat your soup.” You attempted to console her, then stood up and heading to her bedroom door.

“(Y/N),” She weakly called out, and turned back around to look at her, a confused expression on her face. “Where are you going?” Holtzmann blew on a spoonful of soup and ate it. “This place is a mess, Holtz! I’m gonna clean up a bit in the living room and kitchen.” You’ve never approved of the state of Jillian’s home, seeming as though it was very often covered in trash and spare parts from her latest inventions. “Okay, but just set-” “-your tools in the case on your coffee table. I got it.” You cut her off, smirking. You already knew the drill. You wink at her and turn back, walking into the living area, hearing a faint “I love you!” coming from the bedroom, which you repeated to her.

You spent some time organizing the main room in the apartment, restacking movies on shelves, putting the tools in their designated spaces in the black case, dusting the small flat screen tv and the stand on which it rested, things like that. Besides her asking for another bowl of soup, you didn’t hear anything from your bedridden girlfriend, so you assumed she was asleep, despite the fact that it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Time is irrelevant when you’re sick; sleep when you want for however long you want, it doesn’t really matter. Holtz was asleep when you first came in this morning at around 8 o’clock. You knocked to let her know you were at the door, but once there was no response, you used the key she gave you after about 6 months of dating. You walked into the room quietly, hearing her snoring and seeing her covered in a sea of used tissues.

You waited on the small, chocolate-colored couch, watching a program on tv at a quiet volume until she passed behind the couch on her way to the bathroom, placing a weak hand on your shoulder to welcome you, but no words were exchanged.

After you finished straightening up the living room, you tiptoed into Jillian’s bedroom, taking the empty bowl from the bedside table, peeking at her face, making sure she was asleep, and waking back out. You soaked all of the dirty dishes from around the house in a sink full of soap and started to organize the trash in the kitchen. Trash was taken out, dishes were washed and left on a rack to dry, and you looked at the clock hanging on the wall, noticing it was time for Jillian’s next dose of medication.

While you didn’t want to disturb her, you did want her to feel better. Taking the bottle of cold medicine, a spoon, and a glass of water, you walked over to Holtzmann’s room and set everything on the table. “Holtzy, baby, wake up. It’s time for some more medicine.” You knelt over her on the ground beside her bed, very gently rubbing her back, seeming as though she was laying there, stomach down and her face smooshed on her pillow. Her eyes slowly opened and she yawned, turning around to lay on her back until she was stable enough to sit up in her bed.

“How long was I out?” She asked through a stuffy nose as you poured some of the thick, light red liquid onto the spoon and offered it to her. “Not very long, but long enough to let me clean your apartment successfully.” You chucked at the disgusted face she made when she downed a spoonful of the strong tasting cold medication. You prepped the second spoonful as she took a quick sip of the water you left for her. After Holtzmann downed the second spoonful and rid the taste with water, you took everything back into the kitchen and returned to her side. She blew her nose into another tissue, and you decided to grab the small trash can from her bathroom, instructing Jill to discard all of the old tissues into the bin, which she did.

You sat on the bed next to her, bravely taking her hand and allowing her to nuzzle her head into your neck, aware that you could catch her cold from the contact. With your head propped up on the backboard, Jillian slid down a little in order to get comfortable and wrapped her arm around your legs as her head lay in your lap. She was like a kitten, and you stroked her frizzy hair, that was still very soft somehow. You felt her starting to drift away again, but you couldn’t bother moving away from her.

“Y’know, you should probably listen to me the next time I tell you not to go out into the freezing cold without a jacket.” You speak softly and laugh afterwards. “Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” She brushed you off and was asleep not even a minute later. You continued to stroke her hair, admiring her beauty, even as sick and pale as she was, she was still perfect to you.

“You’re whiny, but still cute, my love.”

Chicken Noodle Soup With A Head Cold On The Side

“Babe, I made you some chicken noodle soup.” Chris says as he walks into the room.

“No! Food is the devil! Take it away!” You yell. This cold hit you like a ton of bricks the night before and you feel sick to your stomach just thinking about food.

“You have to eat something. You haven’t eaten since last night. You won’t get better if you don’t eat and I don’t want you taking medicine on an empty stomach.

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He Finds Out You're Ticklish-4/4 5SOS



“I feel like crap.” You mumbled as Luke fed you the hot chicken noodle soup he had made you.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He pouted and brought the spoon up to your mouth again.

Once you had finished your soup, with Luke’s help, you had gotten extremely cold again because of your fever.

“Can you grab me a sweatshirt?” You asked Luke and you snuggled further into the multiple blankets on your bed.

“Sure.” He whispered, knowing you had a migraine too. He chose one of his baggy sweatshirts that he knew you loved and you sat up to put it on. “Raise your arms.”

You did as he said and he pulled the sweatshirt over your head and when he began to pull it down over your torso, his hands skimmed the sides of your stomach. You shifted suddenly and a laugh fell from your lips.

Luke stared at you for a few seconds before realizing what was wrong and he poked your side again.

You started to laugh, but that turned into a coughing fit and you shook your head. “No more.” He smiled and carefully pulled the rest of the sweatshirt over you.

You laid back down and when he sat next to you and cuddled you into him, he whispered in your ear. “When you get better, I’m going to tickle you to death.”


“No, it’s nice! Come in!” Calum shouted at you from the pool, but you stayed sitting in the patio chair.

“It’s cold!” You laughed and Calum crossed his arms over his chest.

“Don’t make me come out and get you.” He warned and started to get out of the pool, but you rolled your eyes and got up. You carefully slid into the pool and shivered immediately, the cold water rising goose bumps on your skin.

Calum smiled and reached his hands out, placing them on my hips. I jumped back in shock and a snort escaped my mouth.

“What?!” He asked and placed his hands back on my hips. his fingers spread out and skimmed my ribs, and I exploded into laughter. “You’re ticklish!” He laughed and kept poking at your ribs.

“No! No, no, no! Don’t!” You screamed and tried to run away from him, but the water made it difficult to move.

Hands grabbed your hips again and Calum pulled you into his chest. “Got you.” He whispered in your ear and I leaned my head back against his shoulder.

“I hate you.” You grumbled and you could feel him smiling.

“I love you.” He laughed and started tickling you again.

Yeah, maybe you loved him, too.


“Oh, I wanna dance with somebody!” You and Michael shouted at the top of your lungs as you made dinner together, music and dancing making it all the more fun.

“Oh, I wanna feel the heat with somebody!” You swung your hips to the beat of the song and mixed the tomato sauce you were making with the wooden spoon in your hand.

Michael came up behind you and put his hands on your waist to turn you around. You spun around and Michael picked you up and twirled you around. You squealed, interrupting your singing, and you held onto his shoulders tightly.

The next same came on shuffle and you laughed as She Looks So Perfect boomed though the speakers.

“Simmer down, simmer down!” You screamed as Michael put you down and stared at you adorably. He went to hold your waist, but his hands landed by your waist, making you laugh uncontrollably. “That tickles! That tickles!”

“Oh, it does?!” Michael smirked and continued to tickle you. As you fell down to the floor, you pulled Michael down on top of you and he started tickling you again.

“Wait, wait.” You said, out of breath, and smelled the air. “Crap, the sauce!”

Michael sprung up, holding his hand out to help you up, and you both stared at the steaming pot after you shut the stove off.

“This is your fault.”


“No, silly. Hold them like this.” Ashton giggled and repositioned the drum sticks in your hands. Ashton was trying to teach you how to play the drums and you were already failing.

He picked you up from the stool and sat down himself, then set you down on top of him. “This is going to fail.”

“No, it isn’t. Come on, be confident in yourself!” He said and placed his hands on your hips. His fingers dug into your sides slightly and you jumped up, the drumsticks falling from your hands and clattering onto the floor.

“Are you okay?!” Ashton asked with wide eyes and you started to laugh.

“Yeah, yeah. Sorry, let’s continue.” You picked the drum sticks up and sat back down on his lap, and he yet again placed his hands on your hips.

You squirmed uncomfortably and tried not to laugh, and Ashton started explaining what to do. He finished talking and poked you in the ribs to get your attention, and you started to laugh without control.

You fell off the stool and onto your stomach, laughing into the ground. The drumsticks were now long gone and thrown onto the ground, and Ashton kept staring at you like you were a freak.

“Oh, so you’re ticklish.” He grinned and reached down to pull you back up to his lap. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


this is my first 4/4 so I hope you guys like it! I’m actually kinda happy with it so I hope you guys are too! REQUESTS ARE OPEN AGAIN!! I REPEAT, REQUESTS ARE OPEN AGAIN FOR LUKE, ASHTON, CALUM, MICHAEL, HARRY, LOUIS, NIALL, LIAM, AND ZAYN!!!





“…All three of th’ things you said that weren’t ‘Anything at all’ would be nice, yeah.” She responded, giving up on getting up and just settling for lying on her back instead of her back facing up.

External image

“Got it. Be right back.”

Nanami went around and finally found everything she needed. After she got everything she went back to the lobby to find Iwashi still lying on the couch.

External image

“Hey, I am back. I made some chicken noodle soup, got you some water and apple juice, and got you a blanket. Did I get everything you need?”

Iwashi sat herself up a little to take the things she requested, using the arm of the couch to keep herself semistable. “I don't need anythin’, but you can stay if ya want. Jus’ don’t be too much of a bother.”



Hed be so dumb about it wouldnt he.
“I made you chicken noodle soup”
“Tony… why is it black…”
“…Isnt that the color it should be?”
“Im gonna die…”

Beauty and the Beast AU is a-go.

Not really hard to imagine.

And we were getting along so well…

Im never talking to you again.

i’m on my way to get an mri, and i just wanted to share with you guys that i made fried chicken sandwiches and cheddar broccoli soup and wtf omg wtf wtf wtf. these chicken sandwiches taste exactly like chickfila sandwiches and the soup tastes exactly like panera’s…. but better. i love cooking and i just am happy that all this came out bangin af and i’m bummed that i couldn’t sit down and enjoy it and i’m also bummed that i can’t see everyone else eat it